Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 20 - Cowboys and Indians - full transcript

Pandemonium erupts at the Panda Bay Hotel after an assassination at the global energy conference.

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Previously on Prison Break:

When we you planning on telling me
that your mother was behind all this?

You have today. One day.

When Burrows brings Scylla
back to us... will be the one
to put a bullet in his brain.

Naveen Banerjee?

The son
of Prime Minister Nandu Banerjee.

Soon this will all be behind us.

-Maybe I could meet my grandson.
-Where's Lincoln?

There's an energy conference
at the Panda Bay Hotel. He'll be there.

Christina's plan.
What she needed to profit from Scylla.

An incident that'll domino
into global warfare.




-Rented in Linc's name.
SELF: Look at this.

It's a setup.

His hands were all over the shells.

Lincoln's back where he started.
Too bad about Michael.

We gotta go. Come on.


We need a doctor here.

We need a doctor!

-Somebody call 911, get a doctor.
-There they are.

-They're up there, they're up there!
-Everybody upstairs, move it.

-Look, just blend into the crowd.
-No, we can't go that way.

Door's locked, Michael.

Stand back.


COP 1:
Let's go, let's go.

Get those people back.

Down the stairwell! Go, go, go!



They went that way.

Down here. Move.


God, this whole thing is falling apart.

Is it? Is it really?

Do you think this is funny?

How long before
the General sees this on the news?

If we can't get Scylla, how long
before he comes after us?

And then he comes after our families.
Yeah, it's really funny, isn't it?

Michael, where are you?

[WHISPERING] In the hotel. Is there
a way to get out without being seen?

There's cops and feds
all over the place. Did you get Scylla?

No. Some guy got assassinated.

-And guess who got set up for it.
-We need Scylla.

Scylla is gone. The only thing I care
about right now is getting out of here.

Where are you gonna go?

With the Company
breathing down our back again.

-Scofield, it's Don.
-What do you want?

-To try to fix this.
-How? By stabbing us at the back again?

Put Alex on.

He's a little preoccupied right now.

You wanna be mad at me,
be mad after we get Scylla back.

Listen, take the southwest loading dock.
It's a large industrial door.

It's not conducive to a quick exit.
They only have one cop on it.

If you get to the door,
I can incapacitate the cop.

We're on the other side of the hotel.
They've got the ground floor covered.

What else can you see?

Nothing, just a cop,
a couple of dumpsters...

...some jack pallets
and some laundry bins.

That must mean the onsite laundry's
on the other side, near the door.

If we get to the laundry,
we can get to the door.

You said we can't make it
across the hotel.

We can get access to the roof.

Hotels use rooftop ventilation... the guests
don't smell the laundry fumes.

Take the ventilation system
to the laundry room.

If you get to the laundry room,
you can get right by the door.

Put me on speaker.

Alex, you wanna get
the Company off our backs?

Go to 4 Dunn Place.

Sara's holding my mother there.
Make her tell us where Scylla is...

...and clear our names in all this.

Mahone, you do whatever you gotta do
to get her to talk.

Do you hear me?
Do whatever you gotta do.

Got it.

Come on.

It is complete mayhem
at the Panda Bay Hotel...

...where Naveen Banerjee, son of India's
prime minister has been assassinated.

There have been unconfirmed reports...

...identifying the assailants
as Lincoln Burrows...

...suspected of murdering
Terrence Steadman...

-...and Michael Scofield--
-Christina sandbagged all of us!

It is believed
they're still in the building.

If the brothers are caught...

...we have no control over what
they might say to the authorities.

Get down to that hotel and make sure
they don't have that opportunity.

I'd be more than willing to take on
that assignment, and I assure you...

...I will dispatch of it efficiently.

This is not an Alabama coon hunt,

Don’t judge me by actions taken
when there's been a gun to my head.

I ran an entire prison gang syndicate.

Hardened felons called me "mister."

I'm so much more than a snitch.

And if you continue to treat me as such,
it will be your loss, General, not mine.

Son, I have the fate
of a multitrillion-dollar enterprise... my hands...

...and you want me
to let you earn your stripes now?

Take care of the brothers.


This should be it.


S.A.R. should be here shortly.

I want you guys on full alert.
Get all geared up, all right?

It's them. Stop!


They could be on any floor.
Can you override the door locks?

They're electronic.
We control everything.

I want every room in this hotel
locked down now.

-Why don't we just take the stairs?
-Because we'll set off the fire alarm.

The ducts and the crawlspaces
above these top-floor rooms...

...that's how we get
our roof access.

Once we find the laundry vent,
we take that down to the loading dock.


