Psych (2006–2014): Season 3, Episode 11 - Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing - full transcript

Shawn and Gus must clear Lassiter's name in the face of overwhelming evidence when he is the prime suspect in the murder of an arrested-turned-state witness.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Uh-uh, turn around.

Oh! Did you get me a pi?ata?


Pepsi Challenge?

Am I being executed?

Just a little experiment.

You know, it's said that when you're
deprived of one of your five senses,

the other four compensate
by becoming sharper.

Now, I know I usually test
you on what you can see,

but today I want you
to tell me what you can hear.


All right.
Tell me what you heard.

Well, you went from
the fridge to the stove,

then you picked something up
and threw it in the trash.

Take off your blindfold.

Hey, my report! You threw
it in the trash? Why?

Because it wasn't your report.
I saw you get it from Gus.

Now you're going to do
the report yourself.

The next thing I want to hear is the sound
of that pencil moving across your paper.

I'd rather be executed.

It's just stupid, that's all. I
mean if he didn't have any hair,

no one had any business
calling him Fuzzy Wuzzy.

They were being ironic, Shawn.

Yeah, but he wasn't fuzzy, was he?

No, he wasn't.
Irony, Shawn.

My point, precisely.

Hey! Shawn.

Jules. What are you guys doing here?

Oh, we were just out for a stroll.
Figured we'd stop in for a social call.

Plus, Gus left his retainer
in the break room.

You came all the way down here in
a torrential rainstorm for that?

Okay. Truth is, we were bored.
The storm knocked out our cable.

Gus wouldn't play
Boggle or Cranium.

I said I would play some Cranium.
The storm didn't knock out our cable.

Shawn didn't pay the bill.

Would have. The storm would
have knocked out our cable.

You said it yourself, Jules.
It's torrential out there.

The real reason we're down here is to
pick up the check for our last case,

so we can get our cable
turned back on.

The weather has dampened
my psychic powers,

but I am sensing that something big
is about to come through that door.

Huge. We just got a call
from Lassiter.

He arrested Ernesto Ramos
Chavez 20 minutes ago.

He is second in command
of the Cinco Reyes.

So he plays the big guitar
in the mariachi band.

No, Shawn.
Cinco Reyes. Five Kings.

They're one of the most
dangerous gangs in our country.

Very good, Mr. Guster.

Lassiter busted him
several years ago,

but the DA couldn't make the charges
stick. So, he just dropped off the radar.

Since then we've gotten
hard evidence on Chavez

that links him to a whole lot of nasty
stuff, enough to put him away for good.

Lassiter did a great
thing today.

Hey! He's here!

Come on, dude,
this is way better than cable.

I don't know. Ultimately,
he's just another bad guy.

Book him.

Good job.
Good job.

I got a tip from an informant
that Chavez had finally resurfaced.

I tracked him
to the Quick Shop.

Took up position
at the front door.

His only way out
was through me.

The clerk said it'll take a few
more minutes to process our check.

Do you mind?
The man is telling his story.

Go ahead.
So I walked up to him.

Said, "Good to see you again,
Chavez. You're coming with me. "

He said, "Just you?"
And I said, "Just me. "

Uh, just...
Just to be clear.

Are we talking about the
Quick Shop on Las Palmas,

or the one on Princeton?
What's the difference?

Well, let's say, for example,
that you'd like a bag of Funyuns.

You're gonna have to go to
the one on Las Palmas.

Princeton doesn't stock
them. Don't ask me why.

Who doesn't love Funyuns?

It was the one
on Las Palmas,

but I had more important
things on my mind than chips.

Well, naturally. You were
apprehending a very dangerous criminal.

From the Cincos. Right?

Reyes. But just so you know,
Funyuns aren't actually a chip.

Shawn, enough
with the Funyuns.

Jules, they are an onion
flavored corn snack.

And for the record,
they are fun.

But that's enough from us.
We're being rude.

So how does it feel? You guys in
the gang unit couldn't catch Chavez,

and Lassiter did.

Yeah. Whatever.

Hey, he made our job easier.

