Psych (2006–2014): Season 6, Episode 16 - Santabarbaratown - full transcript

Arriving at a crime scene with a dead body, Shawn sees another victim that he connects to an unsolved case of his father's from 20 years ago. Henry works with Shawn and Gus. As the murders ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Uncle Lou.
There's my man.

Shawn, I've got
a new one for you.

What do polar bears get from
sitting on the ice too long?


Lou, I don't know what that
means, but I know it's funny.

That's funny.

What's going on, Dad?

Oh, uh, nothing.
Just work stuff.

Can you tell me about it? Maybe
when you're a little older.

Come on.
I'm old enough to drive.

I think I can handle hearing
about one of your cases.

Shawn, you're not going to be
able to drive for three years.

Really? Then how will Gus and
I get to Vegas this weekend?

Come on, Henry.
He can handle it.

Fine, but I'm calling you
when he can't sleep tonight.

We're looking
for a missing girl.

What's her name?
Veronica Towne.

Where was she last seen?

This bar where she waitresses
called The Blue Derby.

What was she wearing?

Why does that matter?

A red dress and a gold necklace
with her initials on it.

Thanks, Lou. So, do you
think she was murdered?

It's starting to look that way.

Uh, who do you think did it?

A guy by the name of Jordan Beaumont,
her boss at The Blue Derby.

We can't prove it until we find the
place where he stashed the body.

Or places.


You're not going to be able
to sleep tonight, are you?

Not a wink.
Thanks, Lou.


It's been a while since you've given
me an update on you and Jules.

Oh, I'm sorry, buddy. We're doing great.
And can I tell you why?

We're done stressing about

whether we're moving in together.
Or getting married.

We both know that's not happening
until way down the line.

I hear that. After
retirement and menopause.

Now we can just relax
and enjoy each other.

Oh, and we found this amazing
book called the Kama-sutra.

What? The illustrations
are illuminating.

There's one called
congress of the rhino.


I've never been so happy to
see a dead person in my life.

Jules, what have we got?

Unidentified male. Found dead,
gunshot wound to the face.

Who's the big scary guy?

Carlton Lassiter. You
should know that by now.

Uh, he's the foreman on
the construction site.

He's the one
who found the body.

I've got to tell you,
Mister Montero,

your story, much like your lunch
box, smells a little fishy.

You dig in over here, you
find a body way over there.

How did that happen?

I had to take a leak.

So after you found the body,
then what did you do?

I really had to take a leak.

We're going to need to interview
the rest of your crew.

Stop! Stop!

What are you doing?

I'm sensing there's
something in there.

What is it, Shawn?

What the hell?

What was she wearing?

A red dress and a gold necklace
with her initials on it.

I'm so not sleeping tonight.

In between the lines
there's a lot of obscurity

I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity

If it's all right
then you're all wrong

But why bounce around
to the same damn song?

You'd rather run
when you can't crawl

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

There she is.
That's her, that's her.

Step aside, please.

Chief Vick, is there any truth to
the rumors that one of the bodies

found yesterday belongs
to Veronica Towne?

I have no comment
on that at this time.

Has anyone in her
family been contacted?

I will pass along all info
as it becomes available.

Thank you.

When can we expect
a statement, Chief Vick?

Chief Vick!

We don't have an ID
on this fellow yet.

But I believe his time of death
was approximately 6:00 p.m.

On the day in question.
Now as for this one,

Shawn's hunch about it being
Veronica Towne was spot on.

She was quite a looker.
Still is.

Anyway, all the records match.

Her shoes and dress,
however, not so much.

Sorry, sorry, I can be
a real bitch sometimes.

How did she die?

Well, my first guess
was smallpox.

But it turns out
she had none of the symptoms,

plus smallpox apparently
was eradicated

about 40 years ago.
Who knew?

Not me. Not me.

But based on the
fracture to her neck,

I'm going to say
she was strangled to death.

Jordan Beaumont did this.

Who's Jordan Beaumont?

