Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement (1996): Season 1, Episode 2 - Part 2 - full transcript

...the -- the experience
of going

to your telephone
answering center,

'cause we did
children in need --

or parts of children in need
from there.

Uh, Julia Shout was supposed to
do it, and I ended up doing it.

But, anyway, there seems to be
hundreds of terminals,

but how many are there?

We -- we tend to staff
about 250 peo--

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Janice -- Janice,
we need you to identify him.

Is this your brother?

That's Cam.

Thank you.

- All right, Noreen.
- Get away from me!

-I just wanted to say --

What do you want to say?

That you're sorry that my son's
lying here bastard dead

because you didn't like
what he told you,

because you just sent him away
to get himself murdered?!

You useless bitch!

Watch your head.

Listen, Janice,
if you have any idea

why Campbell should have tried
to kill Nazir --

He didn't.

Janice -- Janice,
why did you say that?

Has Michael said anything?

Michael did not do that.

No, no,
I didn't say that he did.

Janice, come away from her!

Janice, why did you say
that Campbell didn't intend --

- Not now.
- I don't know.

Janice, what did you say that?
I need --

Not now.

You're not getting me
bloody daughter killed and all!

Look, I didn't mean --

Stop the car.

Okay, drive on.

Get in.

I'm sorry, man.

- If I'd known it was you --
- Don't matter.

Take it.


It's yours.

Hey, Cecil!

Yeah, all right, man.

So, where's Tony?

Tony's not doing as much work
as he used to.


He's got a sore throat.

That's the bad news.

The good news is,
you can deal direct with me.


Is that a problem for you,

No problem, man.

Good, 'cause I find
problems...very boring.

We'll do business, yeah?


Let's talk about
Campbell's death.

The body was found
in a public lavatory

inside of a locked cubicle.

However, this was not
where he was killed.

The amount of blood he'd lost,

the place would have been awash
with it.

So he was probably executed

one to two hours earlier
somewhere else.

Prelim forensics can't be
any more specific than that.

So, let's assume
it was one hour earlier.

Um, this red line represents
approximately an hour's drive

from the center of Manchester,

which is
where the body was dumped.

So somewhere inside this circle,

there is a place that
is swimming in the boy's blood.

- Boss.
- Hmm?

What if forensic
say it's two hours?

Well, we'd better pray
they don't,

because if they do,
it could be Birmingham,

it could be Carlisle,
it could be Leeds,

or it could be
'round the corner.

Anyway, we have, um, uniform

looking under every bush, every
shed, every derelict property.

So sooner or later,
we're going to find the place,

or someone else is gonna find it
for us.

The trouble is,
I want to find it now,

because the longer it takes
for us to find this place,

the easier it is for the killer
to distance himself,

and I do not wish to make it
easy for that bastard.

What about suspects?

Uh, well, we have two suspects.

There's Michael Johns,
the man that Campbell wounded

in his attempt to kill Nazir...

...and the man who has
a professional interest

in avenging Nazir's death...

...Mr. Norton.

However, we have
absolutely no evidence,

so that is why I'm going on
"Crimenight" tonight.

Yes, sir?

When you've got a moment.

I just wanted to say,
uh, I know, all right,

that you're perfectly capable

of, uh, doing this thing
by yourself.

But if for any reason you felt
that maybe you should --

What, maybe you should do it?

I'm just saying...

Oh, I know what you're saying.

You're saying
maybe you should do it

because you think that
I'm emotionally compromised.

Look, this is strictly
a professional consideration.

Is it?

How many TV appearances
have you made?

Don't be silly.

I'm not being silly.
How many?

I've done seven.

Yeah, well, I've made nine,
so I win.

Anything more to discuss?

Are you, Jane,
emotionally compromised?

I'm upset, yes.

What do you want me to say?

You weren't to blame.

I am aware of that.

I wonder if you are.

Well, I will bear that in mind.

Listen, Martin, I want to go on
television tonight.

People are scared shitless,
ordinary people.

I want to try and persuade

that it's all right
to name names...

...that we will stand by them.

Well, I'm sure the people
of this city will be heartened.

Michael, did you do it?


Did you shoot Cam?

How can you ask me that?

I mean -- Rah!

How can you?

How do you think
that makes me feel, eh?

What, you think I took a gun
and shot your little brother?

So what you chatting this shit
into my head for?

Say it!

Just say you didn't do it.

Yo, just chill, 'cause
you're really doing my head in.

Please, Michael.

I don't need this, Janice.

Just say it to me!


He liked the usual things
15-year-old boys like --

discos and so forth -- but
he wasn't the sort of boy --

He wasn't a hell-raiser.

So a likeable lad?

Yes, he was.
He was immensely likeable.

He was the sort of boy
who didn't say very much,

but he thought a great deal.

He looked after
his mother and his sister

in -- in pretty difficult

I felt he had something
to offer the world.

He could have been...

Very professional.

- Him or her?
- Her, you nana!

He was...

We are talking about somebody

who killed someone
with a machine gun, right?

A quiet sort of boy.

Yes, is this strictly true?

I mean, we are talking here
about a young man

who actually shot somebody.

Campbell committed
a very serious offense.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not here to wring my hands

about the terrible hardship
he suffered in his life.

That -- That's no excuse.

I mean, there are
a whole lot of kids

who have it just as hard
as he did

and don't go out
and shoot someone.

But there are
a whole other lot of kids

who get sucked into this violent
world of street crime.

And -- And suddenly they're not
allowed to be kids anymore.