Kudos, Lassiter.
Thanks, Drimmer.

Detective Lassiter,
may I see you in my office?

You bet.

Probably wants to give me
a commendation or something.

Probably gonna make you
a Cop and 1/2.

You deserve it, Carlton.

Hey, I win, we all win.

Detective, I'd like to introduce
Agents Whieldon and Rupp.

They're from the FBI
National Gang Task Force.

good of you to be here.

It's been quite a night. We choppered
right in when we heard about the arrest.

Ernesto Chavez has been a high
profile target for a long time.

It was just a perfect storm of good
timing and even better footwork.

But you didn't have to travel all
the way up here to congratulate me.

We didn't. We're here
for Chavez. Excuse me?

We cut him a deal
and he took it.

He's going to turn state's witness
against the rest of the Cinco Reyes gang.

You're just gonna
let them take him?

I'm sorry, Detective, but Ernesto Chavez's
testimony could have a profound effect

on dismantling a major
criminal enterprise.

I have not devoted countless
man-hours in pursuit of this scumbag

to have him comfortably live out his
days in some witness relocation program.

No way. Detective, I
understand your frustration.

He should be
rotting in prison!

But it's not your call
to make, Detective.

So, why don't you run along
and fetch us our witness?

Why don't you kiss my...


Combos. Different story.
They're both pretzels and cheese.

And if you get one without cheese,
that means the bag is haunted.

I should've taken him out
when I had the chance.

What's that about?

Well, I've got it,
but get this,

the desk sergeant says that all
checks must be endorsed by Chief Vick.

Relax, buddy.
No reason to get all a-thwack.

A- thwack? That's not a word.
It's Vianessian.

That's not a language.

Chief. Pressing matter.
Not now, Spencer.

All I need's a signature.
And a pen.

Either of you guys have a Bic?
Montblanc? Paper Mate? I'll take a crayon.

Agents Whieldon and Rupp, our
department's psychic, Shawn Spencer.

Very impressive work,

It usually takes me 15 minutes to work
Lassiter up into that kind of lather.

Then I rinse and repeat.

See, Gus? I'm not the
only one not paying bills.

Shots fired! Shots fired! Lassiter.

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

He's dead.
Damn it!

Get the coroner and forensics
down here right away.

What are you people staring
at? He's getting away.

You're standing over a dead
man with a gun in your hand.

And? And I'd like to know
what the hell happened here!

No time for that, Chief. Our
shooter's still in the building.

Make time, Detective.

I was escorting Chavez out of
his cell when the lights went off.

I was accosted from behind. I drew
my weapon, I lost it in the scuffle.

I heard a shot, the lights
came on, Chavez was dead.

I had just retrieved my weapon
when you arrived on the scene.

Wow, Detective. That story
is a big load of crap.

Are you calling me a liar? Oh,
you picking up on that, genius?

Detective Lassiter!

Hold me back! Shawn, will you get
serious? Lassiter just shot a guy.

Stand down! Don't be ridiculous.
He didn't kill anyone.

His finger wasn't even
on the trigger.

Step back. Stand down! All of you!

Chief, I think it's obvious
what went down here.

Your detective just
wasted my lead witness.

And I would love to know
what you're gonna do about it.

If Detective Lassiter says he's
not the shooter, then I believe him.

Are you kidding me?
Thank you, Chief.

All right, everybody.
Listen up.

There's a good chance our
shooter is still in the building.

O'Hara, you and I are gonna
go... O'Hara, take three officers

and search the lower floor. The
rest of you, I want this station

locked down tight.

Every window and exit covered.
Every room and air duct searched.

You. You. You.

We are going to follow protocol
to the letter, Detective.

Now first, I need to run
ballistics on your weapon.

Right. Of course.

Got it. Now I need a full
statement from you. In writing.

Good luck finding a pen.

All due respect, Chief, I would
be a lot more useful on the search.

I wasn't asking.

Let's get out of here.
This is creeping me out.

Hold on a second.

Hey! Where the hell are you
going? This is a crime scene!

I was looking for the bathroom.
Is that not the bathroom?

