Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 8 - Progeny - full transcript

Michael and Lincoln enlist the help of Sheba and C-Note to catch Poseidon when Sara and her son are threatened; Whip takes a separate mission; T-Bag reveals a secret.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Don't you have
a job or something?

Yeah, on a freelance cargo ship.

We go to Hong Kong,

Buenos Aires, basically
wherever the boss tells us.

Corrupt son of a bitch.

We've awoken something,
something people are trying to

hide about Michael.

Who the hell is
this Poseidon guy?

A psychopath.

A frustrated policy wonk

in the CIA
who created a cell

within the CIA called 21-void.

And they needed my help

breaking out people in prison

all over the world.

Before he was killed,

Kellerman had been
looking into 21-void.

I need you to look
into the possibility

that there was
an insider involved.

I wasn't expecting
a call at this hour.

I think we need to meet soon.

I was looking for where
the man went.

What man, baby?

The man that
gave me this.


What are you into?

Just tell us
where you're headed.

300 miles across
the desert, phaeacia.

Autonomous zone. No isil.

I can lead you there.

Phaeacia, we found it!

Back in the city,
i told you you would die.


He poisoned me.

It's incredible how good
you've gotten at drawing, Mike.

Really, that's...

That's so good.

It's a Greek hero.

He looks hurt.

They all get hurt
sooner or later.

That's what's great
about Greek heroes,

they're real, not supermen.

They get hurt.

They can die.

Hey, I'm sorry, buddy,
last little bit.

I got to keep it
clean, you know?

It's looking much
better though, okay?

You're doing good.
You just hang in there, buddy.

How we doing?

Got something.

Our friend over
there has a boat.

He's making a smuggling
run to Greece.

He says he can take your brother
to a first world doctor.

First world thinks
he's kaniel outis.

They'll arrest him on sight.


What's the alternative,
let him die?

What kind of a brother are you?

You say something
like that again,

I swear to god,
I'll kill you.

There might be a third option.

So how was
your first day back?

I have to say, it's
never been so rewarding

to teach game theory to the tops

of a bunch of
18-year-olds' heads

while they're busy
sexting each other.




Normalcy's threatening
to come back,

and I say
cheers to that.

Cheers to that.

Come on,
let's sit outside.

I'll be right there.


We found Michael.

Is he our Michael?

Yes, Sara.

Sara, listen,
he's been poisoned.

We think it's antifreeze.

He's lost a lot of blood.

He needs a lot of blood.


He needs a lot of things
if it's antifreeze.

Listen, uh,

we're heading to Greece.

Is there any way we can get some
medical help off the books?

No, no, no, no, no,
this isn't the kind of thing

that you want to do
off the books.

Listen, Lincoln, he's
gonna need a transfusion.

Michael's b negative, okay?

It's maybe one percent of the
population with that blood type.

You won't find it
where you're going,

and he won't make it
while you look.

Unless it comes to you.

I'll call you back.

Hey, what's going on?

I, uh...

I got to go.

You got to go?

Go where?

To crete.

Michael, um,

they found him.

He's alive.

He's poisoned.

Michael? Your ex, Michael?


Wait, hold on a second,

he really is alive?

He contacted you just now?

Yeah, and, uh,
and he needs help,

and I think I'm the only one
that can help him.


Yeah, I can get there faster on
a plane than they can on a boat.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sara?

Y-you don't owe him that.

Y-you don't know what you'd be
walking into; It's not safe.

I'll be fine.
I don't have a choice.


This has been a hell of a week.

Okay, look, I know you've
got a million questions,

just like I do, okay?

I can't look
my son in the eye

and tell him that
i let his father die

when I could've
tried to save him.

A father he's never met.

I can't do that.

And if I told you not to go?

"If's" a big word
in that sentence.

Jacob, are you telling me
not to go?


No, of course not.


Should've left her
out of this, Linc.

Shut up. You're about to see
the wife you haven't seen

in seven years.

