Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 15 - Turn - full transcript

While Quantico is under attack by armed gunman the students of Quantico must figure out a way to survive.

Previously on "Quantico"...

This is you, but it's not you.

It's Mark Raymond.

Shelby: I wanted to apologize.

I've been unfair to you.

If you ever want to sit and talk.

Now's not a good time.

Samar: You'll do what you promised?

Yeah, I'll do it.

A student? You slept with her.

I'll expect your
resignation in the morning.

You could be wrong about Charlie?

I know who he is.

Someday, everyone else will, too.

It's your job to stay out of my way,

down in Operations.

The Voice: You
weren't the terrorist before,

but now you're going to be.

The Voice: Listen carefully.

Tomorrow morning,

you will receive a
package at the FBI field office.

Do not open it until I give
you further instructions.


We've been trying to decode
this terrorist's voice all night,

and we still have nothing.

Okay, the algorithm they're employing...

it's complex.

It's gonna take time to unmask them.

But we don't have time, Simon.

Whoever they are,

they have all the security details

of the candidates for
next week's elections.

This package is the
next part of their plan.

We will get ahead of them.

I promise.

Natalie died because I
failed to do exactly that.

What makes you think I can now?

Because I'm here.

I can't make the
same mistake twice, can I?

- It's gallows humor.
- Okay, so

how do we derail their plan

without them knowing?

Getting the candidates'
security details changed

is a start,

but you don't have clearance for that.

Ryan does.

I'll figure it out.

And I'll try to figure out

who the voice behind our terrorist is.

First one of us that
doesn't end up in jail or dead wins.

No more gallows humor, please.

I wasn't joking.

♪ ♪

[Both Grunt]

[Both grunt]

You're not dressed yet?

We have Defensive Tactics in five.

That's for trainees.

According to Liam, that's
not me anymore.

Well, you're not out yet, are you?

Nothing's official till Liam
clears it with Miranda.

♪ Somewhere ♪

♪ Hanging from the side ♪

♪ Feel the sunlight ♪

- ♪ The sunlight on my face ♪
- Ah, the old sock debacle.

♪ It's cold out here ♪

♪ Lost in outer space ♪

Shelby, are we doing this or what?

♪ Just so you know ♪

♪ You will be the
hardest thing I will let go ♪


You didn't come by after
you got home last night.

Not that you had to, I just thought...

Yeah, it... it was late.

I-I didn't really have the time.

- You want to talk later?
- Yeah, sure.

♪ Broken glass and wire ♪

[Both grunt]

How am I supposed to learn anything

if you keep making it this easy?

♪ See my smile? ♪

♪ I'm thinking of the days ♪

- ♪ Light reflecting in your eyes ♪
- Ms. Amin. Ms. Amin!

Dial it back!

- ♪ It was never the same ♪
- Dial it back.

I thought you only paid
attention to my sister.

Well, she's not here, is she?

♪ I wanna lie down ♪

♪ I wanna ride in your car ♪

Starting without me this morning.

What are you doing here? I
asked for your resignation.

You want me gone? You're
gonna have to fire me.

My office. One hour.

You're a hard man to reach.

Well, that Verizon "you call a handler

who leaves a message at a dead drop

and I have to wait two hours before I

can duck out and call back" plan...

- that's a real bitch.
- [Laughs]

It's nice to hear you laugh.

It's nice to laugh.

Ah, I can hear it in your voice.

When I was at the Academy,

we called it the "sweet sixteen."

It's that week when reality set in

that it's not a career... it's a life.

You talk to Shelby,
Nimah, hell, even Caleb.

I guarantee they're going
through it, too.

So, you're not alone.

Sure seems like it these days.

I'm always here for you.

You know, if you had called
me back after New Year's...

That's a conversation for
when we have more time.

Wouldn't blow my cover

if I had a drink with
an old friend tonight.

- ♪ Someone take me home tonight ♪
- I can try to duck out.


♪ It feels like fire ♪

♪ Broken glass and wire ♪

Miranda: I'd like us all to
welcome Senator Claire Haas.


I asked Ms. Haas

to be our enrichment
speaker this morning because...

we are going to
discuss one of her cases.

February 3, 2008.

Does anyone remember what
happened on that day?

