Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 3 - Call Waiting - full transcript

Linc is too worried about Michael and pictures of Sara and LJ to pay attention to desperately destitute Sucre. Michael gets no gratitude from the Sona crime king Lechero, it may be up to Lincoln to get Whistler out, another ingrate who complains about the bird book Lincoln smartly held on to. Public defender Raul calls Mahone 'lucky' with a trial date in 12 months, and refuses to get him Veratril. Threatening to reveal T-Bag's sex-offenses record suffices to make him help get hold of Lechero's cellphone, so Michael can finally phone Sara, who confirms his worries about her and L.J. ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break...

I'm so sorry. They got me and Sara.

L.J. and Sara will be traded
for Whistler. Are we clear?

A picture of my son and
Sara to prove they're alive.

I'll have a court date,
and you will be there.

-You're on your own.
-Sofia Lugo.

-Why does he want this?
-He's just a fisherman.

Tell your fisherman friend
Scofield's brother has this.

-Just take the bounty off Whistler.
-Whistler don't mean nothing to me.

There are ways I can be of assistance.

-Whistler's clear?
-Clear as a blue sky, brother.

-So how are we getting out of here?
-I have no idea.

What the hell you doing?

I just...

I need some money and I
didn't know where else to go.

-I got about 50 bucks.
-Oh, no.

I'm talking about the
millions, papi. The backpack.

There were all sorts of cash in that.

Need a place to crash, got your
back, but the backpack's gone.

I'm gonna need everything
else for my brother.

Remember him? Tall guy. Kind of thin.

-Busted your ass out of jail.
-I feel bad about Mike.

I do, Linc. But not all of
us got exonerated, you know.

-Clear on that.
-I can't go home again.

-You got problems, Sucre?
-You ain't the only one, Linc.

That's right. We're all
guilty of something, man.

All of us.

Not them.

I wanna help.

But it seems like it's only
getting deeper and deeper.

Look, I just want the money to get
back on my feet and that's it, Linc.


Never mind.

Doesn't take too long for
man to become animal, no?

The smart ones go for his bunk first.

And what do the dumb ones do?

-I was here first.
-Mampi bitch, you been here two days.

I meant I was the first one
to the shoe. Now, hand it over.

You asking for a chicken foot,
friend. You want this shoe?

You're gonna have to come and get it.

Leave him, leave him.

I just wanted to express
my thanks for Whistler.

I'm afraid I have no idea
what you're talking about.

My mistake. Anyway, I thought maybe
we could make some arrangement.

Maybe I could help out around Sona.

Come here, boy.


You help me? I'm the
bucky master here, boy.

Me, not you.

So if anyone want anything at
Sona, it's me them a-come to.

So do not walk in asking for some
favor like we have some understanding.

No, no, no. We do not.

Next time you roll in here like that, boy,
the only thing you ask me for is mercy.


Scofield. You have a visitor.

Go on, boy.

Your mama calling you.

That bad, huh?

It's not good. You?

Followed that message
you got from Whistler.

It's all about some book. A bird
guide with names and numbers on it.

Any theories about who he might be?

No. We weren't the only ones
following his directions.

His girl was there. Says
he's some kind of fisherman.

Yeah, sure he is.

Listen, man, I want you
to check something out.

Oh, my God.

The way she's holding the paper.
Like she's pointing at something.

-It's too small. I can't read it.
-This is today's paper.

She's pointing at Santa Rita. It's
a small town 20 miles from here.

She's trying to tell us where she is.

I have to talk to her, Linc.

Even if they let you talk to
her, man, they'd be listening.

We're gonna need more
than the name of that town.

I'm coming up empty-handed here, Linc.

It's already been three days
and I got nothing to show for it.

So if I can't break
Whistler out of here...

... you're gonna have to
break them out of there.

So, what's the deal,
man? When's moving day?

I'll tell you the plan when
you tell me who you are.

-I'm a fisherman.
-Really? So am l.

You're worried about trusting
me? My life is in your hands.

How am I supposed to
know that I can trust you?

You don't.


Stuart Scott. Number one, right?

-You watch the SportsCenter?
-Not recently.

Look, I need to get my hands on a phone.

Heh. I need to get my
hands on some pechos.

But that ain't gonna
happen either, is it?

Who you gotta call so important?

-Heh. Absolutely not.

It ain't a request. It's
a dictation of terms.

