Prime Suspect (1991): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

DCI Jane Tennison has paid her dues; she has risen through the ranks of the various branches of London Metropolitan Police, attaining the heretofore unheard rank (for women) of Detective Chief Inspector. But, it is not until the heart attack and death of the popular DCI John Sheffield that Jane gets to lead a murder investigation. She expects bad attitudes and "good ole boy" bravado from colleagues (and superiors) but she is determined to do her job. In her first hour on the case, Jane demonstrates how DCI Sheffield misidentified the murder victim and this enrages her new team; one accuses her of attacking the reputation of their dead comrade. A few of the "boys" try to sabotage their new team leader, but eventually, by doing her job and brooking no nonsense, Jane earns grudging respect from some of her officers. Like the murder inquiry, DCI Tennison is neither as simple nor as obvious as her detractors wish to think.

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[ Police radio chatter]

Tango 3 to Hotel Bravo 2.

Stand by.
Over and out.

[ Beeping 1

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Police radio chatter]

WILLY: Nice result
on the Kingston case, John.

Thank you, Willy, my son.

D.C.l. Shefford.
I'm in charge.

- Sergeant Otley here?
- Yeah, governor, he's upstairs.


Are you the owner
of the lease of the house?

I just pushed the door open.

I pushed the door open.
The light was on.

You all right, gov?
I'm going to check downstairs.

Oh, good boy, Frank.

...couldn't look at her again.

Have you had a cup of tea?


Who found her?

She's a hell of a mess.

Look, I tried to contact you.

Look, I told you I were down
at the club, having a few.

- What's that?
-[ Indistinct conversations]

I just pushed the door.

Yeah, they're all rented.

Thanks, Bill.

Let's get to work.

Change in here?

No blood on the floor,

so she probably
wasn't killed here.

I'm gonna take her temperature.

Obvious head injuries,

possibly penetrating
through clothing.

Well, the room's damn cold,
about 5 degrees now,

say 2 to 3 when she was found.

Window half open.

The curtains not drawn.
No source of heating.

Door to landing open.

Nasty breeze
coming up the stairs.

[ Man speaking indistinctly]

Deep rectal temperature at,
uh, 2:12 a.m.

is 35.8 degrees.

Assuming it was at 37,

that would put it back
to, uh, around midnight.

Okay, okay, lads.


John, you want a look?

She's been dead maybe an hour.

I'd say two at the most.

SHEFFORD: Can you give us
anything on the weapon?

Let me get her down
to the mortuary.

I've left the rope on.
I didn't want to cut it.

Was she raped?

I don't know.
Have you got an I.D. on her?


Lucky you.

Della Mornay, prostitute.

[ Soft rock music playing ]

Where's that sodding music
coming from'?

Nobody had seen her for weeks.

The landlady only went in
because she owed rent.

Saw the lights on.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear Joshua ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Good lads.

What else?

A train set, yes, and?

No, no, son,
I can't come home right now.

But I promise you I won't miss
your birthday party tomorrow.

Put your mother on, then.

Look, love,
I'm sorry about this.

I'll be back as soon as I can.
I got to go.

Oh, got your frocks on.

Well, come on.

Rope's tagged on the side there.

It's nothing special,
as far as I can see,

but you can get it
over to Willy.

Okay, she died, not
approximately, exactly 12:15.

Her watch stopped.
[ Chuckles ]

No kidding.
Probably when the rope was tied.

She didn't put up
much of a struggle.

There's nothing
underneath her nails,

and her hands have been
scrubbed, by the look of them.

This is interesting.

A nasty little nick here,
right just above the palm.

Come on. Come on.
What about a weapon?

Um, a long, thin,
bladed instrument.

It could, um,
oh, a sharpened screwdriver.

Clean entry wounds, in some
areas up to six inches deep.

And look here.

Both arms the same.

Heavy bruising
to the upper part,

like she'd been put
in some kind of a clamp.

Her whole body's badly bruised,

and extensive bruising
to the vagina.

Want to see?

I reckon she's got semen
in virtually every orifice.

Sent swabs over to the labs
for testing

about, oh, five hours ago.

If they're positive,

you could have the guy's
blood group by this afternoon.

Let's get started.

[ Camera shutter clicks]

Oh, yes,
this will narrow the field.

Look what we've got here.

Rare blood group, A.B. secretor.

75% of 3.2%, isn't it?

Right, if we've got
an A.B. secretor, that means...


Let's see.

2 plus 2 minus this 2%,
so we take 2% of 2.4%.

That's 0.04%.

One person in 2,500.

We're narrowing the field
even further.

- Where are you going?
- Computer.

We had some rare blood groups

when we were starting up
the database.

I'll have them
check this one out.

[ Laughing]
Are you kidding me or what?

Right. Well,
it's straight back to base.

You're never
going to believe this.

We've only got
a frigging suspect.

Our man's
got a rare blood group,

but he's only
on the bloody computer.

[ Laughs]

Guess what, girls! Paxman's
record is set to be wiped!

[ Indistinct talking ]

Sorry, ma'am.

What was all that about?

It's been going on for years.

