Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 12 - Selfless - full transcript

Despite his headaches, Scofield successfully breaks in. The General rushes a security team down, and thus provides the last missing element: his sixth card! He's still confident to bribe the team or just keep them locked in, but Sara provides leverage: Lisa, his daughter. Bagwell and Gretchen are found out and shoot their way out. Scylla is delivered to Self, who promises the boys their freedom in half an hour, but doesn't deliver, and... worse.

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Previously on Prison Break:

From now on, I'm asking that everyone
keep their card on them at all times.

Gretchen didn't get the card.

- Where does that leave us?
- Gretchen did pass on information for you.

This could be helpful.

I got a call from a friend.
Heard Scylla was in play.

He wants to get in on it. I've set up a safe
house. We can hear him out. Have a pen?

- Just a minute.
- 1917 Piermont.

Agent Self.

We've been waiting.

When Scofield and Burrows walk through,
give them an opportunity to surrender.

No way they're gonna hand it over
without a fight.

If they take that position,
we'll respond in kind.

We make one wrong move...

... the camera goes on,
and General Krantz knows we're inside.

I need a team downstairs. Now.

Shouldn't be long.

You sure we shouldn't be waiting
down there for Michael to leave with Scylla?

If you knew anything about tactics,
you'd know this is the high ground.

Besides, we have silencers.

So Scylla's isn't one card.

It's six.

Make sure he's not armed
with explosives. Then kill him.

Drop them, or I blow his head clean off.

You're gonna wanna put that down.

You're gonna wanna put that down.

Lower your weapons.

Come on. Get over there.

Come on, old man.

The best minds in the world
designed this security system...

...and you almost beat it.

Frustration must be killing you.

You blew it.


...there's only one missing piece
of the puzzle.

And you just brought it to me.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Your Scylla card.


Not what you expected.

What I expected of a man like you
is a system...

...where you've got all the advantage.

Looks like you're a few cards short.

Suck it, general.

You're the worst partner
I've ever worked with.

- What?
- You leaving me...

...with the one-handed freak
and crazy bitch...

...while you hang out with GQ.
- Be quiet.

- Don't tell me what to do. You're a coward.
- Be quiet.

Listen to me. You think Gretchen
and Bagwell are gonna get you Scylla...

...but the people they're gonna steal it from
have a plan to trick them.

- Okay, be quiet.
- Don't tell me to shut up!

- Shut your mouth!
- I can tell them whatever I want.

- Be quiet.
- Don't tell me to shut up!

Hey! Don't...

- We needed him.
- He was gonna kill you.

All right. Go get Gretchen and Bagwell.
I'm gonna take care of this.

Cole. You ought to be ashamed
of yourself.

I don't know how things work back home,
but around here we like to give our guests...

...a proper introduction.

- I'm Gregory White. Nice to meet you.
- Susan Anthony.

I've seen you around the past couple days.
Are you a prospective client?

Actually, no,
I'm a former work colleague of Cole's.

She's a pretty convincing salesman,

Really. Where did you work together?



Weren't you in the Northeast Division?

I was, but my very first job with GATE
was in Clearwater.

I guess you don't like to stay put much,
do you?

Lord, I was born a rambling man.

Well, it was wonderful to meet you. I...

I have to go jump on a conference call,

He knows.

No. No. No.

What are you doing?

Get down.

Get down! Get down.

- What are you doing?
- Hey!

Hang it up.

Please, that way.
In Mr. White's office. Stay calm.

- Mr. White's office.
- Sit.

Now, listen very closely.
No one's gonna get hurt.

Now what?

How did you get all five cards?

The frustration must be killing you.

Is that?

What is that?

The cards were keys.

And this...

This is Scylla.

Guess right now you wish
you'd framed somebody else, huh?

You're not even close
to getting out of here.

Let's go.

You sure, papi?

We have no idea
what's waiting for us back there.

- We don't know what's up there either.
- Trust me.

General. We're gonna need you
to activate this elevator.

Best of luck.

You're coming with us.

It's all right, Damani. Put away the gun.
Everything's under control.

We have a major situation.

Michael, thank God.

We got it.

How's it going on your end?

Pretty damn good.

