Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 20 - Panama - full transcript

Now that Caroline Reynolds has stepped down as president, she can no longer sign a pardon, so the brothers must immediately disappear, forever. At the pier Sarah realizes she's being tailed and pretends on the phone already to be on board, so they sail without her while she is arrested. Lincoln stops Michael from returning for her. A week later, an FBI bigwig offers C-note a lesser sentence for testimony against Mahone, even freedom and witness protection for his family- bingo. Fernando grabs Bellick's gun while looking for T-bag, but Bellick shows a crucifix to prove he has Maricruz. The scumbag enjoys his fortune with a lady of the street playing his Susan-Q. The brothers arrive at Cristobal, Panama. Meanwhile Malone's team deduces Scofield's tattoos refer to Michael's mother Christina, presumably dead, and he presumes his computer contained much info on Panama for a reason. The man in power grills Kim on a small boat, and decides to change the strategy. Mahone sees through FBI-colleague Wheeler. C-note is reunited with his family and released. The brothers have a fight, torn by guilt for too many innocent people suffering through their well-meaning deeds, then board a yacht, named- Christina. Mahone tells Kim he's not happy with the results as he remains separated from his family, but is told he now needs help to escape, and therefore must go to Mexico- to help T-bag.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break.

I want a presidential pardon
for me and my brother.

WHEELER: If you tell me what's
going on, I can take care of you.

All I need you to do is tell me
exactly what Agent Mahone told you.

I have a job to do, a job
that I'm being made to do.

Pick up the phone! Wait!

Stay right where you are.



What if I know where
you can get $5 million?

Where is it?

I could take you there,

if you didn't have to take me back
to the States and turn me back in.

Three tickets, one
cabin, one way.


Sir, in just a few
minutes, the President

is going to announce a
pardon for Burrows and Scofield.

I regret to inform you

I am stepping down as
President of the United States.

There's only one
thing we can do.

We got to disappear forever.





Very heavy. What
have you got in there?

About 75 pounds of none
of your business, Pedro.

For your troubles.


Go, go, go!

Please. T-Bag. T-Bag,
please. I need that money.

Andale, you son
of a bitch. Andale!

Please, T-Bag, I'm begging you.

Please. Please! No!


SCOFIELD: What time
does the ship leave?

About 10 minutes.

I can't believe
we're running again.

It's different now, man.

You think so? Yeah.

We brought the bitch down.

She stepped down, Linc.

Because of us.

And yet you're still
wanted for murder.

When you came to Fox
River, remember what you said?

You said, "I'm gonna
break you out of here."

I'm alive. You did that.

You want to look for
the good, you look there.

Come on, man, let's just
finish what you started.

Continuing with our top story,

Caroline Reynolds made the
announcement just a short while ago

that she's stepping down as
President of the United States.


We'll be bringing you
more information as we...


Hey, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. I just
heard about the President.

What does it mean?

It means it's time to go.

Okay, when?

Ten minutes. How
far away are you?


Listen, Sara, Linc
and I are on the ship.

This is it.

There's no turning
back now, so...

I know it's not what you
wanted from your life,

but, in case you're interested,
there is room for one more.

Michael Scofield, you asking me
to sail off into the sunset with you?

Well, it's more of
a freighter, but yes.

I'll be there.

I'll see you soon.

She's heading west on Leadwell.

All right.

Stay on her. I'll
be right there.

What the hell's this?

I tried, boss.

You saw how he just took off.

The only thing I'm
seeing is an escaped con

who's begging to be taken norte.

Okay, look, maybe we
could call the cab company

and find out where
T-Bag was dropped off.

Yeah, now you're talking.
I saw some phone...

What's it gonna take for you
to forget you ever found us?

There ain't enough pesos in TJ.

You sure about that?

Go ahead, shoot.

But it might not
be the best idea

seeing as how I'm the only one

who knows where
your chiquita's tied up.

Where is Maricruz?