You know what? Never mind.
I can hold it.

Unless you wanna fork over one of those
evidence bags? Give me a little privacy?


As far as we can tell, no one has entered
or exited the building since lock down.

Okay. We've done
a complete search.

And we have alibis
from all staff present.


I think it's time to have another
talk with Detective Lassiter.

Don't you, Chief?

Detective. We need to go over some
things. So, I need you to tell me again

exactly what happened.

It's all right here, Chief.
Any word on the search?

Then our shooter must have
gotten through our net.

We have got
to expand our perimeter.

Carlton, it's not as simple
as that. Have a seat.


What's Internal Affairs doing
here? Detective Lassiter.

I understand you've been going
through a difficult divorce.

I also see that you've been putting
in quite a lot of overtime lately.

Not to mention, you have a higher than
normal incidence of discharging your weapon.

And you were overheard saying
you should have taken him out

when you had the chance.

Are you saying I am actually a
suspect? You've got to be kidding me.

We just need to do a gun
residue swab to make sure

that it wasn't you who fired the
weapon. We're just making sure.

Fine. But I am telling you
you're wasting your time.

Chief, we need to speak.
No, we don't.

The spirit world is abuzz and
my psychic vibes indicate, nay,

insist, that Lassiter
did not shoot Chavez.

I mean, we all knew that he
would shoot somebody someday.

Oh, so you think
he's capable of it?

No, he doesn't. At most
Lassiter would plant evidence.

Would someone please get them the hell
out of here? I couldn't agree more.

Don't worry, buddy!
We're all over this.

Look. I believe
Lassiter is innocent, too.

But we need hard evidence
to exonerate him,

not visions or vibrations
or whatever it is you have.

Chief, those are but two of
the arrows in my psychic quiver.

You have to go by the book on
this one, Chief. We understand.

Thank you.
Oh, Chief. One more thing.

You think you could sign this check
for us? We're a little bit broke-ish.

You think she went back
inside to get a pen?

I'm still not
convinced, Shawn.

How can you be absolutely certain
that Lassiter didn't shoot Chavez?

It's relatively easy, Gus. I
decided to be and therefore I am.

Socrates said that.
No, that was Descartes.

That was the cologne
we wore in high school.

That was Drakkar Noir.
No, that is a wine.

That's Pinot Noir.


Chief! Welcome! Welcome
to the Fortress of Solitude!

Oh, no. No, thank you.

No, I've had enough.
No more coffee.

I've been up all night, and we still
haven't found any physical evidence

that this mystery shooter
ever existed. And what's worse?

Ocampo got a hold of Lassiter's
psychological profile.

Wow. He really has it
out for him.

Chief, those psych evals
are rarely accurate.

It was probably done by some crackpot
shrink with a fake Swedish accent.

It was the one done by
your mother. Sweet Baby J.

Last night you said
that Lassiter is innocent.

He is.
Can you prove it?

Of course I can.

Oh, you mean right now?
Yes, now.

Ocampo has a warrant to
search Lassiter's place

and he's headed
over there right now.

And unless you have something tangible,
I don't think I can stop this train.

Chief, I think you can. I
think you can. I think you can.

Don't worry. I'll divine something
to get Lassiter off the hook.

Let's go.

It's dedication.
It's creepy is what it is.

The lab results just came in.

I knew it. Lassiter's hand
tested positive for GSR.

Well, duh. Lassiter always
has GSR on his hands.

He practically lives
at the shooting range.

You think he wants
to hang around here?

And ballistics says the bullet that killed
Chavez definitely came from Lassiter's gun.

All right. This may be a
little tougher than I thought.

Not for me.


I didn't know you'd be
coming by today.

I actually hadn't
planned to, but...

Oh, no.

Detective Lassiter, you are
the prime suspect in the murder

of Ernesto Ramos Chavez and as of
this moment you are on suspension.

Please relinquish your badge.

Here. Let me help
you with this.


I know you didn't do this, buddy. And
I'm gonna do everything I can to prove it.

I promise.

Hot cheese!

