Psych (2006–2014): Season 6, Episode 13 - Let's Doo-Wop It Again - full transcript

Gus and his former a cappella group perform at a charity event. Shawn has an appendicitis attack and goes to the hospital. When the host of the charity event is shot, Shawn has to work the ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, Deacon.

Hey, Tina.

I don't believe you've met
Jimmy Brigham.

He's president of ADP Security.

- Oh.
- Tina.

Well, it's an honor
to finally met the man

behind those fine security guards

that keep businesses safe around here.

Thank you.

Little Tina here went from
high school dropout

to shepherding the millions of dollars

that flow through this charity.

Any chance I can hire you away
to be my CFO?

- Hey, hey...
- You sure you need me?

Because of Deacon's hard work,

crime is down 70%.

Come, I'll show you to your table.

- Okay.
- Okay, I'll see you later.

Deacon Jones!

Tony and Drake.
What's up?

Clemons brothers.

How are you guys?
Good to see you.

- It's good to see you too.
- Uh, where's Joon?

He was supposed to be here.

We changed all our schedules
to accommodate him,

- and he still blew us off.
- Sucker.

- Punk-ass.
- Buster. I'm Burton Guster.

Tony and Drake's friend from college.

- Glad to meet you.
- Shawn Spencer, Tony's friend

from the last time he came
to town and got kidnapped.

Well, I'm really honored
that you guys would choose

to come perform for us tonight.

No, we're the ones that are honored.

You're in Blackapella?

We all know that every great R&B band

- needs a token white person.
- What?

The Black Eyed Peas have
Fergie, Debarge had Debarge,

and there's that hassidic rapper...


He's a solo artist, Shawn.

Yeah, but it's still weird,

don't you think, Gus?

By the way,
we're not called Blackapella.

We're called Quarter Black now.

We are?

Uh-uh...I also noticed
you got it wrong in the program.

Okay, Shawn, remember we're
here to honor Deacon Jones,

not worry about our credits
in the program,

or a name that still
doesn't make any sense.

It makes perfect sense.

There's three of us and one of you.

- If anything, we should be call...
- Gus!

You're embarrassing yourself
in front of the group.

Deacon, you know we'd
do anything for you.

Let me tell you something,
this man right here,

he saved our lives.

Yeah, Tony and Drake told me

how they were heading
for the gang life as kids,

and how you rescued them.

These two guys are
my proudest achievements.

Excuse me, Deacon,
we're about to start.

Uh, this is Tina.

She handles all our finances.

- Oh, hey.
- Hi.


Kudos on the Asian Lori Petti look.

Congratulations on your
skinny Chaz Bono look.

Thank you very much.

- Was that a compliment?
- No.

I'm wearing boots because
I was helping out

at the right now boot camp.

There's a camp just for boots?

It's where they teach kids
wilderness stuff

and the value of teamwork.

It's time for
your introduction, Deacon.

And then you three go on after that.

We're a foursome.

Okay. Come on.

- Okay, well, knock 'em dead.
- All right.

Thanks a lot.
Let's go, let's go.

Fellas, okay, let's do
our warm-up exercises.

All right.
Mi mi mi mi.

# Israel was in Egypt's land

# let my people go

# ooh ooh ooh ooh

# ooh ooh ooh ooh

# when Israel was in Egypt's land #

# ooh ooh ooh ooh

# oppressed so hard
they could not stand #

# ooh ooh ooh ooh

# go down, Moses

# Ooh ooh ooh ooh
# way down in Egypt's land

# tell old pharaoh

# let my people go

Shawn, you okay?

Gus, I think you're going
to have to get me to a hospital.

Thank you, everybody.

We're Blackapella.

Quarter Black!
We're called Quarter Black!

All right, give it to me
straight, how bad is it?

Your appendix burst.

- Oh, God.
- They removed it.

- Am I gonna die?
- Yes.

But not from this.

Still, I've lost a vital organ.

One that's absolutely crucial
for human survival.

Gus, I assume you're prepared
to give me yours.

- Uh, no.
- So I can jump higher.

What? That makes
no sense, Shawn.

Besides, you don't need your appendix.

In fact, medical science
is having trouble deciding

if the appendix is any use
to the body at all.

The doctor said all you need
is a few days here

to recover from surgery.

So you're telling me that my insurance

won't cover the transplant.

