Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 18 - VS. - full transcript

Michael and Lincoln square off over Scylla as Christina sets her plan in motion. Meanwhile, T-Bag causes a scene at the Indian embassy.

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Previously on Prison Break:

I had a deal with the general.
You couldn’t just let me handle this.

If you mean give Scylla
back to the general, then no.

I should warn you,
I'm gonna do everything to stop you.

-I want my life back.
-Linc, Mom is alive.

-I guess I'll see you in Miami.

If I give Scylla back,
he leaves me and Michael alone...

...and I get to spend time
with my son in peace.

What if General Krantz
were no longer in the picture?

-What's going on?
-Goodbye, Jonathan.

Where are you, Christina?

-I don't like your tone, Jonathan.
-Excuse me.

But it's been a while
since anyone's tried to kill me.

The general should know by now
not to mess with us.

-The general didn't send me.
-Christina's gonna change the Company.

She said after two days,
she would make the change.

Look at the date on that laminate.
Two days away.

I need to talk to her.

Lincoln's back at the plaza.

I told him to stay away.

We have a clean shot.

Take it.

Take it.

Roger that.

Stevenson rooftop, 12 o'clock.


Where's Christina?

Where's Christina?

Somebody call the police!


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Stay in your car.


Where is she?

Where is she? Where is she?

We got his phone.
Let's get out of here.


-We gotta go. We got it.
-Let's go.


She only uses the place in winter... we should be fine
for a while here.

And that's Deb.

Were you guys
in college together too?


Just medical school.
She's got a practice... New York and she comes down here
once a year to teach a seminar.

God, good for her.


Nice family photos.


...sun, cheesy matching outfits.

We could have that if we wanted.





Take a seat.

Scylla is in Miami.

Our people are combing the city
as we speak.

Yes, I've heard.

Someone's attempting
a hostile takeover.

Whoever has Scylla is trying to turn
the cardholders against me.

-Oren tried to kill me.
-Jonathan, you--

We're dumping your cell phone.

We've already found several phone calls
between you and an unknown party.


...who has Scylla?

I don't know.

Think, buddy.

-I swear. I don't know anything.

This can be
as painless as you want it to be.

Who has Scylla?

You have gone
around the bend on this.

I haven't even started yet.


This guy wasn't trying to hurt you,
he just didn't like your tattoo.

You're a funny guy, Self.

MAHONE: There's a lot of calls on the
sniper's cell from a blocked number.

We need the Company
to help identify it.

What if it's your mom's cell phone?

We have to pay a visit.
You got the gumption?



Lincoln, I don't like having
to initiate these calls.

Then don't.
We'll call you when we get it.

Who has Scylla?

We don't know.
But we tangled with a sniper.

Whom you're interrogating right now,

-He's dead.

...the point of this action is not to kill
as many of them as you can.

Your methods make me question
whether you are capable of playing...

...on a field of this size.

We'll get Scylla.

I want answers today.

Aren't you leaving something out,
something a tad critical?

Like it's your mom who has Scylla?

Don't think too much.

Let's talk about that,
about thinking too much.

You still warm with the general
because it's good for the team.

Or are you protecting the woman who
popped you out many years ago?

If Krantz didn't put you here,
I'd kill you.

All right.

-There's my answer.
-If we tell Krantz that Christina has it...

...he may help us
or determine that we're no longer useful.

Everybody understand that?

We're here to get Scylla.
We need Scylla.

The way to do that
is to stick to the plan.

And to keep our mouths shut.

Hey, look at this.

he found us on Interstate 10...

...near Route 4... Arizona.

And "MS" are your initials.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but the rest of
this could mean anything.

I'll do a search on Rockwell
and figure it out.

Assuming Lincoln hasn't already.

He's been here three days and
he's got access to Company resources.

And once he puts his mind
to something, that's it.

Even if he figures out he's wrong.

Well, from what I've gathered
he doesn't think he is wrong.

Well, if I'm "MS"...

...who's "VS"?


Bengali has 14 different vowels.

-It's a bitch to pronounce.
-Lincoln got away.

Have you ever seen a picture
of a supernova?

I have.

They're quite beautiful, aren't they?

They're very rare,
they only occur about once every...

...50 years.

We're a day away
from a kind of supernova.

A moment so powerful
that it'll eclipse everything.

And nobody's gonna stop me.


-They haven't got it yet.
-I've sent it twice already.

They got it.
Okay, we need you to trace...

...who called the sniper cell
and tell us where he is in Miami.

Well, when?

No. Hell, no. We need it now. We ge--

-Hour, earliest.
-What do you mean?

We get to him, we get to Christina.

We got our asses handed
getting these.