They're -- They're expected to
behave as violently

as the adults
who are controlling them.

So what you're saying

is give the children back
their childhood?

No, I'm saying give them

Give them law and order.

Campbell committed
a serious crime.

He deserved to be tried
for that.

But he did not deserve to be

and hideously murdered.

So, how can viewers help
the police in this case?

Well, anyone who knows
anything at all

that might help us catch
Campbell's killers

should just pick up the phone
and call.

I-I just want to assure people

that they have nothing to fear
about this.

Anything you say to us is
in the strictest of confidence.

Please have the courage to call,
no matter who you are.

If you don't call, people
will continue to live in fear.

Good evening.

I'd like to leave a message

for Superintendent Tennison,

And, as always,
these will be treated

-in the strictest...
- Yeah, just to say beige

just isn't you.

She'll know who I am.

And that's all
from "Crimenight" tonight.


What have we got?

Well, we've had 41 calls
since broadcast.

18 of these are grannies

who spooked themselves
watching the program.

13 are regular fruitcakes
who call in every week

to confess
to whatever's on offer.

And seven of those
called more than once,

which leaves us with just three.

We have, uh, one "bring back
hanging," one "I heard gunfire."

Now, we've got her statement,
but we're checking it.

And, uh, a daft one,
"Message for the superintendent.

Beige just isn't you."

Um, that was from a mobile,
so we can't trace the caller.

We don't need to.
I know who that was.

Well, people are scared,
aren't they?

And I thought
this was a free country.

Okay, well, if he's gonna play
footsie with me,

he can do it
right here under my table!

- Henry.
- Boss?

Pull him.
Pull The Street.

Listen, Clare,

if you have something to say,
it's all right.

You can say it
straight to my face.

We need more evidence
before we bring him in.

We don't have any evidence.

- The guy's not stupid.
- We talk to him now,

he'll get more from us
than we will from him.

Well, we'll see about that,
won't we?

The minute he walked into
Michael's flat, you thought,

"You cheeky bastard.
I'm gonna have you."

No, that -- that's not true.

I think your reasons
for pulling him are personal,

and I think
it'll backfire on us.

Listen, Clare,
I only know one way to work.

That's through instinct --
instinct and slog.

Now, if you don't work that way,
that's fine.

You're very welcome to transfer
off this case, no hard feelings.

I don't want you to.

You're a good cop,
and we need good oops on this.

Just think about it, all right?

And while we're about it,
let's pull Michael, as well.

Henry, in my office.

Plod all over the gym.


Willem, take a stroll
around the block with this.

Don't go spending it, now.

That wouldn't be wise.

Let's go and meet them.

Lovely morning.

Morning, Henry.

Up with the lark?

We're taking your car to pieces,

You just pray it's clean.

You know what?

I think it's about time
I had another word with Jane.

How are you, Michael?

Don't answer that.

My brief's a bit worried
about parking his Rolls.

Shut it.

Give my special love
to Janice...

...if you see her before I do.

Just popped in to wish you luck.

Oh, thanks.

And to ask what your approach
is gonna be?

My approach?

Yeah. Norton's gearing up
with his grand-an-hour brief.

I just wanted to check
you're up to speed.

Has Devanney
been talking to you?

Should she have been?

There is a basic difference
of opinion.

You see, The Street seems to
think he's the messiah,

and some people around here
seem to share that opinion.

However, I'm absolutely sure
that he's not telling us

everything that he knows,
and I-I just have this hunch

that if I can crack The Street,
I can nail Campbell's killer.

Maybe I can nail The Street
for something, as well.

I don't know.
That would be a bonus.

You like to win, don't you?

There's no point
in coming second.


Thanks for the good luck.

I need it.

- Clive.
- Norman.

I trust your hand is resting on
my client's arm for a purpose?

It's all right.
He's just being affectionate.

Which Interview Room
are we in, Henry?


Me favorite.


You're doing Michael, okay?

- Says who?
- Me.

- But --
- Just do it.

Get what you can.

Tennison needs her hand holding,
all right?


The queen of mean, or what?

Glad you took me tip
about the beige, Jane.

It sort of flattens you.

Made you look older.

Where were you between the hours
of 7:00 and 10:00

on the evening of Wednesday 11th
of this month?

For the tape, Mr. Norton
declines to answer the question.

Was the victim,
Campbell Lafferty,

known to you personally?

For the tape, Mr. Norton
declines to answer the question.

My client has already furnished
this information.

Do you possess
any unlicensed firearms?

For the tape, Mr. Norton
declines to answer the question.

For the tape, The Street

declines to answer
any of these poxy questions,

'cause they're so bloody boring.


Oh, let's just have a chat,
then, shall we?

A chat?

Oh, well,
I'll try anything once.

Except margarine.
It's unnatural.

Me mum warned me against it.

Tell me about your mum.

Is she still alive?

Well, she might have been

when I spoke to her last night,
but, yeah, I think so.

What sort of a relationship
do you have with her?

I'm her son.
Oh, this is much better.

Superintendent, this parlor
psychology is childish

and is demeaning to my client.

It is also very expensive
of his time.

Well, I'm just trying to get to
know you a little better, Clive,

because, you know, I've got
your record here, and, um...

well, there's just not very much
to go on, is there?

Oh, I see.

You're accusing me of not having
a big enough criminal record.

Is that it?

Well, there was
something rather nasty

in a chip shop a few years ago,

but, oh, you tap-danced away
from that one, didn't you?

You didn't let that
cramp your style.

We're leaving.

Who killed Campbell?
Was it you?

