Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 7 - Five the Hard Way - full transcript

Gretchen tortures T-Bag and asks about the Bird's Guide and Scylla. Meanwhile, the Agrishow executive Howard Scuderi travels with his wife and the fifth card to Las Vegas. General Krantz calls Wyatt and tells him that Don Self is the head of the snake that is threatening The Company, and he asks the killer to eliminate Self, simulating an accident. Trishanne calls Bellick and says that she has information about T-Bag, and requests the promised reward. Michael stays with Bellick and Mahone to chase T-Bag while the rest of the group travels to Las Vegas. Bellick calls Michael and tells him that Trishanne is requesting more money, and when he goes with Mahone to meet the receptionist, they are captured by T-Bag; however, Mahone escapes from the van. Michael is forced by T-Bag to work with the Bird's Guide, but the hidden Gretchen sees the GPS monitor around the ankle of Bellick. When Mahone arrives in the apartment tracking the equipment, he finds it empty and the monitors on the table; however Michael left an origami with a clue for him. Lincoln tells Sara that his mother had a brain tumor with an aneurysm and that she died when she was thirty one years old. He says that Michael is the same age and his nose is also bleeding. Gretchen kidnaps Andy, forces him to sign a resignation letter and kills him. Wyatt arrives in Self's house (but it is empty), while the agent pays a visit to General Krantz and tells him that if he disappears or dies, he has sent documentation to five lawyers implicating him. Lincoln and his group find that the fifth card is in Scuderi's apartment and Sara tries to seduce him to go to his room. However, the bartender tells that Scuderi is gay, and Sucre is assigned to "visit" him, having a surprising encounter. Meanwhile Michael finds an access hatch below the carpet of the locker and T-Bag has a surprise. Roland is recognized by the surveillance cameras and is arrested with the device by the security guards of the casino. Gretchen calls Self and talks to Michael.

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Previously on prison break:

These are gps ankle monitors.

Now, step up, take one and put it on.

When the exchange is over,

You and I are gonna spend some quality Time.

These aren't release papers.

I did the best I could do.

You need to sign those so I can collect Roland's device.

You want me to give up the one thing

That makes me valuable to the team.

Hey, you knew the deal when you came onboard.

Do you want to flush it down the toilet

Because you made a bad move?

This man just came into a $100,000 inheritance.

I Don't recognize him.

If you do see him, would you please give us a call?

You Don't work for the irs?

I Don't.

Who do you work for?

As of now... Myself.

I'm an associate of general Krantz.

The general, he likes his privacy.

I knew you were rotten from the beginning,

So I want you to walk me through this

And if you can't, I'm gonna call the authorities.

Cole Pfeiffer.

Who the hell are you?

The last Time

A pretty little filly like yourself

Knocked me senseless and tied me to a chair,

I had to pay for it.

You still might.

That book was a gift

From a very dear friend of mine

Who left this realm all too soon.

The only thing that James Whistler ever gave anybody

Was the clap.

You have 30 seconds to tell me something

That I Don't already know.

I followed that book from Panama city,

Where James Whistler and I were co-incarcerated,

To a bus locker in san diego.

Inside was information pertaining to this apartment...


How about that?

That ring a bell, huh? Huh?

What do you know about Scylla?

I know I'm holding the keys,

Because without me, that bird book's

About as meaningful as a fart in a wind storm.

I commandeered Whistler's alias.

I infiltrated his place of business

Because it's the Gateway to the whole damn thing.

Where's the location?

What do you bring to the jamboree, darling, huh?

Aside from those baby blues

And a knife?

This is me.

This is Scylla.

This is you.

I am gonna get Scylla.

And it can either be with you...

...Or through you.

So why Don't you give me

That informed decision right now,

Before I spill your hillbilly guts all over the carpet?

'cause you're messing with the wrong bitch.

How may I be of service?

This is unbelievable.

We were planning our move

On Scuderi when he chartered the flight. Right.

And no chance you dragged your feet a little bit

Waiting for Scuderi to charter the flight?

Oh, yeah, we want to drag this out.

Yeah, well, location's pretty convenient, wouldn't you say, Linc?

Uh, Scuderi splitting town

Kind of caught us a break, huh?

Would you shut him up?

No, no.

We could just wait till he comes back.

Agrisow makes farm chemicals.

It's not fort knox.

You want to bet?

