Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Michael Scofield is imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary. He finds his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is a death row prisoner, and tells him that he is going to break them both out of the prison.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
That's it.

Can I just, you know,
look at it for a minute?

You're an artist, Sid.

You're telling me you're gonna walk outta
here and I'm never gonna see it again?

There's a good chance of that, yes.

Most guys, for the first one,
they start with something small.

'Mom', girlfriend's initials,
something like that.

Not you.

You get a full set of sleeves
all in a couple of months.

It takes guys a few years
to get the ink you got.

I don't have a few years.

Wish to hell I did.

- The vault. Open it.
- We can't. The branch manager's not here.

- Where is he?
- It's lunchtime. He's at White Castle.

- White Castle?
- A fast-food restaurant.

They serve those little square burgers.

I know what it is.

I'm not playing games. Open it.

Sir, you have half a
million dollars cash...

in your bag. Don't you
think it'd be better if...?

This is the police.
You are completely surrounded.

Put down your weapon.

Put down your weapons now!

Rarely in the case of armed robbery
do we hear a plea of no contest.

- Are you sure about this, Mr Scofield?
- I'm sure, Your Honour.

Your Honour, we'd like to recess if
we could. My client's a bit confused.

- I'm not.
- He is, Your Honour.

Perhaps you should heed her advice. Take
additional time to consider your response.

I've already done that, Your Honour.

I'll retire to my chambers to determine
sentencing. Court's recessed until 1:30.

- Hey, Come on. Let's go.
- Uncle Mike?

I didn't want you to come.
Go home, LJ.

I didn't want you to see this.

- He won't take this well.
- Can you blame him? He's your nephew.

He's beginning to think anybody he attaches
himself to is gonna end up in prison.

And he's not the only one
who's starting to feel that way, Michael.

- Will you give us a minute?
- One minute.

Don't you understand?

You put the book in that woman's hand.
She'll lob it at you like a grenade.

Justice and punishment
are the same thing to her.

I know.

- So tell me what's going through your head.
- We've been over this.

I've known you all my life.
You don't have a violent bone in your body.

- And I know you didn't need the money.
- Veronica...

- Why won't you let me help you?
- You've been good to me my whole life.

But you gotta let me deal with this. OK?

Given your lack of prior criminal conduct,
I am inclined toward probation.

But the fact you discharged a weapon while
committing the crime suggests malice to me.

For that reason, I find it incumbent that you
see the inside of a prison cell, Mr Scofield.

You've requested to be incarcerated
near your home here in Chicago.

I'm willing to honour that.

- The closest level one facility...
- Level one? That's maximum security.

I would ask counsel
to refrain from interrupting me.

As I was saying, the closest level one facility
would be Fox River State Penitentiary.

As for your sentence,
I'm setting it at five years.

You'll be eligible for parole in half that
time. Sentence to be carried out immediately.

OK, people, step inside the door. Check
yourself for bugs. Keep the line moving.

We ain't got all day to get this done.

No talking in line.

Keep that line moving.
Keep it moving. Next.

- Name and bank number.
- Scofield, Michael. 94941.

- You a religious man?
- Never thought about it.

Good, cos the Ten Commandments
don't mean piss in here. We got two only.

The first commandment is,
you got nothin' comin'.

- What's the second commandment?
- See commandment number one.

- Gotcha.
- You talking out the side of your neck?

- Come again?
- I said, are you bein' a smartass?

Just trying to fly low, avoid the
radar, boss. Do my time and get out.

- There isn't any flyin' under my radar.
- Good to know.

Can't a brother get some air conditioning up
here? It's hotter than a crack ho's mouth.

To hell with the AC, man.
Gimme the crack ho.

Come on!

Yo, fish. What you lookin' at? You look
kinda pretty to be up in here, man.


I suggest you take a seat, fish. Ain't
nothing to do up in here but serve time.

Ain't nobody gonna serve it for you.


Welcome to Prisneyland, fish.

Attention, all prisoners...

- You wanna talk about it?
- It's not worth talking about.

- If it's keeping you up it is.
- No, it's just...

It's nothing, you know.

- Michael's case.
- You did the best you could.

But he didn't.

He just rolled over, he didn't put
up a fight. It's not like him. I...

- I'm sorry. I shouldn't be talking about him.
- Hey, if it's on your mind, it's on your mind.

Good night.

All lanes, start coming out.
All lanes, start coming out.

