Prisma (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Blu - full transcript

Andrea is finally free to share his secret with Nina and he shows her his photos in women's clothing. Marco, meanwhile, has raced his first swimming competition after his accident, but despite all the hard training he comes last. ...



Twenty-three point seventy-one.


The surgery did you good.

I'll go again.

Go again.


On your marks!


Don't worry. You'll get back in shape.

Wanna bet you'll beat me again in a month?

-What is this place?
-The land of tellina catchers.

Once there used to be small cafe,
children playing around, a playground.

And then?

Then, one day,

a nutria bit a kid
and no one wanted to come anymore.


My grandmother's clothes
are still in the farmhouse.

They're very nice.

So what?

I don't think your grandmother
was my size.

Come on. I want to see you.


Is this really you?

Look at your legs.

-I'm a bit intimidated.

Do you have more?

I don't have that many anymore.

Hey, can you let me know about the party?

What is it?


Do you like grapefruits?

-Is there a double entendre I'm missing?

There's a grapefruit orchard here.
Come on.

There's something I don't get.

If you didn't have to think about others,

how would you dress?
What would you be like?

I don't know. Like in the pictures.
Or like now. It depends.


Those are super chunky.

I'll get them.

They're not grapefruits, they're melons.


How would a dress look on you?
I'm curious.

As a kid I was a little doll.

Really? I want pictures.

I also had a boyfriend.
Sweet little Pierangelo.

After sweet little Pierangelo? Nothing?

Yes. I realized it pretty soon.



Do you like girls anyway?

I really liked Micol.

I get that.

Then why'd you lose interest in her?

I liked someone else.


-And you got upset with us.
-Stop it.

-You're an asshole.
-We only texted.

What about this person now?

I know it's a man,
but I'll pretend I don't, if you want.

We don't text anymore.

Last stop, Sabaudia.

Sorry. Are there lessons that end at 2:00?

-Quarter to two.
-Thank you.

-Hey, lovebirds.
-Here they are.

Don't know how, but Vitto convinced me
to have the party in my garden.

-"Don't know how."
-Stop it.

My God, they're such parasites.

You're coming, right?

-When is it?

Tell your friends, especially Sami.

Stop it!

I'll tell him.

-Well, I'm off.
-You're not eating with us?

No, I told my mother I'd be back.

-Come on.
-Come on.

Let's go.

-Are we studying at Giulia's?
-Yes. But wait for me.

-My bike is on the other side.
-Okay, I'll wait over there.



Don't we know each other?

-I don't think so.

Are you sure?

You've got the wrong person.

-This isn't you?
-Sorry, I should go.

Fuck, Vitto's grandmother died.

Hi, mom.

Hi, darling.


He told me he was eating with Carola.


-Who's Carola?
-Ask him.

Come, I made pasta with vegetables.

Your father and I were thinking
of buying a bigger house.


Yes. You should have separate rooms.

But I don't know if it's worth it.


We're going to university soon.
Maybe abroad.


I am, at least.

Who says we'll give you the money?

I know you won't.

I'll find a way.

You behave, okay?

Throw out that sandwich.

There's the famous beach shed uncle.


-Sorry for your loss.
-Thank you.

-He looks like a criminal.
-Shut up. He has a knife in his sock.


Sorry for your loss, bro.

Why are there cats inside the hospital?

-It just took a shit too.
-Shut up, Vitto.

You're right.

-When's the funeral?

-Do we cancel the party?
-What? Are you crazy?

Call Andrea. I texted him five times.
He isn't replying.


Come on.

What does he want?

Excuse me.

Hey, did you read Vitto's texts?

Yes. I'm figuring it out.

Okay. Let us know.
We told everyone to bring €15.

If there's nothing to eat,
it'll be a problem.

Yes, I understand. I'll text you.


I'll pay you back.


Don't worry.

-All right. Bye.

What did he say?

-Nothing. He'll let us know.

New socket, new life.


How does it feel?


It doesn't hurt at all.

We throwing that one out?

I don't know.

It would be cool as a vase.



