Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 9 - Boxed In - full transcript

After the helicopter fails to break out Whistler, Sona's new commander, General Zavala, decides to make Michael talk by putting him into a sun-exposed isolation hot-box. He promises to help in exchange for the truth, verifies the L.J. situation and is told it's about Whistler. Whistler, realizing the tunnel is a no-go without engineer Scofield, denies knowledge blatantly to Zavala and is threatened with torture, until he admits to collaborating with Michael, who convinces him to give up Susan/Gretchen's name. Meanwhile Lincoln, is given a short meet up with L.J. as motivation. Mahone is back in Sona, desperate without his drug. T-Bag and his allies are mainly concerned with Lechero's expected succession and another bare-knuckle fight, won by Bellick. Gretchen recruits Sucre as a double spy (or triple for Linc); then General Zavala arrests and tortures her. Only Whistler's admission makes her admit L.J.'s kidnapping and leads them there, but she manages to kill the General and escape. Michael and Whistler are returned to general population, Mahone and T-Bag join the tunnel escape party. Lechero's cousin Augusto, now calls on Sammy to open the package - a gun.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break.

a one-way street.

What goes in never comes out.

LJ: They got me and Sara.

LJ and Sara will be
traded for Whistler.

Are we clear?

I'll tell you the plan when
you tell me who you are.

I'm a fisherman. Really?

My life is in your hands.

How's LJ? How's Sara?

She's dead,
Michael. I lied to you.


You are breaking out of
this prison, Mr. Scofield.

And you're taking me with you.

Four more days.

If I'm out of here by
then, I can still do it.

ZAVALA: There have been two
escape attempts in the past two days.

Say goodbye to
Sona, Mr. Scofield.


My predecessor, Colonel
Escamilla, wasn't an effective leader.

He's been replaced.

I'm General Zavala. Sit.

A drink of water?

With all due respect, General,

I had nothing to do with
what happened here today.

I always conduct a
thorough investigation,

and there are too many
unanswered questions here.

It is my job to find
those answers.

If you'll help me do
my job, I'll help you.

The helicopters.

You alone couldn't
be responsible for that.

You certainly weren't
flying a helicopter,

were you? No.

Who was? I don't know.

But you know who sent them. No.

Again, be advised.

Telling the truth is
in your best interest.

I am.

Let's go for a walk.

I understand your fears.

But the Republic of Panama
cannot allow this sort of activity.

If you wish to talk,
now's the time.

I would,

if there was
anything left to say.

Then you give me
no choice. This way.

This isn't good. They're
putting him in a hot box.

Things are gonna get
much harder for you.

There's no way to win.
You must cooperate.

Confess to this escape, and
face your punishment by law.

Or face a far greater
punishment in the Panama sun.

It's up to you.

He's done. He's finished.


my brother's all right.

Does it hurt?

It's fine.

I'm going to get to the prison.

I was watching the
news in the waiting room.

They identified a few
bodies, but it wasn't them.

I'll find out when I get
there. You wanna come?

I don't... I don't know.

After everything
that's happened,

I don't know what
to think anymore.

What more is
there to think about?

James has an answer for everything,
and nothing ever makes sense.

You need to stop asking
questions and just look at the facts.

I wanted to believe
everything he was saying.

And I still want him to get out.

I want him out as well.

Trust me, I've been working
on this every single day.

Lincoln, I really appreciate
everything you have done.

And you saved my life.

You didn't have
to help me like that.

Yeah, I did.


Get in the car.

Everywhere I go, there you are.

Go home, Sofia.

Part of me wanted to drive
right past this gate, Alex.

You don't deserve to be here.

Actually, if you take all
things into consideration,

I do.

Thank you. Wait.


My father worked in
a mine for 30 years.

He took this into work
with him every day.

Kept him safe till the day he
retired, and then he gave it to me.

I can't take this.

Give it back when you get out.

Take care of yourself, Alex.



What, you ain't got the
guts to do it yourself?

Hey, this is for you.

So shut up before
I change my mind.

After yesterday, you may be doubting
my ability to make good on our agreement.