Their patents are worth billions.

Which is why companies tend to keep a very close eye

On those patents.

Yeah, we could breach their security,

In a week, minimum. We could get

In the guy's house-- week, minimum.

Or we could follow the guys for 12 hours out of town

And have card five by midnight. How's that sound?

"how's that sound?" how does this sound?

If you're not back by midnight you're going to jail.

Yeah, Don't I know it.

Let's talk outside.

So what's the plan?

We're going to vegas.

Oh, hell yes!

Yo, I call shotgun!

Huh? Who's got-- hey.


So what do you want to talk about, agent Self?

I've been a part of hundreds

Of operations during my career--

And I'll tell you one thing.

I never been on the Top of someone else's hit list.

What are you talking about? What am I talking about?

If this Company hit man Wyatt

Can find me once, it's only a matter of Time

Until he creeps up in the back of my rearview mirror again.

Well, that's not true.

'cause you'll never see him coming at all

If he's coming after you. Yeah.

That's comforting. What do you think,

I want that?

You're dead, we're all back in jail.

You were an agent longer than me.

What's my play here?


Let me get this straight. You turn your back

On me and now you want to know

My play? Really?! That was your fault.

What would you have Done?

I've tracked down rapists, killers,

Even former military,

But a structural engineer from illinois was able to get to me.

Want to know how?

Yeah, I want to know.

He stopped running.

He got aggressive.

He took the game to me.

That's your play.

That's your only play.

I shouldn't have to remind you that killing a federal agent

Is a complicated matter-- even in our line of work.

Perhaps Mahone is just

The tip of the iceberg.

We've been searching for the link between

Supermax and Burrows and Scofield.

I believe we found it. If Scofield

And Burrows are working with the government,

We've got a much bigger problem

Than one bureaucrat at homeland security.

But it begins with that bureaucrat.

And if Don Self is the head of the snake...

Make it look like an accident.

My fee just doubled, by the way.


Uh, hi, is this Brad?


Uh, you came by my office a couple of Days ago

Looking for a guy who had an inheritance coming to him.


I know where he is.

She wants two grand first.

I'm meeting her at noon.

Okay, the next card's more important, right?

So vegas first, then we deal with t-bag.

Shut up!

I'll stay.

All right.

Linc, take, uh,

Sara and Sucre...

...Roland to vegas.

The rest of us...

...Will handle


You heard the man, let's go.

Hey, um...

...Promise me something, would you?


Can you get me Carrot Top's autograph?

'cause I just think

That would make this whole thing worthwhile.

Be safe.

Ay, yo, vegas, bitches!

He should have the info by now.

Okay, what the hell's taking Bellick so long?


She wants more money.

How much more?

I Don't know.

You got to come talk to this chick.

Hold on, hold on.

What's going on, Bellick?

Believe it.

Sorry, guys, I walked right into it, too.

It's okay. Go. Go! Come on, now!


You have no idea who you're working with, honey.

Why Don't we skip the theatrics

And you just tell us what you want.

I'd love to put a hole right in your head.

Time's up.

Him, too.

Let's all get in the van.

Let's all get in the van now.

You, too, Mahone.


I remember the Day we met, pretty.

You were a scared little college boy

Sittin' up on those bleachers,

Tryin' to keep your ass out of the game.

Now look at you.

Cold. Hard.

Like a dried up flower

Wanting to get watered.

Just tell me what you want.

I want to make you bleed.

I want to release the sinner inside of me

That got me incarcerated so many years ago.

But it seems

You caught yourself a break, pretty.

I need you.


You gonna cooperate right quick or so help me

I'm gonna stomp you till you can't stand.

The pages-- look at them.

Looks like some kind of map, right? I Don't know.

You know enough to chase me down

Looking for this.

Now Don't lie to me, pretty.

Whatever's in that book-- it is bigger than you and me.

What, like Scylla big?

This is not a game, Theodore.

Now, you need to tell me who you've been talking to.

I Don't need

To do a damn thing.

That's the benefit of being the man with the gun.


You're going to write down everything

You already know about Scylla,

And everything

You learn from that book...

...Or I'm going to paint these walls

With your Gray matter.

Get to work!


All right. I'll be right there.


Hey. Michael's position

Hasn't changed since you called.

How do we know he...?

Bagwell's a psychopath,

But he's a psychopath with a plan.