Her boss at the bar she
worked at, The Blue Derby.

That's right, Shawn. He was also
her boyfriend and a real SOB.

He was seen pushing her
around in a parking lot

a couple of hours
before she vanished.

How do you know
so much about this case?

Because I was the lead detective
along with my partner

at the time, Lou Gamble.

May he rest in peace.
Sweet, old Uncle Lou

had a thousand jokes
about hemorrhoids.

They were all hilarious.

Jordan was our lead
suspect the entire time.

So why couldn't you get him?

We never got enough evidence.
So why couldn't you get him?

Why do I know that name?

Because his father Ellis is one of the
most successful and powerful businessmen

in all of Santa Barbara.

You mean he was.

We just got an ID on this body.

So now I've got two bodies.

A girl who's been
missing for 20 years,

and the father of the man long
suspected of killing her.

Do you have any other
bombshells for me?

Did you see the finale
of The Bachelorette?

Then no, I do not.

Our theory is that Jordan Beaumont
killed Veronica Towne 20 years ago

and recently offed his father and
dumped his body in the same spot.

Why would Jordan bury
one body and not the other?

Maybe it was some weird
admission of guilt.

Ah, kind of like Gus admitting
that he likes cat food.

I said I like how it
looks in commercials.

There's a difference.
No, there is not a difference.

I want Jordan tracked down
and questioned immediately.

Shawn and Gus,
you're on this as well.

Karen, what should I do?

I'd like you to serve
in your usual role.

You know, crosswords,
air bombing the men's room.

I think I should also
work the case.

As what, a detective? Nobody
knows it better than I do.

You could reinstate me
this one time.

Come on, Henry.
With all due respect,

you can't just hop back in the
game after all these years.

There's been a lot of
changes on the job.

Lassie's right.
For example, the bicycle

is no longer just one giant
wheel with a tiny one in back.

And now my people can vote.

Karen, I promise you I can
handle this thing.

Plus, I owe it to Lou Gamble
to solve this case.

Come on. Let me finish
what I started.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Excuse me.
Okay, Chief,

I don't think you're thinking
this all the way through.

I'm going to head over
to Jordan's house.

I think he still lives
at his parents' estate.

You two should go to the
club he owns on 26th street.

Okay, so do we go with
your dad or with Lassie?

Worst options ever.

Will you relax? You act
like this is the first time

you ever worked with your dad.

How about you relax, huh?
How about that?

I am relaxed.

It's usually
from a distance, man.

I'm having flashbacks
to the time

he chaperoned our eighth
grade field trip.

Ooh, I remember that. He kept undoing
his pants and tucking in his shirt.

It was horrifying.
Now he's 20 years weirder

and this time
he's carrying a gun.

Detective Spencer.

Been a while.

So, where's Lou?

He died of a heart attack
four years ago.

Shocking. He took such
good care of himself.

Hey, hey, easy, easy Sipowicz.

Gentlemen, the timing
of your visit is not ideal.

As you may know, my client's
father has just passed away.

And he has
arrangements to make.

Like what? Like renovating the
giant house you just inherited?

What's your point?
What do you think it is?

Well, you clearly think
that I killed my father.

Oh, yeah?

Actually, I forgot
what my point was,

but what you just said
makes a lot of sense.

Excuse me. Who are you?

Shawn Spencer. That is
my partner, Sh'Dynasty.

It is spelled "S-H," comma
to the top, Dynasty.

Comma to the top?
That's God's comma.

And I am a bad-ass psychic
detective Jack Fon Swoo.

He's also my son.

You took the teeth right
out of my bad-ass comment.

I'd be very careful how
you tread here, gentlemen.

We will not stand for further
libelous accusations

like the ones
related to Veronica Towne.

Oh, you mean the woman we found
dead 30 yards from his father?

Yeah, that's right. You got anything
to say about that, smart-ass?

Small world.
For the record,

I was at my girlfriend
Thea's all last night.

Oh, that's nice, that's sweet.

