Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 1 - full transcript

Frustrated at the Warden's defiance, the people who want Lincoln dead decide to circumvent the penal process by enlisting an inside man to take Lincoln out himself. Headcounts keep requiring Michael to be back in his cell at regular intervals, and the interruptions are making it impossible for him to finish his work. Sucre tells him that the guards don't bother with counts when there's a lock-down, so he disables the air conditioner circuits on his next trip out. With the temperature rising, the cons start causing trouble, and a lock-down is announced. Unfortunately, tempers have already flared past the boiling point, and a riot breaks out before the cells can be closed. Oblivious to the chaos going on, Michael and Sucre go behind the wall together to work on drilling through one of the last walls to an abandoned sewer line. One guard, escorting Lincoln, gets caught by the prisoners and dragged back to general population. In the course of preparing to torture and kill the beaten man, Teabag (as well as the guard) inadvertently discovers the hole in Michael's wall. As the cliff-hanger episode ends, Michael is caught in a stand-off over who will make it out of his cell alive, while rampaging prisoners in the infirmary are about to break down the door into Dr. Tancredi's clinic.

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Previously on Prison Break...
- I didn't kill that man, Michael. - The evidence says you did.
I was set up.
Put down your weapon!
I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell.
I'm looking for someone, guy named Lincoln Burrows.
Man killed the Vice President's brother.
Why you want to see Burrows so bad, anyhow?
'Cause he's my brother.
- I'm getting you out of here. - It's impossible.
Not if you designed the place, it isn't.
You've seen the blueprints.
Better than that...
I've got 'em on me.
There's a lawyer poking around.
Miss Donovan.
I didn't mean to scare you.
It's gone!
Does anyone else have a key to this place?
You were here, remember?
I walked over to the cabinet, and I...
Got an issue with our little friend over there?
Maybe it's time I lit up that leather once and for all.
What happened?
Don't make me lie to you.
You heard the news, didn't you?
No, what?
- They're brothers. - Who?
- Burrows and Scofield. - Michael Scofield?
I'm going to the wall tonight. See if I can access the roof.
Take the only thing Burrows has left.
The chair isn't the only way to take a man's life in prison.
Just a few more rides. Then you have to wrap it up.
Oh, Adam's getting bigger, huh?
- Ten. Hmm? - Not here.
We need a favor.
Been out of the life for years. You know that.
I know.
Problem is, Diamond, no one's gonna believe that
after I take the heroin I have in my pocket
and put it in the glove box of the reasonably priced minivan you hav parked over there.
I will cuff you.
I will drag you out of here in front of everyone.
What do you need?
What America needs
is an environmentally friendly,
logistically feasible,
and economically responsible alternative fuel source.
Leave a message, I'll call you back. Thanks.
Hi, it's Wendy.
I know you wanted to work with no distractions, so don't pick up.
I just wanted to let you know that Nick Savrinn left six messages for you.
What'd you tell him?
Oh, uh, what you said to say, that you were in a meeting.
Look, if he comes by the office tomorrow, tell him I'm not there, okay?
Okay. Good night, Veronica.
Thanks, Wendy.
Bed check.
Do you want to tell me why you haven't returned any of my phone calls?
Look, I really appreciate everything you've done, okay?
But I don't want your help anymore.
Don't want my help anymore...
Do you really think I had something to do with that missing tape?
No, look, I'm just gonna go grab a cup of coffee, and get back to work, okay?
I don't have time for this right now.
Just wait a second.
Will you hold on a second?
- Listen, why do you avoid...? - Don't touch me, all right?
Everything okay, Miss Donovan?
Lucas, do you mind walking me back inside?
Take a walk, pal.
You're being paranoid.
- You're being paranoid. - Go away.
Show some skin, Scofield.
Hey, Scofield.
I'm trying to sleep, boss.
I can't get through the wall.
What do you mean, you can't get through the wall?
I know how to do it.
I just don't have the time to do it.
We're locked up. All we got is time.
You don't understand.
I planned this break on a schedule.
Them constantly coming up here for count
won't let me do what I need to do to get through that wall.
If I'm not back on schedule,
which means we're through that wall by the end of the day manana,
we're not getting out of here.
Look, there are three things for certain in life--
death, taxes and count.
Only way to stop count is...
Never mind. It's a bad idea.
Worse than the idea of losing Maricruz?
A lockdown.
We get Gen Pop locked down for a day, you'll have all the time you need.
- And no count? - Bulls don't even come by.