- I got you, I got you.
- Cast off.

You're ready.

What do you mean?

Been locked up for longer
than I can remember.

Before ogygia, it was
my apartment, my head

and my phone.

Walls all around me.

Couldn't see the world.

I like it here.

No walls.

Freedom, like I haven't
had in a long time.

I can start over.

And unless you say you need me,

I'd like to stay.

You're a free man, ja.

The choice is yours.

I owe you my life.

You gave me back the world.

Get him healthy. Get safe.

Yeah, I will.

See you.

Hey, hey, hey.

I got to know,

you really got
Freddie Mercury's ashes?

Is it true Keith Richard
snorted his dead father's ashes?

I don't know.


Keep alive.

You too, man.


how far is it to Greece?

12 hours.

Sara's gonna be there in 12.

I don't think I have
12 hours in me.

I was right, we got problems.

Apparently, state department is
asking questions about 21-void

after our visit
to NSA yesterday.

They have no
viable information.

21-void doesn't exist.

Poseidon will clean house.

The problem's
not going away.

That state department
agent wants to meet

as soon as we land.

Chania, please?

Thank you.

It is safe here.

I use when I come.

You got any food for him?

Come, it's in the boat.

Great, thank you.

Keep his spirits up.

All right, man.

Oh, man.

Got to hang in there,
buddy, huh?

Still got a lot of things
to tell me, you know?

You gonna tell me why
I'm your whip hand.


I got a lot invested in you.

You can't die on me now,
Michael, you know?

Called you Michael.

The first-- first time I ever
really known your name,

even though I feel like...

I feel like we've been brothers
since we met, you know?

You know, with--
with Linc here... was the first time I ever
felt like an outsider with you.

You know, like--

like I lost...

Part of my family
or something.

So, you see, Michael,
you can't die.




I missed you.

I'm gonna fix you up.

And then
we'll talk, okay?

I'm gonna make you okay.


Shh, shh, shh,

shh, shh, shh,
it's okay.

Hey, Lincoln, uh,

would you pass me
that coat rack?

Could I grab the chair, please?


We'll do a transfusion.

I'm o negative.

It's the universal donor.

Turns out it's the only other
blood type I could've given him.

Maybe there's something
to destiny, huh?

Is he gonna live?


Yeah, he'll live.

Give him
a couple hours.

He's strong.

We'll, uh... we'll
give you a minute.


I'm right here.

I'm right here.

We need to work out a way
to get off this island.

What I said...

Um, about you--

I was wrong.

A man would be lucky
to have a brother

cares as much
as you, you know?

Wife like that...

I wouldn't call it luck.

You've been through
what we've been through.

You're family now.

I'll drink to that.


Flying's really
out of the question?


Airports are worse
than hospitals.

And once the name kaniel outis
is radioactive,

they'll shoot him on sight.

So another boat?

Across the Atlantic?

Mm, I'm no sailor, but I know
that no boat in that harbor

is gonna get us that far.

We need a big boat.

One that doesn't mind a
radioactive cargo, you know?

Hey there. I wanted to
follow up on our conversation.

Obviously, the CIA and state,

we've been sharing
information on kaniel outis,

but my question for you is:

Outis killed abu ramal,

did the country
a service.

So why were you
still at NSA yesterday,

trying to kill him?

Why don't we get
off the tarmac?

We'll share what we can
about our investigation.

This is all just
bureaucratic miscommunication.

We can iron it out.

So you know, we
checked with CIA.

The CIA didn't sanction
your visit to NSA yesterday.

No one even knew
you were there.

Who are you working
for, really?

And why were you trying to
take out kaniel outis?

Never thought
I'd see this face again.

You weren't supposed to.


I'll tell you everything
you want to know.

But first,
i need something from you.


A picture of my son.

We weren't
at NSA yesterday.

I'm telling you,
this is a mistake.

And it's a mistake
to lie to me.

I can have you

I have a contact at the NSA
and she gave me proof.

