Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 16 - Chicago - full transcript

Sara meets Michael and Lincoln in a train station in Evansville, Indiana; when she sees Kellerman with them, she becomes disturbed and upset. Kellerman tells that she has a key of a private cigar club in Chicago. Caroline calls Kellerman and he tells that he is heading to Chicago by train, and she promises his life back, inclusive the chief of staff position. T-Bag tells Susan that they are passing through an "adjustment period" in their lives; when she tells him that she will have a guest called Patty Wallace, T-Bag welcomes Patty with a magnificent family brunch and uses the strong father figure to discipline Zack, seducing the guest with his charm and attitude. Wheeler is reporting the actions of Mahone to the FBI Headquarter and they find that Haywire killed a man in Algoma, Wisconsin. Mahone visits Bellick in River Fox, releases him using a habeas-corpus to make his dirty work, and gives a car, a pistol and an FBI badge to the despicable man. Bellick chases and traps Haywire, and waits for Mahone. In Benson, Minnesota, C-Note and Dede are leaving a snack bar when an addicted thief announces a heist. When Kellerman sees a road block on the train, he realizes that he was betrayed.

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Previously on Prison Break:

- Where is it?
- Go to hell.

You did this to yourself.

Sara, if you're listening, I only hope
by now you've found your safe haven.

I took advantage of you and put you in a
place that's every doctor's nightmare.

Sara Tancredi. You know her well?

I'd know her better if you
get my ass moved.

- I'll talk to the warden.
- Another Chance, Safe Haven.

Those are the names of some of the
chapters in the book they use in A.A.

Don't make no mistake about it.
We will be a family if it kills us.

That's your map?

- What happened to your arm?
- My dad drinks too.

My tummy hurts.

She needs that medicine.
She can't go two days without it.

Kacee's going into the system now.
Aiding an escaped con.

- I'll turn myself in.
- Kacee said you need to run.

If you turn yourself in,
Dede won't have either of you.

- Michael, I want this to be over.
- That makes two of us.

It's looking at whatever
your father gave you.

It's just a key.

If I may, sir.
The president, she could be useful.

Madame President?

I want you to come home, Paul.

But not with those brothers
running around the country.

- Caroline.
- Please bring them in, Paul.

And everything can go back
to the way it was.

Agent Kellerman.

Paul, where are you?

- Out in the cold, remember?
- I'm speaking in Chicago tonight.

Yeah, well...



It's funny how you only call me
when you need me.

- Maybe funny's not the right word.
- All of this can go away, Paul.

- Can it?
- Yes.

I am the president of the United States.

Please just come back to Chicago
and turn Burrows and Scofield in.

I promise you that I will make everything
go back to the way it was.

- I have to go.
- Just come back, Paul.

I need you.

You actually think we have a shot?

It depends
on what your father gave you.

This fell out of his pocket when I found
him. I don't recognize the insignia, do you?


But, uh...

Sara, we've got someone working
with us now.

Good morning, sunshine.

How'd you sleep?

I tell you what.

I'll go unlock the kids
and make us all breakfast.

No, I'll get the kids.

- No.
- I insist.


I'll get the kids.

And my hand cream will make them
rope burns feel better.

It won't work.

Of course it will.
Says right here on the bottle:

- "Soothes skin irritations and... "
- No. This.

It won't work. I've got a job.
The kids have school.

We're all gonna get back
to our normal routines...

...once this little
adjustment period is over.

- There's someone coming over today.
- Who?

This woman, Patty,
from the Welcome Wagon Committee.

- Call her and cancel.
- I don't have her number.

And if she shows up
and I don't answer the door...

...she's gonna know
something's wrong.


Teddy bear.

You need to go.

If she recognizes you...

I don't want you to get in trouble.

That's nonsense.

It's no trouble.

No trouble at all.

Wakey-wakey, children.

Hi, Sara.

What's done is done.
We all want the same thing.

You didn't tell us you left her to die.

I was scaring her.

I would've pulled her out.

No. No,
you left me in there to drown.

I wonder how long
you can hold your breath.

- Maybe we should find out.
- You need me and you know it.

You need me.
You need me and you know it.

Why? Why do we need him? We have
the key. We'll find out what it's for.

I can tell you what that key's for
right now.

It's to a private cigar club.



We have to hurry.

We have to hurry, Larry.
I did a bad thing.

I did a very bad thing.

All gas stations.

On 80, 30, 77.

I want Scofield and Burrows' pictures
on each and every gas pump.

If they have no fuel,
they can't get anywhere.

- Sir.
- What?

We might need to divert our attention
away from Scofield and Burrows.

- Why would I do that?
- One of the escapees just killed a civilian.