It's all right.
It's fine.

We're just, you know,
chatting here.

Sit down, Norman.
This is getting interesting.

It wasn't me, no.

Do you know who did?


You just sit quietly,
watch your meter ticking over.

Come on, Clive.
Come on.

You said you'd work with me,
keep me posted, remember?

Who killed Campbell?

Clive, look at me.
I'm dibble.

I'm thick as pig shit,
so come on.

You do my thinking for me.

Top of the pops for me, Jane,
is our third man.

Michael Johns.

Well, if I walked into my house
and some kid shot a gun at me,

I think I'd want to discuss it
with him afterwards, yeah?


Oh, very good.

You see, Norman, this is what
the police call an Alan Whicker.

They say absolutely nothing,

The idea is to intimidate me

into saying
something I shouldn't.

Well, frankly, Jane,
I think I've said enough.

But you're trying so hard,

it'd be rude
not to think of something.

I know.

When I was a kid, right, me dad

used to take me fishing
on this big...pond.

And all the time,
he'd ask me questions,

like, you know,
"What's the capital of Poland?"

And every time
I got one wrong...

...he'd make me eat a mouthful
of frog spawn.

For the tape,
Superintendent Tennison

is leaving the room.

New balls, please.


What's going on?

He's playing games.

Well, if we let him play and
we let him think he's winning,

then he's gonna make mistakes,
and then we'll have him.

And when will that be?

Go back in there

and tell him we're gonna keep
him for 24 hours.

Tell him I'll be back,
but you don't know when.

And if he wants a cup of coffee,
then the machine's broken.

Jesus wept.

And when you've done that,
do the same thing for Michael.

Oh, if anything comes in,
anything at all, forensic,

you just find me, and
you let me know, because, uh...

...I need a lever.

Where will you be?

With him.

can I just say one thing?

I've wanted that lowlife
put away for a very long time,

but I've never been able to make
a case.

Now, if he's involved in this
and he just Teflons away

'cause we haven't done our job

'cause we haven't got
the freaking evidence...'ll be on your conscience.

Thank you, Clare.

On the day in question...

...did you speak to or hear from

or in any way communicate
with the victim?

The victim, in case we've
forgotten, is Campbell Lafferty.

Okay, Michael,
let me be frank with you.

I'm bored.

I'm bored of being stuck here
in this room

with you not talking to me.

Your brief's gone into a coma.

This is a very dull experience
for us all,

and it'd be a real thrill

if you answered just one
of my questions.

My client has no obligation
to answer any question --

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
For God's sake.

Michael, wake up.

Who needs to be told
that you're here?

It's not a trick question.
It's a service.

If my boss
decides to keep you here,

I'll have to inform a member
of your family.

Family is generally taken to
mean dad, mum, auntie, granny.

Is there anybody
you want me to call?

And she's right, of course.

Our Clive thinks
he's invincible,

and I'm not showing him

Oh, God, I hate white bread.

Sorry. Yes, I'm listening,
I'm listening.

Okay. I checked the record
number in The Street's file.

The documentation
goes back to '77.

He was 10
when he started thieving.

He's been a habitual criminal
for 19 years.

You might reasonably expect
his file to be one fat bastard.

It's that thin.

Either the mice have been at it,
or it's been pruned.

Well, get in touch
with criminal records.

Use my name if you have to.

Just tell them we need the files
absolutely immediately.

I have done.
They're on their way.

I might take a rummage
in Intelligence

and see what they've got.

Oh, shit.

I know.

I mean, who is it, Gerry?

Who is playing
on the wrong team?

Well, I've investigated me,
and I think I'm clean.

Made some phone calls about you.

When I went to meet Tony,
who knew about that?

Who knew the -- the exact time
and place of the meet?

Rachel, Henry, old Growsey --
Any of that lot?

Did you tell anybody?

Well, I tried to phone

but I couldn't get through.

Gerry, is there anything
I should know

about any of our team?

I mean, off the record,
something personal?

Is there anything relevant?

Oh, it's not your friend Clare,
is it?

Look, Gerry,
this is very important.

It's getting dangerous
out there.

Someone could get hurt.

You have got to tell me!

Tell you what?

Clare's a good friend of mine.
She's a good cop.

There's a bit of family shit.

She's had a lot to deal with.

Well, yeah, like what?

Family stuff, you know?

No, no, I don't know.

Her father
is a serious criminal.

I mean, everybody knows.

He's like premier league.

He puts The Street

somewhere in the lower half
of the fourth division.

He's been in and out of jail
half his life.

The other half
he's been keeping us busy.

He was never there for her.

And even when he was, he wasn't,
you know?

Well, where is he now,
in or out?

He's out.

He's not out of circulation,
but he's out.

She's straight, boss.

I know she's straight.

Did she know, Gerry?
Did she know about the meet?

I told her there was a meet.

I didn't say where.
I didn't say when.

- Come.

Have you got a moment, boss?

Yeah, take a seat.
I won't be a tick.

What a mess.

Oh, the stench in here.


Look upstairs.

Watch where you're standing.

Echo 64 to control.


Where is she?
Where's Tennison?

Taking the air with lover boy.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't.
Could you?

A woman like Tennison.

As fast as you could throw her
under me, Mr. Growse.

You'd go for a rip
in a fur coat, you would.

Boss, they've found it!

They've found the murder scene!

Oh, uh, Clare, you stay here.

If there's any postmortem,
ring it through, would you?

Mr. Burleton?


It's better than it looks.

How do you reckon that?