If I tell you, I'm
as good as dead.

Of course, if you
shoot, so is she.

You're bluffing. Am I?

Let me tell you in words you
might be more familiar with.

She's in the hole, with
enough food and water

to last her about three weeks.

Any longer than that,

your sweet little plum's
gonna dry up like a raisin.

If anything happens
to her, so help me...

Help you? Way I see it,
it's you who's gotta help me.

'Cause you ain't getting
your hands on that girl

till I get my hands
on that money.

Guess that makes us partners.

Here we go.

She's not here.



Sara, what's the matter?
The ship is leaving.


What's wrong?


I'm already on board.

I'm sorry. I must have just
missed you. Where are you?

We're on deck.


I'm on my way up.

Love you.

We good?

MAN: Clear vessels for port
side. Port side, you're free to go.




You have the right
to remain silent.

Son of a bitch.

You have the
right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.

Where is he? I don't know.

No more games, Sara. You
were on your way to see him.

No, I wasn't.

You were just compelled to flee
the custody of a federal agent?


I couldn't find her.


We got to go back.

Michael, you can't.
There's nothing you can do.

There's always
something you can do.

Not this time.

Not this time.

It's done.

I'm sorry.

Scofield or prison.

I just wanted a donut, sir.

Get her a donut. Can we get
her a donut? Get her a donut.

Get her a dozen
donuts! Lock her up!


May, May... May in New Mexico.

Tattoo, 'cause
everything's a tattoo.

Don't, don't, don't you...

These brothers...

Where the hell did
you go, Michael?

SULLINS: So, where
the hell is Mahone?

I don't know, sir. He's been
MIA for the last week or so.

You think he knows I've been
barking up one of his trees?

Mr. Franklin, good afternoon.
This is Richard Sullins,

Director of Internal
Affairs at the FBI.

Which means whenever one of
our people does something wrong,

it's my job to make it right.

How right are we talking about?

Well, let's be clear.

You are a convicted felon.

You broke out of
a state penitentiary.

There's only so much I can do.

Well, there's only
so much I can say.

Now, I'm sorry if I
seem a little bit skeptical,

but the last time a federal
agent came up in here

offering me a deal,

there was a string attached

that I was supposed
to put around my neck.

I've been authorized to
offer you a reduced sentence

in exchange for your testimony
against Agent Mahone.

Instead of 18 years, you'll
be looking at 18 months.

Eighteen months?

All right, you know what?
That man tried to kill me.

So as soon as he
finds out that I'm singing,

I probably won't
even last 18 days.

Mr. Franklin... He
threatened my family.

Now, I need to be out
there protecting them.

So until you can offer
me something like that,

I'm not testifying
to a damn thing.


Free man. You and your family.

Witness Protection, fresh start.

Clean record?

Spick and span.

You put that in writing and
you got yourself a witness.



I knocked, but...

You okay?

What does that look like
to you? There, right there.

It's a triangle.

Yeah, I thought so, too.

How about this? Right there.

It's the mathematical
symbol for pi.


I'm thinking date, area code.

314, that's Missouri.

So you think Scofield's there?

I doubt it.

How's your Greek
alphabet, Agent Lang?

I don't know. I guess it's...

What if I told you that triangle
was a delta and that this...

This here was not the
symbol pi, but the letter?

I didn't see any of those
in the photos of the tattoos.

They weren't in the tattoos.

We pulled these from his
original sketches off the hard drive.

Scofield numbered all
of the steps of his escape.

It's how he kept
everything in order.

But it looks like he didn't use
numbers, that he used letters like...

A sketch of this tattoo.

"Allen Schweitzer"
marked with an alpha,

the first letter of
the Greek alphabet.

First step of his plan.

Epsilon, fifth letter
of the Greek alphabet.

Fifth step in his plan.

Here's theta, kappa...

How about that? Tau?
At the border, right?

Getting closer to the
end. Are you with me?

So you think...

