Psych (2006–2014): Season 3, Episode 7 - Talk Derby to Me - full transcript

Juliet goes undercover as a roller derby girl. Gus studies at all moments for an important exam at the end of the episode Shawn takes for him anyway. Shawn works with Juliet and attempts to flatter her multiple times.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Shawn? Shawn!
Get in here a second.
Gus, what are you doing here?
I'm representing Shawn in this situation.
Shawn, get in here!
Take a look around.
Well, what am I looking at?
Something's missing.
I took something of yours, you need to figure out what it is.
Dad, you robbed me?
No, robbery is the taking of property by force or fear.
I'm not afraid of anyone in this room.
So you're a burglar, then?
No, Gus. Burglary involves breaking in.
This is theft, pure and simple.
You need to figure out what it is, or you're not getting it back. Concentrate.
You thief! You stole my BB gun!
Technically, yes. Theft makes me a thief. You're learning.
So, can I have it back now?
No. I told you not to play with it in the yard. It's too dangerous.
But you said if I figured out what's missing, I...
Shawn, thieves always lie.
Remember that.
How did you even know I was playing with it in the back yard?
Mister Coburn, we are interested in anything you can tell us.
They were big and scary, these guys.
Didn't you say you didn't see them?
That's right.
Of course, they were big and scary. Look at this place. The man's lucky to be alive.
Carlton, I've got this. What time did you begin your shift?
Are you the only watchman?
Would you mind showing me where you were standing at the time of the attack?
I was walking through here...
Spencer! What the hell are you doing up there?
Right now, I'm putting my hand in my pocket sans thumb,
pointing at an imaginary seagull.
But earlier, I got a call from the Chief.
She sounded serious. Third break-in of its kind in as many months, no leads.
The Chief told you that?
No, she did. She looks like the Venus de Milo,
but she prefers to be called Traci, with an "I." She saw everything.
Said I should check the videos in the surveillance room.
The mannequin told you that? No, the Chief did.
Come on, Lassy, keep up with me here.
Gus! I need you paying attention, do you think you can make that happen?
I only opened my book for a second, Shawn.
You know I have to study for my exam.
Right. The RX something.
RX, Rep RX. Pharmaceutical Rep Recertification Exam.
That is the second worst name for a test ever. Right after the Proctological Practicum.
Well my job depends on it. And you said you were gonna help me.
I'm not sure how I can. You keep such sloppy notes.
What is this green slime on your book?
Did you just come from the Kids' Choice Awards? This place is filthy.
Maybe it's a clue. Maybe it's urine.
Smell it. I'm not gonna smell it, are you gonna help me or not?
We've never had more than two people in this room.
It's cozy, which means I'll need everyone's hands where I can see them.
That means yours too, Chief.
Who is this? That's our psychic, Shawn Spencer.
Psychic and treasurer of the American Wicker Council.
I'm up for re-election. I'm running on a rattan platform.
Stuart. This is my favorite booster, Detective Carlton Lassiter.
Would you just play the tape?
That's a lariat move.
These guys are ex-military, no question.
Oh, and that one there's calling the shots, so there appears to be a pattern here.
Well, detectives, when you know something, you can find me in my office.
Excuse me.
Ow! Hey, Chief!
All right. We definitely need to check out all the local paramilitary groups,
the security contractors, ROTC.
Santa Barbara Ladies Auxiliary.
Huh? Oh, they're women.
It can't be women. This kind of thing took some kind of muscle.
It's a little shocking, isn't it? Not as shocking as this.
These are 31s and they're really pulling through here.
Make yourself useful, get me the 32s.
I don't have time for this. Either you have something or you don't.
Got it! Let's go see the Chief.
You got it? Well, let's just say I've got suspects.
Good. Let's go and give them their names. I've got studying to do.
How many suspects are we talking?
Mmm, give or take...
80 suspects?
Really, Mr. Spencer. It wouldn't be possible,
perhaps to narrow it down just a bit, would it?
