Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 18 - Soon - full transcript

At Quantico, Alex, Shelby, and Iris soon learn some surprising truths about Drew, Will, and Caleb while investigating them for high-level security clearances. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex contacts Claire Hass in an attempt to locate her missing friends.

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Previously on "Quantico"...

My son's a greater danger
to himself than you know.

- I'm on a rescue mission.
- Who are you trying to rescue?

Ross Edwards.

It's true the world doesn't
know where my son is,

but neither do you.

Only I do.

Alex, when you're around,
you're all I can think about.

- Raina: I can't see you.
- What are you saying?

I'm sorry, Simon.

Raina got close to Hamza
Kouri during our time in his cell.

And when she learned I told the FBI,

she was furious.

The last time we were here, we
decided to end our marriages.

And you almost did.

You have to run, Will.

Will: I will help you stop this
terrorist from the inside.

The Voice: Send Simon with Will.

Now hand your phone to
the driver of the car.

Shelby, please tell me that
you're getting this.

Please tell me that
Will and Simon are okay.

Tell me that you're just a victim here.

I-I need to know what you
were doing driving that van.

Alex: Hi. This is Alex Parrish again.

Woman: Sorry... Ms. Wyatt
is still unavailable.

I understand, but if
you could just get...

I'll let her know that you called again.

No, wait, don't hang up!

- Hey. You okay?
- Hey, Nimah.

Yeah, just, um, playing catch-up
with paperwork, you know?

You've barely slept.

[Sighs] I'm okay. Thank you.

I'll send maintenance.

Yeah. T-Thank you.

Man: Hey.

I grabbed every frame around
the time you asked

from surveillance
cameras in the immediate area.

The car didn't have any
plates, but I got a shot of the VIN.

It was rented and returned
under the name Mark Raymond.

Does that mean anything to you?

Um, I got it from here. Thanks.

[Door opens, closes]

[Computer warbles, beeps]

[Keyboard clacks]

[Computer warbles]


- [Door opens]
- Nimah: Did it work?

Ryan: Nicely done.

Looking at her desktop right now.


Is that Caleb? Why does
it say "Mark Raymond"?

Well, his mom's running for office.

He probably did it to hide.

What does Alex want with him?

Senator Haas fought Alex
hard during the hearing.

She never believed Alex's
paranoid theory

that Elias wasn't acting alone.

My guess is that she holds a grudge.

I'm gonna alert the senator's team.

[Santigold's "Who I Thought
You Were" plays]

Liam: Serving as an agent

requires each of you to be
in peak physical condition.

[Breathing heavily]

Physical fitness can mean the difference

between success and failure,

life and death.

That's why, as you near graduation,

it's essential that all of you

are fully cleared for active duty.

And that means passing the Bureau's

comprehensive medical screening.

♪ Hey, now, take a look at you ♪

♪ Who's down in a
million-dollar suit? ♪

Liam: We have to make
sure that each of you

is at your best.

Why do I feel like you're
trying to outrun me,

even on a treadmill?

I'm not trying to outrun you, I'm
trying to get away from you.

[Laughs] Always with a comeback.

Speaking of comebacks...

- Hi.
- Someone's in a good mood.

Well, she likes peeing in cups.

- She's into that kind of thing.
- [Laughs]


I got a letter this
morning from you-know-who.

Oh, my God, you did? That's great!


♪ I like you more when
you're poorer ♪

♪ Your new I.D. is a borer ♪

♪ Come back here, you
acting like we owe ya ♪

- Shelby Wyatt?
- Uh, yes.

- Why don't you seem happy for her?
- I am.


♪ Where you going on that ladder? ♪

♪ Got all the girls
runnin', they with you ♪

♪ All of your
lackeys, they're thirsty ♪

- ♪ and you are, too ♪
- Will. Over here.

You ready? Tonight's the big night.

Well, besides the fact
that I'll be penetrating

a cult under a false identity,
I'd call tonight pretty average.

Stop saying "penetrating."

It's a rescue mission, not a sex act.