You guys are trying
to protect me from the fact

that I'm gonna spend
the rest of my life

in a gigantic plastic bubble...
Just like the movie I'm writing.

They've already made
two bubble movies, Shawn.

Yeah, but mine's gonna star
Jake Gyllenhaal.

You don't need a transplant, Shawn.

But it is true your insurance
would not cover your surgery,

mainly because
you don't have insurance.

Which means I'm footing
the bill for all of this.

Thanks, pop. And you know,
I don't want to impose,

but I would prefer a private room

with an ocean view, and satellite TV

with MLB extra innings.

Keep wishing,
I might rip your heart out.

That's an organ you do need.

- Uh, that's a muscle.
- Whatever.


Thanks for dropping by,
but as it turns out,

I'm probably gonna be okay.

I didn't come here
to see you, Spencer.

After you left the community center,

- there was a shooting.
- What?

Who got shot?

Stay with us, Deac.

Psych 6x13
Let's Doo-Wop It Again
Original Air Date on March 21, 2012

# In between the lines

# there's a lot of obscurity

# I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity #

# if it's all right

# then you're all wrong

# why dance around
to the same damn song? #

# you'd rather run
when you can crawl #

# I know that you know

# that I'm not telling the truth #

# I know that you know

# that they don't have any proof #

# embrace the deception

# and learn how to bend

# your worst inhibitions

# tend to psych you out in the end #

# ahh

How's Deacon doing?

Well, luckily the bullet
went straight through

and missed hitting any vital organs,

but he's lost a lot of blood.

These next two days
are gonna be crucial.

Thank you, doctor.

You're my man!

- And you're my Wo-Man.
- Mm.

- Come put a baby in me.
- Now's not the time, Shawn.


Any ideas on Deacon's shooter?

No. All we know is that
he went back to the green room

after the fundraiser,
and a single shot was fired.

At this point, our only lead is
a witness who saw a black SUV

speeding away from the scene.

- Are you sensing something?
- Yes.

My pillows are lumpy.
Will you give them a floof?

Because of Deacon's stature
in the community,

chief wants finding his shooter

- to be our number one priority.
- Damn right.

In the meantime, Jimmy Brigham,

his security consultant,
is gonna stand post here,

make sure he stays safe.

All right, I'll check in on you later.

Don't worry,

I'll be back on my feet in no time.

Wait a minute, can I...

- Can I walk without an appendix?
- Yeah.

We should play this safe.

- Dad?
- Yeah?

I want a motorized rascal
with a sidecar for Gus.

Not happening.

- You guys heard the news?
- Yeah.

Just hope Deacon pulls through.

God willing.

Now we just have to find
the perpetrators

- who did this evil deed...
- And kill 'em.

- What?
- And bring them to justice!

Man, what's wrong with you?

Look, we want nothing more

than to help bust this lowlife.

- All right.
- incapacitation

means that my psychic powers
are down temporarily, fellas.

I'm afraid Gus and I are gonna
have to sit this one out.

This case is gonna have
to go unsolved.

I'm sorry, guys, Shawn is right.

We have to be
on the sidelines for this one.

All right.
Hey, that's cool.

Yeah, we understand, you know.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

You know, why don't we go
to the cafeteria

and grab a bite to eat.

Yeah, you know what,
I could really use

a rainbow popsicle right about now.

Be safe, guys.
Later on we're gonna go

to the A&W.

We need you on this case, Gee Whiz.

Deacon means the world to us.

You know you helping us
investigate who shot him.

I know.

You do know that Gus
and those guys are gonna

go investigate this case without you.

Man, I know.

The time code is 4:15.

There's Deacon Jones leaving the stage

and entering the green room.

All right, we know
he was shot in the green room,

but there aren't any cameras in there,

so we don't have a lot to go on.

There are tons of potentials
on the SUV

fleeing the community center.

Ugh, it's gonna take
quite some time for us

to narrow down which one of
these we can put at the scene.

Well, you guys keep me posted.

McNab, call your wife.

Tell her you won't be home for dinner.

Oh, she's actually
visiting her sister in Spokane.

Every year
they knit a throw for granny...

A throw for granny?
I've gotta know.

Will there be a hibiscus
in this design?

There would be, if this were 2004.

This guy!

Lassie, Jules,

- we're here to help.
- Let's do it.

