Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 3 - Shut Down - full transcript

Michael and the team have one day to locate the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison. Meanwhile, Mahone seeks revenge on Wyatt.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break...

I'm giving you an opportunity
to avoid 15 years in jail

- In exchange for...?
- Scylla.

Theses are GPS ankle monitors.
I'm your boss.

If I ask you to put on a monitor--
you put on a monitor.

Whistler's assignment
was to drop off 'Scylla'

to a Company Executive.

And his job was
to-to protect it.

When this is,
when this is all done--

you and me,
we're gonna settle up.

I'm looking for Alex.

- mama
- We're done talking...

Hey! Hey! You don't want
to go in there.

You don't want to go in there.

Where are Michael Scofield
and Lincoln Burrows?

I swear to you, I-I have no idea
where they are.

What's wrong?

Whatever it is, it ain't it.

If-If Scylla was like a pizza,
all we got's a slice.

So Scylla
isn't one card,

it's six.


What'd you pull us into?
Excuse me?

You figured you'd
get us on the hook,

so we could find out
for ourselves

how screwed
this whole thing was!

What the hell exactly
are you talking about?

The card, Agent Self!
I'm talking about the card!

It's useless!
Wait, wait, hold on.

You already got the card?

Yes, but without the other
five cards, it means nothing!

And I can only assume
you knew that!

What other five?


What other five?

Roland downloaded the card.

There's no Company data
on the card.

Without the other five cards,
it's unreadable.

It's like one-sixth
of the puzzle,

but that's not my problem,

because we had a deal,
and we gave you

exactly what you asked for.
No, you didn't! No, you didn't!

We had a deal
for you to get me Scylla,

and you haven't gotten me that,
have you?

You gave me your word.

And I'm giving you my word
again-- you will go

back to prison if you can't
get me those other five cards.

But if you're telling me
you can't get this done,

just let me know right now,
and we'll get your cell ready.

You understand?

I'll get it done.

There's one more thing.

So what'd he say?

- We got to find the other cards.
- Screw that, man.

We got the card.
Let's do the second step,

the break-in thing,
and end all this.

It doesn't work
that way now.

- It's not fair. We did what he said.
- Then call Agent Self,

tell him you want
to go back to Fox River.

Hell, we're all going to prison

if we can't find
the other cards.

When the government
gets scared,

they tend to cut the cord.

Did Self talk about
shutting us down?

Let's just concentrate
on finding Scylla, all right?


Where's he going?

Who cares?

How are we gonna find Scylla?
We don't even know

where to start.

Where's the rest
of the stuff you found?

Still printing it up.

When my device was

in Tuxhorn's house it must've
been left next to his PDA.

Sucked up all the data from it
and got e-mails and photos.

You see anything we can use?
No, and let me be crystal clear

for you guys:
I point and click.

That's it, other than
that, I'm off the clock.

Shut up.
Wait a minute.

Where's his calendar?

Dr. Feelgood's got it.

Here, um, take a look at this.

This is today's date.

There's absolutely
nothing on it but a star.

Every other date, Tuxhorn
has details for his appointments

and meetings--
who he's with, when and where.

This is the only thing
with nothing on it.

Must be a reason he's
keeping that secret.

Why are we letting this Self guy
call all the shots?

Maybe we should play
some hardball.

No...From now on Either
help out or get out.

If you open your mouth,

I expect you
to offer up a solution.

You are not gonna see it again


Do you know who this is?

Gainesville, Florida


Where are you being held?

I'm not in prison.

Where are you?

I can't say.

I need you
to get something to me,

- in L.A.
- Alex...

It's nothing dangerous.
Please, I-I...

I don't know how much
more time I have here.

Look... don't ask me to do

You just need

to reach out to the residential
agency in Durango.

Alex, no.

Do you know
what they did?

They killed my son.

They killed my boy.

I don't know what to say.

Just say that you'll help me.


I just need your help.

I need to find out who did it.




So listen,
I know in Fox River

you had to keep secrets from me.

You don't now.

What's going on?

Self said we have
until the end of the day

to find the next

Or we all go back to prison.