How about you, Perales?

Super Bowl 42.

Giants won 17-14.

Spoiled the Pats' perfect season.

And an hour after the game ended,

five Giants fans got into a fight

with four Patriots fans

in the parking lot of a New Haven club.

One of the Patriots fans was killed.

Is this a hate crime?

What if I told you that the
Patriots' fans were black,

the Giants' fans white?

Anyone reconsidering?

And if I told you that the white male

who was charged with
stabbing and killing the black male

had once belonged to a militia group?

So, what if I told you at
the time of the stabbing,

Mr. Connors had reformed?

What if I told you

that he had married a black woman

and had three beautiful
children with her?

Confusing, isn't it?

It's the FBI's job

to investigate and
prosecute violent hate crimes.

But determining which violent offenses

were motivated by bias

is one of the toughest
jobs the FBI has to do.

So, you are going to look at cases

that were presented to
the FBI for investigation.

And using the evidence on-hand,

you will decide if this is a hate crime

or merely violent offenses, all right?

You could have told me

that you were coming
to speak at enrichment.

Well, actually, I'm here to spy on you.

And as part of an oversight
committee regarding funding,

I'm touring Quantico.

Lunch together when my tour is done?

Ms. Wyatt could join.

Or not. You can tell me then.

You look like you're trying

to do long division in your head.

Well, I guess I was just a little naive

to think that Caleb and
I still had a chance.

But he's not talking to me.

Settle something.

Caleb... into Shelby or not?

Her ever-changing emotional state

directly affects my ability
to get a good night's sleep.

So, what's the deal with Caleb?

I, uh, I wish I could
tell you, but, uh...

He's not just Caleb.

What are you talking about?

He has an alter ego named Mark Raymond

who wears different
clothes, uses a different computer,

and last night,

one of them started sleeping
with an envelope

that he got from a woman at a diner.

Two sides to Caleb...

- How intriguing.
- Oh, no.

Last four times you
called someone intriguing,

you ended up having
intercourse with them.

Please don't. Caleb's my roommate.

I just want to know what's
inside that envelope.

Let's start there.

Liam: Hey. Um...

Hey, what's up?

Miranda found out what
happened between us.

Hey, sorry to interrupt
your little moment here,

but back in the pros, if they cut you,

they did it fast.

Yeah, well, this ain't the pros.

And don't get
comfortable. I meant what I said.

I'm on my way to Miranda's office now.

Look, he has a lot on his mind.

He's just... If you're defending him,

you're just as much a part
of the problem as he is, okay?

- [Knocks on door]
- Miranda: Hi, Nimah.

I don't have time to talk right now.

I'm expecting someone.

Do you have Raina, a trainee,

working an undercover assignment

outside of Quantico?

Did you willingly send her to
a potential terrorist cell

knowing she hasn't finished
her training,

knowing the kind of person that she is?

Ms. Amin.

You're not here to question my judgment.

Someone has to.

[Sighs] Raina, where are you?

Miranda, I'm at the cell house.

Everyone is gone,

and they took the guns.

Raina, get out of there.

I need to call this in.

The Voice: Listen carefully.

Tomorrow morning, you
will receive a package

at the FBI field office.

Do not open it until I give
you further instructions.

[Telephone rings]

[Indistinct conversations]

Aren't you five floors above
your pay grade, Parrish,

or did you just come up
to use our FedEx account?

I was actually looking for Ryan.

Well, if it's FBI
business, you can talk to me.

If it's personal, you can
do that on your own time,

or you know, not at all,

'cause we have a
pretty busy day up here.

The JTTF is giving the candidates

their counterterrorism
briefing for the campaign's final days,

and you twisting the knife
further into my ex-husband...

it's not on the itinerary.

[Cellphone buzzes]

Oh, my God. I thought I told...

You know what? Never mind.

Answer that call and
go back to your office.

[Sighs] Hello?

The Voice: It's time
to to open your package.


♪ ♪

In the Senator's purse
is an identical bottle.

You'll need to swap it out
with the one you're holding.

What is it? Poison?

If I wanted to kill the senator,

she'd be dead already.

Why do you think I'd get anywhere
close to her, anyway?

You've met on numerous occasions.

You were both there
that day at Quantico.