His omega.

The last letter of
the Greek alphabet...

Is the last step of his plan.

What is that?
Christ in a flower?

A rose.

And these numbers,

Could be biblical,
chapter six, verse 17.

Six-17. June 17th.

Oh, what's today?


So whatever his last step is...

It's going to
happen in two days.


What's he saying?

Nothing. The same as the rest.

Maybe he don't comprende.
What's Spanish for INS?

Don't be stupid.
We're in Mexico.

You're the illegal one here.

Hey, it doesn't mean he
ain't got family up north

trying to clean their
way to a green card.

He knows what I'm talking about.




You are too good to me, Suzie Q.


Just how I like it.

How did I get so lucky?

Oh, no, Teddy bear.

I'm the lucky one.

The day I met you
was the day I was born.

We're out of time. No, Susan.

We got our whole lives together.

No, I mean, the hour is up.

I'll take care of
you plenty, okay?

And since we're rolling here,
so let's, you know, get back...

How's it... What's
cooking, good-looking?

I would really feel better
if you paid me up front.

And I told you up front
that if you did this right,

I would take care of you, so...

You paid me for an
hour. The hour is up.

If you want me to stay,
I need more money.

Great, great, you
ruined it. Thanks.

You know, for a second
there, I was actually like,

"This chick has a
brain in her head."

Then, if you did, you wouldn't
be a street whore, right?

You know, I don't know
who this Suzie Q bitch is,

but no wonder she wants
nothing to do with you.

You didn't just call
her a bitch, did you?


I am going to count to three,

and if you don't put your arm
down, I'm going to scream.

One, two...


We made it.

Not yet.

First there's someone
we need to see.

MAHONE: Okay, who's got what?

Christ as a rose is a pretty common
theme that runs through the Bible.

Martin Luther adopted
it as his coat of arms.

And there's the belief that
Christ rose from the dead.

And this is Scofield's
final step, a new life.

Could be something there. Right.

You, keep track
of this on the board.

Where's Wheeler?

Here we go.

The Harmonists, first settlers
of New Harmony, Indiana,

used a golden rose as
their symbol for Christ.

That's a reach.

There's a flower called
the Christmas rose.

Wasn't "Christ Rose"
a German code name

for the counterattack
by the Nazis

that led to the Battle of
the Bulge? Where was that?

Ardennes forest on the
Belgium-Germany border.

Not a bad place to
hide, if they can find it.

So you gonna look
into that? Yeah.

All right, what else?

Christ actually rose from the
dead on Easter, Easter Sunday.

AGENT: Easter Seals.
LANG: Easter Island.

Who's got Scofield's file?

Here we go.

Christ in a rose.

LANG: Yeah, what about it?

It's Scofield's mother's name.

Christina Rose Scofield.

But I thought she was dead.

Well, so did I.

So did I.

The very first thing
that Scofield did

when they broke out of Fox River

is he picked up a
bunch of supplies

that he had stashed in a grave.

I want you to find out where
Scofield's mother's buried.

And what?

And see if she's buried.

Yes, sir.

What about Panama?

What about Panama?

Well, when we
found his hard drive,

it was full of information about
Central America, Panama in particular.

Which he knows you have.

The guy's got all
kinds of hubris,

but he's smart enough
to stay out of a country

where he knows
you'll be waiting for him.

Unless there's something
there that he needs. Or someone.

I want a map of Panama,

and find out if Scofield's
mom, Christina Rose,

has any family in Central
America, any property, anything.

The last time I was on a bus like
this, I was heading to Fox River.

Man, this country's
amazing. It's beautiful.

What's that smell, man?

Bananas and sugar cane.

That's Panama's biggest exports.

Come on, man.

You've been talking about
Panama and bumpy bus rides

ever since we broke out,

and now that we're
actually doing it...

She should have
been here with us.

You got all the time
in the world for that.

Some ways down the
track, you and Sara...

Can we just get there, please?




