Psych (2006–2014): Season 3, Episode 6 - There Might Be Blood - full transcript

A safety inspector dies on an offshore oil rig and Chief Vick believes he may have been murdered. The problem: Vick's sister is with the Coast Guard and is in charge of the investigation. The two sisters become very competitive, clashing over both the jurisdiction over the case and the Psych detectives.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
How can you be sure it's down there?

I can feel it
in my bones, Gus.

All great oil wildcatters
have that ability.

Me, Getty, Clampett,
Crisco, and Wesson.

But your dad told us
never to dig in the yard.

My dad doesn't understand
the concept of taking risks.

All we have to do
is find the oil
and that'll show him.

(GRUNTS) Okay.

Let's say we do find oil.
What happens then?

All of our dreams come true.

I'll be rich
and you'll work for me!


Hey! Hey! What the hell's
going on here?

Hey, Dad, we were
prospecting for oil.
How was your day?

All right, look.
There's grass seed and
duct tape in the garage.

I want this yard
exactly as it was,

I don't care if it takes
you both all night.
Do you understand?



HICKS: You're bunching up
over there.

Let's go!
Move that pipe! Let's go!

All right, McCall,
bring those forks in
through here.

Watch it now, watch 'em!

Easy on the tongs, Woodruss!
Woodruss! Easy on the tongs!

Don't break those chains!

You two are bunching up
over there! Let's move
that pipe! Let's go!

Hey! Hey! McCloud,
watch that lift!

Check your line, Aldridge!

Hey, you! You!

That's no man's land!
Get away from there!

Hey, buddy,
I'm talking to you!
Clear the area!

Don't think I'm not
gonna write you up!




Great. I'm missing a huge
symposium on new frontiers

in medical treatment
and I don't even know
what for.

What is that, the, uh,
the fungus one?

Yeah. Don't play, Shawn,
you know that fungus
is my bread and butter.

Really? You know what
my bread and butter is?

Bread and butter.

Fungus has never entered
into the equation. Not once.

All the Chief said

was time was of the essence
and that she'd brief us
on the boat.

I wonder what
this case is about.

It obviously has something
to do with the ocean.

Oh, Gus.
It could be anything.

Crab-on-crab violence.
Gang war between the mermen
and the shark people.

Or maybe she wants to take
us wild orca hunting.

All right, guys,
come on up.

All right, hey,
here's the deal.

A safety inspector named
Butch Hicks fell to his death
from an offshore oil rig

last night, and his body
washed up on shore.

The rig he was working on
is the Bamford Number 7.
And that's where we're headed.

Okay, first of all,
let me just say, awesome!

I've always wanted to
go on an oil rig!

Excuse me, Chief,
but how is this
a police matter?

From what you've said,
it sounds like an accident.

Yeah. That's what
the Coast Guard thinks.
But I'm not so sure.

We received an anonymous tip
about a week ago that
we traced to a pay phone

outside the dive shop
on the pier. The caller said
that something highly unsafe

was going on out on that rig,
and that he was risking
everything to warn us.

Dude, harbor seal!

Did you share this information
about the anonymous tip
with the Coast Guard?

Absolutely not.
I've had dealings
with them in the past,

and I don't trust 'em.

Well, if you suspect
foul play, shouldn't your
lead detective be here?

I mean, where's Lassy?

And Juliet?
Shouldn't she be here?

Okay, well, the truth is,
um, what we're doing
isn't exactly...

Well, we're acting more in
an unofficial capacity,

and any more questions
and I'm gonna turn this boat

and take you both
back to shore.

I'm all right with that.
Except that Gus' leg is
touching mine.

Is not.
He keeps looking at my ear.

Enough! Now, we're gonna be
there in about five...


BARBARA: This is the
United States Coast Guard!

Stop your engine and
prepare to be boarded!

Damn it.

I'll handle this.

Good morning.

Hey, good morning.
What brings you out
here, Chief?

Oh, just doing
a little sightseeing.

Yeah, is that right?
What's this?
Oh, it's a rig manifest?

You wouldn't be thinking
of nosing in

on my accidental death case,
now would you?

'Cause that's
my jurisdiction.

(LAUGHING) Oh, well.
Sorry to break it to you,

but according to the GPS,
that southeast corner
of the rig

crosses back
inside three miles,

which brings it
under my jurisdiction.