Not without help. It's a tight group, Chief.
It's a clique. It's a sisterhood of the Ya-Ya variety.
And it's gonna take a lot more than a smile and a pack of Pall Malls to get 'em to talk.
Not a problem. Tough-to-crack suspects are right in my wheelhouse.
Negative. We cannot go about this using a typical Lassiterian technique.
We need someone on the inside.
Are you saying you wanna go undercover?
Undercover? Yes. Me? No.
Unfortunately, I'm not qualified for this sort of thing.
Don't worry about it, Spencer. I've been itching to do some undercover work.
And I've got a new mustache guy.
I like where your head's at,
because this is gonna take a very specific skill set.
There is only one person in this room that can pull it off.
I've just got one question.
Can you skate?
And it's looking like we're in for an excruciating jam,
as Maniac cuts through the pack like a machete.
That defense had better get on the defensive, or else!
Ooh! Look out below!
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth
I know, you know They just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end
Berman Auditorium is about to become the garden of beatin'!
And it's Miss Anthropy around the outside!
One more turn, yeah!
Don't let her through. Don't let her through! Pick her up! Pick her up!
Pick her up! Somebody pick her up!
I couldn't have called a better assignment.
Yeah, right, you're a rocket scientist.
I thought the police had a suspect from the roller derby like a month ago.
Seven, Seven... Seven Deadly Cinderella.
Yeah, but it didn't go anywhere.
What did you find that got Chief Vick back onto this roller derby angle?
Oh, just everything. The damage. The hand signals.
The scuffmarks on the floor were caused by 62mm
core composite competition skate wheels.
Vick wouldn't buy it until I threw in some roller babble. But think about it,
who better for a smash-and-grab job than an organized team?
You think they were all on wheels?
At least one of them was.
What makes you so sure it was one of these teams?
Gus, you wanna take this one?
Check the schedule. These are the only two teams who were off
on all of the nights the break-ins occurred.
We call that detective work. It's a rare and beautiful thing. Like clubbed thumbs.
I don't know how we're gonna solve this case. These women scare me.
Are you kidding? It's a cake assignment.
I used to do some security work for the roller derby back in the day.
Now, those broads, they knew how to get the job done.
This is, I don't know, this is like a fashion show.
These broads, they can't, they're not...
And that's why we brought you down here, Pop, to hear you say "broads" repeatedly.
But why don't you explain to us how all this works?
All right, look, you see the one with the star on her helmet?
She's the lead jammer. She scores points when she passes the opposing skaters.
All right, look at her. Right there. The one they call Fox?
You see, she's reaching down. She's up to something. You see that piece of tape?
Number 13, she's been marked. She's gonna get hit.
She's gonna be taken down. Watch this. Watch it. Here it comes.
Oh! And there's another one for the suicide seats!
And it's happy times for Westwood, Wilde
and Captain Denise "Kamikaze" Fox.
This is our only chance to snoop around, Gus. Let's go.
Dad, you all right?
Hit her! No, hit her now! She's down!
He's fine.
Would you...
What are we doing, Shawn?
Well, for starters, we're both growing mustaches, very, very slowly.
But we're also investigating.
This is Juliet's investigation.
We're gonna blow her cover. We need to stay out of her way.
You're exactly right, Gus.
Or we do the exact opposite. I vote for number two.
Be my lookout.
No, there's only a few minutes left, Shawn, and you wanna go inside...
Worst lookout ever. You didn't see the girl walk in?
And I round this corner, and there's Maniac.
And I'm like, "Where'd she go?"
And she's like, "Where'd who go?"
She moves pretty good for fresh meat.
That's totally a compliment. Where'd you learn to skate like that?
Oh, you know. College roller skate team.
And Xanadu.
That's funny. I get it.
I came around the corner, and I...
Dude. You are leering.
And if by leering you mean staring oddly in a creepy way, yes.
But it's for an investigation, Gus.
They're all scraped up from burglarizing.