That should do it.




What's going on?

They locked us out.
We can't get to the roof.

-Let's head back down.
-There'll be cops.

We can't go up, we can't go down.

We're trapped.

There's been a new development
in the Panda Bay assassination.

An anonymous source
has provided Fox with documents...

...showing a wire transfer
from Chinese operatives... Burrows and Scofield.

The fallout from this from
a geopolitical standpoint is staggering.

Relations between China and India--

Nandu reached out.

He wants to meet with you.
This couldn't have worked out better.

Nice side of bull
in the Chinese document.

Thank you.

Now we just watch the dominoes
begin to fall.

I just wish
they weren't falling on Michael.

Christina, you gave him options.

He made his choice,
he picked his side.

Yes, but he is my son.

REPORTER: One must wonder
if all progress will be lost....

My only son.

Right now, it is believed
both Burrows and Scofield...

...are still in the hotel,
but it appears police are closing in.

Live just outside the Panda Bay Hotel,
I'm Jane Yamamoto, Fox News.

No, no, no, you see, that's the problem,
there's cops everywhere.

It's like a freaking cop anthill.

It's just a matter of time
till they find you.

Find out what their plan of attack is.

Sure, you know what?

I'll just go up and ask them, all right?
They look like a real friendly bunch.

Look, we don't have much time,
so get it done now!

Burrows and Scofield could be armed.

-So I don't want a lot of shooting.
-This guy's from Homeland Security.

I'll file my report as soon
as I've apprehended the shooters.

Whoa, let me be clear here, captain.

The shooting wasn't your typical...

...gangbanger public-service killing
you're used to in Miami.

This was an international assassination
with ramifications...

...that affect
the security of this country.

So if you turn your back
on me again...

...I'll jam you up for hindering
a federal investigation, you understand?

Fine, but I want you on my hip.

I'm not gonna have you playing warrior
so you can go back to your buddies...

...and tell them you saw
some gunplay.

Not a problem.

Tell me how you're gonna
diffuse the situation.

Gas them out floor by floor
until we find them.

Hold on there. If you use gas,
you're gonna compromise visibility.

I can't afford another diplomat
getting shot in the fez.

We're using chloropropane.
It's colorless, it's odorless.

They won't even know what hit them.

Listen, I want two men
in the east stairwell with the gas.

Two at the base of west stairwell,
in case they come back down.

And backup detail ready, all right?

Let's go, move, move.



Oh, my God.

Come on, Sara.

-You hurt? You okay?
-I'm fine.

Christina's gone.
There's a knife in the last drawer.

You have any idea where she went?


She has Scylla.

She set up Linc and Michael.
She could be anywhere.

-Michael and Lincoln?
-Yeah, they were framed.

For the murder of an Indian official.
It's all over the news.

-It was Christina's plan and--
-Where are they now?

They were trapped
at the Panda Bay Hotel.

-Police are looking for them.

Whoa, you can't go there.
The cops are everywhere.

-I really need you to get out of my way.
-Well, that's not gonna happen.

You don't care for me,
I don't care for you much either.

But I owe Michael, okay?

Run. He's in a sea of trouble--

-I'm not abandoning him.
-I'm not telling you to abandon him.

There's nothing you can do.
I'd run if I could run.

But if I run, they go after my wife,
so I have to jump back in.

-You don't.
-I'm not running.

I'll stay here, okay?

That way, Michael knows where I am.

So does Christina.

If she wanted me dead,
I would be already.

Suit yourself.


Thanks. And if you see Michael,
tell him I'm here.


CHRISTINA: I know how difficult
this must be for you.

Mr. Prime Minister, I too lost a son,
when he was just a child.

Was your son murdered
by an assailant's bullet?

Of course not.

I've heard the news
that the Chinese are behind this.

Yes, I've heard that as well.

And that's why I'm here.

Not to discuss how my son died,
but how to avenge him.

Your technology, as you put it...

...I've heard rumors
of its varied applications.

-Nandu, let's take a breath here.

The time to take a breath expired
when my son died.

Your son and I
planned to use the technology...

...for humanitarian endeavors.

Warfare applications
were not our goal.

But now they are mine.

You are a businesswoman
with a product...

...and I am a buyer.

I want to commit to all
the intellectual property you possess.

I want the People's Republic of China
to feel the pain I feel right now.

Do you comprehend the ramifications
of what it is you're proposing?

More than you know.

If it is what you want.

I must go now... make arrangements
for your payment...

...and arrangements
for my child's burial.


-Congratulations, you're famous again.

You're all over the news
for killing Gandhi.