Dude, you know that
cheese has gone bad.

Contraire, mein Herr.
It's gone good. Very good.

Don't you know that cheese
is best when it's aged?

I read somewhere that
a Japanese businessman spent

a fortune on a 200-year-old
wheel of Jarlsberg.

I think you've confusing that
with Monet's water lilies.

No, I'm pretty sure
it was a Jarlsberg.

Don't you people ever clean up
in here? This place is a sty.

Lassy, what's up?

And the outfit, man. What, are
you back on the job already?

No. These are my civvies.

They look exactly
like your work clothes.

Hardly. I'm wearing my suede bucks.
They're a casual gentleman's shoe.

A casual gentleman's shoe?
What are you, the Great Gatsby?

You gonna do a little swan
watching with Daisy Buchanan later?

Wow. How did you come up
with that one?

Eighth grade summer
reading. What?

Anyway, we're glad to see you.
What are you doing here?

Well, I wanted to tell you how much I
appreciate you believing my innocence,

especially considering how
little I believe in you.

And I'm starting my own
investigation and I want you on board.

You're hiring us?
Absolutely not.

Then what are you doing? I'm giving
you the chance to work with me.

But we do that all the time.
Are you gonna help me or not?

Of course we are.
You're like our brother.

Hmm! Mmm.

Weird kid who lives
down the street

and who eats nothing but mayonnaise
on saltines? Please. Have a seat.

Before we get started, we always like
to ask a few preliminary questions.

Standard stuff.
Fire away.

Okay. Well, let's see. One,
did you kill that guy? Gus!


This is kind of a
time-sensitive issue.

If I don't clear my name in the next
24 hours, my chances become very slim.

Now I need to know your
process. How do we get started?

You really want to know
my process? Absolutely.

Usually starts with a holla
and ends with a Creamsicle.

And then if there's time in
between, Thundercats. Ho-oh!

I'm dead.

The DA is already
hounding me for this report.

I don't know how much
longer I can hold her off.

Hounding you? When did that happen,
Ocampo? Over drinks last night?


All I'm saying is that this
is a highly sensitive case.

The sooner we clear it up,
the better for all of us.

And I'm not signing off on anything until
a thorough investigation is complete.

As far as I'm concerned, the
pretty little DA can wait.


Whatever you say, Chief.

Chief, can I talk to you
for a second? Mmm-hmm.

I don't trust that guy. Who?
Ocampo? Neither do I. He's a snake.

He's a politician.

A guy like that will screw
anyone for an indictment

and we can't let him
do that to Lassiter.

Detective, I'm handling this. But
meanwhile you have cases to work.

Chief? He's here.
Send him in.

Look, O'Hara, you're distracted
and I can't have that.

So I'm assigning you
a new partner.

Drimmer? He's one of the
best detectives that I've got

and he's willing
to help us out.

Look, O'Hara, I know this
situation is weird.

All I can do is try to be as
capable as your former partner was.

Lassiter is still my
partner. Absolutely.

That didn't come
out right.

You're dismissed.

Lassy, good news,
we got you a grape one.

I told you I don't want
a Popsicle.

Oh. Well, I guess we'll have to share
this. How do you share a Popsicle?

I take a lick, you take a lick,
I take lick, you take a lick,

I take a lick...
It's yours.


Are those overnight bags?

Yeah. I had them in my trunk.
You're staying here?

My place is a crime scene. It's either
here or I'm bunking with one of you two.

Here's fine.
Make yourself at home.

Excellent. Now I've narrowed it
down to 31 known enemies of Chavez.

All people who
wanted him dead.

Now if we split the list three ways,
we can get this done a lot faster.

Our objective is to do a
thorough work up of every suspect

to figure out who had access
to the holding cell.

It's none of those guys.

Are you saying that's your method
for all your investigations?

Not all of them.
Most of them.

A great many of them, yes.
I'm getting something though.

You didn't tell me everything that happened
that night. I told you everything I saw.

When you're deprived of one of your
five senses, the other four compensate

by becoming sharper.

Close your eyes.

