Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 1 - Ogygia - full transcript

Seven years has passed and with everyone moved on with their lives, Michael is discovered to still be alive after his apparent death and has ended up in a Yemen prison. Lincoln gets a visit from a familiar face and learns the news about Michael and his whereabouts.

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[music playing]

I didn't kill
that man, Michael.

I was set up.

Swear to me.

I swear to you, Michael.


I find it incumbent
that you see the inside

of a prison cell, Mr. Scofield.

I'm getting you out of here.

That's impossible.

Not if you design
the place, it isn't.

You're asking me
to break the law.

I'm asking you
to make a mistake.

Forget to lock up.

As soon as it
gets dark, we go.

Sound the alarm.

[alarm sounding]

We did it, Mike.

However this plays
out, I have no regrets.

"Prison Break" was a very
pivotal and rewarding chapter

in my personal development.

Ever so often a job will
come along where you say,

this is special.

We didn't know if "Prison
Break" was going to be a hit.

I think they called
it a phenomenon.

"Prison Break" is a job that
by and large, all of the actors

on it owe their careers to.

I think it was
ahead of its time--

B mark.



You can't possibly
get away with this, son.

I don't think you want to
find out how badly I want

to get my brother out of here.


Who are you fooling?

You ain't got it in you.


To have that be on
network television on Fox,

specifically, it was
remarkable in 2005.

I'm a fan myself, and I'm very
blessed to be part of something

that changed the history of TV.

I died seven years ago.

I left behind a
brother, a wife, a son.

But the dead talk if you
do listen, because not

all deaths are the same.

Some are real.

Some are a story.

This Resurrection came to
be because Dominic Purcell

and myself wound
up working together

on another show
playing completely

different characters.

It was just like
we had never stopped

working with one another.

And we just started talking
about "Prison Break."

Out of that conversation
came this idea that there

might be more to the story.

Season Five, it's taken
it to a different level.

As soon as we got
the first script,

I just knew this was
going to be great.

We've got Paul
Scheuring, who is

spearheading these
new nine episodes

and originated the show.

So it's got his tone.

It's going to be the biggest
version of "Prison Break."

We're introducing new
aspects of these characters.

We're housing that and this
massive international story

that spans the entire world.

It feels like the biggest
season of "Prison Break" ever.

It has this epic,
mythological scope.

Paul Scheuring, the creator,
was really excited about doing

a cool action-packed
Season Five that

captures the intensity and the
adrenaline of the first season.

It's not just about
breaking out of prison.

That's the beginning
of the story.

The goal is to break out
of the country itself,

out of the entire Middle East.

All the people that you
loved from the original "Prison

Break" will all play a
very significant role

in helping Michael and
Lincoln get out of this alive.

It feels like it's happening
out there in the world today.

At the same time, it's a
continuation of the same themes

that worked so well.

The first time around,
family, sacrifice,

loyalty, and brotherhood.

Lincoln and Michael are
the heart of the show.

They always have been.

And I think it's one of the
things the fans can look

forward to is their reunion.

The connection between the two
brothers is a universal theme.

It's love, it's
bond, it's blood.

It's a story about a group of
people who believe in devotion

to one another at all costs.

When you have a fundamental
heart at the basic massive epic

that we intend this to be,
I think that the audience is

just going to be like, I'm in.

"Prison Break" fans are by
far the most vocal and loyal

that I've ever
encountered, which

given that we've been off
the air for seven years

is remarkable.

It's something you
never quite get used to.

I'm humbled by it, and I'm very
grateful to the show and fans.

It is great that we have
so many of the old cast

back because I think it's
one more thing for the fans

to look forward to.

But we've also got a handful of
great new characters as well.

It really is bringing all
of those pieces, all of that

family back together again.

And that is the
heart of the season.

Still tight as
scales on a snake.

T-bag gets out of
prison, and then boom.

Must have friends in
high places, Bagwell.

How a cesspool like you
get his walking papers,

I'll never know.

He gets the first clue.

And one last piece
of correspondence.

