Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 9 - Behind the Eyes - full transcript

Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ...

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Previously on prison break...
Lincoln: We found Michael.

Never thought I'd see
this face again.

You weren't supposed to.

I own you, Scofield.
If you're planning something,

I'll always be a step
ahead of you.

Your husband.

Jacob is Poseidon.

He's a CIA operative,

deep cover.

He runs a splinter cell
called 21-void.

He targeted me
for my skills.

Four years ago, he betrayed me
so he could have you.

How did he betray you?

We were meeting a man

named Harlan gaines,

a deputy director of the CIA.

Poseidon shot and killed gaines
that night.

I knew I was being set up.

he's with our son right now.

Scofield was looking
for a partner, combing prisons,

looking for someone
who could handle himself.

What are you trying to tell me?

It was ingrained in you, son.
You got it from me.

Screen grab of the Skype
transmission he sent
from the desert.

Of all things to encrypt,
why that?

I'm done with 21-void
after this.

There's no leaving 21-void, Van.

How about you just shut up
and pay me, Burrows?

I don't have it.

You know who I am?

I'm gonna get you
and your mother out of here.

We need to run.


Do you know
that you're a psychopath?

I assure you, I'm not the first
CIA man to hide his life

from his family.

You hid it from the CIA.

Look, you want to screw
something up?

Put a thousand people on it.
You want to get it done right?

Put it in the hands of a few.
What we were doing

was advancing
this country's cause.

How does freeing a man
like abu ramal

advance this country's cause?

Well, it doesn't.

The missions before,

they were for the good
of the country, but...

No, this one
wasn't about country.

It was about you.

Nobody wants to die
to their old life, Sara.

And Michael didn't.

He wanted to hold on to it
so desperately.

In that moment, I wanted him

to go away,

the whole agreement,

and just have you.

You sent him to Yemen to die.

Kept telling myself
this was gonna be my last lie.

That it would fade with time
as we had anniversaries,

raised that beautiful child.

That is not your child.

I raised him.

That love is real.

It's not a lie.

You are using him as bait.

You son of a bitch.

She knows not to hurt him.

You were so obsessed
with Michael

that you would risk my son!

Michael? You mean you.

You don't love me.
Your ego's too big.

You're too busy trying to be
the smartest man in the room.

And then you met my husband,

and you realized

he's smarter than you.


I don't think so.

You sure?

I'm positive.

Our love was real, Sara.

Past tense.

I still love you.

Everything's set, boss.


Got to give
you credit.

You'll go the whole nine yards
to help one man

steal another man's wife.

No, no, no.
Don't talk to him.

Or what?
He'll do something

you're not already gonna do?
You're going to kill me.

No matter how many times you
tell me you love me first.

Shut up!

Michael didn't kill
Harlan gaines. He had no motive.

Shut up.
He's the one with the motive.

Harlan gaines was
your CIA director

and he was looking
into Jacob.

He was gonna
put him prison.

Damn it!

Tape her mouth shut, please.

Tape it shut.

(Tape unrolling)

If you do, an innocent man dies,

and the real killer walks.

Don't you understand?

Jacob killed
Harlan gaines.

Just shut it.

Is there a problem?

Jacob: Here he comes.
It's time to do this.

This place is gonna burn down
in ten minutes.

There will be two bodies in it.

And if it's
any solace,

our son won't be one of them.


(Door opens, closes)

While the cat's away,
the mice will play.

Something's wrong.


I got your map.

I'm gonna get you
and your mother out of here.

I didn't draw a map.

We need to run.

Van gogh:

What are you doing up here, Van?

I just want to make sure that
we're getting the right guy.

Ask him
some questions.


Let my son go.

Do whatever you want with me.

Just let my son go.

Orders weren't to ask questions.

It was to shoot on sight.


Van gogh:
Maybe we should
ask questions, damn it.

If Scofield killed
Harlan gaines,

we take him to the police,
if we have to.

We get this done
the right way.

Poseidon would
never let us live.

He won't find us.

I told you. We want
to disappear, we disappear.

I can make
that happen.

We turn him in,

and we're gone.

Don't make me choose like this.


Is it really even a choice?


'Cause there's no leaving


Your uncle's
at the end of the driveway.

Don't turn around.
Run! Go!




Where's our boy?

Uncle Lincoln, uncle Lincoln!