-My brother ain't thinking about escape.
-Oh, that's sweet.

I can assure you of two things,
Lincoln. One, that Sara's fine.

And two, you have a better chance
of banging me on that bar...

-... than you do of talking to her.
-I appreciate the offer, but I'll pass.

Yeah? Aw. What if that's
a dictation of terms?

Not a matter of negotiation.

The government rip out all the phones...

... when they find out bad men
in Sona still setting up deals.

Making bang-bangs like before.
They just did it over the phone.

-If they cut the lines, we can fix them.
-There is nothing to fix, bro.

Used to be a whole row of them
along the wall, but they're gone.

If you have no more questions,
I'm just gonna get going.

Michael got the bounty off
Whistler's head in two days.

That's more than you could do
in two weeks. Show goodwill.

He'll get his goodwill
when Whistler's out.

One thing you should know about
my brother, he's very stubborn.

You want him to fetch,
you throw him a bone.

How does Michael think he's
gonna get a phone inside Sona?

What about cell phones? With all the
traffic moving in and out of here.

Cell phone big no-no. Only
one man has access to one...

... and he would never let a
zanahoria like you get his hands on it.

Let me guess.

What this?

The weekly from your
operations on the outside.

-Gravedigger dropped it off.
-Couldn't be.

This envelope way too thin.

Stuff's just moving a little
slower on the outside these days.

Stuff moving slower?

Or somebody making it move slower?


Set up something with the
barber downstairs for me.

Yes, sir. No problem at all.

You tell that bitch she nick
me with the razor again...

... I'm gonna use it upon her.

You're still alive.

And you're still lovely.

Please. I haven't
showered in three days.

Whatever you smell like,
it's a significant upgrade.

When I didn't hear from you, l...

I'm sorry.

-I warned you it might be a bit...
-I know, I know. It's just...

-Every time they dragged out a body...
-Look at me.

I promise you, when I leave this
place, it won't be like that.


-Now, were you able to find my book?

-But there was this guy, he followed me.
-What guy?

-I don't know.
-Did he hurt you?

No. But he took it.

-I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do.
-What did he look like?

Shaved head. Kind of big.

He said to tell you that
Scofield's brother has it now.

Who's Scofield?

-Who's Scofield?
-Hmm? No one.

He's just someone I'm working with.
He's gonna help me get out of here.

-He's a lawyer?

-Why you want him to have the book?
-Look, the less you know, the safer.

-The less I know, the less help I'll be.

-I just need you to lay low for a while...
-What the hell is going on, James?

-What's so important about this book?

It just has notes in it,
you know. Phone numbers.

It's people who know people who
are gonna help me get out of here.

You're lying.

Why would I lie to you?

You're the only person in
the world that I can trust.

Come here.

Come here.

-Now, I just need you to trust me.
-And do what?


You looking for something, blanquito?

-Yeah. Yeah, I am, I am.
-What you looking for, then?


A little something to pass the time.

You got paper?

Go down to the Lost and
Found with the rest of them.

-They'll hook you up proper.
-All right.

I find you sniffing around...

... you'll find yourself in
that ring again, against me.

I don't like your odds.


I want you to check
something out, all right?

Look at her left hand. It's
like she's pointing at something.

You better tell my cousin he
better make himself available.

Better him short money
than me short patience.

Now, comprende, boy?

Need a charge.

-Theodore, go and get me laundry, yeah?
-Sure thing, boss. Oh, I almost forgot.

I talked to the barber. She's
gonna squeeze you in today around 2.

If that pleases you, patr?n.


I think it's time you made
good on all the bad you've done.

You and me, we're gonna make a deal.

Lechero has a cell phone. I need it.

No problem. Shall I turn water
into wine while I'm at it?

Maybe give the guy's
mother a good rogering?

-She'd be a little old for your tastes.
-Careful, pretty.

Don't bite the hand you're
trying to get fed out of.

I'm looking for a favor.

-Why should I do you a favor?
-Unlike your new compadres...

... I know who you are, what you've
done and who you've done it to.

Let me get this straight. You're
saying you're gonna tell on me?

What I'm saying is, this
here is a religious country.

I'm willing to bet
the folks in Panama...

... don't take too kindly
to rapists and pedophiles.

You wanna bet against me?

Listen, mate. Here's what I know so far.

I know you've got a brother helping
outside, ran into my girlfriend.