Oh, you don't wanna
come up against me.
Because you will lose.

we'll see about that.

(LAUGHING) Hi, Commander.
I'm Shawn Spencer,
amateur dolphinologist,

big fan of the briny
and lemon squares.

Stay out of this,
Mr. Spencer.

Don't worry, Chief. I'm sure
the Commander here is
a perfectly reasonable

human person. Huh?

Here's the thing,
we received an anonymous tip

that there may be more going
on here than meets the eye.

So with your blessing,
of course, we'd like
to go ahead and

check out the rig.
What do you say?

An anonymous tip?
You weren't gonna share
this information with me?

Like you ever shared
anything with me.

I could have you brought
up on charges.

You can't intimidate me.

I'm giving you exactly
10 seconds to get this
vessel out of my waters.

Oh, I'd like to
see you make me.
Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah.
Oh, look! My nose
is touching your nose.

What do you
think about that?

Can you do that
to a Commander?

You can when
she's your sister.

Don't you put your nose
right up into my nose again!

What if I put it
really close?

Or I actually touch
your nose?

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions
tend to psych you out
in the end

Yes, sir. I understand.

The judge ruled with me
on jurisdiction, didn't he?

Yeah. But that
doesn't change the fact,

that I have far more
investigating homicides.

That's right. But this
wasn't a homicide.
This was an accident.

You don't know that
for certain.

I can't get over it.
After all this time,

the Chief never said
she had a sister.

And such an
alluring sister at that.


You should hear this.
I just got the Commander's bio
off the Coast Guard website.

Commander B...

Commander Barbara Dunlap.
Graduated US Coast Guard
Academy with honors,

conducted multiple search
and rescue operations,
Kodiak, Alaska,

assumed command
Santa Barbara station 2002.

To date, interdicted over
five million dollars
of illegal narcotics

and has saved 57 lives.

JULIET: Very impressive.

Impressive and intoxicating.
I mean, all that power
in one woman.

There's no photo.

I know that I don't care
about your so-called
experience, okay?

You are not getting
anywhere near my oil rig!

Well, too bad, because we have
a psychic, Mr. Spencer,
who's going to figure out

who our anonymous tipster is.
Which could be pretty
darn important

to the investigation.
Yes, it could.

And since this is now
in my jurisdiction,
your psychic is my psychic.


Commander, Carlton Lassiter,
head detective.

I had no idea that the Chief
had such an accomplished
younger sister.

She's older!

O'Hara, what are you
doing standing there?

We have a missing person's
case to work.

Well, I'd love to stay
and chat, but I have
an investigation to conduct.

Spencer, are
you coming?

Yes. May we have a moment with
the Chief, Commander?

Meet me at the ship.
And I'll see you in an hour.
Don't be late.

All right, Chief,
I only said yes
so that we can...

You don't owe me any
explanation. You just
do what you have to do.

Is it just me,
or does she seem peeved?

All I'm saying is, so much
for us being in
Chief Vick's good graces.

We may have just burned
our bridge with her.

Gus, don't be
a myopic chihuahua.

I have a fool-proof plan
that not only solves the case

but gives Chief
all the credit.

What is it?
Actually, all I have
is the phrase,

"I have a fool-proof plan.' '
Beyond that, I'm wide open.

We received an anonymous tip
about a week ago that we

traced to a pay phone
outside the dive shop
on the pier.

Okay, research time.

Give me everything
you got on offshore oil rigs.

All right. Generally,
oil platforms are located
on the continental shelf.

Shelf. Got it.

A typical platform has
around 30 wellheads.

30. Check.

Drilling continues 24 hours
a day. And there are two crews
on board at all times,

one for the day
shift and one
for the night shift.

"Love brokers!"

Night Shift.
Come on, dude.

You got the Fonz playing
against type.

Where is this boat?

Excuse us, is this where
the Coast Guard boat
launches from?

Are you Shawn Spencer?
I am indeed.

Commander Dunlap instructed me
to give you this.

"Gentlemen, your job is
to stay put and do nothing.' '

I don't believe this.
She goes through all
the trouble to hire us,

and then leaves us behind?

Don't you see what's happening
here, Gus? We are merely pawns
in a bitter sibling feud.