No, no, no, it's me.
What's going on?

They're shooting.
I'm scared.

Okay. They've come for you.

I am not gonna
let them hurt you,

you understand?
Get in the car.

No, we've got to go now, Mike.
We've got to go.

What about my mom?

Go, go, go.

(Tires screeching)


Mike! No!




He took him.

He took our son.

Come back to me. Come
back to me, sweetheart.

Come back to me.

We got to stay
focused, all right?

This is not over.
Not by a long shot.

Where's Linc?

We got to find Linc, okay?

We're gonna find Linc.


Oh my god.

Linc. Linc.

♪ ♪

I let you down, Michael.

I should have taken care of Luca
when I had the chance.

You didn't let me down.
You couldn't have known.

We're so close
because of you, Linc.

You got me home.

You got me home.

They've stabilized him,

There's nothing we can do.

We've got to get you
out of here right now.

(Clears throat)

Okay, you got to give me
some direction here, you know?

Some, um...

Fatherly advice

on how to deal with having
a father that's, um...


Well, you know, uh...

Is this blood freaking you out
like it's freaking me out?

Yeah, yeah. Let me, uh...

Scofield said that it would
deliver me. Both of us.

All I have to do

is just get it to him

to understand why.

So I can finally
understand this.


He give you this?

"By your hand, you shall know

the glories of your progeny..."

I-it's, it's...

It's "progeny," dear boy.


And our world
will be made right forevermore."

Originally, I thought it
was a religious thing.

You know, son of god,
and all that.

But now I know it's...

It's my own progeny.




It's a glorious thing indeed.

Even if I don't have
a damn clue how to deal with it.

You and me both.

I've got a way to get

our son back, Sara.

I've been planning
to bring Jacob down

ever since he forced me to
turn my back on you and Mike.

A plan I had to put on hold

while I was in that
yemeni prison.

I had to wait
till I got out.

Till everything aligned.

(Car approaching)

Till now.

Tell me you got something.

It's eluding me.

Nelson: There's an even bigger
code encrypted into the eyes.

And what's it say?

I don't know yet.

But with the amount of
processing power I throw at it,

we're gonna find out
real soon.

What's wrong?

I-I don't know how to say it,
so, um...

That man was
a police detective,

and he told me your moth...

Your mother's dead.


I know.
I know.

But I'm gonna take you
somewhere safe,

where those people
that are trying to hurt you

can't reach you.

Why would they try
and hurt me?

It's because I love you.

And they're trying to hurt me...

Take the one thing
I truly love away.

Why would they try
and hurt you?

Because there are some things

I haven't told you
about me.

I sent that letter
to you for a reason.

Poseidon was monitoring
my communications

with everyone who could
possibly be a resource

or an ally, but not with people

I despised.

Give it to me straight...
How you really feel about me?

I figured if I showed grace
to a man

who'd never seen it before
in his life,

maybe he'd be grateful,

do something for us.

All of us,

himself included.

"And our lives shall be
made right forevermore."

I'm talking about normal,
everyday life.

The kind of freedom
none of us has known

in a long, long time.

But Poseidon's not just
gonna let us go.

He's got me and your son

in an iron grip.

Someone has to make him
let go.

Do you understand?

I'm tracking where you're going.


Only way we're gonna get

that beautiful,
mundane life

you're talking...
Any of us...

Is if I take his.


We'll be safe here for now.

Hey, listen,

I promised I'd explain.

The reason those
people are after me...

I know this is gonna
be hard to believe,

but I'm basically
a secret agent.

(Door unlocks)

Come on in.

You know that fort you've got
in the backyard?

It feels good to go
somewhere like that, right?

A place no one knows about,
where no one can get to you.

Well, that's what
this place is for me.

(Door unlocks)

It's okay.

It's okay.

Would you please show him

your credentials, agent Blake?

Agent Emily Blake, CIA.

I'm sorry that had to happen

in front of you
at the house.

She was stationed at the
house to protect you...

From exactly the man
who ended up coming,

the man who said

he was your dad.


I've made enemies defending
America over the years.

Worst part is that this

particular one dredged up
the memory of your father.

The truth is, Mikey,

despite what you may want
to believe, your father died

seven years ago.

(Cell phone rings)


This is Michael Scofield.

We were just
talking about you.

I'm giving you one last chance
to save your life.

