Psych (2006–2014): Season 2, Episode 5 - And Down the Stretch Comes Murder - full transcript

Shawn and Gus' childhood bully, Jimmy Nickels (Ben Giroux), comes back into their lives when he hires them to find out why his horses keep losing. But a simple horse whispering assignment turns deadly when a rival jockey dies in the middle of a race.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
# and I ran #

# I ran so far away #
# I just ran #

# I ran all night and day #

Do you think he saw us?

- What up, dipwads?
- Oh, no, Jimmy Nickles!

Gimme the money.

- Actually, we didn't bring it today.
- Here you go.

- Gus!
- Give it up, Spencer.

Or I'll shove a Jimmy Nickle
sandwich right in your grill!

I think it's a knuckle sandwich.

Okay, okay.

And from the kangaroos?

See you tomorrow, butt munches.
It's sloppy joes and tater tots.

You know, Gus, one of these days,
we're gonna stand up to Jimmy Nickles.

Yeah, I think I'll stay home
sick that day.

It's about time.

Sit down, I have troubling news.

You forgot to Tivo America's
Next Top Model, didn't you?

Why is it so hard
to set the season pass?

It's not top model related.

- What is it?
- Jimmy Nicholas called.

Jimmy Nickles called us?
From where? Prison?

I don't think so.
It didn't sound like it.

What does prison sound like?

- Is there singing?
- Shawn!

- I don't know. He left a message.
- Don't you dare return that call.

I don't need to.
He's coming here in five minutes.

Jimmy Nickles coming here?

- In five minutes?
- Yeah.

We can handle this.
We can handle this.

I'm gonna go print out
a fake fore closure notice

and stick it on the front door.
And then we both can go outside

and scrape the "psych" sign
off the front window.

Gus, I think we can afford
to relax a little bit.

He said he wants to talk,
and by "talk"

I hope he means talk,
not my head in a toilet.

- He's gonna try and kill us.
- He's not gonna kill us.

Right? I mean, people change.

We haven't seen him
since the fifth grade.

I don't need
to see him, Shawn.

Some people are just born evil.

The kid from the Omen,
the Children of the corn,

Chad Michael Murray.

What is this?

Ooh, ebay! Auto bid.
600 bucks plus...

A penny...
The penny's a trick.

I got in a full-on bidding war
with a montessori school.

What do we need a locker
in the office for?

First of all, I have now here
to put my sociology text book.


You always gotta hit it
right on the nose, don't you?

Why couldn't I be Crockett?

Because, Gus.

You stood in front of
the entire third grade class

and said, "when I grow up,
I wanna be

- Philip Michael Thomas."
- Well, you said you wanted

to be the mascot
for the Milwaukee brewers.

Dude, he's the biggest sausage
in the world.

Why is Jimmy Nickles
coming here, Shawn?

- How big is he now?
- I don't know!

Why couldn't you be a real psychic?

- Hey, you guys in there?
- Oh, god, that's him.

He's not getting my lunch money,
I'll tell you that much.

Great, you can terrify him
with your wally joyner mini-bat.

Open the door.

What up, boys?

That's a good call
with the mini-bat.

# I know you know #
# That I'm not telling the truth #

# I know you know #

# They just don't have any proof #
# Where's the deception? #

# Learn how to bend #
# Your worst inhibitions #

# Tend to psych you out in the end #

You d-bags gonna let me in or what?

D- bags?

Yeah, come on in, Jim.

- Way not to be scared, flincher.
- I didn't flinch.

- You know I have a caffeine tic.
- Look at this place.

Video games, lockers. You two
haven't grown up at all, huh?

And you haven't grown up. Up..

At all.

Jimmy, as glad as
we are to see you,

what are you doing here?

What do you think
I'm doing here, barf beetle?

I came to take your lunch money.
Hand it over!

I'm just messing around.

Actually, I'm in town
for, uh, work.

I'm sensing...

You became a jockey.

A jockey?

Yeah, one of the best jockeys.
Yeah, I won most of my races.

Till this stupid Santa Barbara
meet started.

Now I'm on some ridiculous
losing streak.

The last three favorites I've
ridden have all lost.

And I know it wasn't something I did.
I started to lose all my best mounts.

- Mounts?
- Horses, Guster.

What's wrong with you?

Look, uh, Jimmy, what is it exactly
you'd like for us to do?