Paxman, whoever he was,
has a record,

from finding the victim
to charging the murder suspect

in 36 hours.

"G" for "gotcha" --
George Arthur Marlow,

released nine months ago
from Durham.

You got an address on him,

Yeah, Sarge.
Look at this.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Arrested and charged
with attempted rape,

aggravated burglary.
He served two sentences.

Yeah, yeah, we got that,
you dumb bastard.

You got Kilburn down there.
High Grove Estate?

- Uh...
- Check it out.

- Yeah.
- Good, good, good.

What's the time?

5 to 11:00.


You reckon he'll be there, gov?

Yes, unless he's gone
on holiday.

Excuse me.

We're gonna break
Paxman's record.

Go, go, go!

[ Laughter]

You bugger.

SHEFFORD: Right, come on!
Move it!

[Tires screech ]

[Telephone ringing ]

D.C.l. Tennison.

Uh, no.
No, I'm sorry.

I'm in court all afternoon.

Try Shefford's office.

It's extension 435.

It's all right.
It's no problem.

You wanted something done
before the court session?

Only the Xerox
is on the blink again.

No, no.

Uh, what time did that call come
in, that case Shefford's on?

Only I was on standby
all last night.

I think they fished him
out of a club about 2:00.

It was a prostitute.
Mulner Road.

He's gloating.
They've got a suspect already.

If they can charge him,
be drinks all 'round tonight.

[Tires screech ]

[ Car door closes]

BURKIN: Skipper, at the window
we got a male, dark hair.

He's definitely inside.
There's a woman with him.

Repeat, one male, one female.

[ Dog barking in distance]


All right, Jones.

Open up!
It's the police!

I think they sussed us, gov.

He's looking down at us
in the car.

Come on.
Open the bloody door.

We've got a warrant.

Come on!

What do you want?

All right, love,
this is a warrant.

I'm Detective Chief Inspector
John Shefford,

and I've got three officers
with me.

Now, look at my I.D.

Open the door.

[ Locks rattling ]

- George Marlow?
- Yes.

- Caution him. Cuff him.
- What's this all about?

- I'm Detective Sergeant...
- M-Moyra?

Get your hands up.

What? What?

[ Indistinct talking ]

Do you understand me?

- Yes, sir.

HENSON: You can't just walk
in here and take things.

This is private property.
We got rights.

One for you, as well, miss.


Yes, I'm all right.
I'm right behind you, love.

Excuse me.


HENSON: How long is all this
going to take?

Only I've got a 5:00 appointment
this afternoon.


Look, I understand the caution.

I understand
you're taking us down,

but you haven't told me what
we're supposed to have done.


We're in room 4D.

I've just -- Come on.
Let's get a move on.

My lad's rushed over to Willy
with one of Marlow's shirts.

We got a bloodstain on the cuff.
That's the good news.

Bad news is it's the size
of a pinprick.

Well, if it matches our girl,
we've got the bastard.

We'll have enough to charge him.
Put it there.


Right. It's Joshua's birthday
tomorrow, your godson, Otters.

We'll make it
a double celebration, right?

Come on.

SHEFFORD: Right, his girlfriend
states he was at home

the time Della Mornay
was murdered.

She's a tough bitch
and won't be budged.

Plus, that lawyer got her
out of here faster than a fart.

Well, I don't know
how that Paxman did it.

We're not gonna break the record
at this rate, are we?

Oi, Sherlock, come here.

We found his car yet?

No, it's not on the estate.
Nobody's seen it.

His girlfriend said it was there

when we were at the flat
this morning.

I got everyone I can
trying to trace it.

Good lad. Let's have Marlow
up again, shall we?

Right, gov.

Cheese and pickle, please,

You take them.
I'll get Marlow.

SHEFFORD: Joshua, what are you
doing up at this time of night?

Put your mother on.

What do you mean
she's in the bath?

Get her out the bath.

Hold on.
What's happening?

Three times I've asked for
sausage and got bleeding salad.

All right, George.

Just tell it to me
one more time.

I was driving along.

And I saw her.

But you didn't know her?

No, I've never met her.

But she gives me the come-on.

So I picked her up.

And I asked her, "How much?“

And she said, "it depends.“

Well, you know,

they like to hustle as much
out of you as they can.

Oh, yeah.

But you been done before,

You don't like hustles, do you?

Now, wait a minute.

She pisses you off, right?

Della Mornay pisses you off.


Della Mornay?


Della Mornay.

[ Parking brake clicks,
engine shuts off]

[ Car alarm activates]

I'm home!


I've just taken the small lamp
from the sideboard,

put it by his bed.

He'll want it on all night.

[ Smooching ]

Ohh, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.

Watch it.

I've got chocolate gateau
in here, fish fingers.

I've got sausages.

I've got spaghetti hoops,
and I've got potato alphabet.

He's only coming for one night.

Well, I want him
to have a choice.

Anyway, the spaghetti hoops
are for me.

[ Both chuckle]

No, no, use the best china.

He's 6 years old.

Yeah, well, I want to make
an impression, don't I?

I really appreciate this.