So far no hits on any connection

between Scofield's
mother and Panama,

but there are 38
listings of Christina Rose

in various combinations of first
name, middle name, and last name.

All right, cross-reference
the names

with the number
617 from the tattoo.

Maybe it's not a date.

See if it's an address,
P.O. box. Got it.

If anybody pops,
call the embassy,

have them send an officer to
pick up the woman for questioning.

I don't think we can just arrest
a foreign citizen without any...

Patriot Act, Agent Lang.

I could arrest your grandmother

for missing a stitch in
her macrame if I wanted to.

If anybody's helping Scofield, dead
or alive, I want to know who they are.

That her?


Hola, Mrs. Vasquez.

You're late.

It's much later than
the date you said.

Well, we ran into
a little bit of trouble.

Who is this?

It's a business associate.

Christina Rose. I remember.

You will find her here.


I'll meet you outside.

I forgot to ask something.

All right.

Do you have a phone I could use?


Yes, I need an international
operator, please.

United States.

It's 312-346...

What the hell are you doing?

Making a phone call.

You can't.

We don't even know if
she's alive or dead, Linc.

If Sara's in custody,
they got her phone.

You want to get caught?




Three things I hate, Alex.

Traffic, hockey,

and calling you with the
same question over and over.

Well, then don't
call me anymore,

but I do believe the
brothers are in Panama.

Is that so?

The key to exactly where is
on one of Scofield's tattoos.

While I'm thrilled you've
narrowed it down to a country,

that's not why we're talking.

Benjamin Miles
Franklin is alive.

I'm aware of that, yeah.

And being released from custody.

That's not possible. They would
need permission from my office.

Good to know you're
on top of things.

Find me Agent Wheeler.

He'll see you now.

Forgive me for asking, sir, but
couldn't we be doing this in my office?

It'd be much more comfortable.

I felt we needed
to speak freely.

For the next several hours,

this is what those in the intelligence
community refer to as a "blind spot."

Something to do with the
position of the sun, I'm told.

Disrupts long-distance
recording devices.

If I may apologize again, sir,

for the unfortunate
outcome with the President.

I know how important
she was to our interests,

and I assure you that
moving forward, I'll...

You won't be moving anywhere

until you can explain to
me how this happened.

The brothers,
they're making it...

Still alive.


It appears they were
able to flee the country.

To where?

Mr. Mahone seems to
believe they're in Panama.

Does our Mr. Mahone know
where exactly in Panama they are?

Not yet.


How much do you know
about Sona, Mr. Kim?

Only what I've been
given clearance on.

Perhaps what our situation
requires is a change in strategy.

WHEELER: How long
until the court approves

the arrest warrant for Mahone?

SULLINS: Should be anytime now.

We're just waiting for the
indictment to come down.

Okay, well, I've got
a question for you.

What if he's in there?

I can't keep avoiding him.

He reads people.
That's what he does.

And if he finds out
that I'm involved in this,

I'm gonna need
some protection...

Wheeler, relax. Take a breath.

The only thing Mahone can
read is what you write for him.

Can you act normal?

That's all you have to do.

The last thing we want is for
him to get spooked and take off.

This is all gonna be over soon.

All right. Thank you.

No. Thank you.


Where you been?

I got to do this.

What are you doing,
Alex? I'm not wearing a wire.

You gonna tell me
what's going on here?

In old England,

the punishment for a
traitorous act was beheading.

Following the execution,

they would hold up the
severed head by the hair,

not, as most people think,
for the crowd to see the head,

but for the head
to see the crowd,

because consciousness sticks
around for another eight seconds.

The idea was that it
would give the traitor

one more chance
to take a look at...

You don't want to do this, okay?

Just take a moment...

If you're gonna stab me
in the back, Agent Wheeler,

be smart enough
to cover up the knife.

You go and visit Franklin
three times this week,

called Sullins,
what, twice a day?

