Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Rat - full transcript

With the pipe to the infirmary replaced and Lincoln's life hanging in the balance, Michael must rethink his plan to escape and save his brother's life. A fellow inmate may hold the key to preventing Lincoln's execution.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Michael Scofield,
My brother is facing the electric chair, framed for a crime he didn"t commit,
What is it about this case that the Secret Service is so interested in?
The man kiIIed the Vice President's brother.
SCOFIELD: After his appeals were exhausted,
there was only one way to get him out,
OFFICER: (ON P.A. SYSTEM) This is the police,
Put down your weapon,
I'm getting you out of here.
-It's impossibIe. -Not if you designed the pIace, it isn't.
-You've seen the bIueprints. -Better than that.
I've got them on me.
SCOFIELD: l"ve been at Fox River nearly a month now,
ln that time, l"ve assembled a group that has all the resources
we need to not only break out, but to stay out,
I'm MichaeI, by the way.
-Dr. Tancredi... -Tancredi Iike the Governor?
SCOFIELD: While we dig on the inside,
our lawyer searches for the truth on the outside,
MAN: l have information that will lead to the exoneration of Lincoln Burrows,
Somebody on the inside cIaims they can exonerate LincoIn.
Someone's been taIking.
Anyone that's a threat is expendabIe.
They're ready for you, Madam Vice President.
SCOFIELD: 24 hours from now, my brother is scheduled to die,
But the way l see it, 24 hours from now,
we"ll be out of the country,
He's there.
It can't be done.
We're not getting out of here.
UnfortunateIy, pretty,
that ain't an option.
You are gonna get us out of here.
UnIess you're gonna use your shank to take out the pipe, put it away.
I'm gonna put it in your neck, you don't get us out of here.
-Bring it down a peg, T-Bag. -Shut your mouth!
Remember, pretty, I am serving Iife pIus one.
So if I get busted for attempted escape,
I'm gonna throw in a homicide, no probIem.
That's Iike a parking ticket to me.
You okay?
-FeIt sick again. -Yeah, you took your IV's out.
Yeah, I didn't want to throw up on the fIoor, so I just came to the drain.
Just Iet me waIk this off. I'II be fine.
LincoIn, there is no reason for you to be here if your IV isn't in.
-Everything aII right in here? -It's fine.
Why isn't he cuffed to the tabIe?
What's he gonna do, steaI a cotton baII?
Can't have him waIking around, Doc. You know that.
What was that?
C.O.: Put your wrist out.
You gonna turn this into something?
I'm not gonna say it again. Put your wrist out.
Hey, Keith, come check this out!
We got to go. Now. Give me the rope.
Give me the rope now!
Tie that off.
Let's just stay here, okay?
WESTMORELAND: Okay, I'm down.
We gotta go, MichaeI.
Get down. Let's go.
-Did it break off or did someone break it? -I don't know.
Here's the other haIf.
Hey, hey.
-What's up, Brad? -Heading over to Sharkey's.
It's two-for Tuesday. Wanna hoist a few?
Man, I'd Iove to, but my wife is cooking dinner and I toId her I'd be home.
Wuss. Anybody eIse?
Suit yourseIves.
Ain't none of the Sheetrock in front of the break room been touched.
-The PI's are Ietting it dry out. -StiII?
WESTMORELAND: I'm caught on something.
Come on, come on, come on, come on!
Stay there! Stay down there!
-Why was this door Iocked? -It wasn't Iocked, boss.
The fan kept pushing it open. So we just had to wedge it cIosed.
You've been in here aII night not doing a damn thing.
The room is stiII wet, boss. There's nothing we couId do.
It's not Iike we've been having a picnic.
Bunch of shiftIess, no-good convicts.
You got something to say, ScofieId?
Wrap it up.
And aII four of you, get your asses back to the bIock.
Get these nitwits back to the ceII bIock.
You seem to be one Iight.
Right here, boss.
No, no. No way!
I shouId be haIfway to seeing my famiIy right now!
Let's go.
C.O.: Keep it moving. Move it.
Go, Iadies.
Do you think he knows?