I remember. I saw you.

Yeah, well, that
was before she blamed me

- for her husband's death.
- I guess you

have your work cut out for you,

don't you, Alex?

I've placed a tracking
device inside the bottle's cap.

I'll know as soon as you've succeeded.


What are you gonna do to her?

Make the swap. You have five hours.

I had the lab test one of the pills.

They're anti-hypertension
for blood pressure.

- Completely harmless.
- Simon: That's what you think.

Look, she may be allergic to them.

They could contraindicate

with something she's already taking.

Look, something has to tie into the plot

that we're not seeing.

Track down the cell number

for Claire's campaign manager, Amanda.

I think I have an idea.

I've reached out to everyone and anyone

including the WFO, state,
county, and local.

They are putting out an APB.

Raina, I need you to go to my house,

bring Charlie here where he's safe.

So, you wanted my official resignation.

Raina Amin infiltrated the
cell that took Charlie.

Excuse me? She did it on her own.

I only found out about it later.

Oh, and you let her continue?

I don't answer to you, Liam.

Don't you get self-righteous with me.

Crossing the line with a trainee

is not the same as putting
one in danger.

I'm trying to stop whatever's happening.

Raina thinks that the cell
is about to attack a target,

but we don't know what that target is.

Liam: Hey. What do you need?

Let me help.

Watch my classes

until I figure out where
the cell is headed.

♪ ♪

Okay, we've got a Muslim man

who was beaten up by his employer.

The boss says that he was
sleeping with his fiancée.

Nimah, I'm talking to you.

Sorry, what was that?

If the victim says that he's not gay,

then how could it be discrimination?

Because he was attacked for
his perceived sexuality.

- He wasn't gay.
- But they believed he was gay.

That's why they jumped him.

It's important to get to the
core truth of a person.

♪ If I held my breath on you ♪

♪ I would have
died a thousand times ♪

Alex: He attacked a
born-again Christian neighbor

over a noise complaint.

Now, how do we prove his
true motive was intolerance?

The perpetrator was
questioned in two other incidents

involving attacks on born-agains.

Questioned, not charged. The
FBI couldn't make a case.

Probably because the
FBI knew the guy's brother

worked for a Congressman.

♪ And if chewing was to show
you how much I cared ♪

♪ I'll probably be wearing
dentures by now ♪


♪ Mm-mm-mm-mm ♪

♪ Our promises, broken ♪

♪ Nemesis, sour token ♪

♪ Mm-mm-mm-mm ♪

These are the FBI's own
statistics on hate crimes.

No, we're not gonna win
this with statistics.

We need to get
inside the attacker's heads.

Where's Iris? She's
a genius at mind jobs.

Well, think of how much it'll
piss her off if we do this without her.

♪ To treat others ♪

Who the FBI to decide what
qualifies as a hate crime?


Why should they be the
country's moral compass?

A corrupt institution founded
by a corrupt individual.

You don't really believe that.

Believe it?

Liam kicking me out is
proof the FBI is corrupt.

♪ Remember your
days are full in number ♪

Oh, look who strolled back in.

♪ Mm, mm, yeah ♪

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello?

Oh, no. Is everything all right?

No, ma'am. I'm afraid not.

Your identity's been stolen.

Now, if you'll just bear with me,

I need to review some of these
charges on your card.

Now, I just want to know,

you, by any chance, did
not spend $2,000 on...


What the hell are you doing?

Why do I keep finding
you near Senator Haas?

Oh, um... [Clears throat]

Hannah, I can explain.

Okay, if by
"explain," you mean lie again,

then no, I'm not gonna do that.

Instead, I'm gonna figure
out what you're up to

and how it connects to the senator.

'Cause right now, you're a
little too close and a little too crazy

for my comfort and the Secret Service's.

I'm warning them about you.

That sound you hear?

It's your career

finally being flushed down the toilet.

Man: I understand...

Hannah's about to
bring charges against me.

Please tell me you caught a break

in this decryption process.

Just a few more hours.

You any closer to swapping
out the Senator's pills?

Hannah's blocking me.

If you can't get to Claire,

can you get her to come to you?


Those of you who answer correctly

will be moving on to the next phase...

building a bias profile
against someone very important...

