Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 1 - Scylla - full transcript

Michael, Mahone, Sucre and Lincoln try to get into the house where Scylla is being kept safe. T-Bag and Sancho head to San Diego in the desert.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Michael Scofield...

...and I'm a fugitive.

Three weeks ago,
I was in a Panamanian prison.

While I was there,
I was approached by the Company.

The Company is a corrupt organization...

...involved in all levels of industry
and government.

They gave me two options:

Break one of their men, James Whistler,
out of that prison...

...or else they would kill
the only woman I ever loved...

...Dr. Sara Tancredi.

I held up my end of the deal,
and I broke Whistler out.

But the Company...

...they killed Sara anyway.

I don't know why the Company
wanted James Whistler out of prison...

...but I've tracked him here
to Los Angeles.

He's with another Company agent
I know only as Gretchen.

The same agent who murdered Sara.

This ends today.

I came here seeking justice.

The justice I now know
the system cannot provide.

So if you're reading this letter...'ll know I died
avenging Sara's death.

You get the data card we
drop it off in the racing form...

-...and we get out of there.
-Who's the contact we're leaving it for?

The Company wants the card back.

All you need to worry about
is getting this rig out of there in a hurry.

Oh, I'll be getting it out of there,
don't you worry about that.

You worry about getting your ass
back in that seat in time.

You pull this off... can come up to my room
later and the word "no"...

-...won't be in my vocabulary.
-Just make sure we get paid.


In and out.

LIEF: Good to see you again.
WHISTLER: You too.

Didn't hear from you. Started to
wonder if you were interested.

I am, very much so.

Well, I needed to approach this carefully.
I'm sure you understand.

Who are you buying it for?
A competitor?

-A foreign country?
-Jason, you know I can't get into that.

We've been negotiating this for months.
I've jumped through all your hoops.

I've agreed to meet you here.

Do you wanna sell
the card to me or not?

Be right back.

That's a lot of secrets
on a little piece of plastic.

Let me give you a little bit of advice.

And this is on the house.

Watch your step with that thing.

The Company will do anything
to get it back.

Don't I know it.




GRETCHEN: What are you doing?

-We've gotta get out of here.
-I need to hide the gun.

Take the gun with you.

Come on.

Where is she?


-You don't understand.
MICHAEL: Call Gretchen.

Get her in here, now.

You have to trust me.
I'm not your enemy, Michael.


We need to leave.

You know, despite everything...

...if Sara could weigh in,
she'd tell me not to kill you.

That's the kind of person she was.

That's the kind of person
you took from me.

James, didn't you tell him?

-He walked in five sec--
-Shut up.

Gretchen, look at me.

-This is for Sara.
-I never killed Sara.

I wouldn't expect someone like you
to take this with dignity.

I swear to God, she's alive.

Don't insult me. And don't insult her.

She escaped. If you found out,
we wouldn't have leverage.

-I fabricated the whole thing.
-My brother saw it.

A head in a box from a cadaver.

-You ask Lincoln what he really saw.
WHISTLER: Listen to her.

-Don't lie to me.
GRETCHEN: I'm not lying to you.

Lincoln bought it, you bought it.
It worked.

WHISTLER: Michael?
-Then where is she?

I'll tell you when we get outside.
Right now, we need to get out of here.


They found the bodies.

-Give me the gun.
-She's lying.

Is she? If you pull that trigger,
you'll never know.

-Kill him, James.
-Shut up.

Where is she? Where's Sara?


...if you don't give me that gun,
I'm gonna shoot you in the head.

Let's go.

We got a double homicide
at the Roosevelt Hotel.


Do you know the difference between
a perfectly executed operation...

...and a failed mission?

-It's a small-unit leadership.

The Allies spent two and a half years
planning the invasion of Normandy.

But on D-day, it came down to a
handful of men on a strip of beach... decide the fate of the world.

What I'm getting at, Gretchen,
is even the best plan... only as good as the moving parts
on the ground executing it.

General, we got your card.
What's the problem?

We have nothing. It's a duplicate.

Almost flawless...

-...but a duplicate.
-That's impossible. I saw--

You know how important the retrieval
of this card is to me, Gretchen.

You know that this is
a security breach...

...that could have catastrophic
ramifications for the Company.

The only thing I can think of...

...there was a blind spot
when Whistler was hitting the target.

Maybe he made a duplicate,
and he still has the original.

You hired him.

You kept him at the tip
of the spear.

You insisted that we get him
out of Sona.

We had to. He'd already made
contact with the target.

At that point, it was him or no one, sir.

What's your stake in all this?

I had nothing to do with it. Whistler
acted on his own, I swear to you.

General, I can fix this.

-You trained me.
-Not well enough, apparently.

You know what to do.

I have a bank account in Dubai.

Left over from a slush fund
from Cobra II. It's yours.

No, please. Please.



Hey, it's me.

Where are you, man?

Los Angeles.

-You okay, Michael?
-No, I'm-- I'm safe.

Thank God. Thank God.

-How's L.J.? How's Sofia?
-Yeah, they're, uh--

I'm staring at them right now.
They're fine.