You wanna know
what your momma's up to? Start there.

These things are for tomorrow,
I want Scylla today.

Sorry there, Sink.
There I go thinking again. My bad.




I'm getting you out of here.

-What is it?
-It's Michael.

He's in Miami. He wants to meet.



I warned him not to come.


-Good to see you both in one piece.

Where's my brother?

He's not coming.

So you're working with him now?
You work for the Company?

Sure, fine.

-Why are you here?
-Partly to warn you.

We could've saved you the trip.
We're seeing this thing through.

What do you know?

-What do you think you walked into?
-You tell me.

Your mother.

She has Scylla.

Whoever's gonna get it
has to go through her.

-I need to talk to my brother.
-He's not coming.

He's a little too busy trying to stay alive
because your--

Your mother tried to kill him and if
you stay with some half-baked plan...

...she's gonna try and kill you.

-What're you doing here, Alex?
-Getting some information.

Anything that can help.

You need to trust me.

So that you can run back
to the general with it?

Everybody get what they want.
Don't choose between our families...

...and taking down the Company.
We can do both.


I'll know when we get there.

That's why I'm asking you.
Please trust me.

Now, do you know anything?
Do you have anything?

Only thing I can tell you,
we're gonna burn...

...the Company down to the ground
and that's with or without you, Alex.

I'm sorry, Michael, about your mother.

So the guy
that was posing as a cop yesterday...

...must have been working
for my mother.

Yeah. Yeah, I think you're right.

But if he was following her instructions,
that means--

I guess she wanted the two of us
transported somewhere.

At least she didn't want us killed,
I guess I should be grateful.

Does this change anything?


The fact that she thrived
within the Company at the expense...

...of everyone else...

...makes me wanna take them down
even more.


Rockwell Avenue, South Miami.

Let's go.

The SIM card information said this guy
should be a couple of blocks over.

It better be the guy who ordered the
hit on you, not some pizza delivery boy.

-Just shut up.
-Listen, he's stopping.

Lincoln, make a right
a quarter mile up.

-What the location?
-I don't know, but it's big.

Whose seal is that?

India. This is the embassy.

All right, there he is.

And look who he's with.

She's got Scylla.

-We need to get in there.
SELF: No, no, no.

If she's going in, she's gonna come back
out. When she does, we take our shot.

I learned just because something goes in,
don't mean they come back out.

LINCOLN: He's right.
-What was that? One more time?

She's got that thing on her,
we need to move now.

We need to create a distraction.

You ready to go, T-Bag?

BAGWELL: No, no, no. Wait.
What do you want me to say?

SELF: Just run your mouth.
You know how to do that.

When we get in, we'll let you know.
Until then, just keep him busy.

Figure it out, okay?

Come on, I don't know about this.

You'll be fine, figure it out.

BAGWELL: Excuse me. Excuse me,
I'd like a meeting with your president, sir.

-Can you notify him I'm here?
-President doesn't live in America, sir.

-She lives in Kashmir.

Ha. That explains a lot, don't it?

Listen, Hajji,
I got no beefs with you, okay?

It's just there comes a point when
a thinking man has to take a stand.

You know who else thinks? Elephants.

That's right. Elephants.

They have the largest brain in the whole
animal kingdom. Did you know that?

Come on, Bagwell.

-You folks have a history...

...of mistreating
these mighty creatures.

Up to now, no one's lifting a finger.
Up till now.

Private property, sir.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

I'm not going anywhere.


Unlock those, now.

This is Station 4. I have a Code 11.

So bring it.

LINCOLN: Security camera's looking good.
-All right, here we go.

Let's move.


Sir, sir.

America's on the other end of that
sidewalk. You're on international soil.

I hope you brought the keys for that.

I have no gripes with you at all, okay?

I've been calling my congressman.
I've been writing United Nations.

-I don't care.
-Did you know that elephants eat...

...over 500 pounds of food per day?

And their dung, it can be processed
into parchment.

You're in a big heap of that, sir.

-Elephant! Elephant!
-Front gate, now.


All right, let's go.

I'm gonna text Bagwell,
let him know we're in.

All right, after 9/11, DHS implemented
some new protocol regarding--

Just hurry up.

It's an abomination. That's what it is.
It's an abomination.

Why, the elephants,
next to the chimps...

...have the closest DNA sequence... us human beings.
-Sir, I don't think that's true.


Excuse me one second.

I'm sorry to inconvenience you guys.


Your ride's here, pal.


Hold on. Just--

GUARD: Gonna take you down,
visit your buddies at the zoo.

-Bagwell's in trouble.
-Are we made?

We're not waiting around to find out,
let's go.