Mm. Yeah, well, I appreciate
how much you miss him.

Is she bringing her new husband?

She'd better not.

-[ Doorbell rings]
- Oh, that's them!

Uh, quick, get the, um --

- Put the china on the --
- No, no, sorry.

- No, all right, go to the door.
- Yeah.

And it's all right.
I'll -- I'll, uh --

I'll be right with you
in a minute.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Come in. Hi.

Hello, Daddy.

- Hello. How are you?
- Oh, shit!

Here's -- Here's Christopher.

How is he?
Is he in good spirits?

- Oh, hi.

Um, Marianne,
this is Jane Tennison.

- Hello.
- Jane.

- How do you do?
- Pleased to meet you.

And you must be Joe.

What's that?

Oh, it's chocolate.

Mmm! Yum!

Would you like some?

Come with me
to the kitchen, then.

So, you be a good boy, and Mommy
will come and see you tomorrow.

[ Smooches ]
All right?

- Good bye.
- Good bye.

I'll see you tomorrow, then.

- Yes, yes.
- And thank --

- Jane. Jane.
- Jane.

Yes, well, have a nice evening.

Um, look, uh,
as I'm now more settled,

um, I'd like to have Joey
more regularly.

Yes. Well, we'll see
how it works out.

I'm pregnant.

What would you like to drink?

- Oh.
- JOEY: Water, please.



I'll see you tomorrow
about 10:00, then.


She's not what I expected.

I don't know.

I suppose I thought
she'd be in uniform.

TENNISON: Don't get that
chocolate all over your face.

- MARIANNE: See you.
- Yeah.

TENNISON: Should have worn
a flat hat for her.

Oh, she wasn't what I expected,

She's very beautiful,
very groomed.

Oh, look, I'm sorry.

L-I suppose I blew it.

No, how could you?

You're beautiful, talented,
and, uh, covered in chocolate.

[ Laughs]

Oh, more, more, more.


Look at you! You're covered
in chocolate, too!

Forensics are still
having a problem

putting our man in that bed-sit,
but I say we go for it.

We got enough to charge him.

So, if we push Willy
for that blood sample

and he comes up with it
this afternoon, ba-boom.

And I got Joshua a train set.
Is that what he wanted?

I hope so 'cause that's
what I've got him.

Why didn't you tell me?

- Morning.
- Morning.

Look, gov, Marlow admits
he knew the victim.

When do you think Felix
will have all the p.m. results?

They'll be through this morning.

Plus, we've got a blood sample
from Marlow's shirt

-with forensic, right?
- No witness.

I know I've got no witness, but
I've got enough to charge him.

John, you've got no witness
seeing Marlow enter the bed-sit.

So what?

Ohh, shit.

- You all right?
- Shit.

Ugh, got a cramp.


Get an ambulance.

Get an ambulance!

[Voice breaking ]
John? John?

This is D.C.S. Kernan.

Get an ambulance
to the station immediately.

It's urgent.
And also get Alan Smith...

[ Crying 1
No, please, John.

You steal £500,000 from old-age
pensioners, what do you get?

Six months.

Is he going to be all right?

[ Indistinct talking ]

MAN: Sooner we get him
to hospital, the better.

Jesus Christ.

I can't believe it.

He was laughing and joking
when he came in.

Said he'd be in the pub tonight.

[ Indistinct conversations]

He didn't make it.
He was dead on arrival.

It's his son's birthday party.

[Telephone ringing ]

[ Indistinct conversations]

I don't believe it.

Incident Room.

Yes, I'm still here.

Yes, all right, all right.

Hang on, hang on.
Calm down.

Well, I mean, I told you
that's all we can do...

Can you give us a description?


About what time was it?

All right, then.



[ Exhales heavily ]

Come in.

Hello, Jane.

This may not be
the right time, sir,

but under the circumstances,

I'm not quite sure
when would be the right time.

I'm offering to take over
the murder investigation.

I don't have to tell you

that I am qualified
to handle this investigation

and that I have been
waiting for --


Well, I don't have to tell you
how long.

18 months.

And in that time,

I've had to handle more
paperwork than I did at Reading

for my whole five years
dealing with sex cases.

I know D.C.l. Shefford

was at a crucial stage
of the investigation.

Inspector, I have to see
his wife this afternoon.

Don't expect me
to make any decisions now.

This is not the right time.

Well, when is the right time?

Look, I am the only officer
of my rank

who is continually overstepped,
sidestepped, whatever.

Just give me the chance
to prove that I can do it.

You don't have to
prove yourself to me.

Let me think about it.

Well, that's not enough,

I'm getting sick to death

of this so-called
Metropolitan Police survey

being thrown at me.

So, all right,
apparently, 90% of the time,

the general public
would prefer a male officer.

But until one of us
gets the chance

to prove that that survey

is a biased, outdated
load of old bullshit --

A close friend,
a man who I respected highly,

died right there.

And now, Inspector,
is not the time

to thrust your women's rights
down my throat.

I'll get back to you.

Thank you, sir.

[ Door closes]

Get me the rota on all
the D.C.l.s on our AMIT list.