A man fitting his description was spotted
running from the scene of a brutal homicide.

It happened in Algoma, Wisconsin.

It's less than four hours
from the president.

Call the field office in Madison
and have them get some agents out there.

- I'll notify headquarters.
- I didn't say headquarters.

Are you not following direct orders?

Oh, I'm following direct orders, sir.

Just not from you anymore.

Everything goes through headquarters
from now on.

May I?


You heard about Patoshik?

Just now.


- He goes.
- Come on.

The man is mentally ill.
He doesn't know anything.

Patoshik was one of Scofield's
cellmates for a while.

He's included in the escape.
Who knows what he knows.

- Scofield and Burrows are still out.
- Don't worry about Scofield and Burrows.



Patoshik goes.

Take care of it.

Hi. Are you in charge of seating?

- Yeah. Can I help you?
- Agent Paul Kellerman, Secret Service.

I'm transporting a fugitive to Chicago.
I need you to clear a car for me.

- A fugitive?
- That's right.

It's just, we're already near capacity,
I mean...

You want us to rub elbows
with the passengers?

- No, sir.
- Okay.

What's he wanted for?

Killing people.

- Good Lord.
- Make it happen.

Come on. Follow me.

It's gonna be all right.

If you say so.

We use him to get what we need...

...then we dump him.


I'm sorry you got involved in this.

The fact that you're helping us... means a lot.

Thank you.

The other riders aren't in any danger,
are they?

I mean, should I make an announcement
or anything?

You want pandemonium?

- No, sir.
- Okay, then no announcements, all right?

Keep everybody out of this car
and everything's jake.

I've done this a million times,
never had a problem.

Yeah. Will do.

Let's go.

For all passengers
going to Chicago...

...we will be stopping at stations...

We'll be in Chicago in about five hours.

You wanna get some rest?

You okay?



You don't look good.

I helped you with Sara Tancredi, and you
were supposed to get me into Ad Seg.

I tried.

But your new warden...

...straight as an arrow...

...but I might be able
to do you one better than Ad Seg.

You found Scofield and Burrows
through the Russian girl, right?

Yeah, Nika. Why?

And you tracked down Bagwell
by following Susan Hollander.

Yeah. And I blow my nose
with my right hand...

...and I wipe my ass with my left.
What of it?

I've got very powerful people behind me
that want me to finish my job.

They can push the quickest habeas corpus
proceedings the courts have ever seen.

The paperwork's sitting on the
right person's desk as we speak...

...setting forth all the constitutional
violations in your prosecution.

It's just waiting to be rubber-stamped.

And what do I have to do?

You just find those cons.

Only this time...'re gonna do it for me.

Unofficially, under the radar,
no paper trail.

I need a junkyard dog who's willing
to do the ugly things it takes... bring a con to justice.

Are you my dog, Brad?

Damn hell yeah, I am.

This is delicious.

What'd you call it again?

That, my dear Pattycake, is what my auntie
back in 'Bama used to call hobo chicken... part chicken, two parts spice,
three parts actual hobo.

Oh, come on.

I know...

...fowl isn't part of a traditional
brunch, per se...

...but I have found a lean meat
can act as an aperitif... awaken the palate...

...for more subtle flavors
and textures...

...such as...


- Pumpkin cinnamon bread
with fresh strawberries and cream.

Oh, boy.

Now, how did you two meet?


After my...


...I was volunteering
with some other amputees.

My parish back home
did an exchange program...

...with churches all over this fine country
and, well...

...the good Lord just saw fit to plop
my country rump right down... the pew right beside my Suzie Q.

And you just stole her heart.

I'm a regular one-armed bandit.

Mrs. Wallace.

Teddy just bought me a brand-new bike.

- It's out in the garage. Wanna go see?
- Sure.

We have got company.

Oh, that's okay.

No, it's not. It's rude.
Zack knows better, ain't that right?

You do know better, Zack.

You gotta have discipline.

Without a strong father figure,
a young man might just end up in prison.

Since you are such a fan...

...of Elaine's store-bought blueberry pie,
I'm gonna bake you a real pie.

My name's Lance, and I'm an addict.

Hi. My name is not Lance,
and I'm not an addict.


Do you know if there's any way
I can get any water?

Yeah, I think there's a bathroom
downstairs. I'll check.


It was never personal, Sara.

- War never is.
- Yeah.


Sara, back off.

- Let him go, Sara. Sara!
- Sara.

Settle down.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You get one of those.
You get one of those. One.

Down. Get down, right now.


These three guys said they saw
what looked to be a fight going on in there.

They didn't, okay?
Just get the train to Chicago.

- Do I need to notify the police?
- Do what I told you to do.

Take the tickets, I'll watch the fugitive,
you can continue to do bong-hits...