REPORTER: I'm here with Henry Pope, who is the warden of Fox River Penitentiary
where LincoIn Burrows is scheduIed to die by eIectrocution at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow.
Warden Pope, can you teII me what's gonna happen in the next few hours?
There are strict Department of Corrections guideIines
that govern every aspect of an execution.
Measures taken to make sure that the process goes as smoothIy as possibIe.
Such as?
The correctionaI officers wiII do a waIkthrough,
we'II review the Iist of witnesses,
the chair wiII be checked and rechecked to make sure there's no probIem.
And Mr. Burrows himseIf. Have you spoken with him?
What are his thoughts in these finaI hours?
I'd say that's between him and his God.
And maybe the Governor.
I understand Burrows' attorneys are going to request a stay.
I wish them the best of Iuck.
Does that mean you beIieve he's innocent?
It means...
I beIieve in the process but I don't reIish the prospect of
taking another man's Iife.
Whether it's just or not, there's no joy that Iies before us today.
Okay, thank you very much, Warden,
And we will be here with you throughout the night
watching and waiting to see if Lincoln Burrows does in fact become
only the 13th person to be executed in the state of lllinois since 1976,
Just so you got one Iess thing to worry about,
I want you to know I ain't mad at you.
Thank you.
-How Iong untiI... -16 hours.
Are his Iawyers making any progress? Is there stiII a chance with that?
No. There's onIy one person who can reaIIy stop this execution.
I need to see my brother. Just to taIk.
For five minutes.
Yeah. Yeah. I'II try.
I'm sorry. I'm toId that you have to wait untiI finaI visitation.
WouId you taIk to your father for me, pIease?
BeIieve me, my father knows where I stand on the death penaIty
-and I'm just as cIear on his... -Sara... Dr. Tancredi, I'm sorry.
This isn't about the moraIity of the death penaIty. This is...
This is about kiIIing an innocent man, my brother,
and sureIy your father can't be in favor of that.
Just taIk to LincoIn's attorneys, just for an hour,
and I swear to God you'II be convinced of his innocence.
I wouId pick up the phone right now if I thought there was any chance
that I couId make a difference, but you have to understand,
I'm the Iast person in the worId that my father Iistens to.
He hates what I do, he hates what I beIieve in.
And if I'm the one asking for cIemency for your brother, your brother won't get it.
I'm sorry.
Look, if Terrence Steadman is stiII aIive, LyIe,
then it can't be Terrence Steadman buried in the ground.
Yeah, but a secret informant cIaims that Steadman is stiII aIive?
I don't know, Nick. It aII sounds pretty far-fetched.
You're his cIerk, just get us on the docket.
Nick, you're asking him to commit poIiticaI suicide
by granting a stay of execution to IIIinois' most notorious death row inmate.
OfficiaIIy, aII we're asking is for an exhumation order.
If he grants it, he can order a stay untiI the tests come in.
An exhumation order?
Oh, weII, that's better. Digging up the Vice President's brother. No way.
LyIe, LyIe, Iook, we took Intro to Civ Pro together, remember?
We studied for the Bar day and night in that crappy IittIe apartment of yours,
taIking about how we were going to make a difference.
Nick, you fiIed an 1 1th-hour motion,
and Judge KessIer's docket is fuII this afternoon.
Come on, LyIe, everyone knows you run that courtroom.
You can't adjust things around a bit?
The informant that was kiIIed yesterday, I was there.
I know firsthand,
these peopIe wiII do whatever they can to frame LincoIn for Steadman's murder.
AII we're asking is to be heard.
I'II give you 15 minutes this afternoon, that's it.
-Thank you. -Thank you.
Yeah, you're weIcome.
-He doesn't even know what happened. -He knows you tried.
-Do you think so? -He's your brother. He knows you.
So, yes.
SCOFIELD: I promised I wouId get him out of here.
You promised a Iot of peopIe, pretty.
-Enough, man, aII right? -This don't concern you, boy.
You don't get a man's hopes up Iike that and then just...
Back up or I'II beat your skinny ass into the ground.
And it wouIdn't take much to do it.
C.O.: AII right, Iadies, rec time is over. Back on the bIock!
You owe me a ticket out of here, pretty.
And I wiII coIIect.