I need to keep you motivated.

You have one minute.


LJ! LJ, thank God you're alive.

No, forget about it,
there's nothing you can do.

There's always something...

Dad. These guys are thorough.

They follow you
everywhere, trust me.

That bitch is crazy.

She cut Sara's head off.

I was there.

I closed my eyes,
but I heard it.

You listen to me.

I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you, all right?

The next time you see me,
don't take your eyes off me.

I'll tell you what
to do, all right?

Minute's up.

Me and your uncle, we
know what we're doing.

We're gonna get you out of this.

I love you. I love you, Dad.


Looks like things
didn't go so well.

You should be gone.

So should you.

What happened?

It's still happening.

I feel bad for Michael, but
we have a way without him.

You should get some rest.

What's the way?

I'll rest... I'll rest...
I'll rest when I'm up.

I won't go without you.

You have my word.

Now get some rest.

You see Scofield out
in that redneck sauna?

Let's see if he has the
tattoo to get out of that one.

You were in on it, right?

I see you guys lurking
around Lechero's.

Scofield's gotta
have a plan to escape.

If so, I know none of it.

Yeah, I bet you don't.

Whoa. Too many cocktails
out on the lido deck.

Here comes trouble.


Clean it up.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

Did you not hear what I said?

I told you to do
something. Now do it.

Cleaning up chunks ain't in
my job description anymore.

Well, things change.

You see, you have
to answer to us now.

Hey, cave man,
you don't scare me.

Go bug someone else.



I have a special delivery.

I need it to get in real quick.

How much?

I gave you 10 grand.

Ten grand to do the last
one. How much for this one?

No grand. Then no, thanks.

No, no, no.

Take this water to the prisoner.

Why should I? He
doesn't deserve it.

I'll do it.

Hey, brother. Remember me?

This isn't gonna work.

Come on, papi, drink this.

You can't let anything
happen to LJ. Okay?

It's okay. He's doing
much better than you.

Come on. Drink
this, you need it.

I'm sorry about Sara.

I'm gonna try to sneak more
into the prison next time, okay?

I want you to quit.

I can't.

We all have to quit sometime.

Well, I'm not gonna.

Look at you. You're
in a chicken coop.

You need all the
help you can get.

I don't need your help.
Just go and don't come back.

Not after everything
you've done for me.

Just leave.


So you tried to catch a
flight out of here yesterday?

I had to do what I had to do.

Yeah, but you went
back on our deal.

I was saving my own arse. I'm
sure you're familiar with the strategy.

Now, you watch it.
I'm still the boss here.

Who cares about who's boss?

Do you want to get out of here or
do you want to keep talking about it?

It's okay. We just
need to brace it.

No, we need the
engineer. Move it.

Let's get out of here
before Sammy gets back.


Ninety-eight degrees in
the shade, 125 in the box.

Let's go inside. We'll have
a chat in the air-conditioning.

Tomorrow's gonna be hotter,
and the next day, even hotter.

The day after
that, you'll be dead.

You don't understand.

If I thought you
could help me...

I can.

You're unaware of the
influence I have in this province.

You'd rather I be your ally
than your enemy, wouldn't you?

You don't know these people.

We can't stop them. Not you.

Not me.

There was a man,

a drug kingpin.

The most powerful man in Panama.

A ruthless killer with an army
of thugs and thieves behind him.

He killed judges, policemen,
anyone who stood in his way.

They said he
couldn't be stopped.

But now Lechero is in
prison, and I'm in power.

I decide whose life is at
stake, and right now, it's yours.

From the moment I got here,

I've been planning my escape.

He's talking.

How do you know?

You can't get out of
the box any other way.

The people who
sent the helicopters,

they're the same people who
framed my brother back in the US.

The same people who
wanted me here in Sona.

In order for you to break
out another inmate?


Who are these people?

I don't know.

But they have my brother's son.

They like to keep collateral.

I could be putting his life
in danger as we speak.

If what you told me is true,

it would be saving him.

I would call my troops and order
a search for the boy immediately.