♪ It's just like I
never seen your face before ♪

I highly doubt that the
Islamic Front will notice

if I can run a six-minute mile

instead of a four-minute one.

No, but they may
notice that your stride is off

and that you hold your arms differently.

If you're going to
match, you need to make sure

that every detail is the same.

Never forget...

You are our greatest
weapon against America's enemies.

Director: Ms. Shaw, after
a thorough review

of your case, the Office of
Professional Responsibility

has found you guilty of
professional misconduct

and abuse of authority.

You will be permanently
removed from your post at Quantico

pending reassignment to
a local field office.

I did what I did to protect my country.

I did what I did to protect my son,

who's lying in a hospital
bed unresponsive right now.

Good intentions are not up
for review here, Ms. Shaw.

May I ask what the final vote was?

I am not at liberty to say.

The Bureau never wanted
me in this position.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

It might help you to know

that this was a very difficult decision.

The vote was close.

♪ ♪


Hey, do you want to walk to class?

I'm Nimah, and, no, not with you.

Why are you wearing that?

We're back to matching.

Well, it was working...

[sighs] until you opened your mouth.

Why do we always have to match you?

I matched you last week at the airport.

For two minutes,

and I saw how uncomfortable
it made you to take this off.

Well, I feel naked without it.

Well, I feel suffocated with it.

It's like Day 1 all over again.

Caleb: So, Mr. Baskin, tell us

about the most difficult
time in your life,

a time that made you realize

how small and insignificant you were.

Will: It was when my sister
died in a car accident.

It was right in front of me.

I was young, but it sent
me into a tailspin, a spir...

Don't skimp on the details.

You're meeting the adepts here,
the higher-ups on the pyramid,

so it is very important
that you sound authentic.

Where did you first meet Mark Raymond?

Oh, it was a bookstore
on the Lower East Side.

I was browsing through
the self-help section,

and he saw the book I was holding.

What book?

- "I'm Not Afraid."
- [Knock on door]

You know you're both late, right?


Assistant Director Shaw?

Don't you mean "Special Agent Shaw"?

You were on the
panel, so I know you know.

Why you want to take this
moment to stick the knife in deeper,

- that's a mystery.
- I'm sorry.

It's just force of habit.

If it's any consolation to
you, I voted against your dismissal.

Who voted for?

It had to be someone close to
me in order to sway the OPR.


let it go.

[Car door opens]

It's gone.

Just came by to
collect some of my things.

Yo, Haas.

You better not be taking
advantage of my boy, Will.

Well, he's a grown man,

- so he could take care of himself.
- Yeah, I know he is.

I'm just worried he
doesn't think he needs to.

But we're getting so close. You
know, you should be happy.


He's one of the few good ones here.

Please don't screw with that, okay?

I'm watching you.

I love when you do.


Please welcome back

Executive Assistant
Director Clayton Haas.


Clayton: Thank you.

It's good to be back.

Well, I came here this
morning because I wanted to show you

a KH satellite image of a
Mexican cartel in Juarez.

But I can't...

because none of you
has security clearance.

Security clearance gives you access

to all of the Bureau's
top secret intelligence,

which is crucial if you
want to spend your career working

on the FBI's highest-priority cases.

But in order to grant
security clearance,

you need to convince
us that we can trust you.


The Office of
Personnel Management requires

each of you to fill out a
security clearance form,

also know as the SF-86.

Clayton: Now, we should warn you...

The SF-86 can get very, very personal,

which is why we give it to
you at this stage of your training

because you know each other better.

We ask for exhaustive
details about your home

and personal life, your
ideological beliefs,

drug and alcohol use,
your personal finances,

and, yes, your sex lives

because these
areas... sex, money, and drugs...

have historically been the
areas where good agents go bad,

so be painstakingly honest

because this form will reveal
whatever it is you are hiding.

- Raina?
- Hmm?





Mmm. Yum, yum.





[Cellphone rings]

- Hello?
- Raina.

Hi. This is Alex Parrish.

I know I'm probably the last
person you want to hear from...

Oh, no, that would be my sister.