Burglarization? Burglarism?
Of course they're scraped up. It's a full-contact sport.
Uh-huh? And since when do we get injuries underneath our elbow pads?
And that's a glass cut on the other one. Check it out.
That's leering.
Shawn, what are you guys doing here?
I'm moving on this case.
I'm pretty sure I've found the extrasensory vortex in this building.
Where? Women's locker room, which as it happens,
is a place I've always wanted to hang out. So it's totally a win-win.
Shawn, I get this is how you work,
but this is not how we are going to be doing things. I am lead detective,
and this is first and foremost a police investigation. So, if we are going to be partners,
we are going to be doing things my way.
All kidding aside, I got some serious vibes in there.
And possibly athlete's foot.
Great, I'll check it out and come by your office later, but right now,
I need you guys to get out of here!
Is this guy bothering you, Maniac?
Wilde, Fox, this is...
I know who this guy is,
we see gawkers like him all the time around here.
Real easy to spot. There's always one thing off about them.
Clothes. Hair. Teeth.
You just named my three best features.
Fourth on the list, posture. Fifth, elocution.
ManiacManiac19, president pro tem, Maniac Fan Club.
This is my vice president, Longbranch Pennywhistle.
I'm just looking to score a little face time with the Maniac here,
you know, for the blog.
689 hits and climbing.
Nothing I can't handle.
I was just about to give him an interview. It was only gonna be two words.
Okay, come on.
I'll see you tonight. Bring the outfit. One of us might wear it.
Get lost!
O'Hara. Might I have a word? In my office.
Oh, sorry, Chief.
I have to break these things in
and you know how my family is cursed with bad arches, right?
Please take them off.
I was just gonna suggest that.
Did you break somebody's nose?
Yes, I did. Thank you.
Oh! But it was a clean hit.
It was actually more of a dislocation. You know, it just popped right back in.
Yeah. She curled into my wingspan so I was totally justified. We're friends now.
She has a cat.
I'm concerned for your safety and that this might be a mistake.
No, no, no, it is not a mistake.
It's actually a very smart call.
I have found a scad of priors on my suspects.
Aggravated assault. Battery. Oh! And reckless endangerment.
So, you're saying putting you in danger is a bonus?
I'm telling you I can handle myself.
I didn't want to do this in the first place. And I'll be candid, O'Hara,
you tend to dive in a little too deeply when you go undercover.
Look, Chief, first off, roller derby is better than therapy.
If I were into that sort of thing.
And secondly, these girls, they're not making any money.
Most of them are paying out of pocket and they are all the right element
for this kind of behavior.
Hunches and profiles are not gonna keep this thing going. I need concrete proof.
And I want every single one of those suspects from that security video.
Oh, um, this is a typo, right? $800 for skates?
Would it help if I told you the other pairs weren't cute at all?
Get me results. Hurry.
Yeah. This is Maniac.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I can keep it quiet.
Okay. I'll be there.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Oh, my God. Is there somebody here? Are you on a date?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I just, uh... I didn't know if you would be hungry so I just...
I threw something together quickly.
Uh, look, we gotta get right to this.
I was just at the station and I really think I am on to something.
That's great. We have all night to talk about it. Gewürztraminer?
Yes. No, no, no, no. I can't stay. I just got a call from one of the girls.
Are those crab cakes?
Yes, they are. With dill and coriander.
Which girl are we talking about?
They call her Toxic Waste, but her name is Shelly.
Said she was talking to some of the other girls and that they were very impressed by me
and that I am perfect for something that they have going on downtown tonight.
A "moneymaking opportunity. "
Jules, don't go.
Shawn, I ran some of their names. They have records.
I've already eliminated Toxic Waste. She wasn't at the break-in.
I don't think you understand. I am undercover right now,
and things can get real sticky real fast. Sticky, how?
Shawn? Jules, listen. This thing that's happening tonight,
it's not what you think it is. Now, sit down. Have some endives.
Shawn are we working together, or not?