You're not calling
him junior, are you?

I promised you
i would never do that.

He's an amazing kid.

He's just like you.

What's wrong?

It's him.

Your husband.



Jacob is Poseidon.

I knew it. I wasn't crazy.

I caught him lying, but he-he--

oh, god, he covered it so well.

He was... honest and hurt,

and I bought it.

Who is he?


He's a CIA operative,
deep cover.

He runs a splinter
cell called 21-void.

What does this have to do
with you?

He targeted me
for my skills,

blackmailed me.

He told me if I didn't agree
to come work for him,

he'd go after you and Linc,

put you both in jail.

And then he
proved it to me.

He said I could never see
either one of you again.

Or Mike.

Made me fake my death.

And then he just used me.

He married me.

If I'd known he was your
husband, I swear...

No, no, no, no, no,

this is not on you.


Why now?
Why did you come back now?

The origami...

Four years ago,
he betrayed me

and now I know why.

He wanted me out
of the way...

So he could have you.

How did he betray you?

He set a meeting.

We were supposed to discuss
my next assignment.

What he didn't tell me was that

we were meeting a man
named Harlan gaines,

a deputy director of the CIA.

Gaines was investigating

Looking for the traitor
behind it.

That's when I knew my work
wasn't sanctioned by the CIA.

Poseidon shot and killed gaines
that night,

to stop the investigation.

He told me to move the body,

make it look like
it never happened.

I've seen the photos
of that part, they're damning.

He chose images that
showed me moving gaines' body,

eliminated the ones
that incriminated himself.

I knew I was being set up.

He was tightening his control
over me,

but there was nothing
I could do.

At least,
that's what he thought.

When I knew
Poseidon had gone rogue

and was operating
outside the CIA,

that's when I started my plan
to get back to you.

You're not.

Some other man has your--

your face, your past,
your whole life.

Sara, there is a plan
to make this right,

to protect our family.

Michael, he's with our son
right now.

He's with Mike.

I, uh, look, I have to go.


Hey, Noah, you gonna
build us a boat?

Nope. I'm gonna do one better.

Who you calling?

A friend who
actually has a boat.

Torrent downloaded from RARBG


Sucre, it's me.

I thought the middle east

was gonna swallow you up, man.

Where's Michael?
Did you find him?

Listen, that's why I'm calling.

We're on the island of crete.

We need a low profile ride
back to the states.

I would love to help,

but we're on the other side
of the world, brother.

We just dropped a load
in Morocco.

What are you talking about?
Morocco's near crete.

Yeah, I know, of course it is,

but what I mean is
it's not my ship.

Yeah, but what would it
cost to hitch a ride?

You can't hitch a ride.

You have to rent
the whole ship.

The boss charges 50k a leg,

You want to get back
to the states, it's 50k.


We're just trying
to get home.

You know we don't have
that kind of cash.

You do now.

Here, this was
my grandmother's.

It's an heirloom
worth at least that.

I can't think
of a better use for it.

Thank you.

We got it, Sucre.
Get to crete.

He's not gonna hurt Mike,

not unless he suspects
you know who he really is.

If you remove his mask,

he'll lash out.

You know him
better than I do.

That's the point,
no one knows him.

So, what do I do?

You play his game.
You wear your own mask.

As soon as you get a chance
to get away with Mike,

you take it, disappear.

I'll get to the states
as soon as I can.

I'll find you.

You're looking better.

A little grayer, but better.

I have an amazing doctor
on call.

I will wear the mask.

I will play his game...

And if he hurts our son,
I'll kill him.

I can't...

Please come back to us.

She's leaving crete alone,

which means she left outis
behind, and he'll try to follow,

return to the U.S.
in the next day or two.

It can only be by ship
or plane, so plaster his face

on all maritime
and air channels,

focusing on all vessels
departing from crete

in the next 48 hours.

He's got to be on one.

He can't make it back
inside the country. Jacob?

Was that mommy?