Do you have an address
for this Thea?

Gentlemen, my client
is under no obligation

to answer any
questions from you.

Now I'll have to ask that you leave.

Take it easy, Kat Von D. Know this, Jordan.
I'm on to you.

Like fat on a fat person.

Please. You're not going to
find anything on me, Shawn.

What makes you so sure?

Because the apple does not
fall far from the tree.



I want to punch that smarmy
bastard and then laugh

in his handsome,
ethnically neutral face.

No one wants to nail this
guy's ass more than I do.

Sorry, I'm a little
rusty on my cop talk.

What are we doing here,
anyway, Shawn?

Looking for Room 207.
That was the number

on his valet ticket
dated Saturday night.

See, it wasn't
his girlfriend Thea's.

Unless, of course,
Thea lives here.

May I help you?

Thea Summers? We need to
ask you a few questions

about Jordan Beaumont.

Fun. I love boy talk.

Jordan definitely has a type.

Yes, he does.

Feel free to help
yourself to the minibar.

I've been waiting my entire
life to hear those exact words.

Ooh, I'm glad I quit
that stupid cleanse today.

So, Thea, you've
been here a while.

About three weeks.
Nice place.

I guess. If you like green.

Dude! Have some
respect for yourself.

Suck it, Shawn.

So I guess dating Jordan
has its perks, huh?

I'd say we're more
seeing each other.

I save the "D" word for
guys I'm sleeping with.

Really? No whoopee? No
hanky-panky in the nighty-night?

No dark dancing?
So, what does a guy get

for putting you up
in a place like this?

A step closer
to sleeping with me.

Dad, what are you doing?

I just gotta quickly
tuck in my shirt.

That is easily accomplished
without unbuttoning your pants.

This is my field trip
all over again.

Do you mind if I step
outside for a cigarette?

Of course not, go ahead.

I can tell you're not a fan
of working with your father.

How did you know he was my...

You have the same eyes.

Don't worry, I'm no
stranger to daddy issues.

That photo in your bag
suggests otherwise.

It was a happier time.

Have you always been
such a snoop?

Oh, yeah, hence my nickname
in high school.


Where'd you live
before the Beaumont?

Michigan. Moved to Santa
Barbara three weeks ago

to get away from the cold.

I planned on staying a night,
but then I met Jordan.

Then he started comping me.

When was the last time
you saw him?

Last night. We stayed in
and watched Summer School.

Pretty lame, right?

Yeah, if you hate
cinematic perfection.

Ski School was on before that.

You guys watch Ski School?

No. Jordan arrived just as
Summer School was starting.

Hello, everyone.
It's great to be back.

Enjoy your stay.

Chief, I would very much like
to elbow him in the sternum.

Please do.

Estimated time of death for
Ellis Beaumont is 6:00 p.m.

Jordan arrived at the hotel just as
Summer School was starting at nine,

which is true because
I was watching, too.

Nobody paints a scene
like Dean Cameron.

He's a chainsaw, right?

That's right, Chief.

So that leaves a three-hour
gap in his alibi.

Well, it's thin, but it's enough
to hold him for questioning.

What is up with Mister Guster?

Sugar crash. He just ate $600 worth
of candy from the hotel minibar.


I've been looking
all over for you.

Now, listen, we found another
person's DNA on Veronica Towne.

We ran some tests.
We have a match.

Great. Let me guess.
Jordan Beaumont.

No, the name that
came up was...

Lou Gamble.

What? Let me see that.

Uncle Lou?

There's no way that Lou Gamble had anything
to do with Veronica Towne's death.

What was his DNA doing
all over her body?

I don't know. Maybe it
was a mix-up in the lab.

Somebody tried to set him up.
It doesn't matter.

Lou was a great cop and he was
as decent a guy as you'll find.

He certainly didn't seem
like the murdering type.

Then again, neither did Matthew
McConaughey's character

in The Lincoln Lawyer. Ryan Phillipe
was the murderer in that movie.