Well, uh, one of our friends
from our old school

told me about your company.
Even though it sounds kinda gay,

I thought I could hire you
to come down to the track

and maybe, uh...

Psychically figure out
what's wrong with the horses.

Okay, first of all,
you ride on the back of mounts

while carrying a whip.
That's much gayer than what we do.

Either way, we're busy right now.
So I don't think we'll be able to...

- We'll take the case.
- I thought so.

All right, meet me
at the track at 2:00.

And as far as anyone else knows,
you guys are just some really

- good old friends.
- Got it, dillholes?

Got it. You can count
on us dillholes.

Good-bye, Jim.

- Are you crazy?
- I wouldn't say crazy.

Maybe an eccentric
who looks good in jeans.

Come on, Gus, you're not actually still
afraid of Jimmy Nickles, are you?

We're not helping that little
monster, Shawn. Period.

Okay, so Jimmy's still a jerk.
We can see that.

But the truth is...

- I feel like I owe him.
- For what?!

If anything, he owes us
for 170 lunches.

You know, I added that up once, and
with inflation, that's, like, $1,800.

Look, do you rember
when Jimmy got kicked out

- of school in the fifth grade?
- For killing a teacher?

For hitting Miss Lepky
with a spitball.

- She fell and got hurt.
- Same difference.

She could've very well
have been killed.

It was me
who ratted him out, Gus.

You did that?

- Why didn't you ever tell me?
- You don't know all my secrets.

I'm a man of untold mysteries.

If he found out, he'd come back

- and gnaw off one of my toes.
- Ratting out Jimmy Nickles?

That's suicidal.

I thought I saw him do it,
and I told principal tropp,

because he said he wasn't gonna let the
class go until somebody gave him a name.

And what?
You just had to get home?

Dude, Chips was gonna come on
in, like, 20 minutes.

What was I supposed to do?

It was the one
with the freeway crash.

Where the car used the empty car
carrier trailer as a ramp

- and flipped in mid-air.
- That happens in every episode, Shawn.

I was under a lot of pressure.

I always knew you were a kiss-ass.

Who cares?
So Jimmy got kicked out.

It was the best day of my life.

I could finally wear
underwear to school again.

I don't know, Gus.

I always sort of felt
like I got the wrong guy.

I'll never forget the look
on Jimmy's face

when they hauled him
out of class that day.

I didn't do it!
I promise, I didn't do it!

Look, after Jimmy
got kicked out of school,

there were all these stories
about what happened to him.

He ran away from home,
he got thrown in juvenile hall,

moved to a small town in Kansas

where they out lawed
singing and dancing.

That last one is Footloose.

That's a coincidence.

The point is, Jimmy's life
changed that day,

and I feel like I gotta
make it up to him.

Who knows, Gus, I might've
stunted the kid's growth.

I don't know, Shawn.
We're talking about the same dude

who made Aaron Rencher
eat his own retainer.

All right, how about this...
We take the case, right?

We prove, for all the
Aaron Renchers of the world,

we are no longer afraid
of Jimmy Nickles.

All right, fine.

But if we take this case, we're
gonna overcharge him by $1,800.


He doesn't like the oats.

Or the alfalfa pellets.
They're too chewy for pellets.

Pellets should be crunchy.

They should have
a natural crunch to them.

Also, the donkey in stable 11
is a pathological liar.

This is idiotic.

Look, it takes a while for the
connection to take hold, Jimmy.

Runny D. And I are just
feeling each other out here.

Whatever. I gotta go lose five
pounds before the next race.

You got half an hour to figure
out what's going on.

What do you think, Runny D.?

I'll tell you what he's thinking.

He's thinking, "I hate Jimmy.

"He pulled my shorts down in front
of jenny scarlatos in the cafeteria."

Are you channeling the horse?
Or a little boy with a tight fade

who used to wear his O.P.'S
without a drawstring?

The horse, Shawn.

I didn't have a tight fade
in the third grade.

How are you?

That's interesting.

This place is weird
and borderline depressing.

I mean, who are these people?
Who actually comes here?

Well, well, well.
This I never thought I'd see.

Wow, dad.

Tell me you're wearing that shirt

because someone has
to spot you from space.

Very funny, Shawn.

This happens to be one
of my lucky track shirts.

I like it.

I'd like it too, if I had
to walk home in the dark.

Henry. This your kid?

