Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Old Head - full transcript

After the riot, Dr. Tancredi has questions about how Michael knew his way through the prison's crawlspaces. Lincoln, meanwhile, is informed by a visitor that his son's life will be forfeit if he doesn't agree to give up the fight and go down quietly, while At his home, LJ is confronted by the two agents who quickly murder his parents and frame him for the crime. Enraged over the loss of one of the guards, Warden Pope and Captain Bellick begin tossing cells and putting pressure on the inmates to find who the murderer was. As for the escape plan, a snag is hit when the team realizes they need the help of Westmoreland to get them access to a restricted room that happens to be right over the sewer pipe. Westmoreland is reluctant to jeopardize his chance at parole, but circumstances lead him to a decision.

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Previously on 'Prison Break':

- I'm looking for Lincoln Burrows.
- Man killed the VP's brother.

- Why you want to see him?

- He's my brother.
- I'll get you out.

- It's impossible.
- Not if you designed the place.

- You've seen the blueprints.
- Better than that. I've got 'em on me.

Nick Savrinn.
As of now, both ofyou are dead.

This is Bellick.
Our wing has been breached.

Marilyn, no!

The chair isn't the only way
to take a man's life in prison.

- What?
- He's in trouble. There's nothing we can do.

Come on!

My first assignments on Pl
were up here, cleaning out toxic mould.

Pl didn't go there.
We'd never assign inmates to do that.

Tyler, Robert.
And this here must be your daughter.

- It's over. We don't need him.
- You're not gonna kill him.

One for the team.

17 days from now,
they strap my brother to an electric chair.

Send 50,000 volts coursing through his body
for a crime he didn't commit.

I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.

I've been in Fox River nearly three weeks now.

In that time,
I've got out the back of my cell

and into the old steam pipes
that run beneath the prison.

Those pipes are our way out.

Think of this place like it's a map of the US.

Our cell over there, that's New York City.

The infirmary, our exit, that's California.

- The pipes beneath us that connect the two...
- Route 66.

Route 66. Our ticket out of here.

- I assume we're doing this at night?
- That's right.

We're locked up, fish,
and your boy is in solitary.

How we just gonna fly out of our cages and
right into your cell, right into New York City?

You're not.

You're gonna meet me halfway.
In St Louis.

Route 66 runs beneath that building. It's the
only building sitting on top of those tunnels.

All we gotta do is get in there, on Pl,
and dig ourselves an on-ramp.

Shortly after, we hit the infirmary.
Then we'll be outside those walls.

- What's in there?
- It's an old storage room.

- John here can pull all the strings.

- It's not that easy, fish.
- That's a restricted area.

I gotta be able to justify it to the bulls.

There's gotta be some actual work
to be done in there for me to get in there.

Then you better figure it out.

Cos if we don't get in that room,

we're not getting out of here.

I'm feeling kind of left out.

New York, California, St Louis.
What are we discussing?

- We're talking baseball, actually.
- Oh.

Now, that's a subject I know
quite a bit about.

What a shame. The conversation's over.

Really, now.
That any way to treat a team-mate?

I'm coming along on this endeavour
whether you like it or not.

Cos I got a hell of a singing voice otherwise.

I won't take that piece of crap along.

I won't do it.
Me neither.

We won't have to.
He'll be out of the picture soon enough.

The state provides $25,000 insurance,

plus donations from
the Corrections Officers' Foundation...

That's the last thing on my mind
right now, Warden.

- Do you know who killed him?
- We have some leads.

But I can promise you this. We are not
gonna rest until we find out what happened.

His pictures are missing.
He had a photo of our daughter in here.

Not to worry. We'll find them.

I begged him not to take this job.

I am so sorry.

I'll walk you to your car.

Captain, I need to speak with you for a second.

I'll meet you in the hallway.

I want the son of a bitch who did this.

Now, you do whatever
you need to do to find him.

You understand.

We got five boxes. Wanna give me a hand?


That call was scare tactics.
That's what they want.

They want to scare us from doing
what they know we can do.

- And what's that?
- Expose them.

Is this guy bothering you again?

No, Lukasz, the other night was my fault.
It was a misunderstanding.

OK. But if you need anything...

Trust me, you'll be the first person I call.

Here, let me.

Those boxes contain
seven years of criminal appellant work.

If there's a precedent in there somewhere

that can help us suspend Lincoln's execution,
we're gonna find it.

You can leave those by the door.
I'll bring them in.

Oh, that's OK. I've got your key right here.