Hand the boy over
or I can't be held responsible

for what happens next.

Are you threatening my life?

Only if you don't
hand him over.

I'd never hand over my son.

He's not your son

and never was.

Stay away from my dad,

you hear?

Stay away!

(Cell phone beeps)

Good boy.

He called him dad.


No, he's-he's brainwashing him,
that's all.

Man like that, you're right.

He deserves to die.

Where is he?

Where is Poseidon?

He'll be dealt with.

Wait, hang on, hang on,
hang on, man.

If you get caught...

If he gets caught,
he's going back to the pen.

Come on, come on.
I'm not...

And if I don't do it?

Criminy, I want you
free and clear,

and if that's the
only way to do it,

then I got to be
the one that does it.

Scofield ain't gonna do it.

He don't got
the killing gene.

No one is getting caught.

There's a very specific
order to this.

Sara, I want you to make sure

Linc's safe
and out of harm's way.

Whip, t-bag, you're gonna
collect a wild card for us.

One that Jacob
doesn't know is out there.

I'm gonna go to the nest,
where this all started,

where the secrets lay hidden,

and where blood will finally be
spilled in its rightful place.

Jacob: The call I just got
from Scofield...

I want to know
where it came from.

Location data

coming to you right now.

Middle of nowhere.

Started moving northeast
and the phone was shut off.

Maybe tossed.


You and your damn zoo, Scofield.

I'm gonna find out
once and for all

what you were really
doing there.

What you were really planning.

And then I'm gonna kill you.

I know everything about you.

Even your most mundane actions.

Like the zoo.
What's with you and the zoo?

I had to know everything
about the man

who wore his plans
on his skin.

In plain sight, yet

so mysterious.

(Bird squawks)

The secret to real power

is to never betray
your intentions.

To wear nothing
on your sleeve,

and to never let anyone
see your face.

I'll always
be a step ahead of you.

I can see everything
in your eyes.

(Phone rings)


I decrypted the code
from the eyes.

It's a quote

from Napoleon.

What quote?

"Never interrupt your enemy

when he's making a mistake."

It's what's behind
the eyes that counts.

Torrent downloaded from RARBG


Thought you should know
I'm looking at

your closed servers right now.

I'm holding your hard drives
in my hand.

All your secret communications.

Enough to send you away

Bravo, Michael.

However you got in there, bravo.

You sent me to the zoo
so you could get into

my office.
But you and I both know

your threat's a hollow one,

because you know
I've got something

that's even more valuable
to you: Your son.

So we're back to game theory.

Do we work together,
make a trade

so we both get what we want?

Or are you gonna
try something underhanded?

You know I will.

As will I. So why don't we

cut past that and make a deal?

Sure, Michael. Yeah,

let's do that.

Old shipyard.

Warehouse a.

5:00 P.M. tomorrow.


(Distant siren wails)

Uh, excuse me?

My brother-in-law...
Did-did Lincoln Burrows,

did he get moved?

No, ma'am.
He checked himself out.

He was down a
lot of blood.
I know.

We tried to stop him,
but if a patient insists,

if it's within their power,
we have to let 'em go.

Uh, this is
Dr. Ballard.

He did the surgery.

Sara Scofield, I'm an internist,
actually, up at ithaca.

Do you have any idea where my
brother-in-law might have gone?

No idea.


What happened
up in finger lakes,

do you know?
Another gunshot victim

came in from
the same area

at the same time.

My brother-in-law was alone.
It must be a coincidence.

But thank you.

Well, I'm heading out.
I've done what I can.

He's on life support
up on three,

but candidly, I don't think
he's making it till morning.

(Exhales quietly)


You had me running there
for a bit,

thinking I'd done
something wrong.

You did.
You stiffed me $100 grand.

Nah. It's blood money.

No debts with blood money.

Say we're clear.

Eat me, Burrows.



Say we're clear.

I'm gonna get more guys.

(Coughs) And you're gonna
be running again.

(Sirens approaching rapidly)

Not this time.

Luca: Are those
your fake friends again?

You son of a bitch.

No. This time,

they're real.

(Sirens wailing)

Federal agents!

Hands where I can see 'em!

Hands up!

Do it now!


(Respirator pumping)

I need your help.

I need to
find my boy.



He's an evil man
and he's got my son.

You've got to know someone.


Some way I can get my boy back.