-I figured as much.
-Yeah, well, it gets worse.

They're gonna gas you out.

-Already started.

They're going floor by floor.
They're at the third or fourth.

Why are you just telling me
about this now?

I had to leave the lobby.
I can't make anybody more suspicious.

Hello? Michael?


Linc, I need your help.

When I was in fourth grade, I got an A
for guessing all the answers on this test.

I never thought I'd beat those odds.

What kind of loser gets set up...

...for two high-profile assassinations
within five years?

This is not your fault.

They didn't get away with it then,
they're not gonna get away with it now.

But I need you to focus.

I need your help, Linc.

All right, let's get out of here.

Darrin Hooks, Homeland Security.
Point me to whoever's in charge here.

Homeland? How many of you guys
are they sending here?

-Agent Self's already inside.

Agent Don Self.

Got here a little while ago.

Yeah, it's Hooks.

The name of that agent that
was supposedly killed recently in L.A.

Was his name Don Self?

KRANTZ: It's all falling out exactly
as Christina planned it.

Now she's going to have everything
she ever hoped for.

She's trying to reignite
the 1962 China-India border war...

...which ended in an uneasy truce
when neither country could withstand...

...the losses they sustained
in those remote and desolate mountains.

If she succeeds
in provoking another war--

And framing China for the killing
of India's prime minister's son... certainly provocation enough.

--she'll set off a military conflict
that will last for decades...

...and may never be resolved.

Why didn't you do it yourself?

Power, money?
Seem to be things you love.

Because if India’s involved,
that drags in Pakistan...

...then Russia's gonna defend
its borders.

Then within a year, Europe's in it,
and after that the United States.

It's an apocalypse
in which everyone loses.

KRANTZ: And Christina
has always been too prideful...

...and too unstable to accept that.

-Got it.
DISPATCH: All Metro Dade units:

Hotel security is requesting confirmation
that all levels of the hotel are secure.

COP: Can I help you?

Yes, I think you can.

Agent Self.

Donald Self?

Agent Darrin Hooks.

It's good to see you.

It's good to see you too.

Hold it.
Hold it right there, don't move.

What the hell are you doing, Hooks?

You always
pull guns on fellow agents?

Yeah, on agents
that are supposedly dead...

...and are found later in a hotel
with the guys that killed them.

You mind telling me what you're doing
with Burrows and Scofield?

My cover called for me
to be dead.

People were catching on to what we
were doing, and my death freed me up.

Burrows and Scofield
have been set up. Okay, I--

-There's no record of you in covert ops.
-That was by design.

When this is over,
we'll call home office...

...I'll punch in my clearance code...

...and we'll share some laughs
about this.

But right now,
I need to do my damn job.


You're gonna follow,
and we're gonna clear this up right now.

Okay, but what I said
about Scofield and Burrows is true.

They've been set up.
You need to look into this.

Oh, I'm gonna look into everything,
as soon as we get outside.

Let's go.


Did you clear the loading dock doors?

No, but someone else did.

What do you mean?

Someone must have taken him out.

There's someone in the hotel other
than the police that's looking for you.

Linc, we gotta move. We've got more
than just the cops after us now.

Whoa. You know what you're doing?


Let's go.

HUTCHINSON: I want everybody with
full gear on. I want you guys to....

-Captain Hutchinson.
COP: All right.

We've got a room breach on 16.

This is Hutchinson.
Scofield and Burrows are on 16.

I repeat,
Scofield and Burrows are on 16.

Come on, go, go, go!
Move, move, move!

-This way.
-I got it.

Make sure the door can shut.
We need the pressure to build.

They're coming.

They're coming.

We're on 16.

Copy that.

On my mark, go.


Backup detail, move.

Go, go, go.

Move, move, move! Go, move!

Move, move!

-What the hell happened?
-They booby-trapped us.

-They made a move for the roof.
-Get him to a hospital.

COP: All right.
HUTCHINSON: Let's go! Move, move!

Stop right there.

Don't make a move
for that weapon, Burrows.

Take the masks off.

Take them off now.

Hands behind your head.

You better pray to God
my men are found all right.

It was a concussive blast.
They're just unconscious.

Shut up.



You're gonna follow that advice
about not going for your guns.

The General
would like you back at the loft.


Did all go well at the hotel?

[WHISPERING] What's going on
with Sara and my mother?

Christina escaped.

Sara's okay. She's in the condo.

Excuse me, would you boys
like a little alone time to catch up?

What exactly do you expect from us?

You need to take responsibility
for your failures.

Hey, we failed nothing.
This whole thing was a setup.

-You know it.
-Lincoln Burrows was outsmarted.