- yourself.
- You first.

You're the most messed
up person in the bureau.

You don't deserve our honesty.

Liam: Well, that is the
assignment, Perales,

- and I don't owe you a thing.
- Mm.

Well, you can shove your assignment.

I'm done here.

IDs, please.

Delivering a package.

[Knock on door]

Nimah: Have you heard from Raina?

She's not responding to me.

She's on her way here now with Charlie.

You can wait for her
here with me if you'd like.

I'm gonna need you to
open up the back, too.

I think we need to talk about Caleb.

Caleb stole your money

and met with a woman who gave him this.

I think they're
related, but I don't know how.

Maybe you do.

Where did you get this?

Caleb had it.

Will said the woman who gave it to him

was Middle Eastern,
Hispanic, beautiful...

Where are you going?


What did you do?

I did what you were too
much of a child to do.

I told her the truth.

Marine: IDs now, buddy.

- Drew, stop.
- Alex, get back here.


Get down! Get down right now!

[Alarm blaring]

We're on lock-down, ma'am... full crash.

There's been an
incident at the guard station.

Nimah, you can't
leave. Shelter in place.

[Alarm blares]

Oh, my God.

Call your mom.


♪ ♪

[Tires screech]

[Tires squeal]

Liam: Okay, First Response Team says

that the assailants'
vehicle has been abandoned.

They're in the woods.

They could be on their way here.

Marines, DEA, until I get
the all-clear, we sit tight.

[Gun clicks]

Okay, looks like we
have 10 men, two women,

all armed with automatic weapons.

Come here.

You know them?

Yes. It's... it's the cell. It's them.

I need to let my First Responders Team

know exactly what they're up against.


You sent Shelby out there.

You're the one who created the situation

in the first place.

- I was trying to protect her.
- So was I.

I'm sorry.

I don't need your apologies.

I need to find Shelby.

There are armed gunmen on campus.

Field Counselor
Pollard would never allow it.

Which is why you're gonna distract him

while I slip out.

It's the least that you could do.


Be careful, Caleb.


Iris: [Whispers indistinctly]

Hey, I'm coming with you.

The campus is in lock-down.

All the perimeter doors are locked.

You need someone who
knows all the shortcuts.

HRT is flooding the campus as we speak.

Whoever these radicals
are, they don't stand a chance.

Who says they're radicals?

You want to talk about bias?

They're terrorists, okay?

I don't condone attacking anyone,

but we can't just
dismiss why they're doing it.

Who knows what the FBI might
have done to create cause?

You see, Perales,

this is exactly why you
don't belong here.

Mistakes happen. Even here, okay?

But you can't accept that.

You think that everyone
should be just as perfect

as you think you are.

Says the teacher who
sleeps with his students.


Petty in a crisis.

That is a good look on you.

Hey, where are you going?

To do my job.

Miranda: I know Charlie's involved.

I missed the signs.


No. You didn't miss them.

No one wanted to believe you.

All this is happening
because I didn't trust my instincts.


- It's going to be okay.
- No, I... I...

I could have stopped this.

I should have told my
mom, you, the feds, anyone.

[Tires screech]

- [Exhales sharply]
- What did you do?!


The cell you infiltrated...

they didn't really kidnap me.

The whole thing was staged.

But... but they stabbed your mother.

I didn't know they were gonna do that.

They told me later that they had to

to make it look real.

They said she was
gonna be okay, and she was.

And they knew that after I was rescued,

I would be taken to
Quantico for questioning.

- What?
- I could get them

information about the campus...

entrances, exits, how many guards.

The more they talked about this attack,

the more I knew what
I was doing was wrong.

But when I started questioning them,

they tried to kill me and I got away.


They never cared about me.

No, they didn't.

I do.

Your mother does.

And now you've put us
in a terrible position.


[Exhales deeply]

- Caleb: Thank God you're okay.
- [Cries]

I'm not okay, Caleb.

[Voice breaking] My parents are alive.

Look, I-I know.

I should have told you.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

I just didn't want to destroy you again.

I'm so sorry.


Will: Get down, get down.

♪ ♪

[Stick breaks]

It's HRT.

♪ ♪

[Indistinct shouting in distance]

[Exhales sharply]

All right, stay with
her. Stay with her. Liam!

