Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 2, Episode 12 - Disconnect - full transcript

Picking up from where we left off, Sucre, Michael, Linc, and Aldo are together, with Mahone on their trail. Sara is face-down in the bathtub as Kellerman prepares to dispose of her body. C-Note is in Harvey, North Dakota with Kacee and Dede, who needs her medication. In Tribune, Kansas, Detective Slattery questions Bellick.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break.

Listen. Why don't I just
give you half the money,

we'll call it a day?

All right, 60-40.

You thieving son of a bitch,

you'd better get
down on your knees

and pray to God
that I don't find you,

because if I do, mark my words,

I'm gonna gut you bow to stern.

SLATTERY: Mr. Bellick? Yeah.

Do you mind answering
a few more questions?

KIM: We have a lead
as to where Burrows

will be meeting
up with his brother.

It's the place he referred
to as Bolshoi Booze.

MAHONE: They're numbers.

WHEELER: Plug them into
your GPS, they'll take you

to a spot in the
New Mexico desert.

Daddy! Hey, baby!
You ready to go?

Mr. Franklin, you can't...
Come on, go, go, go!

What do we do now?

Has she told you
anything? Not yet.

Then kill her.

Well, she knows something.

You disobey me, you are done.

Put her in the ground, Paul!

You're going to die!

And all you had to do was tell
me what your father gave you.

Go to hell.

Plane's gonna stop at
the seven-mile marker.

Route 4 at sunset.

We gotta go.

I brought someone.


We've met before.

It was you.

Go easy, son.

Stay away from me.

What the hell's
going on? I know him.

What do you mean, you
know him? That's impossible.

I know him. I know this man!

Michael... Maybe
that's far enough.

This doesn't concern you.

What the hell's going on, Dad?


After Mom died,

you were in juvie,

they put me with
this foster father,

down on Pershing Avenue.

He punished me.

Locked me up.

SCOFIELD: If you leave someone
alone in the dark for that long,

their eyes start to adjust.

They start to see things,
no matter how small.

Because, if they exist,
they can help you.

Help you do the only
thing you want to do

when you're alone in the dark.

Get out.




MAN ON TV: I've used just
about every lure that you can use.

Most of them you need
to be an expert to use.

This Moda lure
is a little different.

Everybody, I mean
everybody, can fish with it.


Catch bigger fish, you're
gonna catch more fish.

It even works in weedy areas
where most top-water lures won't work.

Take a look at this baby.

This thing looks
like a real minnow.


It's one very cool bait.

I have never seen
anything quite like this.

Even if you've bought lures off TV
in the past and been disappointed,

and believe me, I
know how you feel...

Hi. Oh, sorry, man.
I thought you'd left.

No, still here. Here I am.

Yeah, it's just that a
couple of the guests

are complaining about
the volume of your TV.

Oh, sorry, I fell asleep.

I must have hit
"up" with the remote.

I'll take care of it.
Thanks, sorry. Great, great.

So could you do that for me
now, please? So it's taken care of.

Yeah. Thanks.


Taken care of.


Is everything okay
in your bathroom?

Excuse me?

MAN: Your bathroom,
there's a noise coming from it.

KELLERMAN: Yeah, my daughter
thinks bath time is playtime.

I will clean it up,
scout's honor. Sorry.

All right, have a nice day.

Yeah, you, too.

Michael! Michael! Michael!

Please, wait! He did
this to you? Michael!


He did this to you?

Did he do this to you?

LINCOLN: Michael.

How could you do that
to another human being?

With your own hands?


It's okay.

You're safe now.

He's not gonna hurt you anymore.

Come on.

Come with me
and don't look back.



It's gonna be all right.






SCOFIELD: Six months.

Six months I was in that place.

Where were you?

How long did you know?

I found you as soon as I could.

The State kept
moving you around.

And then you went
away again, right?

You don't think it killed
me to leave you like that?

To leave in the first place?

Since the beginning,
I was the problem.

Since day one.

Your lives are what
they are because of me!

Yes, Linc told me
about The Company.

Apparently you were
some kind of analyst.

That's the job you
chose over your family.

I thought I was
doing the right thing.

I thought I was protecting you.

From what, Dad? From who?

The Company had enemies.

I was important to The Company.

I became a target.

Easiest way to get to
me would be to get to you.

I left as soon as I realized
how corrupt it all was,

how they were
buying the government.

You could have
come back at any time!

No, I couldn't!

Michael, turning on The Company

put me and you at
even greater risk.

I had to stay away.

We were your sons.

And you still are, Michael.

We can fix this.

I came back so
that we could fix this.

This can never be fixed.

There's a tape.

It gives us everything we need.

Linc will be set
free if we find it.