Well, somebody's tried to wash
the place down

in a pretty half-cocked way.

Or given up halfway through.

Yeah, or that.

It's also possible that --
don't hold me to this --

that the victim was running
about from place to place,

painting the walls himself.

Couldn't get out, see?

Just there.

Bang over there.

Bangs in the corner.

Six goes in all.

This must be nice for you lot,

Oh, wonderful stuff --
blood, bullets, the works.

Above all, something very tasty
in the drains over here. Look.

Bits of clothes, hair,
congealed blood and matter,

a bit of tooth of something.

Wonderful stuff.

So, when can we have
what you've got?

Uh, tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow morning.


Let's get out of here.

Clue city, or what?


Can you imagine
what happened in there, Gerry?

Not very easily, no.

That kid flailing around,
trying to escape.


Devanney, boss.
Postmortem's ready.

You know, if I don't get
the bastard who did this,

I shall give up.

Bet you always say that.

Oh. Oh, yeah.

Think nothing of it.

Why, that's a favor
I'll never forget.

If you hadn't showed up

Oh, it's you.

I'm mighty glad to see you

Have we met before?

Oh, yeah.

Salt and vinegar?

No choice, man.

If I was The Street,

I'd kill your scrawny ass
for getting me salt and vinegar.

You probably would.

It's getting to that time, boy.
I can tell you.

For what?

For we to be thinking about
moving on.

This shit's getting out of hand.

It ain't tidy no more.

You know what I mean?

Are we leaving now?
Hang on.

Uh, no, it's okay, Clare.

Rankine and I
can deal with this.

Why don't you take
an early night?


Principal features of interest.

Bullet wounds, six in all, fired
from a handgun at intervals.

In the chest twice,
once in the right temple.

And it's the exit wound here
which removed the tissue

and, indeed,
a good deal of the brain.

One in his hand, one in his leg,
and one in the back.

The story this body tells
is particularly unpleasant.

I knew it would be
the moment I undressed him.

What do you mean?

His T-shirt.

The bullet holes were lower down
than the entry wounds.

In surrender, possibly.

More likely begging for mercy.

- Why do you say that?
- The bruising.

He fell, several times.

Look at his knees.

The nails on both hands
are broken,

and what's underneath them
is grouting,

probably from the walls
of the pool.

He just couldn't get out.

So he fell to his knees
and pleaded for his life,

and they kept on shooting
at him.

Be nice if you catch this one,
I have to say.




I know you, don't I?

We were at school together.

Give it a rest, will you?

Didn't I save your life once?

We weren't at school together.

Must have been somebody else.

I know what it was!

You had this girlfriend!

She got her face all smashed up!

What was her name?!

Shut it, Norton.


Yeah, that was it.

Terrible business.

I said, "Shut it"!

You must have been heartbroken.

That was awful, that.

They mashed her face up
to a pulp.

She looked like a pizza.


They burnt her hair,
stuff like that.

Burnt her eyelashes.

My God, I hate mortuaries.

Oh, I thought you'd gone home.

Janice Lafferty called.

She wants to meet you at the
place she works, the wine bar.

Uh, great.
Can I have the address?

Can I drive you there?

No, that's all right.
Just give me the address.

You wear my colors, Gerry,
you're gonna lose your friends.

I have some things to do, yeah?

Yeah, sure, fine.
Go ahead.


What's going on, Gerry?

You tell me.

What are you after -- some kind
of fast-track promotion?

'Cause I don't think
that's her style.

And you think that's mine?

I'm doing my job, Clare.
That's what I get paid for.

Okay, I'm caught up in this one.

I'm sorry.

But she's setting the pace,

I can't hack it forever.

Normal, sloppy service will be
resumed as soon as possible.

I'm sorry.

Come and buy me a drink.

I can't.
I've got shit to do.


What I said, I don't know
why I said that, right?

Said What?

That about Michael.

It was stupid.

I don't know why I said it.
I must've been -- I don't know.

Are you saying that Michael
did not kill your brother?


Camy told me he was scared.

I said, "What of?"

He said, "I don't know."

And I told him to grow up then.

And there I was,
too scared to even look at him.

My little brother, all shot up.

I couldn't hardly breathe.

Come on.
Sit down.

It's all right.

It's all right.

You're allowed to be upset.

It's a terrible thing.

You know, I'm really upset, too.

I-I just want to find
whoever did it.

Well, it weren't Michael.


So are you gonna let him go,
then, or what?


I-I'll see what we can do.


You don't even know him.

No,l don't.

He was such a sweet guy.


Was? What do you mean by that,


Hello, darling.

I once stopped at a hotel in
Shannon -- and this is true --

where the handyman, he, uh,

fitted the peepholes
the wrong way 'round.

You couldn't see out,
but he could see in.

He used to creep around at night
watching people get undressed.

What are those for?

Well, we in the police call this
anticipatory retaliation.

I haven't actually been

but I know it's gonna happen.

Uh, I thought I'd get
my reprisal in first.

Come in and be attacked, then.

This is business, sort of.

Why didn't you do this
when you were booked?

Just take me to the phone,
sweet pea.

Hiya, Michael!

Getting some kip!
Nice one!

So, what do you want?

I'll have anything.


Yeah, whiskey'd be fine.

And why am I going to
attack you?

Devanney says
you've been shutting her out.

Yes, that's correct.

And why's that?

Well, um, I think she's, uh,
taken a perspective on this case

that makes it very difficult
for her to work with the team.

That's more or less
what she says about you.

Martin, can I talk to you
off the record?

Yeah, of course you can.

