Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 19 - Sweet Caroline - full transcript

C-note has jumped with the noose around his neck, but is saved by jailers; he has Mahone told he'll still do it. At a Chicago hotel, president Caroline Reynolds is expected for a speech. ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Let me get this straight.

Brothers come to a city that's 15 miles
from the prison they escaped from. Why?

The president's in Chicago to make
a speech, they're up to something.

Legally speaking,
this tape is useless.

So we blackmail her.
- In exchange for what?

A presidential pardon.

We gonna keep crying about
money you've got coming to you?

Or do you wanna make some more?
- I'm listening.

Ever been to Mexico?

When's the meal coming?
I'm starved.

Freshen me up when you get a chance.


Check this bag for you, sir.
- Oh, no, that's coming with me.

Sir, I know that bag is way over
the weight limit for carryon.

Your bag will be safe.

They're watching you.
But from where? There.

President Reynolds ruined your life,
she ruined my life.

You wanna take the bitch down?

You found your inside man,
but it's gotta be right now.

Have either of these men checked in?

Room 1006.

Later you'll get a package in your cell.
It's from me.

I need you to use it, okay?

Open on 4.

I need a hand in here.

I need a medic in B-4.
- Let me die.


Let me die.
- Save your breath.

A large crowd is gathering along Wabash
Avenue here in downtown chicago,

They're anticipating the arrival
of President caroline Reynolds,,,

...who continues her tour with an
appearance at the Grand carlisle Hotel,

Inner circle approaching the
south perimeter, Mark One,

Marker Two,

Marker Three,


I think you better go.

You sure?
- Yeah.

Thank you for your help.
There's nothing more you can do for us.

Doesn't feel right.

I don't think you want any part of this.
Thank you.

It's 10 minutes away, right?
- At least.

Listen, this doesn't work,
we're gonna need a way out.

For good.
- Well, that's on you.

What about Derek?

Derek sweeney?
- Yeah.

You think he'll be up for this?
- Yeah.

All right.

This is your neck of the woods.
You wanna meet at the park?

How's Third and Racine?
- Third and Racine.

3:15, the corner.
I'll be there.

If anything happens...

...I love you both.


Go, go, go.

Sit down.

When were they here?
Five, 10 minutes?

They were never here.
- They were here. I know.

Where did they go?

I don't know.
- No, you do know.

He decided it was for the best
and I couldn't take this anymore.

It's over, just like that, huh?
- Yeah.

It's over like you flew to New Mexico on a
dead woman's ID to meet up with him?

Or it's over like when you met up
at the train station in Evansville?

Or maybe like the day today, when you
checked in this hotel here two hours ago.

Which one?
- I don't care if you believe me or not.

I'm telling you the truth.
- No call. He's not gonna call you?

Don't lie to me.
You don't wanna do that.

Excuse me,
can you tell me where to find?

Hey, hombre.


Hey, I need the phone,

Listen to me, man.
It needs to be today.

My family is in trouble, all right?
There's a man out there...

...trying to hurt my...
- Your family's fine.

There's nobody after your family.
- Look at me, man.

Look, I'm not crazy, okay?

I know the rules.

I wouldn't be asking you if
it wasn't an emergency.

Please, just let me use that phone.


Agent Lang.
- Yeah, yeah,

I... I need to speak to Mahone, please,

Can I have him return?
- Listen, this is Benjamin Miles Franklin.

And I need to speak to Mahone right away.

It's Franklin for Mahone.
- I'll take it.

This is Agent Wheeler.
I don't believe we've met before.

I need to speak to Mahone.

Something I can help you with?


...I wanna leave a message for him.

You tell him,

You tell him that I'll do what
he wants me to do, okay?

I just need a little bit more time.
I'll do it.

Just don't hurt them.

You hear me?
Don't hurt them.

What's up?

Excuse me.

Are you crazy? What are you doing here?
- Keep your voice down. Keep it down.

How you been?
You all right?

It's good to see you, man.
- You too, brother.

If the guys knew you were here,
they might not be cool about it.

I ain't hanging around, man.
I need a favor.

You owe me.
- I do. You know I do.

Look, it's...

Look, it's just your situation right now.
I mean, I just had a kid, a baby boy...

...and I... I promised Maria...
- I didn't come here to cause trouble.

I'm short on friends.
I need you to hook me up.

You're the only one who can do
it without the green up front.

I'm serious about this, man.
Here. I need it.

