Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 4 - Eagles and Angels - full transcript

The boys now know who the five other Scylla-holders are, and trace one to Turkish consul Tabak's wife Lisa, who is about to leave on mission for the General but first attends a fallen LAPD men benefit, 'Eagles and Angels'. The team first accidentally spots and corners T-bag but must let him go as a cop passes, so 'Mr. Cole Pfeiffer' can take the corner office as sales record breaker according to the bird book plan. Team Scofield steals police badges and gets close enough to Lisa to scan her card, while Linc is recognized and held at gunpoint but kills her Company bodyguard. Wyatt tortures Gretchen and goes after Sara.

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Previously on Prison Break:

They referred to it as Scylla.
It's like the Company's black book.

-What's that?
ROLAND: Wireless hard drive.

Swallows up any electronic data
within 10 feet of it.

-And the information embedded in Scylla?
-If we can get close enough, it's ours.

If Scylla was like a pizza,
all we got is a slice.

So Scylla isn't one card. It's six.

They killed my boy.
I need to find out who did it.

MAN 1:
Rise and shine, bitch. Breakfast.

-Cole Pfeiffer, Gregory White here.

I'll see you at GATE tomorrow.

And I will personally hand you
your bonus check.

MAN 2: Sara Tancredi's somewhere safe,
isn't she, Bruce?

So tell me where is Sara?

Los Angeles? Good job.

MICHAEL: It wasn't a meeting between
two Scylla cardholders, Agent Self.

It was a meeting between
all six cardholders.

So now we know who
has the other five cards.


Hey. You got anything off the video?

It's a camera phone from 50 feet away,
so it's pretty grainy.

It's still printing.

You ever been on one of those?


I was still drinking at the time,
so I don't remember much.

I'm told I was a lot of fun.


Not a lot of yachts where I'm from.

I always kind of wanted to live on one.

Thought it'd be nice
to have the ocean as my front yard.

The ocean is your front yard.


What's wrong with the S.S. Minnow
back there?

Nothing. You really wanna drop
that thing in the water some day?

-Sail off to points unknown?
-Yeah, why not.

As long as it's you and me.

I like the sound of that.

Yo, papi, we got something.

One day.


MICHAEL: What's up?

Uh, we got a-- We got a license plate.

It's a printout from the camera phone.

BELLICK: The numbers are fuzzy.
The whole damn thing's fuzzy.

MAHONE: Forget the numbers, what's
next to the plate? Looks like a sticker.

MICHAEL: That's a flag.

SARA: It's a diplomatic plate.
-Six P's, guys.

When I supervised 32 C.O.'s at Fox River,
it was the six P's made it happen.

-Can you blow it up? I need more detail.
-I'm already on it.

Prior planning
prevents piss-poor performance.

Quit shaking your ass
and say what's on your mind.

The second step. Deciphering the cards.
The break-in. We need to plan.

Agent Self will provide that information.

BELLICK: You worked with Whistler.
Didn't they say anything about a location?

Wasn't that in his bird book?

Which T-Bag has.
If he made it out of Sona alive.

Finding where the break-in is doesn't
mean anything if we don't have the cards.

Here's your flag.

BELLICK: Algeria?
MAHONE: Turkey.

Find out where the Turkish consul is
in town.

You know what,
get with the program or you're out.

Guy's name is Erol Tabak.
Consulate is downtown.

-But we can't get into the consulate.
-But we can follow him from there.


I'm gonna stay back
and work on the video.


One day.

One day.


Cole Pfeiffer. How are you?

Cole, Pfeiffer. P-F-E-I-F-E-- Damn it.


Cole Pfeiffer. How are you?
Ha, ha.

No. Ha, ha, ha.

No. Call me Cole, please.

P-F-E-I-F-E-- Damn.

Breaking down the captivity
of negativity.

That's what we're doing here at GATE.
And I would encourage all of you to--



F-E-R. P-F-E-I-F--


What do diplomats usually do?

Not a whole lot
but they park anywhere they want.

Put this on the dash.

Can we get any closer?


That's our guy.


-We're copying.

He's got the card on him.

Hell, yes.

That's his wife? Sign me up.

You lost it.

-I don't know what to tell you.

You lost it. It's gone, man.

MICHAEL: We lost it.
SUCRE: What?

How did we lose it? We're next to him.

He's not the cardholder.

She is.

We gotta get out of here now,
before we get made.

Come on, let's go. Go.

You know what we got in common?


We both live in the real world,
as opposed to these knuckleheads.

So that whole prior-planning thing
you were talking about?

If you got something on your mind
and no one is interested... run it by me, okay?
And we'll leave it at that, all right?


SELF: Sara.

Hey, it's Don Self.