And I know he took a book
from her that belongs to me.

-I'd like it back.
-What's so special about this book?

Unless it has directions
out of this prison...

... I don't think it
should really matter to you.

You don't know what matters to me.

You'll get that book
back when we get out.

Oh, yeah? When the hell is that exactly?

I haven't seen bollocks in
the way of breaking out here.

Okay, let me tell you
what I know so far.

Some very bad people who've
done some very bad things...

... want you alive and
out of this prison...

... which is why every bone in my
body is telling me to do the opposite.

Then why are you doing it?

You're upset because
someone took a book from you.

This is what they took from me.

So let's be clear.

This is what matters to me.
Not you and not your book.

-Cousin, how is it?

Hey, Gusto. You tell me, man.

Oh, business is cyclical, Dan Dada.
Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows.

Seems like there's more ebbing
than flowing these days, you think?

Let me tell you what I think, man.

I think a blackguard is
trying to steal my business.

And is taking advantage of my situation.

If mistakes have been made,
all I need is some honesty, man.

No mistakes, patr?n, I swear.

Well, maybe the problem
isn't on the outside.

Maybe the problem is...

Augusto? Augusto?

Is the battery dead?

The plug out. How my
phone come unplugged, huh?

My battery dead. Don't none
of you know nothing, huh?

Mr. Mahone. Raul Darinda.

I'm the public defender
appointed to your case.

That's great, that's great.

I've been putting together
some notes that l...

Looks like I have some great
news. We got you a trial date.



Thank God, thank God. When?

-June 13th.
-No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

The 13th? That was last week.

-What, we missed it?
-June 13th of next year, Mr. Mahone.

Next year. How the
hell is that great news?

Usually takes two and a half years for
a non-citizen to get before a judge.

I've got a guy in here, his
name is Michael Scofield...

... and he will testify
that he set me up...

... and that he put
the drugs on the boat.

-It will all be taken into consideration...
-A year from now!

I'm gonna have to ask
you to calm down, sir.

Heh-heh-heh. It's

It's a no-brainer for
you. I got a guy...

The notion of one inmate taking the
fall for another is not exactly fresh.

And usually means someone was
pressured into the confession.

Well, here's the thing, Raul.

I require a certain
medication that they...

Well, they just don't
provide here and I'm...

Let's just say that it would
be good for everybody...

... if I got this medication.

-Is that a threat?
-No, no, it's a reality.

It's called Veratril. And if you...

If you're asking me to smuggle
drugs into this prison...

No, I'm not asking you to smuggle. I'm
just saying if you could get them...

-Good luck, Mr. Mahone.
-Please. Wait, you son of a bitch.

Step away from the fence.

Boss, it's almost 2:00.

All right.

You want your cell phone, brother?

No. Just be a half-hour.

Leave it for charge.

You got 30... Make that 26
minutes till he gets back.

If that phone ain't back
in the cradle, we're dead.

Because my Alabama ass
is not going down alone.

-Tell Sara to call me at this number.

All right. But this Susan
hasn't even agreed to it yet.


I only have 25 minutes
with this phone, Linc.

I'm meeting her right now. But
Santa Rita ain't a one-horse town.

We've gotta hope that Sara
can give us clue as to where...

Just get her on the line,
okay? This is a one-shot deal.

Yeah, I know, man.

-Twenty-three minutes.
-I'm nearly there.

Hey, looks like we got
off on the wrong foot here.

I'm not a violent guy.
I just need that shoe.

I can't hardly walk. And
this place, it changes people.

I never even got your name.


Now, that's just...

-That's a beautiful name.
-What you want, then?

Well, I was hoping we could make
some kind of a deal. A trade.

The only thing you got to
sell, me no want to buy.

I like me men a little
more, how you say? Not fat.

Fat? This is all muscle.

I'd prove it to you if I didn't think
you'd take things south of the border.

Now, hold on. This is a
negotiation. You don't have to...

-I'm not gonna cut you. I got clients.

Welcome, patr?n. I'm
so honored to have you.

Let's make this quick.

-Where have you been?
-A girl's gotta look her best.

-This isn't a game, sister.
-You better back the hell up.

It's clear that you need us.

Stop pretending you're in charge.
Give us what we want when we want it.

Starting with the damn phone call.

-It's me.

-How are you?
-I'm tired.

-Where are you?
-It's a long story.

As it turns out, I don't
appear to be going anywhere.