And he's right back into
it again of that very thing

that he did not want to be
involved with again, which

is Michael drawing him in.


Lincoln has gone to the
depths of despair at this point.

He's lost his brother.

It's been seven years.

Before you know it, Lincoln
was back in the old hood

doing odd jobs,
moving things from A

to B for gangsters, crooks.

Girls, how about you
step out and pay us

the hundred grand you owe us.

He gets information from
T-bag that there's a possibility

that Michael may be alive.

It seems fate has deigned to
join us at the hip once again.

Have a looksie.

Looks like your brother
might just be alive.

You know, I've made my
peace of what was coming.

And you show up, and give me the
one thing a man in my situation

shouldn't have--


Now that's going
to be taken away.

Don't do this, Linc.

I've got three weeks.

What do you want me to do?

Michael was someone that always
used to show him the way,

to a degree.

And he didn't have that
guiding light in his life.

Now I've been a mess
ever since you left,

fallen back into my old ways.

There's a guy who lost
what was most near and dear

to him, which was his brother.

And mark.

When the potential of
his brother being alive

comes on his radar--

If you don't get off my deck,
I'm going to crack your skull.

I get a surprise visit from
T-bag, who Lincoln despises.

Have a looksie.

T-bag said he thinks
Michael's alive.

That's impossible.

That's what I thought.

He starts this journey
out into the world,

which is to find
out, extensively,

is his brother alive.

I know you want it to be true,
losing a brother, massive hole

that leaves in your life.

Sara, she has moved
on with her life.

You're talking about a
woman that had this profound

life-changing relationship
with a man seven years ago that

lasted less than two years.

Michael was sick.

He was terminally
sick, and he died.

She's a different person
than she was before.

She was never a wife
and mother in the show,

and she certainly
was never a widow.

I don't know that
Sarah would have made

it were it not for her son.

I think her son has become
the center of her universe,

partly because he's all
she has left of Michael.

As he gets older, he's more
like his father every day.

He looks more like him.

He thinks more like him.

What was my father
like, my real father?

Somewhere along the way
without looking for it,

she met a man who was willing to
take what she had left to give,

which isn't a lot.

Jacob Ness is a
professor of game theory

at the University of Ithaca.

He's a really good guy.

But he's basically there for
her in her moment of need.

And he has stepped in to raise
a child who's not his own.

And he's done it with
generosity and class.

I don't think Sara and
her new husband Jacob are

under any delusions that
this is a love of your life

kind of a situation.

But I think there's
respect, there's friendship,

there's comfort.

I've got a stake in this too.

This is my wife, my son.

The reintroduction of the
possibility that Michael might

be still alive starts to
threaten that relationship

because she's very conflicted,
because the man she's

married to is a wonderful guy.

But, of course, we as "Prison
Break" fans are like, well,

but you got to get Sara
and Michael together.

I think Michael and Sara,
they will be drawn towards one

another no matter what.

Ultimately, these are
two people who would

do anything for each other.

The question is, he still
the man that she remembers?

Is he deserving of her love?

Is he deserving
of a happy ending?

Your brother's dead, Lincoln.

Where is he then?

Where's the body?

If he's been out there
for all of these years,

why did he abandon his own son?

Can he still call
himself a good man?

Is he still considered a hero?

Is he worthy of Sara
and their child?

Michael Scofield was like
a storm, and frightening,

and mysterious.

And he would show
up in your life

out of the clear, blue sky.

And then he would
disappear just as quickly.

But storms, they can
come back, can't they?

If I needed to get to
Yemen, is that something

you can help me with?

There a period of
time where C-Note,

he goes on a journey,
and he figures out

a way to make himself happy.

It's a change and culture.

It's a change in

It's a huge change for this man.

And, of course, where
we left off before,

it was always a tug of
war with these guys,

because they're
trying to break out

and get their own lives back.

How is this friendship or
this lack of friendship

going to mesh right now?

Lincoln is in search C-Note,
and he finds him in a Mosque,

and he needs my help.

I thought he was dead.

