Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 6 - Subdivision - full transcript

Mahone arrives in Salt Lake City, trying to locate exactly where in Utah the escapees are. Michael and Linc hatch a plan with T-Bag and Tweener that will enable them to dig in the right ...

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Previously on Prison Break:

Mr. Kim. Sara Tancredi. I'm on it.

-Pursuing her the best use of your time?
-It is.

-I'II Iet the president know.
-I contact the president.

I'II contact her.

No family with Patoshik?

- Yeah.

Until about four years ago
when he killed them.

Fernando Sucre.
He was in Las Vegas around 2.

Out west. Just Iike Bagwell and Franklin.

You know D.B. Cooper? The money's
in Utah and they're all going to get it.

You're one of them Fox River boys.

-Come on, you got the map?
-No. Someone else does.

Before I destroyed it, I committed it
to my photographic memory.

I have the information, you have
the manual requirements necessary... unearth
Westmoreland's buried booty.

-Get in.

Should be dead ahead.

The bastards built over it.

It's gone.

We have to open up in 1 5 minutes.

-So? That doesn't matter. I dare you.
-I said no.

I dare you, please.

The ranch is gone, Michael.

Well, the five million might not be.

And you're gonna find it how?

What, you got a divining rod
tattooed on your ass?

I don't wanna hear anything
from you...

...other than what your photographic
memory spits out regarding that map!

You watch your tone with me, boy.

I will watch you get tossed to the side
of the road to fend for yourself, boy.

Because if you can't remember
where that silo was...'re worthless to us.

-Yo, fools, Iet me out.
-Shut up.

-The map!
-Okay, okay. AII right, all right, all right.

Let me out, boss.

The ranch was in the center of a box.

Sheep Road on one side,
Kokosing Road perpendicular.

In the center of the property
was the ranch house...

...and the ranch house
was surrounded by trees.

Let me out.

Every tree here is a year old at most...

...except those.

Where's the silo?

Inside the trees,
I wanna say on the Ieft...

...but that may have been a barn.

I remembered the best I could, gents,
but I didn't know this place...

...would now be smothered
in tract homes.

So, you know, I'm sorry
that I'm not Rain Man over here.

-AIex Mahone. How are you?
-Lyle Sands.

We've been briefed
on all the men at Iarge.

The full force and resources
of the entire Salt Lake City Field Office...

...are at your disposal.

Thank you. Do you have the files
my office requested on D.B. Cooper?

We're pulling them now. And this is
the D.B. Cooper case from 30 years ago?

Correct. If I can get those files immediately,
I'd appreciate it.

Sorry, but I have to ask.
Aren't you here for the Fox River 8?

I am. And they're here in Utah
to get D.B. Cooper's money.

So how about those files, Lyle?

-Silo. Silo, silo.
-This is stupid.

-We're gonna get made out here.
-AII right, shut it. I think I remember.

If I had to bet, I'd Iay it all on the silo
being on the Ieft of the ranch house...

...inside the trees.

No. It's outside the trees.

Right there.

You see those two trees?
They're shorter than the rest.

They were all planted at the same time
but those two didn't get as much sunlight.

Something was in their way.

The silo.

Our money should be right there,
under that garage.

You better be right, boy.

This isn't a high-end subdivision.

They slapped this place up overnight.

The silo's foundations
might still be there.

To save money, they probably
just Iaid the concrete...

...for the garage floor
right on top of it.

We'II dig straight down. If we hit
the foundation, we stay. If not, we go.

Let's do it.

Oh, man.

Ain't no problem that a screwdriver
to her temple won't fix.

Season 2
Episode 6

People die all the time, boys.

Five million dollars
comes once in a Iifetime.

-Let me out of here, man. Come on, guys.
-Well, we gotta do something.

And it's not gonna involve
hurting anyone.

I got an idea.

First, we're gonna need some supplies.

A hundred and 1 0 percent,
I do not agree with this.