Caleb: Liam!


Behind you!

- Behind you!
- [Gunshot]


[Exhales sharply]


HRT took out the remaining shooters,

however, uh, CCTV confirms that

the front passenger of the van

fled after they took out the guard gate.

- Find him.
- We're on it.

I need the sit report on...

Liam: Perales.

- How'd you end up out there?
- Drew: I followed you.

Didn't think it was right
for you to be on your own.

Had my personal firearm in my duffel.

I checked it when I came to Quantico.

I figured I should check
it out when I was leaving.

Coming out there after me,

you showed more instinct in an instant

than most agents show in a lifetime.

I owe my life to you.

Now, you don't have to like me,

and I don't have to like you.

But I want you here.

And I hope you saw today what a

difference someone like you can make.

See you in class.

Liam: Where you going?

It's better you don't know.


No matter what happens,

you and Charlie are family to me.


Charlie may have helped
plan the attack today.

Raina's with him at my house.

I'm going to talk to him

to see if I can get some answers.

I'm coming with you.

Claire: I'd like to
acknowledge the brave men and women

who defended our campus today.

That includes one of o
ur own... trainee Perales.


That's the number of mass shootings

in this country in 2015,

an average of almost one per day.

I am tired of this.

And you should be, too.

You are being trained to carry a weapon,

to respect the power of a gun,

to understand that it is
a privilege to be earned,

not a right given to anyone who...

Take the rest of the day
off to process and recuperate.

Remember why you're here,

because though the
horrible reality exists

that there will be another
mass shooting,

soon all of you will be
able to do something about it.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, are you okay?

[Sighs] I don't know.

There's no chapter in the grief handbook

about finding out your
parents faked their death

for 15 years.

Well, if there's
anything that I could do...

Just let me know.

Samar... Is she still here?

[Indistinct conversations]

Thank you. I've never felt safer.

Oh, it was our pleasure, Senator.

[Cellphone dings]


I was hoping I could borrow one
of your offices before I go.

I need to handle some e-mails

before I get mobbed by supporters.

Of course. Right this way.

I'm waiting for her right now.

Yeah, I told you
she'd be desperate to know

where her son is.

Caleb's been missing for months.

Question now is...

how are you gonna
replace the pills in her bag?

I'm gonna hope that the possibility
of talking to Caleb

is more important than keeping
track of her purse.

Okay, she's here.

Give me the room.

Alex: Senator Haas.

Where is my son, Agent Parrish?

Why don't I let him tell you himself?

Just ask for him.

[Cellphone beeps]

Before Quantico,

I went to law school in New Haven.

My advisor was a
retired federal judge...

Alan Handler.

A real liberal lion.

He and some other fellows had
this rotating poker game.

Now, you would think that
these brilliant legal minds

would know how to bluff.

But I could spot their
tells from my apartment.

A nervous knee, a finger twitch.


Handler didn't blink... just like you.

It's true the world doesn't
know where my son is,

but neither do you.

Only I do.

If you knew I was
lying, then why come see me?

After prolonging the investigation

into the terrorist
attack that killed my husband

and forcing me and those nearest to him

to relive it over and
over again for three months

of conspiracy theories and
unsubstantiated evidence,

I thought I would
enjoy telling you personally

that you are finished at the Bureau.

And I was right.



I, uh... I just keep seeing it.

It's like game film.

Taking a life isn't easy.

You know, you were right.

About what, specifically?

'Cause I'm right about a lot of things.


The FBI may have its problems,

but I don't have to be one of them.

Looks like you're stuck being
second-best around here.

Oh. We'll see about that.

- [Both chuckles]
- [Cellphone rings]


- It's Ryan.
- Mm-hmm.


We talked this morning about meeting up

if he could get away from
his undercover detail.

I'm sure he just
wants to know if I'm okay.

I'm sure that's all it is.


We have... unfinished business.

I bet.

Good luck.

I hope you find what you're looking for.

I have no idea what that is.

You'll know when you see him.

[Door opens]

Raina, thank you.

Your sister's waiting for you outside.

- How could you do this?
- Charlie: Please, Mom.

- You got to help me.
- I am gonna help you.

I'm taking you in.

You're not going anywhere.