Trey Street Deuces got the hoops,
Norteños got the bleachers,

Woods got the weight pile.

The COs got the rest. I tell you, the guards
have the dirtiest gang in this whole place.

The only difference between us and them
is the badge.

- Who's the pet lover?
- He'll deny it, but he's DB Cooper.

Parachuted out of a plane 30 years ago
with a million and a half in cash.

- Doesn't look like the type.
- Who does?

Hey! Whaddup, Wholesale? You OK?

Gonna be greater later.
What you doin' with this fish, man?

He's my new cellie. Wholesale's
got it wired up at the commissary.

Anything you want, he can get it.

You keep handin' out my jacket,
I'll bust your grape.

You couldn't bust a grape in Napa with a set
of cleats on. What are you talkin' about?

I'm looking for someone.

- Guy named Lincoln Burrows.
- Linc the Sink?

- That what they're calling him now?
- Yeah.

As in, he'll come at you
with everything but the kitchen, snowflake.

Where can I find him?

Man killed the VP's brother.
In a month he's getting the chair.

Which means no one here's more dangerous
than him, cos he's got nothing to lose now.

- What are they gonna do, kill him twice?
- Any way I can get to him?

The only time those boys get out
is for chapel and Pl.

- Pl? What's that?
- Prison industry.

The guys that get along get to work - painting,
scrubbing, making mattresses, you name it.

I wouldn't get excited if I were you, fish.
You ain't sniffin' none of Pl.

- Why's that?
- Cos John Abruzzi runs it.

- 'John Abruzzi' John Abruzzi?
- 'John Abruzzi' John Abruzzi.

Why do you want to see
Burrows so bad, anyhow?

Because he's my brother.

- They denied the motion.
- Do it again.

I can't. May 11th. That's the date, man.
That's the date they, uh, you know...

- execute me.
- I know.

- I didn't kill that man, Michael.
- The evidence says you did.

I don't care what the evidence says.
I didn't kill him.

Swear to me.

I swear to you, Michael.

But how did they get it wrong, then?
The courts, the appeals...

Don't know. Don't know.

All I keep thinking, looking back on it,
is I was set up.

And whoever it was that set me up wants me
in the ground as quickly as possible.

- What's another word for 'love'?
- What's the context?

The 'l love you so much I ain't never
knockin' over a liquor store again' context.

- Except, you know, classy.
- Mm.

- I'm proposing to my girl, if you gotta know.
- In a letter?

- You got a better way?
- Face to face is good.

This ain't exactly the romantic spot. I'm gonna
have her get on the Staten lsland Ferry,

then once she can see the Empire
State Building, she opens the letter...

It's like almost being there.
Except for the fact that I won't be there.

Try 'passion'.

'Passion'.'Passion'. That's dope.

How do you spell that? Is it P-A-S-H...?

No H?

- LJ, hold up.
- Hold up?

- I don't think I can go through with this.
- Everything's gonna be fine. Trust me.

We understand each other, then?
Friday. Not Saturday, not Sunday. Friday.

- Totally understood.
- I don't want 100s, fives or ones.

I know, I know. Tens and 20s only.

It's on.


Abruzzi. I need you to hire me at Pl.

- Beat it.
- Maybe you oughta hear what I gotta say.

You got nothing I need.

- Wouldn't be too sure of that.
- My mistake.

Just what I need. A duck.

Pl, Abruzzi. You might find
I can be of more assistance than you think.

Mull it over.
Come find me when you're ready to talk.

All right, guys. Pick it up.
I wanna get home tonight.


- Yeah. So?
- That son of a bitch fingered Abruzzi.

That's Fibonacci?

- I thought that punk was gone forever.
- Evidently somebody found him.

- Is somebody messin' with us?
- This you're not gonna believe.

What is it?

Tattoo looks fresh. Hold that.

I guess being a diabetic,
you don't mind needles.

- I'm Michael, by the way.
- Scofield. I read your report.

- And you are?
- Dr Tancredi will do.

'Tancredi' like the governor?

You're not related, are you?

Hm. Wouldn't think you'd find the daughter of
Frontier Justice Frank working in a prison.

- As a doctor, no less.
- I believe in being part of the solution,

- not the problem.
- Hm.

'Be the change you want
to see in the world.'


- Nothing. That was just my senior quote.
- That was you?

This whole time I was
thinking it was Gandhi.

You're very funny. Sit tight. Put direct
pressure on that. I'll be back in a sec.