I mean...

-very, very off the record.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm pretty certain we've got
a leak at the station.

All of our information
is getting to the bad guys.

They -- They're one step ahead
of us all the time.

And you think
it might be Devanney?

Well, it's possible.

Martin, she was the only person

who knew about my meet
with Tony Rice,

the only one apart from Rankine.

The Street found out
somehow or other.

Do you know about
her background?

Yes, I do.

Yeah? Well, it makes absolutely
no difference to her work.

She plays everything
by the book.

She's dead straight.

I mean, I should know.
I promoted her.

- I didn't know that.
- Yes, I did.

I know she's very young to be
a D.I.,

and there was a lot
of opposition,

but she's never let me down.

Have you got any proof?

No, no, nothing --
nothing specific.

I've got a hunch.

Yeah, well, what can I say?

I just -- I just hope
you're wrong, that's all.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Martin.

I didn't realize
she was your protégée.

Yeah, well, it just shows you,
doesn't it?

We all make errors of judgment.

Yes, we do, don't we?

I'm gonna make one right now.


That's very civilized.

I'm not used to being spoiled.

Yeah, I didn't mean to wake you.

You leaving already?

Yeah. I'm sorry to creep off
like this,

but, uh, I've got to face
the bloody press.

They're bastards, all of them.

Is that how you feel
about your work?

That's the way it is, Jane,
in this job anyway.

Oh, is it tough at the top, sir?

Look, if you were me,
you'd be doing exactly the same.

Um, no, no, I wouldn't.

I wouldn't be trying to put
both my feet

into one leg of my trousers.



It's the criminal records

Tell me what's going on, Gerry.

You're early.

Where's Rankine?

He's reading the documents
you requested.

We've got forensic back
on the pool.

Good! Excellent.
That was quick.

What do they say?

That's Campbell's blood down
there, all right,

but there's nothing to link
Michael or The Street

to the scene of the crime.

Oh, shit!

"Nothing" meaning
there's no evidence the CPS

will accept as submissible.

Oh, God, I mean,
this has got to be a wind-up.

I mean, you saw that place.

No, I didn't.

Fingerprints require 16 points
of comparison.

So far, they've only got seven.

Well, what about that drain?
I mean, that was clogged with --

Yeah, yeah, and
this is the interesting bit.

The drain filter contains
fragments of human bone,

of two xiphoid processes.

So what's that
when it's in English?

This is the xiphoid process.

It's a piece of cartilage.

And the human body
only contains one.

There are pieces of at least
two other people down there.

Oh, my God.

They found a flap of skin.
It's white.

This has got to be
a favored place of execution,

maybe for a gang,
maybe for an individual.

All right.

Let's get Pardy to organize
a search for missing persons.


Yeah, to start off with.


I know we've not seen eye to eye
on procedure, and I apologize,

but I'm asking you now, will you
let me back in on the case?

Will you work with me, Clare?

I've got a hunch
it's The Street,

and I want to get that bastard.


Okay. Good.

The boy was brought here
specifically to be murdered.

He was shot by a long-barreled
revolver, possibly a Magnum.

He was shot six times.

All six shots were fired from
the single position poolside.

He ran around the pool,
probably trying to escape.

He fell to his knees
at least on one occasion,

because, uh, he was shot
three times from that position.

It was the sixth shot
that killed him,

blowing away
a part of his skull.

However, forensics
have found the partial remains

of at least two other victims.

But they've found
absolutely no evidence

that links our suspect
to the crimes.

So we have no alternative
but to let Clive Norton go.

Can't we get an extension
to keep him?

On what basis?

On the basis that we reckon
he's up to his tits in all this

and we need more time
to nail him.

We're gonna let him go.

Look, you know that I believe
he's fully implicated in this.

But in the absence
of forensic evidence,

we have nothing to nail him.

The only way to catch him
is to catch him out.

And the only way to do that
is to make him think

that he's got away with it
just one more time.

What's the difference
between him

thinking that he's got away with
it and him getting away with it?



We're the difference.

I'll do this.

You run me an index number.

You're looking well, Jane.

Come on.

I'm gonna have a crack at him
myself, Henry.

You'll find yourself dozing off.

He's not talking at all?

Well, some of his periods
of total silence

are more interesting
than others.


Yesterday, I asked him
who he wanted me to call

about him being in custody.

That was
a particularly good silence.

In the end, I had to get
the duty solicitor.

What, there isn't anybody,
or he didn't want them to know?

There isn't anybody.

I don't think
there ever really has been.

Except Janice.

The silences about
Janice are the best of all.

No, he's not a happy lad.

He's very, very lonely.

Well, let's go and keep him
company, then, shall we?

Who's the du-- Ah, Pocklington.

Thanks, Henry.

You're welcome.

- See you.
- See you.

The time is, uh, 10:19.

Uh, I'm Detective Superintendent
Jane Tennison.

Also present
in Interview Room 5

are Detective Inspector Devanney

And duty solicitor
Gary Pocklington.

Right. Can I have your full name
and date of birth, please?

Good girls.

Where we get this?

Out of town.

So, you may question the wisdom,
Willem, of parking a stolen car

outside a police station,
but it's interesting.

See, this area

is a sort of psychological
dead zone for the dibble.

Can't see the wood for the
trees, if you know what I mean.

Got me little briefcase, yeah?

It's all here.

Of course it is.

God's in his heaven.

All's right with the world.


Well, time spent assing
with the dibble might be fun,

but in business terms,
it's time wasted,

and we can't be doing with it.