...or whatever you do back there, okay?
You guys mind your own business.

Everybody clear?


Don't interrupt again, please.

Just so we're all clear...

...if she tries that again...

You'll do what?

Just stay on the other side of the car.

It wasn't personal, Paul.

The pleasure was all ours, Pattycake.

Oh, what are these?

I'm gonna do some renovations.

I was just tapping the sheetrock,
looking for the stud.

Looks like you already found one.


Me and the girls get together
every Friday for book club.

You ought to host it this week,
and everybody can meet you.

I'll see you then.

Can't wait.

This ain't never gonna work here.

Go pack your things.

We're moving.

Now, if you don't stop me...

...I am gonna eat this whole thing
by myself, huh?

All right, sweetie.

Listen, I'll make a deal with you.

Remember that merry-go-round
that we saw today?

You're not gonna get a chance to ride it
if you don't eat something. Go ahead.

I don't feel good.

Oh, sweetie.

Okay, come on. Let's go, all right?

I got you.

Okay, just hold on, okay, sweetpea?
Check, please.

All right, nobody move.

- Hey, Sara.
- Not now.

How is she?

Well, she wants to be alone.

So we get what her dad locked away
with that key. What do we do then?

I mean, you saw what they did
with the tape we made.

They're gonna bury everything.

That's why we're keeping him
close to us.

He's got a lot of connections
in Washington.

So we get to this cigar club,
open her dad's box.

What if the only thing inside's
a bunch of stogies?

I think it's worth making the trip
to find out.

- Yes?
- Caroline.

Paul, where are you?

I need to know exactly what you meant
when you said you're gonna make this right.

- I need specifics.
- Where are you? What's that noise?

I'm on a train.
I'll be in Chicago later today.

But I need to know some specifics.

Where are Burrows and Scofield?
Are they with you?

Don't worry about them,
worry about me.

Paul, there are still positions in my
administration that need to be filled...

...including chief of staff.
I want that to be you.

When I get to Chicago,
we'll meet and we'll talk.

All of it.

Man, I just brought enough to get a
sandwich. I was sitting right there.

If you're lying...

Look, my daughter is sick and I don't
wanna spend any more minutes in here.

Trust me, that is all that I have.

What do you got, sweetheart?

What do you got?

- You don't want to listen?
- Hey. Hey, calm down, man.

- Shut up.
- All right.

Listen to me.
You've got to calm down.

I can help you get everything
that you want.

But you don't want to hurt
anybody else, right?

Come on.

Look, listen. Hey.

Why don't you lock the door
and turn the closed sign back... everybody thinks that this place
is closed, all right?

And then we can get everybody
away from the window.

Is that cool?
Everybody's away from the window.

Let's move everybody on
to this side of the room.

Get on this side. Let's move to this side
of the room, away from the window.

Let's get on this side of the room, okay?

This side of the room.
Why don't you take my daughter, okay?

Take her on this side of the room so that
everybody, everything is gonna be okay.

Everything is gonna be fine.

Because you're not gonna put your hand
on another person, right?

Right. We're all good.

You all good?

We're good, right?

- Hey, Sara.
- Come on in.

I've been sitting here, evaluating.

I jumped bail, I'm on the run...

...and I just tried to take a man's life.

I'm not using.

Which is actually
quite an accomplishment.

But three weeks ago, I was a doctor.

You can get that back.

All of it.

You need to believe that.

You believe that?

You think you can get it all back?

I choose to have faith.

Because without that, I have nothing.

It's the only thing
that's keeping me going.


I got two things keeping me going.

The first is that I want the people
who took my dad.

And actually the second...

...ironically, I probably wouldn't even say
if I hadn't lost it.

But... should know that...

The first thing they tell you
when you take the job is...

...never to fall in love with an inmate.

What's going on?


Linc, it's locked.

Hey, you can't be in here.

- Run the roadblock.
- Man, I can't do that.

Run it.

Hey, hold them up!

Bradley Bellick, FBI.

Brad Bellick,
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Brad Bellick, FBI.

Special Agent Brad Bellick, FBI.

Hi, there.
I'm Brad Bellick with the FBI.

I'm an agent with the FBI, Brad Bellick.

Brad Bellick. I'm with the Bureau.

Brad Bellick. I'm with the Bureau.

I already talked to the cops.
Told them all I had to say.

Yeah, well, I'm no local hayseed cop.
I'm federal.

And you're not gonna get away
with lying to me.

- I didn't lie to nobody.
- Really?

"He was just some homeless guy.
Hangs around Hancock Square...

...hitting up college kids for change.
He's down there all the time.

If he's not there,
I don't know where to find him. "

- That's your statement?
- Pretty much.