So, how do we play this?
You hook me up with a few weeks' supply?

Nice try. No hypos on the floor.

I'm the farthest thing from a junkie.
Trust me.

I got news for you.'Trust me'
means absolutely zero inside these walls.

The only way you're getting that insulin
is if I'm administering it.

Guess we'll be seeing
a lot of each other, then.

I guess so.

We're all clear on the Burrows execution,
except for one thing.

Bishop McMorrow is not in the fold.

He's got a lot of influence with the governor.
They went to prep school together apparently.

Look, the closer it gets,

the more I'm worried that the bottom
is gonna fall out of this whole thing.

Well, maybe it's time you arranged a visit
with the good bishop, then.

Look, in one month, it'll all be over.

'The Son of Man must be delivered
into the hands of sinful men

and be crucified,
and the third day rise again.'

'And they remembered his words.'
And so should you.

Good day, gentlemen.
May God be with you.


Let's go. Come on, keep moving.

- Why?
- I'm getting you out of here.

Burrows! Roll it up. Happy hour's over.

- It's impossible.
- Not if you designed the place it isn't.

Too formal.

Too greeting-card.

We gotta make a decision
sooner or later, you know.

- We have time.
- We don't, actually.

At some point
we gotta pull the trigger on this thing.

I don't wanna rush this. We're only
gonna do it once. We have to get it right.

- Honey, can I ask you something?
- Of course.

- Are you putting this off?
- What do you mean?

- I mean, are you having second thoughts?
- No.

Honey, no. I'm not.

I just can't help thinking this is about...

It's not.

I love you. And I wanna be your wife.

- 'Passion'? What were you thinking?
- Hey, you went for it.

She probably thinks
I went sissy up in here.'Passion'.

Got more than one syllable,
too much talking.

That's me from now on. One-Syllable Sucre.

'Yes', 'no', 'love', 'hate'...'love'.

- Give it time.
- Are you kidding?

I proposed to her. That doesn't take time.
'Sí' or 'no'. One syllable, man.

She's supposed to come
for a conjugal on Tuesday.

She always calls me beforehand
to let me know she's coming.

This time, man, I ain't heard a peep.

You spooked her.

Scofield. Get it together.
Pope wants to see you.

No good, fish.
No one gets an audience with the Pope.

Not unless he's real interested
in what you got going on.

Top of your class at Loyola.
Magna cum laude, in fact.

I can't help wondering what someone with your
credentials is doing in a place like this.

Took a wrong turn a few
months back, I guess.

You make it sound like a traffic infraction,
like going the wrong way up a one-way street.

Everyone turns up one sooner or later.

The reason I called you here,

I noticed in your I-file, under
'Occupation', you put down 'unemployed'.

That's not true, now, is it?

I know you're a structural
engineer, Scofield.

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal

as a monument to his
undying love for his wife.

My wife is quite fond of the story.

It appeals to the romantic in her.

Being married to someone in corrections,
terrible job. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

And yet, in 39 years,
my wife has never complained.

And the worst part of it is,
I've never thanked her.

So, because I couldn't say it,
I thought, you know, I could build it.

Come June, it's our 40th anniversary.

But here, look... You
see, the problem is,

I build any more, it's all gonna
come down like a house of cards.

That's where I was hoping
you could be of assistance.

And for the favour, I can offer you
three days of work a week in here,

and it'll keep you off the yard.

I can't do it.

Son, it's better for me to owe you one in
here than it is for you to owe me one,

I can promise you that.

I'll take my chances.

Then we're through here.


Two pounds of pot?
What were you trying to do, set a record?

It's not funny, LJ.
You could be going to jail.

It's pretty obvious to me
you need some guidance.



- From who? Old Daddy Warbucks?
- He's a good man.

We got nothing in common.

Where's this coming from, LJ? Last semester
you were getting almost all As, and now...

- It's your father, isn't it?
- I don't have a father.

It wasn't an immaculate conception, honey.
Trust me.

Maybe it's time you went and saw him.


Mom! Don't.

I'm about as excited by that as you are,
but something's gotta give.

You have got too much potential
to be screwing up your life like this.

What if they'd sent you
to Taylorville or Marion and not here?

I think I'd be doing the same thing I'm doing
in here - eating Jell-O, drinking Kool-Aid.

I know what you're doing. It's not the luck
of the draw that you're in here with Lincoln.

You forget I know you. Both ofyou.

You two have the most dysfunctional
idea of love I've ever seen.