Listen, I have some bad news.

Bruce Bennett was found dead
in his apartment this morning.

I'm sorry.

Lisa. Come in. This will be quick.
I know you're on a schedule.

The value of the kip is at 10 right now.
I'll let you know as soon as it reaches 15.

At that point,
you'll have to leave immediately.

-I have my bags with me. I could go now.
-Don't you have that event tonight?

-Yes. But I--
-It's important to keep up appearances.

Not arouse suspicion.


I have no doubt in
your leadership abilities, Lisa, but--

Good, nor do I.
So I won't keep you any longer.

Please, be safe.


There she is.

All right, do what you gotta do.

Be next to her for two minutes so
the device can copy the card. I'll get it.

Take a seat. Take a seat.

See the three suits
forming a triangle around her?

Private contractors. The Company would
only do that for the inner circle.

We're not getting
anywhere near that lady.



What's wrong?


Watch it.


Hey, watch out.


Hey, Teddy.

If it ain't the Brothers Grimm.

Easy, Linc. Remember we need him.
What are you doing in Los Angeles?

I've been thinking about
getting me a career in pictures.

I'll give you a--

If anyone's got a right to be pissed,
it's me.

You put me out to pasture
back in Panama. Left me for dead.

Which makes it the third time.
Congratulations, you got a turkey.

-Where's the bird book?
-Bird book?

-Where's the book?
T-BAG: Look who's looking pretty.

Look who's looking. I don't think
you are supposed to be carousing...

...around the Angel City
any more than I am.

You don't know
what you've gotten yourself into.

If you don't wanna found out,
tell us where that book is.

You're gonna let me go now,
or all of us are going down together.

Your choice.

Linc. Come on.


Tancredi. T-A-N-C-R-E-D-I.

Make it a buckshot across the grid,
35 mile radius.

If she or any of those other names
come up, call me.




Where are you?

Los Angeles. Trailing Dr. Sara Tancredi.

I asked for the knights,
you're chasing a pawn. She's irrelevant.

Not to Scofield.

WYATT [ON PHONE]: If anyone knows
what rock he's hiding under, it's her.

What about Gretchen?

I'm having her softened up.

But I question the merit
of keeping her alive.

-I don't think you should allow--
-She must know something.

She lives until she talks.

Now, I have something else
I need you to do for me.

It seems a former employee
is looking into Scylla.

T-Bag's in town?

Yeah, but we lost him.
He could be anywhere.

It's not where he is, it's what he's doing.
He could blow this for all of us.

-Where's Sara?
-The boat.


Of course, it's my fault that he's dead.

-That's not true.
-We both know it is.

I shouldn't have called him.
I should never have reached out to him.

-I shouldn't have involved him--
-Bennett chose to help you.

The Company killed him, not you.

Listen to me, Sara. This is--
This is not your fault.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.



-Can I help you?
-With that smile, you already have.

-I'm Cole Pfeiffer.
-Mr. Pfeiffer, welcome to Los Angeles.

Oh, please. Call me Cole.

Mr. White is looking forward
to meeting with you, Cole.

But he's just running a few minutes late.

Precisely how few minutes
are we talking about?

He shouldn't take long.
You can have a seat right over there.

Oh, ooh, I almost forgot.

-You already have a message.
-I do?

Mm-hm. Mr. Xing called, twice.
I guess your reputation precedes you.

I guess so.



-Don Self.
-When did they find the body?

This morning. They're saying
it was suicide, but you and I know better.

I need to ask you something
very important.

-Did Bruce Bennett know where you are?
-I don't know.

Because if he did, there's a good chance
that the Company does now too.

So you need to work double-time.
Get some eyes in the back of your head.

Look, I appreciate
the motivational speech.

How about you figure out where we have
to break-in so we can decode the cards.

I've got a guy doing some digging, okay?

-Actually, you might have two.
-What--? What are you talking about?

His name is Theodore Bagwell.

He was with us in Panama
and now he's here in Los Angeles.

He has a book
that used to belong to Whistler.

And Mahone thinks--

Mahone thinks this book has a plan
for the break-in.

-You've gotta be kidding me.
-I wish I were.



POTTS [ON VOICEMAIL]: You've reached
Jasper Potts. Leave a message.

It's me. I need that information we talked
about, like, yesterday. You understand?

Call me back.
Call me back as soon as possible.


"Lisa Tabak. Wife of the Turkish consul.
Married four years. Children, none.

Listed as the logistician
in the executive profile for SENSA.

Privately funded think tank with offices in
D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles."

Yeah, the only thing I wanna know
is her schedule.

-What she's doing, where she's going.
-We might not have that kind of time.

This morning, when she first got out
of the car, she had a suitcase.