[Exhales sharply]

Derrick: Raina?


I'm staring at an insane person.

That's the only logical explanation.

What do you want with the Senator?

I found these in the executive washroom

with her name on them.

I only wanted to get them to her.

You've been in here
with her for five minutes.

We can go right now. Why don't we
go right now and give them to her?

What's in the bottle, Agent Parrish?

There's still a
terrorist out there, Hannah,

who's been forcing
me to carry out a plot

that seems to be targeting the Senator.

They're threatening that
they're gonna kill all my friends

if I don't follow through.

They've already killed Natalie Vasquez.

If you don't believe me, just
try tracking her down.

She's gone.

I've tested these, Hannah.

You can see the results yourself.

I promise, I promise on
anything and everything

these will not hurt the senator.

But if I don't get these to her,

someone I love will get hurt.

Please. Please.

Hand me the bottle.

- Thank you.
- Now, hand over your badge.

Just do it... and your sidearm, as well.

Let's go.

And go home, and don't leave town,

and the next time you see me,

it'll be with other agents by my side

to haul your ass into prison.

Excuse me.

♪ ♪

[Indistinct conversations]

- Alex: Hey.
- Ryan: Hey.

- You okay?
- Alex: Yeah.


It's good to see you.

It's good to see you, too.

I was, um...

I was really unfair to
you after New Year's.

I didn't give you a
chance to talk or hear me out.

Yeah, well, I just
wish we had more time.

I only have 10 minutes before
I have to head back.

I guess then we'll have
to make them count, huh?

We'll say everything that
we need to say to each other

in the next 10 minutes,

and then never see each other again.

Look, you can't just
decide something like that

- for the both of us.
- One of has to.

Look. Look.

After what you went through today,

- I understand if it...
- No, no. Ryan, Ryan.

Don't look for any excuses.

Well, how many more different ways

do I need to say that
I'm in love with you?

I mean, why do you think I'm here?

Why do you think I came here
tonight, risking my ass?

I did it for you, for us.

If we get back
together, then how does it work?

I call your handler every
time I want to hear your voice?

Or you get a permission
slip to go on a date?

- Alex, that's...
- Ryan.

We're not good for each other.

Look at you.

You're here right now instead
of being undercover.

I cloud your judgment.

And you keep me off my game, too.

People were shooting at
me with real guns today, and...

and all I could think about was you.

I want to do this job, and
I want to do it well,

and I...

I can't do that with you in my head.

So, what? It's... it's the FBI over me?

It's me over us.

Well, why can't you have both?

I'm brand-new, Ryan.

And I can't lose
everything that I've ever wanted

because of... because of some guy,

no matter who that guy is.

Even if it's you.


We still have eight minutes.


Thanks for the beer.

[Exhales sharply]

You were working for my parents,

lying to me for 13 years.

13 years.

I was poor.

I needed the money.

I didn't know who you were.

I didn't know who they were.

I just did what they asked.

Took money from you to give to them

for a small cut.

And the more I got to know you,

the worse I felt.

So you conned me out
of another $5 million?

That was my husband.

- Hmm.
- I begged him not to do it.

She did ask me to give
the money back to you.

After everything I've done to you,

I know you can't forgive me,

but I want you to know,

it doesn't matter if
we don't share blood.

You are my sister.

You and I...

We're nothing.

You are as dead to
me as my parents were.

You're as dead to me as they still are.

I just wanted to look you in the eye

and tell you that myself.

[Siren wails, Police radio chatter]

[Indistinct conversations]

Liam: Two right
there and one over there.

Right now! Go!

Stay off that line.

Not you. Go around that way.

Go, go, go. Keep a safe
distance from the house.

Everyone away from the windows.

- Talk to me. It doesn't have to end...
- Everyone off the couch!

Give me the phone. What
did you do, Raina?

Let's go. Let's go. Move.

Ahh, the line went dead. Take that.

Talk to me. Talk to me.

It doesn't have to go down like this.

- What's his name? What's his name?
- Derrick.


My Muslim name is Rishan.

You are not a Muslim. You're a thug.

You have perverted the true faith.

What do you know about my faith?


Everything that you pretend to know.

I know that if you kill me,

you will miss your shahada.