We got about 10 seconds before
we go live all over this place. Come on.

All right, here we go. Let's go.

SELF: All right, it looks good over here.
MAHONE: Clear here.

We gotta hurry.


Have you ever seen the Taj Mahal?

Only in photographs.


Several times.

It was built by the Shah Jahan
for his favorite wife.

I remember telling that
to my ex-husband.

Do you know what his reply was?


That's very sweet, Christina.
I'm fine, thank you.

-Thank you.

I'm sorry for all the extra security,
but as I'm sure you realize...

...there's a lot of people who
would like to get their hands on this.


This is an overview
of the solar cell prototype.

That's just the beginning
of what’s on here.

A desalination technique
that can yield potable water...

...within seconds.


Bio-engineered crops...

...that will subsist
in the harshest of climates.

Revolutionary vaccines.

Well, you know
that there's a rumor floating about...

...that this belongs to General Krantz.

That eight-carat purple diamond
your lovely wife wears on her hand?

Did you worry about which South African
country it was taken from?

The profit margin would be split,

Your country would handle
the manufacturing and distribution...

...I would act as your silent partner.

Please, have a seat.

Last resort, are we clear?

No, he's not clear.

We fire off a shot in here...

...we're not getting out.

-Are we clear?
-We're clear.

I sense there's something
you're not telling me.

All you have to do is show up... the Progressive Energies
Conference tomorrow.

Go up on the dais
and present this technology as your own.

So I'm the one who looks like the fool
if this venture fails.

The leading minds of this world
will be at that conference tomorrow...

...working on the crisis
that we are facing with our planet.

You will have the solution.

You will be a visionary.

Dr. Vincent Sandinsky...

...has done extensive research
on the bargain theory.

Says that proof
of its practical application... pretty shaky.

He's giving a lecture tomorrow
at the conference.

I'd like to make sure
that his findings...

...don't debunk the foundation
of our project...

...before we even get off the ground.

Naveen, the technology that I am
offering you will catapult your country...

...50 years ahead of its time.

Naturally, a few other countries
have expressed some interest.

I'm sure they would be happy
to sell you this information... three times the price
in a few years.

This is all very sudden.

Well, as I said,
I only acquired this recently.

But I assure you, it is going to sell.

I came to you first
out of respect to your father.

I will just say one more thing...

...then I will let you do what you like.


What do you think your father
would have done with this offer?


I need a minute.

And don't worry about Sandinsky.

He won't be a problem.

This is 48 Rockwell.

We need B23.

Row D.


B23. This is it.



Fernando was
a great influence on you.

And vice versa.

Here we go.

Car keys.

So there's no itinerary.

But we do have a map
to the Everglade Memorial Airport.

And we have a gun.

I've been thinking about this.
V and S are someone's initials.

1630 is 4:30 p.m. military time.

What if our guy wasn't flying out?

But someone named VS
was flying in?


-I found one of her guys.
MAHONE: He'll take us to Christina.

-Where are you?
-Second floor, near the atrium.

Don't move. Freeze.

Twenty-three, I have Lincoln Burrows
and two male suspects in custody.

We need to clear out.

Excuse me?

Lincoln's in the building.

I need to close this deal.

without looking like an amateur.

Handle it.

Get in there.


Get on your knees,
put your hands on your head.




Move an inch,
and I won't hesitate to kill any of you.



I think we've come to a decision.

You honor your side of the agreement,
I'll do the unveiling tomorrow.

Great news, Naveen. Great news.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

Let's go.


Is there another way out of here?

Huh? He said don't go near the door.

This is an embassy. Christina can't risk
an incident, just like we couldn't.

Nobody's gonna kill us.

Let's go.

DOWNEY: I don't know
how the hell they found us.

All I care about is Sandinsky.

Is Morris on his way?

We haven't heard from him yet.

I'll check his status.

Here, give me that.

Who are you gentlemen with?


Here, she dropped this.

We're about a mile away.


-That you?
-It's coming from inside the briefcase.

Private caller.
Can they track us on this thing?

Put it on speakerphone.



Was that your mom?

Oh, Michael. I'm so sorry.

I don't even know what to say.

There's nothing to say.

Nothing at all.

Jesus, what happened to you?

Where's Scylla, huh?

They left before we could get it.

I get the ass-kicking of a lifetime
and you come back empty-handed?

We got this.

A Post-it note?

That's what you got?

How about Elmer's glue?

Why don't you calm down.
This is important to us.

If we had just told the general.

Just told the general.

One more time.

If this guy is important to Christina...

...he's important to us.

-Let's call the Company, get a read on it.
MAHONE: I'll do it.


MICHAEL: Are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm good. I'll be right out.