Yes, technically, we're working together on this case. But you know what, Jules?
I'm not feeling particularly together right now.
Then support me.
Because I really think I am on to something. Now, I gotta go,
and you're either in or you're out.
Okay, north exit, south exit. Nobody gets out.
Yes, ma'am. Mmm-hmm.
Jules. You do realize we're outside of a warehouse?
That's not the point, Shawn.
Even if it's not a burglary, it's very likely some kind of peripheral criminal activity.
This place isn't like any of the others.
Look, I am really sorry I have to do this to you but... Carlton?
I'll be right back.
Jules! Spencer. You're in the way. Go.
All right. We're gonna let her get in here and on her signal,
we're gonna light this candle.
Cut! Brilliant! Beautiful!
Stand down!
Do it again! Reset the playback, please!
A music video shoot?
I sent nearly a dozen uniformed officers, and six black-and-whites,
and none of your suspects were even there.
Now, I'm gonna need a pretty damn compelling reason not to pull the plug
on this one, O'Hara, because right now, we've got nothing.
It was me. I felt a vibe. I got a message.
You did? Yes.
Turns out it was a major metaphysical snafu.
O'Hara said it was a non-start, I threw a tantrum.
I was crying, kicking and stamping my little feet.
I mean, they're not abnormally small.
Look, Chief, I can get results. Let me in on this.
Sure, Chief. Lassy seems like a smart choice.
We know he's a demon on wheels
and of course, he's so very good with women.
Under the circumstances, I might consider you, Carlton, but you're never more obvious
than when you're undercover.
Perhaps you've forgotten the prosthetic nose debacle of 2005.
Chief, we are definitely on to something. And last night's robbery
fits the pattern we've seen between criminal activity and specific teams.
We've narrowed it down to a few suspects.
Three suspects. Teammates, friends, pen pals. Solid suspects.
Maybe four. Possibly five. Ah, six could...
Now, Mr. Spencer. The idea is to have fewer suspects.
You don't get paid by the suspect.
I see us closing this by tomorrow.
Tomorrow, then. Absolutely.
Fine, but I'm gonna need results without another incident,
metaphysical or otherwise. You're all dismissed.
Wow. She really unloaded on us.
Thank you for taking the heat on that one, Shawn.
Jules, that's how it goes when you're partners.
If I could only count the number of times that Gus has left my cheese in the wind.
What? Nothing.
Study on, buddy. Arteriosclerosis. Rosacea. Croup.
Croup? You'll just have to owe me one.
Or you can get me one of these bracelets.
They come in teal?
Can't do. Can't do teal?
No. Westwood gave it to me. It's a roller derby thing.
You'll have to think of something else.
Fine. You can dial back the Maniac routine. Stop pulling rank on me.
Okay. Ordering me around.
Fine. And smoothies are on you until we nab someone.
I wanna figure out the next step by seeing how you work.
I wanna get close to your process, get some hard evidence.
Yeah, Shawn. That's a good idea.
Why don't you bring her right in on your process?
Jules, here's the thing. Close is good. Very close is even better.
But not for this. My process is not a tandem bike.
It's a unicycle. Now, you belong at practice.
I can see Fox. You gotta keep an eye on her.
That's gonna be really difficult.
She's always surrounded by Westwood and Wilde.
Perfect. Keep an eye on them, too.
There. The lists from Vick's desk.
And they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Why don't you try arranging them in alphabetical order?
That's not the point, Gus.
They stole a DVD of Spanglish. Clearly, they weren't after the merchandise.
That's not exactly hard evidence, Shawn.
Thank you, Professor No Help.
What? I'm sorry, did you miss that?
Maybe I should've said "MC No Help," or "Doctor Do Nothing,"
because you're bringing nothing to the table.
I have a test, remember?
No pass, no job. No job, no driving you around.
you're doing perfectly fine with your new partner.
Who, Jules?
"Who, Jules?" What? Who do you think?
Don't be jealous. I'm not jealous.