Hey, kid.
Phil "The Thrill" Shershow.

This is Burton "Oil Can" Guster.

Good to meetcha.
Hey, Henry tell ya for 20 years,

I been handicapping horses?

That seems so very cruel.

He musta told ya I hit
the pick six in '87?

Hey Phil, I think
it's pretty safe to assume,

- I haven't told 'em anything.
- Five minutes to post.

Gotta make it back.

Henry tell ya I like
the 2-3-4 trifecta box?

I think your shirt and his shirt
should get together and go bowling.

You have all kinds of interesting pals
I don't know about.

All right, Shawn, look, don't start.
Phil is not a pal.

He's a bad gambler
who doesn't know when to quit.

But he also happens to be
on a hot streak right now,

which is why I let him
talk to me. Not that I need it.

I have won 8 of 11 races today.
All by myself.

All right, Shawn what are you
doing out here anyway?

I tried to drag you
out here for years.

I'm only here today
'cause we're working on a case.

You know, I think the reason
you never came out here

is because to be
a good handicapper,

you gotta put in the time,
you gotta do the research,

you gotta study the horses,
you gotta study the jockeys.

Something that takes patience
and follow-through,

- which you lack.
- Yes.

That and a shirt
from Mr. Furley's closet.

And the race is on.

Babyfaced assassin
takes the early lead.

Babyfaced assassin strides
into the first...

So what's the case?

Have you ever heard
of a Jimmy Nickles?

You mean Jimmy Nicholas.
Yeah, solid jockey, bad bet.

- He's been losing lately.
- That's why he hired us.

He thinks that maybe something's
psychically wrong with the horses.

Yeah, the horses are losing,
that's what's wrong with them.

Yeah, we didn't find anything.

Of course you didn't, there's a
million reasons a horse loses,

and none of 'em have to do
with crystals and moon beams.

And it's youthful spirit.
Youthful spirit pulls it out.

What I do is much more than that.

- It's... It's intuition.
- Son, you got no case.

Oh, well, thanks.
We'll just go home then.

- Juan Carlos!
- Help him!

Medical assistance to the track.

We need medical assistance
to the track immediately.


So... A jockey who was alive
at the beginning of the race

is dead by the end.

Not to sound insensitive,
but I say we do have a case.

- That sounds insensitive.
- Yeah, I know.

And you guys just happened
to be at the track?

Jules, it's free churro day.

Do they have
a cause of death yet?

Probable heart attack.

Uh, O'hara, I...

Need you to interview
the rest of those jockeys.

- What is that?
- Sorry.

It's just little people
make me...

Well, let's just say I had a bad
experience with a christmas elf.

What, he didn't give you
the right present?

No. We dated.

And then he dumped me for a dancer
from the ice storm on ice.

She is an enigma wrapped
in a little, blonde riddle.

Shawn, I don't think Juan Carlos
died of a heart attack.

I only got to see him for a second,

but I'm pretty sure
he had blood shot eyes.

And his body was totally stiff.

That's a reaction to a tranquilizer
or even a poison.

Something affected
his nervous system.

Thank you, Dr. Pratt.

- See if we can get another look at that body.
- You bet.

Hey, you two, don't go anywhere.
I wanna talk to you when I'm done.

Gus has a cramp.

I have a cramp?

We have to pee.

Fine, just be back
in five minutes.

"We gotta pee?" that's the
best you can come up with?

Just hurry up.


How short was this guy?
Give it one more.

We have boots.

We've confirmed that
a heart attack was the cause

of Juan Carlos espinoza's death.

Wait. Everyone stop.

Let's acknowledge that the chief
is wearing leopard print.

And continue.

I'm getting something.

A rose with, with, with...
A thorn. No.

A rocket. Rikki rocket.
C. Deville.

- David Lee Roth?
- Wrong band.

- Poison.
- Yes. Poison.

Juan Carlos was poisoned.

- He's right.
- Chief, I am so sick of Lassiter

treating us like
second-class citizens.

- What?
- You're right.

Espinoza had a cocktail
of drugs in his system.

Opiates, barbiturates, cocaine,

three different kinds
of weight loss drugs,

- cyalis, and horse tranquilizers.
- Horse tranquilizers?

Apparently, the guy took
everything in sight.

He was 4'9" and 3 feet of that
were drugs.

And obviously,
his heart couldn't handle it.

