Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 5 - Safe and Sound - full transcript

Sara notes that Bruce's credit card is missing from her purse and she sees Wyatt on her tail; she runs and succeeds in escaping from the hit-man. Agent Self recognizes the Treasure Department Director, Griffin Oren, in one of the pictures took by Michael in the card holders gathering. Mahone meets Pam in a dinning and she recognizes Wyatt in one of the pictures. Sucre and Bellick chases T-Bag telling to the receptionist Trishanne that he has an award to receive from an insurance policy; Trishanne recognizes his picture, but she decides to negotiate with T-Bag a better deal, demanding 3% of his commissions. T-Bag tells that Trishanne has found a Leprechaun and agrees with the deal. Later he is visited by Feng Huan, who gives him a short period to deliver the Scylla card he believes Pfeiffer has. Sara tells to Mahone what happened with her when she left the Towne Lounge and she recognizes the picture of Wyatt for Mahone; the former agent checks with Sara and Roland the possible hotel where the killer might have been lodged and they find fifty-three hotels matching the criteria. Agent Self visits Griffin and Michaels finds that the Scylla card is kept: inside a sophisticated and impenetrable safe with an insignia on the 10th floor of a Federal Building that needs the secret and Oren's fingerprint to be opened. However Michael plots a scheme to get the card. Meanwhile Wyatt tortures Gretchen with bad smell but later she escapes. Michael's team discovers that Lisa is in Laos and now Griffin is going also to Asia. Sara finds that the fragile economy of Laos is chaotic and the country needs to be rebuilt after the release of a large amount of false money. Agent Self investigates General Krantz and tells Michael that he is a ghost in charge of The Company. However the security system of The Company finds that Self has investigated Krantz.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break.

It was a meeting between
all six cardholders.

Now we know who has
the other five cards.

Your nose is bleeding.

I'm Cole Pfeiffer.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

His name is Theodore Bagwell.

He was with us in Panama, and
now he's here in Los Angeles,

And he has a book that
used to belong to Whistler

And Mahone thinks this book has
a plan for the break-in.

Cole Pfeiffer did not
arrive for our meeting.

You don't have Scylla?

It seems your friend Whistler wasn't
the only one looking into Scylla.

- You know anything about that?
- No.

I'm looking for the
man who killed my son.

This man is a professional assassin.

He's African-American, six-foot four,

About 220 pounds.

We refined the images the best we could,

but we're going to need one of your
specialists to sharpen the video

so we can ID
the rest of them.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

But I've seen what those tech
guys are capable of.

Sometimes, it's...

Wait a sec, I know this guy.

This guy works in my building.

- That's Griffin Oren.
- You know him?

I know of him.

He's the head of treasury's L.A. bureau.

Well, if he's in your building
you can get close to him.

I would need a reason. Well,
you make something up.

Something about Al Qaeda
using, uh, stolen bearer bonds

to finance shady operations, whatever.

Come on, making false claims
in matters affecting government?

That's up to five years in prison.

Welcome to the club, Agent Self.

Thanks for meeting me.

I-I would have come out to see you,

But I-I can't travel that far...

I'm sorry...

But you said that you had
some pictures to show me.

That's him.

I'll get in touch with
you as soon as...

As soon as I... I find out.

You didn't do this.

In your heart, you
are a really, good man.

That's why... I married you.

That's why I started
a family with you.

Remember when you used
to bring your files home

and I would beg you to
leave that stuff at work?

But when you have a
monster in your sights...

You can't focus until you get him.

I used to hate that about you.

Right now it's the only thing that
lets me sleep, because I know...

You're going to get him.

What the hell are you doing?

"Safe and Sound"

What are you doing?

Hey there, Blauney.

Just, uh...

Doing a little research.


I'm adding a little flourish to my pitch.

Like the caged macaw who
cannot spread her wings.

You know, Cole...

I was thinking maybe you
should spend a little less time

Practicing and a little
more time actually pitching.

I mean, number one
salesman in the world?

We're all just waiting with bated breath
to see what you can do around here.

We saw him right here.

- Hey.
- Hey!

You haven't seen
Sara, have you?


You want to end up back in Fox
River, you just go right ahead.

Hey, what's going on?

- He wants to look for T-Bag.
- You're damn right I want to look for him.

We know he's got the bird book.

We know the bird book's got
the plan for the break-in.