Whoever VS is, their plane gets in
in less than 30 minutes.

We need to get our hands
on that flight log.



Sorry, I noticed you have a sign
that says I can learn to fly here.

Do you have a brochure?

Let me call you back.

Sure, I should have one
around here somewhere.

Thank you. Sorry.

There you go.

Okay. "Learn how to fly." It's perfect.


SARA: Exit by the bathroom.
-I need 30 seconds.

-They'll kill us if they find us.
-"Vincent Sandinsky." VS.


Let's go.

Got it.

Vincent Sandinsky's
on a plane right now.

Heading to Everglade Memorial. We got
15 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale.

There's no way we're gonna make it.



Excuse me, can I help you?

Funny you should ask.

I need you to call up to the tower
with a message for N727MG.

MAN: N727MG,
this is Everglade Memorial Tower.

We just got word from another craft
your port side turbine's trailing black.

Tower, I'm clear here.
Am I still good for landing?

Tell them to land at the north end of the
tarmac following emergency protocol.

-But that'll--
-Tell them.

Do you copy?

Tower, this is Operations.

Have November 727 Michael Golf...

...approach from the southwest.

We're not gonna take chances.
We're gonna send a crew to them.

Tell passengers to evac
as soon as they hit the ground.

Roger that.

Now call down to Security.

Tell them Dr. Tancredi
needs to be led out on the tarmac.

One of your passengers
has had a heart attack.

He needs immediate assistance.

Security, this is Operations.

Okay. One more minute,
I'll be out of your hair.

You could be getting in big trouble
for this, guy.

You could go to prison.

Which one?

Something's going on here.

Vincent Sandinsky?

-Hi. Dr. Tancredi.

-I need you to come with me.
-Something wrong?

We have concerns about some health
exposure you may have experienced.

-I don't--
-Let's go.

Michael Scofield, Vincent Sandinsky.

Get in the car.

-Back seat.

Get in!



Please. Don't hurt me.

We won't.

But they will.

You can take everything I have,
just please let me go.

MICHAEL: Do you know
who Christina Scofield is?

Who? No.

SARA: Michael, I'm running out of road.
MICHAEL: Head for those hangars.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. What's going on here?

Get out of the car.


-Get out of the car!

SANDINSKY: Oh, my God.
MAN 1: Move it.

-Move it!
SANDINSKY: They're gonna kill us.

Let's just do what they want
before they kill us.


MAN 2:
Get down. Get down. Now.

MAN 1:

Put him in the car.

MAN 2:
What do we do with these two?

Kill them.






-You okay?

Thanks to you, I guess. Hey.

-Get out. Move it.
-What's going on.

SANDINSKY: Where are you taking me?
SELF: Go, move.

Where are you taking me?

What do you want with me?

SELF: Come on,
stop talking and start walking.

-This is a mistake.
-Lincoln, have you lost your mind?

What--? What's going on?

Just get in the car. Now.

What are you gonna do?

Shoot me?

I warned you not to come, Michael.

I'm doing this for us, our family.

Well, it's not over.

Not by a long shot.




-I've got some information for you.

Now, I wanna make sure
that everything we talked about... still heading my way.

The car, the office and the house.

Bagwell, if you’re jerking me around--

You trying to talk me out of it?

Just tell me.


Linc and Michael's mother...

...she's got Scylla.

Here in Miami.

And, general--

Fuel the jet.

We're going to Miami.

Christina Rose Scofield.
That name mean anything to you?


Then why was she holding on
to your flight information?

I have no idea.

-You ever heard of the Company?

-The Company.
-Never heard? You ever heard of Scylla?

What do you do for a living?

I'm a professor at Dartmouth.

What are you doing in Miami?

I just wanted to get out
of New Hampshire for a few days.

To be honest, right now...

...I wish I hadn't.

Just relax.

SANDINSKY: Got a call from
the organizing committee...

...of the Progressive Energies Conference.
They said they would fly me out...

...and put me up in a hotel
if I gave a short presentation.

Where's your cell?

It's in my jacket.

Why are you lying to me?

I had it when I got off the plane.
I swear to God.

He said he doesn't know your mom
but there's got to be...

...20 e-mails back and forth
between them.

They don’t just know each other,
they're working together.

Question is, on what?


"Vincent Sandinsky."

What about the last number
dialed there?

There's a lot of calls
from that number.

Be right back.



DOWNEY: Not yet.


Good, good, good.


How badly do you want him, Mom?

Michael, listen to me.

That's not an answer.

I'll be in touch.

His story checks out.

There are some things
we need to figure out.

But as soon as we do,
we'll let you go.

Thank you.