A very thorough job, detectives.

I'm getting something else.

Juan Carlos was having
an affair.

With a married woman.

- Shawn, how do you know this?
- Same way I know that as a child,

Lassie wanted nothing more
than a pony.

Well, come on, who didn't?

Anyone who wasn't
an eight-year-old girl.

Uh-oh. I see a tall, blonde woman.

- Brigitte Nielson?
- No!

She has 23 diamonds
in her wedding ring.

And she bandies about the track,
this way and that.

Shouldn't we at least
find this woman and talk to her?

Do you know anything
about this, detectives?

Oh, well, maybe you should find out
before we put this case to bed.


Your childhood
must've been pure hell.

The good news, I'm available
for hugs.

Jules. How about it?

- Buddy. It's been a while.
- Please.

- You're here early.
- Yeah, couldn't sleep, you know?

Came in early, did a little
work on the case. Went for a run.

Oh, and I did this.

Nice. I did some work as well.

Turns out the horse tranquilizer Juan
Carlos had in his body was ketamine.

Which doesn't make any sense.

'Cause ketamine causes a state
of anesthesia.

Well, that's good, Gus, but I was
talking about the spitball incident.

The spitball incident?

Shawn, you need
to leave that alone.

If you haven't figured it out
by now, you never will.

I can't leave it alone. I won't.

I've gone over it in my head a
thousand times. Just hear me out.

- What are you doing here?
- This is my head, dude.

I can do whatever I want.
What did we miss?

What's going on here?

Is that what my hair looks like
in the future?

- It sure is.
- But I thought I'd be bald by 20.

- This changes everything.
- Yeah, it does

Think big.

It was Jimmy.

He's sipping through the straw,
not spitting it out.

It couldn't have been him.

There was a second spitter.

That's so cool.

Let it go, Shawn.

Your second spitter theory
is crazy.

Oh yeah, what about
your teen wolf theory?

Hey, that's just a fact.

If any of us were in high school
and some dude became a wolf,

we wouldn't be cool with him just
because he could dunk a basketball.

I certainly wouldn't be selling
"I heart wol I could tell you that.

- Oh, save it for your podcast.
- Hey, you brought it up.

I'm gonna go talk
to Jimmy Nickles.

You look for T.B.W.

- T.B.W.?
- Tall Blonde Woman.

I abbreviated, Gus. All the kids
are doing it these days.

Just hope we don't
run into my...

- Y.D.?
- Y.D.?

Your dad. And it's too late.

Oh, my god, the shirt
has a brother.

Ha, very funny, Shawn.

If you're looking for your boy
Jimmy, they just announced

he was taken off
all the races for the day.

Seriously? I wonder why.

Isn't that Barry Sarner?
The announcer guy.

- He's like a local legend.
- Yeah, "the voice," right? yeah.

Hey, dad, do you know him?
Can you introduce us or what?

No, I met him once at a policeman's
ball, but it was years ago.

Hey, uh, Mr. Sarner.

- Hi.
- Look who's here.

Your old pal. Hank Spencer.

- Do I know you?
- No, but we know you.

What is it you always say?

"And the race is on."
and the race is on.

And the race is... On!

- Hey, can you do it for us one time?
- And the race is on.

That's it, right there.

Won't you boys
have a button?

I'm sorry, Mr. Sarner.
I'm Henry Spencer.

This is my son Shawn
and his friend Gus.

They finally just started
coming to the races.

Oh, too bad.

The track's probably closing down
after this meet.

- 25 years I've been doing this.
- Why is it closing down?

- Well, no one comes anymore.
- Is it because of his shirt?

I'm sorry, dad, this is, like,
a genocide of color

Somewhere, a rainbow's weeping.
Mr. Sarner, do you know why

Jimmy Nickles was pulled off
all of his races today?

We're his buddies.
We came down to see him.

No, uh... It's a shame, really.

Jimmy was just getting back
to a full schedule.

Juan Carlos had taken
most of his good mounts

- before he died.
- Really? We didn't know that.

Oh, they quarreled about it
all the time.

Did they?

Shawn, look. T.B.W.

Way to stay on
the abbreviation train, Gus.

You mean the A.T.?

You're talking about Janine?
That's Jimmy's wife.

- T.B.W. is Jimmy's wife?
- Yes.

Looks like Juan Carlos was taking
all of Jimmy's mounts.