Really? I never saw it.

Henry Spencer.
I don't believe it.

Ah! It's great
to see you, Bea.

Hey, you remember my son,
Shawn, don't you?

Of course.
Hi, Bea.

Last time I saw you, you
were practically in tears

because your dad wouldn't
buy you an ice cream.

When was that, Henry?
Six years ago.

These were the best years
of Lou's life,

working with you,
Jack and Jerry.

Yeah, well, we were
quite a team.

You know, back in those days

honor and respect for the
badge meant something.

Worst boy band ever.

Do you all still keep in touch?

Jack still lives in town.

Jerry has a place up north.

I'm the only one
who hasn't retired.

He means physically.
Mentally, it's nap time, Bea.

Excuse me, do you mind
if I have some of this candy?

Of course, dear.
Thank you.

You have a problem, candy man.

I make the world taste good.

Bea, back in '91,
do you remember hearing Jack

talk about a case involving
the name Veronica Towne?

No, he rarely talked to me
about any of his cases.

Do you remember anything strange
about his behavior at the time?

Please, this is important.

Well, let's see. '91.

Well, there were the calls.

What calls?

I'll be right back.

Are you kidding me? You just
crashed at the police station.

Players don't crash, Shawn.

They rest their eyes
and then they refuel.


For about a week, I would get
these calls when I was alone

from a man with
a deep, raspy voice.

He'd say things like,
"How's your day going, Bea?"

Then hang up. I didn't really start
to get scared until these showed up.

These were waiting for me on my
car windshield one afternoon.

Did Lou ever see these?

Yes, but he just said
to ignore them

and then he placed
the photos in the trash.

I immediately fished them out
and kept them, just to be safe.

What happened after that?

No more calls, photos,

but Lou's behavior did
strike me as a bit strange.

But then I just assumed it was because
of the stress of working two jobs.

Two jobs?
What do you mean?

He was too proud to tell you.

I had some medical issues
at the time,

so he picked up an off-duty
security job to help pay the bills.

Do you remember where?
Yes, The Blue Derby.

I came here twice
to interview the staff

after Veronica's disappearance.

Both times, Lou called in sick.

He was definitely
hiding something.

What is this place?

Well, back then,
it was one those

30s, smoky-style
piano bars

complete with red booths and
waitresses in skimpy outfits.

I can see times have changed.

Detective Spencer, right?

Ida Lane.

I thought you would've found a
different line of work by now.

I was about to say
the same thing to you.

This is my son, Shawn
and his partner, Gus.

Hello. Nice. I voted
against Prop 8.

Uh, we're partners
in a detective agency.

Oh. But we're also
lovers in the nighttime.

Would you stop it? We're like The
Insiders, but even more gay.

The Insiders were not gay.
And neither are we.

Ida, we found Veronica
Towne's body yesterday.

Does that upset you?

Why would it?
I wasn't her biggest fan.

And why was that?

She was a terrible waitress
who did whatever she wanted

because she was sleeping
with Jordan.

She disappeared once
for six months

and then showed back up and got
her job back just like that.

You and I talked back when
Veronica disappeared.

You said that she seemed upset.

Yes, she was crying

And saying over and over,
"I will not do this alone."

Or something like that.

You recognize this man?
His name was Lou Gamble.

He used to work
security back then.

All the security guys
stayed in the parking lot.

I never met any of them.

Security guys?
Like, plural?

What, was this place
jamming back in the day?

Hardly. I don't think this crowd,
or anything, for that matter,

has changed since the 50s.

That's interesting. Would you mind
if we took a peek in your kitchen?

Sure, but it hasn't been operational
since Ellis sold the place.

You mean Jordan.

Jordan was just the front man.

His father never let him
have ownership of anything.

Excuse us.

Dude, why would Ellis Beaumont be
interested in a dive like this?

And what would he possibly
need security for?

I don't know,
but I'm not mad at Ida.

Something about older women in inappropriate
outfits keeping it nice and tight.