If I didn't know better,
I'd say Lukasz was sweet on you.

Very funny.

- Fire.
- What?

- Fire. We burn the place down.
- How's that gonna help us?

A few years ago, the chapel burnt down and
the DOC realised they had some toxic issues.

You know, asbestos, lead paint, you name it.

They couldn't find a contractor
so they put the inmates on the job.

We spent, like, five, six hours
in there at a time.

But the good news is,
no guards came around almost at all.

Can you get us in there?

I've been doing a little, uh... thinking.

I'm gonna need a Pl card, aren't I?

I mean, that's where
this whole thing is happening, isn't it?

It's on its way.

- You're slow-walking me, aren't you?
- Why would I do that?

You think Bellick's gonna pop me
for shanking that CO, Bob.

Maybe you'll take a little walk, tell him for
yourself? And I'll be out of here for good.

Well, I got news for you.

If I go down for killing Bob, believe me,
I'm gonna take a little walk of my own.

Tell 'em about that hole
you got behind your toilet.


How about that Pl card?

I don't know if you remember,
but that summer before fifth grade,

when I stayed with you a couple weeks, and
you thought I broke your glass coffee table?

And when you came home, I denied it.

But you told me you could care less
about the coffee table,

you just didn't want me lying to you.

And you said I'd feel a lot better
if I just told you the truth.

- And you promised not to be angry.
- I remember.

Well, I broke it.

I know.

You know, if there's anything that you
want to get off your chest, you can tell me.

And I promise I won't get angry.

You want to know if I killed that guy.

I, uh, went there
planning to do something wrong.

But I didn't kill that guy.

Someone's working hard
to make it look like I did.

Anyway, there's a chance
the execution may not happen.


Veronica's working on my case, and I got
a reporter coming who believes I'm innocent.

So I ain't dead yet.

LJ. Look at me.

You gotta have faith, kid.

Just have a little faith.

- Well?

- Taken care of.
- Good.

Now move on to the second thing.

If you could see what we're looking at...
Burrows is gonna get the message.

Which is what you've assured me of before.

Yet that message
keeps getting returned to sender.

Now move on the second thing and report back.

We're headed there now.

- You're thinking too much.
- Yeah. God forbid.

He'll toss every cell in this block
until he finds the killer.

He tosses this one, he'll find the hole
back there in a heartbeat.

I know.

We turn T-Bag in.
That's the only way it'll stop.

We turn him in, he'll talk.

So we're screwed either way, aren't we?

- Which one?
- Right there. St Louis.

- What the hell are you doing here?

- Cleanup detail. We thought this was storage.

This look like storage to you, idiot?
It's a restricted area,

a CO break room.
Now back it up.

- Back it up, now!
- Sorry, Officer.

It won't happen again.

- A freakin' break room? Are you kidding me?

- They must have changed it
since the retrofit.

- The bulls are camped out in there.

- Got a backup plan?
- There isn't one.

It's the only room on top of that pipe.
We gotta get back in there.

- lmpossible, fish.
- Maybe not. Check it out.

I don't get it.
How come they let him in?

He's a trustee.
Ones with high security clearance.

- Why him?
- He can be trusted.

- How does one become a trustee?
- Have a spotless record for the last 30 years.

- Pretty much counts us out.
- Which means we've gotta get him on board.

Forget it. The guy's a boy scout.

Mr Westmoreland.

Hey, Michael.

You found your cat yet?

Still MIA.

- You could always get another.
- I don't want another.

Besides, it's a moot point.
She was grandfathered.

Once she's gone, no more pets.

Wouldn't be an issue
if you were on the outside.

Still tugging on that leash, eh?


And this is the part
where I extend a formal invitation.

Cos you still think I'm DB Cooper?

I don't think. I know.

The way I see it, you're in here
doing 60 to life for vehicular manslaughter.

It would have been 20,
but the car you were in was stolen.

Felony murder rule cubes every sentence.
And here you are.

Hitting that woman was an accident.
But the car? No one accidentally steals a car.

So the question is, why would Charles
Westmoreland be in Arizona boosting a car

ten states away from where he lived,
and only ten miles from the Mexican border?

And why, two days before that,

would someone make a phone call
to his wife from a motel in Portland,

a stone's throw away from the airport

out of which, shortly after,
flight 305 was hijacked by one DB Cooper?

Seven hours after the hijacking,

records show Charles Westmoreland
was treated for a busted knee

at a free clinic in Brigham City.