I'm nobody's pawn, Shawn.
I'm a queen.

At least I can make
my conference on foot fungus.

No, no, no.
We cannot quit.

Why not?
Because we're not quitters.

And because we're doing this
for the Chief, remember?
We've got to get on that rig.

Yeah, but how?

GUARD: Have a good trip,
Mr. Bamford.

The rig he was working on
is the Bamford Number 7,

and that's where
we're headed.

I have an idea,
but we'll need cool names.

So, Mr. Turner...

Please, call me T-Bone.

Okay, T-Bone, have
you two invested in
offshore drilling before?

(LAUGHING) Have we?
Yes, Lordy, yes.

So you're familiar
with the technology.

Oh, I'd say it's pretty

Got your basic rig
with 30 warheads,

sitting on the
continental countertop,

running 24 crews day and night
every two hours.

That made absolutely
no sense.

The truth is, no, we're
not that sophisticated
in the oil business.

I didn't think so.

Look, my father and I
don't appreciate our
time being wasted.

You'll have to pardon my
daughter, gentlemen.
Apparently, Yale University

didn't teach her
any manners or
how to get a husband.

Honey, run down there to the
galley and mix us up some
cocktails while the men talk.



Wow. You know,
not to be rude, Billy Joe,

but it's the
21st century and women

have actually earned
the right to be treated

Cut the crap, son.
A blind man could see
that you two aren't investors.

Technically, a blind man
can't see anything, Billy Joe.

I offered you a ride out here
so I could take a look at you,

and figure out
what you were up to.

What are you? Government
watchdogs? EPA?

Is this about
that little oil spill?

You had an
oil spill out here?


The truth, Billy Joe,
is that we have not been

completely honest with you.
We're working
for the Coast Guard.

My name is Shawn Spencer,
this is my partner,
Chesterfield McMillan,

and wife.

We're investigating the death
of your safety inspector,
Butch Hicks,

and whether or not it was
truly an accident.

But we were running late,
so we missed the boat ride
out here.

Well, as much as I don't
appreciate being lied to,

if you're right
about Hicks' death
not being an accident,

I wanna know about
as much as you do.

What can I do to help you?

Well, the first thing we'll
need to see is Mister Hicks'
personal effects.

And I will be needing a little
baby umbrella in my mai tai.

What's our, uh, missing
person's name again?

Doctor Christopher Renaud.
He's a professor
at the university.

And last seen?

His 3:00 lecture
on Thursday.

All right. We're gonna need a,
uh, list of all the people
in attendance that day.

I've already obtained
a list from the TA.

And I've set up interviews
with each and every one
of his students.

Good work, O'Hara.
Ooh, one more thing.

I am thinking of asking out
Commander Dunlap on a date.

Your thoughts.

Um, well, uh, I think
it's a bad idea, Carlton.

Really? Why?

Um, well, for starters,
you know,
she's the Chief's sister.

Not to mention they
don't get along.

I mean, you saw
the way they were
screaming at each other.

See it? I devoured it.
It was incredible.

That Barbara, she's a real
snap pea, isn't she? Mmm!

She's got that great,
sturdy build.

Yeah. You know, why don't we
focus on interviewing
our witnesses

for the missing person
case, huh?

Mmm. Absolutely. Yeah.
Forget I even
mentioned that other thing.

I will.

Now, there was an anonymous
tip that something unsafe was
going on out here.

Any clue as to what the caller
might have been referring to?

I got no idea.
This place is run
strictly by the book.

Butch Hicks made sure
of that, and so do I.

You can ask anybody.
My professional reputation
is based on safety.

Watch your head
going in here, now.

Somebody put a rail
on this side of this ladder.
That's a violation.

Now, here's Hicks' office.

I see.


What's in here?

That's the geologist's lab.
My daughter is trying
to get me all high-tech.

She thinks because I've
punched a few dry holes
that I've lost my touch.

And she talked me into
hiring this fancy rock doctor
to show me where to dig.

I don't need anybody
to tell me where to dig.

Once this well comes in,
like I know it's going to, I'm
gonna be back on top again.

Well, you guys
take your time.

If you need me,
I'll be topside.

If you need us,
we'll be bottoms up.

So, what are we
looking for?

Anything that will help us
figure out who the anonymous
tipster was.

