Psych (2006–2014): Season 4, Episode 13 - Death Is in the Air - full transcript

A murder in a convenience store leads Shawn and Gus to believe that the victim contracted a deadly experimental virus, and not only seek to find who's behind it but believe they also hold the cure to it.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This is humiliating, Dad.

Not as humiliating
as being the parent

of the only child sent home
from his school with lice.

That shampoo smells
like urinal cakes.

Smelling like a men's room
is a small price to pay

for ridding your scalp of parasites.

- How did I get lice, anyways?
- You tell me.

You come in contact
with anything out of ordinary lately?

No, unless you count that squirrel

with the foamy mouth
I've been playing with.

It's a good thing they sent you home.
All it takes is one unclean child

to start a full-blown outbreak.

What's an outbreak?

It's when an illness
is passed from person to person

until it becomes widespread.

How's it passed?

One could come in contact
with a sick person

or maybe even something
they've touched.

- Like a comb?
- Exactly, like a comb.

Wait. Why did you say comb?

Because I used yours this morning.

Oh, my God...

Damn it.

I don't know what smells worse,
that breakfast burrito

or those nacho cheese cornnuts
you used to eat.

Let's do a smell test.
Here, close your eyes.

- What's going on with you?
- Whatever do you mean?

Why are you eating stinky food and
dressed like you're going tailgating?

I'll tell you exactly why.

Because I can.

Okay, I get it.

Now that you're single, you're doing
the things Abigail wouldn't let you do

- while you were dating.
- You nailed it.

Which is why I'm tivoing Blame it on Rio
as we speak.

And dude...

- My favorite ringer is back.
- Please tell me it's not.

- My piece of art is back on the wall.
- It's not art.

It's a poster of a hot blonde laying
on a Corvette that says "hauling ass".

If it's not art, why did I insure it
for $1/2 million?

- Because you're an idiot.
- Guys?

What's up?

- Why does it smell like old diaper?
- Beats me.

What's up with you?

I'm actually meeting
this guy for coffee.

You mean, like a date?

- I guess you could call it that.
- What if we didn't?

It's with Richard.
From forensics.

We know Richard from forensics.
He's the guy with the big...

You know that giant,
giant, set of...


Oh, no. I've never noticed his ears.
You know me, Mr. Non-judgmental.

- He also goes by Mr. Dobalina.
- Mr. Bob Dobalina.

I'm actually running late.
So maybe I'll see you guys later.

Good luck!

- Jealous much?
- Of who? Richard?

The man looks like a cab
with its doors open.

Please, that's why you were all...
"what do you mean, like a date?"

All right, first of all,
you have to stop using

the "I'm not falling
for no banana in my tailpipe" voice

every time you imitate
a white person.

Secondly, I'm a grown man,
I am confident,

and I can admit that, yes,
I'm a little jealous.

Why don't you do something about it?
She doesn't sound too keen on the guy.

- You're not getting any younger.
- Yes, but my hair is getting thicker.

And I have seeds to sow.

Don't worry,

There is plenty of time
for me and Jules.

All right. What is this?

Nice to meet you guys.
I'm Donny Lieberman.

Did you have a few cocktails
for breakfast there, Donny?

Oh, no. Do I reek?

I went out last night,
got kinda wasted.

You smell like tequila.

Which is still preferable
to those cornnuts.

That's just a lie.

You guys gotta help me.
Because I messed up.

I mean, I really, really messed up.

It's not your fault.

Oh, good. How do you know?

I don't.
But when people say that in movies,

things seemed to get
fixed almost magically.

Here's the deal. I work for a courier
service that specializes

in the transport
of biomedical materials.

And yesterday I was told
to pick up a cooler from a lab

called Genutech, take it back
to my hotel by the airport,

then fly to CDC headquarters
in Atlanta this morning.

But like an idiot, I went out.

And when I woke up this morning,
the cooler was gone.

And I have no idea what I did with it,
because I was so drunk,

the entire night's a blur.

It's not your fault.

- What exactly was in the cooler?
- Kidney?

The disembodied soul
of Marsellus Wallace?

Okay, please know
that I would have never gone out

had I known at the time
what was inside the cooler.

What was in the cooler?

The Thornburg virus.

The Thornburg virus?