Gus, she's old enough to be your
mother's younger, sexier, something.

I get it.

That's weird. There's no oven in
here, just a bunch of burners.

What's sodium bicarbonate?

Baking soda.
Bacon soda?

That's a genius idea, Gus,

but I'm not sure the world is ready
for a pork-flavored beverage.

I disagree, but that's
not what I said. Baking soda.

Baking. That's what
sodium bicarbonate is.

What the hell
were they making here?

Crack? Look, the Beaumonts
owned the place

at the exact time that the drug
was running rampant everywhere.

I think his sense is right.

There was enough stuff in the kitchen
to mix the drug on a big scale.

Ellis Beaumont
was pushing drugs?

Well, he definitely wasn't making
his money from cooking food.

You know that's right. How did the
department not know about this?

Because he had protection
from one of our own.

My ex-partner, Lou Gamble.

Well, this gets
better and better.

Lassiter, let's
track down Jordan ASAP.

Track him down?
Isn't he here?

His lawyer arranged
his release a half hour ago.

We didn't have
enough to hold him.

I'll bring him back in,
dead or alive.

Alive. Fine, didn't say
anything about conscious.

- Hello?
- How's your day, Shawn?

I'm sorry, what was that? Stay away
from the Towne case. That's a warning.

Who is this? Is this Jordan?

Hello? Hey, it's the Woodmaster.

You're going to want
to get down here.

So, I've been doing some
more work on Veronica here

and two interesting
things came up.

One, I believe she went
to Virginia Tech.

Notice the "V-T"
on her necklace.

Which stands for
Veronica Towne.

Scratch that. Second thing,
this is the bombshell,

she had recently given birth.

Are you sure?
100 percent.

The lab confirmed it.

She disappeared once for six
months and then showed back up

and got her job back
just like that.

Well, the plot, unlike your
hair, continues to thicken.

Here's what I think. I think
Jordan knocked up Veronica,

sent her off to have
the kid in secret.

She came back to The Blue Derby,
flips out when she realizes

Jordan has no interest
in being a father.

She was crying hysterically and saying
over and over, "I will not do this alone."

Or something like that.

So she approaches him. She
demands that he give more,

whether that mean time
or money or both.

He freaks out, he chokes her.

I imagine that he had Lou
dispose of the body.

That is one
heartless-ass dude.

You need to tell
your dad about this.

Let's not and say we did. Come on, Shawn.
He can't be that annoying.

Man, the one thing I've never doubted about
my father is that he was a great cop.

It just bums me out that now I
have to question that, too.

What do you mean?
What do I mean?

Let's see.
He was lead on the case,

he didn't know that
Veronica was pregnant,

he didn't know The Blue
Derby was a crack den.

He didn't even know his own
partner was on the take.

Cut the man some slack, Shawn.

Santa Barbara has changed
a lot since then.

There was a lot of underhanded,
shady stuff going on.

Places don't change, Gus.
Stop making excuses for him.


Oh, God.


Gus, what are you doing here?

Mmm... Sorry, I had
a mouthful of M&Ms.

Shawn gave me his keys. He said
to wait until you got back.

He was worried about you.
Worried? Why?

And I was saving those
M&Ms to make brownies.

Jules! Ah, thank God.

Why aren't you
answering your phone?

I was on a run on my break.
What is going on?

Okay. First things first,
when were you thinking

about putting on
those brownies?

Someone, clearly trying to intimidate
me into dropping this case.

We found these on Gus' car.

Someone's following me? Yes.
I'm pretty sure it's Jordan.

He's been completely off the
map since he was released.

Listen, you can't just drop
out of contact like that.

Shawn, relax. I'm okay.

Excuse me.

I think I'm going to stick
around here for a while.

At least until
we solve this thing.

Thank you, but I am perfectly
capable of taking care of myself.

Just let me. Please.


Gus, is Juliet okay?

Yeah, she's fine.
Aren't you curious how I am?