I'm glad to hear that,
'cause I need your help

in dealing with her
before something horrible happens

to people I know you still care about.

Who are you talking about?

Will, Shelby, and Simon.

How soon can you get to New York?

I really want to help you,
Alex, but I'm not sure I can.

I walked out of this
life, those people for a reason,

especially after what Nimah did to me.



I believe Caleb Haas is the
key to finding the terrorist

we let slip before.

And with Ryan and your
sister breathing down my neck,

I can't find out on my own.

Raina: I can't leave now.

It took them so long to take me back.

If I tell them I'm leaving again...

Alex: Raina.

Simon's life is in real danger.

His life is his own.

And even if I wanted to help you,

I don't know what I can do.

I don't have security clearance.

No, but your sister does.

Clayton: The security-clearance
application is

a thorough and exhaustive questionnaire,

so we've paired you with another trainee

to help speed up the process.

"Have you ever been treated
for alcohol, drug, gambling,

or sex addiction?"

Um, no, no, no...

and not yet.

"Have you ever been delinquent

on alimony or child support payments?"

Uh, not to the kids I know about.

"Are any of your
immediately family members deceased?"


♪ ♪

"Have you ever been
involved with a foreign national?"

Mm, define "involved."

This is about business ventures,

which you would have known if
you'd been listening to me

instead of the inside of your legs.

"What are their names, nationalities,

and places of birth?"

Let me go get my laptop.

And my Tinder matches.

"Have you ever been arrested?"

Does being held in contempt of court

during my NFL deposition count?

I doubt it, but I'll put it down.

Are you sure that you want to lie?

I'm doing it for their own safety.

So, you're gonna risk your career

for parents that you
didn't even know were alive

three weeks ago?

Okay, it's not like you've
been fully honest, either.

Or did you just forget to mark the box

under "former cult member"?

Okay, "deceased" it is.

♪ ♪

- What are you doing?
- [Drawer opens]

[Drawer slams]

"Have you or anyone you associate with

ever been a member of a
cult, a secret society,

or a group-awareness program?"

[Sighs] Caleb made me
promise not to tell.

Unless you want me to
report the two of you to OPM,

you're gonna spill.

Raina: You've done every
drug on this list,

even the veterinary ones?

You've never gotten high before,
like, not even once?

Because of your religion?

It's because I'm not an idiot.

Iris: Cults are messed up, Will.

They take your
money. They brainwash you.

They force you to do things
on their behalf.

Iris, there are some things
I understand that you don't.

It's as simple as that.

♪ ♪

[Knocks on door]



[Sighs] Listen, about the verdict...

The OPR was right.

I ran a trainee.

I didn't see what Charlie was doing.

Well, we've both fallen
short over the years.


We both have blood on our hands.

Hard to get off.

And yet, you're still here.

Only because you saved me.

I did, didn't I?

- Anything I can do?
- No.

I know better than to go to
bat when the game's been called.


I would like a friendly face.

How about drinks tonight

for old time's sake?

Ryan could handle class. Yeah, you know?

- [Both chuckle]
- Okay.


All right.

[Both chuckle]

Ryan: James Miller,

Jackie Harrington,

Bill Giordano,

Angelita Bautista,

Drew Perales,

Shelby Wyatt,

Iris Chang,

And Raina Amin.

Clayton: Those of you still seated

have been granted security clearance.

Those still standing have
been flagged for further review.


What do you think happened?

How can they split us up?

Do you think they found out?

Will the NATs that have been flagged

please exit the classroom so
that the cleared NATs can

begin the investigation process?

Thank you.

Now, each of you will be investigating

one flagged trainee.

You will identify the trainee's area

or areas of concern, and
you will do a deep dive

into the specific facts of their case.

Now, we already know there's smoke.

It's your job to
determine if there's fire.

Open your files. Clock starts now.

- You wanted my help?
- Nimah.

Yes, I was archiving the Younis case,

and I can't find the FD-302.

I filled it out
myself. It should be there.




Raina: Hey.

Hey. I thought you were helping Alex.