-Did you hear about Sona?
-What about it?

Burned down three days back.

The inmates, they rioted.
No sign of Bellick, T-Bag or Sucre.

-He got popped. I don't know how.

The papers listed
the names of the inmates...

...and he was there when
it went down.

I found Whistler and Gretchen.

And Gretchen said....

She said Sara's still alive.

What did you see, Linc?

What do you mean
what did I see, Michael?

I need you to tell me
exactly what you saw.

Michael, Sara's gone.

You said it was in a garage, right?
So it was dark.

Yeah, it was dark.

But if you're asking me
if I picked up the head... check to see if it was Sara,
no, Michael, I didn't.

And L.J. said...

...he only heard them kill Sara, right?

You just gotta come back.
Please, come back. Let's just--

Let's just start a new life.

Tell Sofia I said hi. And tell L.J....

-Tell him his uncle loves him.
-Michael, don't do this, please.


Out, out.

You could use some better ventilation
back there, amigo.

-Wanna translate that?
-Don't worry about it.


-Where's your mom?
-She'll be here.

What do you mean?
We're running out of time.

-I gotta be up there.
-Don't worry.

My mom wouldn't let me down.

At least she hasn't yet.


Bradley, over here.

Mom, Mom. I told you.
Don't worry, you'll make it there.


That's what we can all use
to communicate.


Don't worry, I'm alone.

-It's good to see you.
-So where's your new best friend?

I don't know about that,
but Whistler's not who you think he is.

We're working together
against the Company.


Well, what about Gretchen?
Is she working with you?

He needed her to further his plan.

If the guy was Company, he'd have
shot you dead back at that conference.

Do you have any information
about Sara or not?

Let's go somewhere
a little more private.

I want you to tell me right now.

I want you tell me right now,
right here.

-We can get Gretchen on the phone.
-Gretchen's dead.

She never showed up.

Come and talk to me, please.

Whistler and I were at that conference
to get a data card.

It's like the Company's black book.

It lists all their agents,
all their operations.

They refer to it as Scylla.

-Whistler's got it.
-Alex, talk to me about Sara.

That's all I care about.

I understand that.
I want nothing more...

...than to get home
to my wife and my son.

But that's not gonna happen
with the Company trying to kill us.

-You don't know anything about Sara.
-Whistler does. He tells me he does.

And he wants to tell you.

-But he wants something in return.
-What? What does he want from me?

To talk to you.

I'm sorry about the other night. If I had
time, I would have explained better.

I'm sure. What are we doing here?

-Alex told you about Scylla?

I have it. There's one last step involved
in order to read the data.

And that step involves
breaking into a secured structure.

-So now you need my help?

The bird book I lost in Sona
contained information...

...that would have helped
facilitate the break-in...

...but it can still be accomplished...

...with your help.

Where's Sara?

The only thing I know for sure:

A week ago, some information
came through the wire.

Sara may have bought a bus ticket
in Santa Fe.

Headed where?


Michael, if Sara's out there,
she's not safe. None of us are.

The Company knows we have
the card...

...and that's why Gretchen
was the first to go.

-I think we're done here.
-Michael, we have a chance, for once... get Scylla to people
that wanna take the Company down.

I don't wanna run anymore.
We won't have to run anymore.

I spent the last month thinking
Sara was dead, and that it was my fault.

If she's out there, I'm gonna find her.

-That's all I care about.
-This can be done within a week. Less.

At least let me show you--

Oh, I'm gonna miss these gams, girl.

Then don't go.

This ain't no home for a white boy
from Alabama.


They're here, señor.
The bags are packed.

You kept your word to me.

You're the first that's ever done that.

Why must you go after this man?

You could choose not to.

Where I come from,
there's something called a blood feud.



Michael Scofield left me for dead
one too many times, as it turns out.

What is Spanish for little angel?


Adios, angelita.

-Is this legit?
SANCHO: Oh, si, señor.

For the money you're paying,
first class all the way.

So are these coyotes one can trust?

Si, señor.


As you've seen, what you're
entering into is quite serious.

MAN: I realize that.
-You're responsible for this now.

You have nothing to worry about.

We'll talk soon.

It's time to clean up now...


Everyone who was close to Whistler.


...Mahone, Burrows.

Burrows is still in Panama.

Clean up.



Hi, Pam.

Where--? Where are you?

Uh, you know... the middle of it, as usual.

-Panama still?


Are you okay?


-Are you?

And Cameron?

He's fine.

I have to tell you, Pam.
You know, I had a plan...

...for all of us to be together...

...and I'm not gonna stop
working on it.

Why do you need a plan
if you wanna be with someone?

You just be with them.

Don't say that unless you mean it.

Because I'll turn this world upside down
to get back to you.

So don't say it unless you mean it.

I mean it.


LINCOLN: Come on, babe,
I hate plantains. You know that.

SOFIA: I tried your chili burgers.
-Chili burger? You loved the chili burger.

Okay, I'm gonna make them
with my mom's special recipe.

-Your mom's special recipe?
-You'll love it.