Also, call D.C.l. Kinlock
at Notting Hill.

See who he's got available.

- Hello, gov.
- Andy.

- Hello, Joan.
- Hello.

The commander's expecting you.

Do you know how the men feel

about having a woman
heading a murder squad?

It's a question
of opening the floodgates.

Give her this case,
she'll expect more.

There's a few of her rank
coming up.

I just don't think I want
to take the responsibility.

Once she's in,
be tough getting her off.

Then the media might
get hold of it.


I've just had a word with her
old chief on the Flying Squad.

She took a lot of punishment.

And he reckons
she deserves a break.

Female murder squad officer.

Are you prepared
to take the risk?

Oh, I see.

The ball's in my court, is it?

Flying Squad
reckons she's got them.



JONES: I heard we'll get Kelvin.
He's an okay bloke.

Haskons was with him at Reading.

He's a teetotaler, isn't he?

Or what about
that red-haired D.C.l.?

You know.

He was on
that Shepherds Bush shooting.

What was his name?

Hickock, yeah.

He's supposed to be
a good bloke.

He used to be a friend
of John's, apparently.

After John going,

it's gonna be hard
for any bastard to take over.

Not that we need anyone.

John was about to charge Marlow.

Bill, get the lads down
to the Incident Room, can you?



This case is being taken over
by D.C.l. Tennison.

And full charges will be
assessed and determined by her.

I want you all to give her
every assistance

in familiarizing herself
with the case to date.

Uh, I think, sir, that --

Well, me and the lads feel
that an outsider --

Well, another officer
coming in at this stage

of the proceedings,
well, it's not necessary.

If we're gonna have someone, how
about the bloke from Reading?

We don't need anybody else.

...of Tennison taking over

but of bringing the case
to court.

The quicker that's done,
the better.

We should have the right
as a team to choose who --

Shut it, all of you!

Now, I know
how you must all feel.

But give her
the best you've got.

[ Indistinct conversations]

I'll give that tart
the best I've got, all right.

We don't want her.

We don't need her.

[ Knock on door]

These are the Della Mornay
records from Vice.

The reason or excuse they've
been so long in coming --

Chief Shefford
also requested them --

is that Kings Cross Vice Squad
are changing over their system.

Their old machines
are not compatible

with the latest
at Scotland Yard.

TENNISON: Get ahold
of Felix Norman for me.

Say I want to view the victim

So, I'll need a squad car
and a driver,

and I want access to all items

taken from the victim's

and I want to re-interview
the landlady.

And also, get the dabs guys

to send me over a set of prints
from the victim

and also a set of prints
from this file,

which don't seem to be there,
with any discrepancies marked.

We've got a set of prints.

No, I want two sets,
one from the victim

and one from Della Mornay's
original Vice file.

Got that?

I'll see you
in the item checkout room.

- Right.
-[ Door closes]

One pair of stockings.


One pair of briefs.


Where are the rest
of Della Mornay's clothes?

At the other end, ma'am.

One pair of shoes.

- Size?


One pair
of large men's trousers.

No, I haven't got those here.

One pair of...

Ma'am, D.C. Jones is waiting.

Where's Sergeant Otley?

I don't know.
He was with the super.

Another pair of trousers, white.

I want John Shefford's team,
all of them,

in the Incident Room
tomorrow morning at 9:00 sharp.

And get these bagged up for me,
would you?

[ Engine turns over]

She has severe facial bruising,

blood around her nostrils
and matted in her hair,

traces of semen
in her mouth and ears.

One eardrum perforated by a blow
on the side of the head, here.

What about that cut that Marlow
mentioned in his statement?

On the right wrist,
just above the palm.

- Can I see that?
- Mm.

Small but quite deep.

Would have caused
considerable bleeding.

Think she could have been
strung up

and then cut down and her hands
tied behind her back?

I'll have to do body testing
with that.

I'm a bit pressed for time.

Excuse me.
Where's the toilet?

Oh, you feeling a bit queasy?

No, but I think he is.

Oh, it's out there,
to the right.

TENNISON: Could I have a look
at her feet, please?

NORMAN: Her feet?
Oh, certainly.

What size do you think they are?

Oh, lovely, thanks.

Listen, I won't be long.

No, no, take as long
as you need.

Oh, did you hear about that job,
that contract?

Oh, tomorrow, I hope.

Listen, uh, with Marianne
being pregnant --

You know, I worked her out.

I reckon
it's because she's pregnant

that she's letting Joe stay
all of a sudden.

And, yes, of course he can.

He can come as long as he likes,

Sherlock Holmes.

Good morning.

Like everyone else in this room,

I am saddened and deeply shocked
by this tragedy.

John Shefford was a well-liked
and highly respected officer.

And I am not attempting
to step into his shoes.

No one could.

But as
the first available D.C.l.,

I am taking over
this investigation.

All I ask of you is your
undivided loyalty and attention.

Does anyone
have anything to say?

I do.

Look, I know you asked
for this case specifically.

You don't like it,
put in for a transfer,

and it will be dealt with
via the normal channels.

She thinks she's tasty.

Anyone else?


