Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 1 - Orientación - full transcript

Michael is once again imprisoned, but now in SONA (Panama), together with T-Bag, Mahone and Bellick. The prison is solely ruled by inmates, whose local prison-lord Lechero feels threatened ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You gotta do something.
My brother is innocent.

Look, there's nothing I can do.

- Back at the crime scene, that'll prove...
- I'm a night clerk, okay?

You want someone who
can do something, the consul.

He gets in, in the morning.

I'm sorry.

That ain't gonna cut it.

Your brother,
where do they have him incarcerated?



The worst of the worst are there.
Men no other prison will take.

They rioted so badly a year ago,
the guards pulled out.

Just left them to themselves.

A thousand thieves, rapists, murderers.

The government just stays back,
keeps a perimeter.

To them, Sona's a one-way street.

What goes in...

...never comes out...

...unless it's dead.

Somebody didn't do
their due diligence...

...and we need him moved to a facility
that's a little more moderate, all right?

Thank you.

All right, the good news is,
as of yesterday, you're a free man.

- You got nothing to worry about.
- Just my brother.

Right. Well, that's a heck of a story,
you two.

That made the news even down here.

And I understand
you have a son as well?

- Yeah. Uh-huh.
- L.J? Lincoln Jr?

He must be ecstatic
about your exoneration.

- Still trying to reach him.
- Oh, well, hey, tell us where he is.

- We'll send somebody...
- Let me handle it. Let's focus on Michael.

Okay. Well...

...good news is that what you're saying
is checking out at the crime scene.

The victim did have a service revolver
with U.S. Government numbers on it.

If a weapon was found, then that lends
real credence to self-defense as a motive.

Great. They find anything else?

- Like what?
- A bag.

- What was in it?
- A little money.

- Sorry.
- Of course they didn't.

Yeah, well, whatever the case,
regarding Michael...

...I have managed
to make a little headway.

I arranged for a transfer for your brother
to another facility, effective tomorrow.

- It's a lot safer, it's a lot cleaner.
- Great.

And if this is stacking up
like I think it is...

...I'd be pretty confident the charges
will be dropped.

He'd be free?

Well, he'd still face charges
in the U.S.

- But out of there?
- Yes.

Is there a damn mess hall here?

Mess hall?

Then some water, man?
I'm dying of thirst. Please. Please.

There's some water.

Bite me.

- What'd you say?
- I didn't say nothing.


Do you hear me? Drink.

Hey, get used to it, man.

I haven't eaten for days.

Come on.

To the left.
Moving up.

- How are you doing?
- What do you want, Alex?

Ah, you're so clever, like planting
the drugs on the boat. That's a big irony.

- Lawman in jail.
- You are exactly where you belong.

That's where you're wrong.
You're gonna help me.

I will have a court date
and you will be there...

...on the stand, and you will tell the truth,
that you planted this, you set this up.

- And I'm gonna go home.
- That's funny.

I could've sworn you set this up.

I set this up? I'm in here.

What does the Company want with me?
Why Panama?

What, you think I know
what they wanted?

They had me.

I did what they asked me to do...

...arrest you in Panama, hand you over.
That's it. That's... That's...

That's old news, huh? This is the
first day of the rest of our lives.

How about we work together?
Help each other out.

Except every time I look at you...

...all I can see is the man
who killed my father.

You're on your own.


Sign here to say that once inside,
you're on your own by the law.

You're not protected by the military
in an assault.

Any attempt to assist an inmate
trying to escape...

...will be met with a lethal response.

Wouldn't dream of it.

- So.
- So.

Feel like I'm on the wrong side.

- You're on the right side.
- You're not.

You gonna break me out?

Too tiring. All that running.

Yeah, well, maybe you should've
lost the cowboy boots.

You scared?

- I'm getting you out of here, man.
- Oh, Linc.

The consulate's arranged to transfer you
until the trial, which is about a month.

You got a good shot
at walking out free.

When's the transfer?

Just... Just hold on, man,
one more day.

You know, I keep waiting for you
to mention a certain someone.

- I don't know where she is, man.
- Well, you gotta find her.

I will.

She's important to me, Linc.

If anything happens to Sara...

It's gonna be fine, man, I promise.

See you tomorrow.

All right?

American, right? I love America.

NBA. Tracy McGrady shooting the ball
in the hoop from downtown.

Whatever you're selling,
I'm not buying.

Selling? I just wanna talk basketball.

Who's your team?

Let's go, blanco. Orientation.

- I'm not interested.
- That's not for you to decide.

Bring them in.

I hope they haven't been
treating you too poorly.