LINCOLN: Really?
SOFIA: Yeah, you'll love them. Trust me.

It's delicious.

Oh, here, that's good.

Let's get out of here. Drop them.
Let's go.

-I haven't paid for them.
-Give me your hand. L.J.

-Let's go.
SOFIA: Lincoln?

LINCOLN: Come with me.
SOFIA: Lincoln, what's going on?

Dad, we're safe now.

-No. I saw someone.

Looks like Company. I'm sure of it.

Let's just go, okay? Let's go.

-We'll be fine.
-All right. All right.


Get back, get back.




Dad, we have to run.


SOFIA: Lincoln!





I'm looking for Alex.

I don't know where he is.


Uh, we've been divorced
for almost two years.

We haven't had contact in months.

I would think that might change
now that he's back in the U.S.

You know, I'm so sick of you people.

What are you, a fed? Thinking
you can keep on harassing me--?

I'm not with the government, Pam.

Mom, could you come here?

We're done talking.



-Bruce Bennett.
MICHAEL: Do you know who this is?

-I do.
MICHAEL: I'm looking for Sara.

Right now, you're the only person
I can think of who can help me.

Hold on.

-Where are you?
-Back in Chicago.

Have you heard from her?

Meet me in The Drake Hotel
in a half-hour.

Please, just tell me. Is she alive?

Are you Michael Scofield?

Are you Michael Scofield?

-Yes, I am.
BRUCE: Michael?

-Hands on your head.
BRUCE: Michael?

Michael Scofield.

Special Agent Don Self,
Homeland Security.

Were you there
when James Whistler was killed?

-I didn't kill him.
-I know you didn't.

He was an independent contractor...

...who worked for the Company
for about 10 years.

He was assigned to retrieve Scylla
once it went missing.

-You know what Scylla is?
-It's the Company's little black book.

So he was gonna make a copy of it
and give it to me.

-What do you want from me?
-You're looking at major time.

You know that, right?

So how would you like
to walk away from it all?

Not do a day.

-In exchange for--?

All right. Sara Tancredi.
Last seen in Panama.

If you help me find her,
maybe we've got a deal.

Sorry, she's not my department.
Scylla is.

Then go find it yourself.

Seems the U.S. government
should have more reach...

...than someone
who's looking at major time.

To perform the operation...

...that would require signatures from
about 20 different department heads.

You wanna bet
at least one of them is Company?

And the only way this is gonna work
is via freelancer, off the books.

Sounds complicated.

-I'll pass.
-I'm giving you an opportunity... avoid 15 years in jail.

Not to mention
the time your brother's facing.

What are you talking about?

Company tried to
take him out in Panama. Um....

He reacted, apparently.

I made a deal
with the Panamanian authorities... serve out his time in the U.S.

He should be touching ground
any time now.

You recognize this handwriting?

This is your father's.

He spent the last two years of his life
going after this very thing.

Do you believe in fate, Michael?

I think I'd like to talk to my brother.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

What's going on? What's going on?


OFFICER 1: Stop. Stop.

Hey, hey, you don't wanna go in there.

You don't wanna go in there.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Oh, she's....

Lilah Maria Sucre.

She gave her my name?


You setting me up?

Sucre, look,
you can't keep bringing Maricruz down.

You can't do this to her anymore.


Wait. Don't go. Don't-- Sucre, don't.

SUCRE: Go. Go. Go.
-Oh, boy.



-We're screwed.
OFFICER: Let's go, get out. Right now.

You know why Scofield gets all
twisted up when he's around me?

We're the same.
And he just can't stand it.

Drives his ass crazy.

We got the same brilliant mind, the
same natural-born-leader tendencies...

...same one-in-a-million-type charisma,

He just gonna look down
his nose at me? Pah.

How you gonna find him?

-You're both into birds?

No, no.

It's either gonna take me to him
or him to me.

I just know it.

If I was you, I'd forget this Scofield.
You have plenty of money, si?

I mean, how much money you have
in that bag?

Why don't you just mind
your own beeswax, huh?

You just keep pointing this jalopy
northbound, all right?

Get me back to the land of cotton.

Of course.



A few people in government
will know of the operation.

And it has to stay that way or people's
lives will be in danger. Mine included.

Taking down the Company sounds
a little bigger than a two-man job, cop.

-I'm gonna get you help.
-I thought you couldn't trust anybody?

Yeah, but maybe you can.
All right, two of your cohorts...

...Fernando Sucre and Brad Bellick
were arrested. They're both facing time.

And Alexander Mahone
is in a Colorado jail cell.

-Let him sit there.
-You're gonna need Mahone...

...if you wanna make this happen.
He was working with Whistler.

And you'll have me, okay?
Whatever you need, I'll provide.

MICHAEL: Whistler also said something
about a second step.

-Something about a break-in.

The card has all the data on it,
but it's encrypted.

Once you get your hands on it...

...find a way to break into
the Company's headquarters.

That's the way to unlock the card.

-Where's the building?

MICHAEL: Where in L.A.?
-I don't know.

We got a data card
which could be anywhere.