Yeah. No can do. I never close
my eyes with other people around.

Ever. What the hell
are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?
Will you relax?

Hey. What?


Sensory deprivation.
You told me what you saw.

Now tell me what you heard.

Right. Well, obviously I heard
the sound of my weapon going off.

No. That's not it.
Something else.

The only other thing
I heard was...

I heard a faint squeak.

That's it.
That's our first lead.

We go back to the cell, figure out
what made that faint little squeak,

and that'll lead us
to our killer.

I have to say that's pretty
impressive, Spencer.

Can I take this thing
off now? Yes, you may.

Great. Let's
get over there.

That sounds like the horchata guy. What?

Guster, we kind of have other
things on our plate right now.

Don't mind him.
He's out of his mind.

That's clearly
the frozen yogurt guy.

Let's do this.

Whoa, whoa, Lassy. Where
do you think you're going?

I'm coming with you.

Buddy, you're under investigation.
You can't go in there.

Just stay here. We'll be
back as soon as we can.


Hey. What are you
guys doing here?

I was guided here
by the spirits. And Gus.

The spirits told me that you're about
to lead us down to the holding cells.

Gus just drove.
Absolutely not, Shawn.

As you can see,
I am busy with another case.

Jules, where's
your compassion?

This is Lassiter we're talking
about here. He's your comrade.

Don't you dare
lecture me, Shawn.

I am more upset about this
than you could ever be.

Lassiter is my partner. How would
you feel if something happened to Gus?

Depends entirely on
what happened to him.

I mean if he wakes up one day
and he's Howard Jones,

I'm like, "Dude, things can
only get better. "

He wins the US Open,

I'm openly weeping in the front row of the
players box between his mom and his dad.

He leaves the cake out in the rain...
Look, the Chief is on top of this.

She's making sure that every
piece of evidence is analyzed

and every person
is questioned.

Even the guy who was passed out in
the holding cell the other night.

Wait a second. There was
someone else down there?

Yeah. Somebody named
Kenneth Loggins.

Kenny Loggins is in jail?

The composer of House at Pooh Corner
and This Is It has fallen on hard times?

No, not that Kenny Loggins. This
guy's a petty thief and a drunk.

We picked him up for vagrancy
outside of Tom Blair's Pub.

He was released this morning. Did
he see anything that could help us?

More importantly,
did he hear anything?

No. Like I said,
he was passed out.

Now I have to go.
Drimmer is waiting for me.

Drimmer? Big goofy dude from
upstairs? You're working with him now?

It's only temporary. Just
till Lassiter gets reinstated.

Looks like it's stealth mode
for us, partner. Stealth mode?

Hit the jackal switch.

What is she
doing with Drimmer?

Oh, my God. She's already
been assigned a new partner.

Wait. Do you know
where we're going?

I have no idea.

And he's letting her drive.

Let's just get in and out before
someone catches us. Someone like me?

I'm gonna yell for the guard
unless you do what I want.

What do you want?
A friendly ear.

Gus, that's you.
I'm not giving him my ear.

Just talk to him. But don't get too
close 'cause I'm not actually sure

he doesn't want one of
your ears. You talk to him.

Just go talk to him.
Why am I gonna talk to him?

'Cause I got to look around and
figure out how to solve this...

I heard a faint squeak.

Dude, I got it! Let's go.

Did you know that before he
stabbed a guy, he was a life coach?

Who would hire him as a life
coach? The guy he stabbed.

Yeah. We need
to get out of here.

If what you said is right and Kenny
Loggins saw the murder go down,

why would he lie to the cops
and say he didn't see anything?

Because what he saw, or
more importantly who he saw,

scared the hell out of him.

So Kenny Loggins knows
who the real killer is.

Which means we're headed to his
favorite dive. Tom Blair's Pub?

If he wouldn't tell the cops,
why do you think he'll tell us?

I have ways, Gus.

You don't have any ways, do
you? I have curds and ways.

That's Kenny Loggins.

He's dead.

So you're saying
he's not all right.


What's up? You totally disappeared
on us. Where did you go?