Who could have anticipated that?

I think you need to accept
that this is over.

I've been holding a chip
for far too long.

It's time to play it.

I made you boys a promise.

You would find Scylla, and I...

...would see to it you got some cash
and had the slate wiped clean.

I intend to keep that promise.

However, if I keep one promise,
I have to keep them all.

Now, I wonder
who the big winner will be.

-Don't do this.
-Don't do what?

When I sent you those envelopes,
I wasn’t just playing games.

I made it very clear...

...that you had one day
to accomplish your job...

...or there would be consequences.

-What's that?
-The consequence.

Call our man in Queens.

What are you calling New York for?

Put it on speaker, please.

MAN 1 [ON PHONE]: Yes?
-Move on subject four.

MAN 1: I'm a block away.
ETA is less than two minutes.

You son of a bitch.

You son of a bitch.
My wife is a defenseless woman.

Mr. Self didn't inform you
that he had a wife, did he?

I wouldn't talk about my wife either
if I had too many bourbons... behind the wheel
and turned a beautiful young woman...

-...into a piece of broccoli.
-Don't do anything.

I assume that is why you tried
to run away with Scylla.

To screw the government giving you
benefits that'd only pay...

...for a county facility
overlooking the Belt Parkway...

...and sell it, so that you and she
could disappear and be hidden forever.

C'est la vie.

MAN 1:
I have the subject in sight.

She's in a wheelchair under a tree
in the hospital--

Please don't do this, okay?
Please, you can kill me.

Okay, you can kill me right now,

-Kill me.
-Don't do this, we'll get Scylla.

-That's what I want to hear.
-We're trying.

You have to know...

...what awaits you
and your loved ones if you don't.

-We understand.
-Execute the order.

Please don't do that!


WOMAN: Oh, my God.
MAN2: Get help, get help.


I believe you made a request.

Get him!

Bagwell, make sure he's dead.

Does everyone understand now?

Are we all on the same page?


Let's get down to business.

Three quarters of a billion dollars
in a numerical account in Luxembourg.

If you are still worried
about humanitarian efforts...

...write a check to UNICEF.

All the data will be delivered
within 24 hours.

That's what I expected.

Played it perfectly.

Reach out to our contact in China.

I have a feeling they may be interested
in what we're selling as well.

Christina, I don't advise
playing both sides of this coin.

Pigs get fat, an ox gets slaughtered.

Reach out to China.

No, keep our people
in every private airfield in Florida...

...and in Georgia.

We can't have Christina
leaving the state.

She played on India’s emotions,
which probably means...

...she'd wanna meet
with one of their emissaries.

She could still be in Miami,
maybe at the embassy.

No, she's not at the embassy.

Any deal she makes with India
will be off the radar.

Right now,
she's concerned with two things:

One is closing the deal on Scylla,
which I'm assuming she's already done.

And the second is getting paid.

No sign of Self.

-How much can she get for Scylla?
-Half a billion from India.

The same from China.

Overseas account,
foreign wire transfer?

I doubt she's taking any food stamps.

She's gonna want confirmation
that money is safely overseas...

...before she leaves the U.S.

We find the money,
we find my mother.

Normally, it takes three business days
for an international wire transfer to clear.

Unless the bank
is a federal reserve signatory.

-The transfer is immediate.
-You think she'll head to the bank?

All she has to do is withdraw
a few grand from the millions...

...that that buyer has probably
transferred overseas already.

She'll know it's all there.

So let's find a federal reserve
signatory bank in Miami.

-And we'll have a shot at finding her.
-And Scylla.

There, Michael. You see, that's why
I didn't put your name in the bowl.

You're the only one that's irreplaceable.
Agents, informants, muscle...

...they're nice to have,
but, finally, they're replaceable.

There's a branch 20 minutes away.

That mind of yours is one in a million.

Nice to see it finally working for me.

I do not work for you.

Not yet.

It's legitimate.

I assure you.

Oh, okay.

I just wanna withdraw the $10,000
so I can be sure...

...the Luxembourg account
is properly set up.

Of course.

Is she in there?

Yeah, I saw her through the window.
She's talking to a tall dark-haired guy.

Same guy that set us up
at the hotel.

We'll wait until she comes out,
we just jump them.

What do we do
about her security?

I mean, we jump her,
we gotta jump the guy she's with...

...and God knows how many other agents
are gonna come crawling out like ants.

Look, I hate to bring up the obvious...

...but last time I checked,
you two still disagreed... to what to do with Scylla
if we actually get it.

-Yeah, that's what I thought.
-Let's get the damn thing.