Not really. Now listen,

tell Shawn that Lassiter has set
up a trace on his cell phone

so we can nail down
the location of this caller.

Wait, one more thing.

I've been doing
a little digging on Jordan.

Get this, turns out he was
married for a year back in '97.

To who?

So where's your father?

Don't worry, Ida.
He's on his way.

Why didn't you tell us you
were married to Jordan?

Never came up. Besides, it's not
something I like to talk about.

It was probably the most
depressing time in my life.

That says a lot.
Why did it end, exactly?

I wanted children.

And he didn't?

Let's just say they weren't
in the cards for him.

Meaning what?

His juice had no pulp.

His seed wasn't fruitful.

A farmer...
He wasn't...

He was pouring decaf.
Pumping unleaded?

Gas, I...
His Hall had no Oates.

He was sterile!

Oh, sure.

Hall. Oates.
That makes total sense.


She doesn't speak Spanish.

Will you excuse us for
just one moment? Please.


Holy crap, Gus. That means Jordan
couldn't have been the one

that knocked up Veronica. Does
that mean he didn't kill her?

Not necessarily. We've got to
figure out who the real father was.

And how do we do that?

I've got something.

Thank you for meeting
with us, Doctor.

Oh, of course. One of my true
pleasures in life is getting

to meet the people I helped
bring into this world.

Plus, uh, Stevie here
made enough fish to feed

the entire Cambodian air force.

Oh, don't worry. He doesn't
speak a lick of English.

Actually, I do.

Huh, look at that!
17 years.

You are full
of surprises, Stevie.


Ah. Confession, Doctor. You
actually didn't deliver me.

Oh. No, sir. That honor went
to a cabbie named Jugdish.

I know what you're thinking,

but it wasn't even
an emergency labor.

Hmm. Jugdish just brought
my mother great comfort.

Back in India, he was a
doctor of musicology.

But you did deliver the child
of a woman we once knew.

Oh, really? Who was that?
Veronica Towne.

What exactly
are you boys after?

The truth would be nice.
Or some Mallomars.

We're not settling for Mallomars.
I didn't say we were settling.

I see. The truth is heavy.

Therefore, few care
to carry it.

Winston Churchill said that.

Look, Doctor, I don't care if the former
Prime Minister of England said it.

What I know is that Veronica Towne's
body was recently discovered

with your business card on it.

20 years ago, she arrived at a
clinic I had on the outside of town.

The entire delivery ran three hours.
She had a girl.

We would like to know
who the father was.

That I cannot tell you. She
didn't tell me, nor did I care.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I
think I'll finish this inside.

But I'll advise you boys
to watch your step.

The past can be treacherous.

Can you at least tell us
the girl's name?

Yes. Dahlia.
Dahlia Towne.

Dude, there are no listings
for Dahlia Towne anywhere.

We need to check the birth records
and the adoption records.

Dude, I am tired. Now get your
stuff and go be with Juliet.

We'll do it in the morning. The
morning may be too late, Gus.

I'm not going to mess up this
investigation like my dad did.

Man, you need to work out your
daddy issues on your own time.

Now I'm about to go home and have
a threesome with two Toblerones

and then hit the sack.

Suck it.
You suck it.

Suck it

See you in the morning.
All right, man.

All right, who's there?

Nice night for a walk.

All right, listen.
I've got six bucks

and a picture of Mary Stuart
Masterson in my wallet.

It's all yours!
Find another case.

This is your last warning.

Hello, Thea.
Going somewhere?

What happened to your eye?

When I don't sleep I get a
dark circle under one eye.

Where's Jordan? I don't know
what you're talking about.

You know what? Do us a
favor and cut the crap.

His car is parked out back.


Hello, kitty cat.

Oh, ow! What the hell?

Now we're even.
For what?

For this! And for
threatening my girlfriend.

What? No, I never did any
of those things. I...

Look, I am innocent.
Then why were you hiding?

Because my lawyer told me
to stay out of sight.