Everybody's gotta pitch in
to make this happen.

But back in the big house,
the boy proved he couldn't be trusted.

Which is why we're doing it here.

If he gets caught in town,
he ain't got a clue where the house is.

Besides, you're the one
we can't turn our backs on.

I could have died in there, man.

Well, guess what.
I need you to do something.

I need you to do something for me.
I want my cut of the money.

Well, we'II talk
once you prove we can trust you.

What do I gotta do?

I want you to go back to that garden center
and get everything on this Iist.

And gas up the car.

And we'II meet you right back here
in an hour.

-AII right.
-And, David...

...don't screw this up.

This ain't Fox River no more, man.

You're Iooking at the real deal now.

But I want my cut.

Be back in an hour.

Let's go.


Big mistake.

Oh, come on, now.

Am I glad to see you.

You walk here?

No, it's just a Iong story, man.

I thought you were meeting up
with your family.

I met a few roadblocks. And you?


Well, Iet me guess.
You're going to Tooele.


Well, Iooks Iike we're going
the same direction.

Hopefully, we're not too Iate.

Can I hitch a ride?

Hey, Iook...

...I'II make it worth your while.

We've got some good news, sir.

We got our first tip on Patoshik.

Spotted at a burger joint
in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.

Hand it over to Iocal
authorities for now.

The only thing we're working today
is Utah and D.B. Cooper.

Got it.


There's a guy Iisted as having
the only D.B. Cooper bill ever found.

-Harold Jenkins.

D.B. bought gas from Jenkins...

...with a hundred
on the day of the hijacking.

We checked the serial numbers
and they matched.

You worked the case?

Fresh out of the academy
and nobody's cracked it yet.

What makes you think that these escapees
know where the money is?

Because they may have been Iocked up
with the real D.B. Cooper.

Jenkins from the gas station,
he still alive?

Should be. He was only 1 8 at the time.

Well, Iet's go say hi to him.

We're sorry, that call
cannot be completed as dialed.

Please check the number and dial again.

Do you have updates on Sara Tancredi?
I assume that's why you're here.


Scofield sent her a message
through the mail.

A phone number that was disconnected.

You know, to be honest...

...I was expecting to brief the president.

Yeah, about that.

Right now, as you can imagine,
Caroline's quite busy.

She's always been busy.
I've been working with her for 1 5 years.


...she's the president
of the Unites States now.

Yes, Bill and I helped to put her there.

Well, if you'd Iike for her
to remain in office...'II take my advice and just stay
on the sidelines for now.

She needs to be completely insulated
from anything regarding Lincoln Burrows.

I wanna talk to her.

You report to me now, and only me.

Don't try and contact Caroline again
without my approval...

...and don't show up here

Finish the job you were given.
Get Burrows.

If you're telling me the road to him
Ieads through Sara Tancredi, by all means...

...pursue it.

And once that's been accomplished
and this whole thing goes away...

...we'II go about transitioning you back
into Caroline's Iife.

Now, do you have anything else on Sara?

The president
has unwavering faith in you.

She wants you to go through
Senate approval...

...with your eyes wide open.

-So what are we up against?
-Key allies in the House and Senate...

...are Meyerhoff,
Barnwell and Sommerville.

-Counting on them to sway the middle.
-Who's the opposition?

Senators BIake and Killoren
have openly vocalized...

...their opposition to you as VP.

Any indication as to why?

Political payback for the president's vote
on the energy bill Iast month.

Took them by surprise
and they don't Iike surprises.

-Dad. Lance, this is my father, Frank.
-PIeasure to meet you, sir.

It's nothing to Iose sleep over.

Frankly, the biggest issue
we have to address...

...are the charges facing your daughter.

Governor, are you with me?


Yo, just chill, dog. Listen...

...once we roll out, we bounce out of town,
we'II drop a dime and they'II find you.

Just be quiet. Just chill, man.


Where you at? Woody?