We gotta break into a building...

...the location of which
is yet to be determined. Simple.

You've broken out of two penitentiaries.

I'm thinking, uh, breaking into a building
isn't too far outside your wheelhouse.

How do you know our dad?

He heard from contacts
that I could be trusted.

-Hey, your father was a good man.
-Why now?

Look, I've been going after the Company
for five years, okay?

When Whistler was killed yesterday...

...the plug was gonna be pulled
on the entire operation.

But I convinced my superiors
to give it one more chance.

-So this is like job security for you?
-What's that?

Well, we go out and risk our necks
so you can collect your pension.

No, no, no, Lincoln.

Some people still care about their jobs.
Some people fight for this country.

Maybe you've been too distracted
boosting car stereos...

...and breaking heads to remember that.


We do this deal, after it's done... can look for Sara if she's alive.

If we take this deal, we'll both be dead
long before I get the chance, Linc.

You guys must have
some big-time friends.

What are you talking about?

Somebody posted
a significant amount of bail for you.

-I don't know, but they're outside.

You're free to go.

Here, take your dad's file.
My number's inside.

We ain't doing this.

SELF: Well, just take it anyway.
This file means nothing to me anymore.

Bruce Bennett.

Let's go for a drive.


-I thought I'd never see you again.

I have something for you.


You left this behind.


Is that what this is about?
You're just giving me my rose back?

Yeah, I guess I'm done now.
I can retire.

How much time are you looking at?

They're saying 15 years.

I have to find out for sure.

I heard Lincoln say something
about a deal.

No jail time... exchange
for taking down the Company.



I love you.

That's all I know right now.

Will you need not yield
To the immortal gods?

That nightmare cannot die
Being eternal evil itself--

There is no fighting her
No power can fight her.

Okay, listen. It's up to you now.

All that avails is flight.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

I'm sorry.


Do you wanna talk about it?

It's not your fault.

It's not.

Tell me what happened.

It's just the Company.
It's just what they do.

And it wasn't just me.
God, it was you and L.J. and Lincoln.

And they won't stop.

And I don't know
how to deal with that.

Hey, come here. Come here.

Come here.

Let's go.

Are you okay?

I can't believe they found us so fast.

Should I call Bruce
and get someplace safe?

No place is safe.

They're not gonna stop
unless we stop them.

-You thinking what I'm thinking?
-Let's end this.

I'm not gonna leave you behind again.


-We're in.

SUCRE: Hey, papi.


Can't tell you how grateful I am
for you including me.

Well, Sucre vouched for you, Bellick.

He said you came through for him
down in Panama.


-You ready for this?
-Yeah, I am.

So I hear Whistler's bird book
has details about what we need to steal.

-You know who's got it, right?

Please. We'll die out here.

MAN: Thank you for the cash, gringo.
First class all the way.


Do we have any idea where T-Bag is?

That snake could be anywhere.

In L.A., we can think like convicts,
we just can't act like them.

If we do, we're done.

It goes without saying
this is your last chance to back out.

First on the list of things
I cannot guarantee you is your safety.

We're all a long way
from where this started.

But what I can guarantee you
is that if we do this thing right...

...we'll be close to where it ends.



You two, let's go.

Hey, Mike.

What about Sara?

Sara's in.

All right, we're heading out tomorrow.

I have to finalize a few things
before we go.

No games and no stunts.

Otherwise, I promise you're gonna see
a whole different side of me.

-Fake IDs.

It's a good start, but there
are some things you can't fake.

And there are some things... can't hide.

Know what I mean?

How high is your threshold for pain?

You sure you don't want a sedative?

We're gonna go into the night.


How do you feel?

Lighter, somehow. Look, I don't know
how we're gonna take them down.

I don't even know who they are,
but I do know one thing:

The Company's gonna pay
for what they did to you.

SELF: Let's go.
MICHAEL: Are you sure you're up for this?

If we can do it together, um...



A C-1 30?

What, do they want us
to parachute out of this thing?

This guy called in a favor
to the Air Force.

It's not like we can be
flying commercial, you know?

If you're successful with obtaining
Scylla, you not only avoid jail time...

...but you can take great pride
in knowing you helped dismantle...

...this country's greatest threat
to its own democracy.

If you're killed while doing so,
a proper funeral will be provided.

But if you try to escape,
you will have no funeral.

You will have nothing.

And you will be apprehended
and buried where we find you.

I sincerely hope
we understand each other.

You better hold up your end of the deal.

Let's go.

MAN: They ran the projection
you asked for, general.


You're clear. Go ahead.

There's been a complication. Burrows
and Scofield have been transferred to--

I read the newspapers.

You don't have to tell me
what's in the headlines.

The exact penitentiary
where they're being held is undisclosed.

But you can guarantee it'll be federal.

No more updates.
Call me when they're dead.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

As it turns out, men who have escaped
not one, but two penitentiaries...

...are considered a bit a flight risk.

We need to know where you are
and what you're doing at all times.

These are GPS ankle monitors.
Now, step up, take one and put it on.

I ain't wearing that.

Let's make this clear.