She didn't need me after all,

so I thought I'd check in with you.

Well, I just got off

with Senator Haas' Secret Service team.

I told him that one of our
agents had flagged something

and they should beef up their
security just in case.

I didn't name names for our sake.

Is that the list of
people they're protecting?


- Can I take a look?
- Mm-hmm.

You're sure it's not in these piles?

- What, do you think I'm lying?
- I wouldn't put it past you.

We used to be friends, Nimah.

If you were my friend, you
wouldn't have used my name

to gain access to a CIA safe house.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'll check the online files.

There are details about Senator Haas,

her daughter, but not Caleb?

Senator Haas has
intimated that he's undercover

and his whereabouts
should remain unknown.

Only she knows where he is.


Call me if you need me.

- [Sighs]
- [Keyboard clacks]

Agent Booth asked me to call you.

Yes, Nimah. Is everything okay?

Parrish, she said she's on
her way to see your son.

Even though you told us
Caleb is deep undercover,

we believe she discovered his location.

If you can tell me where he is,

I can head her off and make
sure she doesn't blow his cover.

No, that's all
right. I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

Ryan: Raina.

Hang up the phone.

[Cellphone chimes]


[Keyboard clacking]

Agent Parrish. Come with us.

Hello, Parrish.

Let's go.

You know you could get 10 years for

that little stunt you pulled today.

Impersonating an FBI
agent, obstruction of justice...

You can walk out of here right now

if you help us look into Alex.

We know she's off still
chasing conspiracy theories,

and we need to know exactly
what it is she's doing

before she hurts someone... or herself.

You want me to be your informant?

There are very few people

that Alex trusts right now.

You're one of them.

That is more than a fair deal.

That's the difference between
me and you, Nimah.

You would betray anyone,

even those closest to
you, if it would save you.

I prefer to spend the
rest of my life in jail

than to turn my
back on a friend in need.


Do what you have to do.

I have worked with some difficult people

in Washington...
bull-headed Republicans,

radical Libertarians...

Ted Cruz...

but never anyone quite like you.

What is it you want?

I want to speak to Caleb.

I know you're hiding him.

And please tell me why I
would be hiding my own son.

That's the thing.

You're not hiding your son.

You're hiding Mark Raymond...

the same Mark Raymond

that rented four safety-deposit boxes

at the TNF Bank,

the building that became

the Emergency Command Center

right after Grand Central.

The building that blew
up and killed my husband.

Yes, I'm aware.

So then are you also aware

that a car used in the kidnapping

of a former FBI agent just yesterday

was rented under the same name?

All of it seems pretty suspicious to me,

considering he's the son

of a vice presidential candidate

who will stop at nothing to get elected.

So you think my son is a terrorist?

You really have lost
your mind, haven't you?

Well, if I'm that crazy,

I wonder why this vice
presidential nominee is

taking time out of her busy
schedule to talk to me.

We all know how much trouble

conspiracy theorists like you can cause.

I only care about the truth.

Yeah, well, so do I.

And you have no idea how wrong you are.

- Then prove it.
- I plan to.

And when I do, you're
gonna be dreadfully sorry.

Settle in, Parrish.

It's gonna be a long drive.

Trainees, please wait here

until your security-clearance
status has been updated.

How is it that Drew Perales...
squeaky-clean record...

gets flagged as a security threat?

I don't know. But he was.

And it's inappropriate for
you to be asking me questions

about a case that's not assigned to you.

No, no, no. Just give me a second.

It's just that I filled
out his forms myself,

and there's nothing in
them that the OPM would be

even remotely interested in.

Are you trying to
use our personal history

- to get information out of me?
- [Clicks tongue]

You should know better than that.

Oh, wait. That's right.
You don't know me at all.

Which is why you've decided yet again

that I'm plotting against you

when the fact of the matter is

you must have overlooked something.

Excuse me.

I had to lie about my
parents. I had no choice.

It's gonna be okay.

No, not if OPM knows they're alive.

Did you actually see Caleb
check "yes" for deceased?

There's no way that Caleb would
do something like that.