Drive on, Radio, mate.
Don't spare the horses.

Well, in a couple of hours,

we're gonna have to let you go.

An officer will escort you
to the front door,

and you'll be free to leave...

...just like Campbell Lafferty.

And, um...

...look what happened to him.

Are you threatening my client?

Do you see
that, um, dark stuff there?

That's his brain, Michael.


It's amazing the amount of blood
a body will pump out

in a matter of seconds with
a wound to the head like that.

That must have been terrible.

W-Why don't you tell me
about it, Michael?

Superintendent, come on, please.

Just ease off me case, will you?

Well, you see,
right now, Michael --

Right now, you are the case!

Oh, yeah?!
Yeah, so what?!

Me have the complexion
for the connection?

Look, I think Michael's
had enough, all right?

So why don't you tell me
about it, Michael?

Was it like in the movies?

Did he die in slow motion?

Did he fall to his knees,
beg for mercy?

We knew he fell to his knees,
because his knees were bruised.

- His fingernails --
- Come on.

For God's sake, come on.

Think, um, Michael would
appreciate a break, yeah?

Yes, fine.

Superintendent Tennison
is leaving the room.

- All right, Michael.



Incident room.


Yeah, so?

It's not human?
What is it, extraterrestrial?

What type of dog?



I'd just like to talk about you,
Michael..., if that's all right
with your legal representative.

You're all alone in the world,
really, aren't you?

Your mum's living in Germany
with a soldier.

No brothers or sisters.

Your dad died in a car crash
when you were 6 years old.


That must have been tough.

Just a little boy, and suddenly
your dad doesn't come home.

No brothers or sisters.

The only person you've got
in the world is Janice, really.

And I don't think
you've got her anymore.

Her heart's broken,
you know, Michael.

She really loved
her little brother,

and I think you did, too.

Well, he was
such a sweet boy, Camy.

He was so innocent.

And you know what is destroying
her, Michael, is how he died...

...his head being shot open.

She'll know who did it,
you know?

She'll see it written on
your face as clearly as we can.

For the tape, D.I. Devanney

is restraining Michael Johns,

who's attempted to knock himself

I didn't want to do it, man!

But you had to, didn't you?

- He made me.
- He made you kill Campbell?

I had no choice.

Who made you kill Campbell?

He said I had no choice!

He was gonna kill me!

Stop, Jane.

What's going on here?

Chief Superintendent --

I'm ordering you to end
this interview now!

All you have to do is tell me
who made you shoot Campbell!

I said, "Stop"!

The suspect has injured himself!

Look at him!
He's bleeding from the head!

He needs medical attention!

What the bloody hell
is the matter with you?!

Get the custody officer
to fetch a doctor now!

Are you completely
out of your mind?

I was so close.

You come barging through
the scenery

-like the bloody Terminator.
- Shut up for a minute.

He was about to give up
The Street.

If he made Michael
kill Campbell,

then he's the one
who's guilty of murder.

A black suspect beats himself up
in police custody?

Oh, excuse me.
That is pathetic.

You play that tape to a jury,
you see what happens.

- That is ludicrous.
- Is it?!

Who's to say
he wasn't smacked around by us?

Well, his solicitor for a start.

For Christ sake, Martin,
what is going on here?!

Look, just listen, Jane.

The -- The lad was trying to
knock his brains out in there.

Any evidence that comes out
of him in this state

is gonna have "inadmissible"
right the way through it.

Now, look,
if he doesn't need stitches,

if the doc says
he's basically okay,

we may still be in business.

We'll -- We'll fix him up with
a nice plaster and a cup of tea,

and I will suggest to his brief

that it may be in everybody's
interest to try and continue

on the condition
that Michael is happy to do so.


So, why don't you just go
for a walk for 10 minutes?

We'll all calm down,

and then -- then we'll see
where we are, yeah?

You were watching me.

Yes, I was.


Don't do that.

- Henry.
- Sir.

Do you want to speak to me?

If it concerns the Lafferty
case, you can speak to me.

Forensics called about a bit of
tooth they found in the filter.

Uh, yes?

It's from a dog.

What kind of dog?

Oh, we'll say,
"it's a big bastard."

Well, that's interesting,
but quite how it relates

to this investigation
is beyond me, Henry.

But I'm sure you're using
your time wisely.

Look, I'll do my best to stop
the wheels falling off, Jane.

But just you stay out
of that Interview Room

until I give you the word, yes?

I got the dog unit sitting out
there with the engine running.

There's a guy on board who can
do all the doggy dentistry.

You say go, and The Street's
best friends are under arrest.

You go.

I started last night in 1977.

By about 1:00 this morning,
I'd got to 1992,

and I was well bored.

There was absolutely nothing
in the records

that should or shouldn't have
been there.

Then I came across
a "no further action,"

and I thought, "You never know."

I had a look at it.

It's just a report,
absolutely kosher.

A bit
of blind-alley surveillance

on a woman called Vanda Dysart.

That a name to you?

The Street's auntie.

There was a notion
that she was fencing for him,

but it turns out
the old dear was clean.

But index number of a car

that was sitting outside
her house one night -- G485 GMC.

Means nothing to me.

Nor me.
So I checked it out.

The registered owner is one
Louise Hanson of this parish.

That's her maiden name.

Her professional name --

You meet her at the Christmas
party as Mrs. D.C.S. Ballinger.

So, two possibilities.

One, Mrs. Ballinger is somehow
mixed up with The Street.

And, two, her husband
was borrowing her car.

I keep an open mind.