And we saw that snake
right here today.

All I'm saying is, it ain't safe for a member
of The Fox River Eight to be out there looking

- for another member of The Fox River Eight.
- Yes, but...

Bellick, I want you to go with Sucre,

canvass the area, see if
you can get a lead on him.

There are like six big
buildings over there.

He could be in any one of them.

That's why it's called canvassing.

You do realize this is
the treasury department, right?

You tell Self to go down a few floors, walk
past the right computers and we are billionaires.

Just the card, please.

Don Self, Homeland Security.

- I need to see Mr. Oren right away.
- He's not available.

Ma'am, I need to see him right away, otherwise
hundreds of American lives will be in jeopardy.

Don Self, Homeland Security.

Talk to Angela down the hall.

Sir, I'm sorry to barge in
here, but this is urgent.

I'm sure it is.

Talk to Angela down the hall.

Sir, we are hearing chatter
about some stolen bearer bonds,

and we have reason to believe
that Al-Qaeda operatives...

You have serial numbers?

No, I do not.

Mind turning around?

Not at all.

I leave for Asia in six hours.

He's got it.

Until then...

I've got meetings with the bureau chiefs
of the FBI, the CIA and Homeland Security.

It's gone.

If what you tell me is actually important,
I'll hear about it from your boss.

Until then...

Talk to Angela down the hall.

And if you set foot in my office
again without my prior consent,

I will see to it that
you spend the rest

of our career running
border security in Alaska.

Did we get it?

What happened?

What do you mean what happened?

We had it for two seconds
and then it disappeared.

It's in the safe.

He has this crazy safe in his office.

That must have been
blocking the transmission.

I'll bet you that's
where he keeps the card.

So we need to get into that safe.

Trust me, there's no
way to crack that thing.

Look, I'll have the enhanced
images of the other cardholders

in a couple of hours.
We'll go from there.

Now you can access the
building's blueprints, right?

I can't go back up there.

No one's asking you.
We'll take care of that.

Come on, you'll never get
past the front door, okay?

Even if they don't recognize you, you
need a security card that matches--

Just get the blueprints and
get back here, all right?


Sara, what happened?

I'm fine, but someone was following me.

I lost him about a mile back.

I don't think there's any way
he could have followed me here.

- I made sure of that.
- What'd he look like?

Uh, tall, black. He had a beard.

Is this the guy?


Who's that?

That's the man who killed my son.

Now he is come to kill us.

Where were you the first
time that you saw him?

The very first time?

Walking home.

He didn't just run
into you on the street?

Where were you before that?

The Towne Lounge.

Is that a bar?

Do you have a problem with that?

No, I just want to know
how long you were there.


I need to find this guy and
I can't do it without your help.

I don't care why or what you
were doing in the bar.

I just really want to know
how long you were there.

Okay. A-a couple hours.

Thank you. So something must
have tipped him off.

You paid cash, right?

Of course.

But the credit card that
Bruce gave me is gone.

What credit card?

These are the security checkpoints.

You can't get past one of those
unless you have one of these.

Any way we can forge it?

Sure, if you have two weeks and access
to the building's mainframe, maybe.

Well, doesn't look like there are any
security checkpoints on the tenth floor.

No, just that all the access
points to the tenth floor.

But if you could
somehow magically appear

and wind up in the middle of
the hallway, you'd be fine,

except for all the government
officials who'd be swarming

around and who would
arrest you in a heartbeat.

And if you can get us
into the parking structure,

will security check our van?

Sure. Transporting known felons, why not?

The parking structure.

This is our point of entry.

We need the details to the safe.

Okay, the, um, the safe
has an... insignia on it.

It looks something like this.

You're gonna need some of this.

I got a positive ID of Sara
Tancredi in Los Angeles.

That means Michael Scofield was here.

That means Lincoln Burrows is here. Why?

Sara, huh?

She's a slippery little bitch, isn't she?

Time is not on your side, Gretchen.

Maybe you hadn't noticed,

but since you seem to be somewhat
immune to physical coercion,

We've decided to move on.

The nose is an evolutionary marvel.

Our brain has been constructed
so that certain aromas...

Coffee beans, blueberries that are helpful
to our body, we perceive as pleasant.

Whereas other smells that signify death,


Initial symptoms include nausea, dizziness,

Burning eyes, all of which you
are experiencing right now.