Or a Kit Kat.
I'm starving.

Since Hicks was in charge
of safety on the rig,
it's safe to assume

that the tipster may have
come to him first.

I have this big stack
of safety violation reports.

Man, this guy Hicks
was a real stickler.

If by stickler you mean a guy
who doesn't have any snacks,
then yeah, I agree with that.

BARBARA: What are
you two doing here?

Not eating candy,
I can tell you that.

My orders for you were
to stay put
and do nothing.

Really, that wasn't


Wait. I was
drawn to this office

with very powerful psychic
visions of a man
in scuba gear,

with a salamander
in his wet suit.

Well, thank you, Mr. Spencer,
but I don't see
how that's helpful.

Or healthy.
Wait. I'm seeing more.

The anonymous tipster.
I can tell you where he is.

And where is that?

The morgue.

Commander, look, my myriad
psychic detective skills
assure me

that the anonymous tipster
is Safety Inspector
Butch Hicks.

Your psychic
detective skills?
You left out myriad.

But wait, there's more.
I see a security camera

in front of the dive shop.
All you have to do is
review last Friday's tape,

and you'll see
that I'm right.

Fine, let's say you are right.
It doesn't change anything.
All the evidence still points

to his death being
an accident. Let's go.

As long as I'm in charge
of this case, you will follow
my orders to the letter.

And my orders are
that you get off this rig!

We have a shuttle leaving
in an hour, you will be on it!

Is it just me,
or is that woman
a tinge bossy?

She scares me.

Let's hop to it.
We have less than
an hour to interview

every worker
on the night shift.

No, Shawn. Let's discuss
something that won't
get us into trouble,

like where we're gonna eat
when we get back to shore.

All that Kit Kat talk
made me hungry.

Dude, this may be the only
chance we have to weed out
who might have wanted

to kill Hicks.
If the Commander finds us,
she's gonna go ape.

Do I smell meat loaf?

And fresh apple cobbler,
if I'm not mistaken.

I guess it won't hurt
to ask a few questions.

Well, hello,
Miss Ashley.

Would you kindly direct
my buddy and I
to the chuck wagon, please?

I'm sorry?

We would like to know
where the mess hall is.

It's two decks down.

Awesome. Would you like
to have lunch with us?

Perhaps afterwards you
could give us a little tour.


Look, regardless of how
my father treats me, I'm not
the cruise director here.

SHAWN: So, tell me about
the safety inspector.

That guy was always writing me
up for the smallest infraction.

I hate to say it,
but I'm glad he's dead.

There's no dairy in that,
is there?

You know, I had a dream
that I knifed him
in his sleep?

But I woke up.

Hicks should have never
gone into no man's land.

No man's land?

It's the area that's
strictly off-limits
during crane operation.

Hicks should've
known better. I mean,
he was the safety inspector.

Anyway, it's a shame
if someone loosened
that tackle and killed him.

You know, you're the first
person to show any sympathy
for Hicks.


(LAUGHING) No, I'm saying
if it was me,
I would've used a gun.

This place is lousy
with suspects.

And excessively heavy food.

I think I ate my weight
in that cowboy
chicken casserole.

Man, this food
was disgusting.

All I had was half
a bran muffin.
What's our next move?

Well, I think we need to
get into Hicks' house.

If there really was a
conspiracy to kill him, we're
gonna need hard evidence.

When we get back to shore,
we go see Chief Vick.

Well, first we go home,
change into our jammies,
take a nap.

Then we wake up,
have some juice,
then straight to Vick.

All right. Well, call me
if anyone matching that
description shows up. Thanks.

Hey, Jules.
Chief in her office?

Ladies Room.
Darn. Gus and I really
need to speak with her.

Think you could give us
a numeral so we can gauge
just how long she'll be?

Oh, I don't know.
Five, seven minutes maybe.

How about number one
or number two?

I have no idea, Shawn.
And no, I'm not gonna
go to the ladies room

and check on her for you.

Is this
your missing person?

Doctor Christopher Renaud.

He's a professor
at the university.
Missing for a week.

What are you two doing here?
Oh, we have our answer.

Chief, we need your help.

Oh, you need my help?
Oh, I gotta give you credit,
Mr. Spencer.

You have more than
your share of gumption.

Please, Chief, this will
only take a minute.