I didn't kill Juan Carlos!
I didn't do it, I swear!

- Come on! You gotta believe me!
- Back off.

Okay, so let me get this straight.

You took on this case
because you felt bad

about Jimmy getting kicked out of
school for something he didn't do.

And now you just convinced
the police to reopen the case

that led to Jimmy
being arrested for murder.

Did I ask for nutshelling?

I think he looks
like a tangelo in that outfit.

Or maybe a clementine
with seeds full of hate.

I think he looks like
an evil little creamsicle.

- You mean dreamsicle.
- No, Shawn, creamsicle.

They're exclusively orange.

Okay, Lassiter says you can have
five minutes with Jimmy.


And good job, by the way.

We never would've reopened the case
and arrested him if it wasn't for you.

You didn't tell Jimmy that, did you?


- I didn't kill Juan Carlos.
- We know.

Someone must've tipped'em off.
But I swear I didn't do it.

Say Jimmy, isn't that
exactly like you

and that spitball incident?


Look... I think what Gus is trying
to say is we'd really like to help.

- We would, but the evidence.
- What?

- Juan Carlos took all your mounts.
- Yeah.

- You fought with him over it.
- Yeah.

- They found ketamine in your locker.
- That wasn't mine.

And your wife was having an affair
with Juan Carlos.


All right, purvis,
put me down.

Don't push me.

I'm getting the feeling
he didn't know about the affair.

You think?

I'm sorry, I just...
I can't believe she would do that.

Especially after I told her I wouldn't
sleep with any more russian models.

I think we may have
gotten off point, Jimmy.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Obviously, the races you lost

are somehow connected
to Juan Carlos's murder.

So is there anything else
you can tell us

or that you remember
about those races?

No. The horses were all running great.

But right around the... clubhouse turn,
they all faded down the stretch.

All of them faded
down the stretch?

You know what?


That's a good place to begin.

All right, that's enough,
Shawn, let's go.

You've been standing
at that thing for an hour.

Let me take off my shoes
and try it lying down.

No, Shawn.
You don't have anything.

It's a dead end.
Face it.

- We have to tell Jimmy he's screwed.
- Fine.

- You tell Jimmy.
- Me?

I never wanted to take
this case in the first place.

I'll race you for it.


That's right. And I know why.


'Cause I beat you in the 100-yard dash
in the junior high olympics.

Please! First of all,

you know I had shin splints,
a torn meniscus, and a planter's wart.

Gus, you copied those terms from
the glossary of our health textbook.

- You have no idea what they mean!
- Ask my doctor.

I had a ruptured patella too,
but I wasn't gonna say anything.


- Go!
- Oh, no! No, you didn't!

- You almost had me.
- What?

I had you by at least a foot.

- I'm gonna give this to you.
- I thought so.

Not because you won.

'Cause you need a victory in your life
more than I do right now.


Oh, no. We're going again.

I got a better idea.

Seven flights of stairs just to get
another view of the track?

Gus, this is the perfect spot
for us to see...

You'll find...

To see where the magic happens.
I told you he'd be here.

Can I help you fellas?

Uh, yeah, uh...

"And the race is on."

I really don't think you should
be up here right now.

I'm trying to finish my taped
announcements for the day, so...

Ooh, can I do one?
I've always wanted to be an announcer.

Would the owner of a
red iroc-z in lot three

kindly return your comb to
the back pocket of your acid-wash

z. Cavariccis?

And turn off your headlights.

What do you think of that, huh?

Have a button.

Hey. I've seen one of these before.

Yes, it's a shaman's staff.

Yeah, I saw a special
on the history channel...

About the... The choctaw indians.

Ah yes, the chaka indians.

Long-standing rivals
of the sleestak cowboys.

It's pronounced choe-koe.

Gave us the chocodile,
amongst other things.

I don't think so.

I've been collecting these artifacts
for a number of years.

I'm actually 1/16 indian myself...
But not cherokee.

Hey, Gus is... 1/16 robot.

And not the evil, take-over-the-world
fromi, robotkind.

Oh... Sorrry...

Hey, you're the guy that tried
to save Juan Carlos.

You're the only one who tried to help.
Way to go. You should feel proud.


Uh, he died.

Yes, he did do that.


Well, gentlemen, uh...

Ryan and I have to go over some publicity
photos. So if you'd be kind enough...