I'm your ally. But more importantly, I'm
your boss, which means if this fails...'s my ass on the line as much,
if not more, than yours.

So from this point on,
if I ask you to do something, you do it.

If I ask you to say something, you say it.

And if I ask you to put on a monitor,
you put on a monitor.

As far as the general public
is concerned...'re being detained in a supermax
facility somewhere in the United States.

So to avoid any messy explanations
and stay off the Company's radar... need to keep your heads down
and your ears open.

You'll be provided cell phones,
clothing and toiletries.

All the basic necessities
to get you up and running.

You patted these guys down
before you let them in?

-I can't be getting shanked or shivved--
-Who's this?

This is Roland Glenn.
He'll be assisting you.

-We've already got our team.
-No, Scofield, see, this is my team.

And Roland's working off a sentence
like the rest of you.

With the amount of security
around Scylla...

...Roland's expertise will be a necessity.

So if there's no more questions,
let's get to work on finding Scylla.

What about that second step,
the break-in?

You let me worry about step two.
You worry about finding Scylla.

I've got an idea where to start.

That's excellent, Alexander.
See? There's a man who's thinking.

All right, let's let
these men get to work.

Good luck. To all of us.

Yeah, since I was here first...

...I think I'll just go ahead
and grab that SS bedroom, if that's cool.


You take the boat.

You know, when this is all done,
you and me, we're gonna settle up.

All right, obviously there's a lot
of history in this room.

That's a given.

But if we're gonna pull this off,
it's gonna take all of us.

We gotta work together.

So if anyone has a problem,
get it out now.

If you wanna clear the air with someone,
now's the time.

All right. Let's get to work.

Whistler's assignment was
to drop off this data card...

...Scylla, to a Company executive...

...someone he referred to
as The Cardholder...

...and his job was to protect it,
to keep it safe.

Now, I didn't see who he was,
but I got a look at his driver.

His driver?
You wanna sketch this guy's face...

...and match it up to 10 million people
in Los Angeles? That's great.

I saw more than just the guy's face.

All the drivers were hanging around,
talking shop.

But this guy,
he was standing by himself...

...legs apart,
hands behind his back, at rest.

He's former military. His car
rides a little lower than the rest of them.

Probably signifies private security,
weighed down by bulletproof siding.

His suit-- His suit-- You don't buy
a suit like that on a cop's salary...

...or pulling weekend gigs as a driver.

That means he's full-time,
and he's highly paid.

You ask our friend, Mr. Self,
to run tax records...

...of 45- to 55-year-old white males in
Los Angeles drawing a military pension...

...and taking six figures
from a private security company...

...and you narrow your field
from 10 million to about 50...

...and then I can pick the guy out
from there.

Find the driver,
you find the Cardholder.

We haven't ate or drank anything
for days.

-I don't wanna die out here.
-We ain't gonna die, Sancho.

Hey. Hey, hey.

-We ain't gonna die.

We just gotta find what's called
a compass cactus...

...due to the fact
it leans toward the south.

Inside's a delicious fruit
which will fill our bellies.

Plus, we find out which way is south...

...we're gonna find out
which way is north.



Tell you what.

Why don't we rest here for a while, huh?
We'll travel at night when it's cooler.

That sounds good.

What are we gonna do
when we get there?

To San Diego?

You mean after Michael pays
for the vile he's transgressed upon me?

I'm still trying to figure that out.



Nice to work with Homeland.

The FBI would take days
to gather this intel.

FBI should have hired me.

I could've gotten whatever info
you want in 25 minutes.

You some kind of hacker?

I design silicon lithography
for personal gain.

-He's an identity thief.
-He's a douche.

Hey, why don't you sit in the corner,
and we'll get you when we need you.

This is him. That's the driver.

SUCRE: Now what?
MICHAEL: He takes us to the Cardholder.

And the Cardholder takes us to Scylla.

You could have left me there, in jail.

Could have or should have?

-Maybe both.
-Are you thanking me, Alex?

-I don't know.
MICHAEL: Don't bother.

You're here because we needed you,
not because we wanted you.

That's him.

That's the guy.

SUCRE: Whoa, what's that?
MICHAEL: Looks like private security.

This thing is a fortress.

All right, slow down, slow down.

This thing we gotta get, it's in there?

MICHAEL: They got motion sensors,
alarm systems, armed guards.

MAHONE: In and out of that place
without anybody knowing.

You better have one hell of a plan,

BELLICK: So there's no freaking way
to break into the place.

-Not quickly. Not without being seen.
-What about the neighbors?

Somewhere we can be staged from.
You know, go under and up.

Closest neighbor is here,
across the street.

And even that would take weeks.

The government's story about us
being held in the supermax...

...will only last so long.

What does that mean? I mean, then
what if somebody finds out we're not?

What if we don't have to be in the
house? If the card is so important...

...maybe the guy's carrying it.

According to records,
the owner is Stuart Tuxhorn...

...and he's the CEO of a company
called Spectroleum.

Heavy hitter like that
is gonna have security 24/7.

We gotta get this
without anyone knowing it's gone.

