Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 6 - Blow Out - full transcript

Mahone is arrested, putting the whole gang at risk - and Mahone squarely in Wyatt's sights. Meanwhile T-Bag's charade is discovered.

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Previously on Prison Break:

Someone at Homeland Security
did an enhanced image search on you.

- Who?
- His name is Don Self.


What do you say you give me
that little piece of paper in your hand?

From now on, I'm asking that everyone
keep their card on them at all times.

Where's the bird book?

- Bird book?
- Where is the book?

- Someone was following me.
- Is this the guy?


- Who's that?
- That's the man who killed my son.

Now he's come to kill us.

Don't get use to it.

SparkleKid. Gate 8.

Excuse me.

Hi, there.
I would like to place some bets, please.

I'd like to place an exacta on Captain Brody
and Mr. Hooper in the first race.

All right. Twenty dollars, please.

- Thank you.
- I think you made a mistake here.

I wanted a quinella for Captain Brody
and Mr. Hooper in the first race.

- You gave me an exacta.
- That's what you told me you want...

No, it's not what I told you,
and I want you to fix it.

- I gave you what you asked for.
- No, you didn't. What kind of place is this?

- Lf you'll just calm down.
- I'm not... Calm down?

What are you talking about?
I want you to fix this.

You gave me the wrong bet.
I placed a bet for a quinella...

...on Doctor Brody and Mr. Hooper.
You gave me an exacta...

Somebody's freaking out
on one of the clerk's inside.

I'll check it out.

Hey, Louis, we've got a disturbance
by the windows.

I'm on my way.

- What the hell kind of place is this anyway?
- Lf you'll just calm down...

I'm not... What are you talking about?
I want you to fix this.

This... You gave me the wrong bet.'s not an exacta.
- That's what you told me.

- I remember...
- End of the line, please.

I'm not leaving this place
until I talk to the guy who makes...

- Maybe we could just not be hysterical...
- I'm not being hysterical.

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm the operations manager. Take it easy.

You run background checks on your
employees or do you let cons work here?

- There are no cons working here.
- What is she doing? "Mave."

- Mave, do you have a record, Mave?
- Excuse me, sir. Hey, calm down.

I didn't touch nothing.

I got a problem here. Did you come to help
me or did you come to give me a hard time?

Excuse me, miss?

Oh, thank you. I would have been in trouble
if I'd lost those.

My boss would have gone
up one side of me and down the other.

- Thank you.
- Anytime.

Why is she looking at me like that?

She wasn't yelling at anyone.
We'll take care of it.

I'm not yelling at anyone.

Oh, sorry, sir.

I'll keep an eye on the monitors.

He's heading back.

Let's go.

- How's it look?
- I'm getting a clear signal. We're all set.

Cardholder number four, you're up.

- Here you go, darling.
- Thanks.

Clocker said, SparkleKid
was edging on the track record at prep.

Oh, that's great, honey.

Let's go.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

And welcome to the first race of the day
here at Los Alamitos.

The starters are at the gate.

And they're ready to go.

- And they're off and running.
- What the hell?

It stuck. The gate stuck.

I'm gonna talk to the manager.

- We're here to see the manager.
- Yes, sir.

It's gonna...

You better have a damn good explanation
about what just happened here.

All right, I'll get back at you.

- We're looking into it right now, Mr. Edison.
- Cue up the tape, now.

We've made contact.
Fifteen percent and counting.

Right there. It stuck.

- What happened to his gate?
- I don't know.

- Louis, you better come down here.
- Not now.

We found something on Gate 8,
where SparkleKid was placed.

- I'll be right back.
- I'm coming with you.

Did we get it?

A hundred percent. We're all there.
Card's all there.

- Was this jerk a loser before?
- It's all your fault.

We're gonna need backup.

You better go before you get recognized.

- Someone has to be look...
- I'll take care of it, go, go.

All right, all right. Break it up, guys.
Let's go.

Let's go.

Hi, there. Excuse me.
I was wondering if you could help me.

I placed a bet on SparkleKid for my boss.

- Do you know what happened?
- Not right now, sweetheart.

Okay. My boss had me put more money
on him than I make in a week.

He's gonna flip out
when I tell him about this.

I'm not the right person to ask.

- But I put 500 here for Orca's Revenge...
- Talk to one of the window clerks.

But maybe I could add it to that?

Look, I can't help you, all right?
Now move it along, honey.

Okay, listen, I'm just trying
to ask you a couple of questions.

Yeah, well, you asked one too many.

How about this.
Why don't you help me find somebody...