I need Sheriff Williams.

Yeah, I'II hold.


Where'd you Iearn about electricity?

I used to steal copper wiring
from transformer boxes.

Then I'd sell them on the docks,
make a few bucks.

You were in school, of course.

I was just Iooking, pretty.
What's that old chestnut?

I can Iook at the menu,
doesn't mean I'm gonna eat.

We get in, we get the money,
we get out.

-That's it.
-No, absolutely.

We're good.

Now, it's just up to the kid.

-Did you get everything?
-Yeah. Yeah, I got it.

-Nothing. It's cool. I handled it.

-Whoa. Okay.

Check it. This fool came in the shop.

He was acting all shady,
he got a bad vibe... he picked up his cellie phone,
he started to make a call, so I popped him.

-I hit him with the shovel, man.

I didn't know what else to do.

I tied him up and I put him in the back room
with that other country hick.

-Here we go. Here we go.
-I came through, you gimp.

-Who was he calling?
-The sheriff.

Man, I don't know, dude.
It just set off so quick.

-Did the call go through?
-Maybe, man. I don't know.

Maybe? Did the call go through?

Yes, I-- No, I don't know.
I don't know, man.

Yo, but I got the gear.

We gotta move on this now.


Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
Is your electricity out?

Excuse me.
I'm Iooking for a Harold Jenkins.

Right here.

AIexander Mahone, FBI.

I'm staying 50 feet
away from her at all times.

What the hell else does she want?

I'm not here about that.

-What are you here for?
-D.B. Cooper.

People still wanna know about that guy?


You worked the gas station
in American Fork where he filled up.

Yeah. Normal-Iooking guy.
Barely said a word.

There were some discrepancies
in the statement you filed 30 years ago.

In the report, it's noted that you said
he filled up at 7 a.m...

...but on another occasion,
you said it was 7 p.m.

-Which was it?

He gassed up twice?


Full tanks both times?

Yeah. Why?

A systems what?

It's a systems diagnostics test.

Footage from our gopher cam
picked up exactly...

...where your Iine was corrupted.

And who corrupted it?

-You guys?

AII I know is my supervisor called
and said he wants me and my crew... get over here and fix that problem
double quick, double time.

-So you're not with the electric company?
-No, ma'am.

Now, feel free to call your company.

But I tell you,
all they'II do is send over some tech.

Maybe tomorrow, if you're Iucky.

And he'II spend a whole day
trying to find the problem...

...and another day trying to fix it.

But we're here right now.

And we're ready
to turn your juice back on.

My juice?

That's right.


...that's your crew?

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, D.B. Cooper
was driving a 1 965 Chevy Nova.

There's no record on file
that Cooper even had a car.

But Charles Westmoreland did
and the car registered to him... the time was a 1 965 Chevy Nova
with a 1 6-gallon gas tank.

Back then, a Chevy that size got
approximately eight miles to the gallon.

D.B. stopped at the station in American Fork
and gassed up once early that day...

...and then came back Iater that same night
and gassed up again.

Now, why would a guy headed to Mexico,
which is a straight shot south... off the main road
for an all-day detour?

-The money.

Cooper, Westmoreland,
jumped out of a plane with $5 million.

But Westmoreland didn't have the money
on him when he was arrested.

He ditched it before he got caught.
Give me that magic marker.

From American Fork,
he couldn't have gone further...

...than 64 miles in any direction.

I want everything you've got
in that perimeter.

Those cons are in one of these towns...

...and if there's so much as a cat missing
in one of them, I wanna know about it.

The defective cable runs
right beneath your garage.

We're gonna have to dig up the floor
to get to it.

Well, who's gonna pay for this...

...and what about the cleanup
and the repair?

Well, the company will cover all costs.

We'II just dig a small trench.

Once we're finished, we'II re-Iay
the cement. It'II Iook as good as new.

How Iong is it gonna take?

One way or another,
we'II be out of here today.