He was worried there was
going to be a media circus.

Oh, please. You must think
we're complete idiots.

I know it's you
who's been calling me.


You should have taken
my advice, Shawn.

Hey, look, man, I'm sorry
about your eye, okay? Oh.

Hello? Spencer, listen, we
traced that phone call.

It came from the corner
of 26th and Holland.

That's two blocks from you.

26th and Holland, got it.
Put some ice on that.

Worst boy band ever.


Look out.

Who are we chasing?
Jack Atwater,

detective who used
to work with my dad!

How old is he?
At least 70.

Then why can't we catch him?
I don't know!

I don't eat well and I don't
exercise, what's your excuse?

I don't do well at high altitudes.
What are you talking about?

You know, like Denver.
We're not in Denver.

Just run, Shawn!

It's over, Jack.


Back in '91, I was approached
by Ellis Beaumont.

He offered me 50 grand to play
lookout for the drug business

he was running out of
The Blue Derby.

I had two kids
in school, so I bit.

Then he said he needed one
more, so I brought in Lou,

who was hesitant at first. But,
you know, Bea had been sick.

You took an oath, Jack.

Please spare me that
Boy Scout crap, Henry.

Not all of us could be
model cops like you.

No wonder I could never get a
leg up on the investigation.

I'll give you this, you weren't
an easy guy to throw off.

What happened next?

Things were fine until one day Ellis
called and said there had been an accident

with one of the waitresses.
Veronica Towne.

Yeah, and he wanted
help covering it up.

When we said no, he threatened
to tip off the chief

to what we were doing.
So you covered up her murder.

We had no choice.
The job was all we had.

You had a choice.

So, Lou disposed of the body and then a
few weeks later he started to crack.

So you threatened him and his
wife to make him shut up.

And you pulled the same move on my
son after you killed Ellis Beaumont.

Yes, but I did not
kill Beaumont. I swear.

Yeah, well who in their right
minds would believe that?


Let me go. Jordan. No, No.
You can't just leave.

Jordan, things will never work
out between the two of us.

Believe me.

Because she's your sister.

What are you talking about?

You weren't the only one sleeping
with Veronica Towne 20 years ago.

- Your dad was, too.
- And he got her pregnant

and to hide it from you, he sent
her away to have the child.

Her name is Dahlia.

What? He said her
name was Dahlia.

Your father's plan was to keep paying
off Veronica, but she wanted more.

How dare you come to my house!

You cannot just abandon me!
I will not do this alone.

Don't threaten me!

Sensing that he could lose
his marriage, he took action.

He had the officers
on his payroll cover it up.

Then he arranged to have
sweet, little Dahlia

be adopted by
a couple in Michigan.

Who then changed
her name to Thea.

No, this is all insane.
No, it's not.

A year ago my parents told me
that Veronica was my real mother

I became obsessed
with the case.

I vowed to find out
who murdered her.

But you assumed it was Jordan
based on the newspaper accounts,

but something, something told
you it was Ellis instead.

And I'd like to take a guess.

Sure. You're doing
well so far.

He was color-blind.
Just like you.

Nice place. Yeah, I guess.
If you like green.

See, color-blindness is a genetic trait.
It's almost always passed

from father to daughter.

Have you been reading my
Scientific Weekly?

My Men's Health quarterly?

You think we could
do this later?

Stop reading my stuff, Shawn.

Armed with this knowledge,
you confronted Ellis.

And you asked him point-blank if he
was the one who killed Veronica.

And I am assuming
he came clean.

With a little persuasion.

Come on.

I then told him to take me to the
place where they left my mother.

Come on.
Show me where you put her.

Dahlia, come on.
Don't call me that.

Thea, you're my daughter.

And that's where you
pulled the trigger.

I'm sorry, Jordan.

Rough day for you,
man, no way around that.

The girl you're dating
turns out to be your sister.

Who killed your father.
Who killed your mother.

And was sleeping
with your ex-girlfriend.