On the right is Della Mornay.

On the left
is the murder victim.

These are the prints
taken from the corpse,

and these are the prints from
Vice records of Della Mornay.

[Men murmuring]

As you can see, we have
wrongly identified the victim.

Which makes the statement made
by our suspect, George Marlow,

a statement
in which he names Della Mornay

as the girl he picked up,

If that statement was to be used
in a court of law,

George Marlow would be released.

So, uh, how did he
come by that name?

The main
interrogation officer --

You know who it was,
and what is this?

You after destroying
John's reputation

before he's in his grave?

John Shefford was
the main interrogation officer,

and, yes, he did
misidentify the victim.

But the landlady
also misidentified the victim.

Now, I-l don't want to waste
any more time.

I want that landlady

and all the tenants.

We have to find Della Mornay
and get an I.D. on that body.

I want the labels on the clothes
checked out

because they are expensive,
boutique type of clothes,

not the line of garment
worn by Della Mornay.

And also, the shoes.

Her shoes are a size 5.

Well, our victim
is a size 6 1/2.

I want all Della's associates,
the Vice girls,

brought in and re-interviewed
and recorded, please.

We must find out where
Della Mornay was last seen,

where she is now.

So, we have to move like hell.

Either we go before
the magistrate

and ask for
the three-day laydown --

right now,
we'd never even smell it --

or George Marlow
is gonna be released.

Top priority is his car,
the brown Rover.

Has anyone got anything on that?

- No.

Well, step up on that, then.

Okay, that's it.

- Thank you.
-[ Indistinct conversations]

[P.A. dings]

Will Sergeant Wilde

please report
to the Incident Room?

[ Exhales heavily ]

Sergeant Wilde
to the Incident Room, please.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

That tart's gunning for John.

Well, let her try it.

She bad-mouths him,
I'll make sure her knickers

get screwed off
her skinny dyke ass.

You don't think she is one,
do you?

Do me a favor.
What bloke would fancy that?

[Telephone ringing ]

[ Imitating Tennison ]
You found Marlow's car yet?

Then step on it.

Slit-assed tart.

Otley, Incident Room.

No, she's not.

[ Knock on door]

You got a minute, ma'am?

Labs came through.

That spot of blood on his shirt
is the victim's.


I thought you'd want to know.

Now, can they place him
in that bed-sit?

Nothing else came through.


Well, that's --
that's not enough.

MARLOW: Stopped off at the bank,
the one along Madley Road.

How much more does she need
to know, for Christ's sake?

He told me. He said it was
a tart by the name of --

Who exactly told you
the girl's name?

Inspector Shefford.

He's dead, isn't he?

I'm sorry.

He was a nice bloke.

Go on, George.
How did you meet her?

Well, I swear she was
giving me the come-on.

I watched her.

She was bobbing down,

peering into a few cars
up ahead, so I stopped.

I asked --

I, uh, asked her, "How much?“

And she s--

Do you want me to tell you
exactly what she said?


She said that for a blow job --

[ Clears throat]

She said that masturbation
would cost £15

but that full sex
would be more -- £25.

Look, whatever I say
doesn't make me look good.

I don't even know
why I wanted to do it.

George. George,
just tell me what happened.

I know,
but I must have been crazy,

especially after what happened
up north.

But I paid for that.

I was drunk, and I swear --
I swear to you --

I'm not here to question you
about any other incident.

I know.
I know.

It's just that everything I say

makes me look as if
I hurt that girl.

And I didn't.
I didn't.

[ Sobs ]

Moyra, my wife, what this
will do to her, I don't know.

So, you picked her up.

So, what happened then?

[ Sniffles ]

Well, she gets into the car.

And we drive along
under the bridge...

to a big area of wasteland.

And she climbs from the
front seat into the backseat,


...w-we do --
we do the business.

And then she climbs from the
backseat into the front again

and she --
[ Chuckles ]

She catches her hand.


You -- You did say
she cut her hand.

Yeah, cut, cut.

Now, which hand was that?


Just, uh --
Oh, it was her right hand.

Yeah, it was her right hand

because the radio is between the
seats and it's got a sharp edge.

You can take the radio out.
It's portable.

Around where I live, a lot of
radios get nicked out of cars.

Have you found the car yet?

Yeah, so, she --
she cut her hand.

It was just a nick,
but it was bleeding.

So, I wrapped it
with my handkerchief.

It's got my initial on it.



[ Sniffles ]


Then what happened?

I gave her the money.

I'd just been to one
of those cash machines.

Well, you can check that out.

I asked her where she wanted
to be dropped off,

and she said the tube station.


The last I saw of her was she
was picking up another punter.

-[ Door opens]
- It was a --

It was a red car.


It could have been a Scirocco.

I'm not sure.

I didn't kill her.

I'll take any test you like.

I didn't do it.

[Whispers indistinctly]

Five minutes.

[ Footsteps depart]

[ Door opens]

I went home,
got there about half past 10:00,

maybe a quarter to 11:00,
maybe a bit later.

TENNISON: So, had you
picked her up before?

No. I told you.
I'd never seen her before.