Only one problem.
How do we get a lockdown?
Can you get to the prison AC unit?
You want a lockdown, you got to get the inmates riled up.
And if you want to piss off the meat in concrete,
turn up the heat.
I thought you were retired.
Never mind me.
Some heavy hitters want this done, so that means I want it done.
No screw ups.
For you, Diamond, it's not a problem,
Burrows is as good as dead.
Hottest April on record.
- Global warming. - Probably. You got a minute?
Uh-huh. About five years worth.
Sure, right, um...
You never told me Lincoln Burrows is your brother.
- It never came up. - Right.
I'm curious if that isn't because of my father, the governor.
He may not be the one pulling the switch, but you and I both know
he has the power to grant clemency, and he won't, and he never does.
My old man was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family.
I don't judge anyone by their father's actions.
Or inactions. If that was your concern.
Just so you know, I don't agree with his politics.
I'm sorry about your brother.
I appreciate that.
Hey, this isn't much.
I have to give Lincoln a weekly checkup now.
If you want, I could schedule those visits
to end right before you come in for your shots.
That way, uh,
you could at least see each other, even if it's just in passing.
Thank you.
Greetings from the kitchen, Fish. 100 bucks.
Theodore Bagwell, transferred back from the infirmary.
We got you a little "get well" gift.
It's just the right size.
Thank you, boys.
I'll catch up with you later.
What's you name?
You new, Seth?
Scared? Look at me, boy.
You probably heard stories about me.
They're not all true.
What do you say we go for a walk?
Your co-counsel's already here.
Excuse me?
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm talking to my client.
- Don't talk to him. - Veronica...
We don't know anything about this guy.
He found something that can help us out.
You have one minute.
I've been going over the incident report from the night of the murder,
and somebody made an anonymous phone call to the local cops
claiming to see Lincoln running away from the garage
with bloody pants.
We've been through this.
Look, you can't cross-examine a witness if you don't know who it is.
We don't need to know who he is;
we know where he is.
What do you mean?
Well, it took some doing, but a P.I. friend of mine
tracked that phone call back to the police department.
Whoever made that call couldn't have seen Lincoln running from the garag that night.
How do you know?
Because the phone call came from Washington, D.C.
You were supposed to turn off the A/C, not turn on the furnace.
It's getting so hot in here.
Did I say you could talk, Cherry?
You'll know when I want you to open your mouth.
You got to do something about the heat.
- Doing the best we can. - Your best is garbage.
It's a hundred degrees in here.
Look like I got frostbite to you?
Line up!
Why don't you transfer us all someplace cooler...
like Africa?
Get your ass on the line, convict.
All of you, hit that line!
We'll move when the temperature situation
is rectified, all right?
Hey, Bellick, this is Mack in Cell Block.
We got some cons popping off.
Give 'em a smack, throw 'em on the line and write 'em up.
If you can't handle it, don't cash your paycheck this week.
This is not a good time, Doc.
Oh, I just got a call a prisoner was suffering from heat exhaustion.
- He's faking it. - Is that your medical opinion?
We got a bunch of overheated cons getting loud in the A-Wing.
I don't blame them. It's an oven in there.
Everything's under control,
but you should go back to the infirmary building.
When things calm down,
I'll have your patients transferred from sick bay.
I'm just looking out for your best interests.
And I appreciate that, um...
but, Officer Bellick, you and I both know
that it's illegal to deny a prisoner medical care,
and you could lose your job over it.
And I'm just looking out for your best interests.
Go right on in.
Thank you, sir.
Don't be a baby, T-Bag.
It's ain't that hot.
Not that hot?!
When this guy woke up this morning, he was white!
You want to cool off?
Step back!
We'll step back when we get some wind blowing in here.
All right, that's it! Lockdown!
Everyone back to your cells!
I said, everyone back to your cells now, convicts!
You got your lockdown, bro.
- You're coming with me. - What? No, no, no.
I'm the lookout, man, that's it.
I need you down there. It's a two-man job.
Let's hang a sheet.
N-N-No way, man. You only hang a sheet
when you and your cellie want to get friendly, you know?
You want to protect your prison rep,
or you want to get out of here?
What the hell's going on in here?
Well, these inmates became belligerent and they refused to rack in.
You locked it down with inmates still out of their cells?
We can handle 20 out-of-control inmates easier than 300.
Listen up, bros, listen up. Bellick, I got one for you.
What do you call a piece of white trash who couldn't pass the cops' exam
and now makes less than a mailman?