Come on,
for old time's sake.

One minute. No more.

SHAWN: Chief, I read
every single worker
on that rig.

And they all hated Hicks.

I'm getting two very distinct
psychic vibes here.

The first, there was
a conspiracy
behind Hicks' death.

Second, Craig T. Nelson
will donate his remaining hair
to the Smithsonian.

Yeah. Look, Chief,
we need help learning
more about Hicks.

And a good start would be
access to where he lived.

I still don't understand
why you're coming to me
with this?

I mean, why don't you
go to the Commander?

She really doesn't want us
involved with this case.

Really? Imagine that.
I'm sorry. I can't help you.

As the Commander pointed out,
this case is out
of my jurisdiction.

And your minute is up.

Gus, will you excuse us?
I need to speak
with the Chief in private.

No problem. Just so you know,
it was Shawn's idea
for us to go with your sister.

Karen, Chief Karen.
Chief Karen Vick?

That just feels a little long,
doesn't it?

I said I'm busy,
Mr. Spencer.

I'm sensing something here...

Don't do that.

Look, the only reason I took
this case was to help you.

Oh! Really!
Help me how?

If I can tie that murder
to a piece of evidence
on land,

the case is back
in your jurisdiction.

Well, that's actually
kind of sweet.

Don't tell anyone
I used that word.

Deal. Now, I know it's none
of my business, but, uh,

what is going on
with you and Commander Babs?

It's complicated.

Believe me, I know what
it feels like growing up
with an older sister,

who gets all the attention.

I didn't know you had
an older sister, Spencer.

I don't. But I did watch
a lot of re-runs
of The Brady Bunch.

You know, Barbara and I
weren't always like this.
I mean, we used to be,

well, close.

I know exactly
how you feel.

And by I, I mean Jan.

So, was it something specific
that brought things to a head?

No, nothing specific.

It's just years of trying
to outdo each other.


So, should I go divine
that piece of evidence
I was referring to?

I don't know. Should you?



Oh, uh, I'm sorry, buddy.
There we go.

Right in there.

Wow, looks like Hicks'
obsession with safety did not
extend to his colon.

Vick would go ballistic
if she ever found out
we broke in here.

We did not break in.
The window was open already.
Now, come on!

What the heck are we
looking for anyway?

Anything Hicks may have
received with the
threat of violence.

angry phone messages,
mash notes.

Mash notes
are love letters, Shawn.

Really? Remind me,
I owe someone a huge apology.

Let's start
with this computer.

I guess I have to
break the pass code,


Panther 21.

Panther 21?

Just try it.


That's it!

You got all that just from
putting together things
from around the room?

No, it was written on the
bottom of the computer.

I saw it in the reflection
on the CD case.

All right. Almost all of his
recent emails are from
someone called Bishop77.

"Why haven't you
called me back?"

"The situation on the rig
is getting more serious
every day!"

"Why are you ignoring me?"

Dude, listen to this one.

"If you won't do something
about this, I'll go
to the authorities!"

Dude, you know
what this means?

Bishop77 is the anonymous
tipster, not Hicks.

And if we can figure out
who he is, we can find out
what's really going on

out on that rig.
And who killed Hicks. And why.

Bishop77. He's Catholic
or he plays chess.

I got it. I got it. A guy
at work showed me how to take
an email address

and get its owners
real name.

I start by using an email
header to trace back
to the original IP address.



Dear God,
what are you doing?

Shawn, what did I tell you
about eating onions
during lunch?

It makes your breath stink.
That's why I bought you
those mints. Use them.

Dude, I didn't eat onions
during lunch.
I had everything but onions.

I don't smell anything.


That smells good.
That's smells really good.

Dude! It's coming
from inside here.

Well, open it up.

(GROANING) Why does it
always have to be a dead guy?

Why does he
smell like onions?

Will you help me?


Who do you think it is?

Is this
your missing person?

Doctor Christopher Renaud.

That's Lassiter and Juliet's
missing person.


Mr. Spencer,
what's this about?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
He works for me.

Mr. Spencer,
what's this about?

Look, the reason I called
the two of you is because
there's something

in this house
that concerns you both.

Oh, please don't tell me
you went into Hicks' house
without a warrant.

Hey! Warrant?
No one talked to me
about a warrant.