Didn't you learn
anything working for me?

You got to cover your
tracks, unless you...

Unless you want to get caught.

You wanted me
to know it was you.

You're a killer, Alex.

Is that so?

Soil samples
taken from your yard

in connection with the
disappearance of Oscar Shales.

Forensics is prepared
to submit a report

detailing the irregularities in the
shooting of David "Tweener" Apolskis.

There's your blatant
disregard for protocol

in the death of John Abruzzi...

And the escaped con who
says that I told him to kill himself.

You think his testimony is gonna
send you into the promised land.

You can erase me, too.

But it's not gonna
erase the very real fact

that you're gonna spend
the rest of your life in prison.

You know,

you remind me of myself
when I was a young agent.


I wish I could take
that as a compliment.

That's some real
fine work, Wheeler.

Good job done.

Don't you let anyone scare
you into doing the wrong thing.

Let me take you in.

Whatever mess you're
in, we can clean it up.

There's only one way
to clean this, one way.

Hey, got a visitor.

Yeah, who? I don't know.

I was just instructed
to bring you down.

Hey, look, I ain't going nowhere

until you tell me who it
is I'm meeting, all right?

You guys, just stop it. Listen
to me for a second, all right?

That's all you got to do
is go out there and check.

Look, man, the guy's
kind of tall, okay?

It's the least that
you can do. Huh?



Oh, my God. Come here.

Oh, Daddy loves you so much.


So, is it real?

He says you're gonna go free,
that we don't have to run anymore.

I mean, what happened?
What changed?

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't you worry about it.

You just know that
your man handles things.

Ain't that right? That's right.

Okay. I don't
believe it, but okay.

Benjamin, if I could
just have a quick word.

Yeah. Hey.

Why don't you go down the hall

for just a quick second, okay?

I'll be right there. Okay.

Here it is.

New address, new identities.

Now, the prosecutor's gonna
be getting in touch with you

to go over your testimony,

so you just make
sure you show up

where he says and when he says.

Yeah, okay, okay.

But I'm a free man, right?

Free man.

Wait a minute.

What about Mahone, you know?

'Cause I don't want to be
looking over my shoulder

for the rest of my
life, you feel me?

You let me worry about Mahone.

You just worry about
staying out of trouble.

You ain't gonna have a
problem with that, trust me.

Don't screw it up.

How much further?

Not far.

You know, for what it's worth,

no one forced Sara
to do what she did.

Whatever gets you
through the night.

What the hell does that mean?
I didn't ask you to use her.

It's not that simple.

Whatever gets you
through the night, buddy.

You know what amazes me, Linc?

Nothing ever registers
with you. Ever.

Just rolls right off
your back, doesn't it?

We ruined Sara's life, and
it's like you don't even care.

Is that what you think?

Well, we're here, and
Sara's back there in prison.

Does that seem fair
to you? None of it's fair.

Just don't make this
about boy loses girl.

Who should it be about, Linc?

Westmoreland? Tweener? LJ?

Let me stop you right there.

Do you remember the name
of the guard that was murdered

because of the riot I started?

Shut up, Michael.

Do you even remember his name?

I bet you remember Veronica's
name, though, don't you?

You mention her name
again, I swear to God...

What about T-Bag? Linc, he's
out there now, because of us!

You and me!

Every life he takes,
that's blood on our hands.

And for what?

I didn't ask you
to do what you did.

They were gonna kill you, Linc!

Well, maybe you
should've let them!

Take that back.

As bad as I feel about
Sara, she had a choice.

Veronica didn't.

I listened to her die, Michael.

I listened to her die, and
there was nothing I could do.


We've lost so much, man.

We can't afford
to lose each other.

We just can't.


Going somewhere, Alex?

I don't know. Am I?

Come on. You know I don't
like to get my hands dirty.

It's surprising the things a man
will do when properly motivated.

Wasn't it you who told me that?

You know, I would
kill you right now

if I thought it would give
me an ounce of peace.