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Chicago, Illinois

I know that you bailed out
Scofield and Burrows.

And I know they aren't

in a supermax in Texas.

But you know where they are.

Don't you, Bruce?

You don't want any more trouble
than you're already in.

I'm not the one in trouble.

Let me help you relax.


It's a beautiful day.

The sun is shining.

Do you feel that gentle breeze?

It's a great day

for a family picnic.

Don't you think so, Bruce?

Six cards?

That's not what
you sold me, Don.

I realize it's more than
we anticipated...

More than you anticipated!

I already have people
questioning me

about the supermax
line we're selling.

- This whole thing was a mistake.
- No!

No, this wasn't
a mistake.

Scofield got us a
card within 24 hours

of being dropped
in Los Angeles.

He knows what he's doing.

Look, I'm
willing to take

the risk and do my job.

I don't understand
why you aren't.

I've been in Homeland Security
since before it even had a name!

Since before you even had
a single short and curly...

Then you should know what's
at stake here, Director.

We could stop it, but not-- not
if you end this now.

I'm calling
Senator Dallo now.

I will see if he wants this
thing killed or not.

But he follows
my recommendations, Don.

"Sir, changed your late
London arrival,

now 7/16 at 4:00 p.m."

Today's the 16th,

but there nothing about London
in his calendar, is there?

Not that
we've seen, no.

Nothing about travel
to or from the UK at all?

No, nothing.

Now, why would he get an e-mail

about an arrival
in London when he has

no business scheduled there?

Probably because the e-mail

is a code.

Alex, I'm so glad
you joined us.


Scylla, the meeting today
at 4:00 is about Scylla.

I think we can assume that
Tuxhorn did not schedule

a meeting with
himself, so that

is where we're going
to find our next cardholder.

Okay, so 4:00 p.m. is
our when, we need a where.

If you were
having a secret meeting,

you wouldn't send
all the information together.

You'd send
the where and the when

separately as a precaution.

Were any other e-mails
sent to Tuxhorn

at the same time
as the London e-mail?

Within a few seconds of the
London mail, two more e-mails

followed from the same IP path,
but that's when my device

ran out of hard drive space.
It picked up the IP address,

but not the content.
Trace the IP address

and find out who
sent these e-mails.

Oh, look,
e-mails get bounced

to routers all over the world

before they end in your inbox.
Wherever the mail's been,

it leaves a shadow file.

Based on the geography,
I'm guessing these e-mails

probably squatted
at the Anaheim

server cluster a nanosecond
before reaching Tuxhorn.

So that's where you're going
to find your shadow file.

So get it.

Not every geek
with a Commodore 64

can ha into NASA.
I mean, these servers

have more firewalls
than the devil's bedroom.

You want those
e-mails, I'm sorry.

It's on a main server
in Anaheim.

It is possible to find those
e-mails at that server?

Technologically possible, yeah.

Then we're going
to Anaheim.

I want you two to go
to Tuxhorn's workplace.

Stake it out-- if you see him,
tail him, call us.

You think you're just
going to walk up

to a main server?
You know there's going

to be security, right?
We don't have a choice.

We have to find
that e-mail message.

We can find out
where the meeting is.

Find out where the meeting is,
we find our next cardholder.

Got it?
We stay out of jail.

Yeah, well, good luck, man.

Actually, you're coming with us.

Guess again.
Self told me to sit here

and make with
the clickety-clack
on the keyboard.

I'm not going nowhere.


welcomes you home

to your furnished apartment."

Why must you go
after this man?

Where I come from, there's
something called a blood feud.

You're coming back, right?

Michael Scofield left me
for dead one too many times.

Good news, Bruce.

Your favorite aunt
made it to the picnic.

She brought lemonade.

The little cousins are

swimming in the pond.

Brothers and sisters are

playing catch in a lush,

green field.

Everyone is here.

almost everyone.

Two very important people...

...are missing.

Where are Michael Scofield
and Lincoln Burrows?

I don't know.

That's okay, Bruce.

I'm sure
you'll remember soon.

Just enjoy the picnic.

Hi, uh, my name
is Stephanie Reed.