He knows what my parents mean to me.

He's the whole reason that I met them.

Well, if you're not
worried, than neither am I.

You don't know him like I do.

I want to trust him, for your sake,

but I don't.

He's shady.

He's lied to you in the past,

and frankly he's still lying to you.

About what?

Sistemics, that cult
you said he used to be in...

He's still in it.

Will told me all about it this morning,

He's still involved, and
now he's brought Will into it.

No, Iris, that isn't even possible.

I wouldn't lie to you... not about this.

I'm too worried about my friend.

Look, I can show you.

Now, what did Caleb say to
you when he filled out your form?

So, it turns out that Iris
has had investments

in six different countries

and employed 11 foreign nationals,

which automatically the
OPM has flagged off

as persons of interest pending inquiry.

Hey, is this Drew's file?

Nimah: Yes. Why?

Oh, no real reason.

It's just that I filled it out myself,

and I was wondering
why he was held back.

The OPM believes Drew isn't a patriot

because of something in his deposition

against the NFL.

"The government's
decision to continue to support

the NFL's antitrust exemption amounts

to a federal license to murder and maim.

It makes me ashamed to be an American."

[Scoffs] They'd hold him back for this?

They're holding Iris back just
for employing foreigners.

Obviously they will think what
Drew said is anti-American.

[Sighs] Sorry, but I
have to go figure out

- who has Raina's file.
- But you're cleared, right?

If Raina isn't, we can kiss our
future assignment goodbye.

The operation will be as good as dead.

I think Will has her.

Nimah: Hi. What are you writing?

A summary of all the information

I've analyzed regarding Raina
Amin's area of concern.

You know my sister. There's
nothing of concern.


She's being flagged for being devout?

She's being flagged because
she signed a petition

this imam circulated
in Dearborn condemning

the war in Iraq.

Even I condemned the war on Iraq!

I bet you did, too.

It was a pointless war.

You may not know this,

but Caleb Haas used to be in a cult,

and I think he still may be.

Sure, Wyatt. I'd love to chat.

Come on in. It's not
like I was headed out.

Caleb is in over his head.

He's a danger to
himself, and if I'm gonna flagged

for lying on my SF-86, he
should be flagged, too.

No one is accusing you of lying.

Based on OPM's preliminary reports,

you claimed you had a half-sister

when you applied to Quantico.

Then, you said you had
no siblings on the form.

Wait, I was flagged for Samar?

She's not really my sister.

I only found out a couple months ago.

I know.

And last I heard from OPM, they do, too.

You are cleared.

Now, what is this about Caleb?



What are we doing in your house?

[Latch clicks]

Go ahead. Open it.


Now, are you finished with this
evil-mastermind business,

or do you need me to
show you his track marks, too?


So, when the bomb went off...


I just knew that I was gonna die.

I was just waiting for it.

And then, that's when I saw my dad.

And he pulled me out.

The next thing I know, the... [Sighs]

The whole building just...
started falling on him.

So, I watched my dad die.

A-And I just keep r-replaying
it over and over...

[sniffles] in my head.

And it's just, like, w-what...

what... what if I... [sniffles]

What if he didn't
try to save me, you know?


Then, his own son would be dead.


I-I just want to go away.

[Breathing shakily]


So, you just keep him
here like a prisoner

so no one knows what happened to him?

- [Sniffles]
- I can help you.

- I can help you, Caleb.
- I...

I don't want your help.

Unless you're gonna score for me.

Because my mom here keeps
me on a pretty tight ration.

You're giving drugs to him?!

When I didn't, he almost
died... three times.

You need to check him in somewhere!


Oh, you can't.

'Cause he's a liability.

Mm, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Just four more days, until
the campaign is over.

I'm weaning him off
it... less and less every day.

[Sighs] Claire.

[Whispering indistinctly]

All right. All right, Caleb.

I need you to listen to
me. Okay, listen to me.

There is still a terrorist out there.

- Yeah.
- Will and Simon

have been kidnapped,

and I think Shelby is involved.

I need you to help me find her, please.