(SIGHING) I need a warrant,
all of a sudden?
I'm a diviner!

It all happens here.
And here.

And in extreme cases, here.

Okay, what exactly
is in there?

A missing person.
A professor Renaud?

That's our missing person.

But we never found
a connection between
he and Hicks.

We'll check it out.

What would Renaud be doing
in Hicks' house?

And how does
this affect my case?

Whoa, whoa. Wait,
I'm getting something.

Talked me into hiring this
fancy rock doctor to show me
where to dig.

I don't need anybody
to show me where to dig.

Renaud worked as a consulting
geologist for Hicks' employer,
Bamford Exploration.

JULIET: It's Renaud.

Spencer's right.
Not words I enjoy saying.

Okay then.

Oh, I see that ties up
the missing person case
quite nicely.

This is usually the place
where you say,
"Nice work, Spencer.' '


I'm sorry, Chief.
I didn't catch that.

So, uh, the victim worked
for Bamford Drilling.

What does that have to do
with Hicks' murder?

You know, if you don't mind,
let me ask the questions now.

Because in case you haven't
noticed, we're on land,

which brings this case
back into my jurisdiction.

Listen to yourself,
will you?

"My jurisdiction.' '

You're only interested in this
case because you're itching
to horn in on my turf!

(LAUGHING) Itching?
Listen to yourself!

Your turf? We're talking
about a whole ocean,
not the TV room!

Whoa, whoa, sisters, please!
Nobody's getting horned here!

Two men are dead!
This is not the time
for petty sibling squabbles.

That's what
Thanksgiving is for.

We need to come together
and work as a group

to get to the truth.
And the truth is...

Renaud is our
anonymous tipster,
not Hicks.

SHAWN: I can see a series of
emails from Renaud to Hicks,
the safety inspector,

warning him that something
unsafe was happening
on that rig.

But Hicks, he refuses to
address the issue.
Probably because he's

covering something up.
And then, fearing that
the truth would get out,



Stop! Hammer time!


Hicks kills Renaud.
The question is, what was
Hicks trying to hide?

Thank you for that eloquent
summation, Mr. Spencer.

It's my pleasure, Chief.
I think our next move
should be...

For me to have Lassiter
and O'Hara now look into it.


Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, this is great.

Barbara just witnessed
the Chief choose me
over Spencer.

In her eyes,
my stock just went up.

Now, if I can just get
her to witness me
discharge my weapon.


Well, Mr. Spencer,
this case does warrant
further investigation

on my end as well.

Absolutely. Thank you,
Commander. I think the first
thing we need to investigate

is why Hicks was in
no man's land? I mean,
the safety inspector,

of all people, should have
known better.

Yeah, and I'll have
my people look into that.

Oh, yeah. By the way,
you're fired.

Fired? Nobody fires me, Shawn.
What do we do next?

I can't stop asking myself,
why was the geologist's office
the only door that was locked?

I'm telling you,
something's in there.

We've got to get back
on that rig. But how?

I have an idea.

Is it good?
Not really.

Dad! Whoa, whoa! Wait!
Wait, wait! Ah, thank God!

HENRY: Hey, Shawn.
What are you doing here?

Well, hey, you know what?
Uh, Gus and I thought, maybe
we'd go out with you today.

Ah, that's a first.
Every time I ask you
to go out fishing,

you usually come up
with some lame excuse.

What was it?
Last time it was, uh,
one word. "Books.' '

(LAUGHING) That's right.
What can I say?

We're both in the mood
for some serious angling.


We heard the big ones
are biting.

That's funny, I heard that
the storm scared
all the fish away.

Wait a minute,
what did you hear was biting?

It's not pike, is it?

As a matter of fact
it was pike, man!
The pike is biting!

Yeah, well, pike is a
fresh water fish.

In case you morons
haven't noticed,
that's the ocean out there.

All right, Shawn?
What's up? What do you want?

We believe the evidence we
need to solve a case
is on an offshore oil rig.

It's the Bamford Number 7.

And we were hoping
that you could
give us a lift out there.

Can't do it. Sorry, guys.
Even if I was so inclined,
this boat isn't designed

to go out that far.
Dad, come on,
this is important.

It's not just about solving
the case. We gotta get back
in Vick's good graces.

Shawn, cannot do it.