Let's check the airlines. Match her name
against any departing flights.

-Maybe she's already gone.
-I don't think so.

If she's going today,
it's gonna be on the redeye.

According to the press release, Lisa Tabak
is being honored at some charity shindig.

That's great. That's where we'll get her.
What's the benefit for?

She's the top donor of an organization
called Eagles and Angels.

-Eagles and Angels?
-You've heard of it?

When a police officer dies
in the line of duty, he's an Eagle.

The ones he leaves behind are Angels.

That's a benefit
for the Association of Law Enforcement.

If you're gonna get near her, it's gonna
be with about half the cops in L.A.


-Jasper, where the hell you been?

Thinking? The only thing you should be
thinking about is what I asked you to get.

Did you find the location?

Yes. Don't say anything else, okay?
I heard clicks yesterday on my phone.

-Look, settle down. I'm coming to you.
-It doesn't matter.

You're never gonna be able to get in.
Not where they're keeping it.

-I should have never helped you out.
-Just relax. I'm coming to you right now.

Think they're strong enough?

Together they should be.

-Here's everything on the list.
-You sure we have to steal them?

The one thing we need that we can't get
at a store. So yes, we gotta steal them.

-We'll get everything and meet you there.
-All right.

-Look, you gonna be okay?
-Yeah. I just need time.

-All right. I'll be back as soon as I can.

I am so sorry I'm not gonna be around
next week to see you in action, Cole.

You'll be in good hands with Andy here.
I have to catch a flight to San Francisco.

I just wanted to say how thrilled we are
to have you here.

And hopefully, some of the rest of
the sales force can learn a thing or two.

We'll settle up that check
when I get back, all right?

Remember, don't call it Frisco.
They hate that up there.


-Why don't I show you to your office.

I'm sorry. I didn't see anywhere in your
paperwork that you were handicapped.

Otherwise, I would have made the
needed adjustments to your work space.

Andy, I like to think of myself
as handi-capable.

Right. Yeah.

Well, here you are.

Right, right.

So this is where I'm gonna be doing my--
My work.

Right here, in this, uh, office.

That's right.

So I better be rolling up my sleeves then.

You know, Cole, I gotta tell you
I'm still a little amazed...

...that somebody I've never even seen
at a convention or seminar...

...just falls from the sky
and shatters all of our sales records.

When you believe in GATE like I do,
it ain't that hard to sell.

And there you go.

Well, and here's your corner office,
as requested.

-Welcome to the team.
T-BAG: Alrighty then. Thank you.




Oh, ho, ho.

Hello, Sara.

Hey, Sara, where you going?



GEORGIE: What can I get you?
SARA: Club soda, please.

GEORGIE: How many years?

In the program.
How many years have you been sober?

-Three years and three months.
GEORGIE: Good for you.

Yeah, it doesn't feel good today.

But I'll take the high-five
for cracking the big question.

Which is?

Is life a tragedy? Or is there...


You tell me.

Double bourbon, neat.

Just pour it.

Cheers, honey.


Over here.



Eagles and Angels,
with contributions from the Company.

This thing's supposed to start
in five minutes.

-Excuse me. Sorry.
-No problem. Where do you work out of?

It's one of my guys up there.

-I'm sorry. I'm just--
-Oh, sure. Sure. Of course.





I mean, I've known him my whole life.
He's a very close person to my family.

It's always the good ones.

You ain't gonna drink that?

Honey, the good Shepard's here
to ease your pain.

Ronald Winston Shepard.
But you can call me Shep.

Shep, I really don't feel
like talking right now.

-Well, you've been talking to her.
-Leave her alone, okay?

Pardon me.

Go on.

When I was 13,
I had to go see Annie the musical.

My mom passed away earlier that year
and my dad had agreed to take me...

...and I was all ready in my new dress.

And I knew every word of this thing.

My dad called from work
and said he wasn't gonna make it.

That wasn't the first time.

And I remember feeling
like I was floating.

Like I was the only person
in the whole word.

Then Bruce came.
He showed up to take me and....

And after, he took me home
and he said...

...that if I ever needed him,
he'd be there for me.

And a month ago,
I needed him and I called him.

And he died for it.


SHEP: Hey.
-Just a sec.

What would he want you to do?


Let me do you a favor.

Can I settle up here?



Uh, before we sit down to eat...

...I'd like to welcome everyone to the
15th Annual Eagles and Angels Benefit.

We all know why we're here tonight.

So I'd like to begin
with a moment of silence... renew our dedication to the law.

And to honor those
who's lives were cut short... their fearless pursuit of justice.

They will truly be missed.


Thank you. Enjoy your dinner.

I've been made, guys.

-I'll be right back.