Walking? Where?

Around. And you're not
answering your phone?

Nothing to say.
Dude, is that my shirt?

Oh, yeah.
I spilled tapioca on mine.

Tapioca? My tapioca?

The one with the light dusting of
cinnamon on top that was in the fridge?

My mom made that!

Gus. Simmer down.
Lassy, what's going on here?

Well, let's see.

My partner's moved on,
my career is in shambles,

and even sweet Lady Justice
has abandoned me.

Look. You're not done yet.

There was somebody
else down there.

Yeah, Kenny Loggins.
He was passed out.

No. No, no, no,
he wasn't passed out,

and I sense that
he saw everything.

And someone killed him
because of it.

And that someone wasn't you.

It wasn't you, was it?

I'm just saying he's the one
who disappeared from the car!

This is a huge development.
It is. You're right.

The one person who could get
me off the hook is now dead.

Thank you, Spencer.

He's seriously depressed.
Going all Bukowski on us.

I don't think we can leave him
alone. What do we do with him?

All right, look. I don't think Lassiter
killed Chavez any more than you two do,

but it doesn't mean I want
him camped out in my house.

For the record, I'm only 75
percent sure he didn't do it.


That's up from yesterday.
Dad, look.

The man's clearly
in a bad place.

We just need you to keep
an eye on him for a while.

Yeah. Right.
He's in my kitchen

breaking my "only I drink
from the carton" rule.

He's a fellow cop in need of
help. Isn't that reason enough?

One day. One day. No more.
Thank you.

All right. Now is this where the
"you ask for my advice" part comes in?

What? No. Dad, please.

All right.
Look, check it out.

We know that the real killer
had access to the holding cells

and knew how
to shut off the power.

All right. So the janitor killed him.


Dad, I think
this was an inside job.

Stop right there, Shawn. You do not
throw accusations like that around.

Do you understand?
Think about it.

Kenny Loggins saw the shooter,
but was too afraid to ID him.

Now who would he fear most? Kenny
Loggins was in the next cell?

What? Was Jim Messina in there with him?

Who's Jim Messina?
A different Kenny Loggins.

Listen to me. Under no circumstances
do you go into that police station

and snoop around
and put yourself at risk.

Do you understand?

Look me in the eyes
and say it.

I promise.

Now hurry up.

What? Were you raised by wolves?

Let's go.
Where we heading?

The police station. You just told
your dad you wouldn't go there.

How long have you known me?

Now what exactly
are we looking for?

Anything that connects Kenny
Loggins to someone in the department.

That's weird.
What do you got?

I'm in the arrest database, and
there's no record of a Kenny Loggins.

The drunkard
or the gifted musician.

Huh. That doesn't
make any sense.

Jules said he was
a chronic offender.

These are the hard copies of
every arrest in the last year.

He should
definitely be in here.

Dude. This goes
from page 29 to 32.

There's two pages missing.
Somebody must have taken it out.

Oh, man. Now my fingers
are all smudgy.

Why do I even
bother with mani-pedis?

Dude. I think
somebody's here.

Act natural.

What the hell are you doing?
It's the strangest thing, Jules.

I'm having psychic spasms.

I believe the origin of these spasms
is coming from inside the records room.

Oh! Oh, that's a biggie!

I am sensing that there is
something missing in here.

Something to do
with Kenny Loggins.

The criminal, not the man
with fabulous hair.

What are you talking about?
Ooh! There's another one.

Oh, this is from the hips.
This is some serious business.

Here. Look
at this logbook.

I'm sensing that all the
records of his arrests are gone.

These pages have
been stolen.


What? What is it?
What are you getting?

I was thinking of Footloose.

When the she-welder dances
over to the chair

and the water comes
cascading down on her.

That was Flashdance. That
was awesome is what it was.

Oh, my God.
What? What is it?

I saw Ocampo in this office
earlier. He was shredding papers.

The IA guy. Yeah. It
makes perfect sense.

He has big time
political ambitions

and taking down a high-ranking police
officer would be a huge career boost for him.