Here's what I need you to do.
Get back into your car,

make like a bat out of hell
for the ocean,

and then drive straight into it.

Okay, O'Hara, square one.

Who would want Deacon Jones
out of the way?

Well, for starters, the gang leaders,

whose young soldiers he's been
taking off the streets.

Right, the only problem is identifying

which gang has
the biggest grudge against him.

There's three operating
out of that area of the city.

Well, the gang that's lost
the most kids to Deacon

is the one that's been around
since our day.

They're called
"The Rolling Ones."

The gang unit said
he was recently harassed

- by the Rolling Ones.
- Excellent work O'Hara.

That's what I just said.

Okay, that is the group
we will target first.

- Who's their leader?
- Her name is Lil Sis.

"Lil Sis"?

What happened to real nicknames
like Mad Dog and El Diablo?

Lil Sis sounds like a character
in Family Circus.

She's no joke. She's doing five years
for armed robbery.

Rumor is she's still
calling the shots.

Yeah, and good luck getting her

to give up anything.

The Rolling Ones pride themselves

on never talking to the police.

There might be a way
to get her to talk.

Guster, it is bad enough
that I'm forced

to work with Spencer week after week.

But I am sure as heck not gonna
discuss police strategy

with you and the pips!

Look, look, look.

You need our help, okay?

We know exactly who would and
wouldn't have beef with Deacon

because we grew up in this community.

Plus, Lil Sis is in the same unit

as your girlfriend.

If Marlowe could somehow
get close to her,

she might be able to get us
the information we need.

And that kind of cooperation
could help earn your lady

an early parole.

On the other hand,
maybe you and the O'Jays

are onto something.

God must have invented orange
just to see how beautiful

you look in that jumpsuit.

I want to curl up in your chest hair

and take a nap.

No touching!

I can't believe they're
letting us meet face to face.

The warden knows you're
helping us out with the case.

- What?
- Just thinking about

how lucky I am to have a boyfriend

that's still committed
to our relationship

and working on getting me
an early release.

Marlowe, I would move
heaven and earth to be with you.

Just as long as said movement
is in accordance

with the state laws of California.


I've been having some trouble

getting close to Lil Sis.

She and her crew
really stick to themselves.

But I figured out a way
that might help me

to win some favor with them.

Great. What?

It's a little unconventional.

Hey, whatever it takes.
Lay it on me.

Just remember,
this is for us. Okay?


Aah! Get your hands
off me, screws!

Aah! No! No!


Hi, lover.

Is it broken?

Oh, don't worry about that, sweet pea.

It's not the first time.
Probably won't be the last.

So how'd it go with Lil Sis?

Um...we had a very
interesting conversation.

- Oh, hi, Gus.
- Hello, Marlowe.

- Don't talk to them.
- This is my friend Tony.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

- And Drake.
- How you doing?

Damn, jail girl, you're fine.

You watch your mouth, Barry White.

That's my lady.

Aw, come on, I mean, at some point

he's gotta run out of black
artist references, right?

- There's a lot of 'em.
- So...

- What did Lil Sis tell you?
- Well...

She did say she heard a rumor

that someone within
Deacon's organization

- was skimming money, but...
- That's it.

That is it!

Deacon must have figured out
who the embezzler was,

confronted the guilty party,

and they tried to
take him out over it.

Did I do good, baby?

Oh, baby, you did so good

I want to climb over this partition

and give you the biggest kiss
you've ever had,

but one or both of us
would be tasered.




Over here?

I'm not buying it.

I can't even look.

You know I have hang-ups about
white people having prison sex.

Um...this is Burton.

Gus, where are you?

Oh, hey, Shawn.

Yeah, man, I'm just, you know,

here at the office,

catching up on some paperwork.

Lock seven, door check.

Are you in a women's prison?


Is Lassiter talking to Marlowe?

Dude, you're investigating
the case without me!

Okay, fine, fine. Yes.

Tony, Drake, and I are working
with Lassie and Jules.

But check this out...
we got a break in the case.

Marlowe thinks that someone is
skimming from Deacon's charity.

Tina, that Asian Lori Petti.

She handles all of Deacon's money.

Tell Lassie.

Lassie. Lassie!

- What?
- Shawn says Tina's the one

who handles the fundraising.

We should start with her.

That's a decent lead.