But this story?

It's fiction.

It's true.

It's what you want. It is the
only thing I have left to give.


His name is LJ.

He's only 16 years old.


LINCOLN: What's that smell?

They're Hermanos.

These things cost money.

Somebody gave them to me. I
don't even smoke those things.

Who? This guy...

I ran some stuff into
the prison for him.

You ran some stuff into
the prison? Like what, drugs?

I don't know. Who
cares? He paid me.

You should've
quit that job, man...

I know, I know, okay?

I needed some cash for my kid.

Maricruz doesn't have
insurance, all right?

Listen, I... I just saw Michael.

He's in solitary confinement.


They put him in a box out in the
middle of the yard all by himself.

I can't do anything.

It's gonna be okay.

It's not gonna be okay. I
don't know what to do, man.

Everything's just falling apart.

What you looking at?

The view.

I can't help but notice you
and Lechero made friends.

He's been hanging out
with a lot of white boys lately.

You got a problem with that?

No, but Sammy does.

See, I've been looking
close, like I always do,

and I know you all
would be a lot better off

if Sammy were no longer around.

You wouldn't have to worry about
his snout poking in your business.

You're suggesting?

You and I both know
it needs to happen.

There aren't many men in
Sona that would take on Sammy.

I have one particular
man in mind,

a man who owes me.

But if I pull through,
I'm in the club.

Guaranteed. You're
gonna see to it.

(LAUGHS) All right.

I assume you have the
power to make this deal?

I do, agreed.

Right. Well, thank you, sir.

Look, I've been thinking
about what you told me and...

But I can't quit my job.

Do whatever you wanna do.

Well, I would if you could
kick me a few bucks, you know.

We gonna do this again? I
told you, I don't have any cash.

What do you expect me to do?

Do whatever you want.

You could use my help, right?

You're gonna start charging
me now for your friendship?

I got a kid on the way!

And I got a kid I
may never see again.

Yeah. Get me Gretchen.

Much to my surprise, there seems to
be some degree of truth to your tale.

Everything I told you is true.

That's for me to determine.

What more can I say?

This inmate, the one
you've been sent to free,

he should be able to
verify what you've told me.

He should, but I
don't know if he will.

Tell me his name.

These people won't
hesitate to kill my nephew.

I need to know you're gonna
do everything you can to find him.

I will, but I need a name.

I need your word. You have it.

I'll find the boy.
Now, the name.


What's wrong?

Why don't you tell me?

I went to that apartment,
your apartment,

and this woman showed
up, like she knew you.

And then I found a passport.

Who's Gary Miller?

That apartment, that
passport, it's all for us.

That's how we're gonna get away.

When I get out of this place,

I've been working on a
way for us to be together.

Remember how we
always talked about France?

Yeah, James, yeah.

Our plan to be together.

James, how can I believe you?

How can I believe
anything anymore?

Whistler! Let's go.

Just know... Just
know that I love you.

You're facing some
serious charges.

Michael Scofield told me
there are some people out there

who are very determined
to get you out of here.

What's he talking about?

You know nothing about this?


Scofield's a smart man, but
he's got a rabid imagination.

So you're calling him a liar?

More or less.

I've been able
to verify the story.

I already know everything,
Mr. Whistler, in detail.

I just need a name.

Who's in charge on the outside?

We can end this right
now if you can provide it.

What're you talking about?


JAMES: What...
What's going on here?

Now, start over.

T-BAG: There you are.

And here I am without
my bag of goodies.

I was afraid you
was gone for good.

Party would not be
the same without you.

I'm glad you're back
'cause I need a favor.

It involves you, a chicken foot,

and a man who's got it coming.

What man?


Now you get well and you
get him out there in that ring

and you do that
one, that neck thing.

In exchange, I'm gonna cover
all your medical expenses.

I'll tell you what. You
take your time, huh?

I'm gonna go get my bag right
now and put you out of this misery.

(WHISPERING) You're the
best cock in the fight, Alex.

Please don't let me down.

Maybe now you'll feel more
comfortable telling me the truth.