-I'm reaIIy sorry about your brother. -(SIGHING) Thanks.
Look, I know you were counting on this, so...
Let me worry about my probIems.
'Cause I know you've got enough on your mind right now.
For what it's worth, over the years,
I've known a few men who've sat on that chair,
and as the day gets near, aII you can reaIIy do is pray it goes quick.
Once, about 10 years ago, there was a man caught a few sparks,
not enough to do the job.
Had to wait another three weeks whiIe they reset the whoIe process.
And it may sound crazy, but he said it was the worst three weeks of his Iife,
because it's not the Iightning that kiIIs you, it's the wait.
So, take soIace in the fact that your brother's wait is over.
So if something happens to the chair,
he's got three more weeks?
There's a Iot of protocoI in kiIIing a man.
A new death warrant, another medicaI cIearance.
A Iot can happen in three weeks.
Yo, what scrapes, yo?
-What y'aII taIking about? -Nothing.
Keep it together.
Go, keep it together!
I'm going in.
It's daytime.
I'II hang a sheet.
Do you have any questions about what's gonna happen tonight?
When I get to eat, when I'm supposed to waIk,
how it's gonna feeI when they tighten the beIts.
Any of that gonna heIp come midnight?
Some feeI it's best to be prepared.
-How's MichaeI? -He's anxious to see you.
UnfortunateIy, we've been toId that that's not possibIe untiI finaI visitation.
-You've been through this before? -No.
Just so you know, a doctor needs to be present, so,
for what it's worth, I'II be there tonight.
-Can I ask a favor? -Yeah. What?
When I'm gone, can you
Iook out for my brother?
What were you doing back there?
-So you Iike doing that, too? -Dipping a fry in the shake? HeIIs, yeah.
Good times. Good times.
So what's going on out there?
Nothing, you know, just staying out of troubIe.
I meant in terms of any office gossip you might have for me.
Yo, check it.
This one fooI has been trying to cop a joint.
So, I'II keep ear-hustIing for that.
We had an agreement. You were supposed to bird-dog ScofieId and get back to me.
I been trying, man, I've been working the corners. Trust me. I ain't got nothing.
I seen you taIking to him in the yard, him and the geezer.
Yeah, I taIked to ScofieId, but he ain't toId me nothing.
Then it's 100 bucks for the burger and fries.
-Boss, you know I ain't got no money. -Then you better start seIIing your ass.
100 bucks by the end of the shift, or there's gonna be a bidding war
to see who gets you as their new ceIIie.
Beat it.
In the yard today, I did hear ScofieId say something.
He said if something goes wrong with the chair,
his brother gets three more weeks to Iive.
We're square. Get out of here.
-How's it going in here? -Ready for Iiftoff.
-Chair is working? -Yeah. Why?
Run a test.
I aIready did. The eIectricaI contractor signed off on the diagnostic this morning.
-We're good to go. -Run it again.
-Why? -Run it.
It ain't working.
Son of a bitch. I don't know what couId've happened.
So once they redo aII the paperwork, your brother gets three more weeks.
-So we got time, then. -Not a Iot. But some.
Are we stiII going through the infirmary?
If I corrode that pipe again, they'II know something's up.
You got another way?
Right now I'm just worried about getting through tonight.
CarefuI. There's 2,000 voIts running through that thing.
Oh, God.
I came in here a man. Give me the strength to waIk out of here a man.
I came in here a man. Give me the strength to waIk out of here a man.
I came in here a man...
I came in here... Give me the strength to waIk...
I came in here...
I came in here...
I want to see my brother.
-When we move you to finaI visitation. -When's that?
Right after we do this.
It's your Iast day, Linc.
I'd prefer to keep you out of cuffs as much as possibIe, but
I need some assurances.
You've aIways been straight up with me, StoIte.
You have my word.
VERONICA: Your Honor, from the outset, Mr. Burrows' case has been tainted
by conspiracy characterized by destruction of evidence,
distortion of the truth and witness intimidation.
Again, Judge, I have to object.
These are some serious accusations with absoIuteIy no proof.
No proof? What have I been arguing for the past 20 minutes?
You got me.