"And the race is on!"

Chaka? Really?
Yeah, I'd be embarrassed if I were you.

I'm not embarrassed at all, Gus.

Aland of the lost reference is virtually
unheard of in everyday conversation.

- Can we go and see Jimmy now?
- Not yet.

Barry has tapes of the races in there.

Which means there's a copy
of the one Juan Carlos died in.

I don't know why I didn't
think of this before.

We need to see that tape.

There's no way Barry's
gonna let us back in there.

Don't the police have a copy of it?

They do, but Lassiter's convinced
the case is closed, so he won't help.

Which means I'm gonna have to do
something I know I will regret.

What? Ride your dirt bike
off of David King's roof again?

No... Ask my dad for a favor.

So I was hoping that in your
very meticulous, detailed mode,

it occurred to you to...

I can't do it.

He wants to know if
you tape all the horse races.

- Of course I do.
- Awesome.

Can we watch the one
when Juan Carlos died?

You may.

On one condition.

Deal is you go with me
to the derby on Sunday

in that shirt.

What did I say
about regret, Gus?

- What did I say?
- I think you pull it off.



All right, here's the race.

Juan Carlos is on
the number eight horse.

I remember this, 'cause Phil
convinced me to go with the long shot.

The one time I go with the guy,
and the horse loses.

I don't get it.
What are we missing?

- What... What aren't we seeing?
- Maybe nothing.

- Maybe Jimmy did poison Juan Carlos.
- I know he didn't poison Juan Carlos,

just like I know there's
a second spitter.

Shawn, once again, you're focusing
too much attention

on one aspect of the case.

- Close your eyes.
- No,

I'm not jumping through
any more of your hoops today.

You need to broaden your vision, Shawn.
You need to look at the outskirts

- of the case.
- What does that even mean?

Broaden my vision?

Look at the outskirts of a...
You know what?

I'm out of here.

No. No, no.
Not today.

You sound like Oprah.

I don't even know why
I bother coming here.

It's a complete waste of time.

A little girl outside just started
crying when she saw this shirt.

Oh, good, good, you're here.

You texted me seven times.
Said it was an emergency.

Yes, a color emergency.
But I think I figured it out.

The walls were sandbar white

to suppress all creative thought
and hide the asbestos.

The walls of what?

Miss Lepky's classroom.

Why is my name
on the detention list?

You got caught eating a Kit Kat?
out of the trash can.

- The point is, when I left my dad's...
- You mean stormed out like a little girl?

I did not.

I did.

I'd give you that.

I realized my dad was actually right.

I need to broaden my vision,
and that's when I remembered

we all switched seats
in class that week.

Right, I had to sit behind Janie Doran
and her creepy neck hair.

And Jimmy...

Moved over two rows,

meaning that the second spitter
was on the other side.

Gus, get him.

Shawn, what does this
have to do with horse racing?

- I haven't gotten that far yet.
- Let me know when you figure it out.

Let go, Jimmy.

- Hello?
- Dude, I figured it out.

- Was that really necessary?
- No.

But it was dope.

Babyfaced Assassin
strides into the first turn

at the head with none other
right on its tail.

- Babyfaced Assassin...
- Wait for it.

Trade the top spot as
they race around the second turn.

Right there!
The clubhouse turn.

Juan Carlos gets hit by something.

This was just like the
spitball incident with Jimmy.

I was so focused on the stretch
that I never looked anywhere else.

You know, I didn't broaden
my vision, Dad.

Shawn, I love nothing more
than to tell you I'm right,

but I have no idea
what I'm right about.

Question is why would somebody
kill someone like that?

Guys! Juan Carlos's death
was an accident...

Yeah! Whatever hit him
was meant for a horse.

This isn't about murder.

It's about fixing races.

- The tape's ready?
- Check.

- Fake psychic ability?
- Full of it.

Yes, you are.

Mr. Spencer, what is going on?
First you help us get... Oh...

Get Jimmy Nicholas.
Now you claim he's innocent?

I'm sorry, chief.

Psychic solar flares
have temporarily blinded me.

My sense of smell is compensating
for my lack of sight.

Lilacs in a meadow.

- Is that camay?
- Oh, this is ridiculous.

We've got big boy
police work to do.


My eyes are starting to adjust.

Where are we?

We're in the video room!

I'm blind, Gus. Not deaf.