Are you working with Scofield?

Are you working with Scofield?

Yes! Yes, I'm
working with Scofield!

But there's no
one else involved.

As they say in America, we're
going to get this story straight.

I told him the truth.

I suggest you do the same.

I have.

He's confirmed nothing.

Ask him about that woman
he's been meeting with.


It's not what you think.
Doesn't matter what I think.

It matters what you know,
and you know her name,

and the fact that he
won't admit it tells me

that he's no innocent
bystander in this.

You know I am. Prove it.

'Cause that's the only way
we're getting out of here.

Michael, this is suicide.

They'll kill Sofia.

And they'll kill
your brother's son.

This is the man who can help us,

and he can't do
anything without a name.

So tell him!

James, we don't have a choice.

It's over.

Gretchen Morgan.

I don't know where she lives.

I don't know how you find her.

That's all I know. Her name.

Gretchen Morgan.


Two more of those,
please. Uh-uh.

I'm gonna get
going. No, he'll stay.

Relax. Fernando, is it?

Just want to talk
a minute, alone.

This, right here. This is as
alone as we're gonna get.

I heard about your
argument with Lincoln.

You people are everywhere, huh?

Now, you know him better than I
do, but from personal experience,

Burrows can be hard to handle.

That man does not
like to be told what to do.

He sure likes bossing
everyone else around.

You have to start looking
out for yourself, Fernando.

Level the playing field.

All you have to do
is go back. Apologize.

Tell him that you'll stay
on a few more days for free.

Then tomorrow or the day after,

I'll call you. You
meet me for a drink.

In exchange, I'll pay. 50 grand.

I know what you're thinking,

but I'm not asking
you to do anything that

doesn't help everyone
in the long run.

I don't see how this is helping.

Lincoln causes as many
problems as he solves.

He needs to get
out of his own way,

and I think you can assist him.

I stay one step ahead,
and you get 50 grand.

I don't know.

I think you do.

Where do I find this
Gretchen Morgan?

She's somewhere
here in Panama City.

Come on, that's not much
help in a city of a million people.

It would take days, weeks.

I've told you, I only
know her name.

I have no idea. I do.

But I'll need to use a phone.


Linc. Michael, what
phone are you on?

Just listen to me.

I need to know where and when
your next meeting with Susan B is.

Garfield Price Building,
downtown, in an hour. Why?

Garfield Price, one hour.

And can you give
her a message for me?


Tell her everything's
going as planned.

What the hell's
going on, Michael?

Why are you...

Just give her the message, Linc.

I'll see you soon.


You should have listened.

Are you gonna throw down a
chicken foot over a puddle of puke?

You should have mopped.

Stumpy, wait your turn, man.

Excuse me, I wanted
to see Patron Lechero.

What you want to see him about?

I got one of these from
him and I didn't do nothing.

He don't listen.

The fight goes on as
planned, after we eat lunch.


you issue a fight?

Yeah, what about it?

It's not your right.
It's not your place.

Well, maybe it should be.



She's arrived. I'm on my way.

JAMES: You'd better be right.

What happened?

It worked.

It did? (LAUGHS) Yeah.

She came up to
me, just like you said

and offered me a bunch of
cash to talk behind your back.

So we stick to the
plan, right? Yeah.

Cool. Well, I'll go
see her right now.

It's okay, I came back for you.

Come on, now,
everything's gonna be okay.

You can't deprive
yourself like this.

Get out of here.

You don't mean that.

Yeah, yeah, I do. I do.

You're not talking straight,
you're not talking straight.

Withdrawals are
the worst way to die.

You're gonna shake, and you'll
sweat until you evaporate into nothing.

You got a long
bumpy road into hell!

Is that what you want,
Alex, or do you want to live?

See you on the other side.


When you're up all night,

and diarrhea is running down both
your legs and vomit is in your hair,

don't come crawling back.

It's been a long day.

Let's just get this over with.

I got a message from my brother

that everything's
going as planned.

Really? I would think he'd
be facing a major setback.

You know Michael, always
has things worked out.