The shredder's been emptied. I think the
janitor is still here. Come on! Let's go!

I'll get it. I'll get it.
I'll get it. That's dirty.

Oh, it's impossible to
tell anything from these.

Not after they're all taped
back up together again.

Tell me you're kidding.

I don't joke around about meticulously
reassembling shredded documents, Gus.

This'll be fun. Come on.
Like doing a puzzle,

except instead of revealing a shipwreck
or a kitten, we'll get our proof

that Ocampo is the killer.

I'll stay here and try to trace any
log-on Ocampo made to the database.

Someone's coming.

O'Hara, I finished up that
paperwork for both of us.

I'm going to take off for the
day. See you around, partner.

That's cold, Juliet.

No, he is not my partner. He
just thinks that he is my partner.

He paid for coffee,
brought me cupcakes.

But trust me, my mind is 100%
focused on Lassiter, just like you.

You guys are thinking
about cupcakes, aren't you?


They're not on her desk.

Are you gonna
help out or what?

Oh, Gus, I'm still cramping, man.
It's my fault. I should've hydrated.

I cannot take it anymore! I cannot
spend one more minute with Lassiter.

He is driving me
out of my mind.

What is this?
Nothing. It's...

You know.

You went down to the police station,
didn't you? I told you very specifically,

"Do not go down there
and poke your nose around. "

My nose is not to blame. My feet
took me there, along with Gus.

But listen.
We struck gold.

In these shreddings is the answer
to who killed Kenny Loggins.

We could use an extra set of
hands. I'm out of commission.

My knuckles are swelling.
You said it was cramping.

Ow, ow!
The pain is criminal, Gus.

What do you say, Dad? Help
us out or back to Lassy?

That bad, huh?

I can't take it anymore. He's
eaten everything in my house.

He's recording every
episode of Cops.

You love Cops.
Not 25 times a day.

It's got me nostalgic for the
times when you were living at home.

It's nauseating.
Thanks, Dad.

Peanut guy.

You two keep at it and I'll be back
before you can say, "I heart legumes. "

Wow. You're really good
at this. It's hereditary.

I come from a long line
of puzzlers, Gus.

Shawn is terrible at puzzles.
It skips a generation.

And there's a little something
extra for you. I appreciate it.

Hey, Shawn!

Out for my nightly jog. Got
to work off those cupcakes.


Well, good luck with that.

Hey, listen.
I was wondering something.

Are you and O'Hara,
you know, an item?

Because she seems to
talk about you an awful lot.


What is he doing out there?
He's got the nuts already.

Bring them in!

Does this say Versa Bank?

This is a credit card bill.

So much for Shawn's theory.

Is that all he's paying
for cable? I'm getting robbed!

That's fascinating.
What else did she say?

Well, that you're
very witty and urbane.


And, also,
that you're really gifted.

This psychic stuff
really brings results.

So first thing
I got to know is,

am I going to win
the lottery?

No. I don't know.
You don't know.

I'm not. I'm not. I didn't
think I was, anyway. So...

Yeah, but more importantly,

you getting anything
on this Lassiter business?

Oh, man. Now my fingers are all smudgy.

You're getting something,
aren't you?

No. No, all I got is a
couple of dudes in the office

jonesing for peanuts.

One of them's part elephant.
He never lets me forget that.

Well, I guess you better
get back to them.

Yeah. Good talk, Drimmer.
All right.

Hey, Shawn. One more thing. Yeah?

That was
a cheap shot, Drimmer.

One minute,
we're standing there,

chatting about your creepy
infatuation with Jules,

and the next, I'm laying
on this uncomfortable couch.

In Lassy's place,
no less?

My God.
Could this get any worse?

I guess it can.

Shut up, Spencer.

You might be able to smartass
your way out of some things,

but you know what? I don't
see that happening here.

So you're the psychic now?
Shut up.

I like the sound of my own
voice. I won't apologize for that.

Besides, I should thank you
for cold-cocking me.

You managed to shake
my psychic Ju-Ju loose.

Aah! One second.