Only way to get from Portland, Oregon
to Brigham City, Utah

in seven hours is in a car

breaking every land speed record
known to man, or flying.

It's public record DB Cooper jumped out
of that 727 about an hour after takeoff.

Taking a dive at 10,000 feet with 1.5 million
in cash and a hastily packed parachute

might make for a pretty rough landing.

Rough enough to shatter some bones.
Maybe even a left knee.

DB Cooper would have had a car
waiting for him.

According to DMV records, in 1971

Charles Westmoreland was
the proud owner of a '65 Chevy Nova.

As it happens, a '65 Chevy Nova
with the registration number scraped off

was found abandoned with a blown gasket
along the Arizona border,

a mile or two away from where
you accidentally hit that woman

with your stolen car.

- lnteresting story.
- lnteresting man.

But you didn't answer one thing.

What's that?

Maybe I did hurt my knee,
I did steal that car,

and I did accidentally hit that poor lady.

But how could I have hijacked a plane
in Portland on November 24th

when I was in Folsom
finishing up a 30-day drunk and disorderly?

I hope you weren't hanging
this whole escape on that money,

cos I'm not the one in possession of it.

Thanks for the invite, though.


Veronica, Come on.

We're OK.

How is this OK, Nick?
Somebody just tried to kill us.

- I know. I was there.
- Then act like it.

We just watched a man
burn to death right in front of us.

My God.

- Lukasz... My God.
- It's OK. It's OK.

We just left him there.

There was nothing we could do.
He was dead as soon as he opened the door.

I am trying so hard to understand all this.
Who these people are, what they want.

How we walked away without calling the police.

We did it because these people we're
dealing with won't stop until we're dead.

If they think we're dead,
maybe we get a little breathing room.

- We should go to the police.
- I've been thinking the same.

But you know what?
They're bigger than the police.

We go to the authorities
we'll broadcast to them that we're still alive,

and then we got that target
right on our backs again.

We can't hide forever.

No, no. Maybe not forever. But...

I think I know a place we can,
at least for a little while.

We have to go in there ourselves then.

Like I said,
unless the old man's in it's not possible.

And even if it were, the guards in there
won't just sit back and watch us start a fire.

See, I already figured that part out.
I been thinking.

- And?
- That thing you're doing in the Pope's office.

- You using rubber cement?
- Yeah.

- Can you get some out?
- Maybe. Why?

Look, there's a coffee maker
in the guards' room, right?

I got a hook-up
with one of my boys in the kitchen.

If we can get rubber cement in the bottom
of that coffee pot, when the burner goes on...

It's a good idea. But without Westmoreland,
we're never getting in that room.

- He doesn't want any part of this?
- No.

Then what does he want?
He's gotta want something.

Everybody wants something.

Come on, kitty. Come on.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Yes. That's a good girl. Come on.

I don't believe it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Where'd you find her?
- In the yard, by the chapel.

Why do I get the feeling
there's a string attached to this?

Not a string. Just a favour.

- I'm not DB Cooper.
- That's all right.

Cos it's not gonna take DB Cooper
to do what I need done.

- What's that?
- All I want you to do

is take a certain coffee pot into the guard
room at a certain time, and turn the burner on.


Let's just say it'd be in everyone's
best interests if a fire were to start in there.

Marilyn, did you think
he was the arsonist type?

I'm not. I'm the cleanup crew type.

The type that gets access
to all kinds of tools.

Michael, I'm grateful for this, I really am,

but I've made it a point to keep my nose
clean ever since I walked into this place.

32 years without a blemish.

If that parole board date ever comes,
I want to be ready.

I can't jeopardise that. Sorry.


Thanks, though. Really.

After what you went through in the riot,
I thought you'd take a day off.

I'm fine.

I, uh... I couldn't find anybody
to cover for me, anyway.

I hope you don't feel like you owe me anything.

I do.

I'm, uh...

I really appreciate what you did for me.


But you told me that
you had been up in the crawlspace for Pl,

and Pl was never assigned to go there.

We're done here, right?

Michael, don't be like that.
I just... I just want some answers.

Thanks for the shot, Doc.

- Sue Parsons, Headline Press.
- Thanks for coming by.

- I appreciate you taking the time.
- I appreciate you looking at my case.

So what can you tell me?
From what I understand,

you have numerous people
working on your behalf as we speak.

Yeah. Um, well...
Veronica Donovan, she's my attorney, and

Nick Savrinn.
He works at Project Justice.