Mr. Spencer, we don't have
time for this. If you wanted...

Those tapes.

- What are on those tapes?
- They're the tapes from the track.

We reviewed them,
but we didn't find anything.





Big gulp?

- Slurpee.
- 7-11?

These are all the dates
on the tapes.

Gus. Let's play these tapes.





These are Jimmy's races...

- This one is when Juan Carlos died.
- That must be why they're in my head.

All of these horses faded
down the stretch,

as if affected by something.

And look here.

Juan Carlos is clearly hit
by something at the clubhouse turn.

He felt the effects immediately,
because he's a tiny human person.

With the horses, it takes longer
for them to feel the effects.

And your point is?

Whatever hit Juan Carlos
was intended for his horse.

What I'm saying is
that this was an accident.

Mr. Spencer, that's a
very interesting theory, but it's...

All circumstantial. We're gonna
need some hard evidence.

Yeah, but thanks for the A.V. Class.

Youthful Spirit fades down the stretch.
No, wait, he's...

He's gaining. It's Youthful Spirit,
Youthful Spirit pulls it out.

Youthful Spirit fades down the stretch.
No, wait, he's...

He's gaining. It's Youthful Spirit,
Youthful Spirit pulls it out.

The announcer.
It's the announcer.

He sounds surprised.
"Neigh," shocked.

When Youthful Spirit doesn't
fade down the stretch.


Youthful Spirit fades down the stretch.
No, wait, he's...

He's gaining. It's Youthful Spirit,
Youthful Spirit pulls it out.

He was expecting something to happen
to Juan Carlos's horse.

That means he's a part of it.

Chief, every psychic nerve in my body
tells me that something really big

is gonna happen at the derby tomorrow
and that we all need to be there.

All right.

It's too late to cancel the races,

but I can approve a
police presence at the track.

I've never been in the jockey
club before, Shawn.

Thanks for getting me in here.

It's a good thing we wore
our lucky shirts, huh?

Yeah, just worried someone's
gonna stare directly at

the pattern and have a seizure.

Shawn, we've had people watching
Barry for the last six races,

and they haven't seen anything
out of the ordinary.

Admit it, you guys don't have it.

Don't worry. We have it.

I don't know if we have it.

We just gotta figure out
how it all connects.

So what is this indian stuff I
got off the internet connect to?

That's what we in the fake
psychic community call a hunch.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the horses have reached

the starting gate for the 84th running
of the Santa Barbara derby.

And the race is on.

Uh-oh, two horses bump
as they come out of the gate.

It's the three horse, snare the prize,
and the four, biased opinion.

Kate's Conscience takes the early lead
as the horses reach the first turn.

Authority Figure makes a

strong move on the inside as
the horses race down the backstretch.

Authority Figure and Kate's Conscience
battle their way past the fall turn.

Authority Figure begins to take control.

Phil is not a pal. He's a bad gambler
who doesn't know when to quit.

But he also happens to be
on a hot streak.

Henry tell ya I like
the 2-3-4 trifecta box? Huh?

Track's probably closing down
after this meet.

25 years I've been doing this.

Dude, I got it.

Get everyone down to the track.

And Authority Figure wins
with ease.

I really would like
to cash in my tickets now.

Well, how did she feel coming
around the backstretch?

Everybody hold your horses.

I meant metaphorically,
but I like the love.

I sense the plan.

Hatched from the desperation
of watching the track

they all love so much
shuttered forever.

Isn't that right...


- Excuse me?
- You are so not excused.

You see, the track is
closing down this year and

Barry finally figured out
a way to get paid.

But it was the equine
who told me he had help.

Two people with intimate knowledge of
the races and access to the entire track.

They figured out how to control
the outcome of the races

by getting rid of the favorites.

Because there were only a few horses
in the race to begin with,

they bet on the rest of the field,
and their odds of winning went way up.

That is insane.
We didn't do anything.

That's not entirely true.

Whoa, whoa, what's happening here?

- Gus, little help, buddy.
- I don't do horses, Shawn.

Ah, Dale. Dale, uh...

Hold that thought.

- What was I saying?
- Barry was saying

they didn't do anything.


You used Phil to make
all the bets on the long shots.

And Ryan here...

Well, he took care of knocking out
the favorites from his perch

in the camera well.

- With what, his camera?
- Exactly.