I'll give it a shot.

By when?
- AsAP.

Tomorrow? The next day?
- Now.


All right, Linc.
Come with me.

Stand by,
Marker six,

Escort team,
stand by,

Okay, stand by for exit,

Seven clear,

Approaching hotel entrance,

Everything looks clear,

He's over the line. Got him.
- Take him, Take him down,

Get some hands on that guy,
- Hold it still,

Detain him, Detain him,
- Get him on ground,

Talk to that guy,

Who saw him go down?
Any press?

We got him down pretty
quick but you never know.

Somebody may have gotten a shot.
- Check around.

Confiscate cameras if you need to.

Put out a statement
before rumors get started.

And get everyone out of here.

- We're still waiting for the response from...

You and I both know that this situation
requires us to abandon protocol.

I don't know what you need to tell them,
but I need your men to leave.


Yes, sir.

Where's your brother?

I need to see the president.
- Really?

And you think that's a possibility?

She'll want to hear what I have to say.
- Oh, I highly doubt that.

The only person you get to talk to... me.

And the only way you're gonna
live through the next hour... if you tell me where
to find your brother.


He's in a safe place.
- Be more specific.


...a place you will never find him.

I had the honor... attend Mountbrook Military Academy...

...whose missi?n it is... ensure the greatness of this country,
its future leadership...

...encouraging patriotism...

...building a strong moral foundation
and providing the service of men...

...committed to the values of honor,
freedom and country.

But, first and foremost...

...they taught you this.

How do you say "cherries" again?

Looks like you have to get more cerezas.

Mami, I got you a hundred pistachios.

With the right amount of salt too.
- Well, it's a combination. I need both.

Why am I sucker for you, huh?

What? What's she saying?
- That looks like T-Bag.


He said he was trying to steal
luggage from the airport.

He's got five million dollars.
Why would he...?

Unless he doesn't have it.

Unless he lost it there.

Stop it, Fernando.
- What?

Do you really believe that
that money is at the airport?

Hey, forget it.
Look at what we have together.

Do you really wanna risk that?

We have everything that we need.

Except your cerezas.
- Right.

I'll be right back.


I'll be right back.

You gotta know it's not real hard
for me to recognize a junkie.

L... I...
I'm saying you don't look so good.

I'm fine.

You mind me asking what you're taking?

Here, you want one?
- No, that's okay.

Save it for later.


Benzodiazepine's a
hard-core tranquilizer, man.

Take these every day?

Twenty milligrams.

You must feel like you're
walking underwater.

I do.

It's very quiet down here.

That's why you started, right?
The peace and quiet?

That's not why you do it anymore though,
is it?

Now it's the headaches, right?
And you probably don't sleep.

And you know you're gonna
destroy yourself, right?

I haven't ruled that out as a possibility.

Hope we hear from your boyfriend.

There's one difference between
me and Agent Mahone.

He doesn't know the value of a bird in the
hand. He keeps beating around that bush.

But if you don't give up Burrows,
I don't care.

One down, one to go.
- I need to talk to Mr. Scofield.


Madam President.

Could I...

...have a word?

It wouldn't be prudent for me to
leave you alone with Mr. Scof...

My men are right outside this door.
I have a right to privacy.

Your rights...

...aren't my first concern.

Do I need to remind you
who you are talking to?

Step outside and close
the door behind you.

The things you do for your brother.

It's impressive.

I could say the same for you.

But I won't.
- Bear in mind...

...your opinion means little to me.

This tape.

You have it with you?


But I can arrange for you to hear it.

You don't make arrangements for me,
Mr. Scofield.

I have people for that.

I'm not exactly sure what is on this tape...

...but I doubt it's of any interest to me.

It's a recorded conversation
between you and your brother.

Well, out of millions of conversations that
I had with my brother during his lifetime...

I'll narrow it down for you.

It was recorded sometime after his death.

And this...

...particular conversation... might wanna keep in the family.

And where is it?

Twenty different copies
in 20 different locations.

I can call my brother right now.

He can play it for you.

Not on the phone.
Have him bring it here.

These are the terms.

You can hear it over the phone...

...or you can hear it on the news.

It's up to you.

You know,
it's why I started.

Started what?

Same reason as you.

Why? Because you had to stay
up all night during residency?

Because the bass player dumped
you in front of the whole sorority?

Yeah, you and I got a lot in common.

I've seen people die too.

I'm assuming you didn't make them die.

You need help.