I'll head over
to the community center,

see what she knows.

Meanwhile, you, wind, and fire

stay out of my way.

I gotta go, sweet pea.

No touching!

- I love your hair.
- I love you.

One thing I didn't mention to Lassie,

because it's more fun
not to tell him stuff...

Tina said she's been
helping out lately

at the right now boot camp.

Right now boot camp.

Got it.
We'll head over there.

Hey, I know a back way we can take

- that's even faster.
- Cool.

You're not going without me.

If you value our friendship, Gus,

you won't make another move
unless I'm right there with you.

Shawn, how do you expect me
to do that?

Dude, hold me higher.
I can't see anything.

I can't believe I let you
talk me into this, Shawn.

Well, look at it this way.

I'm finally gonna use this thing

for something more than
playing Fruit Ninja.

Stop looking at yourself.

Look into the camera, Shawn.

I'm sorry, I can't help it.

My hair looks even thicker in HD.

- There she is.
- Ooh, yeah.

Why do you think she locked the door?

Maybe she's up to something

she doesn't want anyone to see.

Exactly. Watch me.

Okay. Okay.

Looks like Tina's the one
who's skimming.

She's probably the one
who shot Deacon.

Fellas, I don't like
how this is looking...

us alone in the woods
tracking a would-be killer.

This is not African-American.

I was thinking the same thing.

You know, black guys in the movies

never make it out
of these situations alive.

Oh, don't be ridiculous, Drake.

Ll Cool J has survived Michael Myers,

Great White Sharks, and Queen Latifah.

Wait a minute, Holiday
wasn't a horror movie.

- It wasn't?
- No.

Oh, man, I didn't
get that flick at all.

Will you two stop it!

The three of us are not gonna die.

Gus is right.

Only one of you is.

It'll probably be Drake.

- I know.
- Hey, I heard that!

Now what?

3 1/2 against one.

- We take her by surprise.
- You got that right.

The question is,

which one of us goes in first?


Where did she go?

Please tell me that was Drake
cracking a walnut

and not the sound of a loaded gun.

Good thing she doesn't have
enough bullets in there

to shoot all of us.

This gun holds ten rounds.

Well, let's hope
she shoots Gus ten times.


Tell her to shoot me.

Tell her to shoot me all ten times.

Shoot me, bitch!

I'm holding you, Shawn, remember?

Oh, yeah.

What the hell are you doing here?

Trying to find out who shot Deacon.

And right now,
you're our prime suspect.

Tina, we know you've been
skimming from Deacon's charity.

We also know Deacon found out,

and to keep him quiet, you shot him.

You don't know anything,
guy on the screen

I think I met once.

Oh, really?

I know I could be relieving
myself in the bed right now,

- and you wouldn't know anything.
- Eww.

I also know the only option you have

is to turn yourself in to the SBPD.

Okay, you jackasses
have no idea what's happening.

And anyway, I got real problems
I gotta deal with.

Get in the closet.

Aw, hell, no, you ain't gonna
be talking to me crazy, a'ight.

We don't stuff ourselves
into any tiny spaces, a'ight?

- That's where I draw the line.
- That's right.

And you're gonna have to shoot
this man with all ten bullets

if you want us to go
in some damn closet.

Are you crazy, Drake?

Please tell me that was Tony
making a motorboat sound.

That is the problem I gotta deal with.

And if he finds you, he will kill you.

So get in the closet!

Stabilize yourself!
I'm getting nauseas.

Where's my money?

First we need to talk.

Ain't nothin' to talk about.

I want to know why Deacon
was paying you off.

Tina, I need that money fast.

Why, you going somewhere?

Just shut up
and mind your damn business!

I ain't scared of you.

You will be if you don't
give me my money!

Gus, this doesn't sound good.
Call Lassie and Jules.

Damn it, I don't have my
phone...You call 'em.

The nurse took my cell away.

Some bunk about the signal interfering

with the lady's heart monitor.

But they let you be
on the Internet on Facetime?

Apparently, it's a very fine line.

The bastard is attacking Tina!

We have to save her!

iPad Shawn is a lot braver
than real Shawn.

No, he's right.
Tina had our back.

We have to have hers.

- On three.
- Now!

What's he paying you?
What's he paying you? Huh?

- She's whuppin' his ass.
- What's he paying you!

Tina. Tina,
you don't wanna kill him!