You're not gonna believe
who he thinks has it.



Yes, tall, slender,
brown hair, brown eyes.

She'd be pretty banged up.

WOMAN ON PHONE: No one matching that
description has been brought into the ER.


A report on Sara Tancredi?

She's dead. I'm dealing
with the body right now.

You must be relieved
that it's over. Yeah.

Yeah, I gotta go.
One more thing.


I need a photo of the
body before disposal.

Take one with your phone
and send it to me, and I'll...

Bill, not a good time
right now, all right?

Paul, take a breath,

then take the picture.

I'm waiting.

C-NOTE: "The trail led
to a very dangerous place.

"Now, Arvid knew that,

"but he held tightly onto
the dragon's leash anyway,

"as the creature ran
into the Everdark Forest

"pulling the young
boy behind him."

Why didn't he just
let go of the leash?

Well, because he
loved the dragon.

And when you love someone,
you'll do anything to hold on to them,

anything to keep
them safe and happy.

Is that why we're camping?

Yep, so we can all be together.

I'm happy.

You know, I'm happy, too.

Here you go.

Well, it's all working out, huh?

Don't say that.


You know, this moment
right here, right now,

it's all worth it.

I love you.

I love you.

That's old. The
kids are bigger now.

Sorry, I was just...

Getting bored out of your wits
'cause you've been waiting so long.

I'm really sorry about all this.

We don't get a whole bunch of
homicides out here, and, well,

we're trying to play catch-up.

Please, have a seat.

I'm real sorry
about your friend.

It's a sick world out there.

Ain't that the truth.

So, you guys out here
in Kansas together?

Yeah, that's right.

Doing what?

Well, you know,
just seeing the sights.

You left Chicago to see the
sights in Tribune, Kansas?

Last time I checked, a man
could go where he wanted.

Mr. Bellick.



I don't really care what
you were doing out here.

We're both in law enforcement.

We can each sniff out
a perp like a hot fart.

Pardon my French.

And we both know
you're not a criminal.

So, I don't care if you
boys were out here

whooping it without your wives

or going Brokeback.


Hell, no!

My point is, I don't care
what you were doing.

I just need to know
where you were doing it

and who you might
have crossed paths with

so I can find out who
carved up Mr. Geary.

Geary and I got a lead

that one of the Fox
River Eight was in town.

Which one?

Theodore Bagwell.

The man who did all those
horrible things to those teenagers?

That's him.

We were gonna bring
him in for the reward money

but we couldn't get a handle
on him, so Geary and I split up.

We figured we didn't
have a shot but... But what?

Well, after what happened,

I'm starting to think maybe
Geary ran into old Bagwell after all.

Right here in Tribune?

Now, Brad, do you think you
could answer some questions

that might help us, you know,
track down Theodore Bagwell?

I'd be indebted.

I'll do whatever I can to help
you nail that son of a bitch.

You think Sara has this tape?

Government does.

I just saw her yesterday.

If she does have
anything, she doesn't know.

Well, where is she now?

I don't know.

Any way you can
get in touch with her?

We bought cell
phones. I could call her.

Oh, please, please, please, bro.

Call her from Panama, please!

We got less than two
hours. I gotta make the flight!






Where's this car you
keep talking about?

It's over the ridge.

Give me that. You
guys head for the car.


Come on, come on!

Just get in!


Come on! Go, go, go!

SCOFIELD: Pick up Dad!

Hey, Dad! Get in!

Come on, Dad!


SUCRE: We made it!
Son of a bitch, we made it!


Sucre, get us to a hospital.

Out here? Where the
hell am I going to find...

Just get us to a
hospital, please!

Don't worry, you're
gonna make it.

It's bile.

He got me clean through.

You're gonna be
okay, just hold on.

Listen to me, both of you.

I'm sorry.

I wish I'd never left.


Don't talk, just breathe, okay?

Okay. So, do you
want a PB and B?

Not really.

My tummy hurts.

Where's her knapsack?

Her what?

Her knapsack.
Her medicine is in it.

I don't know, baby. I
just grabbed her and ran.

She needs that medicine.

She can't go two
days without it.

Okay, yeah, I know.
I'm her father, all right?

Where is it?

Baby, baby, look, calm down.
What are you looking for?

Just tell me what it is and
I'll go ahead and get it, okay?

Her prescription.

It's a backup. I keep
an extra, in case.

Okay, okay.

So, all we need to
do is find a pharmacy.


Don't worry.

Hey, looks like we're
going on a ride, sweet pea.

If we nail Bagwell, he might still
have some of Geary's things on him,

like his backpack, which
has his personal stuff in it.

I know his wife
would love to have it.