Judge KessIer, Mr. Tucci might not appreciate the weight
of what we've just presented, but sureIy you must.
As Miss Donovan stated, a top video forensic anaIyst
has disputed the authenticity of a surveiIIance tape
that was the key piece of evidence in convicting LincoIn Burrows.
That's the tape that no Ionger exists, right?
Because your cIient had it destroyed.
UnIess my cIient is a rusted water pipe in the County Records Office,
I'm afraid you're mistaken.
Judge, Miss Donovan's apartment was bIown up in an attempt
to siIence both her and me.
That was independentIy corroborated as a gas Ieak, Your Honor.
Judge, a month ago, a Secret Service agent
named PauI KeIIerman visited my office.
I saw KeIIerman Iast night, when he shot and kiIIed another agent, DanieI HaIe,
right after HaIe toId me that Terrence Steadman was aIive and weII.
Your Honor, I'm presenting to the cIerk an affidavit from the director
of the Secret Service Agency.
It states that at no time has there ever been
an agent of that organization by the name of PauI KeIIerman, or DanieI HaIe.
In addition, there were no other witnesses to this shooting.
No buIIets were found, no bIood, no sheII casings.
The onIy witness to this aIIeged murder is Veronica Donovan,
LincoIn Burrows' ex-girIfriend.
Now, Your Honor, I feeI for Miss Donovan.
-Save it. -I do.
But desperation causes desperate acts.
And that's what we're seeing here today, Your Honor.
My cIient, the Vice-President of the United States...
Judge KessIer.
Do either of you have any evidence that is admissibIe?
Even just tangibIe?
Your cIaims, if true, are terrifying.
But anything or anyone that couId verify your story
is either gone, missing or dead.
I know time is of the essence. I'II reserve judgment for now.
I'II take your arguments into consideration,
and I'II have a decision within a few hours.
These IittIe bastards are the bane of my existence, I swear to God.
You get this a Iot?
Yeah, they're attracted to the heat when they're coId,
pIus, they got coIIapsibIe vertebrae or some deaI,
so they can squeeze through a crack yea big, if they're determined.
And he shorted out the wire just by biting on it?
Not by chewing on the wire aIone, but if the taiI touches metaI,
it acts as a ground, and boom, fuse pops.
-AIong with the rat. -I'II be damned.
So, can you change the fuse?
Yeah, there's another one right here in the box.
Can you do it now?
Right after I notify the state and fiII out the paperwork.
Now, hoId up a minute.
Both of you.
We're gonna give more time to a guy who kiIIed the Vice President's brother?
-This guy's a terrorist. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Forget about Iosing our jobs, we couId aII face charges.
OnIy the three of us know.
ReaI easy to keep it that way.
It's your guys' caII.
How much Ionger?
-Six hours. -C.O.: Open on 40!
ScofieId, your brother's gonna be transported to finaI visitation soon.
You can meet him there.
You Iook surprised.
You knew it was scheduIed today.
No, I...
You were saying?
STOLTE: They'II be transporting you to finaI visitation in a minute.
Thanks for keeping your word, Linc.
Linc, you're gonna have to change into these.
What's that?
At the moment of death, the body becomes incontinent, so...
-It's a diaper? -Yeah.
You need to wear it.
Make me.
Good Iook, huh? It's for the eIectricity.
Hair gets in the way or something.
I did everything I couId.
I know you did.
Last time I had my head shaved was when I was running with Derek.
-Remember Derek? -Uh, yeah.
Bet me 40 bucks I wouIdn't shave it. I said, make it $100.
StiII owes me.
-Have you heard from Veronica? -She's supposed to be coming.
-Is there any news on the appeaI? -Don't know.
'Cause there couId stiII be a...
Stop, MichaeI, pIease.
This thing's gonna happen.
I got to get my head straight.
Let's just share memories, swap stories, taIk about the damn weather,
anything but torturing myseIf with the idea of hope.
I can't take it anymore.
AII right.
-You can't go, LJ. -I don't care. I have to see him.
You can't go to the prison. You'II never make it through the gate.
There wiII be cops everywhere.
Look, you got to wait untiI we get aII this cIeared up, aII right?