Not what I'm looking for.

For your sake,
I hope your boyfriend calls back real soon.


Where the hell's everybody?


Hey, lookie here.
Good old sucre.

What'd you do?
Where are they? Maricruz.

Hey, hey, hey.
Keep your cap on.

Out picking apples for the snuffaluffagus.

Lf you ever...
- Calm down.

They're gonna walk back
in here any minute.

Which means trouble.

Unless you wanna see me try out the new
T-20-Z on your bella muchacha Mari-poon.

I think you better come with me.


Lincoln Burrows?

Caroline Reynolds.

I understand you have something for me.

You still there?
- Oh, I'm here,

It's good to finally talk to you.

Wish I had the chance one of those
242 nights I spent on death row, you...

Please, just play the tape.

It's awful,
I know,

But the choice was clear,
You needed to be far away from all of this,

I am, I'm the Isle of Terrence,
far off to sea,

But I'm still here for you,

Now, listen to me,
Don't dwell on the negative,

some people deserve to dwell, Caroline.

You know I'm only a phone call away.

And three thousand miles.

Do you know how cold it is here?

We talked about this, Terrence,

You knew that you would be lonely,
but it's only temporary,

His appeals process has started already,

This is gonna fly by quicker than your 20s,

And soon the worid will
forget all about him,,,

...and they'll forget about you too.
I promise.

But...'s killing me not being able to see you...

...sweet Caroline.
- I wanna see you too.

But that can't happen right now,
- This house is so big.

I just...
I just think of you...

...lying in bed.

I know. Me too.
- Your warmth, your touch.

Was it quick...

...when he killed himself?

Well, it was a lot quicker
than how my father died.

They shot him in the back.

He died in my arms.

I just wanna know what happened.

Your brother apologized.

He said he was sorry and then he
blew his brains out all over the wall.

It was quick...

...and it was his decisi?n.

And now it's time for you to make yours.

No, no, no, no. Man, you know,
I... I can't... I can't do it. I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

You don't get it,
do you?

You can't stop this guy.

Not without your cooperation,
I can't. But if you talk to me...

...if you tell me what's going on,
I can take care of you, okay?

You've gotta trust me,
Mr. Franklin.

I can help you.

C- Note, right?

Yeah, whatever.

All I need you to do is tell me exactly
what Agent Mahone told you.

If you give me Mahone,
I'll give you your life back.

God's been smiling down on me,
I can tell you that.

First I caught up to Haywire up in Algoma.

He did a dive off an elevator
before they could put him away...

...but I still get the reward.
- Wait, wait. He's dead?

Yep. Like a gnat on a Peterbilt.
Hope you don't take the same route, sucre.

Hell, no. I got plenty reasons to live.
- I hope a few of them are in Fox River.

Or maybe if you play nice,
I'll throw your Maricruz a couple of bills.

After I turn you in.
- How much are you getting for us?

A hundred grand. I bet you never
thought your ass would be worth all that.

Wait, wait, wait.

What if I know where you
can get 5 million dollars?

You heard me.

Where is it?
- I could take you there...

...if you didn't have to take me back
to the states and turn me back in.

Where is it?

T- Bag's in town.

I made my commitment a long time ago.

I agreed to put my country ahead of myself,
like a mother does for a child.

And I thought...

...that what I was doing was noble
and that I would be rewarded.

You were wrong.

Don't you see that I'm a pawn in this too?

The power that has
taken over this country... like a cancer and it will stop at nothing.

It is out of my control.
- So is this.

Tell me what you want from me.

Uncuff me.

I don't have the keys.
- You'll get them.

Second, I want you to arrange for
me to walk away from here alone.

No surveillance.


And finally...

...I want a presidential pardon
for me and my brother...

...fully exonerating us of all our crimes.

And I want it today.

I can't just hand out
pardons to anyone I choose.

There is a process, rules.
- This is no exception.

A document will be delivered for
your approval just like any pardon.

You'll sign it and then file it...

...with the attorney general,
who'll submit it to Presidential Record.

I will sign whatever you need me to sign.

That's very kind.
But we both know that's not enough.

What do you want from me?

I will unlock you myself,
walk you out of here.

What, you want me to
drive you to the airport?

I guess I'm not as trusting as I used to be.
Especially with paperwork.

It's so easy to lose.

Now, I want you to go out
there in front of everyone...

...and announce our full pardon on live TV.

You're insane.

That is not the way things are done.