What does this have to do
with Richard Chamberlain?

That's the thorn birds.
Thornburg is an extremely rare virus

that usually targets people in Africa...
Which makes it racist, by the way.

Let me get this straight.

You hit the town.

You got sloppy drunk.
Passed out.

Woke up without a virus?

Isn't it usually
the other way around?

Normally I would notify the police
or the CDC in a situation like this.

But I was just thinking that
maybe if we find it first,

then no one has to be the wiser.

Is there anything else
that's missing?

Yes, my antique gold watch
given to me by my father.

If someone were to open this cooler,
what would happen, exactly?

If someone went so far as to touch
the contents of the vial,

that... That would not be good.

How not good are we talking?

Thornburg moves pretty quickly
once you have it, you know?

And there's a host of symptoms.
There's headaches,

weakness, bleeding...

Sometimes even from the eyes.

Excuse me, miss.


Psych 413
"Death is in the Air"

We should come back here
and hang out with our skateboards.

You know that's right.

I have never seen the two of you arrive
so fast at a police scene.

You've never seen us called to one
with a grape slushie machine either.

The woman who died
had blood dripping from her eye?

Yeah, it's really freaky.
She's right there.

There's no I.D. on the body yet.
Probably another junkie.

Hold up, hold up.

I'm getting something.
Granted, this could be some kind

of Pavlovian brain freeze
caused by the slushie machine but...

No, this is real.
Drugs did not kill that woman.

It was the thorn birds virus.

- Do you mean Thornburg?
- What he said.

I studied that in school.
Has there ever been a case in the U.S.?

No, there's not enough black people.

There's never been a case.
Has anyone touched that body?

Not yet.
Still waiting for the coroner.

I strongly suggest no one go near it

unless they're wearing
one of those big...

cumbersome stay puft
protective suits.

- Hazmat?
- Please don't make up words.

I'm not about
to create mass hysteria

just because you saw
Outbreak this weekend.

Dude, I saw that movie once,
like, ten years ago.

I missed
the first 23 minutes altogether.

He has an irrational fear
of Patrick Dempsey.

It's very rational. It's rational.
Either of you watch Grey's Anatomy?

- The man is completely terrifying.
- You're just jealous of his hair.

- Well, there's that.
- There's only that.

Trust me, Lassie, I'm getting
a very clear signal on this.

Thornburg virus.
There is no way.

Right, O'Hara?

Step away from that body.
That's an order.

I don't want to take the chance
that he's wrong.

I'm gonna call the CDC.

You were right
to raise the possibility,

even if it turns out
that wasn't Thornburg that got her.

I don't think
we're gonna get that lucky.


Does this woman
look familiar to you?

- Is she dead?
- As a bag of rocks.

It's dumb as a bag of rocks.

Guess what she was wearing
on her wrist?

- Don't know.
- Your watch.

So I killed her?

Oh, god. The tequila.

- It turned me into Ted Bundy.
- No, Donny. You're not ted bundy.

You didn't kill her.
Not directly.

There was blood
dripping from her eye.

- She had Thornburg?
- It's a possibility.

If she had your watch,
she may also have had your cooler.

Donny, breathe. Stop.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

In, out. Here, chew this gum.

It's delicious.

- Explosion of flavor.
- Delicious.

Now listen.
If we're gonna retrieve your cooler,

we have to figure out
who this woman is.

Are you sure
you've never seen her before?

- I don't know.
- Concentrate, man!

We were drinking
together last night.

Great. What else?

We were eating. Chicken Katsu.

Yummy, apricot sauce?

- Do you remember where you were?
- No, but...

The place had a bunch of...

Tiki torches!

Are you sure this is the place?

I'm absolutely positive, Donny.
My psychic senses are never off.

And this is the bar in your hotel.

I'm never drinking again.

There he is.
There's the guy.

- I have something of yours.
- You do?

- Yeah, here it is.
- Leave it!

You remember wearing this thing?

You were like,
"check me out. I'm rainbow man."

You're a madman.

- Let me buy you a drink.
- I'll have a club soda

with three pineapple wedges.

And if you can get
the hippy hippy shake going,

flip a few glasses
and introduce me to Elizabeth Shue,

there's an extra fiver in it
for you.