Yes. Mommy's on her way home.

Michael Scofield.

My man, you got more lives
than anyone.

Think I might've
used them all up.

A damn Phoenix.

I can't believe it.

I want to hear every damn thing

that's happened to you
since you died.

Papi, you're alive?

The skipper
is a corrupt bastard.

Don't mess with him.
He's got guns in the hold,

all kinds of contraband.

Here's the cargo
i was telling you about.

Pay up.

Where's the 50k?


I said cash.

It's a sapphire,
six carats,

flawless, surrounded by
2.5 carats of bezeled diamonds.

Street value is 125k.

You can pawn it for half that
and still make a profit.

If it's fake,

you go under the sea.

A boat is the last place i
expected to find you, buddy.

I thought you
hated the water.

Yeah, you remember,
but I got a record.

Not a lot of employers lined up
to take a chance on me.

Besides, this ship
provides opportunities

for my side business...

...Which is the
real reason I'm on this boat.

This baby...

...houses my entire
life savings.

I'm telling you,
it's gonna be huge.

I'm a few months away from
putting all this behind me.

If you guys are lucky,
I'll let you guys

take one of my ladies
for a spin.


What, sex dolls?

No, have some class, man.

The term is inflatables,
high quality,

expensive, very lifelike.


Hey, honey.

Hey, you.



Where's Mike?


Kid had a big day.


Most important, though,

how's Michael?

Were you able to help him?

I mean, he was barely alive
when I got there.

He, uh, slept most of the time.

I-i did what I could
for him. I, uh...

I stabilized him,
but he's changed.

He, uh... he's just
not the guy I knew.

Hmm. So, they dropped me at the
airport and that was that.


Linc and some other guy.


Where's Mike?

You said that he was asleep.
He is...

At a friend's house,
a sleepover.

Okay. Which friend?

He's at Patrick's house.

What happened
to your grandmother's ring?

I'm such an idiot.

I took it off on the way over
for safekeeping,

'cause I didn't want it
to get stolen,

then when I looked for it
on the way back it was gone.

Screamed so loud they nearly
threw me off the flight.



We spoke to our man
at the Pentagon.

A naval alert just went out.

Kaniel outis has been located

on a cargo ship
in the mediterranean.

It was reported
by the ship's captain.

What's the Navy
gonna do about it?

The nearest lcs combat craft

is moving to engage.

Seal team's been deployed.


To seek and destroy
kaniel outis.


We've done our job
getting the message out.

Now it's time for the seals
to do theirs.

My god.

You've been through hell,
my friend.

Have some faith, papi.

Thanks, papi.

What about you, Linc?

I think Linc's got
a secret girlfriend,

the pilot lady.

She's not my lady.

Maybe Sucre will set you up
with one of his sex dolls.

They're not dolls, man.

Oh, sorry, inflatables.

Look, let's just
change the subject, please.

You know, might be something
to be said for settling down.

Right, well...
That's not in the cards.

It's locked from the outside.

They made you.

You really are
a wanted terrorist.

What did the hell
did you think he was saying?

I thought it was an analogy.

Oh, for god's sake.

There's no other way

out of this cabin.

All crew to the top deck.
All hands up.

Comply or be fired on.

This ship is now under
the control of the U.S. Navy.

Prepared to be boarded.

We got company.

I say we jump.

That's a long way down.

It's the only way out.

It's too far.

I have an idea...

...but it's gonna hurt.


Hey, Heather,
it's me. Listen, I can't talk,

but I need you to go pick up
Mike right now, okay?

Do you know where
Patrick Monroe lives?



Listen, I'll explain later.

Don't bring him back here, okay?

Keep him with you.
I'll be over as soon as I can.

Can you do that for me?

Uh, yeah.
Uh, I'll leave right now.

I-i-is everything okay?



Six. The rest with me.

Two more. Go.

One, two, three, four.

Go, go.

I'll go left, you right.

They went out the window!

They went out the window!

What do you see?