Don't be vexed. You're still number one on my MySpace page.
Jules and I are just working a case together. Nothing more.
What is this green slime on your book?
Did you just come from the Kids' Choice Awards?
This place is filthy.
Wilde was there.
What? Cynthia "Speed Freak" Wilde
was there at Zilk's during the break-in.
She uses this green oil to lubricate her skates.
Looks like she left some behind. Good clue, buddy.
So you have Fox with the broken watch and now Wilde.
Why don't you call the cops?
According to the tapes at the store, there were at least three more.
If we don't get all of them, they're just gonna keep doing their thing. That
is the oath of thieves, Gus.
That is the code of the roller girl.
I never thought I would hear you say that.
Even more than "sinkhole sissy feet flapjack go-go boots"?
Juliet isn't answering her phone.
You know, those crab cakes are, like, three days old or something.
Okay, remember, Maniac, the key is to just get through the pack.
Whatever it takes.
Well, we don't want to injure anyone in practice, do we?
Of course not, but if someone's shoulder has to get dislocated, well,
just make sure it isn't yours. Back to it, boss?
Wait. Where's Lethal Weapon?
Oh, Westwood? She had to split a second ago. Go visit her mother.
Let's go kick some ass.
Cool. I'm just gonna grab something.
Okay. See you on the track.
Westwood, hey!
Hey. You leaving?
Everything okay?
Well, I have to go meet my boyfriend. He's kinda got car trouble, so...
Oh! I have to go.
Yeah, well, uh, he's kinda stranded out on the Mesa somewhere.
Okay. All right, well, make sure you bring him to the bout tomorrow.
Yeah, I'll try. Yeah.
See you later.
Shawn, I found a couple of handheld scanning machines here at the hall.
You feel anything on scanning machines?
Scanning machines?
Yeah. For making copies.
Ah. No, no. Copying devices are notoriously unreliable psychic fetters.
Now, if they were three-hole punchers, different story.
Okay, well, I'm gonna look around some more, but I wanted to let you know
Westwood left practice early today. She gave me some lie,
and then she just took off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm getting something now. Street clothes, green tank top, jeans, belt...
Terrible, terrible belt.
Do you see her?
En mi cabeza, Jules. I've got a psychic track on her now.
Okay, I've got to go. Call Lassiter if you find anything out.
Of course, I'll call Lassiter.
I'm not calling Lassiter.
Follow the bouncing Westwood.
Not too close. She's gonna see us!
Dude. Is that...
I think there's a body in the back of that truck.
Gus, it's not a body.
It is. That's a hand.
Dude, this test has got you all jacked up. You're not thinking straight.
You're too distracted trying to remember the difference between Lermacil and Hermacil.
Lermacil is for fever blisters, Hermacil is for eczema.
And what about Chermacil?
No such thing as Chermacil, Shawn.
Sweet Fantasy Island. That is a body.
I told you. Not too close.
Gus, Westwood is ditching a body. That's the break in the case that we need.
What we need is to call Lassiter like Juliet said.
And back off a little, she's gonna see us.
We're not calling Lassiter. You know how this works.
I really have to explain it to you every single time?
You just lost Westwood.
Damn it.
Let's go. I'm not going out there.
Dude, it's only gonna take a second.
You cannot sit here alone in the dark in a parked car.
You'll get picked up for mopery. Mopery?
With intent to creep. Trust me, it'll kick a big hole in your future.
I guess it wasn't a body.
Well done, Spencer.
I don't know, Chief, want me to try and get her statement?
Of course, I don't speak mannequin.
Cute. You might want to hold off on that, because we still have
all the merchandise from the Zilk's burglaries.
Excellent work, Mr. Spencer.
Thanks, Chief. It's all right. I accept your apology.
So the burglars weren't after the merchandise.
That's right. So what were they after?
One, two, three, four, five.
Five, four. Four, five. What?
I'm seeing four and I'm seeing five. Lassy, four and five!