No, no, no.
You don't wanna kill him!

- Relax!
- Come on, come on, come on.

Wait. No!

Wait. No, don't stop...

Stop! No!

- Wait...
- Stop it!

What the hell did you do that for?

It was his idea.

You're pointing at the lamp.

Hey, at least he didn't get the money.

So, wait, it wasn't you
skimming, it was Deacon?

When did you find out
what he was up to?

A few days ago.

I found some discrepancies
in the books,

and I was gonna confront Deacon
after the fundraiser,

but he got shot.

So I dug deeper, and I found out

Chuy was the one he was paying off.

I arranged to meet him here,
but thanks to you,

I still don't know what for.

Again, his fault.

Don't make me mute you, Shawn.

I just can't believe Deacon's a thief.

Why would he do such a thing?

You can ask him that yourself.

Tina told us about
the money skimming, Deacon.

Look, look, look, look.

There is no way in the world

this beautiful, inspiring human being

stole from his own charity.

That's right.
This man saved my life.

Go ahead, Deacon, tell 'em.
You're no thief.

I'm sorry, but it's true.

- I always knew you were a rat!
- You're going straight to hell.

- Hey, I did it to save lives.
- What does that mean?

The only way Chuy would let
these young kids out of the gang

was if I paid him to do it.

So yes, I took money
from my own charity.

And technically, it's against the law.

But I did it to save these young kids.

And that's why people donated
money in the first place.

I always knew you were a saint.

You're going straight to heaven.

I ain't going nowhere yet.

I'm still alive.

Trouble is that Chuy wanted
more and more money,

and I had to cut him off.

That's why he came down
to the fundraiser,

to threaten me.

So we were having an argument,

and then I got shot,
and I blacked out.

Looks like Chuy's our shooter, fellas.

Damn it! We had him,
and we let him get away.


Any idea where we can
find Chuy, Deacon?

Rumor has it that he has hideouts

all over the South Side, but...

Don't! Stop it. No!
Stop it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I'm getting something.

I am sensing that Chuy
is big into body art. Right?

I can see one of his tattoos,
still in progress.

I can't be sure,
it's either a Burmese tiger

or Sandra Bernhard
sitting on a sparkler.

Yeah, that makes sense.
Word is he's been operating

out of this tattoo parlor
on Blanco Street.

That's right near
the community center.

Bingo. This is it, fellas.
This is it.

Now, Gus, this is usually
the part of the investigation

where I look at you,
and I say, "Yo, Gus,

yo, we gotta go confront
the bad guys, son."

And you look back at me,
and you say, "No, Shawn.

"No, Shawn, no, I can't go
confront a bad...

we gotta call the cops, kid."

I do not talk like that, Shawn!

I don't talk like that.

I'm telling you,
do not confront the bad guy.

Call Lassie and Jules.

Great idea, Shawn.
We got it.

We'll call 'em on the way
back to the station.

All right.
Drive safe, fellas.

Later on, we'll do sit-ups
in a circle.

If we take this to the cops,

they'll have to launch
an investigation,

and Deacon will get busted
for misuse of funds.

Well, there's gotta be a way
to bring down Chuy

without Deacon getting in trouble.

We have to confront the bad guys.

I know.

What's the plan, Gee Whiz?

Shh. Shh.

That's the tattoo parlor right there.

One of us has to
sneak around the back,

- get a visual of Chuy...
- And then we kill him.

Take a picture of him
getting into the SUV

that hopefully matches the one
the police are looking for.

There's definitely
something wrong with you.

See, with the photo,

we can tie Chuy to the SUV

that was last seen
leaving the crime scene.


And then Lassie and Jules
will arrest him

without ever knowing that
Deacon did anything illegal.

The question is, which one
of us sneaks back there

and takes the picture?

You know what, I'll step up.
I vote Tony.

Me? Oh, no.
I'm a terrible shooter.

You the shutterbug.

I'll go back and take the picture.

That works too.

Look, you guys just stay here
out of sight.

I'll be back in a second.

If he's not back in five minutes,

we'll go get the BB guns.

- You know that's right.
- Okay.

Is ten minutes enough?

Better be safe and make it 20.


- I cannot believe this.
I cannot believe this!

I turned away for a second.

One second!
And when I looked up,

they were being kidnapped.

Try to calm down.