If we find Bagwell, you
can give it to her personally.

Thanks. Well, it's
the least I can do

considering how
you're helping me out.

Though some of the guys on
the force are concerned about...

What are they concerned about?


You know what, why don't
you tell me what you know?

We'll track down Bagwell, we'll
get Geary's effects back to his family,

and I'll make sure that everybody involved
knows that your help was invaluable.

I'll even recommend
that you get most of,

if not all of, that
reward money.

And what is it
exactly that the guys

on the force were
concerned about?

Well, some of them thought

that you weren't being totally
upfront about your head injury.

I mean, to be fair,

it does seem a little off
that you didn't see the guy

who hit you smack-dab
on the forehead.

You got me.

Geary and me had a little dustup

over how to go
about finding Bagwell.

It got physical and he hit me.

The two of us, we
fought like brothers.

I didn't want to rat
him out to the cops.

After the fight, we split up.

And then...

Well, you know what
happened to him.

I just wish to hell we'd
never fought, you know?

Maybe then he'd still be...

Brad, you can't blame yourself.

Why don't we refocus our energy

on finding the man
who killed your friend?

That's what Roy
would have wanted.

Where you at, baby?

Insurance card?

No, I don't have insurance.

You're paying for
deximethazone without insurance?

You got Medicaid,
Medicare, something?

Nope. I'll just pay cash.

It's $125.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Oh, sorry.

Sorry, I don't have
anything smaller.

I have to go to the back
to get change for $100,

so I'll be right back.

Right there, hospital!
I see it. I see it.

Just get us there.

No, you'll be caught.

Then we'll be caught.

I'm not gonna let you die.

ALDO: Then listen to me.

You find Sara Tancredi.

She can end this.

It's up to you now.


Yeah, I want an alarm out on a
dark blue sedan, license A-E-9-2-6-8,

40 miles southeast
of Las Cruces.

Do it now.


Oh, come on.


What hospital?

Came in with a bad GSW.

Docs called us in. He's in here.

We ran his name,

came back with two Federal drug
smuggling warrants out on him.

Heard you wanted to talk to me.

I got some information
the Feds want

about Michael Scofield.

Like where he's catching a ride.

And where would that be?

It's not just the
where but the when.

That when is coming up soon.

But I wanna cut a deal first.

Give us a minute.

Anything you want to say?

One day.

That's all we had.

Back then,

when things were at their worst,

there were days I thought
I'd never see the sun again.

But he saved my life.

I just wish he could have
let us be a part of his.


I'll tell him.

Here's the deal.

All charges dropped and the
government picks up medical costs

until you're fit to be deported,

all contingent upon your
information being accurate.

Where's Scofield?

No deportation. I
want citizenship.


A little incentive,
and I want it in writing.

I'm so tired of playing games.

Well, start typing.


No external pacemaker.

Hey, this is a good
one, no morphine drip.

What are you doing?

FBI. Out, out, out!

What the hell are you doing?

Giving you a little incentive.

Come on. Come
on, you son of a...

And they found nothing?

Okay, thanks.

Well, your instincts
are great, Brad,

but the precinct actually sent a
unit over to Hollander's house today.

An anonymous caller said they
saw an intruder but no one was there.

Damn it.

If you knew about
Bagwell and Hollander,

why didn't you just
head over there yourself?

We couldn't find the house.

Really? It's listed.


Excuse me.

Thank you.

Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah. Everything's fine.

Brad, have you ever been
to the Fauntleroy Hotel?

It's about 15 minutes from here.

Never heard of it.

Well, that's strange.

'Cause they found this
receipt in Geary's hotel room.

It's from your credit card.

I don't know how that got there.

I think you're being evasive.

You should tell me
the truth, Mr. Bellick.

What happened to Brad?

About seven years ago, I
got my first homicide case.

A woman, pretty. She
was brutally attacked.

Animal boyfriend
left her for dead.

But she was still
breathing, barely.

But she punched into her
cell phone the killer's number,

so she solved the crime for us.

When we found the receipt,
Brad, it was in Geary's hand,

his finger pointing
to your name.

With his last ounce of strength,
he told us you killed him.

Okay, listen.

Geary and I found Bagwell
in Hollander's house.

We roughed him
up till he told us

where he'd hid
the 5 million bucks

we knew he'd dug up in Utah.

When we found the money,
Geary double-crossed me.

He hit me in the head
and took the cash!

I had nothing to do
with Geary's death.

Hear what I'm saying?

I'm the victim here,
not that son of a bitch!

Oh, come on, come on, come on!

Where you at, baby?

Hey, could you hurry it up?

It's getting really
late. I gotta get home.

The pills,

and that's 20, 40, 50.