Nine? The number nine? No. Four times five.
20? Five and 20. Five times 20.
Minus four times four times five.
Four times four times five? 80.
No, 20. 100 minus 80 is 20. We all have our math facts straight,
Mr. Spencer. Is this going somewhere?
Skater number 20. She's the one who dumped all this stuff.
That's Rita "Lethal Weapon" Westwood.
Okay, great. We got one. We need all of them.
Correct. This is bigger than Westwood. A lot bigger. Juliet's close.
Okay. Lassiter, let's get someone on the lookout
for any more dumping sites around town.
We've got to get to Zilk's and we've gotta check something out.
If you say pants, I'm gonna sock you in your Adam's apple.
Sock you in your crotch, damn it.
Hey, it's me. Listen, we got a situation.
What is it?
Westwood screwed up again, huge. The cops found everything.
If they get to her she's gonna talk. This is bad.
Yeah, and it gets worse. Maniac's fan boy is also here.
Doing what? He's working with the cops.
Are we compromised? I don't know.
But after we handle Westwood, I think we need to have a talk with Maniac.
What are we doing here, Shawn? We already know it wasn't the merchandise.
But it was something else.
Let's go.
Dude, I can't believe this.
You lifted your look right off this mannequin.
On the contrary, Shawn. Clearly, someone is stealing my look.
I did see Tommy Hilfiger creeping from bush to bush, sketching you.
And we're moving. But your friend can't come.
The thieves were after something in this room.
Dude. We can't go inside there. Read the sign.
"Laura Noid. Employee of the month. " You know her?
Not that one. "Employees only. "
Gotcha. Be my lookout.
No problem. I'll just keep it safe and be outside.
It's okay. It's all right. My name is Shawn Spencer. This is my partner...
I can't believe I'm blanking. I've done this a million times.
Nice work. Office, Code Blue.
It's okay. We're not here to rob you.
Well, your buddy stole the clothes right off the mannequin.
These are my clothes!
Look, we don't keep the cash back here.
This is the credit department.
We just want to talk to you about the burglary.
Oh, do you, Mannequin Man?
Well, why don't you tell that to my little can of pepper spray?
Whoa, whoa! Hey, chill, chill, chill!
Stuart! Shawn?
Tell her!
It's all right. These guys are with the police.
Why is your friend dressed like the mannequin?
That mannequin is dressed like me! Thank you. Can we go, Shawn?
Hold up. What were you doing over there?
Oh, uh, it's Friday.
I was shredding credit card applications. It's the only fun thing I get to do.
The burglary happened on a Thursday.
The day before they shred the credit applications.
Thanks, guys. It's good to see you, Stu.
Jules, I'm getting some strong messages.
Okay. What are they?
The first one is from Keanu Reeves.
He's living in a house I built on a lake two years in the past.
How will I meet him?
The second is that the thieves were not after the merchandise.
Well, we already know that, Shawn.
They were using the hand scanners to steal information
off credit card applications. They're stealing identities.
Oh. So then ransacking the store and stealing the merchandise was just to
throw us off the trail? Right-oh.
A handful of fake credit cards is worth more than everything in that entire store times 10.
It's a pretty brilliant plan. Only slightly less brilliant than that YouTube video
of the monkey bathing the cat.
Hey, Maniac.
We need you to come with us, Maniac.
Right now.
Jules? Who is that? Who's talking?
We gotta go.
So we have three suspects? Two to go.
And you think they're on to Juliet?
I said they might be. Either way, we're gonna find out pretty quick.
What do you think they'll do to her?
Westwood gave it to me. It's a roller derby thing.
They may have done it already.
That's Westwood's truck.
I can't see anything.
Look for something to jimmy the lock.
Thank God.
Thank God? It's a dead person.
Yeah, but it's not Juliet.
It's still a human being, Shawn. It's Westwood. What's the matter with you?
You're saying you'd rather it be someone that we knew and care about?
Fine, next time I see Jules, I'll just tell her you wish she was dead.