Just tell us everything you remember.

What the car looked like,
who was driving.

I don't know.
It was a dark-colored SUV

heading that way.

And the number...
the license plate number

ended in "2190."

Sounds like the same SUV
from the Deacon shooting.

Well, let's get going on it.

Let's get a chopper in the air

and search the area or something.

Since when are you in charge, Guster?

I need a chopper to search the area.

I have no idea how this happened.

Wait, didn't the same thing happen

to Tony and Drake last year?

No. That was Tony and Joon.

Gus, what happened?

What are all those police cars
doing there?

I can't look at you, Shawn.
I'm too ashamed.

Don't you turn your face aw...

Don't you dare go Elephant Man on me.


I got Tony and Drake kidnapped, Shawn.

What do you mean, like last time?

- Pretty much.
- We need to find them

before they get hurt.

They're not as strong as I am.

Well, whatever Chuy's gonna do,

he's not gonna waste his time.

Oh, this was on your car.
Expired meter.

We need to get inside
Chuy's headquarters

and find some clues now.

Luckily, I'm wearing my probable cause

door-kicking shoes.

Good, buddy.

Now point me at everything you see.

Are you getting any readings, Shawn?

It's all clear.

There's still a disconnect
between me and the room.

I'm afraid I'm gonna need a conduit.

Gus, touch Lassie's face and neck.

- Wait...Hey...
- Good.

Now give his nose a gentle squeeze.

You wanna mess around,

or do you want to find your friends?

- Let's go check out the front.
- Okay.

Now that they're gone,

help me piece together
any clues that we find.

I don't know how much help
I'm gonna actually be, Shawn.

My instincts have been all wrong.

Starting with me taking this case

while you were stuck in the
hospital in the first place.

And then not going to the police.

Like I told you to.

I should have known
it wouldn't end well.

Point me in a different direction

and show me some stuff.

Oh, hold up, hold up.

Let me see that article
about the shootings.


Remind me to stay away
from Jefferson Boulevard, pbbbt.

Jefferson's Rolling Ones' territory.

They're called
the Rolling Ones because

they control all drug
trafficking along Jefferson,

from block 100 to 190.

Whoa, say the last part again.

- Blocks 100...
- To 190.

Gus, what were the partial
license plate numbers

from the SUV that took Tony and Drake?

2190. 2190!

As in blocks 100 to 190.

Gus, that's it.
I bet the license plate is


which stands for 100 to 190.

It's a vanity plate bragging
about their gang territory.

- What?
- Come on, son...

Ouch! You gotta stop.
That hurts.

We need to get Lassiter and Jules.

We find that SUV, we also find Tony

and Drake, and Deacon Jones'
shooter too.

I'm on it.

Looks like the DMV
gave us the right address.

Where's my money?

I know you're working with Tina!

- We don't have it.
- Please don't shoot us.

Please...Please don't!


We don't know where the money is.

- SBPD freeze!
- Drop your weapon!

Yes! Yes!
Oh, yes! Oh...

Gus, don't hide.
You have to do something.

That's easy for you to say, Shawn.

Those aren't ibullets whizzing by.

Gus, would you be a man!
Be a man!

Nurse, I would like a little
more of that jell-o, please.

Get down! Get down!

Chuy, stop!

Gus, don't let him get away.

What do you expect me to do, Shawn?

I don't know.

Well, we did a sweep of Chuy's
headquarters and residence,

and unfortunately,
none of the dozen guns

we recovered and the scene
match the ballistics

of the one that shot Deacon Jones.

That doesn't seem right.

He must have another
weapons cache somewhere.

Well, Chuy's dead,
and the two gangbangers

we arrested at the scene
aren't talking.

Which is why were hoping you two

could help shed some light
on the situation.

Yeah, sure, detective Lassiter.

Whatever you need.

Can you think of anything

that Chuy might have said

that would connect him
to the Deacon shooting?

Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.

Listen to me.

If those other two dudes
aren't talking,

then maybe we shouldn't
say anything either.

- We're not suspects.
- You're the victims.


Well, how do we know that
you're not telling

those other two dudes
that they're the victims,

and we're the suspects?

Well, I think shooting at them
with a Colt .45

made my position pretty clear.

Drake, you're acting paranoid,
all right?

- Just cooperate.
- Just cooperate?