A C.O.
Get your hands of the fence.
Suck it, pig!
You know, Teddy, you really let me down, and that's hard to do,
because I don't expect much...
from the inbred child of a retard.
That's right, Teddy.
I read your psych records...
about how your daddy raped his mongoloid sister,
and then nine months later, little Teddy pops out.
I'm going to kill you!
It's hotter than hell.
They'll wear themselves out eventually.
The call was a fake.
What about a stay of execution or...?
No, no, it's legally insufficient.
What the hell does that...
What the hell does that mean?
It means the prosecution could point out the evidence from your criminal trial.
Okay? The blood, the video, the gun.
A questionable phone call is not going to stack up to that.
- But it's something, right? - Absolutely.
We got an area code,
and my contact is going to track that number to someplace more specific--
a building, a neighborhood, a block--
to the person who made this phone call.
What happens next?
We need to catch the next flight to D.C.
That is, of course, if you trust me now.
It's coming!
It's coming! It's coming!
Get on the train!
Get on the train!
Get on the train!
Let's get to my office.
Oh, just what I thought.
The piglets are scared of the big bad wolf.
Big bad wolf!
Just what I thought.
Get on the train!
Come on.
Marilyn, no!
Whose keys are those?
I guess in the commotion...
How many rounds do you think you're going to get off before they get their hands on you?
This is Bellick.
Our wing has been breached.
I want A-Wing evacuated and shut down.
All access to B-Wing cut off now.
We'll get some fluids into you, you'll be good as new, okay?
Nod your head if you believe me.
Good man.
What can we do for you today?
This where it hurts?
A little higher and to the left.
You're three weeks post-op.
Your knee is being held together by a rod and three screws.
I'm saying tenderness is normal, no more meds.
Okay... Kuame, why are you back?
Inmates in cell block have compromised
lockdown and breached A-Wing through the guard station.
A-Wing is shutting down.
Whoo-hoo! It's popping off up in Gen Pop!
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
Somewhere on the other side of this wall
is the main drainage pipe to the prison's old sewer system.
We can get through this wall, we can get into the pipe.
We can get into the pipe, we can get into the infirmary.
If we can get to the infirmary, then we can get out of here.
Sorry, all visitors have to leave the facility.
- This is privileged attorney... - You have to leave.
There's a minor disturbance in cell block.
A-Wing is being shut down for safety purposes.
A-Wing? Veronica, Michael is in there.
- Will you be okay? - You have to leave now.
Go to D.C.-- it's all we got.
I'll take care of Michael. All right?
- Okay. - Please.
Sorry about cutting you short.
Bob, how many times have I told you not to apologize. It makes you look weak.
Now what's going on?
Like I said, it's a minor disturbance.
Minor disturbance? My brother's in Gen Pop, give it to me straight.
Some clowns breached cell block.
But they won't get anywhere.
We always have locked doors on either end.
There's nothing to worry about.
Son of a bitch.
Additional sections of A-Wing have been compromised.
I'll be damned.
A rookie C.O., and it ain't even Christmas.
Get the cuffs off.
Get out of here, T-Bag.
Oh, I see-- you found him first, finder's keepers?
You know, I respect that. I do. But, uh...
I think we can work something out.
What you got?
Oh, I can make your last few weeks on Earth, quite, quite enjoyable.
Get you some Demerol, some X...
You know, make you forget about that big, bad chair.
No deal.
You've got to learn the art of negotiating.
Lesson one: Bargaining position.
Yours just changed.
- What are you doing? - I gotta get out of here.
Look around, you're not gonna make it.
No blood needs to spill, Sink.
Then walk away.
We both know that ain't gonna happen.
That's one big pile of concrete.
How do you know where the pipe is?
I got someone to show us where it is.
Oh, really? Who?
Infection's not so bad,
but I'm going to give you a shot of penicillin just to make sure, okay?
Thanks, Doc.
This is Rizzo. Does anyone need back up, over?
Negative, A-Wing is evacuating and locked down.
Remain in B-Wing.
What's up, Doc?
Come on, Doc.
You don't want to do this.
We're sorry. This line is experiencing technical difficulties.
You ever see one of them safari shows,
where a bunch of cheetahs just jump all up on an antelope?
Guess which one you are?
Tough little gorilla, ain't he?
I was raised to believe the devil's got some crazy power,
but I don't think shining him on this wall is gonna bring it down.
Not unless he's got a sledgehammer with him.