Then this arrives
from the criminal records.

Go on.

I take a look at
what they've sent me.

It's the charge sheet
for the GBH.

The deep-fat fryer,
the guy's hands,

the thing The Street
never did time for.

Guess who.

The investigating officer
was Martin Ballinger.




Not enough, though, is it,
to get him?

Well, we'll just have to get
the man who can.

The doctor's been and gone.

Michael's got a bit of
sticking plaster and an aspirin.

He's okay.

D.C.S. Ballinger
talked to Pocklington,

and they've agreed to carry on,
so ready when you are.

By the way,
D.C.S. Ballinger is sitting in.

Is that okay?

Yes, that's fine.

How are you feeling, Michael?



Now, listen, Michael.
This is very important,

if at any time during this
interview you feel dizzy or ill

in any way, you just say $0,

and this interview
will be suspended.

Do you understand?

For the tape, please.



All right, so...
what I'd like to do, Michael,

is share with you
some confidential information

about police affairs.

Can I trust you
with this information?



It's about The Street.

You see, for some time now,
The Street has had, um...

a deal with a senior police
officer from this station.

Uh, there's no reason to think

that you knew
anything about this.

In fact, until this morning,

only two people
knew about this arrangement --

The Street
and the officer concerned.

Is this relevant?

Yes, sir.
I think so, sir.

You see, what happened was,
this officer arrested The Street

for a particularly nasty crime
some years ago.

And in the process
of interviewing him,

he thought to himself,

"Hey, you know, this young man
is really rather clever.

Here is a man I could use."

You with me?

So he said to The Street,
"Here's the deal.

I will let you off this charge,

and I will let you continue
your business as usual,

dealing drugs and so forth,
on one condition --

that you let me know

what's going on
down among the bad guys.

So I can nick them, you see?

Because the more I nick,
the safer the world will be...

...and the better
for my statistics.

So a working partnership.

I'll keep you in power,

because one bad guy at the top
that I can talk to

is better than 10 bad guys
all fighting each other

and injuring the innocent."

And the wonderful thing
about this whole arrangement

is that from a certain angle,
it could be almost legal.

And then, um,
Campbell kills Nazir,

and the whole thing
goes pear-shaped.

The Street didn't know
what was going on, did he?

I mean, someone had wasted
his right-hand man.

He didn't know who.
He looks like a fool.

People think
he's losing his grip.

So as soon as he found out
who had killed Nazir,

he had to show who was boss.

Michael, you said
you killed Campbell.

But he made you do it,
didn't he?

Say it for the tape, please.


- Louder.
- Yeah.

For the benefit of the tape,

for the sake
of any legal proceedings

arising from this discovery
you have made,

will you please name
the officer you are accusing?

I made it up, sir, to induce
the suspect to confess.

Then this whole conversation
is inadmissible.

Oh, yes.

Yes, it is.

But now we know
who the guilty man is, don't we?

What is it, Michael?

He'll kill her!

Kill who?

He'll know I've grassed him up.

He'll kill her!

Who, Michael?


Michael, it's all right.

It's all right.
Don't worry.

He can't hurt her.
He can't.

She's safe.

He doesn't know
that you've told us.

How long does it take
to get to Janice's house?

-10 minutes.
- Have everyone there in five.

Get me on my mobile!

Mam! Aah!

I just shot me dogs.

And do you know
whose fault that was?

Your boyfriend.


Oh, Mam!

Call Henry. Tell him I'll be
there in three minutes.

The first person
who gets to Noreen's

should call me immediately.

Mrs. Lafferty?




Mrs. Lafferty?

Are they there?

Noreen's here,
but she's out of it.

Where's Janice?

I don't know.

So, has he got her?

It looks like it.
All the doors are open.

There was an argument with
somebody in a four-wheel drive.

Stick with it, Gerry.
Get what you can.


The Street's not here.

- He took off in a --
- Four-wheel drive.

So, who have we got?

Uh, Radio, Toots, some kid.

Either arrest me
or stop the hassle.

You can't hold us here!

I just want some information!

Look, all I want to know is
the whereabouts of Clive Norton.

- We've already told you!
- We don't know where he is!

I don't believe you!

Come on, lads!
This is important!

Talk to me brief!

I'm not gonna mess around.

Shut up, shut up!
Now, that's crack, so bust them.

Bust them all.

Unless I'm very much mistaken,
he's a minor,

so you can think of the time
you're gonna do and double it.

Just told your boyfriend here.

I don't know
where The Street is, right?

You think you're protected,
don't you?

- He took off in a car, yeah?
- You think you're protected.

Well, you're not.
Not anymore.

That's all over.
You see, your boss --

The Street ain't my boss, woman.

He ain't my boss.

Toots and me,

we provide security
for the top man in the town.

Street ain't the top man
no more.

If you'd have come
10 minutes later,

we'd have been out of here.

Does he know this?

He's finished, man.

Yeah, but does he know
he's finished?

He's finished up here.

He's got Janice Lafferty,

and it is very probable
that he's gonna kill her.

So where's he taken her?

We know about the pool,
so he hasn't taken her there.

It is very much
to your advantage to tell me.

What's your name?


Well, there's no use trying to
look invisible, Willem,

'cause I can see you

and I can see
you're in this up to your neck.

Oh, yes.

If The Street kills Janice
because I couldn't get to her

and you could have helped me
do that,

that makes you
an accessory to murder.

That's murder, Willem,

not nicking cars,
not stealing drugs.

It's a whole different
ball game.

Get him out of here.

I said, "Get him out of here"!