He obviously needs something from Michael,

And as long as Michael doesn't give it to him,

He'll keep breathing.

All right. I'm coming with you.

No, no, no, no. I got it.

Stick to the plan.

Will you forget about Maricruz?

You think she didn't know

Her sister was trying to set you up, man?

You better get some ass in vegas, bro.

We're here to copy the card.

Then we leave. Got it?

Have you heard from Michael?

No. Why?

Nothing. I want this thing Done.

Vegas ain't my town.

What a fool, huh?

How could anyone not love this place, right?

Check this out. Right there.

The asian guy.

I know I've seen him someplace before.

So what do you have for me?

So what's "gate"?

Excuse me?

It's on that box.

Why do you want to know? Just curious.

What if I was to tell you

I think you're just stalling?

Biding Time till you can figure out some macgyver way

To get your ass out of here, huh? I'd say you've got that gun

Pointed at the one person who can help you.

So why Don't you stop wasting my Time?

Please, Don't let him!

How 'bout her, huh?

How 'bout her, Michael?

Any reason why I shouldn't kill her?

Let's do a test.


How far gone is Michael Scofield?

Michael, just tell him what he wants!

How far gone is Michael Scofield?!

Please, Don't let him. Please!

When did it happen, Michael?

Please, Don't let him...

When did you stop caring about hurting people, huh?

Fox river? Sona?

You gonna keep dragging

Your feet while I put a bullet in her brain?

Why Don't you put that gun down.

I'll put it down when you start writing down, pretty!

Let her go,T-Bag

T-Bag, hold it on, let her go

Last chance. Three!

Two! One...

All right! All right!

The pages, they fit together.

But it's not a map.

It's a blueprint.

For what?

Our friend, Bellick, is wearing

A government-issued ankle monitor.

My guess is that Scofield has one, too.

I knew that son of a bitch was slow-walking me.

Any minute, federal agents could come

Blasting through that door.

So what do we do?

I need you to get the make and serial number of that monitor.

Feel free to pitch in here, miss Daisy.

If Scofield knows I'm involved, this is over.

We need to keep him on point.

Now, get out there and get that information.

What about the agents?

Let 'em come.

How do we even know this guy's out gambling?

The guy's got $300,000 in credit and a comped room.

He's here. Keep looking.

Hey, Sara.

Hey, uh, I realize this might not be the best Time for this,

But I still haven't heard from Michael.

They must be dealing with t-bag.

Lincoln, come on. What?

Vegas just isn't your town?

From everything I've heard about you,

That would be a pretty big change of pace.

I guess so.

Lincoln, please talk to me.

Has Michael told you about mom?


They were much alike.

They got the Same mind.

As mom got older, she started to Lose it.

We, uh, later found out

It was a symptom of a brain tumor, hama...

Hamartoma. Yeah.

As a kid, she got nosebleeds.

They stopped.

In her 30s, they started up again.

She later died of a brain aneurysm.

And you're telling me this, because Michael and his mother

Are similar in that way, too, right?

He got nosebleeds as a kid.

They stopped, and the last couple of Days

They started up again.

How old was your mom when she passed away?


Michael's just turned 31.


I found him.

Keep an eye on him.


Andrew Blauner?

Uh, yeah.

Can I help you?

I hope so.

Any boyfriends or roommates I should know about?


Any deliveries scheduled for today?


I'm giving you one more...

What is all this?

You okay?

They told me not to talk to you.

"they"? Who's they?

This is Whistler's blueprint.

It's the building where we can find Scylla.

In other words, it's Gate.

Where's Scylla?

I can't be certain until I see the building itself,

But I'm pretty sure it's somewhere down here, below this office.

What is Scylla?

It's the Company's little Black book.

I want you to take me to Gate, now.

Because you can smell that Scylla money, can't you?

That's what you're in it for, just like me.

Say it.

Come on.

I want you to say it.

I'm in it for the money.

You see?

We ain't so different after all.


Don Self is not at his house.

Looks like he cleared out.

Notify our people inside the bureau and lapd.

I doubt that he could have gotten very far.


Not now.

Don Self is here to see you.

Got to warn you, friend, she's cold.

Good luck, pal.

Stay with him.

Scofield's really getting somewhere in there.

Man works fast.

Says he can't get any further

Without seeing my former place of employment.

Did you take care of our little troll problem?