We don't need a sledgehammer.
What the hell am I supposed to do with this?
Sick Bay, report?
Sick Bay, please report.
Rizzo, is everything okay?
All clear in Sick Bay. Over.
Roger that.
Let the bulls worry about the noise.
You worry about how you're gonna drill through a six-inch concrete wall
with what used to be an eggbeater.
We just need a few small holes.
How are we going to fit through a few small holes?
Ever hear of tensile strength?
Hooke's Law of Elasticity?
What do you think?
If we drill holes in strategic locations,
we compromise the load-carrying capacity of the wall.
How about speaking English?
We'll be able to break through the part of the wall that covers the pip opening.
Give me that.
We go in through the tip of each horn, the eyes,
the end of the nose,
the bottom of the fangs and end of the braids.
It makes a kind of "X." Let's get to it.
If I can get DIRT in there with some of the newer firepower the state' issued...
Oh, yeah, so we can end the riots today and start the funeral tomorrow?
I can contain this, sir.
- I've got a call for you. - Not now.
I think you should take this, boss. It's the governor.
- Governor. - Where's my daughter?
Not to worry, sir, she's fine.
She's in sick bay in B-Wing.
It's a completely different part of the facility.
It's, uh, totally locked off from the disturbance.
Disturbance? That's what you're calling a riot nowadays?
Can any of these animals get to her?
Sir, it's impossible for anyone from A-Wing to get into sick bay.
The guard there assures us that everything is fine.
We have everything under control, Governor.
For your sake, you better hope you do.
I'm going to dance with you, Doc!
We're going to dance till the sun come up!
It's your turn.
I ain't messing with no Diablo, man.
We can't afford downtime.
We have to switch off drilling.
It's bad mojo, bro. Are you kidding me?
I mess with him, you drill into him,
he gets pissed, and then what, huh?
I got enough enemies already.
You believe in God, right?
You know I do.
So you're protected.
He'll protect you from him.
I assure you, once Bob and I are done getting acquainted...
...everyone else will get their turn.
We're going to have a little fun now. Don't worry.
I don't got the blickey.
My pipes are clean.
Now, where you going, rookie?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They always think they can run away.
I've got a question for you, Fish.
What if we do all this work, and the pipe is ten feet that way?
- It won't be. - You got X-ray vision?
I calculated the drill point coordinates,
hid them in my tattoo, and then projected them back onto the wall.
Everything's been worked out so the image hits the right spot.
It's just math.
What if your math is wrong?
You'll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall.
There'll be an explosion, and we'll be burned alive.
But you're good at math, right?
They're breaking out.
- They're breaking... - Shh.
Yo, Stroke, you got longer arms than me, man.
Ow! Son of a...
That bitch stuck me.
They think it's hot now? I want all the water shut off.
- I'll call it in. - Mack, you take care of it.
Yes, sir.
- Yeah, we have a problem. - Oh, that's right. Yeah.
Bob here seen the hole. He's got to go away.
- No one's going anywhere. - He's seen the hole.
So have you.
Looks like your lockup idea didn't work out too good, huh?
I have a daughter. Please.
We gotta kill him.
The cops are right outside.
They'll stay outside,
as long as they know we're keeping him alive.
But he's a guard. He's gonna squeal.
What the hell does this have to do with you anyway?
This is not any of your concern.
See, Bob here knows about our secret.
He knows about our escape.
So it's all of our concern, now isn't it?
Easy, big fella. It's just me.
Looks like you took a pretty good hit.
Cons got that rook guard in Gen Pop.
Kid's probably dead already, or wishing he was.
Where's Scofield?
I haven't seen him since things jumped off.
I gotta find him.
You're looking for Scofield?
Yeah, Turk.
Come on.
You got things backwards, pervert.
You're in as much trouble as he is, you understand?
Go ahead, go ahead. Stick me. Stick me.
Let's see how many times I can shout out
about your little hole in there before I bleed out, huh?
'Cause every con in here is gonna know about your little escape,
before one drop of my blood hits the floor.
So, you see, friends,
either I'm through that hole with you,
or I'm gonna sing like Johnny Cash.
Hey, yo, Stroke's about to get the doc!
Sucre, I need you to finish what we started.
What's going on, man? Where you going?
Sick Bay.
Hey, there's no way into B-Wing. We're all locked out.
I'm not. No one touches the C.O.
No one.
You gonna clue me in, paisan?
It's faster if we cut through here.
Burrows is as good as dead.