We're actually here
to help rainbow man

fill in the blanks from last night.
He's having a hard time remembering.

I'll bet.

He and this smokin' brunette
must've had 20 tequila shots.

You wouldn't happen to remember
her name, would you?

- I believe her name was Ginger.
- Ginger.

- Do you know where they went by chance?
- Don't worry.

I do.

I can't believe it.
This is crazy.

So I took her back to my room?

I never do that.
Is it possible I have game?

Apparently you did last night.
She was quite taken with you.

- Really?
- No, she was a prostitute.

Come on.

Think about it.
You met her in a hotel bar.

Plus, her name is Ginger.

Throughout history there's only
two Gingers that weren't prostitutes:

Ginger Rogers
and Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

I still have my suspicions
about the latter. In fact,

I've made my decision.
She was a filthy pirate hooker.

You know that's right.

Yeah, well,
at least I scored, right?

Donny, your friend Ginger
targeted you, okay?

That means her plan was
to get you sloppy drunk,

wait till you pass out,
and rob you blind.

Yeah, but why would
she take the cooler?

Maybe she thought it
contained something valuable.

The stuff I transfer
is really valuable.

That's probably right.

That's me.

I cannot wait till you find
a new girlfriend.

Shawn, you were totally right.

- About what, Atlantis?
- No!

About the girl.
She had Thornburg.

We can't be 100% sure,
but all of her symptoms are consistent.

CDC's on it's way.
And her name was Jennifer Cotsitas.

Let me guess. She's a prostitute
who went by the name "Ginger".

You nailed it.

It's really important
that I get this girl's address.

I Need to go by there.

That's where I'm calling you from.

And Shawn, she must be a great hooker.
This place is sweet.

You kidding?
Listen to me, Jules.

If you see anything
that even resembles a cooler,

don't go near it, okay?

Don't worry.
We have combed this place head to toe

and there's absolutely nothing
like that here.

But get this, in one of her drawers,

we found $10,000 in cash
in a fresh envelope.

Hold on a second.

- You're not missing ten grand?
- Are you kidding?

I can't be missing
something I never had.

Somebody hired her
to steal the cooler.

- I'm back.
- And one more thing.

In that envelope, we found
one of those old school hotel keys

to the El Capitan.

Let me guess. Room 106?

No, but that's really close.
It's room 128.


Excuse me.
We just checked into this room.

Do you could come back later?

- But it's not clean.
- That's okay.

Neither are we.

Check this out.

That's weird.

- Let me call the front desk.
- What's going on?

Donny, whoever rented this room

paid our friend Ginger
to steal the cooler from you.

Hhe waited for her to make the drop,

I'm guessing curiosity got
the best of her and she opened it up.

But why would someone
want to buy the virus?

I have a guess.

And much like this bedspread,
it's not pretty.

This room was paid for in cash
and registered to a Val Kilmer.

It's either an alias
or Val has officially lost it.

So what now?

I could go for some joe.

This is a waste of time. We're rushing
to check out some coffee place

that some mysterious person
who may or may not

be carrying a deadly virus
may or may not have visited.

Well, I for one,
trust Mr. Spencer's instincts on this.

Who is this?

We need to look into every possible lead
at this point.

you were already wrong once today.

I've never seen Lassie
put in his place.

It's hot.
I'd like her to put me in my place.

That makes no sense.

Spencer, what the
hell are you doing?

Sorry, man.

You might want to get a biscotti.
You could be in there for a while.

CDC is pretty much done in there.

Everyone from the cafe has been moved
to quarantine at Santa Barbara general.

Why don't you wipe
that smile off your face, McNab?

Is this really necessary?
I didn't even go inside the cafe.

It's necessary.

Yeah, the CDC doesn't want
to take any chances, so...

For the last time,
who the hell is this?

I'm Donny Lieberman.

I'm the guy who...
screwed all this up.

I'm not big on nude handshakes.

They're probably just being safe.

That tickles.

Spencer, are you
shampooing your hair?

Yes, I am, Lassie.

I always travel with a small packet

of Johnson & Johnson's
baby shampoo in my wallet.

Baby shampoo?

No more tears, Jules.

Take it easy, slugger.
What, are we dating?

I can't believe this.
First, we're looking for a prostitute.