Who's gonna stop us?
A 70-year-old security guard?

No, probably the guy with the gun.

He'll open fire
as soon as he sees our faces.

Then maybe they shouldn't see
our faces.

The pizza guy showed up...

...and Wayne jumped out of the bushes
and tried to grab the pizza, but the guy--

Oh, my gosh.


Are you okay, mister?

-Go call 911. Go, go.
-No, no.

Don't call anyone, okay?

Don't call anybody.

Don't call anyone.

You know, once baby brother
has got his little hands...

...on that magic box,
I don't think it's gonna be hard...

...for him to trick Magilla Gorilla,
if you know what I'm saying.

No, I don't.

You think that Scofield's
gonna risk his nephew's life?

He's gonna figure out something before
he hands first prize over to the bad guys.

Scofield thinks pure
like a little Cub Scout.

Burrows, he just thinks like a cub.

I don't feel comfortable having Scofield
out there with something I want...

...when I'm stuck here
with nothing he wants.

I need leverage.

You saw the way Mahone pulled
Scofield over when they first got here.

Bet you they was talking
about little Dr. Underpants...

...and her whereabouts.

Too bad we don't know where that is.

Wrong again, Curly.

While everyone was here
flapping their gums...

...I took the liberty of toddling down
to Mahone's car...

...checking out the last address
he put in his GPS.

There's a gambler's chance...

...we might find the leverage
you're looking for right here.

-I'm on it.

You wanted to get in on the action,
here's your chance.

Okay, I'll just count this out for you.

That won't be necessary.


Here's a printed record of
your transaction.

With a balance that high...

...are you sure you don't wanna talk
to our investment specialists?

No, thank you.

Everybody down on the ground now.

Nobody move, nobody gets hurt.

You, down.

All the banks in Miami.
What are the odds?


The case.

I'll take that.

Hi, Mom.

Scofield and Burrows
leaving the bank now.


MAN 1:
Run, run!

-Take Scylla and go.
-We gotta stay together.

-I said go.
-Come on.

Run, get back inside.

MAN 2:
I think he's out. Move in, move in.

After today, how many eggs...

...does the U.S. court system
have on its face...

...for exonerating Lincoln Burrows?

An omelet's worth, Paula.

If you remember,
I was never in favor of the exoneration.

Lincoln Burrows is a thug for hire,
and his little brother is no better.


I'm amazed that the court system
just glossed over the warning signs.

Such as?

MAN: For one, they should have never let
Burrows and Scofield in the same prison.

They should've looked at Scofield's past.
It's clear he had no criminal background.

Why would
a brilliant structural engineer rob a bank?

PAULA: Maybe he needed to pay off
student loans.

It wasn't about the money.

PAULA: What do you think
the judicial system is going to learn?

MAN: This has been a huge wake-up call
for the courts.

Judges will have to look at all
the relationships in an inmate's life....

Shh, shh, shh. Easy now, doc, easy. It's
just your friendly neighborhood T-Bag.

I'm gonna need your cooperation.


-Get your hands off of me, you son--

Not hands. Thanks to your boyfriend.

Now, as I was saying before,
I just need your cooperation.

Come in here.

All right.

All right.

He's taking too long.

Something's wrong.

We gotta go back for him.

-He said he'd catch up.
-No, something's wrong.

Call him.

Call him.


Now that we have this,
what the hell are we gonna do with it?

He's not answering.



KRANTZ: I heard about the bank robbery
on the radio.

You boys just can't stand
to be out of the news, can you?

I assume you've got Scylla.

We're getting close.
We'll keep you posted.

I wouldn't hang up just yet
if I were you, son.

Michael, we're in the apartment.

I know you have it.

Otherwise, Christina would never
have risked a public shootout.

Now, I'm gonna make this easy
for you.

Bring me Scylla, or this time
Sara's death will not be faked.

What is it?

What is it?

The General has Sara.

Take it.


I swear, if you touch her--

Hello, son.

I believe you have something I want.

And I have something you want,
although I'll never really understand why.

All right, maybe we can work
something out.

I gave you the opportunity
to work something out.

You rejected me, Michael.

Look, let's meet and talk about this.

The time for talking passed the time you
put those ski masks on, don't you think?

So here's what I'm gonna do, Michael.

I'm gonna shoot Lincoln
through the right rib cage...

...just grazing the lower quadrant
of his right lung.

It'll slowly collapse,
making it very difficult to breathe.

If he doesn't get medical attention
within five hours, he'll be dead.

Christina. Mom, please.


Second hand spinning, Michael.

Looks like you have
a little decision to make.

Scylla or someone you love.