I should hear of it if you have.

I think, as you can tell, Sona
is unlike any other place in the world.

Since the riots last year,
they left us here to rot.

They figured we would just destroy
ourselves, but instead we've thrived.

With the canal, Panama is now
a breeding ground for international crime.

Twenty-seven different nationalities
we have here...

...but not one gang.

Not one racially motivated
incident, huh?

It's just me.

Egalitarianism, I believe, is the word.

Huh? Did I get that right?

Right as rain.

That's what practice does for you.

Now, is there anything
you want to tell me?

Any history that you bring to this place
I should know about?

I don't think you're quite telling me
the truth, Mr. Scofield.

We get the news, man.

You were quite the superstar on CNN.

Man breaks brother out
and flees to Panama.

But you're not a superstar here.
You realize that, don't you?

I'm not gonna make waves.

No, it wouldn't be within your power.

I heard about the two of you
in the hall today.

Now, if you would like to sort
your problems out, it's very simple here.

A man has a beef with another,
he makes his problem known.


And then we deal with it directly,
as men, out there.

Won't be necessary.

You always shake like that?


Or just when you're scared of someone?


I think he gets the message.

We could go, you and me, right here.

You're a brave man, huh?

A brave man.

You're lucky I've been meditating.

Before, I couldn't take my finger
off the trigger. Now...

Now I have mind control.

Complete control...

...mind, body and soul.

Get out!

Get out!

Complete waste of our time.

Who would've thought,
a famous person in Sona.

Weak people rally around fame.
They worship it. They're blinded by it.

There are many people
of weak character behind these walls.

Yes, they will follow a man like this
and they will put him on a pedestal.

He has that charisma, right, mommy?

He's no you.

Ah, you don't have to
pander me, mommy.

He's good-looking, right?

He's the best-looking man
in the prison.

Not compared to you.

I told you, mommy.


Sara Tancredi,
an American. She's missing.

We don't have a report like that.

But if you do, you call me.

Okay, se?or.

- Anything, you call me, all right?
- Will do.

Thank you.

Where'd you get shoes?

Hey, hey.

It's time to start earning
your rent here.

- There's no rent here, it's prison.
- Keep talking. It's going up. Here.

Work time's started right now.


- Uh-uh. Hell, no.
- Absolutely not.

One more word from you and I will
drown you in here. You understand?

Now work.

Burn it down in the sewers
when you're done.


Scofield, a visitor. Scofield, a visitor.

- Oh, Mr. Scofield. Elliott Pike.
- What do you want?

- Well, to be frank, to represent you.
- You're a lawyer?

- Of sorts.
- Court already appointed me a lawyer.

Then perhaps I can be of assistance
in a different way.

Somehow I doubt that.

I got a lot of big guns behind me,
Mr. Scofield.

People you might like
to have in your corner...

...should you ever decide, say,
break out of here.

Who are you?

We can assist you
in every possible way...

...once you get past that wall.

There's a reason a guy like you
with your skill set...

...was put in here, you know.

- This conversation's over.
- You ought to hear what I have to say.

We're trying to do this the easy way.

Yo, yo, yo.

What the hell you doing, taking
my stash? Come on, you little bitch.

I didn't do it.
- Where is it? Where is it, huh?

It wasn't me.


You know the rules
about extracurricular fights.

It doesn't happen here.

- He took something that belongs to me.
- He's out of his mind.

Yeah? Seems pretty easy
to get to the bottom of this. Check him.

Check his area.

That's bull.

You're both scumbags.

You and me, man,
we're not done here.

Haven't seen her?
No one like this has checked in?

- No, se?or.
- You're absolutely sure?


- Yeah?
Mr. Burrows?

Captain Izturis
of the Constable's office.

We found an American woman...

...matching the description
of your friend, Miss Tancredi.


At the morgue.

- What's he saying?
- That we can't eat.

What are we supposed to eat?

They expect us to forage, like dogs.

I will die. I will literally die.

Hang in there, man.

Playing by yourself. Same old pretty.

Just not good at making friends,
are you?

We got nothing to say to each other.

On another note, them government types
that shook me down so hard...

...why was it they wanted you here?
Was it Sona they was interested in?

That's what I'm thinking.

Want me to get you down here,
in this very county.

What do you think it is, huh?
You think it's Sona?

Who'd be interested
in a dump like this?

Runner! Runner!



No! No!

Thanks for getting back to me.
No problem.

Body was fished out of the pond
first thing this morning.


Calle Seisenta-Seis,
just west of Avenida Colon.


It's the last place I saw her.