[ Indistinct conversations]

Where is that bloody woman?

She's downstairs in the cell
with Marlow.

I got girls coming in from
all over. That'll keep her busy.

TENNISON: ls there anything
on Marlow's car yet?

OTLEY: No, not yet.
Oh, and there's a --

There's a roomful of girls
waiting for you.


Known associates
of Della Mornay.

You asked for them
to be brought in,

and they're coming in
by the carload.

I presumed you'd want

to interview them
personally, ma'am.

There were 17 at the last count.

Well, I don't have the time
right now,

so why don't you take
a statement from each of them

and put them on my desk?

- Are these the missing girls?
- OTLEY: Yeah.

It's got "Missing Persons
Report“ on the top, hasn't it?

Cut it out, Sergeant.

One in Surrey, one in
Cornwall Gardens look promising.

Ah, okay, you want me
to deal with those?

Why not?
I'll have my hands full.

I've got a roomful of slags
to interview.

Yeah, well, you should have
staggered them, shouldn't you?

Listen, can you check if there's
been a handkerchief found?

Yes, ma'am.


Yes, speaking.

Only Marlow said he wrapped
the victim's hand in it.

He doesn't know
what happened to it.

Yeah, okay, could you, uh --

Yeah, put him through.

OTLEY: Tony.

What's this?

It's a search warrant
for Moyra Henson's flat.

She knows
we've only got 10 hours

before that bastard
has to be released.

- What's going on?
- Well, I don't know.

I don't know what she's up to.

Ma'am, here's the search
warrant, Moyra Henson's flat.

Look, can I call you back later?

I'm sorry.

All right?
It's important. Bye.

- Anything on the handkerchief?
- JONES: No, ma'am.

Okay, Sergeant,
I'll be at the suspect's flat,

and then I'll do
the missing girls.

Frank, you're with me.

[ Indistinct conversations]

I don't believe this.


Tell her there's a dog missing
from Battersea!

Big case she might put in for!

Owner got hit by a truck!

- She likes dead men's shoes.
- All right, gov, she's not deaf.

Am I the last one
to know what's going down?

Hey, here,
she just got a private call.

Grab that W.P.C. Havers.
See who she's knocking off.

If she's spreading
the dirt on thick,

we keep this to the ground.

Whatever you get on her,
feed it back, all right?

I knew a bloke
on the Flying Squad with her.

I'll give him a bell.

Well, Cornwall Gardens
should keep her busy.

-[ Laughter]
- So will Moyra Henson.

[ Laughter]

- Where's your bathroom?
- HENSON: This is harassment.

You've already been here
two days on the trot.

What are you
looking for this time?

I've got an appointment to keep,
you know.

How long are you going to be
this time?

And you can put
that laundry back, sonny,

unless you're
a perverted crotch sniffer.

Those are my dirty knickers.

And I know how many there are.

How do you feel
about your boyfriend

picking up prostitutes?

I love it.
It gives me a night's rest.

I understand you stood by him

when he was sent down
for attempted rape.

She asked for it.

She was coming on to him,
and he'd had too much to drink.

So, was he drunk
when he came home --

He was not drunk.

He was in here by 10:30.

We watched television.
Then we went to bed.

I've said all this before!

What did they send you for?

The female touch, is it?

Soften me up?

You're pushing your luck, lady.

I'm going to lodge
a formal complaint

to whoever's in charge.
You've got no right --

I have every right, Miss Henson.

I'm now in charge
of this investigation.

This is a photograph of the girl

that George has admitted
to picking up,

admitted having sex with
in his car.

Would you take a look, please?

What am I supposed to do,
fall apart?

- BURKIN: It's not here.
- I feel sorry for that girl.

But all George is guilty of
is having sex with her.

You know, sex?

Now, why don't you just finish
what you've got to do

and get out?

Well, what do you think?

About what, sir?

My voice suddenly got lower,
has it?

Maybe my knickers are too tight.

Listen, I like to be called
governor or the boss.

I don't like "ma'am.“

I'm not the bloody queen,
so take your pick.

Yes, ma'am.


Let's go and check
on those missing girls.

Anything you say,
but it's well after 2:00.

What's that supposed to mean?
You want lunch?

Nope, I'm just counting
the hours

to George Marlow's release.


I said I wanted brown.


- Anything come in for me?
- Nope.

How'd the interview go?

Edie Williams is a 35-year-old

with a history
of mental disorder

and a passion for watching
trains at Euston station.

Now, either Sergeant Otley
needs his frigging head seen to

or he's sending me on a
wild goose chase 'round London.

She didn't even fit
the description.

Next one better be legit.

So, what we got?

Karen Howard reported missing
from Kensington.

Well, what the hell are we doing
out here in Surrey?

Oh, I see.

It's her parents' place.

That bastard Otley.

It's another waste of time.
I know it.

Yes, can I help you?

Good afternoon.

I'm Detective Chief Inspector

and this is
Detective Inspector Burkin.


Could we speak
with Major Howard, please?

Um, come this way.

Thank you.

I'll tell Major Howard
you are here.

Thank you.

We've found her.

Yeah, that's her.