...who could help me sort this out?
- Lf you don't take your hands off me...'re gonna have more to worry about
than an angry boss.

All right, well...

You take good care of yourself today,

Hey, excuse me. This is a restricted area.
You can't be back here.

I'm looking for a manager.

I'm getting the money back that I bet
on the horse that got stuck in the gate.

Hey, I said you can't be back there.
I need backup.


- Where's Mahone?
- He's right there.

That's great. He's got the device.

We're screwed.


Go back to your room, okay, sweetheart?

Oh, my God.

What happened to you?

Hey, sis.

- We have an issue.
- Good afternoon to you too, Andy.

I've been reviewing your roster
from the Northeast division.

Two of your top buyers
don't have valid social security numbers.

Care to explain that?

When I'm about to make a sale to a client,
I ask myself two questions:

Is the client being helped?

And are we getting paid?

There's a reason why
I was the top seller in the Northeast.

I don't get hung up on the details.

And what you're saying is?

There might be a typo or two in my reports,
but I'm pretty sure those checks cleared.

Fair enough.

You've had a busy morning, Frank.
Unlawful entry, resisting arrest.

It's not even lunchtime.

You're trying to put the fear of God into me.
Mission accomplished.

Listen, sergeant, I know a descent amount
about the justice system...

...enough to know that if you wanted to,
you could drop this whole thing...

...and save a lot of trouble
for everybody, huh?

- What kind of phone is this?
- It's a Japanese brand, off market.

What about the ankle monitor
you're wearing?

I've been on the straight and narrow and
it's due to come off in a couple of days.

Put your fingers in the ink.

I had 2 grand go up in smoke
because of a bum gate.

I mean, I got a little upset for a second.
Who wouldn't?

Let's talk about this.

Should we talk about how you punched an
officer or how you tried to flee the scene?

Pick a felony.

Take him to the holding cell.

What do you mean he got arrested?
What happened?

It's a long story.

But we need you to get Mahone
and the device out. Can you do that?

You think that every time you guys screw
up, I can magically make things disappear?

We ain't interested in your excuses.
Can you do it or not?

Lincoln, you know what, I'll call you back.
Excuse me, who are you? What is this?

I'm Brian. I work in the IT Department.

We're getting some registry inconsistencies
on the server... I'm just running
a few routine spot checks.

- So you just barge in here without asking?
- I have Level 2 clearance, see?

It's what I do. I go into people's offices,
I fix their computers.

I figured it was better to do it
when you weren't here.

You gotta go. Don't come back in here.

Sure thing. You're all set.

- So, what's the word?
- Self's on it.

"On it," as in he's getting Mahone out?

- He said he'd handle it.
- What's there to handle?

Self yanked us all out of prison
for way bigger charges.

- Getting Mahone out should be easy.
- Yeah.

Let's concentrate on finding
the next cardholder.

As soon as we get the device back
we'll move forward.

Would you walk us through
what we know so far?


Howard Scuderi runs Agrisow which is the
world's largest agricultural conglomerate...

...and has huge holding's in Laos.

Which, given the current inflation, means
they are making money hand over fist.

"My friends are playing at the park."

Sweetheart, why don't you go play
in your room for a little bit.

How you feeling?


I made you a sandwich.

Thank you.

You never explained what happened.

Well, my car broke down
in the middle of the desert.

There was no one around for miles and
my cell phone was dead, so I walked here.

Hey, do you still have that owl,
that I sent from Germany?


- I need to see it.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Oh, my God. Gretchen, is that?
Is that a real gun?

It is.

- You don't work for the IRS?
- I don't.

Who do you work for?

As of now...


He attended Touro Law School
in Long Island.

He spent the next 18 years,
bouncing around the DOJ and DOD...

...before being dumped on the doorstep
of Homeland in '02.

Come in.


What did you find out?

I tried accessing Self's user account
but he has a tricky firewall system in place.

There's no easy way to get past it,
not without drawing attention.

So we still don't know
why he's interested in me.

Maybe if you gave me more time.

I'll look into it.

Look, he's important.
Okay, he's doing a job for me.

- Well, your CI punched one of my officer's.
- I understand.

- You're lucky he's not charged with worse.
- I apologize for him, okay?

Look, I'm asking for a favor here.
Okay, from one badge to another.

When was the last time
you looked at your badge?

Because mine says "Issued by the city of
Los Angeles," not the federal government.

- Unless you get a court order...
- You wanna go that route?

You wanna get smart? Wanna get detained
at Guadalajara Airport...