But give me five more minutes.

Is that the desk you sat at
when you told Wyatt to kill my son?

Don't worry, Alex. He won't be giving
any more orders after today.

I'm curious.

How do you think
you're getting out of here?

The second we stepped off the elevator... guard made a call
to put the entire building under lockdown.

Nothing gets in or out.

So whatever you're waiting for... isn't coming.

- What are you looking at, huh?
- Nothing. Nothing.

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

Don't you be eyeballing me, soldier.
Back to work.

There's no way this is gonna end well.
We should get out of here.

Don't you think it's worth it
to wait 10 minutes for $ 125 million?

Suck it up.

I want a team outside the general's office.
We need to get a handle on this.

Check the elevator.

Cover the stairwell.

All that design
just to hold some names and reports.

Names and reports?

Is that information
from the government...

...or your father?

- Careful.
- Top right-hand drawer.

Something that should be of interest
to you.

I pulled it when your names came up.

Why'd you leave?

I took a position with a group
of multinationals we call the Company.

They call every shot this country takes.

I knew your father
since before you were born.

You do know
he worked for the Company?

Yeah. He was a data analyst.

Is that what he told you?

Well, it makes sense.
He wanted to protect you from the truth.

- I'm warning you.
- Your father was a brilliant man.

But he could never have defeated
the Company.

You don't have to make the same
misguided, fatal mistake that he did.

There's so much you don't know
about the Company.

About Scylla.

About your dad.

About your mother.

I swear to God, I'll kill you.

Come on, let's get through this.

What's the plan?

Agent Self?

- Where are we?
- The men went in about two hours ago.

No confirmation
whether they've gotten Scylla?

Not yet. But I promise you, Herb,
you'll be the first to know, okay?

And as soon as I get word,
I'm taking a car to the pickup location.

- Then I'm gonna head back...
- No. Go directly to Senator Dallow's office.

I'll have the attorney general
standing by.

We can't veer from the plan here.
It's dangerous.

Yes, sir.

- We're almost at the finish line.
- I know.

I never thought you'd make it this far.

I was wrong.

We need to be prepared to go in
as soon as the general gives the order.

What is it you all want?

Fernando, just say the word...

...and your little girl's college education
is paid for.

- We'll buy her a house to grow up in.
- You think you can just throw cash at us?

We'll forget everything, call it a day?

Pam needs you, Alex.

Now, more than ever.

You're both still hurting.

But given time, it'll pass.

And maybe someday
you'll be ready to be parents again.

- And if money is no object...
- You should hear yourself right now.

The desperation in your voice.

- You hear it?
- But listen to what it is I'm saying.

Get away from me.

- Whatever you want...
- Get away from me.

Whatever you want, I can provide.

Airline tickets for you and Sara.
Anywhere in the world.

What I want... to see the Company
burn to the ground...

...and you in prison.

It's what we all want.

That'll never happen.

Hello. How have you been?

- Fine. Thank you.
- Good.

- I am so sorry.
- Back off.

Let me help you
get some of that off.

You know what? Stop. Just...

Don't worry about it.

- You okay?
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

Thank you.

Damn it.

Everybody get into position.

This is going to end very soon.

And it's not going to be pretty.

One last chance.

Leave Scylla, and you can all go free.

Just walk out the door.

- Where you going?
- You shoot me, and then what?

You jump out the window
of my 19th-floor office?

Michael, you kill me,
you lose your leverage.


- It's for you.
- Oh, what is this?


- It's me.
- Lisa?

I'm at gunpoint.

What's going on?

It's Tancredi.

She says if you don't let Michael and
the others leave with Scylla, she'll kill me.



Do what they want.

I suggest you take your daughter's advice,

You son of a bitch.

Lisa, where are you?

Get her back on the phone!

You can talk to your daughter
after we've left with Scylla, of course.

Look, I read enough intel on your girlfriend
to know that she wouldn't hurt a fly.


Three months ago.

But she's changed.

We've all changed.
This is a list of everyone you've killed.

Fathers, sons...


Do you really think your daughter's life
is worth any more than theirs?

One of two things is going to happen now.
You're going to let us go...

...or Lisa will die.

Either one is fine with me.