YOU: I'll send you the file.
UNKNOWN USER: Send it here:

Does the girl from Sabaudia know

that you're stealing her photos?

I swear

I took the dog to get his glands...

New socket, new life.

Go, girl.

Go, girl.


What a jerk. Stop it.

-Come on.
-So disgusting! Get out!

Guys, relax. Go open the door. Shut up.

You think this is funny?

Well, yes, a bit.

I'll go to Marika.

Say you're drinking
and smoking before the semifinals.

Marcoli, it's a joke. They did
the fish under the pillow to me too.

Come have fun with us. Smoke and dance.

Hey, where... Where are you going?

-To Marika.
-No, don't be a snitch.

His uncles came from Sicily to see him.

-Can I have a cappuccino, please?



-We'll see you in Latina, you know?


-You rat!


It's the party for your video.

Yes, but there are too many distractions.

But Sunday went well.

-Bye, Franci.

-Bye, guys. Have a good day.
-Bye, Dad.


No, actually.
Four-tenths slower than this summer.

You always struggled more in races.

Daniele had never beaten me in a race.

Is that the problem?

Yes, but not like that.


We get along now.

That's good.


What if I promise we'll be back early?


Come and help us, you parasite!

It's €15.

-Damn, €15?


-Are you cashiers now?
-Well. Come on.

Cashiers? More like loan sharks.


Do you know these kids?

They go to my swimming training.
One is Zelia's brother.

Stay on his good side.

-Hi, guys.

-Let's go out. The video is starting.

Fine. Let's go.

-Good evening.

-What the fuck do you want?
-You're cute.

Come on. Let's go.

Quiet, guys!

Come on, quiet.

Let's go!

Come on!

I'll turn it up.

You changed the editing?

Yes. Vitto told me to change
a few things. I thought you knew.

You think I'd agreed to being cut
from the video?

Come on, it's only two close-ups.

-Okay, don't worry. It's not your fault.
-I'm sorry.

-Come on, guys!
-Come on!

Come on! Daniele, where are you?
Come here.

-Marco! Where's the maestro?
-Our director.

-Go, Marco!
-Give it up for Marco!

The girls. Where are they? Come here!

Go, Carola! You're hot!

-What's your name? Poncio, come!
-It's Boncio.

-You guys are the best!
-Come on!

-Why that face?

Okay, guys. Countdown for publication.

Please, let's post a lot of stories,
let's share the link.

You know how this works. Are you ready?

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.


I can't be left alone again.

Do you understand what I am saying?

I can't stand it, hanging out
with other people. Once, I get it...

Okay, but I did it once already.

That's not a one night thing.
It's two nights.

You piece of shit, if you talk about me
or what I wrote,

I swear I'll get you. I know you're
from around here and it won't take long.

Are you a sad drunk?

-A bit.

Come on. Tell me.

Well, we're leaving. What are you doing?

-I'm too drunk to drive.
-Walk with us.

Yes, but...

-I don't feel like saying bye to anyone.
-Great idea.

Let's go.

Fucking shitty friends, congratulations.
I was saying...

You're just talking.

If you like her,
go there and do your thing.

What's gotten into you tonight?

-How is it?
-A bit shitty.

-Want mine? I'm tired.
-It's wood.

-What did you get?

The empty one.

Your poet has a reading in Rome
tomorrow morning.

-I know. At the feminist lesbian bookshop.

Shall we go?

For the reading or to flirt with someone?

Do I have to choose?

Come on. I'll also take you
to a great museum and we'll walk around.

A bowl of wine and three beers
for a hundred people.

-We could.

Got it, Tramontossi?

Where's Sami?

You just realized he's not here?

Yes, where is he?


What the fuck are you doing?

Sami asked us
to get backstage video for him.

Do you know why?

Because he's in the bathroom
with your sister. Go to sleep, you fucks!



Are you okay?


Are you sure?

I'll check for an empty bathroom.

No, don't worry.

Shall we go back?

Wait. Let me smoke a cigarette.


-Want one?
-No, thanks.

I messed up.
I should have stayed with you.


We going back in?

Go. I'll come in soon.

What is it?


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