And I know the Qur'an does
not teach you to hate.

Hate is what this country
feels for true believers like me.

I pray you find peace.

Rishan, no!

You're right.

Killing Raina out of vengeance?

The Front taught me to
be smarter than that.

We wanted to strike a blow to
the FBI and we failed today.

Killing you will have to be enough.

Take it.

I said take it!

Prove you're a true believer...

or die with her, man.

Prove it.

It's okay, son.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right.

Charlie: [Inhales sharply]

[Breathes shallowly]


It's over, Charlie.

Baby, it's over. Give me the gun.

- No.
- Come on, give me the gun.

- I know. It's okay.
- I'm...

- I know.
- I didn't know everything.

- It don't even matter now.
- [Crying]

Mom, I didn't know everything.

- It doesn't even matter now.
- Come on, now.

- Charlie, please.
- Give me the gun.

Please listen to your mother.

- I can't.
- No. Charlie, you

got to give me the gun.

The cops outside... they're
gonna arrest me.

Liam: Give me a sit report.

Agents' Voices: Suspect is armed...

black male, age 19, short hair.

Snipers in position.

Green light when you have it.

- Miranda: Son, please.
- [Groans]

And it's gonna be prison this time.

It's gonna be life because I got priors.

Listen to me, Charlie.

They will shoot you on sight

after shots fired
in a hostage situation.

Son, come on, please trust me.

- Charlie: No!
- Come on, trust me, son!

No! No, I don't trust you!

I can't go back!

Agents' Voices: Armed
target approaching east window.

I just need a second to think.

Charlie, get down.


Charlie, get down!

Agents' Voices: Target locked.

Charlie, get down!



[Screaming frantically]

No! No!

Go, go! We're going in! Go, go!


♪ ♪

♪ I fall ♪

♪ In the cutting room ♪

Is Shelby okay?

Can you be after
finding something like that out?

♪ Straight to the floor ♪

♪ Before the film is through ♪

I never thanked you

for helping me find Shelby today.

It was my fault she ran away.

If I hadn't told Iris what I did,

none of this would have ever happened.

Yeah, well, maybe it was
time that she found out.

♪ Come a little closer, honey ♪

Maybe it's time you tell
me who Mark Raymond is.

♪ And touch the fire ♪

What do you want to know?

♪ How long do I
have here with you? ♪

♪ Shadows ♪

♪ ♪

- ♪ Heaven waits ♪
- [Sighs]

♪ In the darkness of a room ♪


♪ And the shaking at the gates ♪

♪ From here to Timbuktu ♪

♪ Cold front rolls in ♪

♪ Like a black balloon ♪

♪ How long? ♪

♪ Before the shadows ♪


Is Charlie still in surgery?

Today I prayed... for you.

Miranda: [Cries]

I just...

[Crying] I just didn't
want him to get killed.

[Alarm beeps]

Time's up.

We got to warn everyone.

- They're all in danger now.
- Oh, my God. How?

[Cellphone rings]

If you have to hurt
someone, it should be me.

Not my friends. Me, you understand that?

The Voice: Why would I do that?

You did exactly what I asked.

You're proving more
useful than I imagined.

- I'll be in touch.
- But, I...

[Knock on door]

Open up. It's Hannah Wyland.

♪ ♪

- Look, Hannah, I can explain.
- Okay, so after you left,

I tried Natalie's cell.

No response.

I tried her ex-husband,
called her family,

No one's heard from her in days.

It's as if she just disappeared.

- That's what I was...
- Okay, so I

traced the e-mail that she sent

asking for "emergency personal leave."

It didn't come from her
computer or her phone.

It was bounced from a remote server...


There's no reason why
Natalie would do something like that,

which means she didn't do it,

which means I had to consider
the horrible possibility that you,

unstable, out-of-control,
paranoid Alex Parrish,

America's least wanted...

weren't lying, incorrect, or insane.

You were simply telling the truth.

- I just...
- So I swapped the pills,

and now before I'm arrested

and tried for treason alongside
the two of you,

will someone please tell me,

did I just poison the next
Vice President of the United States?

- Oh, my God, Hannah. Just shut up.
- Because if I did...

Just shut up and stop talking!

Are you ready?


Yeah, go ahead. It's your turn.