...when you're coming back from visiting
your nana? How does that sound?

You ever hear of a no-fly list?
That's what my badge could do, okay?

Wanna see what else it could do?

I was starting to worry.

- Sign this.
- Yeah.

- These aren't release papers.
- I need you to sign that so I can...

- They're gonna run my prints...
- You punched a cop.

- Yeah, trying to save a mission.
- Keep your voice down, okay?

I did the best I could do.

You need to sign those
so I can collect Roland's device.

You want me to give up the one thing
that makes me valuable.

You knew the deal
when you came on board.

Okay, we all sacrificed a lot
to get this far.

You wanna flush it down the toilet
because you made a bad move?

Got it.

Self got the device. Mahone's still in jail.

- But Mahone, he's part of the team.
- Was.

Look, I feel just as bad about his kid
as everyone else.

- We can't blow this mission on one person.
- Oh, yeah? If I get popped tomorrow... guys are gonna forget about me?
- Yeah.

Hey, listen, an assassin
is trying to hunt us down, okay?

That T-Bag character's out in the wind
with the keys to the castle.

We got enough problems
without having to worry about this guy.

You, shut up.

Okay. Alex has an alias.
If they run his prints, they're gonna find...

Not "if," when they run his prints.

They're gonna figure out who he is
and that he's not in a supermax.

- Then they're gonna realize we're not...
- Michael?

Linc's right. We don't have a choice.
We move forward with the plan.

Agent Self.

I'm an associate of General Krantz.

Word has gotten back to the general
that you've been pulling information on him.

Why is that, Mr. Self?

I'm Homeland Security.

It's my job to protect people
who make attractive terrorist targets.

People in upper ranks of military.
People like Krantz.

Is there a particular threat
I should know about?

Maybe you can debrief me
on the situation.

What's your division?

You wanna give me your clearance level?

I'm a hired contractor.


Well, I usually don't make a habit
of giving civilians...

...who corner me in underground parking
structures, classified information.

Okay? So if the general has a problem,
he can call me.

- Is there something else you wanna say?
- I think we got off on the wrong foot.

I'm just here to give you
a little friendly advice.

- What's that?
- The general, he likes his privacy.

That's all.

Yeah, so that was Wyatt.

I gotta tell you, I'm not a big fan
of almost catching a bullet in my head.

Well, now you know what it's like.

So how well do you know Mahone?

I know he wants to take down the Company
as much as we do.

You also realize he's a major liability.

I mean, if Wyatt could find me,
he could find Mahone.

- And then people are...
- So get him out.

I told you, I can't.

But I can get to him.

I mean, he can be touched.

I don't know,
maybe Mahone is a standup guy...

...or maybe he likes to run his mouth
to work an angle. I'm not sure.

But if need be, I can get rid of that angle.

I can eliminate that threat.

- That's not an option.
- Oh, yes, it is.

Okay, because if a choice has to be made
between him or us...

Frank, I got some good news.

Oh, yeah, what's that?

I can cut you a break.

As easy as that?

I spoke with the manager
at the racetrack.

He said you were spotted with another male
Caucasian about 10 years your junior.

That sound about right?

Here comes the cops.

- I have no idea what you're talking about.
- What was it?

The two of you were gonna go in there
and rob the vault?

Grab as much cash and get out?

- Someone has to be look...
- I'll take care of it, go.

Look, maybe you got a wife
to get home to.


If you give me the name of your accomplice,
I think we can change your charges.

- We work together. Help each other out.
- You're on your own.

You holler if you change your mind.

Let's talk about the fifth cardholder.

The general is requiring all the cardholders
to have their cards on them at all times.

So Scuderi will have his card too.

Scuderi has major security
around his house.

Big fence, lot's of guard dogs.

- Where are the documents?
- These are from the county surveyors office.

It shows the layout of his property
and its proximity to every other house.

He has, surprise, surprise,
a top of the line electronic alarm system...

...that will alert him
if there's a breach in the structure.

If we cut the power, the alarm goes off.

If we double the power
with a voltage spike...

...the alarm system, in order to protect itself
against an overload, will shut itself down.

- That's how we're getting in.
- Then what?

Look, I know what the score is.
It's every man for himself.

You get left behind, you get locked up.
I signed on the dotted line like everyone.

And I wanna know
exactly what I'm doing on this job.

I'm with Bellick on this one.

Maybe we should have a plan
for when the cops get here.

If Mahone squeals,
they're gonna come real quick.

He's a fed. How many deals
do you think this guy's made in his life?

- You think he's gonna tuck tail between...
- Shut up.