I'm here for a job interview
with human resources.

Okay, then.

Sorry, your name's
not in the system.

Um, would you look again
under R-E-E-D?


You know, she should drop
a few buttons on that shirt.
(phone ringing)

The guard will give her
the e-mails.



You're in Anaheim, Michael?

This is a strange time
to be taking a trip to Disney.

Listen to me, I promise you,
if you're trying to run...

I'm trying to get you

another card.

From where?

From an e-mail on a main router.

We think there's a Scylla
meeting this afternoon at 4:00.

Hopefully that

will be on the e-mail.

Michael, we're running
out of time.

Then stop
wasting mine.

I got to go, I got to go.

Did you talk to Senator Dallo?

Yes, I did,
and now I need to talk to you.

I'm shutting
it down.

Sorry, ma'am, I don't have you
down for any meeting today.

Okay, um... the, uh,
the temp agency said

that they were going
to set the interview.

Again, I'm sorry.

It was really hard
to get a sitter today.


would you be willing just to
call human resources and see

if they'll see me
since I'm here?


Hey, it's Tim at
the front desk.

Yeah, I've got a
Stephanie Reed.

She said she had
a job interview.

Stephanie Reed, R-E-E-D.

She just passed
it off to Michael.

Server room could
be anywhere in here.

Network and wiring
specifications require

a server
that's on the first floor,

centrally located,
like right there.

What are you-- an
engineer or something?

Are you sure you know
how to drive this thing?

Yeah, but it's going
to take a while

and I don't want
to get busted.

Just relax and
find those e-mails.

Listen, man, when I steal, I do
it from my home, in my boxers,

eating a bowl
of Krispity Krunch, okay?

No chance of being seen,
no chance of getting caught.

Just get it done.


All right.

Come on, Michael, come on.

Hey, lady.

Did you get what I need?

Yeah, I got it.

Thank you.

I know what you're
planning, Alex,

but listen to me.

If you do track him down,
call me.

Don't do something
that could get you hurt.

I won't.

So the material will be
where you asked by 5:00 p.m.

And Alex... I'm so sorry.

Good-bye, Lang.

I'm sorry, they
can't see you today,

and there's nothing
more I can do.


Thank you for your help,
I appreciate it.


Uh, what was the name

of the temp agency
that sent you?

Uh, maybe we can...

call them
together and...

figure this all out.

I have it written down
in my car.

Where the hell's
my security badge, sweetheart?

It ain't
at my station.

It was there
when you showed up.

Take your hands off me.
I don't have your badge.

I don't have your badge.
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that.

Sara's in trouble.

What's going on?

She's been made.

Michael, Sara's been made.

Is she all right?

The guard has her;
you got

to get out of there now.

Roland, I'll be back.

Where are you going?

Just keep working.

Like I said, sir, I
don't have your badge.

Excuse me, I
need to leave.

You can tell your story
to the cops, sister.

Don't move.



Where are you, where are you
Come on.

Come on. Come on.

What the hell?

Roland, talk to me.

We're almost there,
almost there.

We got to go.

We got to go now.

Got it!

Why won't the door open?

What the hell is that?

It's a fail-safe device,

when the alarm
gets pulled,

to protect the server
from fire damage.

Then why the hell
did you pull it?

This is an old building.

It shouldn't have
such an advanced system.
Oh, yeah?

Well, clearly it does.
Wha-Wha-What's it do?

To kill the fire
It sucks all the Oxygen out of the room

***Michael, where
the hell are you?

It's getting
crowded out here.

Linc, Linc, we're trapped.

- We're in the server room.
- What?

It's sealed.

They're sucking
all the oxygen out.

We've got... two,
maybe three minutes of air left.



I can't breathe.

I can't breathe.

Calm down.

You panic,
it gets worse.

Come on.

Let's go.

You think
we're spinning our wheels?

No, we ain't
got no choice.

We got to wait
and see if he shows up.

I'm not talking about
finding Tuxhorn.

I'm talking
about finding the cards.

I'm talking
about finding six cards,

and I'm talking
about whether we have

a snowball's chance in Haiti
of actually doing this deed.