I don't talk to Shelby.

I haven't talked to
Shelby since the day my dad...

I'm never, never gonna talk to Shelby.

So, why don't you just leave?

- I need you to help me find her.
- Alex.

I'm not gonna help you, so leave.

Alex. Let's go.

Yeah, why don't you run?

Why don't you run like you
did that day at the bank?

[Pill clatters]

[Breathes deeply]

Raina: I just don't understand

what I could have been flagged for.

Brandon can't even
remember his junior year of college,

and he got through.

Don't sweat it.

You got nothing to
hide, and neither do I.

This is just another
Quantico prison experiment.

OPM has reached unanimous verdicts

on all but four of the flagged trainees.

This is your chance to use your research

and convince us that these
four deserve our trust

or need to stay on the bench.

The first trainee up for
discussion is Raina Amin.

Trainee Olsen, will you
please present your findings?

- ♪

- [Indistinct conversations]

[Cellphone chimes]

Miranda: Put it on my tab.

Mm, thank you, thank you.

Are you trying to get
something out of me?

You hate it when I drink.

And the last time you got me drunk,

- you were looking for answers.
- Mm.

So, I'm drunk.

[Both laugh]

Did you vote against me?

- That's it?
- Did you?

I got to spring for an Uber

for a question you could
have asked me anywhere?

I mean, you know, I
asked for your resignation

a couple weeks ago.

You're the only one who
has grounds to want me gone,

and you're next up in line for my job.

I fought for you, Miranda.

You do a lot of things, Liam.

But we both know fighting
for me is not one of them.

Hm. [Sighs]


I messed that up.

Yeah, you did.

And I also know that
you tried to fix it.

And I should have let you,

but I was so angry.

I should have left her, Miranda.

I know that now.

[Sighs] Where are you going?

To the bathroom.

You want to come with me?

Look, I like Raina, but her signature

on this petition is problematic.

The imam who circulated it has made

numerous inflammatory
statements about this country.

We're looking into her, not him.

Drew's a good guy, but
even I have to admit

what he said in that
deposition was borderline unpatriotic.

Just because someone says
they're ashamed of America

doesn't mean they don't
believe in America.

This is an influential leader,

a mosque that she followed regularly.

If I attended Tea Party meetings,

wouldn't you assume that I
agree with their philosophies?

I won't allow this
committee to persecute my sister

because of her faith.

Does patriotism mean that
you don't question

- the government, because...
- Yeah, but

Perales did more than question.

He tried to
dismantle the very organization

that he willingly
joined just two years prior

knowing full-well the controversies

surrounding that organization.

Clayton: Agent Booth
makes a very good point.

What's to keep him from attacking
the FBI from within?

You assume that our faith contradicts
American loyalty?

You're wrong.

The question here is not,

"Does my sister believe in America?"

It's, "Does America believe in her?"

He was just trying to
make a change for the better.

Ryan: For the better?

He turned his little
crusade into a media circus,

- and he reveled in it.
- You know what?

You don't know the
first thing about Drew.

You're right!

- Not like you do.
- All right, that's enough.

The committee will
render its final verdict.

[Both sighs, laugh]

- I missed you.
- Mm.

I missed you, too.


You know...

I was heartbroken when I
heard about you and Alex.


Alex and me was a one-time thing.

It never happened again.

[Breathing heavily]

You know what?

I believe you.



What are you doing?

Calling you that Uber.


Bill Giordano...


Jackie Harrington, cleared.

Angelita Bautista...

not cleared.

James Miller, not cleared.

Raina Amin...


David Felton, cleared.

Iris Chang...

not cleared.

Shelby Wyatt...


Drew Perales...




Iris: I'm out, and Caleb is still in?

- I don't know what happened.
- I don't have time for this.

Something's wrong.

Iris must have told her.

- You talked to Iris?
- She saw us!

Okay, new rule... You
don't talk to Iris.

Actually, you don't talk to
anybody for that matter.

Just go directly to your meeting.

Caleb says I can't
talk to you. I'm sorry.