If he's got it on him,
how do we get it off?

You don't steal the card, you copy it.

Oh, now you're interested
in what I gotta say, right?

Copying it will make it harder.

Not only do you have to steal it,
you have to return it, genius.

Only if you don't got me, hombre.

-What's that?
-This is the reason I got busted.

-Oh, you stole a cell phone?
-Oh, yeah, yeah.

No, I'm looking at federal time
because I stole a cell phone. Seriously.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I invented this
so that I don't have to steal.

It looks like a cell phone,
but it's really like a digital black hole.

Wireless hard drive that swallows up
any electronic data within 10 feet.

SUCRE: Like what?
-Like the account info...

...of anyone at Starbucks
with a latte and a laptop.

Like the PIN number of any credit card
used at a gas pump.

I can get the identities
and financial statements of 10 people... 10 minutes on a slow day
with one hand on my junk.

-And the information imbedded in Scylla?
-If we can get close enough...'s ours.

Is this number...

...acceptable to you?

Ten thousand people?


Now that you're on board,
we can issue the op order today.

He's on his way.

All right, hold on.


Sara, it's me.

Everybody's on.


While I'm monitoring the device,
I'm not gonna see what's being copied.

But like downloading quality porn
from the Internet...

...a progress bar's gonna tell me
when it's time to rock.

How long do they need
to stay in range?

Encrypted data is gonna
take two minutes.

-Here he comes.
-Sucre, you're on.

Good luck.


Easy, easy.

Sir, would you mind stepping
away from the vehicle?

MICHAEL: Talk to me, Roland.
-I got nothing, man.

Last time I had this I was dry-humping
my way through 5th grade.

Calm down.


Sir, would you mind--?
Sir, step away from the vehicle.

It's okay. Just relax.
We don't have to get all excited.

-So you speak English now?
-Only a little, but, uh--


-How about now?

-Try to get closer to him.
-If he was any closer, he'd be in the car.

I get your little act, Pedro.

Hit the brakes, let the rich guy
pay for damage you don't intend to fix.

TUXHORN: Just give the man
some money so we can leave.




MICHAEL: He was there.
I think Tuxhorn was in the car.

-So did we get it or not?
-Nope. Nothing.

Can I help you?

-So how did you find me?
-I never lost you.

The new nose threw me a bit, but--

What do you want, Don?
I got customers.

Look, back in the days,
when you worked with the Company--

For the Company. I did economic
forecasts of their operations.

-I wasn't one of the guy--
-But you had access.

The last time I helped you,
the only thing I got out of it...

...was plastic surgery
and a hundred-thousand-dollar pay cut.

You buy one of these family cars
with above-average gas mileage...

...or you leave me the hell alone.

I know about Scylla.

And I'm going after it.

You know, I knew you were crazy.
I didn't know you were stupid.

Well, let's just say
I was able to get my hands on it.

It's my understanding Scylla can only be
used if it's plugged into a decoder box...

...that's hidden in one of the Company

You know, I wish I could help,
but I can't.

No, you are helping, Jasper.

It's a matter of whether you do it
before or after I shame you... front of your coworkers here.

Tell me where the Company
keeps the box.

-Could be anywhere. I don't know.
-Somebody does, right?

Somebody that you might
have access to.

If you go down this road,
your government job won't protect you.

Then I better not get caught, right?

SANCHO: If I don't find something to eat
soon, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I'm not gonna make it.

BAGWELL: We just gotta keep--
Gotta keep talking, Sancho.

Keep our brains focused on
something other than...

...our empty bellies
and our dry mouths.

Okay? Come on, now.
Let's start with your--

Your favorite color.


Hell are you doing?

I'm hungry, Teddy.
Why should both of us die...

...when one of us
can help the other one survive?

You don't wanna do this. Please.

I'll make it quick. I promise.




Why'd you have to go
and do something so s--?



LINCOLN: So if Tuxhorn doesn't have the
card on him, it's gotta be in there, right?

Look, there's no way we're getting
in that house without being seen.

I know.

If the card's in there,
how we gonna copy it?

We're not. She's gonna do it for us.


What you reading?

There is no fighting her
No power can fight her.

All that avails is flight.

That's Homer. It's from The Odyssey.

-Is this from my father's folder?

And it explains why Scylla
sounded so familiar.

If I'm not mistaken,
it's from that chapter...

...where Odysseus is told
he has to confront a monster...

...known as Scylla.

I wonder why he wrote this down.

I could be wrong,
but I believe Odysseus is told...

...that in order to continue on his path,
to pass Scylla...'ll require the sacrifice
of six of his men.

His only other alternative
is to abandon his path...

...and he chooses
to make the sacrifice.

Well, that's a hell of a choice.

One I'm not sure
I'm comfortable making.

Sara, um, about tomorrow. The plan.

The housekeeper.

-If you're not up to it--
-Yeah. No, I am.

WYATT: Tell me, is Claudia Mauricio
a good roommate?


A good person?

I hope she feels the same about you.


you wouldn't believe the traffic on--


You'll want to be quiet now, Claudia.