Lassie, do me a favor.
Take that camera off Ryan's neck.

Give it a look.

There's no lens.

It's some kind of firing mechanism.

Which is why he didn't follow
the horses down the track.

I just wanted to make some money.

- It was Barry's idea.
- Shut up, Ryan.

They can't prove anything.

I'm getting something.

A fraction.




Barry's 1/16 choco indian.

And what are the
choco indians known for?

Besides chocodiles.

For using blowguns to kill animals
with darts dipped in poison.

Gus shoots and scores.

With an assist from wikipedia.

They used darts dipped in ketamine.

A horse tranquilizer strong enough to
slow down a horse in the middle of a race.

With darts small enough to be missed
on a 1000-pound horse.

But the problem was...

They accidentally shot Juan Carlos.

The ketamine, mixed with all
the other drugs in his system,

and the adrenaline
from the race killed him.

Ryan. You weren't trying
to save Juan Carlos's life.

You were looking
for the evidence.

And they almost
pulled it off

by framing poor Jimmy.

But they couldn't resist one more
big pay day in today's race.

It's like my dad
always says...

Real men take bubble baths.

And... A bad gambler
never knows when to quit.

Not bad, kid.

Not bad.

Let's go. Get 'em out of here.

Now... Who wants to take a picture
with the winning horse and jockey?

- Come on, Dad!
- Gus, get over here.

Hey, I finally get my picture
with us in our track shirts.

Memories, Shawn.
That's what it's all about.

- Just act natural.
- Yeah.

Guys, I don't know what to say.

I guess you're not such total
fartknockers after all. Thanks.

That's... So sweet.

Gus, isn't there something you
wanted to say to Jimmy here?

Yes, I do.

I've been wanting to say this
for a long time.

- You know, back in school...
- Oh, uh, about that.

I had some time to think
while I was in jail, and, uh...

Maybe I didn't treat you guys
so good back then.

Especially you, Guster.

So I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for giving you wedgies,
swirlies, Jimmy Nickle sandwiches,

stuffing you in the trash can and, uh...

- Putting boogers in your clarinet case.
- Whoa.

Feels good to get that off my
chest after all these years.

Huh, yeah.

I could imagine.

Say, Shawn, isn't there something
you want to get off of your chest?

- Are you gonna tell him if I don't?
- What do you think?

All right, Jimmy,
here's the thing.

I'm the one that ratted you out
over the spitball incident.

Okay, I'm the one that got you
kicked out of school,

and I am the one that you should blame
for almost ruining your life, it was me.

Almost ruining my life?

Yeah, I went to live with my dad in
Maul. He let me do anything I wanted.

I ate pizza and cookie
dough for breakfast.

I had a race car bed.
I lost my virginity at 13.

It was the greatest thing
that ever happened to me.


You two are back together, huh?

Dude, she's a former Miss Oxnard

with no sense of smell,
and her dad owns an airport.

Course we're back together.
Latro, boys.

Okay, see...

That right there makes
total sense in the world.

Yeah, but we can feel good
about solving the case.

Don't you "eh" me.

Dude, I broke up a highly intricate
race-fixing syndicate while

wearing a shirt designed by a monkey
coming off a three-day sugar binge.

Yes, yes, you did, Shawn.

But you still haven't figured out
who the second spitter was

in Miss Lepky's class.

- Gus.
- Yes?

You didn't.

Yes, I did.

You did that?

- And you never told me about it?
- You don't know all my secrets, Shawn.

I guess I too am a man
of untold mysteries.

Burton Guster, I am seeing you
in a completely different light.

You are, dare I say, dastardly.

Hey, I didn't want Miss Lepky
to get hurt or anything,

but when Jimmy got blamed,
my mouth was shut.


Face it, Shawn.
I am, and always will be, that good.

That's why my friends in school
used to call me "the g."

That's funny, I thought
they called you "big head burton."

Don't you ever say that name.

- I know it was you that started that.
- I'm sorry, Gus.

I have a knack for alliteration.
I'm a slave to it.

Besides, how many words
start with b, really?

About 1000.

How about bold?

Black? Beautiful?

- Who's gonna call you "Black Burton"?
- You get my point, Shawn.

All right.

I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna buy you an ice cream.

And we're gonna discuss some
new, fresh to death nicknames.

How about...

"Burton, the billowy bear"?


I'm just...

It's my first shot.

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