[Cellphone rings]

Woman: Hello. Thank
you for calling Sistemics.

Hi. My name is Jenny
Connor, and I'm a prefect.

I was wondering if I can
speak to an adept in charge?

I have reason to believe one
of our new members is lying.

He's not a true believer.

He's FBI.

Liam: Alex and me was a one-time thing.

- It never happened again.
- [Cellphone beeps]

So, apparently I'm not the
only one who makes mistakes.

But I seem to be the only
one who pays for them.

What exactly do you
think this recording proves?

He slept with a
trainee. I have him on tape.

You have the drunken
ramblings of a man referring

to an unspecified event

- with an unspecified "Alex."
- You cannot be serious!

Miranda, I know you're upset.

I know you blame Liam.

But this kind of witch hunt does not...

"Witch hunt"?!


I want O'Connor out.

He doesn't get my
job... not after what he's done.

You're walking a very,
very dangerous line,

Agent Shaw.

You always seem to protect Liam,

no matter how he screws up.

Omaha, Chicago, sleeping
with an agent...

He always gets another chance.

Now, I'm not saying I
haven't done anything wrong,

but in a lifetime of service, I'm out?

Does he have something on you?


Miranda, you played a good hand,

but you lost.

Clayton: Leave gracefully.

Raina: Can you
believe that I was flagged

over something as senseless as that war?

Well, I'm happy it worked out.

Are you? You don't seem it.

If I'm being totally
honest, a part of me wonders

if the Bureau's
concerns weren't justified.

So, you think my faith
will interfere with my job.

You sound like them now.

You sound like that Brandon...

It's what we discussed this morning.

I worry you won't be comfortable doing

everything that will be required of us.

- Like what?
- [Sighs]

Going undercover means
assuming another identity,

the identity of someone unlike you,

someone who may need to
gain the trust of men

by any means necessary.

So, this is about my modesty?

You're using my sexuality against me?

This is about who we are as people.

All this time we've
been trying to match,

we've just been imitating each other.

Our job is get
recruited by the Islamic Front.

You can't keep looking
like a perfect Muslim.

I can't look like an atheist.

We need to create a third person,

someone who will attract the front,

a sinful, weak woman.

Let's start.

Alex: Hey, missed you
after class. You good?

I'm actually pretty tired.

Okay. What's wrong?


We have a connection,

and I am grateful to have found it,

but I don't think we should explore it

any more than we already have.

You think what happened
today had something to do with me?

No, I know it didn't.

But ever since we met,

my future in the FBI has
been called into question

- a number of times.
- [Scoffs]

That could be a coincidence,

or it's the world
telling me something...

that we're not right together.

It's bad luck.

- You were cleared today, Drew.
- Yeah, and when that happened,

you weren't excited for me.

You were excited that
you proved Ryan wrong.

Oh, please. Now, that's not fair.

Alex, I see the way
that you look at him.

It's the same way that he looks at you.

It's like you lost each other at a party

and you finally catch a
glimpse of his eye across the room.

It's only a matter of time.

And that's okay. I'm not angry.

I'm just getting out of the way.

[Door opens]


What did you tell Shelby?

I told her the truth...

just like I told your
little cult the truth.

- Wait, w-what did you do?
- Look, I don't care

what do you with your life, but I'm

not gonna let you endanger Will's.

I told them he's an agent. They'll
never let him in now.

Y-You told him that? He's
on his way there now.

- You just put his life in danger.
- I was trying to protect him.

- Pick up. Come on, come on.
- I would have never called Sistemics

- if I knew he was going there.
- [Door opens]

- Caleb, what are you...
- Look,

I-I'll explain this to you later.

- I got to go.
- W-What...

I'll explain later. I'll explain later.

What just happened?


[Engine shuts off, car door closes]

We've been waiting for you, Mark.

Or should I say Caleb Haas?

- Where's Will?
- Don't worry about your friend.

Worry about yourself.

We put our faith in you, Mr. Haas...

- no one more so than me.
- T-This whole

thing is a big misunderstanding.

Will Olsen is not my
friend. I barely know the guy.