Better than
no chance.

Just saying we're a couple hours
from Mexico...

...and I wouldn't mind
having someone with me

who could actually speak
the native tongue.

Just do your
job, Brad.

You feeling good, Bruce?

You look great.

Your father, Josh,

is so happy you made it
to the family reunion picnic.

He's missed you very much.

My father is dead.

That's right.

He is.

You see that,

You just told me the truth
in response to something I said

because lying
is so hard right now...

...but telling the truth
is so easy.

So tell me the truth.

Tell me what everyone
at the picnic wants to know.

Tell me: where are Michael
Scofield and Lincoln Burrows?

I, I don-- I don't know.


A bad storm's coming.

A real bad storm.

Don Self.


So, so the senator
did get my message?

No, no, I'm sorry,
tomorrow's too late.

Okay, I-I-I need
to speak to him now.

Thank you... thank you.

Agent Self,
it's time to go.

# Baraboo, Waterloo #

# Kalamazoo,
Kansas City, Sioux City #

# Cedar City, Dodge City,
what a pity #

# I been everywhere, man #

# I been everywhere... #

Pappa Paul's Pizza Palace.

Yeah, I'd like a large

with extra pepperoni
and extra cheese.

The Knobbit.

Add Momma To The Train.

Amateur Screen Tests #9.

And we have a winner.

Thank you for calling GATE.

How may I help you?

The first e-mail is
an ad for Discretia.

An e-mail for pecker pills?

You want
the number?

That's great.

Definitely worth
almost losing my life for.

Second e-mail's
an invitation

to join some kind
of stargazers' club.

You know, constellations can be
used to track points on Earth.

There is a website to let you
alter the coordinate

of star patterns, and
depending on the date,

it'll pick a corresponding
location on Earth.

And you know this because...?

Because my son and...

my ex and... and I used to go

on this site, so
they could look

up at the sky
and know where I was.

That's not it-- that
constellation's over Antarctica.

He's not going to get
there today by 4:00 p.m.,

not from L.A.

So, I almost died for nothing.

- That's good to know.
- A lot of people have died.

Well, that's
their problem, okay,

because anyone who gives up
their life for this crap

is a sucker,

'cause you guys can't win!

Say it about the people
who died.

Say it.

Say it.


Get up.

Get back on your nerd box
and do your job.

We can get a little
place by the water,

and you'd be better off

not being on the run
by yourself, either.

I vouched for you, Bellick.

I told Michael, "Brad
helped me get to Chicago.

He's a good guy, trust him."

Are you crazy?

And now you just want to run

when we have a chance
to clear our names?

Odds of that don't look so good.

Tank's full, gas
pedal's on the right,

I say we get the hell
out of Dodge

right now-- we can worry
about the ankle bracelets

once we get
over the border.

You listen to me.

There's only one thing
I'm thinking about.

She weighs seven pounds,
has her mother's eyes

and my heart in the palm
of her tiny hands,

so if I have to find one card

or six cards

or six million cards,

I'm going to do
whatever it takes

'cause I only got to hold
my baby girl for ten seconds,

and that wasn't nearly
long enough.

What are you doing?

This guy ain't showing up.

Hey, get your hands
where we can see them!

Get your hands up!

Oh, my God, this
ain't good.

I got them up,
I got them up!

Put your hands up,
Sucre, come on, man.

Who you calling?
Hold on.

Come on, put your hands up!

Okay, okay, don't
shoot, don't shoot.

Don't shoot, man,
we're all right.

Computer's frozen.

What do you mean, it's frozen?
I-I don't know.

It's just not responding.

I've rebooted
twice now.

It's still not letting me on.

Try again.

Look, I've tried a stop route,
a jock program,

even a back-door entry--
I mean, you were in prison,

I'm sure you're familiar
with that one.

You want to stop breathing?

What happened?

They locked me out.

I'm telling you,

they're shutting
us down.

We gotta go.

They're coming
after us.

We gotta go,
let's go, come on.
Whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute, we run,
they shoot us!


- Sara?
- Yeah.

Let's go, we gotta go.