There are levels of clearance
at the Department of Corrections...

...that are simply not available,
even for friends as connected as mine.

So listen carefully.

If you even remotely value
your friend's life...'re going to use
your security code... access the records
for prisoner transfers...

...and tell me where they sent
Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.

-Can I take that for you?


That's a great bag.
You mind if I ask you where you got it?

It was a gift from my boss,
so I don't really know. Sorry.

-Sure. Here you go.

I, uh, can never find a good bag.

I'm a teacher and I have books
and grading materials...

...and I should probably go ahead and
just invest in a wagon one of these days.

That's why I love this bag.
It has so many pockets.

-Do you mind if I take a look?
-Oh, no.





Oh, thank God, thank God, I hope.

-You all right, mister?

My damn truck blew a gasket
a few miles back.

I've been hoofing it ever since.

Where you headed?

San Diego.

Hell, we can give you a ride,
if you'd like.

Hey, what's wrong, man?
Eat some bad Mexican?

Something like that.

Same as yesterday, right on schedule.

She better have that thing in her purse.


-Tuxhorn residence.
-Hello, I'm from the alarm company.

We've been receiving some
strange signals from your property.

We'd like you to check the windows... make sure
all the contacts are still active.

-All the windows?
-Yes, ma'am.

Every room in the house.

Okay, hold on.

-She still have the bag?


She's got it. I'm picking up all
kinds of gak from the house, man.

Small stuff. Maybe a digital camera,
an MP3 player.

Nothing of the size
of what we're looking for though.

-Keep her moving.
-So far, so good, ma'am.

Please move on to the next room.

How we doing?

Still don't got it.

If the card's in there,
it'd be in some kind of safe.


Our system is showing that the
malfunction is coming from a room...

...that's designated
as an office or a den.

The library?
Mister doesn't like me going in there.

He'd like it even less if you went home
without properly setting the alarm first.

All right, I'll check.

-We got something.
-The card?

Yeah. Files so big,
it can't be anything else.

Keep her there for two minutes
while it finishes.

LINCOLN: Stall her. We need two minutes.
-Ma'am, I think we found our problem.

If you could stay at that window
and hold it closed...

...while we reset the system,
that should do it.

Talk to me, Roland.

It's almost, captain. Almost, almost.
Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on.

-Come on, it.
-Got it.

All right, ma'am.
Thank you for your help.

All we need to do now, man, is just--

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

She's heading back inside.

MICHAEL: What for?
-I don't know.

Oh, man.

No, we're good. She's out.

MAHONE: Hey, stop.

Wait here.

I actually had to slow down
not to catch you.

I think I pulled a groin.

It's not in the bag.

-It's not here.

The device, it's not in there.
Give me it. Give me it.

Son of a bitch.





Go ahead.

Before Burrows and Scofield
were allegedly transferred to Arlington...

...someone posted their bail.

I need to know who.

I'm showing a Bruce Bennett,
former aide to Governor Frank Tancredi.

-You think it fell out?
-We looked everywhere.

-Do you think we got the thing copied?
-Like I said...

...I can't read the content
without downloading the device.

Unless this Tuxhorn's got like
a 50,000-hour TiVo, I think we got it.

-It doesn't matter if we can't find it.
-Well, where the hell is it?

It's still inside the house.

That's why the maid went back.
She must have assumed it belonged... her boss and then left it.

Then guess what. It's game over.

You know how many months it took me
to make that thing?

-You think I can whip up another one--
-Losing it is not the problem.

If they find it, that's the problem.

LINCOLN: They find out someone
was after that card, we're done.

BELLICK: What does that mean?
We're gonna go back to prison?

-Are they gonna kill us?
MICHAEL: Shut up!

It means we're going in to get it.

MICHAEL: If we had a few days,
we could pull this off.

I gather we don't have
that kind of time.

Yeah, you gather right.

Look, if you want us
to get that device...

...throw us a bone.
Give us some extra help.

What you're asking for
requires additional people...

...which, given the covert nature
of this operation, I cannot do.

-You're asking for the impossible.
-I'm asking for competence.

I'm not the one who put the entire
mission in the hands of a damn maid.

Look, if the Company finds that copy of
Scylla before we do, that's it, Michael.

That's ball game. They're gonna find out
who was behind it and ghost us.

All of us.

Are you okay?


I'm fine.

Look, I didn't choose you to do this
because I had you in custody.

I chose you to do this
because I believe you could pull it off.

Yeah, well, a lot of people
have believed in me... the last few months,
Agent Self.

Not all of them are alive today.

Can you get me back the device or not?

This is what we got.

This is what we got.

The housekeeper saw the device
as she was leaving the house.

Then she disappears back inside
for 15 seconds.

So wherever it is,
it's close to the door.

LINCOLN: So 15 seconds.
That's all we gotta buy ourselves.

MAHONE: I'm not sure how close
we're gonna get to this house...

...let alone inside of it,
but let's say that we do.

The alarm they got installed in this house
is triggered 1.2 seconds...

...after broken contact
in any door or window.

Which would send the security guards...

...with their 47 guns rushing
into the property.