Just don't hurt her.

As long as you hold up
your end of the deal, we won't.

You ordered Scylla to be moved.

Show us how.

I'm walking them out.

Stand down. Stand down.

Yes, sir.

- They must've found another way out.
- Impossible.

Then they're caught or dead.
How much longer we gonna wait?

- You said Scofield had a plan.
- And you put a gun in Mr. White's face.

He was gonna call the police.

- It's okay. It's okay. I'm a federal agent.
- What the?

Now, quick, I'm gonna help you.

All right. Help me untie the others.

Okay. I'll keep an eye on Cole
and the woman. Slip out two at a time.

- You two first.
- Why can't we all go together?

You're here. Arrest them.

I wanna get out as many of you as possible
before they realize.

Theodore Bagwell's wanted for murder.

And now Cole Pfeiffer's a hostage taker.
What am I gonna do?

You're gonna run for your life. You idiot.

- I'm leaving.
- No, Mr. White.

No, Mr. White. Wait.
No, wait.

Everybody, stay down!
Drop your weapons.

Call 911.

How does it feel, huh?

Being forced to do something
you don't wanna do...

...but knowing if you don't go through with
it, someone you care about's gonna suffer?

What goes around comes around,
huh, general?

I can't imagine
what you've been through.

I can't imagine that you'd want to.

Whatever they've done to you...

"They" are you, my friend.

Whatever they've told you... need to realize
that Scofield and Burrows are bad men.

You used to be a doctor.

You devoted your whole life
to helping other people. Now look at you.

They have you holding a gun
on an innocent woman.

So you're innocent?

You're just crunching numbers
and running data... make the world a better place?

Mrs. Tabak?

You're fine.
You need a couple of minutes.

Hello, Mrs. Tabak?

You okay?

Say it.

I'm soaking my skirt.

If I don't get the grease out
before it gets to the cleaners, it'll be ruined.

Okay, ma'am.

I don't know what it looks like
up there in your ivory tower.

Down on the ground, men and women
are dying, and lives are being ruined.

So I'm prepared to do absolutely anything
in order to stop you people.

Turn around.

Turn around, Lisa.

You should have let me convince Mr. White
everything was gonna be okay. I could've...

What? Put on a suit every day
and sit behind a desk?

How long you think that's gonna last?

You gonna walk down the street
with an MP5?

You can't be serious.

They can identify you. You're the only one
linking me to that crime scene.

But, hey, it was nice working with you.

Don't move.

Turn around.

Turn around.

Gentle now, sugar.

That's Special Agent Miriam Holtz
to you, sugar.

Now let's go.

I wanna speak with my daughter,
get confirmation that she's being released.

Sara will be keeping your daughter
in custody...

...until she knows we're safely away
from this place with nobody trailing us.

Company agents aren't just embedded
in the FBI and the Secret Service.

They're in local law enforcement,
hospitals, DMV.

You'll never see us coming.

Once we get Scylla into the right hands,
all your agents, all your operations...'ll all be out in the open,
and then everyone will see you coming.

We did this to you.

We did this to you.

Don't you forget that, old man.

You wanna know what your father
really did for the Company?

He was an executioner. He killed people
who defected from the Company.

Now the many trained
will be coming after you.

Come on. Something's not right.

Mrs. Tabak?

Mrs. Tabak?

She just left. Tancredi.
She has to be right outside.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm heading back now.

No. I want you in a secure location,
under supervision.

- You go home.
- But I really need to be there.

I'll call you once we get Scylla back.

I've given the truck's license plate
and VIN to the police.

We lost our tactical initiative the minute
that Scofield figured out our SOP's.

If we want to defeat him,
we've got to alter our way of operating.

Become unpredictable.

It's them. Michael, where are you?

The Company's armored truck.

We have it.

They got it. Okay, listen.
Michael, stay on alert, okay?

I will.

See you at the rendezvous.

Hey, you guys get someplace safe.

Wait till you hear from us.

- You got it.
- Good luck, papi.

- Where are they?
- The airport.

We have visual confirmation.

Make sure not a single plane
leaves the ground before we've got them.

Understood, sir.

We stay with Scofield and Burrows.
Scylla's the priority.