- Now, I'm naked in a parking lot.
- It's just like our prom night.

- Shawn?
- Gus, relax.

Don't be Nic Cage's accent
from Con Air.

- We've bathed together before.
- When we were three.

It's essentially the same thing.
It's just impolite to pee.

That feels great, by the way.

Dude, I'm freezing.
Give me your damn sweatshirt.


You're lucky I had it in the car.

You'll like how it smells.
Smell it.


Detective Carlton lassiter.

Dr. Steven Reidman.

Thornburg specialist, CDC.

Dr. Reidman is
the foremost Thornburg authority

not only in this state,
but in all seven continents.

- He's here to help us.
- Is he, Jules?

No offense, doctor, but there's
a lot of freaky-deaky stuff going on.

How can we be sure
that you're a legit M.D.?

Well, for starters,
I carry one of these in my pocket.

He's legit.

Excuse me, doctor,
I feel I'm the most at risk

being that this virus
is a profiling racist.

I'm going to need an MRI,
a cat scan, a pet scan,

- and a biopsy of everything.
- I'd like some mac and cheese,

but I don't think this is "
ask for whatever you want day."

Stop it!

- What do we know so far?
- I had this hospital prepared

as soon as I heard
that the virus had been stolen.

Now, the cafe patrons are currently
in isolation along with the courier

because he was around
the virus a lot.

Now, so far, only two are showing
the early symptoms of Thornburg.

Only two? Thank God.

I will hazard a guess

that they touched
the sample accidentally,

because the virus is
not typically effective

as an aerosol.

Unlike Axe for men,
which is highly effective.

It's like catnip for women.

As I was saying,
normally one has to come in contact

with an infected
person's secretions.

But the good news is,
if any of these people were infected,

there is a lab less
than two hours away

in which they are developing
a new antiviral

that has shown positive results
in early testing.

- When's it gonna get here?
- En route as we speak.

And since our culprit
has already used his sample,

I think it's safe to say

that we have this problem
pretty well bottled up.

Potential disaster averted.

Speaking of disasters, doctor,
what is your opinion

of detective Lassiter's hair?


If he were to grow it,
his ears wouldn't stick out as much.

- Well, if you...
- Carlton.

We need to get an I.D.
on the man who did this.

Is it safe to interview
the patients?

Just remember
to wear the hazmat suit.

Spencer one to ground control.

I am ready to commence orbit.

We read you loud and clear,
Spencer one.

Good luck.

Greetings, I'm Shawn Spencer.

Roger that, ground control.

So, Melissa,


Did you notice anyone suspicious
in the cafe today?

Anyone who entered or left abruptly?

Not really.

But I was reading my book
most of the time.

I see.

And how are you feeling?

Nervous, mostly.

Perfectly normal.

Do you need us
to contact anyone for you?

A husband or boyfriend?

I'm single.

- But my sister's on her way.
- Really?

Gus, you should be
ashamed of yourself.

Let me handle this.

how many sexual partners have you had
in the last six months?

Enough with that song already.

I can't reach my back pocket.
Punch me in the ass.

- You must be outta your mind.
- Just sock me in the butt.

Do you guys work for the hospital?

So you didn't notice
anything suspicious in the cafe.

According to your file,
under "medications,"

you have listed neither
rogaine or minoxidil.

- Is that correct?
- That's right.

You don't wanna try either of those?


Dude, I think there's something wrong
with my suit.

- There's some rank smell in here now.
- You're like a giant dutch oven.

Wait a second. I feel a bulge
in your sweatshirt pocket.

- Are those your damn cornnuts?
- I was looking for those.

Nothing should smell that bad.

- You can't take that off.
- Why not?

You have to make a choice
between nacho cheese heaven

and something that could
potentially kill you.

- Well?
- I'm thinking.

Nine people questioned and nothing?

- What next?
- Next taste these.

Okay, the antivirals are here.
Let's unpack and administer to the sick.

Yesterday, I was told to pick up
a cooler from a lab called Genutech.

Dude... Same lab that had the vial

of Thornburg
is also supplying the cure.

- Don't you think that's weird?
- I still smell like stinky nuts.

Gus, we don't have
four hours to riff on that. Let's go.

Dude, check it out.
It's Christopher Lloyd.