We're ready for you now.

Is this your daughter Karen?

[Voice breaking ]

She's my daughter.

Thank you, sir.

Do you take sugar, sir?

No, no, no, I don't.

I should call my wife.

Yes, we'll arrange for a car

to take you home
as soon as possible.


What happened?

Sir, wouldn't you prefer
to be at home with your wife?

We can question you
another time.

Question me?

I want to know
who's in charge here.

I want to know exactly
what is happening.

Who is in charge
of this investigation?

- My daughter --
- I am, sir.

I'm in charge
of the murder investigation.


Well, I want --
I have a right.

I have every right
to meet whoever it is.

I am a personal friend of
Chief Constable Andrew Gurnham.

I want to see him,
and I want to see him now.

Deputy Chief Gurnham
is with another department, sir.

He's with
the Ministry of Defence Police.

However, if you prefer, I can
arrange for an appointment --

You won't arrange
any bloody appointment.

I want him here right now.

I don't want a woman.
Now will you please call him?

As I said, sir,
I can arrange an appointment.

Just get out
and leave him alone.

Jesus Christ.
Let the man cry.

He's heartbroken.

[ Door closes]


Look, I'm sorry
I had a go in there,

but I could see the old boy
was upset, and, uh --

Well, I'm sorry.

That's all right.
It's no problem.

Anyway, I think he's ready
to go home now.

Oh, Sergeant Otley needs you
over at H.Q.

Oh, when did that call come in?

It came in when you was
over at Cornwall Gardens.

I see.

Karen's boyfriend's been
brought in for questioning.

In future,
I want all information

to be passed to me directly, no
matter what the circumstances.

[ Exhales sharply]

Now, is there anything else?


[ Exhales]

Sergeant Otley's stirring it up,
is he?

Next thing I know,

he'll be asking for a vote
of no confidence.

Oh, I see.

Well, I'd better
get on over there.

You stay here
and deal with the major.

And thank you, Burkin.

Sheila, will you just
concentrate for a second, love?

Then you can go.

Did you ever see any of
these men pick up Della Mornay?

- No.
- Can I have the photos?

I've only just got them.
Can you just wait?

- Before Christmas.
- Before Christmas, right.

- How long before?
- I don't know.

I've interviewed six of them.
None of them have seen her.

This girl says she's got a cold
and she wants to go home.

- Can I clear her?
- No, you can't.

I've been here
four hours already!

Just be quiet, will you?

We'll let you when we're ready,
all right?

[ Indistinct conversations]

Which one of you
is Mavis Fellow?

- I am.
- Sit down there.

Now, you said in your statement

you last saw Della Mornay
two months ago.

The situation is out of control.
Look for yourself.

Look, none of these girls have
seen Della Mornay for weeks.

No positive I.D. on the victim.

Well, not as far
as I've been told, officially.

Ma'am's been down in the morgue.

Look, I've got the entire team
down here wasting time.

We don't know if she's gonna
charge him or not, governor.

It's a mess.

How much more evidence
does she need?

Get these women
out of the corridor.

-[ Banging ]
- Oi! Cut that out!

[ Laughter]

Has anyone got anything
on Marlow's car yet?

Not yet, ma'am, but we got you
a spot on "Crime Night.“

[ Laughter]

That's a good idea.

I was joking.

Yeah, I'm not,
but keep on laughing.

Only time's running out.

We've got Marlowe lawyer
pacing around downstairs.

Get on to the press office.

MUDDYMAN: Did you get anything
at Marlow's flat, ma'am?

No, just a lot of flak
from his girlfriend.

Where the hell
is Sergeant Otley?

Oh, yeah, records sent this in.

It's about Moyra Henson.

She was picked up for soliciting
15 years ago.

I don't know if that's any use.

She's been on the dole
for four years.

Could be interesting.

We got 24 toms' statements, and
there's more waiting downstairs.

What do you want to do?


Super's with Marlow's lawyer.

We gonna charge him?

Running out of time, ma'am.

Yes, I am aware of that,

Right, I'll deal with
the girls first.

Just wait here till I'm through.

Until you're through,
yes, ma'am.

Tony, you got a list
of the girls' names?

We're going to need
a female P.C.

Oh, and formal identification
of the victim is on my desk.

- Her name is Karen Howard.
- Karen Howard.

We know.

I got her boyfriend and
her flatmates waiting upstairs.

Yeah, extension 242, please.
Press office.

Right, well, uh, I'll, um --

I'll interview the boyfriend
first, then.

[Telephone ringing ]

She's gone off you, lovey.

This time tomorrow,
Hickock's in, she's out.

Money on it.

I don't know.

Governor would have had him
charged and banged up by now.

That bitch is scared stiff.
That's our problem.

Yeah, is that the press office?

Yeah, it's the main
Incident Room, Burkin here.

I want to fix up a "Crime Night“
for the Howard case.


[ Indistinct conversation ]


[ Elevator doors close]

[ Elevator doors open ]

Now, the reason you said you
had not seen Karen for a while

was because you'd had a row.

Is that right?

We agreed not to
see each other so much.