You said we'd have
until the end of today.

No, this goes way over my head.

Look, this project's
been terminated.

Now pull over
and end this.

We can finish the job.

There is no more job, okay?

If you make this takedown
public, going back to prison

is going to be the least
of your worries.

Lose him.

Stay on him, stay on him.

Let's go, let's go!

It's this way-- go!

Go, go, go!

Thank you for calling GATE.

How may I help you?

Yes, hi, my name
is Cole Pfeiffer.

Uh, I'm calling about my, uh,
commencement bonus.

I haven't received it yet,
and, uh...

Oh, of course, Mr. Pfeiffer.

Um, Mr. White is out right now,

but he's going to be so upset
he missed your call.

Here, let me try
to track him down.

Oh, no, no, don't bother.

Uh, maybe you just could, uh,
uh, forward the check to me.

No, Mr. White has
to sign off on any checks,

and I know that he really wants
to talk to you,

so can I have him reach you

at the number
that came up on my I.D.?

Looking forward to it.

Why the hell
did you tell Self

that we could get
a cardholder by today?

He set
the terms, Alex!

I didn't have a choice!

And now none of us
have a choice.

And I am not going back
to prison.

And I still have things
that I need...

Not going back.
Go ahead and run!

Guys, stop.

We ain't running anywhere

with these things
on our ankles, all right?

It's over here.

It's this way.

Wait a minute.

Wait a second.

The signal...
the signal's gone.

The signal is gone.

Where are they?

Okay, we gotta go looking
for them.

We cannot
stay here forever.

They will eventually
figure this out.

I don't care if this place
blocks the signal or not.

Mike, what the hell
are you doing, man?

We don't have time
for this.

The answers are in here,
they have to be.

If I can just find them,
we might have a chance.

It's an ad--
the words don't make sense.

It's gibberish.
Exactly, and
that's what

makes them ideal
for hiding data.

Forget about
the damn cardholder.

Self pulled the plug on us.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

We're going to figure this out.

We're getting good at
pulling off the impossible.

Hell, I came back
from the dead, right?

What is it?

What do you see?

They go over each other.

Power plant.

New beach.

There's a power plant
in Newport Beach.

That's your meeting.

We ain't got
long until 4:00.

How the hell are we going
to get out of here?

How fast can you run?

- you get signal?
- Yeah, they're heading west.

Four blocks.


Move, damn it.

Get out of the cab.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?




Cole Pfeiffer,
Gregory White here.

Oh, sorry

to disturb you, sir,
I was just calling

about the, uh...
the bonus stipend.

Bother me? What are you
talking about, son?

I'm just thrilled
to finally be able

to put a voice to the e-mail,
and better yet,

I'm going to be able
to put a face to the voice.

because we haven't met yet.

Yes, and that
is a crime, my friend.

I gotta tell you, there
are a lot of people over here

at GATE who are very excited
about meeting you,

but I'm going off to Oahu
tomorrow with my wife.

I'd love to see you

before I go,
so why don't you come to GATE

first thing in the morning?

I think we can all
learn something

from the number one salesman
in the entire Northeast Region.

Well, it...
it's what GATE teaches.

"You can unshackle others

with the keys of knowledge."

It... it... I...
it's what I'm here to share,

it's what I know,
it's what I want to give back.

See, that's why I started
this company,

so that people can avoid
"The Captivity of Negativity."

Amen to that, Mr. White.

Now I gotta go,
I've got a lunch,

but I'll see you at GATE
first thing tomorrow,

and I'll set your office up,

get you in the payroll system,
and I will personally hand you

your bonus check.

Well, I'll see you
at GATE tomorrow, then.

Grab a bat, Cole Pfeiffer.

Coach just put you in the game.

Strange place for a meeting.

A little cloak-and-dagger,
don't you think?

Belts and suspenders, Stuart,
belts and suspenders.

Why Laos?

A doctor doesn't perform
his first dissection

on a human cadaver.

First, he learns on
a frog, then a pig,

then one day, a human.

Laos is our frog.

Perhaps Denmark or Chad
will be our pig.