Check it out.

They're right behind us.

Let's go.

Hey, my name's John Burton.
I'm an off-duty cop from Chicago.

Listen, I'm walking through Ontario Airport,
Terminal 2, right by the ticket counters.

I just saw something
that you guys definitely wanna check out.

We got company.

Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.

- Let's get out of here.
- No, no, no.

- The last thing you wanna do is run.
- Why is that? You gonna shoot us?

Yeah. I say the word,
and my men will take you both out.

In front of all these people?
You'd never risk that kind of exposure.

I think it's clear by now that you've
miscalculated how far we're willing to go.

Give me the bag.

Give me the bag. Now.

- Tell Krantz this isn't finished.
- Oh, you can tell him in person.

Sir. Please come with us.

- Excuse me?
- Just a security precaution.

- Yeah, sure.
- Let's go.

- Is this really necessary?
- Please empty the contents of your bag.

Look, all I've got in there is a laptop
and an external hard drive.

I'm telling you, you got the wrong guy.

Let go of the bag, sir.

- Yeah.
- Well?

Yeah, we got it.

So you knew who I was
from the start, huh?

My real name, my record.

I read your file. Yeah.

What if you hadn't?

What's your point?

What if you never knew
I was Theodore Bagwell, a convict?

Would you have believed
I was Cole Pfeiffer...

...a stellar salesman...

...a talented speaker?

I don't know.

You certainly had a lot
of the people fooled, though.

Until you pulled a machine gun on them.

I guess it's like they said over at GATE.

We are captives of our own identities... in prisons of our own creation.

Who'd have thought
they'd actually be right about something?

So if you drop this, does that mean
we all go back to prison?

Don't worry.

If this doesn't get in the right hands,
I'm gonna be in as bad a spot as you are.


What now?

Now I live up to my end of the deal.
The vans are gonna be here in half an hour.

You're gonna be sent to a field office
where you're gonna go through processing.

This is all your transfer paperwork.

Give this to an Agent Schmidt.
He's gonna be heading up the convoy.

I wish I could drive you myself,
but I need to get to Dallow ASAP.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

No, he's not.
He needs to go to a hospital.

I'm gonna send an ambulance
with the vans.

You're gonna get the best medical care

- Thank you.
- No, I should be thanking you.

Okay, because of what you've done,
lives are gonna be changed forever.

All right.

Listen, I need a ambulance
to come with the convoy.

Sir, what are your orders?


I don't know.

None of us will ever have to look
over our shoulders again.

That's the most important thing.

No matter what comes next.

You're gonna make it, Michael.

You'll have the operation,
and then you'll get through this.

Just like we've gotten through
everything else.

She's worried about you.

It's nice to know that the next time
I wanna drink one of these...

...I won't have to drink it
in this crappy warehouse.


I can't even remember
being able to sit down at a restaurant...

...or go to a ball game.

God, it seems like
I've been running forever.

It's time to stand still...

...take in the sun.


I know I'm supposed to be happy
right now.

I'm so scared.

I'm just scared we're gonna have come
all this way and I'm gonna lose you anyway.

Come here.

Come on.


Just don't tell me
that everything's gonna be okay, please.


I won't.

I see you brought your friend along.

- What happened to Gretchen?
- She got away.

So here it is.

Oh, my God.

Wow, I can't believe it. So, what's next?

- Senator Dallow?
- No, I need to tie up some loose ends.

Did Gretchen and Bagwell say anything else
about Scylla, in terms of other buyers?

- Feng.
- He's dead.

They didn't talk to anyone else?

We need as many indictments on this thing
as possible.

Well, Bagwell might know.

Once we get him in interview room, offer
him a deal, his mouth will start moving.

Remember what I said to you
the first day we got here?

Yeah, you said that when this was over,
we were gonna settle up.

We're settled.


It's been an hour. Would you call Self
and check on that ambulance?

Is he not picking up?

Maybe something's wrong
with the signal.

The number you have reached
is not in service at this time.

And there is no new number.

What is it?

You did really good on this one, Miriam.

You really held your own.

Thank you.

Can I take a closer look at that?

- I'm sorry.
- What are you talking about?