No visual.

Alpha one,
Alpha two to portside, now.

Copy that.


Take... take it off!

What's your name?


Fernando Sucre.

I'm a member of this crew.
Check the roster, man.

I got no part in any of this.

Check the roster
for Fernando Sucre.

Suspect seems to check out.

Take him to the bridge.

Yes, sir.

Let's move.

Absolutely no one gets off
this ship, understand?


I don't know any kaniel outis.

The guy's name is Scofield.

Haven't seen him in years.

He calls me,
he says he needs a ride.

We got active pursuit
on engine deck.

Watch him.

The guy's name is Scofield!

That's the door
Sucre told us about.

There they are!

Freeze! Freeze!

Look alive, look alive!

We've got them bottled up.

Guys, come on! Hurry!


It's stuck!

Come on!
It's stuck!

It's stuck!

Smoke them out, go!

Tear gas.

That hits the ventilation,
it's gonna ruin my cargo!

You've always been
a loser, Sucre.

Worst shipmate I ever hired.

You brought this scum
on board my ship.

They're your friends.
Where are they going?

They're associates
of associates.

I haven't seen them in years.

But that's a good point.

Why don't you tell
the nice seal here

how you accepted payment
for their passage?

Maybe they're
your friends, not mine.

Okay, okay.

I heard them say something
about container 17.


That container 17.

The one with
your super secret cargo, huh?

Weapons and munitions?

Vincent, tangos
may be arming themselves.

Man, they're not gonna like you
if they find that, are they?


You might just end up on
the terrorist watch list, too.

Vincent, do you copy?

Can't read you.

Good-for-nothing Mexican.
You planned this.

Stay here.

17's still sealed.


I'm puerto rican.

12:00. You hear that?

Come on!

Go, go. Move!

What's going on?

The ship's changing course.

I did it, papi.

No going
back now.

See what their next move is.

Do you remember
our honeymoon?

Yeah, of course.

How you opened up.

Told me you carried shame
for what you did at fox river.

How some days you wished
you'd never heard

the name Michael Scofield.

Even admitted
to lying,

keeping it
all from me.

How you finally came clean

and put it all behind you?


I forgave you for the lies.

Your past.

Accepted you.

Loved you and Mike.

How is that not
enough for you?



I have him.

Thank god.

He's fine.

Headed home now.

Hi, mom.

Oh, Heather, thank god.

I'll be there soon.

navigation's been trashed,

the controls damaged.

Damn it.

Tramp's off course.

Moving toward Algerian waters,
top speed.

Can we fix it?

It'll take time.

And by then we'd be out

of international waters.

Falcon one requesting orders.

We have a situation.


The seal team failed
to neutralize outis.

Somehow the ship's controls
were damaged.

It's headed for Algerian waters
with our soldiers on boards,

but it'll cause
a diplomatic incident

if they stay to finish the job.

The Navy just made
the call to pull the team.

All right, all right.

The seals couldn't do it.
We escalate our move.

Shouldn't have brought a knife
to a gunfight.

I will handle from here.

Thank you.



I have an ask,
one that's imperative.

I believe you'll find
that our interests are aligned.

are they doing?

They're leaving.



Oh, god. No, no, no, no!


You're gonna want this.

Mike is safe where you can't
touch him, and this is over.

The life,
the lies, the mask.

You're gonna tell me everything.

Like who you really are,

what this was, all of it.

It was our life.

It's not over, Sara.

Not even close.

And Mike was never in danger.

I love him.

He is my family.

I raised him.

What have you done?


It's what you've done, Sara.

All of this
could've been avoided.

Good sleepover?


Is mommy coming to pick me up?

Yes, sir.

Michael's dead.

Your nightingale trip to Greece
led me straight to him.

So... it's all on you, Sara.

And your plan with Heather
didn't work.

Where's my son?

I have him.

And whether or not i
have to threaten him,

which I don't want to do,

is entirely contingent
upon you putting the gun down.

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