I know. I know. I'm working on that.

Listen, Sara, I miss
how we used to talk.

Do you remember how we used to talk?

-Well, good.

Good, because I saw your picture today.

And I want you to know I understand. I
understand the difficult place you're in.

Michael, listen, I don't
want you to think like that.

-Why's that?
-You have to know it's a lost cause.

L.J. and l, we can see it now.

It's a lost cause. Do you understand?

No, no, I don't, I don't.

Help me understand. Help me understand.

All I can think of to help is
maybe youijust need more time.

It's like they're giving you until
midnight and I'm sitting here at 3 a.m.

They're saying I have to hang up.

-Sara, I love you.
-I love you too.



Linc, they were never in Santa Rita.

-She said it was a lost cause.

Said she could see it was a lost cause.

-Patron saint of lost causes is Saint Rita.

She never told us where they were.
She was telling us what they could see.

He's on his way. We need
to get that phone back.

-One more thing.
-Come on.

Stall them!

Said something about needing more time.

She said it's like they were
giving us until midnight...

-... but she was sitting at 3 a.m.
-What the hell does that mean?

I don't know, maybe they're
near a clock. That's all I got.

Listen, I gotta go. It's up to you.

Leave him alone, huh?


-There's something you should know.

-I think that barber might've... Tsk.
-Cut me?


No, my mistake. I didn't...

No, in fact, that there might just
be the best shave I have ever seen.

-Well, you look like you need one today.
-I might just do that.

Can't be walking around
looking all bootoo.


Who is this?

Find out everything you
can about this number.


Don't move. I wanna know what
you're doing to James Whistler.

I'm doing nothing to James Whistler.
We're on the same team, all right?

Take it easy. Just put the knife away.

Put the knife away. Put the knife away.

-We're not on the same team.
-You want your boy out of Sona?

-Of course.

Well, I'm one of the guys
who's gonna break him out.

No, no. I talked to him this
morning. He has a lawyer.

-I don't know what he's told you...
-I know who he is.

Right, a fisherman that
people want out so badly...

... they're willing to
kidnap my son to get him.

Listen, you need to talk to him.

You need to talk to him.

-Where to, my friend?
-I'm looking for a statue, a monument.

-Saint Rita. It says it's in here.
-The Lady of the Lost Causes.

-That's it. -The
red-light district.

-Looking street. You looking to party?

-You all right?
-What do you want?

Let you know you don't
have to watch your back.

Make sure I don't have to watch mine.
My head was a free ticket out of here.

I don't begrudge anyone who did what
they had to do to try and get it.


You never know when you'll
need a friend in this place.

Where you from?

-Boardman, Ohio.

-Australia. Good fishing.
-You've been?

Passed through.

Small world.

What the hell are you doing in Panama?

I'm not really in the mood.

You're that cop, aren't you?
I was looking at that Scofield.

I was trying to figure why
he looks so bloody familiar.

Hearing your voice, I remember watching
the press when it first happened.

-And now you're in it together.
-Small world.

You trying to get him out of
here? Extradition or whatever?

I'm not really in that
line of work anymore.

What's he all about, Scofield?

I mean, is he dangerous?

What's it to you?

Just curious.

As to what kind of
chap I'm dealing with.

I guess that depends on why
you'd be dealing with him.

Like I said:

-You never know when you'll...
-Need a friend.


One thing about Scofield is that
for those that he cares about...

... he'll do just about anything.

But he'll screw you three
ways to Sunday if he doesn't.

I can guess which side you ended up on.


Thanks for the chat. You know,
I really just came by to...

You came by because you wanted to find
out more about Scofield but that's cool.

We're squared away.

There. She is there.

Is that the only thing about
Saint Rita in this town?

That I do not know, my friend.

Excuse me. Is there a
clock around here? A clock?

-Have you seen these people?
-No, se?or.

-Huh? No?
-Mm-mm. No.

A clock.

A clock, a clock, a clock.

She said it's like they were
giving us till midnight...

If it's at 12.

... and she was sitting at 3 a.m...






L.J.! No!

-They made a move.

Burrows made a move.


It was the right place. I just
couldn't get to it in time.

Did you see them? Did
they look all right?

As far as I could tell, yeah.

You can keep that.

Keep it as a souvenir and give
it to Sara when this is all done.

Michael, we can do this.

They wouldn't have put you in here
if it wasn't possible to get out.