Savrinn. OK.
Have they gotten very far?

- Nothing to go to court with.
Not yet, anyway.

You ever think it's just time to let go?
Accept what happened?

Let go, yeah.
Accept what happened? Never.

I mean, would you? If someone
had set you up, destroyed your life?

I guess I'm thinking in terms of the anguish
it's caused your friends and loved ones.

People who care about me believe me. That's
all that matters to me now. It's all I've got.

- You have a son. Lincoln Jr. LJ.

- Yeah. Why?

I have a source that tells me

if you accept what happened
and stop fighting your execution,

your son will be left out of this.

If not, I hope you said goodbye to him
when he left here this morning.

- Who are you?
- One Burrows is gonna die.

Up to you which one.

Who are you? Who are you?

Don't let her go!
She threatened my son.

Please, no! Not my son!

- LJ Burrows?
- Yeah?

I'm Officer Hale, Juvenile Court.
We need to do a survey of the residence,

make sure your environment
reflects the terms of your probation.

- Your parents home?
- No, but they'll be home any minute.

Well then. I'll get started.

LJ and his dad.
You never said how it went.

Sounded fine. Everything a 15-year-old boy
tells his mother is fine.

No offence, but can I see
some kind of identification?

- Sure.
- LJ, we're home.

LJ, you here?

- Oh, my God.

- Drop the phone, lady.
This is the only warning I'm giving you.

Drop it.


No! Pick up. Pick up, please.
Please answer, Come on.

LJ? We're not here to hurt you.

Uh-uh. 911,


You really think you're gonna get
to four buttons before I get to one?

Come on.

LJ, get out of here!


- Where you going?
- What do you want?

Cooperation. That's all.

You want cooperation?
I know what you look like, you son of a bitch.

- I'm going to the police.

- The police.
I don't think that's such a good idea, LJ,

with your prints on
the murder weapon and all.

- I didn't touch the murder weapon.
- Of course not.

I know that, and you know that.

I don't think you'll have much luck
convincing Ballistics of that.

- Who the hell are you people?
- Just concerned neighbours.

Heard a bit of a ruckus at the Rixs' house.

Gosh, I guess we really
should have seen it coming.

All the signs were there -
drug use, decline in academic performance.

But we didn't think he'd do this.

- No one's gonna believe that.
- Yes, they will.

And when they catch you, and they will,

they'll try you as an adult.
You know what that means?

We can help you, LJ.
We're the only hope you got.

No, you're not.

She made that choice, not you.

Let's find the kid.

You got Marilyn back.

Sure did.

That's good.

- How long ago you quit smoking?
- Uh, a little over nine years now.

You don't mind, do you?

I feel a kinship with you, Charles.

More than any other con here.

And we've seen a lot. Haven't we?

Sure have.

Then correct me if I'm wrong.

I've always treated you fair.

I've always appreciated that fact.

I'd known Bob since he was 18 years old.

I got him this job.

You can imagine how responsible I feel.

I can't help you with that, boss.

I think you can.
Word is he died in front of your cell.

Andyou were right here when it happened.

We've both been around long enough to know

that when a con starts that snitching
business, he's not long for this world.

Don't put me in that position, boss.

If you don't tell me who killed Bob
before I leave this cell,

our friendship goes with it.

That's a nice cat.

Westmoreland knows.
And his jaw ain't that strong.

What's this?


- You stalker.
- I am not a stalker.

I just... I don't get it.

What is there to get?

He doesn't fit the profile.

Right? The man's got a graduate degree.
He lives in my neighbourhood.

Guys that like hang out in Streeterville,

they pay $200 for Cubs tickets.
They don't rob banks.

Maybe he couldn't afford season tickets.
Maybe that's why he robbed the bank.

Thank you. I'm actually being serious.

- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah.

- Why do you care so much?

- Cos he lied to me.
- They all lie to you.

Maybe because he's the one guy in here
I can actually get to.

The one guy I can make a difference with.

Go home, girl.
You keep burning it at both ends like this,

you're gonna drive yourself crazy.

Good night.

I'm sorry, Burrows. Both of them were dead
by the time the paramedics got there.

- What about my son?
- He's missing.

Police are treating him as a fugitive.


They found his prints on the murder weapon.

That's impossible. I... I, uh...

- I need to call him.
- No, I can't do that.

- What do you mean? His life's in danger!
- Look, Burrows.

The police instructed me
that this is an ongoing investigation.

And as such, any contact you make with your son

could potentially
aid and abet him as a fugitive.