Prolonged exposure will lead to faintness,
rapid degradation of your mental faculties.

Tell me.

I don't know anything.

You've got one more Day.

Top of the line.

It's a biometric design,

and only Oren's fingerprint will open it.

So we lift his prints off
something he touched.

The pad knows what human
skin feels like.

If we try to trick it,
we'll set off the alarm.

And then there's the 12-digit key code.

What about the hinges?

Wired to the alarm.

We drill it.

Through the outer
layer of steel maybe,

But the bones of this thing are
three-quarters inch of cobalt alloy hard plate.

Drilling's not gonna work,
not in our timeframe.

All right, so basically,
we have a way to get you

into the garage, which,
in case you guys forgot,

that puts me on the hook
for another four charges.

But no way to get you
up to the tenth floor.

But let's say you do
get up to the tenth floor.

Then we need to get you into Oren's office
for an hour during the middle of the day.

Then, we need to hope that not one
of Oren's co-workers is gonna hear

The extremely loud drill that you're gonna be
using to break into a safe that I'm telling you...

cannot be broken into.

Do you understand there are homeland agents
whose sole job is to design safety measures

to make this structure impregnable.

Yeah. They had those
guys at Fox River, too.

Whose office is this?

Sam Middleton, department of justice.

This wall separates Middleton from Warren.

I'm gonna need some supplies.

The credit card was
used at the bar at 10:32.

What time did you see him?

About 11:00.

And how long were you walking at that time?

Ten, 15 minutes.

Let's assume that he was at his
place when we received the call.

That's an 18-minute drive...

from the Towne Lounge
bar in San Pedro.

Averaging 30 miles
an hour the whole way.

That's a, that's a nine-mile radius.

So he's gonna be somewhere
around the perimeter

- of that circle.
- He's got to be mobile

within a half mile of
a major freeway.

The 10, the 110, the 405.

No permanent address,
so we're looking for hotels, right?

Yeah, but nowhere where you
need to valet your car.

It's got to be readily
accessible at all times.

And somewhere that you don't need to put a
credit card down for incidentals. You got that?

I'll see what I can do.


Trishanne, I'm gonna need
a mug of tea with lemon.

I'm sorry, Cole. I can't
leave the desk right now.

Good help is so hard to find.

May I help you?

We're with Upper Valley Insurance.

And this man just came
into a $100,000 inheritance.

We can't track him down, so we're
offering a ten percent finder's fee

to anyone who can point
us in his direction.

Oh, my gosh! What, $10,000?


I'm sorry. I don't recognize him.

Okay, so if you do see him,
would you please give us a call?

Thank you.


"Greatness Achieved Through Excellence."

A toy?

You want to try to explain this?

Mix aluminum powder with iron oxide.

Add a little heat.

Hey. Yeah, well, thanks for
calling me back, Sam.

Yeah. No, I just, I know you
have these trial dates coming up

and we just want to make sure
you have everything you need

to convict these bastards.

Okay, that's terrific.

All right, I'll see you then.

All right,

We're gonna have lunch.

I'll keep him out of his office
for as long as I can.

Good luck.

All right.

- Hello.
- Hey, any sign of him?

No, we checked about ten
buildings, but nothing so far.

Well, scrap it; we're
going after the next card.

Meet me on the corner of
Santa Monica and Century West.

Hey, Charlie.

Yankees lost again last night.

Yeah, well, at least our fans show
up before the fifth inning, right?

Have a good day,
all right, Charlie?

You, too, Mr. Self.

I'm letting you guys know right now.

If you get busted,
don't mention my name.

All ready?


You lift me up.


A couple of scruffy guys walk in, tell
me they're from the insurance company

And they offer me $10,000
if I know where you are.

Something tells me there's
a better offer on the table.

Well, I'll be, Trishanne.

You just caught yourself a leprechaun.

And as the legend goes,

you got yourself one wish,
anything in the world.

Oh, really?

And I am bound to grant it.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, your commencement check's
sitting on my desk, waiting to be signed.

That's a pretty nice pot of gold.

Before you say another word...

Now, it's true, leprechauns cannot
refuse their captor's demands,

But, if they deem her to
be greedy or covetous,

whatever she desires will certainly
be accompanied with disastrous tidings.

Or so the legend goes.

Three percent of your
commission from here on out.


Don Self to see you.

You can go right on in.

Thank you. Have a great day!