(SIGHING) Shocking.

But I, uh, I think I got a
friend over here. Captain Dale
might be able to help you out.

Of course, you'll have to
do some chores.



Hey, can I come in?

What do you want, Barb?

Here to argue some more
about jurisdiction?

Actually, no.

Yeah, well, I have
a lot of work to do, so...

Well, the thing is,
is I had my people look into
what Spencer said.

What was Hicks doing out
in no man's land?

Uh, did somebody lure him
there? So I took a trip out
to the rig

and had a look at the crane.
And it turns out the crane
had been tampered with.

Hicks was murdered.
I was wrong.


Spencer was right.

About Hicks murdering Renaud.
His prints were all over
the murder weapon.

Well, then we need to find
Spencer and see what else
he's figured out.

Lead the way.
Can I?

Let's go.

Damn that Captain Dale.
I still smell like fish.
I hate fish.

That's not true. You love my
Cajun crawfish hush puppies.

That's mostly cornmeal
and you know that!

Look what you did to my
credit card! You ruined it!

Dude, it had
a 29.7% interest rate.

I did you a favor.
Stop complaining.
Start looking.

You good on litmus paper?


What the heck is that?

Looks like a map.

"BR#7.' '

BILLY JOE: I don't need
anybody to tell me
where to dig.

Why would Renaud hand-draw
a map that already existed?

You remember that map
we saw in the corridor?

Yeah, go grab it.


That's what Renaud meant
when he said they were doing
something unsafe.

They're not drilling where
they say they're drilling.

They're drilling directly
on a fault line.

This is a private lab.
What are you two
doing in here?

Dude, I got this.

Ashley, the truth is
that I'm a psychic.

A damn good one,
I've been told.

I'm sensing that there's stuff
going on that will be hard
for you to hear.

Very hard.

Very, very hard.
Damn, girl, you are so lean.

What do you, spin?

Shawn, I thought you
said you got this.

Sorry. I'm seeing faults,
uh, faulty something.

Faulty intelligence?
Faulty wiring? Fawlty Towers?


Your father is drilling
into a fault line.


He made a fake map with
the help of a Doctor Dre.

No, uh, Dr. Pepper, no!
Dr. No... Dr. Renaud.

Our geologist.
That's right. There's more.

Unfortunately, I think your
father may be responsible

for the deaths of
Dr. Renaud and Hicks.

I think he's trying to
cover his tracks.

I'm... I'm sorry,
I can't believe that
Dad would do that.

I mean, he's always been
a risk taker, willing to
gamble everything if

he thought there was oil
to be found.

But I... I can't believe
that he would do this.

I feel sick.
It's okay.

We're gonna get
through this together.

Probably over dinner.
I was thinking tapas, but I
could be talked into Greek...


We need to stop
drilling immediately.

Right. And as far
as dinner goes, let's
just put a pin in it.

ASHLEY: The communications
room is down the hall.
We'll radio up to the floor

and tell them
to suspend operations.

The light is on
the opposite wall.
I'll turn on the radio.

I know it isn't easy,
hearing your father isn't
who you thought he was.

But you're doing
the right thing.

This is the radio room?

Ashley! Sweetie pop!

Come on, now.

You shouldn't have come back
out here, Shawn.

Now I'm gonna have to
figure out a way
to get rid of you.


I might have made a mistake.
She fills those jeans out
quite nicely, though.

Shawn, that sign
says "toxic fumes.' '
I am breathing in toxic fumes!

Come on, dude.

You think the company's gonna
expose their employees to
stuff that's really harmful?

Did you not see
Silkwood, Shawn?

They're gonna make me
take a shower where
they scrub my skin off!

Miss Bamford!
Can we talk to you?

Um, can it wait?
I'm really busy
right now.

No, no, no, sorry, honey.
It can't wait.

See, we know that Hicks' death
wasn't an accident,
that he was murdered.

It looks like we have solid
alibis from everyone
on the rig that night.

But the helicopter pilot
who brought the workers
out for their shift

said there was an
extra passenger on board
who wasn't on the manifest.

That passenger was you,
Miss Bamford.

Yeah. We're hoping you could
clear this up for us.

Why were you
out here that night?

And why didn't you want
your name on the manifest?

Oh, well, that's simple.
I was, um...

You see,
sometimes I like to
make surprise visits.