And a 20 is 70.

One, two, three, four, five.

Is 75.

Excuse me.

You've gotta be kidding me.



Afternoon, Officer.

Do you have any ID with you?

No, I walked over here, so I
didn't carry anything with me.

Did you? Where
did you walk from?

Is there a problem, Officer?

There's only a problem if
you make one, Mrs. Franklin.

You wanna tell us
where your husband is?

I don't know.

Place your hands behind
your back, please, ma'am.


Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God.

Where's Mommy?


Mommy is gonna
meet us later, okay?


KIM: Where's the photo?

Bill, there was
a tactical error.

I don't want terminology from
the cover-your-ass handbook, Paul.

What happened?

There were unforeseen circumstances,
things that could not be predicted...

Where's Sara?

She's gone, isn't she?

Yes, she got away.

But there is no way that she...





I'm not gonna let you die.

I love you.

You know that, don't you?

Too many.

Too many people died
because I wanted you to be free.

You couldn't have
known, Michael.

Couldn't have known it
would have ended up like this.

But it did.

They wanted him.

They wanted him in the ground,

and they got their wish.

This thing's not gonna
end here, Michael.

I know.

It's gonna keep spreading.

Their hands are gonna
get more and more bloody.

The only question is,

is the blood on
their hands or ours?

I'm sorry, guys.

We gotta go.

Get back on with Border Patrol.

Call the Navy Reserve air station
in Dallas, they've got planes on alert.

We need an intercept of a
white single-engine A36 Beech

heading toward the border.

Call Mexico, get clearance
for an international pursuit.

Tell them if they gotta take
the plane down, just do it.

Come on, guys!

Guys, come on. Come on, guys!


We're staying.


Michael, this is what
we've been waiting for.

Maybe we'll see you
down there somewhere.

I can't talk you out
of this one, can I?

Well, I hope so.

Be good.

Thank you, Michael.

Thank you for everything.

You take care of him, okay?

I will.

Fly safe, papi.

Give them hell.

Panama would have been good.

Are you ready for this?

Been waiting years.

Good to hear it.

'Cause today is the
day we stop running.

What now?

We go back to the car,

we drive to a border town,
find a cell phone signal

and call Sara.

Where the hell are those jets?


You hear that?


Pull over.

going after Sucre.

They're gonna take him down.

How did they find out?

I don't know.

LINCOLN: Michael.


I wanna know what
the hell's going on.

If you could've arrested me,
you would've already done it.

I'm out of here. Not really
an option for you, Mr. Bellick.

What've you got, a receipt?
He left it in his pocket.

A fight? Big deal.

I got 10 pals in
Chicago who'll tell you

Geary and I threw
down once a month.

You're right. Any of those things
on their own, probably not enough.

But when you add this...

What the hell's that?

You left a message
for Mr. Geary.

You thieving son of a bitch,

you'd better get
down on your knees

and pray to God
that I don't find you,

because if I do, mark my words,

I'm gonna gut you bow to stern.

You wanna hear it again?

At this juncture, Brad,

things go a whole lot easier
for you if you admit to the crime.

Now you listen to me,
you manipulative little bitch.

I did not kill Roy Geary!

You understand
what I'm telling you?

Bagwell set me up!

Get your hands off of me!

Bradley Bellick,
you are under arrest

for the first degree murder
of Roy William Geary.

You have a right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right
to talk to a lawyer

and to have him present with
you when being questioned.

If you cannot hire a lawyer,
the court will appoint one for you.



President Reynolds' office.

This is Agent Paul Kellerman.

I need to speak with the
President right now, please.

I'm sorry, this administration isn't
familiar with an Agent Kellerman.

June, it's me.

I need to speak
with Caroline, now.

June, if you don't
put me through,

I'll make certain that the President
knows that you were the one

who did not allow me to provide her
with some very important information.


I'm sorry, this administration
isn't familiar with an Agent...

WOMAN: Please leave
a message after the tone.

Bill, don't do this.

I've dedicated my life to
this country, to Caroline.

Everything I have, I give.

Every photo, every
file. Get rid of it all.

Make him a ghost.

I've been a perfect soldier.

I've never asked
anything of you, ever.

But I'm asking you,

Bill, don't do this.

I don't see him.

Trust me, we
haven't lost him yet.

Linc? Hmm.

Stop the car. What?

We gotta stop the car.

That's a radio tower over there.

We must be picking up
some kind of analog signal.

We gotta get
closer. Turn around.

What about your
friend back there?

If we're gonna go down,
might as well go down swinging.

All right.

Come on, come on, come on.

We are in business.

It's going through.


Come on, Sara, pick up.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.




SARA: Hello?

Hello, Michael?