How do I know

this isn't that old police trick

where they separate us,

tell me that you're
selling me up the river,

just to get me to
then start snitching on you?

Because we're not separated, dude.

And you didn't do anything wrong.

Right. Right.
Yeah, I'm just checking.

You know, I gotta make sure.

Just FYI...

I'd be willing to testify

against, uh...

You know, in exchange
for lesser charges, of course.

Lesser than what?

To answer your question, detective,

yes, we heard Chuy talking
about the shooting.

- Yeah.
- Finally, something helpful.

Chuy knew that the cops were trying to

pin Deacon's shooting on him.

We overheard him telling his boys

- he didn't do it, though.
- Well, of course he'd say that.

Yeah, but that's what I thought too.

But then he said he was
gonna prove his innocence.

- How?
- I don't know how.

I'm just glad you got there
when you did

because I'm telling you,

these dudes were about to torture us.

Chuy was gonna jump start our nipples

with a car battery.

We're talking dark ages here, okay?

I mean, the man
pulled out knives, a blow torch,

pliers, bandages,

and some evil-looking stuff
in a bottle called, uh...

Help me!

- It was Lidocaine.
- Lidocaine!

Whoa, wait, wait.

That's a local anesthetic.

Something you would use
when you were performing

an outpatient surgery.

We were arguing, and then I got shot.

Luckily, most of the bullet
went straight through

and missed hitting any vital organs.

Tell me why he's paying you!

Gus! Uh, guys,
I'm having a psychic vision.

Chuy wasn't gonna use
that stuff on Tony and Drake.

He was gonna use them on himself.

For what?

To remove a bullet from his arm.

Why not just go to the hospital?

Because hospitals
are mandated to report

any gunshot wounds to the police.

Gangbangers avoid 'em at all cost.

Lassie, we need to get Woody
to look for that bullet

in Chuy's arm.

Let's get down there.


Get 'em.

Okay, Shawn, are you seeing all this?

It's just like I'm there
with you, Woody, my man.

- And are you seeing this?
- Aah!

Yeah, he can see.

So...first the bad news.

Based on my analysis
of Chuy Rodriguez' remains,

he couldn't have been the person
who shot Deacon Jones.

But Deacon identified Chuy
as the shooter.

He may have thought
Chewbacca shot him,

but Shawn's hunch was right.

I pulled this bullet
out of Chuy's arm.

It matches a bullet fragment

that was taken
from Deacon Jones' shoulder.

So the bullet went
straight through Deacon

and hit Chuy.

And Chuy knew that bullet was evidence

that would prove
he didn't shoot Deacon.

Maybe whoever shot
Deacon Jones knew that too.

So they blew him up
before police could find him.

Which means the shooter's
still out there.

Which means we're back to square one.

All right, let's go over what we know.

One, Deacon was shot in the green room

while arguing with Chuy.

Two, the only people who had access

to the backstage area
were Blackapella...

- Quarter Black.
- Blackapella...

Quarter Black!

Blackapella, Deacon Jones,

and Jimmy Brigham,
the head of security.

We need to interview Brigham again.

Whoa, hold up, hold up, hold up.

In addition to Blackapella
and Brigham,

Tina...Tina also had
access backstage.

And she was still there
after we left for the hospital.

I am having a very strong
psychic vision

that she is hiding something
from the police.

You're sure about this?

Yes. 100% sure.

All right, well, based on your hunch,

we have to question Tina again.

Please be careful.

I will.

- Nice work.
- Thanks.

What's all this about, Jimmy?

Your security man has overheard

every break in the case

from his post outside the door.

You know the cops are onto you,

so you had to act fast.

Thank you for the brilliant idea

to use Facetime
to keep yourself in touch

with what your buddies were doing.

It was Gus.
He insisted.

I wasn't trying to kill you, Deac.

I only wanted to scare you
by shooting through that window.

Why?'re bad
for business, Deacon.

The safer you make the neighborhood

for local store owners,

the more clients Jimmy's
security company lost.

Oh, Jimmy. Jimmy,
we're on the same team, man.

We were when I was making enough money

to take care of my family.

But then the economy went bad,

and my biggest customers started
canceling their accounts.

So you wanted to frame the gangs

for taking a shot at Deacon Jones,

pillar of the community.

Then everybody starts
fearing the gangs again, right?