Don't even think about doing this to me.

My name's on the door.

If I didn't think you were valuable,

You'd be dead already.

Grab a leg

It's-it's just a little sensory overload, guys.

There just wasn't any room for the card.

Right. Because if we turn the device on

In the casino, it fills up on all the data from the slots.

Like when they're about to pay out.

Oh, it's completely unintentional. Really?

Yeah. It's not why you built the damn thing in the first place?

If we didn't need you...

But you do, so just take a brewski and chill, all right?

Okay, we need to figure out a way to get Scuderi alone.


The old man just showed up at the pool.

From what he's wearing, there's no way

He's got the card on him.

Stay with him.

Card's in his room.

Tell me, Donald,

How did you play this moment out in your head?

Did you picture yourself coming in here,

Chest out, jaw squared,

Ready to demand answers?

Did you at any Time in your fantasy

Imagine that you would be this nervous?

Honestly, i, uh... I didn't think much past

Giving you these.

Berlin. Nigeria.

The comrie group.

Why not jfk

And the lindbergh baby while you're at it?


Those matters have been fully vetted.

They're relics.

I had nothing to do with them, and if

This is why you've been pulling data on me,

I could have saved you a lot of trouble.

Okay. Well, these records

And a sealed letter explaining my investigation

Into your involvement with these matters

Was sent to five lawyers

Across the country.

If anything happens to me,

If I go missing, anything, if I wind up dead,

That letter is to be unsealed...

And they will find cold trails that lead nowhere near me.

It doesn't matter.

If a government agent

Who was looking into you is found floating

In the l.A. River, or whatever else you have planned,

Your life, general, will change dramatically.

There will be questions, media coverage and surveillance,

And whatever you and the Company are trying to do next

With your little Laos game,

Or whatever else you have planned,

It'll be next to impossible with thousands of eyes on you.

Okay? So back off of me.

You are not

The first person to attempt something

Like this.

Most of the others I now fondly call my colleagues.

They've learned to put

Their determination and focus to better use,

And with far greater compensation.

Wrong guy.

We'll see.

"dear mr. White, due to unforeseen circumstances,

"i regret to inform you that I will no longer be able

"to perform services at Gate.

"i thank you for this opportunity.

"i'm deeply sorry

"if this places you in a difficult position.

"i have simply not been able to escape these circumstances.

Thank you for the wonderful, enriching opportunity..."

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Does it sound like you?

Good. Yeah.


I Don't even know who you are, okay?

Just let me go...

Shut up.

And you wondered

How I got to be the Top salesman in the northeast region.

Sorry, okay?


Consider this a warning.

Old Teddy Bagwell

May be Coosa county trash,

But Cole Pfeiffer's a man of refinement.

One of the Gate corporation's

Tippy-top Sellers, as a matter of fact.

Step into my office.

Well, there should be a room-- eight by ten.

Whistler's point of entry.

That's a closet.

No, it's not.

Tonic and lime, please.

Thank you

I'm in the middle of this nightmare.

I wonder if you could help me.

It's my 22-year-old cousin's bachelorette party.

That's hardly the salt mines.

Wait for it.

There's a scavenger hunt,

And my team has tasked me

With getting a photograph in a whale's suite.

I'm a whale?

With a very scary bodyguard

And a very gorgeous watch.

And you want to take a picture in my room?

And I realize it's a completely inappropriate request,

But they're already calling me a wet blanket.

I'm sorry.

I just can't help you.

What if I said "please"?

I'm actually a little desperate.

Best of luck.

Drinks are on the gentleman.

Have a Nice Day.

You, too.

Don't take it personally.

You're not his type.

Right before you sat down,

He asked me if I liked to party.

Absolutely not! No way! Oh, come on.

Take one for the team.

Maricruz will never know.

I'm gonna snap his neck.

Get to his room, stay two minutes, then leave, all right?

Yeah, yeah, and in the meantime, what? In the elevator?

Just play hard to get, you know, and then let him nuzzle

A little bit. Whoa, whoa...!

Hey, whoa! What option we got?

Come on, man. What option we got?

Give me one.

You can't. Here.

Go ahead. There's nothing back there.

I know.

Do we have anything sharp?

So, what are you hearing, uh, Scylla is worth, huh?

Me, I'm hearing


Is that a rough ballpark

In terms of what you, uh... What you've been told?