After that, anything we want
can be our cadaver.

All right, let's check
on the other side

of the complex; they
could be meeting there.



Don't move, Burrows.

Don't you move
an inch.

I'm taking
you down.

Don't move.

Do not move
an inch.

Agent Mahone! Stop!

- Go.
- Are you sure about this?

Yeah, go.

Don't move.

Hands up. Keep your
hands where I can see 'em.

Aah! Come on.

Hold it!

Hands up.

Hold it.

Let's see
your hands.

Get him up.

Scofield ran.

Won't take long
to find him.

You're just delaying
the inevitable.

- What's inevitable is a meeting with Scylla.
- Shut up!

Put him in the car.

Listen. We went through
Tuxhorn's PDA.

They got a meeting on the other
side of that building.

- It's over.
- It's not over.

It's over, Lincoln, okay?

I know you wanted
this to work out,

but it's beyond me now.

Okay, it's done.

I have orders. It's over.

It's-It's not.

It's finished!

So, when exactly does the
op-order commence, General?

It already has.

No. I mean, when do
we see ramifications?

I'll tell you what, Stuart.

You worry about the gigahertz
and the offshore drilling.

Let me worry
about the op-orders.


There they come.

What about her?

Let her go.

Hey, hey, real
group of winners

you hooked me up with

here, Donnie. Thanks a lot.
I appreciate it.

Look, man, we both have
worn the badge in our day.

I-I can't survive
any more time in lock-up.

Can-Can we please
work something out?

No. You can work your
ass into this van. Get in.

Company wins.

Come on, get in.

What? Get in.

You got to be kidding me.

It's Michael.


Gave you a good
enough head start.

Should have took advantage
of it.

Yeah, but then I wouldn't
have been able to give you this.

Press the video function.

It wasn't a meeting

between two Scylla
cardholders, Agent Self.

It was a meeting

between all six cardholders.

So now we know
who has the other five cards,

and that should mean something,

even to someone
whose word means nothing.

I'm gonna call
Senator Dallo now.

But he follows
my recommendations, Don.

The next time you run from me,

I'm not gonna be chasing
you down in a car.

It's gonna be
with a bullet in your back.

Let 'em go.

All of 'em.

Come on.

Let 'em go.

Put 'em in
the warehouse.

All of 'em.

Yeah, it's Don Self.

I need to talk to him right now.

Right now.

Some day soon, we're gonna
drop that lifeboat of yours

in the water and
disappear forever.

I promise.

Hey, where's Mr.
Personality going?

They check his wrists?
'Cause he must...

Let him be.

tiring, huh?

Where the hell do you get off
calling Senator Dallo directly?

You don't move
into my city,

into my regional office
and go over my head!

What do you want from me?

You know how it works, Herb.

You think when the Company's
breathing down your neck,

Senator Dallo's gonna
bring in the cavalry?

He'll pretend
he's never even heard of you.

You're on your own
from now on, Self.

You're an island.

If I'm an island,
what are you doing here?

Get out of my office and let me
finish what I started.

When you do get buried,

I'll be the first one there
with a shovel.

Great. See you then.

Sara Tancredi's

somewhere safe,
isn't she, Bruce?

You would have made sure
of that, wouldn't you?

So tell me, where is Sara?

Help me get your family to Sara,

where it's safe.


Los Angeles?

Where in Los Angeles?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I believe you.

Good job.

Picnic's over,


What's up with Mahone?

They murdered his son.

The Company killed his son

like they tried to kill LJ.

Alex, I, uh...

Uh, I-I know what happened.

I'm sorry.

They did this... get to me,

to flush me out.

And then they let my ex-wife

stay alive...

...just so she could tell me
that she was next

if... if I didn't
turn myself in.

Now she's in
protective custody,

and I'm living
in a warehouse
trying to find

the son of a bitch
who killed my kid.

We're all here
for something.

All of us are here
for something.

You need to stay focused
until this is done.

I can do my job.

I promise.


And I promise
I'll do whatever it takes

to help you find the person
that killed your son

and the people behind the hit.

We're gonna get
these guys, Alex.

I'm gonna help you.