It's the judge's cIerk.
LyIe, what do you got?
-Thanks, man. -They ruIed against us.
-I'm gonna go and see him. -I'm gonna stay here with LJ.
-You gonna be okay going aIone? -Yeah, I'm gonna be fine.
TeII LincoIn... You know, just, we tried.
Go to the back room. Go!
You're the attorneys for LincoIn Burrows?
You Ietting me win, MichaeI?
-No. -Show me your cards.
-I'm not gonna show you my cards. -Show me your cards.
-I'm not gonna show you my cards. -Give me your cards.
-Gin. -Funny, that.
Three out of five.
-How often wouId you make those for LJ? -Whenever I had him on weekends.
May be the onIy decent thing I ever did for him.
-No. You were there for him. -Not enough.
I don't know how I can stomach this stuff before...
We Iost the appeaI.
Your friend Sara came by, though.
-Did she hear you out? -She did.
-Is she gonna taIk to her father? -I sure as heII hope so.
It doesn't matter anymore, guys.
You've done more than enough for me.
That's the most important thing.
I couIdn't bring LJ.
I know.
I can get him on the phone, though.
What do I say?
LJ. It's your dad.
LJ: Hey, Dad,
LJ. So this is it.
l,,, l want you to
stick with Veronica and Nick and cIear your name. You'II be aII right.
I wish I couId be there, Dad.
Me, too.
'Cause there's something I want to teII you.
-What's that? -l had a dream last night,
You and me were working on a house, pounding nails,
And in the dream,
it feIt Iike we were oIder.
lt was so clear, The whole dream,
And when l woke,
l knew that today wasn"t going to be the end,
That we'II see each other again, Dad.
l know it,
I Iove you, Dad.
Those numbers support Burrows' cIaim
about Terrence Steadman's pending indictment.
Now, with the reIated murders, and then the confidentiaI informant,
I just wanted to make sure that you were fuIIy aware of the circumstances.
I'm fuIIy acquainted with the Burrows case, Sara,
but I never heard about any of this.
WeII, I hadn't either, untiI I spoke with Burrows' attorneys this afternoon.
And I understand that most of this evidence
is technicaIIy considered circumstantiaI, but I think you'II agree it's hard to ignore.
And how did you get invoIved with aII this?
These men are my patients. It's my job to advocate for them.
Come on, Sara. How many of these guys say that they are innocent?
Eighty, ninety percent?
It's not Iike you're asking me for a new bike here, kid.
Being tough on crime, capitaI punishment,
it's aII part of a phiIosophy that I beIieve in.
Part of a phiIosophy that I campaigned on, was eIected for.
I have to go back to Fox River.
I have to be there when they kiII this man.
The Ieast you couId do is review his case.
And, Dad, if it heIps, pretend it didn't come from me.
I've never given a damn about what peopIe thought of me.
Never. The Iast coupIe of days...
I gotta admit, you know...
Lee Harvey OswaId, John WiIkes Booth,
LincoIn Burrows.
I'm gonna go down in history with these freaks.
Bitch of it aII is I didn't do it.
I didn't do it!
I didn't do it.
It's time.
-What is it? -It's the Governor.
Yes, Governor.
Okay. I understand.
The Governor has reviewed your case fuIIy.
He's not granting cIemency.
Let's proceed.
You did your country and your party a great service.
It won't go unnoticed.
-Thank you, Madam Vice President. -Thank you, Governor.
Can't go past here.
Once he's in the death chamber, you'II be escorted to the viewing room.
Can I...
I've Ioved you since the first time I saw you.
Uncuff him.
Let's go, son.
LINCOLN: l didn"t kill that man, Michael, SCOFIELD: Swear to me,
LINCOLN: l swear to you, Michael,
Preparation can only take you so far,
After that, you gotta take a few leaps of faith,
VERONICA: Don"t give up on me,
-What if something happens to you? -You just have a little faith,
Just have a little faith,
How about every Sunday, we have our own special breakfast?
-Just you and me, -Yeah,
LINCOLN: Give me your hand, You gotta have faith, LJ,
LJ: l love you, Dad,
I came in here a man.
Give me the strength to waIk out of here a man.