He beats you up to keep you off the street,

so you get yourself
tossed into Fox River with him?

To what? Save him?

I deserve to know.
I loved him as much as you did.

Past tense for you, maybe. Not me.

I gave him a shot
when I got back from college. I did.

Even with all the stuff going on, I did all I
could to make it work, and he threw it away.

You ever think maybe he was hurt
that you left in the first place?

Don't do this. Whatever it is you're doing,
there's a better way.

- I'm appealing your case.
- I told you not to.

I got in touch with the diocese about Linc.
The bishop...

That won't stop it. It'll only delay it.

You wanna do something?
You find out who's trying to bury him.

Nobody's trying to bury him.
The evidence was there.

The evidence was cooked.

Visiting hours are now over.

Take care of yourself.

Someone wants him dead, Veronica.
Something more is going on here.

This is desperation, Michael.
You're in denial.

Maybe. But I can't watch him die.

I won't do that.


What is it about the Burrows situation
that I can help you with?

It's our understanding that you have
great influence with the governor.

I wouldn't say it's great, or influence.
We're friends.

It's also our understanding
that you oppose the death penalty.

- I'm a man of God. How could I not?
- In this case,

we're hoping you'll suspend that position,
at least temporarily.

If the inmate appeals to me for intervention,
how can I turn my back on him?

You have a habit of answering a question
with a question.

And you have a way of asking questions
that beg more questions.

- Are you saying you won't do it?
- I'm not a man to equivocate.

- You're, what, 62 now, Your Excellency?
- That's right.

So you should be well versed
in how the tax system works.

Taking personal capital gains
under the church's tax shelter,

that would be fraud,
wouldn't it, Your Excellency?

I will not be cowed into
forsaking my beliefs.

Not by you, or anyone else.


Good day, Excellency.

Mr Kellerman, what is it about this case
that the Secret Service is so interested in?

The man killed the
Vice-President's brother.

- What did you say?
- You heard me.

Someone found Fibonacci.
I'm looking at the photos right now.

Son of a bitch has got a beard, sunglasses.
Witness protection ifl ever saw it.

Who was this someone?

Don't know. There's no return address
on the envelope. Just...

this folded-up bird, made of paper.

- Like origami?
- Yeah, like that.

Like origami.

- You're Charles Westmoreland, right?
- Do I know you?

- I knew your wife, before she passed.
- You knew Marla?

- You mean Ann?
- How'd you know her?

- We taught together in Boston.
- East Farmington.

You mean West Wilmington?

No more tests, I promise.

Seems you know everything about me.
Who are you?

Michael Scofield.
How'd you get it in here?

First off, she's not an it.

She's Marilyn,
and she's grandfathered back from the days

when prisoners were allowed
a creature comfort or two.

Heard you were DB Cooper.

Every new fish that comes in, first thing they
hear is Charles Westmoreland's DB Cooper.

I'll tell you like I tell them.

You want the Cooper story?
I can't give it to you, cos I'm not him.

That's too bad. I sort of wish it was true.
The man's a legend.

Nowhere near as much
as I wish it were true, friend.

I'd have a million five
waiting for me on the outside.

I'd put some grass under 'em if I were you.

This thing'd go a whole lot easier
if you'd just hire me.

What is this all about?

Say you were able to get
outside those walls.

Are there people in place
to make you disappear forever?

- What do you care?
- I'm just curious.

- Where's Fibonacci?
- That's not the way it works.

They come at me, John,
I'm coming after you.

I doubt it.

All right.

Get on the ground.

I totally misjudged you, Scofield.
I didn't think you were the agitating type.

Behaviour like that
will not be tolerated in my prison.

90 days in the SHU oughta be
enough time to convince you of that.

- 90 days?
- That's right.

- Something you wanna say?
- It's just...

- I'm not of much value to you in the SHU.
- Value?

The Taj. It'd be a shame for the eighth
wonder of the modern world to collapse

because the stress isn't
properly propagated.

- Properly propagated?
- Properly propagated.

The joints are overloaded.

They won't provide anywhere near the sheer
strength the completed structure will need.

- How much work are we talking?
- You want it by when, June?

- Yes.
- Then we'd better get started,

wouldn't you say?

Who's there?

Bishop McMorrow was killed last night.
Someone shot him while he was sleeping.

- I thought you'd wanna know.
- Thanks.

Michael was right.

Sink! You got a visitor.

He was arrested.

- For what?
- Possession of marijuana.