What do we have here?

Go ahead, back up.

You and me and a dark hole.

Just like old Times, pretty.

You first

How are the chips falling for you?

Spent my last buck on the beer.

What are the options when you're broke in vegas?

I guess I got to work that out, huh?

What if you didn't have to?

I may have a little business

To throw your way.

What kind?

The easy kind...

With a $1,000 payout.

What's your cognac?

I've never had it.

I've got a 200-year-old bottle in my suite.

Join me.

This is private business.

Between men.

They're on their way up.

Get ready.

I love it-- mr. Macho man.

What's next?

I Don't know, why Don't you figure it out?

I'm Done helping you.

Sounds like someone's caught

In the old captivity of negativity.

Let's get you in a more affirmative mindset.

What's next?

I think I'm gonna lock you in this room.

And then, you're gonna be arrested

And taken back to Fox River.

Just how do you plan on...

Stop, y'all have no idea what you're doing.

Scofield, you can't do this without me.

Self's on his way.

Mark my words!

Got your message.

Y'all have no idea

What you're doing!

Thanks, Alex.

Great city.

I guess so.

That's the thing about vegas.

Doesn't judge you.

Any form of pleasure is acceptable here.

Am I crazy, or is there a note of plum in there?


Have a seat.

Did you serve?

Serve who?

In the military.

You look like a devil dog.

No, sir, I've never been in the service before.

Filling up Nice.

Sucre must be in close proximity.

Getting oiled, most likely.

One and half tours in vietnam.

Purple heart

In a friendly fire exchange near hue.

Sorry to hear it.

What I learned at hue,

Though valuable, also cost me

A great deal.


Three square inches of upper groin thigh meat.

And with that...

My reproductive and sexual function.

So... So you can't...

Mr. Villalobos, I'd like you to meet my wife.

I'm Alexa.

You want me to bang your wife?

May i pay you thousands?

He's got a minute.

Then I'm going after him.

Did it copy the card?


All right, download that.

You got five minutes.


His wife was up there.


It stays in vegas.

Uh, hey, guys.

I'm gonna go hit the head, and I'll be out

In a minute, all right?


Two... Two... Two pulls.

There he is

Two pulls, and he won the progressive.

Where the hell is he?

I'll go get him.

Mr. Glenn.

We got a problem.

It was made clear

You were never again welcome

In any nevada gaming establishment.

Wait, wait, uh, I was told there was only a five-year...

No such thing was said to you.

What's that do? It's a battery pack

For a video game console.

You'll need to buy a new one.

I already downloaded the card onto my laptop,

And... And I can build another device.

You said this one takes months.

We Don't have months.

You know what?

We ought to leave your ass in the desert.

Let's get him back to l.A., and let Self sort him out.

Let's go.

For a little guy, he has some set of lungs.

How's Bellick and the girl? All taken care of.

I'm gonna keep t-bag in protective custody

Until we get Scylla-- then, I'm gonna make somebody

At illinois doc very, very happy.

But more importantly,

What the hell is that room downstairs?

That's not where they keep the device

That decodes Scylla, is it?


That's just what t-bag thought.

The road to Scylla only begins down there.

This is the room where we've got t-bag now.

Just past the south wall,

There's an access tunnel that runs

For about 300 yards or so.

We get through that, we're in.

That's where we can decode Scylla.

And this is the building

Where general Krantz's office is.

There you go. I was there today,

But I have to tell you, the security

In that place is unbelievable.

According to the blueprint,

The substructure is completely exposed.

It shouldn't take more than 24 hours

To get in there. It's only gonna take 24 hours?

All we have to do is get that last card first.

Well, based on what I've deciphered so far,

We're gonna need around-the-clock access to Gate,

Starting immediately.

If you can get us some suits and ids,

We could go in there as irs agents

Auditing the books-- I mean, considering

The kind of racket they're running,

Nobody would have a problem believing that.

Can you make that happen?

Yeah, I could do it.

It's under the can.


We have a lot in common.

Yeah, who is this?

Just another interested party in what you're up to.

Yeah, what's that?


Open the envelope.

The pages I've got

Only go up to 77.

Is this more blueprint?

I Don't know.

What do you want?

I Don't know what you've Done

With Bagwell, but unless I see him,

You're not getting the rest of the pages.

Is that right?

Give me that.

Who is this?

Hello, Michael.