And what would give you peace?

I've been able to hold it
together through all this

because there was a light
at the end of the tunnel.

Life at the end of the
tunnel for me, for my family.

And now what? Do you see my son?

Do you see my wife?

What have I got? What
have you given me?

What if I was to tell you

that there was something that
could turn that light back on?

What would you say?

I'd say that's the
same offer you made

when you dragged me
into this, you little bastard.

And look where it's got me now.

They're gonna drag
me before the public.

They're gonna prosecute
me like some kind of murderer.

There's evidence. Really
hard, tangible evidence

that you can't take away.

You're right.

But I can help you get away.

And, at this point, I don't think
you've got any other options.

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
was apprehended in Mexico.

Let me guess, you want him dead.

Oh, no.

There's been a
change in strategy.

We're gonna need him alive.

I'm talking about a very
real finish line here, Alex.

You've come so far.

How much further
would I have to go?

Well, you're lucky.

For this, you only
have to go to Panama.

I'm trying to
remember the last time

our lives made
any kind of sense.

Before Mom died.

When it was just
the three of us.

Well, there she is.


Hello, Lang.

What's going on? I mean,
there's all kinds of suits over here

going through your office.

I'll explain later.

All right.

Did you get the fax? No. Why?

What do you got?

Some information on Christina
Rose you might find interesting.

Looks like she was commissioned

about four months before
Scofield robbed that bank,

by a builder in Panama
named Amparo Vasquez.

Son of a bitch.

She's beautiful.

Yeah, she's not the real thing.

So where to, man?

Anywhere we want.

So is it really over?

Yeah. Yeah, baby,
it's really over.




What is it, baby?



Let's go home.

Okay, so we checked the
train station in Malinalco,

the bus depot in Puebla,

and just about
every hotel there is.



Hey, hey, hey,
slow down, Sancho.


It's for you.


That was the guy from
the tourism bureau.

He found him. Where?

An E. Stammel just boarded
a plane to Panama City.

What the hell's he
doing in Panama?

Speak English?

Say, "Good morning, Teddy."

Good morning, Teddy.

So, then, actually, no,
you don't speak English.

Hablan ingles around here?


Say, "Good morning, Teddy."

Good morning, Teddy.

Say, "Good morning, Teddy bear."

Good morning, Teddy bear.

You like wigs?

For the right money,
I like anything.

There's nothing.

Nothing online
about Sara's arrest.

Maybe they're keeping it quiet.

What about the message
board? The goldfinch thing?

Just something
from C-Note and...

There is a message from Sucre.

Still running, huh?


Sucre says T-Bag's
here, in Panama.

How the hell did he know?

I don't know.

He says, "The Bag
still has the bag.

"He's in Panama City at
the Fin Del Camino Hotel.

"If you're there and want to
help put that bird back in a cage,

"let me know. Sucre."

What the hell is that son
of a bitch doing in Panama?

We got to go after him.

Just let it be, man. We
don't need the money.

It's not about the money, Linc.

Whatever good we
do from here on out,

it doesn't matter as
long as T-Bag's out there.

Michael, we made it.
So much has gone wrong.

If we could just...

If we could just
make this right.

Panama City is
only an hour away.

And now we know
where he's staying.

So call the police.

There's a reason I chose Panama.

There's no extradition laws.

They're not going to touch him.

So what are you gonna do?

I'll figure something out.

Figure it out? You don't take
a piss without a plan, man.

Come on. Look at me. I
never think things through,

and look where it got me.

Yeah, Panama and
a boatload of booze.

You got me that. I got
me a death sentence.

Look, let's just get out to
sea, think things through.

When the time's
right, we make it right.


MAN ON PA: Trans Panamanian
Airlines Flight 271 to Panama

now boarding all the
first class passengers.

Again, we are boarding
for Panama City...

See you soon.

Home sweet home.

I got the booze, but
the limes are shot.