Go on!
Out, you!

All right, Officer.

Now, can you tell me
where The Street's gone?


I mean, there's this big place
like -- like full of junk.


Don't know.
He drove me there.

Well, if I drive,
will you be able to show me?

You reckon?

I don't know.

Do this.

Try not to cry, Janice.

If you cry,
your nose will get blocked up,

you won't be able to breathe,
and then you'll suffocate.

Don't flatter yourself.

Turn 'round.

Michael loves you, doesn't he?

He's that possessive of you.

He's that jealous.

He could kill the air
for touching you.


You see...

...a woman
is just a woman, Janice.

But a gun...

...a lovely gun... a blast.

Last time this piece was used...

Well, let me see now.


Must have been when Michael
popped your little brother.

That was it.

Let's call it a day, shall we?


Look, I'm just gonna keep going

until you tell me otherwise,


So, when did you go
to this place with The Street?

Night before last.

What were you doing there?


Recognize anything?

I remember that.

Okay. Well, which way --
left or right?

Left or right, Willem?!
Which way?!

I don't know.

Take your shoes off.

Do you know where you are?

You're at the top
of a very, very tall building.

Can't you feel
that lovely breeze?

Feel that with your toes.

Can you feel it?

I had a good thing, Janice.

I had a real good thing.

And you know, don't you?

This has to happen.

It's nothing personal.

It's just a matter
of self-respect.

Off you go, then.

You know it makes sense.

That wasn't too bad, was it?


Henry, where's Tennison?

She took off.

Hasn't she called in?

No, no, no.
She hasn't.

Do you recognize something?



Clare, can you hear me?


Gerry, can you hear me?

- Clare.
- Boss.

- Yeah. I'm -- Clare?


Boss, can you hear me?

Boss, it's Clare.

Yes. Clare.


Am I getting through to you?

Yeah, hi.
Where are you?

Can you get this line
any clearer?

I can't hear you.

You're breaking up.

Christ Almighty.

Yeah, I've lost her.

Where is she?

It's standard
operational procedure

for officers in pursuit
to give a running commentary.

Yeah, well, when we find

the superintendent,
you can tell her.

Come on. She's in a black spot!
Can you place it?

There are three black spots
within the central area.

Where, precisely?


Armley Heath.

Hello, Tony.

Jesus, Gerry.


It's Superintendent Tennison.
Don't worry, love.

We're gonna get you out of there
in just one minute, all right?

He's not gonna hurt you anymore.

My backup will be here
any minute.


He's behind you.

You know, all of a sudden, Jane,
I find you very boring.

Poisoning my pleasure,
scaring off my friends.

You know, I'll probably have to
shoot both of you now,

and that'll be your fault.

An excellent day's police work.

We can do a deal.

I don't think so.

I mean it.

No, you don't.

You see, Marty told me.

You want to nick the bad guys
full stop.

All in all, Jane...

...I don't think you're in a
position to do business with me.

My backup's outside.

Yeah, yeah.

They'll be here
in just one minute.

A lot can happen in a minute.

Hello, Clive.

Hello, Marty.

Left now, Gerry.

You've come to let him off the
hook again, have you, Martin?

What's going on here, Clive?

She came looking for Janice.

You see, Marty,
at this stage in the game,

we both have to bring something

a little bit special
to the table.

I brought her.

What did you bring?


Well, Marty...

...I'm a little bit pissed off
with you, yeah?

I do not like being rung up
and told it is over.

It is not over, okay?

You do not tell me
anything is over.

I mean, excuse me.

Which of us is in charge
of this situation?

What is the matter with you?!

Everything works
except when she's around!

She's the problem!

We rule, Marty!

And we're letting her
piss all over us!

We had an agreement.

- We still do.
- No, you don't.

No, Clive, you're finished.

Listen to me.

The best thing you could do
for your health

is just -- just put down
that gun and come with me.

We speak the same language,


Without you and me,
it'd be chaos.

All we have to do
is remove that.

Meaning what?

Meaning let's waste the bitch!

Everything's sweet
except for her.

We take her out,

it's just like it used to be,
peaches and cream.

He's making you his accomplice,
isn't he?

Is this what you meant
by "containing crime"?

Is this what you bought into?

I don't think I can take
a whole lot more of you.

You see, he needs you
to tell him to shoot me.

He needs to think he's got
that kind of power over a cop.

Say the word, Marty.

Just say the word!

So what are you gonna say,

Oh, for Christ's bloody sake,
will you just say something?!


He does nothing.

It's people like thee and me,

We're the ones who get things
done around here.


You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna get
to the hospital.

Then you're gonna go home, get
a nice hot bath, and go to bed.

Forget all about this.

Promise me?

Take her to hospital.

Uh, give me the keys
to your car, would you?


You bastard!

I just saved your life,
or did you fail to notice that?

But you thought twice about it,
didn't you?

I am a police officer, Jane.

There is no way I would have let
him kill another police officer.

Except if you got there
too late,

you might have let him
get away with it.

My God.

You compromise, and you deal,
and you bargain

until there's no law, there is
no order, there is no justice!

There's just some kind of
messed-up secret society

that you think you can control?!

Maybe, but we get results,

and Clive gave us
some great results.

He was a psychopathic murderer.

Yes. And he gave us
some top-quality information.

I mean, there's no point
in asking a schoolteacher

to report about crime.

It's a dirty old world, Jane,

but I'm afraid
it's the real one.

And in the real world, you don't
get caught, do you, Martin?

No,l dont't.

Well, I think that's a shame.

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