Well, you see the problem is,
Charles "Haywire" Patoshik's a paranoid...

...who suffers from fear of crowds,
who's terrified of strangers.

If he's anywhere, it's the middle of nowhere,
keeping to himself, being a weirdo.

- And?
- And if you want to get tough... about I arrest you right now
for hindering a federal investigation?

Who they gonna believe?

An agent with 15 years on the force
and three presidential citations...

...or a piece of white trash
with a juvie record?

I didn't ask him to do it.

But in case you haven't noticed, I ain't
exactly broken up over my dad's death.

Why can't you just leave
this Patoshik guy alone?

Where is he?

Or do you want to get locked up
right now?

- Yeah?
- I got a lead on Patoshik.


I'm on my way.

Keep him there.


Any information on Scofield and Burrows,
I want to be notified immediately.

If that works out for you.

They're gonna have cops waiting for us
at the next station.

- We need to jump, then.
- And do what?

Hide under a barrel?

Linc's right.

Okay, just put those in there.

So sorry about all this.

It's okay, sweetpea.

Here's everything right here, man.

- It's good.
- All right.

Everyone in the storage room. Now.


Get back there,
until the cops show up.

No, no, no, no.
I can't go back there.

- Come on.
- No.

You kept a cool head this whole time,
don't get yourself killed.

You know what? Listen to me.

I'm a wanted man.


The police show up here, they'll take me
back to prison. You know what? That's fine.

But my little girl right here, she's sick...

...and she's gonna be left alone.

And I can't let that happen.

So can you please let us go?

- Split.
- Okay.

- Go on.
- Come on, sweetie, let's go.

All right, everyone in the back. Move.

Not you.

You're coming with me.

Go on, move.

Look, I want you to stay right here,

- Go on.
- Hey.

- I think you should let her go, man.
- Take off. Last chance.

You got the money...

...burglary and assault, man.
Hey, that's change, that's little time.

But this right here?

You will be in prison for the rest
of your life. You believe me on that.

Unless you want your daughter
to see you die...


I'm trying to help you, man.

Come here!

Sweetie, stay right there.

Oh, no.

Who did this?

I did.

Thank you.


Don't move.

Run, Larry, run. Run, run.

Dino, it's Eric.
We got four jumpers.

Three males and a female.
Call it in and get to the next station.

Do you hear me?
Get us to the next station.

The men who pushed the roadblock
are off the train...

...near mile marker 54
just south of the Tedford Bridge.

This is the state police.
Stop. Stop where you are.

- Freeze.
- Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

Turn around.

I'm an employee of the train company.

Dino, it's Eric. We got four jumpers.

Three males and a female.
Get us to the next station.

Let's go. Come on.

They told us to jump and run
and not to look back, or they'd shoot us.

We need to find a car.


I got Haywire trapped.

Don't do anything.

Just hold him till I get there.

No problem.
I got this wing nut treed.

- Caroline.
- Paul, where are you?

- Did you send the police?
- No, of course not.

- How did they know I was on that train?
- Paul, I have no idea.

- I'll let the president know.
- I contact the president directly.

Are Burrows and Scofield with you?

I was expecting to brief the president.

You report to me now.


Where did we spend my 35th birthday?


The restaurant, where was It?
You remember.

Don't be ridiculous. I have to go.

- Do not hang up.
- I have to go.

- Just get Burrows and Scofield.
- Hey.

Whoever this is...

...tell Bill Kim
that he just screwed up...

...big time.



What's all this?

Some wacko climbed to the top
of a grain elevator.

People wanna watch.

God, you were supposed to keep a handle
on it. Do you know what that means?

I got you Haywire.
What else do you want?

FBI. He's my chargee.

How you doing, Charles?

I don't wanna go back to prison.

I don't blame you.

I wanna go to Holland.

That's not what I expected to hear.

But you can't go there, son.

I just...

I just want to go here.


I'll tell you what.

You don't have to go to prison.

But you can't go to Holland either.

Oh, no, no, no...

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Hey.

You're in a tough spot.

You feel trapped, you got no options...

...and you're caught in a situation
where you have no control.

I know how you feel.

I do.

It takes its toll on you,
and all you want to do is run.

But run where?

I just want to go.

There's a way out.

A way out?

Of this maze?


There are private humidors in the back,
each member's name is on their box.

- Any security?
- A receptionist, that's it.

I'm not a wanted fugitive.

Give me the key. I'll do it.

Want to take a walk?


I know you killed your parents
because they hurt you.

And I know you killed that guy because
he was hurting Sasha, but what you did...

...was wrong, you know that.

I just wanna go.

You can.

I wanna go now.

It's okay.


About before.

Me too.