Really need to get started, ma'am.

Wouldn't want a pretty Iittle thing
Iike yourself sitting... the dark tonight, now, would we?

Well, that depends
on who I'm sitting with.


Fine. It's okay, y'all go ahead
and do whatever y'all need to do.

Jeanette, the noise might be substantial.

You might wanna take
in that tennis game after all.

Oh, no, it's too hot for that now.

PIus, I gotta keep an eye on you all
and make sure you don't steal anything.


-How are you?

AII right, where's Tweener?

He's next door
plugging in the extension cord.

-We're gonna have to cut up the cement.
-Yo, we gots company.

What's up, snowflake?

Well, as always, your timing is flawless.

-I don't follow.
-Well, Iet me try to explain it to you.

We're trying to run something here...

...and we can't have people
walking in off the street.

Oh, okay, so you want us to Ieave
and then you can just mail us the check?

Sucre, I know you trust me...

...and you know I'II cut you in
on that money.

But the two of you being here right now
jeopardizes everything.

I'm not going nowhere.

I want my share of the money.

Wait a minute, hold on, man.
Ain't we did this dance before?

You know, I say I want in, you say no...

...then I threaten to tell somebody
about what's going on here.

And then you decide to play nice
and then we're one big happy family.

Why don't we just stop wasting time,
all right?

Thank you.

Damn, man, you still alive?

And kicking, homeboy.

How'd you find us?

Man, if I can do rapid deployment
of satellite communications...

...for Uncle Sam all over the world--

How are you guys doing?

Who are you? Who are they?

I had to call my supervisor.

He sent them right over.
This job is a top priority.

They want to get this done as quickly
and as efficiently as possible.

Well, Jeanette, Iike I said,
there's a Iot of work to do...

...and it's gonna be noisy.

Oh, drinks. I forgot to ask.

We're good. Thanks.

Yo, man, this is not good.

We got her up in our grill
checking in on us all the time.

The boy is right.

And since I can't dig,
I'II volunteer to keep her occupied.

You don't touch her.

Who are you, Sister Mary Francis?

I know how to play nice.

I'II be watching.

Billy? Is that you?

Billy, is that you?


Thank you kindly.

Well, now,
how did you get out of working?

Union rules.

One crew member
always has to supervise.

I'II check on them in a bit.


Little more ice?


And I Iike mine with a Iittle oomph.

But since you're on the clock...

...I guess you can't join me?

Just two fingers.

AII right.

It's been a while.


Whiskey always makes me feel irascible.

I don't know what that means.

But I do Iike the sound of it.

Are you wearing Angel perfume?

I am.

That reminds you of an ex, I take it.


Now, is that good memories...

...or bad memories?


Did you talk to Maricruz?

I don't wanna talk about her.

I gotta get some water or something.

Use the hose on the other side
of the house.


It's what we can all use to communicate.

Post a note on the message board.

That's a bird, right?

I got something.

-It's the silo's foundation.
-Hells, yeah.

Thank you, Charles.

We just need to find the edge
and dig underneath it.

We'II get the money, hit the back roads.

What's wrong?

We got to stop in Tooele first
and gas up our ride.

I thought you already did that.

Man, when the garden center thing
happened, I just forgot, all right?

I want you to go back into town.

I want you to gas up that car...

...because I'm not driving around
with millions of dollars in the trunk.

-Do you understand?
-Man, why do I got to do it?



I better check in on our friend.

You got it all the time.

Miss Tinsel toes.




I made you a sandwich.

Peanut butter and jelly
with the crusts cut off.

Just Iike you Iike.

I'm so glad you came back.

I don't wanna say I told you so,
but that was just not the girl for you.

Where is that?

Where's what, sweetheart?

That painting.

It's Holland, where I grew up.
You know that.

-It's beautiful.
-Oh, there's no place better.

It's so peaceful... protected from this crazy world.

-Hello, operator.