So did everyone.

Because the clues are leading
to a country far away to come

to a guy like me, C-Note, who
has ties in the country where

Michael could possibly be.

Needs C-Note to come
to the Middle East,

negotiate, and to translate.

We do a little research,
and we're often and running.

Do you really got contacts?

Contacts with contacts.

Seven years back, my brother
waded into hell to save me.

He was a genius that
no prison could hold.

We need to break him
out, wade into that hell,

and find him, and
bring him back to life.

Michael reappears
in a prison in Yemen,

and that's changed him.

His got a new deadly
set of skills.

He's now always vigilant.

It's always been one of
the most interesting parts

of the character
to me is that he's

a good man pursuing good ends.

Please tell me, do you still
plan on getting us out of here?

I'll start the process.

But the means are
somewhat shady.

It's the good stuff,
morphine derivative.

I need access to your cell
phone and a credit card number.

His hands dirty at this
point in the story.

Some of the prominent
new characters

are prison mates of Michael's.

Does any of this phase
you at all, the fact

that we're going to die in here?

We're not going to die.

We're still getting
out, all of us.

T has formed an alliance
that work together

to patch this plan to escape.

Whip is Michael
Scofield's right-hand man.

He's very much
the lovable rogue.

You're a brother to me.

I had zero, nobody,
until you recruited me.

He's very loyal,
and very dedicated

to Michael and what we're
trying to achieve together.

Nobody has the ability
to trust each other.

But these guys are
in the same cell,

and they're from international
territories, and they bond


Getting over wall
is just the start.

Every one of you is
crucial to that plan.

He's got a new family.

And there's a question--
who is Michael now?

Sometimes, my friend, I
can't tell which is bigger,

your plans or your lies?

Every time I get the new
script, I'm turning the pages,

I put it down, I lay in my bed,
and I just can't go to sleep.

There just
couldn't be a greater

crucible to put them in.

Everything is a
threat from all sides,

and you don't know who to trust.

We're the only one's
coming into the place.

Yeah, the country's
falling apart.

Who's that contact again?

Another new character
is Sheba, who's

trying to help her country
from within while it's

being eviscerated from without
by this invasion of ISIS


This is very
radicalized neighborhood.

She's a Yemenai activist,
and a freedom fighter.

C-Note and Lincoln
need someone that knows

the ins and outs of Yemen.

And so that's where
my character comes in.

The suburbs are out there,
frontline of the war.

You have to get us
past the checkpoint.

Two Americans will
never make it without.

She's my go-to girl.

She's the girl that
can actually unlock

doors that I can't unlock.


It says yes.

The man in the picture is here.

And we can see him
but only because we're

dealing with Sheba.



New tats.

Michael has a new
set of tattoos,

and they are pivotal
to the story.

They're different in terms
of the idea around them.

It's got that great "Prison
Break" puzzle that will really

be something exciting as it
unravels as to what they are

and why he has them.

I have always liked
the symbolism of Michael

being a marked man.

And tattoos are a
reflection of that.


Roll camera.


Coming back to do this
again, one of the huge mandates

was that we're
not going to shoot

this on a sound stage in LA.

We're going to go to Africa.

Morocco was a once in
a lifetime experience.

The show has an
international fan base.

And going to these
various places,

actually shooting in
Morocco for Yemen,

gives the show a
look and flavor.

It just looks gorgeous.

We were in Ouarzazate, which
has cool, Arabic architecture.

And then the Sahara
Desert, it is

incredibly hot and incredibly
windy, and gusty, and sandy.

And every day was just
brutal in its own way.

And these actors are really
impressive to stick with it

and do what they did.


The look of the show is
very intense, very real.

With the action
sequences so big,

you don't have time
to make a mistake.

You really got to go for it.

Three, two, one, and boom.

We're standing outside
a technical school

here in Ouarzazate, Morocco
that we've turned into a prison.

For some of the shots, we'll
be adding additional pieces

to the prison, mostly
which is a practical prison

that they've done a great
job building here in Morocco.