Just get the card copied.

Here we go.



We're copying.

Hi. My condolence.



The kip's at 15.

I understand.

I am very sorry
but I'm gonna have to leave.

Yeah, I am so sorry. So, so sorry.

What is she doing?

She's leaving.

I am so sorry.

No, no, no, not again.


-I've been made. Meet me out back.




Lincoln Burrows.

-I don't know who you think I am--
CLOZZA: I know who you are.

Unclip the gun. Slowly.

Three, copy.

-I'm so sorry.
CLOZZA [ON RADIO]: Three, copy.

Move. Move it.

Let's get the device.

That's far enough.

Why don't you just call one of the cops?

I work for the Company, Burrows.
We don't need cops. Got any last words?




-We got a problem.

-I just killed one of the guards.
-Let's go now.

No, we don't have it yet.

Do what you gotta do.
We gotta get rid of the body.

-Let them find him.

Wait for Mahone.



How's my girl?

It seems your friend, Whistler
wasn't the only one looking into Scylla.

Do you know anything about that?




You never know anything, do you?

You have nothing to do with any of this.

Scofield, Burrows.

-You don't know who--

You can't keep lying to me.


I don't know. I don't know.

You look so damn easy.

I can make this a lot harder.



A credit card belonging to Bruce Bennett...

...was just used at a bar in San Pedro.


MAN: Thank you for coming.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

We have a DOA outside.
I believe it's one of your men.

-You need to come with me.
-Excuse me?

No one's leaving here
until we make an ID, please.

-Mathers, stay with Mrs. Tabak.
-What happened? I have a plane to catch.

I understand. We'll make this fast.
The officer, he'll wait with you. Please.

Stay with her.

If you could just wait with me, ma'am.
Thank you.

-What's going on?
-It should only take a few minutes.


Oh, here we go. Come on. Come on.

This is a nice memorial.

I very much respect
the sacrifices you men make.

There's a lot of bad people out there.

Officer Mathers, you--
You have something-- You've--

Your nose is bleeding.


One day.


Excuse me, I'm looking for this woman.

Sara Tancredi.

-Here. Take that.
-Thank you.

You okay?

Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. Hell, yes.


It's nothing. Travel safely.

Mrs. Tabak, we gotta leave.

Ma'am, now.

I'm telling you, I haven't seen her.

You're sure?


Oh, look out, fellas.
It's the pigs. Run.

Shut up, wiseass.

-You sure you got the whole thing?
-A hundred percent.

-Where's Sara?
-It's not my turn to watch her.

What are we gonna do?
Someone must have seen us.

Don't worry, it's handled.

Politically motivated?

Possibly an Armenian.

Tip came in to the L.A.P.D. The assailant
thought the consul was at the event.

Lisa's bodyguard got in the way.

-Did Lisa make her flight?
-Yes, general.

-What do you got?
-I had a guy.

I did. I had a guy.

He was an informant. He used to work
for the Company for about 11 years...

...until he turned against them
and decided to help me.

He said he had the location we needed.

But I found him dead
in his apartment today.

-I'm sorry.
SELF: Yeah.

-First Bennett. Now your guy, huh?
-Yep. They're closing in on us.

There's no doubt about it.

And now I'm empty-handed and I have
no idea where we need to break into.

We keep moving forward, Agent Self.
Nothing changes, no matter what.



Regardless of what happens, I, uh....

I like your style, Scofield.

-You need anything else, Mr. Cole?
-I'm all right, little lady.

What was your plan, Mr. Whistler?
What was your plan?


Shan Xing.


Cole Pfeiffer did not arrive
for our meeting.

So you don't have Scylla?

Next time, Shan Xing.


I'll be in Los Angeles,
if anyone needs me.

Number two down.
On to number three.

Did we manage to get everything off
of Lisa Tabak's phone?

I don't know.
I didn't pick up anything but the card.

I wanna thank you
for what you did back there.

I need you to do something for me.

Yeah, doesn't everybody.

I'm looking for the man
who killed my son.

What do you need?

Here's the police report.

I need you to get into the FBI database...

...and find a profile.
This man is a professional assassin.

He's African-American, 6"4'.
About 220 pounds.

That's for your eyes only.



-Hey, are you all right?

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Well, I was worried. Where are you?
Let me come and get you.

No, it's okay. I'm almost home.


Listen, you're what's keeping me going
right now.

And you're all I have left.
And that scares me.

I just wanna be together.

I know the circumstances
are a little less than ideal...

...but we are together.
You're here. I'm here.

It's not one day anymore. It's, um....

It's today.

Well, why don't you come back
and we'll make some dinner.

And maybe find
a little time for ourselves.

Yeah, I'll be right there.