We can sit here and debate what Mahone
is or is not gonna do for the rest of the day.

But it comes down to this,
we cannot break him out of a police station.

One, two, three, four, five, six...

No. Too big.


- It's the lowest gage I could get.
- It's perfect.

Well, I guess...

I guess we're gonna leave him in jail.

Is that a statement or a question?

It's just if something happens to Alex...

...if the Company finds him...

If the roles were reversed
and you were the one locked up... really think Alex would risk it all
to get you out?

I mean, I don't know...

...but he was a federal agent,
I think he'd finish what he started.

I think he'd bring the Company down.

- Can I help you with something?
- Yes, I'm here to see Frank Zwan.

- I'm a family friend.
- I'm afraid you can't see him right now.

He's about to be transported
for his arraignment.

Actually, I'd like to be there
for moral support.

Could you tell me which courthouse?



Alex, look, I'm sorry.

He found me. Wyatt. He showed up at
the station house where they're holding me.

I don't know how he did it,
how he figured it out.

- Let me call Agent Self.
- Michael, listen.

- No, maybe he can get you moved.
- It's over for me. It's done.

And I'm not gonna say anything
about anything.

But you need to promise me something,

Okay, what?

Promise me that you will get to Wyatt...

...and you'll kill the son of a bitch.

And then you'll call Pam
and you'll tell her that he's gone.

All right, I promise.


Okay. Bye.

Ready to go?


I'm his wife. I'm sorry, I'm still in shock.

I'll be down this afternoon, thank you.

Who are you?

I just have some things
I need to take care of.

You don't need to worry.

You have this switch inside you.

I don't know how
you could you just shut yourself off.

You did it when Mom died,
did it with Emily.

Did it with me.

I do it because it's...

It's just who I am.

No, it's not.

- You used to be...
- I have to go.

But thank you, for everything.

So you're not here to take her?

If I was capable of being her mother,
I wouldn't have given you custody.

You be a good girl, okay?

- Bye, Emily.
- Bye, Auntie.

I love you.

- Will we see you again?
- I don't know.

Call me if it goes south.

To listen to your messages, press one.

Hey, honey, it's me.
I'm at the grocery store.

I was planning to make grilled pork chops,
unless you're not in the mood for them.

I hope you're having a great day.

Hey, what are you guys doing?

We'll call you when we're done.

No, wait...

- Where are you guys?
- Almost ready.

- You have a problem.
- What's that?

What can I do you for?

I found some more inconsistencies
in your sales reports.

Actually, many more.

In fact,
it kind of looks like fraud actually.

I knew you were rotten
from the beginning.

And I want you in my office in five minutes
to walk me through this.

And if you can't,
well, I'm gonna call the authorities.

- What are you doing?
- Nice knowing you, sugar.

Cole, wait.

I was traveling abroad
when he passed away.

Again, I'm very sorry.

Is this your husband?

- Yes.
- I need to see some identification... I can sign over his personal belongings
to you.

So you and your spouse
had different last names?

- That's correct.
- I realize this is an inconvenience...

...but I need to see other documentation
proving you were married.

Do you have any idea
what I've been through?

Sorry, ma'am. Rules are rules.

Hey, Mr. Pfeiffer, this is Crystal,
from Instahome, getting back to you.

Just to let you know,
that the security-deposit check cleared...

... and your one bedroom is ready.
Okay, thank you.

Hi, I'm representing Frank Zwan.
I'm gonna need his jacket from you.

- I'd been informed he's going indigent.
- He was.

His mother in Santa Barbara, however,
is not, and she retained me this morning.

- Be my guest.
- Much obliged.




Sir. Sir.

- Please take a seat.
- One.

Let's go people. Move it.

All right, let's get out of here.

I don't know
if you guys did this for the team...

...or if you did it for me. And I don't care.

I just...

Thank you.


I got your message.

I was wondering
when you were going to call.

You told my wife
you wanted me to turn myself in.

Why don't you tell me where to go
and I'll meet you.

- Let's get this over with.
- This thing is far from over...


First I find Sara Tancredi here, then you.

Seems like there's a great deal of things
for us to talk about.

Oh, no, no, no.

There's only one thing
for you and I to discuss.

You worked for the Company once, Alex.

You should know better
than to take things so personal.

I'm gonna wrap this up...

...just in case you decided to trace this call,
but I promise you...

...we will meet again...

...and when we do, I'm gonna show you
just how personal things can get.

Oh, yeah.

Cole Pfeiffer.

What's you gonna do now?

Who the hell are you?