There's an intruder in my house.

Hello, ma 'am? Ma 'am, are you there?

Is anyone there?

Heard you had some activity
in Tooele today.

A bit. Don't see how it warrants
a visit from the FBI.

A stolen car was dumped
outside of town...

...belonging to a woman from St. Louis.

-Am I getting that right?
-Yes, sir.

And then here, the owner's girlfriend
reports him missing...

...and then his buddy comes by
to check it out and he goes missing too.

Woody and Chet have been known
to drop everything...

...and go boar hunting
when the opportunity arises.

And they don't tell their old Iadies.

Mr. Mahone, I'II bet you my Iunch money
there's nothing amiss around here.

His dad will be showing up soon
with the keys and you can Iook for yourself.

Whoa, what are you doing?

Mr. Mahone.

They're here. Those escaped convicts.
They're here in town.

Who's there?

It's the police, ma'am. You okay?


-Can you tell me what happened?
-There was this strange man.

I made him a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich.

I thought he was Billy.

And once the kids went to sleep,
we'd take a bath.

A Iong bath.

And afterwards, I'd just sit there
and watch her do her routine.

She'd rub her Iotion on, comb her hair...

...dress up in her nighttime fineries.

Oh, you're killing me.

She had this spot on her neck
right here.

Gave her goose bumps every time.

And that perfume....

My ex, he was an accountant.

He was really buttoned up.

It was wham, bam, thank you, Sam.

Well, shame on him.

Why did it end with that Iady
you were talking about?

Just went our separate ways.

Do you know what I think
the best cure is for a broken heart?

Do tell.

Get back on the bike.

Whatever bike it is.

Amen to that.

Speaking of...

...could you do something for me?

I'm certain of it.

Come here.

Only, you have to be very discreet.

They don't come any discreeter.

You know that big guy?

The strong guy that doesn't speak much?

Would you go in there...

...and ask him if he would Iike
to have a drink with me...

...after he punches out?


You've just been playing me
this whole time, haven't you?

Come on.

Don't be Iike that.

Would you just go in
and ask your friend?


-Hey, Dad.
-Sara, I've been trying to reach you.

Uh, yeah, I've been meeting
with my defense attorneys all day.

-You in Washington?
-Yeah, I'm coming back...

...on the next flight.

-I thought you're gonna be there for a while.
-No, plan's changed.

Sara, you remember that guy that I met
with you in your apartment?

I want you to stay away from him.

Who, Lance from my group?

Yeah, yeah, that's him.
He is not who he says he is.

I found out some other things too.

-What are you talking about?
-You were right.

-I gotta go.

Yeah, that's right.


-Just one second, sir.

Thank you.

-Can I help you?
-Just put 40 on three.

I'm sorry, what pump was that?

-That one's been sticking.

-Okay. Then, I'II move the car.
-No. No, don't trouble yourself.

I'II have the mechanic come out
and pump it for you.

I've got a customer waiting on three.

-AII right, I'II be right there.
-I'm in a hurry, all right?

Oh, he'II be right out.
Just one second.

Put your hands behind your head
and drop to your knees.

-Oh, God.

Where are they?

What? What?

Where are they?

Hey, man, one hand or not, I think
hillbilly needs to be up in here digging.

What you think?

Good man.

What the hell are you doing up here?

I'm sorry, Jeanette.

I just didn't see you downstairs.
I heard something.

-I apologize for barging in.
-Don't bother.

She's got the hots for the big strong one.

I'm sorry, Jeanette.
We're gonna get back to work now.

No, I think y'all are done.

And I think y'all need to Ieave now.

We're almost finished.

No, I think you are finished, okay?
And I want you to Ieave my house now.

Sucre, check it out.


Oh, thank God.

-Where you going?
-T-Bag, Iet her go!

Oh, God.

She's our only way out of this, pretty.

Don't say a word, you old whore,
or I'm gonna cut your throat out.