I never said that I wished Juliet was dead.
Lead jammer Mrs. Bash is trapped in the pack!
Speed Freak trying to slash through Pismo's vulnerable inside line.
The Trollops are gonna have to do a 180 in the second half tonight.
Unless Hayseed Wannabe and Off-White Trash have their way, it might just happen.
Oh, my God. The roller girls are on to Juliet.
Which ones? The bad ones.
And I know who they are. They're marking their own teammate. They wanna hurt her.
Or worse.
Hold on to your seats...
We've got to do something.
Things are heating up out here, people. I hope you brought protection.
What are you doing?
You've been complaining about me not being any help here?
That's about to change. They're gonna try to make a run for it,
but not before they take Juliet down.
Yes, yes. But this is a terrible idea.
I can skate, Shawn. I got this.
What are you...
Now it looks like we've got a guest on the track?
Hey! You're taking your life in your hands, pal.
Oh! Speed Freak goes down!
There's something you don't see every day.
Shawn, watch out!
Come on, let's go!
Four suspects?
It was identity theft, Chief.
They were only after the information off the credit card applications
the customers fill out. All the stores they hit had similar credit card programs.
They break in, wreak havoc and split before the clock runs out.
Just the kind of anarchy the fans pay for night after night.
I got prints off a key piece of evidence I found here.
She got 'em when she wasn't busy kicking ass! Huh?
Can I hear something for Maniac? She really brought it, huh?
Am I right? Who's with me?
Lassiter, take them away.
Whoa, whoa! Wait! I'm seeing the fifth suspect.
Did she get away? No.
Rita "Lethal Weapon" Westwood.
Unfortunately, you'll find her body in her pick-up truck in the parking lot.
She's the one that botched the merchandise drop. She paid dearly for it.
Anything else?
Um, not really.
Did I mention Juliet's roller derby awesomeness? Huh?
Maniac. Maniac. Maniac.
I can't get anything from these people.
They're murderers, Shawn. They're going away for life. I gotta study.
Lassiter, take them away.
You two work together well.
I certainly think so.
We're available for more cases, by the way.
Embezzlement. Extortion. Espionage.
Pretty much anything that starts with "E." Elephant theft.
I'll take that under advisement.
Elephant theft? Oh, yeah.
People steal elephants?
Major problem. Pretty much out of control.
Oh, hey, Jules! What are you doing here?
I'm returning my equipment. What are you doing here?
Just hanging. You know, chilling.
I was actually feeling a little nostalgic.
Remember when we cracked that case here, the criminals turned out to be
roller derby girls?
Yeah, I remember that.
Gosh. Seems like it was just yesterday.
Probably because it was yesterday. Why are you wearing skates?
Oh, yeah. Look at that.
I guess I am. I don't know. Uh, I guess I just thought it was a shame.
We have this big beautiful track and no one to skate on it.
It's also been a long while since I had a good blister.
This will be a couples skate. Couples only.
Come on!
Did you do that on purpose?
No. Maybe. Okay, yes. Yes, I did.
No hands.
What is it? It won't let me log in. And I have to take my exam by today!
That's probably because I just took it for you. What?
Yeah. And I can't believe you're still using "chocolate thunder" as your password.
You took my exam?
A little harder than the river raft test, way easier than the Secret Service test.
Any of the questions I didn't know, I just answered "C." Right?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Dude. It's done! Relax. And you know what?
Nailed it! Well, almost nailed it. At the very least,
definitely didn't blow it. Shawn?
I don't think. Shawn!
Hey! You're in. Okay? Sadly, you're still a pharmaceutical rep.
But, hey, whatever.
I studied for this test all week for nothing.
Yes, you did. But that's the sort of thing that builds character.
Knowledge is power!
Don't you wanna feel powerful?
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity
If it's all right then you're all wrong
But why bounce around to the same damn song?
You'd rather run when you can't crawl
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth
I know, you know They just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end
I know, you know
I know, you know