Hey, hey.

Hey, Sam!

Great to meet you.

Same here.

Oh, thanks again for squeezing
me in on such short notice.

I figure we had so much to get
through, this'd be the best way.

I-I thought we were going out for lunch.

Is there a problem?

Actually, um...

I'm a vegetarian.

It's a new diet, b-b-but there's
a great place down the street.

And it'll be my treat.


Yes, sir?

I'm heading out for lunch.

Hold it there.

Sorry, I was just coming in to...

There's no more TP
in the ladies room.

We'll get right on that.

How about you get it right now?

Best we got in here.

You guys need to get better organized.

53 hotels match the search criteria.

You know I read, I read this
article a little while ago, right?

About the whole, uh,
nature versus nurture thing,

and it turns out, it's
all kind of a mish-mash

Because DNA trumps everything.

And I believe it, because I
mean, I grew up in the same house,

uh, went to the same school as my
brother, who's a Math professor,

My sister's a pediatrician.

And I'm a thief who blows
his money on hookers and coke.

So, like the same way Scofield's
hardwired to be a genius,

and you are always
gonna be a lawman, right?

I mean, whoever this guy is, you think
he wanted to grow up to be a murderer?

Probably not.

Be very careful choosing the next
words that come out of your mouth.

I... I'm just saying.

We are who we are.

Oh, man!

Jake. I'm gonna need you in front
of Room 1018. Now.

- What's going on?
- I apologize, ma'am,

but we're gonna be in your way
for the next 90 minutes or so.



Excuse me, ma'am,

But where can I plug in?

For now, you can go in there.

But when my boss gets back
from lunch, you're gonna...

The safe should be somewhere behind this wall.

As soon as you're through the steel,

I'll have the thermite ready.

What is it?

How long has it been happening?

It's not a big deal.

It was a big deal when you were 13.

Just promise me you won't tell Sara.

Sara's a doctor. She can help.

Look, I acclimating to the
warmer climate, all right?

Come on. We've got work to do.

Let's go.

I don't know what this
company is up to, but it sure

sounds like there's a whole
lot of money involved.

I don't know.

Lisa Tabak just hopped a
flight to Laos, didn't she?

Yeah, I guess.

And now Griffin Oren just said
he was going somewhere in Asia.

Down the cobalt.


What can I get you?

Just a moment of your time.

I'm a private investigator,

and I'm working with a
woman named Sara Tancredi,

and she was recently
a patron of yours.

I don't want to get involved.

She moved all the way across the
country to get away from this guy.

Help me find him,
before he finds her.

Last time, Sara had a broken jaw.

I was standing by the
front door when he left.

A second later I saw him come past,
take something out of his car.

Do you remember what
the car looked like?

Gray. A sedan, sort of like one
of those rental cars, you know?

You need something?

Just a small...


That's the easiest $300 you'll ever make.

We're working here.

So am I.

There's a stack of letters
that I need to put in the mail.

The chemicals, they don't
react so good with leather.

What are you using, lye?

Wait, wait, wait.

Listen, we...

We know this is a hassle.

We know we're disrupting your
work, and giving you a headache.

We annoy a different
person every day,

But if this gets dirty
while it's still wet,

it's gonna leave a stain,
and... and, uh, and then we'll be

back here all over again.

Why don't you just tell me where
they are and I'll get them for you?

On the corner of his desk,
near his computer.

How much longer?

Another couple of minutes,
and we'll be ready to copy.

Is Griffin in?

He's in a meeting right now...

But I can pull him out if you'd like.

If you could.

Just have a seat in his office.

He'll be right with you.

All we need is one more.

Someone is in there.

If I could hear him sitting down, there's
no way he's not gonna hear the drill.

You can do it manually.

Generate enough heat to
activate the thermite?

Come on, man, we're like a
16th of an inch away from this.

Can I help you?

I phoned earlier about
one of your guests.

Gray sedan, right?

Yeah, right.

Is that the guy?

Yeah, that's him.

What room?

He was in 130.

He checked out.

Did, um...

Did he leave any clue as
to where he was going?

Do you mind if I look at the room?

$19 an hour, $59 for the night.

Fine, whatever, give me a key.


You wanted to know if
anyone came looking for you.

Did they?

No. I was just calling to let
you know my shift was ending

- and nobody showed up.
- All right.

Thank you!