And Shawn punched you
in the face.

Yeah, there's that, too.

I'm sorry.

His girlfriend, his sister,
his girlfriend, his sister.

Forget about it, Shawn.
It's just Santa Barbara.

Well, I guess I should swing by
your place and pick up all my stuff

now that you're okay.

Shawn, all you brought over were
some clothes, a toothbrush,

and your workout bricks.

Right. All my stuff. I'll have you know,
those bricks built this man house.

Thank you.
What was that for?

I was just thinking about
how worried you always are

when you think I'm in danger.

Oh, Jules. My single greatest fear used
to be that something would happen to me.

My second greatest fear was that
something would happen to Gus.

Clearly, all that has changed.

So, do me a favor and stop finding
yourself in grave danger.

I will do my best.

You know what? Why don't you
stay at my place tonight?

Take your things home tomorrow.

Okay, that's cool.

Oh, wait...
Wait, tomorrow's Friday.

Oh, right. Well, maybe you
should stay the weekend.

Oh, that would
be three consecutive days.

72 hours. That's
what's on the table.

Not even a vacation. Nope.
Just you and me at my place.

All right.

But I'm going to need
a drawer, though.

Well, then you're never
going to want to leave.

Yo, Pop. What's up?

I'm trying to convince your
father to stay on as a detective

just a little longer.
He hasn't missed a step.

Hear, hear. No, my
detective days are over.

So's my career in police work.

Wait, you're retiring?
Effective immediately.

My resignation letter
is already on your desk.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is this because I
yelled at you for the pants thing?

Look, Dad, if you need to
drop trou, you can drop trou.

No, no, it's just my
heart's not in it anymore.

Henry, I think we should
talk about this.

There's no need to, Karen.
It's time.

Well, let me know
if you change your mind.

You're going to be missed.

Thanks for everything, Karen.

All right, how long have you
been thinking about this?

Oh, not long. The only reason I
stuck around for so long was

because of the respect
I had for the job.

But now? Nah.

Look, Dad, I... I get it. And I'm...
I'm really sorry.

But, you know, there are still a
lot of damn good cops on the force

and they go out there and put
their lives on the line every day

for the right reasons.

You're right.
Yeah, you're right.

It's just not my game
anymore, kid.

What? Your old
police hat?

You remember I used to
put this thing on as a kid

and run all over the house
bumping into stuff?

Dreaming that one day I'd be this amazing cop.
Just like my old man.

Yeah, well, I guess your, uh, perception of
me has changed a little since then, huh?

Actually, it's quite
the contrary.

What do you say you and I go out
and grab a beer a little later?

A beer?

Well, that's not really
your thing, is it?

Yeah, I know, maybe
we can change that

now that I have
some time on my hands.

I'm not going to lie to you, cold
beer sounds rich and delicious.

I think we should go now.
Let's go now.

First I've got to break some
bad news to an old friend.

It's so much bigger than mine.
It's ridiculous.

It's yours, kid.

I'm sorry to be the one to
break it to you, Jerry.

I just can't believe it. The
four of us were like brothers.

I guess we're the last
of the good ones, huh?

Looks like retirement's
been good to you.

Oh, yeah. Thanks.

I told you, let me do
your investing for you.

I know, I know, I know.

I still can't understand how they
would do all of that just for money.

Well, 50 grand
was a lot back then.

What'd you just say?

50 grand was a lot of cash.

I never told you how much
they were getting paid.

Shawn. Hey, Buzz. I forgot
to pick up our check.

Did I hear the Towne-Beaumont
case was wrapped up?

Yeah, it is.
Aw, jeez.

Someone should have told me.
I've been going through

these old records for eight hours.
What for?

Off-duty work permits. Chief
Vick wanted a list of everyone

who filed to work at The Blue Derby.

This one was unmarked. Someone
was trying real hard to make

sure it wasn't found.

Oh, my God.

It's not too late to do
the right thing, Jerry.

I'm sorry, Henry.

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

I know, you know