That man does not
look like Chris Lloyd.

Show some respect.
He's 14 times smarter than you.

OK. I'm sorry.

- Can I help?
- We're

with cops
and CDC on this outbreak thing.

Already told those guys that we shipped
all the antivirals we had in storage.

You shipped everything you
have for 2 patients?

They're going to need every drop.
Dr. Reidman says

that the first patient
needed 4 times the doses

that we'd estimated.

And they want to administer it
to everyone.

- So you're making more?
- Not yet. We were shut down a week ago.

- Strike a clock tower with lightning?
- No.

We lost our funding
because the government

didn't see Thornburg
as a serious threat.

But all these people
getting sick is great news.

Great for the lab.
And great for Dr. Mallon.

Dr. Mallon?

This is his lab.

He got the funding
to open up this place.

He worked for years
on the antiviral.

But if this thing gets worse,

we might start back up.

Excuse us.
We're gonna side bar, eh?

Mallon spends years on a cure,
develop it, then his lab gets shut down.

A few days later,
a Thornburg outbreak happens.

He took a sample to infect people,

and then forced the government
to put his lab back in business.

We're back!

So tell me, since Dr. Mallon isn't here,
whereabouts might we find him?

I'm not sure.
I've been trying to call him.

But you can look for his address
in that box.

It's the stuff lefted over
from his office after it was emptied.

Do you think they have
radioactive spiders?

Shawn, focus.

Let's see what we got here.

A fan of the theater.


We've already got
this guy quarantined.

We're a little busy. The second person
who tested positive for Thornburg

broke out before we treated him
with the antiviral.

Let me take
a psychic stab at that...

Pasty white guy
desperately in need of hair plugs?

- That's right.
- Don't worry about him being sick.

I'm sensing that he has
his own stash of the cure.

- How is that possible?
- Because not only did he invent it,

I'm sensing that he also stole
the Thornburg and then released it.

Oh, God.

It's okay. Luckily there was
only one vial of the virus.

He's already used that.

Excuse me. We shipped three vials
of the virus, not one.

There's two more.

Scratch that, Jules.
We have a big, big problem.

You know, you've never
actually led a manhunt before,

so maybe I should be the one to instruct
the troops on finding Mallon.

No, I ordered the coroner
to diagnose,

I called in the CDC,
I do the briefing.

Just remember, exude confidence
and strength, but also heart and warmth.

You want to get behind the troops.
Try to project intelligence

without sounding too...

- Pompous?
- Exactly.

You might just get this.

Everybody, listen up.

- Attention, please.
- Attention.

Eyes on detective O'Hara.
You're gonna do great.

This is Dr. Anthony Mallon.

Finding him is the top priority.

Find him but do not confront him.

Yes, thank you, detective.

Do not confront him.
If you do locate him...

- Call for backup.
- Thank you, again, detective.

- Do not startle him.
- He is carrying a very dangerous...


If I may, detective.

Locating and bringing him
in safely is crucial.

Keep in mind the best place
to release her

is in a public crowded place.

Preferably with a lot of people
coming and going frequently.

- Yes?
- Her?

- Thornburg.
- The virus in the feminine tense?

Indeed. If you knew her as I do,

there's no mistaking her
for anything other than a she.

- That doesn't make any sense.
- Neither do women.

I hear that.

A fan of the theater.

I'm getting something.
I think I know what the next

target might be.

I see the bus station...
and the Santa Barbara public theatre.

Both would work
both have heavy foot traffic.

But I would bet on the bus station,
there's greater population turnover.

- All right, everybody. You heard him.
- Let's move.

Excuse me.

You divined this psychically?

- That's right.
- Fascinating.

If you should pass away, I would love
to dissect your temporal lobe.

Sure. I can't possibly see why not.

But I hope you get us
all through this alive.

Yes, in that case, I would love to get
my hands on a sample of your dna.



- Consider it done.
- I'm actually the brain

behind this operation,
you might want to get mine.

I could care less
about your secretions.

However, I would love
to get my craniometer around

that giant raisinet of yours.

Or is it a goober?

Possibly a milk ball.

I say milk ball.

It's milk ball.

Cover those exits. I do not want
this guy getting away from us again.