I figured he could use
some fatherly advice before it's...

- Gone forever?
- I didn't mean that.

I know you didn't. Thanks, Lisa.


Dope, huh? Using or dealing?

- What's the difference?
- Then what?

You think it gives you
some kind of street cred?

You've got a piece of the good life.
Take advantage.

Look, I get it. The whole thing.

She drags me in here, you give me
a big speech, I walk away a changed man.

Straight As, Harvard,
grow up and be a dentist.

It's better than being here.

You gotta realise who gets punished
when you do what you do.

You think it's me. It's you.
I did the same thing.

Punished the old man cos he was gone.
Look where it got me.

I'm not asking you to love me.
I already screwed up that chance long ago.

I'm asking you to love yourself.
You can still put the brakes on this thing.

- So that's what fatherly advice is like.
- Where are you going?

- I got homework.
- They're putting me to death, LJ.

In a month's time, I'll be dead.
You get that?

You're already dead to me.



What, you mean 'yes, yes'?

- Yes! Yes!
- Yeah!

- Just one thing.
- Of course.

- My mom wants us to wait till you get out.
- Of course.

And we have to get married in a church.
A Catholic church.

Wouldn't want to mess
with the Catholic roots, would we?

- You went to Loyola.
- You've been checking up on me.

I like to get to know my patients.
I went to Northwestern.

Maybe we met before.

- Drunk, out at a bar somewhere.
- I would have remembered.

- That a compliment?
- No.


- What?
- Your blood glucose is 50mg per decilitre.

- So?
- It's hypoglycaemic.

Your body is reacting
like you're not a diabetic.

- You sure it's type 1 diabetes you've got?
- Ever since I was a kid.

- Any tingling, cold sweats?



Yeah, he did.

No, I did one a week ago.


Great. Well, I'll call him after lunch,
then. Thanks. I'm with a patient. OK.

I'd like to run some tests
next time you're in.

I don't want to administer insulin
to a man who doesn't need it.

Yeah. Sure.


- How'd you get here, by the way?
- Oh, you know.

I don't. That's why I asked.

- You know... Hector.
- What?!

I didn't have any money for the bus, so he
offered me a ride. He was really sweet.

- Honey, he's just a friend.
- No, he's not. I know Hector. I know men.

Men and women can't be friends. A guy doesn't
drive a girl 500 miles to be friends.

Casanova! Wrap it up.

Hey. You got nothing to worry about, OK?
It's you I'm marrying.

It's not you I'm worried about.

Sixteen more months.

I love you.

Be easy, son, all right?

Sucre tells me you're the local pharmacy.

- What do you need, man?

- I only speak English, white boy.
- It's an insulin blocker.

Standard variety.
You can get it at any pharmacy.

- You can get that at Medical, then.
- I can't.

- Why not?
- Because they're giving me insulin shots.

- You're one mixed-up cracker.
- Can you get it for me or not?

Only if you tell me
why you keep going back to Medical

- to get an insulin shot you don't need.
- I like the ambience.

- A-ha.
- Are we in business?

Scofield! I don't know what you did, but
Abruzzi wanted me to give you this Pl card.

You just joined the ranks of the employed.

Kudos, fish. You got spine.

All right, cons! Break it down.

Move, you guys.

Saw Veronica came by yesterday.
Still engaged to that guy?

- Yup.
- It could have been me.

If you hadn't self-destructed.

You think I meant to knock up Lisa Rix?
I was just being stupid. Hurt.

- Shouldn't have pushed her away, though.
- You pushed everyone away.

I'm an anchor.
All I'll do is drag 'em down with me.

- Why'd you hire him?
- Keep your friends close,

and your enemies closer.

- Did you mean what you said earlier?
- I'm not here on vacation. Trust me.

Getting outside these walls is just
the beginning. You're gonna need money.

I'll have it.

And people on the outside.
People that can help you disappear.

I've already got 'em.

They just don't know it yet.

Look, whatever you've got going on,
fill me in, cos I'm in the dark here.

Chaparral Associates got the contract
to retrofit this place in '99 - $4 million.

Head partner couldn't crack it, so he
subcontracted out to a former associate.

That guy was one of the
partners in my firm.

We ghost-wrote the whole plan - crossed
the t's, dotted the I's, grouted the tiles.

- You've seen the blueprints.
- Better than that.

I've got 'em on me.

Are you kidding me?

- Am I supposed to see something here?
- Look closer.

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