She's got a weapon!

KAREN: Halt!


We gotta get out of here.

Shawn, I think the rule is
when you hear gunfire,
you don't go towards it.

We're in here!
We're in here!
We're in here!

We're in here!


Oh, Jules, Lassy, thank God.
It's Ashley Bamford.
She's armed!

We know. We're in pursuit.
You two stay put.
Do you understand?

Got it!

What part of "stay put"
is confusing you?

The "put" part. Stay put?
I wasn't put in the first
place, Gus.

The expression is
a complete disaster.
Ooh, look!


What's her 20?

On the left. 30 feet.

No, it's more like 35 feet.

Damn it, why do you always
have to feel like you
have to correct me?

Was I correcting you?
I didn't mean to correct...

I'm sorry.

What the hell
are you doing?
I have a plan.

It's called
"Gus is a table.' '


I'm a what?

It was our signature prank
in the seventh grade.
I know you remember this.

"Gus is a table.' '
Let me get this...

Let me get this straight.
You want me to sneak up behind
her on all fours,

so you can push her
and she'll fall over me?

Exactly. I'll distract her
while you get into position.

Ashley, hon?

Don't make me shoot you!

It's okay. I just wanna talk.

I'm putting my cards
on the table.

Right, smack dab on the table.

It doesn't matter.
It's too late.

Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
It's not too late.

Gus is a table!

Gus is a statue!
You're a sell out?

What's going on?
What are you talking about?

Nothing. Nothing, nothing.
Nothing's going on.

Don't come any closer, Shawn.

What is he doing?

I have no idea.

Shawn, get out of there.

Juliet, stay back.
All of you stay back.
And stop shooting!

Look, Ashley,

I know what it feels like
to have a Dad who does not
appreciate or respect you.

Let me tell you what I see.

I see a gorgeous young woman,
with a smart jacket,

and an impressive education,
and even more impressive
arm muscle tone

who desperately wanted
to save her father's
crumbling business.

I know that's why you had
Renaud make the fake map
so that nobody would know

you were drilling into
a dangerous fault line.

And when Butch Hicks
found out about it,

you did what any good child
would do in your place.

You had no choice.
You had to kill him.

I couldn't let Hicks or anyone
else get in the way.

You understand that,
don't you, Shawn?

Of course I do.
Are you kidding me?
Completely understand,

(LAUGHING) What are you doing?
Give me that.
Give me that gun.

It's okay.

Come here.

Did Barbara see that?


Well, I gotta say,
Mr. Spencer, nice work.

Thanks, Chief.
No help to my table.

No help to my table.


This really isn't necessary.
I already told you guys,
you're forgiven.

In fact, I should be giving
you gifts for bringing my
sister and me back together.

Chief, stop it. The only gift
we'll ever need from you
is your sweet toothy smile.

And any possible cases
you might wanna send our way.

But mostly
the toothy smile.

Knock, knock, knock.

Well, ahoy, Commander.
Welcome aboard!
There she blows!

All hands on deck.

Okay, enough.
The painfully cute mugging's
starting to get on my nerves.

What are you,
Entertainment Weekly?

So, we still on
for lunch, Kar?


This is kind of awkward,
but I'm thinking of asking
out Detective Lassiter.

What do you think?


Oh! Um...

You don't wanna go there.
Really. Why?

It's just, he's a little,
um, wound up.
And trust me,

you'd be far better off
pursuing somebody else.
I'm doing you a favor.

Oh, I get it. You
want him for yourself.

What? No. I'm married,
Barb. And even if I weren't,
I mean, Carlton?

Oh! Oh, no. No, no...
Ah, no, no, no.


you are so transparent!

You can't stand to see me
with someone
you're attracted to!

All of a sudden too,
by the way.

All of a... Transparent?
Yeah, fine, you know what?
Ask out Lassiter!

I will!
Go ahead!

You. Me. Lunch.

Aye, aye!


So, I take it
the sibling rivalry
is back on?

Oh, it's on.
And I am so winning.

Ouch! You have a problem.

In between the lines
there's a lot of obscurity

I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity

If it's all right
then you're all wrong

But why bounce around
to the same damn song?

You'd rather run
when you can't crawl

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions
tend to psych you out
in the end

I know, you know

I know, you know