What do you say you give me that
little piece of paper in your hand?

How's that sound, huh?

Sorry for keeping you.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Just making sure you're
ready for your trip.

Well, I better be.
I'm leaving in five minutes.

All right, and if we dial it down to
the lowest setting, that might work.

- Sure?
- We don't have a choice.

I'll tell you when.

The finance minister's anxiously
awaiting your arrival.

Well, if you recall, I
successfully negotiated

financial policies with
the IMF and World Bank.

Pretty sure I can handle Laos.


I'm well aware of
your resume, Griffin.

Got it.

We're in.

Got it.

The runaway inflation in Laos
has given way to food riots

in the capital city of Vientiane,

where the death toll
has risen over 200.

The monetary policy
is a means to an end.

I'm aware of our final
objective, General.

This is an important day for us.

I need to make sure that
everyone knows his role.

You could've told me all of
this on the telephone.

Why did you take today of all
days to come down here

and berate me in person?

Things have happened in the past few days

That have made me somewhat uneasy.

Today we got confirmation that one
of our targets is in Los Angeles.

That... on top of the fact,

That one of Lisa's bodyguards was killed.

I thought that was because
she was married to that Turk.

That's the official story.

What is it then?

Come on, come on.

Do you have your
card on you, Griffin?

Of course.

I'd like to see it.

Where are we?

Talk to me, Roland.


I put it in my safe this morning.

I'd like to see it.




15 years of working together,
you think you'd trust me.

Don't turn this into an opera.

Just hand me the card.

Come on, come on.


From now on, I'm asking that
everyone keep their card on them...

At all times.

Anyone makes a move,

anything goes missing, you call me.

Did we get it?

- 100.
- Yeah.

I don't know how you
eat that crap, Don.

- What was that called? Tempeh?
- Yeah.

It looked like you could
barely choke it down.

Yeah, well, it's an acquired taste.

Excuse us.

All right, well, it looks like
I should be getting back to work.

Oh. This was a pleasure.

Apparently, billions in counterfeit
currency flooded the economy,

which is what caused it all.

What I don't understand is why?

I mean, so far all the cardholders have
been experts in their fields, right?

In-in energy, and logistics,

and finance.

I mean, it looks like they're just
trying to tear the country down.

So they can profit by rebuilding it.

So for the rest of us, what's next?

I was at a bar earlier.

And nothing happened, and I didn't drink.

But... look, if-if this
is too much for you--

No. No.

Because, say the word,
and we'll scrap the whole thing.

- That's a promise.
- It's not going to happen again.

But it would be a lie,
not to tell you, and I...

Want you to know that
I'll never lie to you.

I'm sorry.

Somebody's here for you.

For me?

Cole Pfeiffer.

Is your name Xing?

Mr. Xing stayed behind in New York.

Well, have a seat then, uh--

What can I help you with?

You were supposed to deliver
the item two days ago.

Where is it?

Where's what?

I've traveled a long way,
Mr. Pfeiffer.

My patience is wearing thin.

Playing games is not going to
be good for either of us.

Scylla. Where is it?

- Mr. Pfeiffer?
- I'm at work.

It's not exactly like I
can talk freely, you know.

Just-just tell me the latest.

The latest?

If you deliver it to me
by the end of the day,

I will pay you the sum
that we agreed upon.

As much as I'd like to tell
you that were possible--

Get it to me by tomorrow and
you will receive 50% of your fee.

Two days, 25%.

Three days,

I shoot you through the brain.

That, is the latest.

No problem.

I thought that urine might be
getting a little stale.

So I brought you some more.

Hey, the image enhancement from
the video came back.

Did you get what I sent over?

Yea, we got all three cardholders?

Yeah, well, for the first two,
we have names, addresses...

Everything we need to grab them.


But for the General,
we got nothing.

This guy's a ghost.

You all right?

Look, most of what happened
to me in Panama is a total blank.

But, um, when I was
being held, I could hear

Gretchen talking on the
phone on the next room.

And she was taking orders
from the guy in charge.

And she called him the General.

In charge of the mission?

No, I think in charge of the Company.

I told you...

We should have killed Gretchen
when we had the chance.

She'll come home.

She always has.

You better be sure about that.

Excuse me, sir?


Someone at Homeland Security did an
enhanced image search on you today.

We couldn't tell where
the original picture--


The guy who ordered it...

His name is Don Self.