After 30 seconds, the alarm company
will dispatch vehicles, three to four...

...depending on availability.

After confirmation of a break-in
they'll dispatch vehicles... seal off any exits from the property.

I don't know about this.

It's clear why they hired
a bunch of cons to do this job.

It's not because they wanted it
off the books. We're expendable.

Who's gonna care if a bunch of crooks
wind up dead?

It's suicide.

I'm gonna keep looking
and see what I can find.

That quote from The Odyssey.

LINCOLN: What about it?
-I just can't shake that line.

All that avails is flight.

What if flight is our only option, Linc?

What if our father, after everything
he discovered about the Company....

What if that's what he finally realized?

You know, the one thing I
remember most about Dad...

...was the back of his head.

Always walking out the front door.
Always running from something.

Mom, us, himself.

But the one thing
he never ran away from...

...was his belief that the Company
needed to be taken down.

-And we got an opportunity to do that.
-Then this is our fight, not theirs.

Man, this ain't Fox River.

These guys chose to be here.

Remember that.

They got a choice.

MICHAEL: Almost.



GUARD 1: What is it?
GUARD 2: Check around back.


The side door is locked.


GUARD 2: On our way now.
This is Team 2 moving into position now.

Let's go.

GUARD 2: Where's it coming from?
GUARD 3: Across the street.

Okay, come on.


Just something across the street.
We got a team checking it out now.

You can go back inside, sir.

They must be out of town.


Daddy, is everything okay?


Thanks, Jim.


Let's go.


Don't turn around.

Unless you'd like to experience
a great deal of pain...

...over an even greater length of time.

You know,
just take whatever you want here.

The only thing I want from you, Bruce,
is the answer to a simple question.

Where are Michael Scofield
and Lincoln Burrows?

I only know what I read in the papers.

Three days ago,
there were a hundred and five inmates... the supermax wing of the
U.S. penitentiary in Livingston, Texas...

...where the brothers
were allegedly sent.

There are still 105 inmates there...

...and no one has been released
during that time.

Someone is playing a shell game,

I'm just trying to find out who.

-I have no criminal jurisdiction over--
-I know you bailed them out.

I know you've been in contact
with Sara Tancredi.

I swear to you,
I have no idea where they are.

I guess we'll see about that.

Good luck, Teddy.

Who needs luck when you got friends
like you fellas, huh?


Hey, you mind if I take this old
newspaper of yours with me?

No problem.
Sorry to hear about your friend, dude.

Ah. It's all right.

He had a full life.

Later, Teddy.

There you go.


Twenty-four. Thirty-six.


San Diego to Los Angeles, boarding now.

Did you get it?

Let's make sure we got
what we wanted.


-Don't let that thing out of your sight.
LINCOLN: All right.

We're halfway there.

All we gotta do is that little
B and E, and we're out of here.

I need to get a hold of Self,
see when we can get started.

So, what are you gonna do
when all this is over?

That's a good question.

Brother, whatever this Scylla thing,
it is a monster of a code.

Wait a second.




...I was gonna come down here
and ask you if you wanted to talk...

...about what happened in Panama...

...but I think I already know
what you're gonna say.

How's that?

Because you're a little like me.

Because you're gonna say you're fine,
that you can handle it.


So I'll just leave it at this.

I'm here.

Whenever you wanna talk...

...I'm here.

Thank you.

You know that the only thing...

...that kept me alive when I was being
held was the thought of being with you.

Also if anything happened to me,
you were gonna blame yourself...

...and you would spend the rest of
your life punishing yourself for it.

And I can't bear the thought of that.

So can we make a deal right now
that we're even...

...and just wipe the slate clean,
and no guilt and no responsibility?

If we're gonna be together, I don't want
it to be out of a sense of obligation.

Or even that we should be
because of what we've been through.

I just wanna start over.

Start over.



But does that mean
I have to divorce my wife?

Because you're still married
to a Russian stripper.

Well, A, I've been a little busy,
and, B, I'm pretty sure she was Czech.


What's wrong?

Whatever it is, it ain't it.

I don't understand.
You said we copied the card.

Well, we did,
but according to the encryption code....

Okay, how do I make this clear?
If Scylla was like a pizza...

...all we got's a slice.

-So where's the rest of the data?
-I don't know. I don't know. I mean....

I don't know how we didn't
see this coming. It makes perfect sense.

It's like nuclear launch codes. You don't
give all information to one person.

-How many do you give it to?
-Okay, that quote your father held onto.

Scylla is a six-headed monster...

...that requires a sacrifice of six soldiers
in order to pass.

So Scylla isn't one card.

It's six.

BELLICK: What does that mean?
How are we gonna find five more?

Michael? Michael?


I'm busy. I don't care
what she looks like.

Three tablespoons of water... of honey. Nothing more.

If she knows something about anything
that's going on, I'm going to find it.

Rise and shine, bitch.




-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

All this security makes you wonder
what the Company's hiding.

The only way to know for sure
is to find those five other cards.

-See for ourselves.
-Think we'll have enough time?



We'll be fine.