(Swallows hard)



You sure
this is where my son is?


Thank you.


(Swallows hard)

It's all right.

Killing ain't right.

Yeah, I read the Bible.

You did?

You know, I scanned it once
in a hotel room.

Well, what you gonna do?

Don't kill anybody unless
they really deserve it.

Yeah, you must've read
the old testament part.

An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth.

Sure, whatever.

Yeah, I'm just saying,

sometimes, certain...
Certain sons of bitches,

they just need to be
plain old eradicated.

World's just better
minus them.

Like abu ramal.

But for the most part,
you know, killing's just bad.

Yeah, absolutely.

Except Poseidon.

Yeah, he's got to go, too.
Got to go.

I just don't want you
to get the wrong idea

about me, okay?

You got to see it
like the yogis, okay?

Destroying the negative
to create the positive.

The dance of the shivas
and all that.

Murder the dark, so the...
The light can be born.

You're out of your
damn tree, aren't you?

Now you know
where you got it from.

T-bag: Is there a
bluehawaii in there?

Bluehawaii: Yeah, don't
just dillydally, come on in.

I assume you two desperados
are Scofield's guys.


He get you out of prison, too?


But I do owe him.

Where'd he break you out of?

Barranquilla, south America.

They were gonna eat my lunch
down there,

pretty boy like me.

Scofield took pity.

Saw a talent in me, I guess.
Got me out.

Said he might call on those
talents some day in return,

and now here we are.

Soon as I put
the touches on this,

I'm yours. Got bored waiting.

It's incredible.

Rebuild of dealey Plaza,

where jfk was shot.

This here

is a book depository.

Whip: Attention to
detail like that,

drive a man crazy.

Look at me.
I'm a crap house loon.

Excessive need to bring the past

back to life.

Make it real.

But enough of that.

Time for the real dance
to begin, am I right?

We're going to get
him back, okay?

Whip: We got your wild card
ready to go.

Thank you.

Me that should be thanking you.

You brought me all this way.

We did it together.

We'll be doing this together.

You gave me family.

Seriously, thank you.

Speaking of family...

Let's go.

Don't touch that, please.

It's not an option right now.

Now where is my son?

You ask questions you know
there isn't a chance in hell

I'm gonna answer.

So we're back to the game.

The truth is, we never left.

You're not holding
the cards.

I am.
Are you?

Every law agency in the
world is looking for you.

Doesn't sound like a
position of power to me.

If I get arrested,
those servers will be released,

and everything you've done
will be exposed.

I'll find them.
I'll destroy them.

Like I said,

I'm holding the cards.


Didn't expect that.

It's beneath you, Michael.

Let him go!

Now that, I expected.

Thank you.

(Gun clicks)

How about we drop it, lady?

You don't think
I expected this?

We could do this all day.

Play contingency
after contingency.

But do you really
want to do that?


No! David. Dammit!

Back off, or
I kill him right now.

And that must be

the last of your

Thank you so much for
showing me, Michael.

(Sirens wailing)

Oh, yeah.

You should also know
I called the FBI.

An anonymous
tip saying

that kaniel outis
would be at this warehouse.

(Indistinct radio chatter)

Keep clear.
Moving to second position.


they're in the building.
There's no more time.

The hard drives,
or we'll start shooting

your pieces.
Whip: Hand over

the damn boy!

Shut up.

Lady, put the gun down,
walk away,

as I cannot be held accountable
for what's about to happen.

He moves, shoot him!
I killed a guy

in a bar fight once.
He was taking Yang to my girl.

Took me one
second to do it.
Don't do it!

You should listen to him.
He's a very smart man.

I'm talking to you, whip.

It's not worth dying for.
This is my fight!

This is our fight. We've
come too far to let this

son of a bitch win.

This wasn't the plan!

Don't do it!

Some sons of bitches
just got to go!

We're the only ones
who could do it.

Ain't that right, pa?

Try me.



(Gunshot, whip groans)


Whip. Whip.
T-bag: No.

Come on.

This wasn't the plan.

Stay-stay with me.

Stay with me, boy.
Stay with me.

The hard drives. Now.

I got him.
It's okay, I got him.

(Whip panting)

It's that way.

Keep it calm, boy.

(Whip groaning, panting)

Stay calm.
If he tries to play hero, too,

execute him.