Yes, we both work for the FBI,

but he came here to bust me.

I'm here to help Sistemics,

to protect you guys
from the FBI from the inside.

Well, we'll see about that.

I knew you were ambitious, but this?

This is criminal.

Do you have any idea what's it been like

for me to watch him suffer like that?

To have him threaten to kill himself

if I don't let his drug
dealer in the house?

Check him into rehab!

- Get him the help he needs!
- [Scoffs] Right.

And have him on TMZ?

We all know how that ends.

He's fighting an uphill battle.

I'm not gonna put him at the center

of the national spotlight.

He's getting better here.

I can take care of him here.

I can protect him here.

The only thing
you're protecting is yourself

and your campaign.

You have no idea how hard I've worked

to get where I am
today, against what odds.

I have devoted my entire career,

not to mention my current platform,

to keeping America safe,

and we are still behind in
the polls because of me.

You're going to lose your only son.

He left me a long time ago.

Senator, your car is here.

Amanda, would you
please get a car for Alex

and have it take her back to New York?

Can I come in?

I need you to listen to me.

And I need you to listen closely.

The day you arrived,

I knew you were special.

You asked tough questions.

You demanded answers about your father,

about what happened in
Chicago, about what happened in Omaha.

You fought for the truth.

You don't quit.

I see that in you,

and that will take you far.

But it will also get you in trouble.

You and I have a lot in common.

More than you know.

And that is why,
Alex, I believe that you are

the only trainee here who can
do what I was never able to do...

shatter the glass ceiling.

♪ I never wanted
much, I never complained ♪

Is that loose enough?

♪ Only want a little
love sometimes ♪

I know it's a
compromise, but I think it's best,

when we go outside the
class, I'll wear long sleeves.

Thank you.

Miranda: They favor men for promotions.

They protect them from punishment,

no matter their weaknesses,

no matter what they do.

Don't be fooled by their faces.

You have to be willing to play dirty.

Because that, it seems,
is the only thing that works.

Oh, maybe I was wrong to
say you shouldn't worry

- about your friend.
- Hey, I never

wanted to leave Sistemics.

My dad pulled me out.
You guys are my people.

It's not them.

Why should we believe a word you say?

Look, I can... I can prove it.

- Tell me what to do. I can prove it.
- That's good. Prove it right now.


Hit him.


Is he your friend or not?

♪ I don't have another heart ♪

♪ Don't remember how to say ♪

♪ I don't want you to
let me down sometimes ♪

♪ I already know this part ♪

- ♪ Leave it for another day ♪
- I'm not afraid.

♪ Wish it wasn't this
hard sometimes ♪

♪ Now I don't even
know if you want to stay ♪

- There. Happy?
- Oh, hit him again.

- [Sighs]
- ♪ That look was on your face ♪

♪ Now you want to save this house ♪

♪ Well it's far too late ♪

♪ Oh, you want to be my healer ♪

Here. Now use this.

♪ But I was burned before the fire ♪

♪ I'm burned up ♪

Miranda: The FBI is still a man's world,

and in a man's world...

men get away with murder.

♪ But I was burned before the fire ♪

It's too late for me.

But it's not for you.

They are going to try to hold you down.

They are going to try
to hold you accountable

for things that they never would be.

But don't let them.

You keep fighting.

You do what you have to do.

- ♪ Before the fire ♪
- Again.



- Again.
- Aah!

Stop! What are you doing?

[Crying] Oh, my God, Will!


♪ I was burned before ♪

Raina, where are you? I've been calling.

[Sighs] Caleb, he's just not...

Not what?


They don't know I'm
gone, so we got to hurry.

If you're out, the only
place I'm taking you is to rehab.

- You need help.
- Whoa, whoa, okay.

You can take me to
Promises when this is all over,

but [sniffles] right now,
I think you're the only one

that needs help.

So, where's my bag?

I threw it out here
somewhere... dropped it out the window.

Caleb: Keep an eye
out for my mom's henchmen.


Oh, yeah.


She fell for it.

We're on our way now.

I'll see you soon.