It's not her.

It's not her.

Someone has thrown the glove
down on you. The gauntlet, right?

Yeah, except we both know
I didn't take those drugs.

I'm not a judge.
I don't deal in the claims people make.

I just make sure rules are followed.
And the rules say...

...all grievances are dealt with.
Two men in a ring, a fight.

I'll be leaving tomorrow,
so that won't be necessary.

It may not be necessary to you,
but it is to me.

I have a duty to maintain order here.
An iron-clad legal system...

...that insures that no one
goes independent with their grievances... is so often the case
in other prisons.

Here there's a system,
and that system means honor.

So whether you agree with it or not
does not matter to me.

There's a larger agenda than yours.

What happens if I refuse?

I will come for you.

And I can guarantee you
that is an outcome that you will not like.

Tell me something,
do you always set up your fights?

I had nothing to do with it.

And yet the only one in this whole prison
who has a problem with me is you.

I'll be glad to see you go down...


Go on. Keep going.
You burn it around the corner. Move it.



Think you can do me a favor?

Bite me.
I can feed you.

A few weeks ago, I was in your shoes.
Didn't get any food for days.

They'd have let me die,
like they're gonna let you die.

Get back to the feed-me part.

Man, where'd you get chicken?

That's not chicken.

- Want some more?
- Yeah.

Then you're gonna have to
run an errand for me.

What kind of errand?

Dad? It's me.

- L.J. Where are you?
- I'm in Panama.


- How'd you get this number?
- I ran into Sara.

She got your number
from the consulate.

Dad, I... Right now...

- I can't hear you.
- Dad? Do this.

Meet us at the restaurant
in the Garfield Price Building at the top.

- Garfield what?
- 8:30.

Hey, there's a fight.

Have to make your peace
with God, eh?

Uno, dos, tres, all right?



What, even at 10-to-1?

Man, there's a reason he chose World.
Six consecutive life terms, okay? Hey.

I'm just kidding, man.

Surely it's beneath
a man of your status... be walking around like that,
all sticky-like.

Hey, leave him. What do you propose?


A humble sign of friendship from
a stranger who's come into your house.

Sorry about that.

Just half a man down here.

What's your name, norte?o?

You can just call me friend.

Go for the kneecap.

You, uh...

You hit it straight on, it'll buckle
and it'll take the guy out of commission.

Fighting dirty? That's your secret?

I didn't think there was any such thing
as clean in a place like this.

You know, I'm surprised, Alex.

It almost sounds like you care.

You're my get-out-of-jail-free card.

Just survive.

Kneecap, really hard.

Good luck, man.

God bless, man.

We have a disagreement...

...between two dogs.

A drug addict and a thief.

I condone neither...

...and I wash my hands
of both of them.

But they have an issue
and we have rules.

And without rules,
we are nothing but savages.

Therefore, with proper respect
for the rules...

...this fight is engaged
with only one rule:

No weapons.

Only man versus man...

...without augmentation or handicap.

I'm done talking.

I'm not gonna fight.

Get him.

I don't think
you understand the rules, friend.

Only one man comes out alive.

It's over.
Finish him.

Let me through. Let me go.
Finish him.

No weapons.

Rules are rules, remember?

And if we don't have them...

...we're savages.

Oh, excuse me. You have no jacket.

Oh, come on, man. Give me a break.

Well, this is a nice place.
It requires jackets.

- Well, I don't have a jacket.
- It requires jackets.


Excuse me. You speak English?

How about American?

Could I have a water, please?

Please tell me you didn't come
all the way to Panama for the water.


That's a nice jacket, "Sergio. "

It's a long story.

Thank you.

- You're waiting for someone, huh?
- Mm-hm.

I should've known.
Good-looking ones are always taken.

What happened to your face?

- Cat.
- Cat? That's a big cat.

You push anything too far into a corner
and the claws will come out.

- Your timing's all wrong, lady.
- Oh, come on, hang out.

I'd like to...

...but it ain't the right time.

Yes, it is, Lincoln.

We have a lot to discuss.

Specifically, your brother.

I highly suggest you talk to him.



How are we coming with the transfer?

There are some people that want
you to break someone out of there.

Yeah, I know.
Some guy already approached me.

I said no, thank you.

You gotta stay.

What are you talking about?

His name's James Whistler.

- No, no, no, Linc. I can't do that again.
- Michael, Mike...



Dad, I'm so sorry.
They got me and Sara.

Please, do what they want.
Dad, please.

You got a week
to find this Whistler guy...

...and get him out of there.

Otherwise, they... Sara and L. J...

They both die.