(Whip panting)

(T-bag sobbing roughly)



You shot him, you bitch.

He shouldn't have tried me.

Hands up! Freeze!

Do it now!
Federal agents!

(Agents shouting over
each other)




Federal agents!

Hands where I can see them!



I'm good. I got to s...

See your face.

Agent: Freeze!
Get your hands up!

Go easy, son.

♪ ♪

(agents shouting indistinctly)

♪ ♪

how we doing?


Better than you.

Oh, thank god.

You okay?


Up ahead, in the next bay.

(Phone rings)

I'll take that call.

We got him, Michael.
We got our boy.

Good news for you.

But now you've got no reason
to give me what I want.

Which kind of makes it
bad news for you.

(Door bangs open)

Federal agents!

You son of a bitch.

(Short chuckle)

The cabin.

Gaines' jacket.

Camera, taking my picture.


You wanted me to take the
gun from you back there.

You're better than I thought.

Re-framing me for the murder
I actually committed.

The one you framed me for.

Michael, pick up the body,

make it look like
it never happened.

Genius, really.

But no one will ever go for it.

The truth is whatever
you tell people it is.

You taught me that.

Oh. Too bad the feds'll be here

in two minutes, see your little

diorama here, and
know it's all bull.

Except none of this
will be here.

And neither will I.

(Truck engine starts)





(Board clatters)


This is for
the last seven years.

Freeze! Get your hands up!

Put 'em up!

It's him! It's kaniel outis!

Thank god you're here.

Thank god!

Thank god.

Thank god.

Hands up!

Agent 2:
Hold on.

All right,
we're clear!

(Indistinct radio chatter)

Thank god you guys
got here when you did,

that's all I can say.

I mean, he would have...

I'd be dead right now.

Look, if it's okay with you
guys, I'd like to go home,

clean myself up a bit.
As you can imagine,

it's been a long day.

That's okay.

Thank you.

Jacob Anton ness?

Can I help you?
You're under arrest for the
participation in the murder

of Harlan gaines.
If you're talking about
that nonsense

in there...
We're talking about
blood evidence

found in your office

at the university.
An office

only you have access to.

Harlan gaines' blood.

And blood will finally

be spilled
in its rightful place.

What? How...

These are the missing frames
from the night of the killing.

The ones Poseidon edited out.

Yes, I was there.
I've never denied it.

He forced me to...

So he could frame me.

So the blood evidence
found in your belongings

was because he tasked you
with disposing of the body.


And with the revelation of
the additional blood evidence

found in his office
at the university,

it neatly supports your
theory, doesn't it?

That he was there.

That he was the gunman.

I guess I would have
one question for you.

I'm director of the CIA.

I'm aware of that.
That's why I sent you the e-mail

with the evidence directly.

My question is...

Would you be
manipulating me, too?

How would I do that?


You look too closely
at this evidence...

Metadata in the pictures,
degraded blood evidence...

You might find
some problems.

Depends how motivated you are
to look closely.

Poseidon killed
your deputy director.

He was a cancer
inside your agency for years.

I've shown you his face!

Now, calm down.

You should know that we
have Mr. ness' accomplice,

Andrew Nelson, in custody,

thanks to your brother.

Once we saw your e-mail,

we interrogated him.

He's fully disclosed 21-void's

conspiracy to frame you for
the murder of Harlan gaines

and bury your identity
by giving you a new one:

Kaniel outis.

What does that mean?

It means...'re free to go,
Mr. Scofield.

You don't know
how long I've waited

to hear someone call me that.

One other thing.

The level of ingenuity

that you displayed
with all of this...

We could use a
person like that.

I am not looking for a job.


There is one thing
you can do for me.

You liking it here?

It's strange.

Being alive again.

Not running.


I've been running, too.

I know.


He threw you
out of a boat.

Why'd you call her?

Because I knew
you wouldn't.

(Short chuckle)

What's really strange is...

Things actually working out.


I love you.

I love you, too.

♪ ♪

he's better at
getting himself into...


He's stubborn.


Hey, babe.


(Heavy door rolls shut)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Not used to guys smiling,
coming in here.

Yeah, just not planning
on sticking around long,

that's all.

Yeah, right.

Have a good one.


No. No, no, no, no, no, no,

no! No! No!

Guard! Guard!

(T-bag cackling)

(Jacob screaming)

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