Okay. It was you
Chavez looked at

when Lassiter
brought him in,

because in all your years
on the gang unit,

the two of you became
quite the BFF's.

You never brought Chavez in
and you never intended to

because you were
on his payroll.

So how does it feel? You guys in
the gang unit couldn't catch Chavez,

but Lassiter did.

Yeah. Whatever.

Hey, he made our job easier.
Kudos, Lassiter.

Once you found out he was
turning state's witness,

you knew it was only
a matter of time

before he pointed
the finger at you.

So you had to take him out.

Poor Kenny Loggins. Well, he
was just collateral damage.

One might even say
he was in the danger zone.

Oh, come on, Drimmer. That at
least merited a micro-chuckle.

You really think killing me is
going to solve your problems?

Oh, I'm not gonna kill you.


Detective O'Hara,
have you seen Shawn?

He's missing.

No, he isn't exactly missing.
He hasn't been gone 24 hours.

Gus is a little panicky.

Where did you last see him?

He was last outside our office,
talking with your new partner.

What's his name?
Cupcake guy?

Drimmer? That's weird.

He told me he was driving to
Santa Paula to visit his mother.

Spencer, get your feet
off my table.

How the hell'd
you get in my place?


I can't believe you thought
that text was actually from me.

It lacked all nuance,
my signature mocking tone,

and was utterly devoid
of emoticons.


Because he's in business
with the Cinco Reyes.

And when you
brought in Chavez,

business hours were over,

I just became Kojak.

I always knew there was
something off about you, Drimmer,

but I didn't figure you
for dirty.

You are one lowlife,
scum-sucking bastard, aren't you?

I know how
this works, Lassiter.

You're trying to throw me off with
one of your stupid little insults.

Uh-uh. Well, fellas,
might as well get on with it.

What's that?

That's your suicide note.

It explains how Spencer psychically
figured out that it was you.

I believe the term you're
looking for is divined.


Spencer divined it was you
who killed Chavez and Loggins

and he was gonna
go to the Chief with it,

so you shot him.

You two being former lovers and
all, you were overwhelmed with guilt.

Former lovers?

It's called misinformation. He's
hoping they won't look too closely.

You are one sick twist,

I know.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Just wait.

I'm getting something. I'm
sensing something. Something wild.

Something in the way you look
tonight. Deep blue something.

Do you ever stop talking?

What are you doing there, Detective?

Looking for one of your spare
pistols that you've hidden?

Cops found all your guns.

Hey. Hey, stop it.
What are you doing?

Stop that! Back off!
Stop that!

Looks like they missed one.

At least one.
There are eight

and I seriously doubt they
found the one in my shower

or hidden in my hi-fi.

Jules. How'd you find us?

I tracked Drimmer
on his cell phone GPS.

Shawn, are you all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Hi-fi? Lassy,
you were so cool a second ago.


All right. We get our check.
Boom. Right to the cable company.

And no chatting up Juliet.
Juliet who?

What's Lassiter doing here? I
thought he was taking some time off.

Yeah, well, he wants
to see us. Hello, Lassy.

How's our favorite exonerated
murdererldirty-cop-catcher doing?

We thought you
were on vacation.

I am. This is my vacation.

Man, it is so good
to have you back.

Listen, guys.
What you did for me,

I can't tell you
how much it means.

I mean, granted,
I did save your life,

but I know I wouldn't be back
here if it weren't for you two.

It's okay. We know you
would've done the same for us.

Let's not go crazy.

But, look, I do have something
for you. More of a token, really.

Get out of this station.

Wow. "Free chips with any sandwich
purchase at Hal's Hoagies. "

Lassy, there aren't words.

It's the least I could do.

Yes, it is.

Oh, hey. I do have
something else for you.

Got the Chief
to finally sign your check.


Catch you later.

Off to
the cable company. What?

No chatting up!
You promised, Shawn!


In between the lines
there's a lot of obscurity

I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity

If it's all right
then you're all wrong

But why bounce around
to the same damn song?

You'd rather run
when you can't crawl

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions tend
to psych you out in the end

I know, you know

I know, you know