We can do this.

We can do it.

I think we need to talk.

Your friend, the one in the picture.
You say she's the reason you're here?

Then we have something in common.

The woman your brother
met on the outside.

Her name is Sofia. She's
the reason I'm here.

Well, unless this Sofia's being held
at gunpoint, we got nothing in common.

You can start by telling me why
the company's so interested in you.

What company?

I don't have time for games.

Okay. Okay, look, look.

Been splitting time between here and
the Pacific Northwest running charters.

-Fishing. Sightseeing.

Whatever was paying the bloody rent.

A year ago, I took a guy out.
He was some sort of naturalist.

He was taking water
samples, measurements.

-What for?
-I don't know.

I didn't care as long
as the check cleared.

Here's the thing, months later...

... I get a call, wanting
to know where I took the guy.

And I told them I couldn't remember.

But then these government types,
they started showing up at my flat...

... asking questions and
I didn't know what to do.

So I got low, I came down to Panama
and I moved in with Sofia full-time.

-Until the fight in the bar.

Yeah. Then I end up here where those
same people show up at visitation...

... saying they're gonna get me out.

When they do, I'm to take them to
the same place that I took that guy.

That's why I need the book your
brother copped. It's my trip log.

I wrote notes. Coordinates, landmarks.

Retrace my steps and find
that. I don't have a choice.

That's an interesting story. But if that
book's as valuable as you say it is...

... I should hold on to it. Make sure
they hold up their end of the deal.

You don't get this, do you?
I need time to be able to...

The only thing I'm responsible
for is getting you out of here.

Whatever's between you and them
is between you and them. I'm sorry.

All right.

Do you have any idea
how we're gonna do this?

All I keep hearing is how no
one gets out of this place.

I think I've heard that one before.

Sugar cane so sweet. The
mango so sweet. The women so...

Well, if it isn't the entertainer.
How about a joke for us, boy?

Not now, fellas. I gotta...

Why don't you do a little dance for us?

How about a little jig?
Maybe you need an extra hand.

-You got me.
-That's right. I do get you, boy.

You might've fooled him,
but you have not fooled me.

-Excuse me, boss.

I asked you for privacy.

I just came here to thank you
for giving me a hand up in here.

But if it's all the same, I'd just
like to be relieved of my duties.

-What are you talking about?
-There's some loyalty issues going on.

And I do not wanna end up torn...

... between my fidelity to you
and having to keep my nose clean.

I've been around to know that
when the dominoes start falling...

... it's the new guy who gets
blamed for bumping the table.

-Stop spinning and start talking straight.

-I ain't no rat.
-I'm not asking you to be a rat.

I'm asking you to be a friend.
Huh? As I've been with you.


I was walking earlier and I
heard some voices talking about:

"To hell with Lechero. I want my cut."

I couldn't tell who it was...

... but when I got around,
I recognized the faces.

The very same faces I seen in this room.

Now, I got nothing to gain here, okay?

I'm a nobody, with no
hope of being anyone. Heh.

But those that surround you have
everything to gain if you fall.

I hope this makes us even.

What I've given you can't
be repaid with one favor.

So I deny your request.

You're gonna stay on, as my ears...

... to report back to me everything
you hear when I'm not around.

-I'm gonna holler at you, all right?
-All right.

-How have you been, Michael?
-Better than some, apparently.

Hmm. You know, it's interesting
how you don't seem rattled at all...

... by our current accommodations.

Maybe you're not planning
on being in them much longer?

It's like I told you before, this is
the end of the line for both of us.

How about this? You
stop me when I'm wrong.

The company wanted you here
alive, but framed for murder.

For a strange reason you seemed to care
about the fate of this Whistler guy.

And I gotta tell you he's
really curious about you too.

What talents do you have
that the company decides...

... that you are worth more
to them alive than dead?

What do you say? Am I getting warm yet?

I think you better pop another
pill because that's crazy.

Oh, so you don't mind
if I kill him? Whistler?

Question is, would the company mind?
Question is, what would they do to you?

To the ones you love?

Be careful, Alex.


-Busy day?

Not as busy as I'd hoped.

Look, you had to try.

I probably would have done the
same thing myself if I were you.

But let's be perfectly clear.

You're never gonna try
anything like that again.

-I understand.

But just to make sure that you do...

... I left you a little
something in the garage.

It's by the trash.