I'm sorry.

Warden, please!

Let's go.

That's messed up, man.

- Jeez. Does he even know?
- I don't think so.

Man, here he is.

Go ahead, toss 'em.

What's up, T?

We're family, right?

Hell, yeah. We are.

Well, I'm in a quandary
and I need your help.

Name it.

Bellick's squeezing
tighter and tighter round here.

Eventually somebody's mouth
is gonna start moving.

Thing is, Trokey, if I get popped for this,

what with my priors
and predisposition to violent behaviour...

I'll spend the rest of my life in the SHU.

But if you come forward,
with only a drug conviction

and a whole lotta remorse...

- I can't.
- I ain't finished.

No need. I ain't going down for murdering no
hack. I mean, you understand that, don't you?

You ain't mad, are you?

No, Trokey. I'm not mad.

I need out. I gotta find him.

You will. Both of us. Soon.

- They're coming after my family.
- You gotta trust me. We're gonna...

'We're gonna get this done.' How?
Tell me, Michael. Tell me.

You can't, can you?

I gotta get outta here now. LJ's in trouble.

Scofield. How about it?

Just stick with me.

Yo, Bruce. Hey.
What's up, Ray?

- If you go out there they will gun you down.
- I don't care any more.

You better start thinking.
Cos you can't help LJ if you're dead.

What the hell's going on in here?
Huh? We got a problem?

- No.
- Well, then get on your feet. Let's go!

- Fire! Son of a... What the hell's
going on at building two? Come in.

- Thanks.
- I didn't do it for you.

We found the source.
Someone in here smoke these? Bilsons?


Captain Bellick?
I've got someone to see you.

What the hell do you want?

I know who killed Bob, sir.

I don't know how that got there.

It's a mock. It's a mock!
You set me up.

Bad enough that you killed a guard.
Don't try to lay it off on somebody else.

You set me up! He set me up...

- Wow.
- Your father lived here?

Yeah. He wanted some place
that was completely off the grid,

a place the government didn't know existed.

Tapped into the power lines.
A well supplies the place with water.

Last few years of his life
he barely left the property.

- It's...
- Yeah.

You spend so many years fighting
cops, prosecutors, judges

trying to take your freedom,

you use every cent you had in attorney's
fees, you wind up losing anyway...

15 years of his life.

Almost all of his son's childhood.

I guess I can forgive him
for wanting to hide away. Be left alone.

We'll be safe here
until we figure out our next move.

Hey, hold up here a minute. Hold up, here.

Seems to be a bit of confusion.
I'm supposed to be on this detail.

I don't think so.

Oh, John.
You can't be serious.

Not after our long, illustrious history
we shared together.

All those nights in New York City.

In California.

In St Louis.

They were good times, weren't they, John?

Tell the badge here about 'em.

Cos if you don't want to...
I certainly could.

I want this place gutted. The dry wall's
gotta be torn out. Studs gotta be removed.

Boss, we've got some toxic issues here.
Asbestos to start with.

Take it up with the union. All I'm saying
is this room's your only priority now.

It better be brand spanking new
when you're done.

If anybody's thinking about getting cute,
trying to trunk one of these tools out of here,

Brady's got the outline
of every piece of hardware in here.

And at the end of every day,
every single piece better match up,

or you're all going to the hole.

Let's go.

This goes down four feet.
Connects to the main line below.

All we've gotta do is widen it and
we've got ourselves an on-ramp to Route 66.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
They're gonna hear this, man.

They won't.

Come on, pretty. We're a team now.

- Best get crackin', eh?
- You. Shut up.

You really think you're gonna
get to four buttons before I get to one?

I don't have my glasses.
How about you read this for me?

Tell me the news,
the latest developments.

Evidently there was an explosion in
a Gold Coast apartment in Chicago yesterday.

Gas line. Everyone inside was killed.

Shame. Anything else?

How about that kid up in Oak Park,
the one who killed his parents?

- Oh, they got him.
- They did?

- He's in custody.
- Good.

I imagine heads would have rolled
if he hadn't been caught.

Lives would have been lost.
How about you hand that back to me?

Now that it's yesterday's news,
we can put it behind us, can't we?

Move on to the next chapter of our lives.

You're not just doing this for me, you know.
Or my brother.

- Yes?

They're ready for you, Madam Vice President.

You're doing it for your country.

- Madam Vice President...
- Madam Vice President, a question...

Resynch: VanMarco
Visiontext Subtitles: Paul Burns