And whatever you do,
don't start a panic.


Oh, hell.

Citizens, stay away from this area.

You may have already been exposed
to a deadly biological agent.

Is it important
that you do not leave.

Because you could spread it
to your loved ones

and kill them.

this is a broken lightbulb.

As you were.

Some lightbulbs have
halogen gas in them.

And tungsten.
There's a fun word.

Tungsten, tungsten, tungsten.

it's only fun to say it twice.

Why don't you get out of sight?
Mallon knows what you look like,

and you're not trained.

What part of training is announcing
our presence with a megaphone?

Go hide in a bathroom
and stay out of our way.

All right, we'll go. But not because
you told us to. Gus has to tinkle.

He must be out of his mind if he thinks
I'm going to hide in a bathroom all day.

Gus, that's him.
That's him!

Hold it!

You should be all right, Shawn.

The seal on the vial is unbroken.

- We are lucky that you grabbed it.
- I'm no hero, Steve.

I didn't do anything that anyone
with incredible upper body strength

and native American cheekbones
wouldn't do.

Hero? Because of you,
we lost Mallon.

He probably ran when he saw you.
You blew the whole operation, Spencer.

I told you to go hide in the toilet.

All units, move to secondary target.
That's the theater on main street.

Something doesn't make sense. He was
on his way out when I spotted him.

Why did he leave
before releasing the Juju Mugumbo?

He aborted his plan.

He saw Mallon hovering by a newsstand.
Said he was sweating pretty badly.


I'm sensing he was limping as well.

Barley noticeable.
He's sick, Jules. He has Thornburg.

I thought he had the cure.

They're gonna need every drop.

Dr. Reidman says that the first patient
needed four times the estimated dosage.

He does. But he didn't realize
it wouldn't be enough.

He started showing symptoms
when he got here, and then he booked.

I can see him.
It's him or Michael Ironside.

Why having
a vision of Michael Ironside?

I know where he's going.

Looking for this?
It's the last of your cure.

It's why you came back
to the hospital.

You've been self-medicating
but still infected.

You didn't realize
how much of this stuff

it takes to fight your virus.

Give it to me. Now!

We know everything, man.

We know you did all of this
to save your lab.

That wasn't why.

When they shut me down,
they left you and me

and the entire country wide open.

Do you know how easily this stuff
could be turned into a weapon?

But now, after this, we'll be ready.

That's not your garden
variety crazy person logic.

I'll tell you what.
I'll make you a trade.

Cure for the last vial
of your virus.

Let me see it.

Same time.

Don't touch me, man.

Is it there?

- Jules, what's going on?
- Shawn, don't come any closer.

- Give me that! Give it to me now!
- Idiot!

There isn't enough here
to help anybody.

There's gotta be more somewhere.
Just tell me how.

- I could save you both.
- Victoria.

Who's that?

Two hours from here.

Too far.

I think it's probable
she contracted it...

In which case, she's gonna
need the antiviral asap.

Based on my observations,
I've concluded that mask and gloves

will be sufficient
if you decide to enter the dragon.

We need to find out who Mallon was
talking about as he said, "Victoria".

It could be anybody. A girlfriend,
relative, who knows.

I got every detective
in the department looking into it.

I just hope
whoever it is has the cure.

- Victoria's not a person.
- What?

Victoria is a lake. Isn't there
a Lake Victoria around here?

A pond, really.
It's about two hours from here.

Two hours from here.

I used to practice figure skating there
when I was little.

I mean, ice hockey.

I'm getting a very strong hit
that he has a place there.

- Let's go check it out.
- Gus, stay with Jules,

and call me
if her condition changes.

All right.

Apparently Mallon bought
this place about ten years ago.

That makes perfect sense.

He stashed a bunch of the cure,
knowing it would be the perfect hideout

after he released the virus.
We should... creep around back.

Hey, Dirty Harry!

I'm not gonna shoot him.
He doesn't know that.

He doesn't know anything.
He's a dog.

- Well, do you have any better ideas?
- Maybe.

Do you still keep
our softball gear in the trunk?

Yeah, why?

Where are you going? Sit!


- Whatever you do, don't freak out.
- I'm not freaking out.

It's normal if you do.

You're the one
who's freaking out, Gus.