And they all run back to Jimmy
to protect 'em,

just like the good old days.

That idiot Chuy messed everything up

when he pushed you
into the line of fire.

Yeah, well, his ass turned into

some serious collateral damage.

The only consolation is that
I probably saved lives

by taking his.

I only wish I didn't have to
take yours as well.

But Shawn's given me no choice.

I'll give you choices, man!

Look around.
You're in a hospital, Jimmy.

Think this can't
just be shooting dudes.

Some orderly is gonna
get in big trouble

for accidentally giving you
too much morphine.

Really? Is it Prince Markie
Dee from the Fat Boys?

Hey, Jimmy, come on.

Let's hope Spencer's hunch
about Tina pays off.

Something about it
isn't sitting right with me.

Didn't it seem odd to you guys

that Shawn was so sure?

When have Spencer's hunches
not seemed odd?

We just thought he felt
really strongly about this one.

No, I know Shawn.

The stronger he feels about something,

the sillier he'll act.

He'll make an obscure
analogy on anything.

He'll say he's 200% sure,

knowing good and well
that I'll correct him,

because that's impossible.

But this time he said
he was 100% sure.

It's too simple.

Plus, he would never refer
to us as Blackapella.

So what are you saying?
You think he got it wrong?

All I know is that my gut's
telling me something's off.

What, so now we're supposed
to follow you on hunches too?

No, I'm asking you to trust me.

Come on, Jimmy,

you don't have to
do this, man, come on...

Think about the community
and the kids and the...

and the cats that hang out
behind the building

with the baby cats and...

Man, Deacon, that's some deep noise.

- Yeah?
- You know,

if you have to get murdered,
which we do...

But, uh...there are
much worse ways to go.

Hey, Shawn, if you don't
do something, man,

we're gonna die.


Don't you think I would have
done something by now

if I could, Deacon?

I'm on a banana sled, Jack!

Come abooooooard!

Come get on my banana sled.

Banana sled...

Oh, hey...

You coulda got a second job!



That'll do it.

Good night, sweet Jimmy.

Stay on the ground, Brigham!

I said stay on the ground!

The morphine...

Deacon, you gotta come
back down to earth, buddy.

Okay? Hey, you okay?

Yeah. I'm on a banana sled
with you.

Feel the peel, baby.
Feel the peel.


Thank God you're all right.

We didn't know what Brigham
was gonna do to you two guys.

Thank God you got here when you did.

It's all thanks to Gus.

He had a feeling
something wasn't right,

and he convinced us to trust him.


And who was all down
on themselves earlier,

not trusting their instincts?

Thanks for saving me, bro.

Man, thanks for keeping him
at bay until we got here.

- Aw, you da man.
- No, you da man.

- Son!
- Stop it!

Why did the morphine not affect you?

Uh, well, luckily
my dad refused to pay

for any kind of pain medication
after 24 hours.

That's just glucose.

I gotta admit, though, man,
I feel oddly euphoric, huh?

Strangely energized.

That's the adrenaline rush from having

a life-or-death experience.

It fades away fast.

Yeah, but you know
my pain threshold, man.

I mean, you know, it's pretty high.

It's up there.
It's pretty...

What's happening?

Oh, here comes the pain.

- What...
- Oh, I'm going down, Gus!

Don't get rigor mortis on me, Shawn.

I'm going down!

Don't look at me, Jules!

You got this?

Hi, kitty.
Hey, kitty, kitty.

Man, I can't believe
you guys have to leave already.

You sure you can't hang out
for a few more days?

Sorry, Shawn, but we have
business to handle at home.

That's right, business.
We can't just be

running around Santa Barbara

chasing bad guys for weeks on end.

I know, right?
What that look like?

I know, what do we look like to you,

some kind of sidekicks or something?

That's right.

Uh, guys, we don't have
any more cases for you.

You never give us anything.

Hey, at least we get to sing
together again before you go.

How's that? Blackapella isn't
scheduled to perform again.

No, they're not.

But quarter black is.

# We'll have a love lockdown

# lockdown, baby

# a supermax affair of the heart #

# we'll have a love lockdown

# lockdown, baby

This is nice.
Thank you.

Oh, you don't have to thank me.

You earned this by
helping out the department

on the case.

No touching!

That guys is really starting
to piss me off.

This was nice.

Duty calls.

I will cut you, Debbie!