No, I don't. Seems to me
he keeps screwing things up.

Well, he's getting things done
a whole lot faster than you.

Now, Whistler's out
by tomorrow, all right?

Gretchen Morgan?


General Zavala,
Panamanian National Police.

Come with us, please.
Why, what's this all about?

No. I don't understand.
I don't understand. Wait.

I had nothing to do with this.

I had nothing to do with this!


You're denying that you were involved
in the escape attempt at Sona Prison.

I have never been
here before in my life.

And you've never met any
of the men incarcerated here?


James Whistler? No.

You know what I've been told?

From prisoners? I
can only imagine.

I've been told that you're the
mastermind behind a prison escape,

and that you've kidnapped
a boy as collateral.


Am I an alien? Did I shoot JFK?

Sir, I have no idea
who this James Wilson...



I am just here to relax before I
have to go back to another year

of teaching social
studies to freshman idiots.

You're a tourist here?

No, not a tourist, sir.

I like to think of myself
as a student of life.

A student of life.


What did he say?

"Turn on the hose."



ALL: Fight! Fight! Fight!

I'm gonna give you one chance.

Did you order the escape from
Sona Penitentiary, yes or no?

ZAVALA: Yes or no?

You seem concerned for her.

She holds our entire future in
her hands. Yeah, I'm concerned.

Yes or no?



You've proved one thing.
This is not your first time.

Come with me.

Do you know either of these men?

I've never seen them before.

That's a lie.

I've never seen
them before in my life.

Where and when
have you seen her?

She came to see him in
visitation, isn't that right?

Is this the woman you work for?

Did she order the prison escape?

Yes or no?



All right, all right.

You're the one in charge? No.

I don't know anything
about a prison escape.

I'm just a babysitter.
I watch the kid.

Where is he?

Near Paloma, Highway 2.

I can take you.

Take them back to my office.
Put the girl back in the car.

We're going on a drive.

Was it you?

Did you kill Sara?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I'm coming for you.




You's a regular Buster
Douglas, aren't you?

Hey, what is this?

How'd you get
that up there, huh?

SUSAN B.: Right
there. The boy's in there.

In here? I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I hope he's all right.

Pick me up. I'm at the shack.

Bring towels.

Hi, Lincoln.


Good to see you.

Yeah, thanks for the cigars.

You didn't open the package?

I'll get around to it today.

You need to make a choice.

Lechero's days are
numbered. You agree?

Then you know
what you need to do.

You've done a good job so far.

Now is the time to make a move.

Prove yourself. Go back
in and open the package.


Come on, let's go.

What happened to the General?

The General was found dead
this morning off Highway 2.

You're going back inside.

I'm sorry to hear that.

He seemed like a nice man.

What are you doing back here?

If you still wanna get out
of here I need your phone.

Go inside.


What? How's LJ?

He's fine. But you
know what? Susan's not.

He's fine. You sure?

Yeah, I just got off
the phone with him.

Why didn't you tell
me what was going on?

He could've died
because of what you did.

We've still got Whistler, and
as long as we do, we're good.

I got to go.

Hey, did you see Blanco?

He's walking around
like the landlord.

I thought you said Lechero
was going to take care of it.

He will.

How long has he
been saying that?

If you and Lechero want to go
around like an old married couple

fighting this way or that,
maybe you'd like it in the kitchen.

D, you be careful now.

Then do something.

Or the next thing you know you're
gonna be taking orders from Scofield.

Some people will
stop at nothing, huh?

Yeah, I know. At
least we're back inside.

Which, of course, is exactly
what you wanted, isn't it?

What are you talking about?

You let the fox
into the henhouse.

The only reason you
gave up Gretchen's name

was so she could come in
and pull you out of the fire.

You wanted me to
give up her name.

You know it
doesn't end with her.

Yeah. I do. The
question is, how do you?

How does a simple fisherman seem
to know so much about The Company?

When she comes
back, and she will,

what am I going to say?

You gonna do this or not?

You can tell her
the answer is yes,

but once we're out I
consider you collateral,

nothing more.