Yeah, because Thornburg is freaky.

But don't worry.
It likes white people.

You think Shawn and Lassiter
are having any luck?

I know one thing.

If the cure is out there,
Shawn will stop at nothing to find it.

On three.

Go, Lassie! Run like the wind!

- Dude, did you get it?
- What?

Yeah. I got it.

- Lassie's running it down to Reidman.
- Nice. Are you okay?

I'm doing great.

I had a life-changing experience.

- What do you mean?
- I was running.

I was being chased
by a very angry Rottweiler

wearing catcher's gear
and I had an epiphany.

The Rottweiler
was wearing catcher's gear?

No, Gus, I was wearing the gear.
So I'm running and I realize two things.

One, I have a piece
of beef jerky in my pocket.

So I grab and I toss it,
and suddenly the dog

doesn't care about me.
Two, I realize...

In life we never have as much time
as we think we do.

- What do you mean?
- I mean Jules.

All this time, right?
We talk, we do our thing.

And I'm like, if something should happen
between us, it will happen.

Like magic beans coming down on me.
But the truth is, my God.

She could die today
and she would never know how I feel.

So what are you gonna do about it?

I'm gonna do this.

Good news, puffy.

I heard they got the cure.

I hadn't heard that.
It doesn't matter anyway.

She doesn't have Thornburg.


The tests came back negative.
She's got quite an immune system.

That's incredible.

Do you mind
if I'm the first to tell her?

- Be my guest.
- Great.

- Excuse me, Shawn.
- Not now, Gus.

Just a minute.

Can it wait? I'm about to tell Juliet
something important.

Go to the cafeteria
and get her some jell-o?

- Shawn.
- Please!

I've gotta get through this,
man, come on.

There are things that you need to know,
and I have to say them.

You don't have the Thornburg virus.

- What?
- What? Are you kidding?

Dr. Reidman just told me.

- Oh, my God!
- You have more time than you thought.

Oh, my God!

I am so happy.

I am not going to die
in this disgusting robe.

That's so... That is so good!

But I still want to say
what I was gonna say,

If that's okay.


How do I want to say this?

You know how when we were kids,

there were all those cool prizes
at the bottom of cereal boxes?

There are two kinds of kids.
There's the kid who flipped the box over

and opened it from the bottom
and grabbed the prize right away.

And then there was the kid
who waited patiently

and ate bowl after bowl of cereal

until the prize
just tumbled out on its own.

There's also a third kid named Mikey
who will eat anything,

including the prize.
He's not really important right now.


I didn't wait.
I didn't wait for my decoder ring

or my Frankenberry action
figure when I was a kid. So...

what am I waiting for now?

All I know is that I don't want
to miss out on the prize.

What are you trying to say, Shawn?

That I...

I don't know.

I heard the good news.

Come here.


- Sorry. Too much?
- A little bit.

- Just don't say anything.
- I wasn't.

I heard you were here.

How are you, man?

Good. No, more than good
thanks to you guys.

You thankis us for the quarantine?

Because get this,
while I was back there,

I met a girl.

No, don't be silly.

This one is completely different.
She just got here from Russia.

There's a little bit
of a language barrier,

but she is so sweet, you know?

And apparently she only works nights.
So clearly I'm fired.

We can now spend
all our days together,

and she's already
talking about moving in.

Have you considered the possibility
that this girl could be using you?

Using me?

- Shawn, I hardly think so.
- You got your watch back, right?

So where is it?

Good luck, Donny.

Great news. All the patients were
released with a clean bill of health.

And here you go.
Professionally dry cleaned.

This is what you do
when you borrow someone's clothes.

This should be wrinkled and stinky.

Are you still obsessing
over the Juliet thing?

Yes, you are.

Look, let's go check out
The Sydney J. Furie film festival.

I'm talking iron eagle II,
lady sings the blues,

and iron eagle IV.

If the taking of Beverly Hills
is included,

- count me in.
- Steve!

What are you and your porn'stache
doing here in our office?

- A deal is a deal.
- It is, indeed.

- What are you talking about?
- I am not leaving here

without your DNA.


I did say that I would...

You're in luck.
I just drank about a liter of teas' tea.

Let's take
some measurements of that dome.

- What?
- Shall we?

Hold still.