Luca, our production designer,
is incredibly talented.

And he has created these
amazing environments and sets.

It feels like we're
making a movie.

I think the original
series had a big movie

feel for television.

So besides the scope of
actually where we're shooting,

there will be planes, trains,
automobiles, shipping vessels.

You name it, it's in there.

It's bigger than
any other ventures

because this is one
that spans the globe.

It goes from the
Middle East, to Europe,

to Africa, across the Atlantic,
all the way back to the US.

And ultimately, the
story is, what is

the mystery Michael Scofield?

I was a fan of
the original series.

At the time when it first
came out, I read the script.

And when I read
it, A, I was blown

away because it was
just a perfect kind

of story setup for a show.

The thing that really
stood out to me

was the relationship
between the brothers

and what you're willing
to do for family.

I think we had a nice blend
of action, adventure, and heart.

It was about family.

It was about sacrifice.

It was about loyalty, and
brotherhood, specifically,

as well as the cliffhangers,
and the cool engineering stuff,

and the tattoo.

It has that DNA of the
original "Prison Break."

and we all thought there
was more story to tell.

It's going to be
incredibly exciting.

I think this is
going to be better

than the original
"Prison Break."

I think more and
more, especially

in light of these
last nine episodes,

there's also something about
suffering and endurance.

All of our characters go
through extreme hardships.

And I there's something
inspiring about watching

someone endure, and
endure, and endure,

and come out the other side.

Well, one of the amazing
things about the new season

is I think that has been some
time off between the four

seasons and this,
which lets there

be a little bit of a reset and
build up the mystery again.

What has happened to Michael?

What has he been doing
for the last seven years?

Why hasn't he contacted Sara?

Is he the same guy?

Is he a good guy?

Is he a bad guy?

And that's the fun.

We've got nine episodes to
do what we used to do in 22.

It's what you expect
"Prison Break" to be,

which is television by
the edge of your seats.

It's the way Paul
Scheuring writes.

And that's what makes him
such a brilliant writer.

He writes in a very
multi-layered almost

Shakespearean kind of way.

They're just plots,
just intersecting,

and weaving in and out.

And at the end of the
day, they all connect,

and it makes perfect sense.

People are just left, like,
give me the next episode.

There's an expectation
to bring you what you know.

But I also think
there's a responsibility

on the writer's part to
let these characters have

learned something.

Please don't give us
the same old thing.

Paul, I think, because he
knew he was doing a short run,

it was going to be
an event series.

I think he wanted to just
bring back the people

that he could really
tell a full story about,

really give them the
time they needed.

When we see the
characters this time around,

they're been affected by
life and it's turmoils.

T-Bag and C-Note, and
different characters are coming

back as part of the family.

But they're all getting a
really unique, cool story.

It was something
that I think everyone

wanted to be a part of.

And you felt that energy.

You felt this energy.

You felt everything just
pulsating around this project.

It was just like old times.

We all fit.

We all understand
each other's rhythms.

We're all good friends--

just like a big family event.

To come back to
this group of people

that we started
with was really--

it was emotional.

It resonated, I think, in
surprising ways for all of us.

Coming back to this project
was like riding a bike.

This story still
lived in me somewhere.

And my very first
scene, I'm behind bars.

Dominic's on the other side.

And it was just like old times.

Just looking into his eyes
was enough to ground me in the

who am I of these characters.

There's so many new people,
so many new characters,

incredible, incredible talent.

The writing is top notch.

The compilation of the action,
and the intrigue, and the drama

is heightened dramatically.

It's just nonstop
thrills, nonstop mystery,

and information being revealed.

It really matters
that we deliver

something that
honors the commitment

that the fans have given to us.

You can expect what you
always saw in "Prison Break,"

which is a lot of shorter
nails, and a lot of-- no,

wait a minute.

I got to wait till next week?

It's a grand epic.

It's not constrained
to a prison.

It's not a throwback.

It's right here, right now.

It was a great show.

It was a great experience,
and I'll do it again.

Let's go.

[music playing]