This is not a vacuum.
People will ask questions.

On stage. Now.

And how do I know that you won't
release the tape an hour later?

You don't.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

Well, I need more than that.
- Well, you're not gonna get it.

Caroline...'s time.

Make your choice.

Adams, I need you to uncuff the detainee
and bring him here to be released.

What are you doing?

I am going to make an announcement
pardoning Mr. Scofield and his brother...

...and he will walk away unharmed.

Are you out of your mind?

He has brought some
indisputable evidence to light.

We could end this all,
right now.

You're gonna let them walk?

I am the commander in chief,
and you are a corporate lackey.

I am making the calls now.
You have no authority.

My men will see to it...

...that Mr. Scofield walks away
without the interference...

...of you and your pit bulls.

You alone?
- Yeah.

How'd you do?
- Three tickets, one cabin, one way.


I owe you.
- No. We're even.

These are for you.
- Nice.

And this.

What's this?
- Eddie. When you broke out...

...he bet me a hundred bucks
you'd be caught in a week.

I said, no way.
Not the Linc I know.

Figured I'd split it with you.

So this is it, huh?


Good luck.

You take care. All right.
- You too.

You be safe.

This is your neck of the woods.
- Yeah. How's Third and Racine?

I'll be there.

I don't wanna do this.
I really don't.

What are you talking about?

You can't say that I didn't
give you a choice... never take the easy way.

And I noticed that about you.

I should never expect it to be any
different but I have a job to do...

...a job that I'm being made to do.

Pick it up, sara.

Sara, pick it up.

Pick up.
- Wait, wait.

Don't move.

Just don't...
Don't move.

Okay, I need the phone.
Give me the phone.

Stay right where you are, please.

You don't really wanna do this.

You don't know the first
thing about what I want.

You got my message?
- Yeah,

I got her.
- She's on her way out.

Follow her,
She'll take you right to Scofield,


...we need to talk.

In just a few minutes,
the president... going to announce a
pardon for Burrows and scofield.

As you're well aware,
this is quite a departure.

She's always been willing to play ball
but I think we need to take some action.


...I hate to disturb you...

...but I'm not sure you realize the
gravity of what she's about to do.

- Sara.

It worked.
- The pardon?

She's announcing it any minute.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
Michael, that's amazing.

Just get here, okay?

I'm on...

...Highland. It's a warehouse that
runs right down to the water.

Yeah, I'm on my way.

We did it.
- Yeah?

What happened to your face, man?

If you wanna take the ride... gotta buy the ticket.

Yeah, right. Well, Derek hooked us up
with a cabin on one of those freighters.

South America via the Great Lakes.

Well, we're not gonna need that.
But this is appreciated.

One more time, bro.

We did it?
- It's done.

I wish I could've seen the look on her face.

No, you don't.

Oh, yeah,
I do.

- She's gonna do it.


The president is now taking the stage
here at the Grand carlisle Hotel,

The 2-hour delay in her appearance,,,

...due to an investigation characterized
by Press secretary Ryan Berg... "an over-zealous fan"...

You are not going to do this.
- I'm afraid I am.

Developments you need to be aware of.
- I have made my decisi?n...

...and I would appreciate you
not second-guessing me.

I don't think you understand.
We know your secrets too.

We can reveal them just as easily.

You need to ask yourself who
you fear more. Michael scofield...

...or us?

You've got 30 seconds.
- Yeah.

I won't keep you.

The worid is waiting.
- Ten seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the President of the United States,

Nine, eight, seven, six, five...

...four, three, two...

Thank you for waiting so
patiently all afternoon.

If it were not for the support
of this great state... home state of Illinois...

...I would not be here today.

Which is why I have chosen today... make this very
important announcement.

A situation has recently come to light...

,,, and I feel that I must take action,

It is my job as president
of this great country,,,

,,, to make rational decisions,,,

,,, when I am given facts,

Decisions that are best not
for me but for the people.

And so...

...after much consideration...

,,, I regret to inform you,,,

...that I have been diagnosed with
a highly malignant form of cancer.

And because of that reason,,,

...I am no longer fit to serve
as your commander in chief.

In the best interest of this country,
effective immediately...

...I am stepping down as
president of the United states.

Ladies and gentlemen,
in a shocking announcement,,,,

If she ain't the president,
the tape's useless.

She can't pardon anyone.

We got nothing.

She will no longer serve as the president,

There's only one thing we can do.

We gotta disappear.