God, I can't believe she's dead.

I can't believe it.

She was murdered, Michael.

She was found
in a prostitute's bed-sitter.

Now, I want you to look at
this photograph and tell me,

have you ever seen Karen
with this man?

Have you ever seen this man?

Look at the photograph, Michael.

No, I've never seen him.

Did Karen take drugs?

No, she didn't even drink.

Did you have a full relationship
with her?

Sex, Michael.
Did you have sex together?

Yes, of course.

So, when you said
that she wanted to cool it,

did that mean
that she had other boyfriends?


So, she didn't sleep around?

Michael, I know
this is hard for you.

It's hard for us,

but we have to find out
why she was in that bed-sitter,

how she got into
a prostitute's bed-sit.

Now, look at me, Michael.

Look at me.

Did Karen ever pick up men,
men she didn't know?


No! No!

I think you better
take him home. Get him a car.

I'm sorry, Michael.

What sort of person are you?

Karen was a sweet,
innocent girl.

You try to make her look dirty,

make her out to be something
that she wasn't.

You disgust me.

Any joy with Michael?


Bill Otley reckons you've
got enough to charge Marlow.

No, sir.


[ indistinct conversations]

She's coming now.

Is the super with her?

They've got to charge Marlow,
haven't they?

George Marlow
is to be released tonight.

-[ Men murmuring]
- Jesus Christ!

I'm sorry.
I know how you feel.

If you'll forgive me for saying
so, ma'am, I don't think you do.

[ Indistinct talking ]

So, it's 9:00 tomorrow morning.

We'll review
what went down today

and we'll discuss
how we proceed.

[ Indistinct conversations,
telephone ringing ]

Otley, Incident Room.


Thank you, Arnold.

I think we've heard the last
of it, George.

- Let's hope.
- All right.

- George Marlow.
- Yes, governor.

MARLOW: Uh, just hang on a sec,
will you?

[ Knock on window]

Thank you.

I knew you'd get me off.

[ Horn honks ]

We got to get over
to Sunningdale Golf Club.

We got another one.

Hands tied behind her back,
slashed to pieces.

[ Police radio chatter]

I've worked
with Sergeant Eastel before.

He knew about our case,
so he gave me a tip-off.

Man over there
with the retriever found her,

or his dog did.



Tango 3 to Hotel Bravo 2.

The waterproof clothing
and extra lighting you requested

is on its way.

Over and out.

Detective Sergeant Eastel,
D.C.l. Tennison.

Has the pathologist
got here yet?

On his way.

Anyone -- Any idea how long
she's been here?

Well, judging by the
decomposition and the stench,

a month, at least.

[ Camera shutter clicks]

I'd like to have a look, please.

Are you sure?

It's not a pretty sight.

I want to see her face.

MAN: Does anyone know if the
clubhouse has been opened yet?

Anyone get in touch
with Stewart?

And if it's there,
ask if anyone's handled

any female clothes
in from the golf course.

The one nearest this one.

Stinks to high heaven.

Heat from the lamps
is making it worse.

That's Della Mornay.

- You sure it's your girl?
- Yeah.

Any money on it,
George Marlow did this, as well.

Knot's the same,
hands tied behind her back.

Pity you released him.

You could have had him
for three more days.

I'll have him back inside,

and when I do,
he's gonna stay inside.

No more loopholes this time.

Off the record, ma'am, okay?

We knew we had the right man.

We knew it.


[ Metal clanks]

[ Sighs ]

There's never
any bloody pencils.

[ Chuckles ]

Hello, Ebbs.

[ Door opens]

Bugger m.

He's asleep, thank God.

[ Gasps ]

Oh, good night, darling.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

I mean, I --


I hardly ever see you,
and when I do, you're knackered.

L-I'm sorry.

I mean, what's the point?


I love you.

You do?



And if the phone rings,
I don't exist.

I don't know.

Every time I see you, you're
buried in some files or...

giving someone a bollocking
on the phone.

You're right.

Oh, you're right, and I will
make more time for us soon.

I promise.

And just to prove it...

[ Chuckles ]

What's the matter?

Can't you sleep?


You have a bad dream?


I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll get you back into bed.

Uh, I'll get you some milk
from the kitchen.

I'll read you another story,

and then you can try
to go to sleep, okay?

Come on.


Morning, Jonesy.

Morning, ma'am.

Hop in.
I'm going to the morgue.

[ Engine turns over]

Got here early for breakfast.

NORMAN: I've got
the Reading postmortem here.

Dead approximately
six or seven weeks.

Due to being out
in the open air, or partly,

the body is badly decomposed.

- Foxes have had a go at --
- Off the record, Felix.

And I know -- till you've
had time to make your tests.

It's a different weapon, but
a narrow, thin type of blade.

Now, she's been badly beaten,

and her body is probably too
decomposed to get semen samples.

But if you're trying to get me

to say I think the same man
killed both victims --

Off the record?

Well, off the record -- and
don't quote me -- I'd say yes,

because she's got identical
marks on the top of both arms.

Now can I get on
with the postmortem?

FN1 -- plucked head hair.

FN2 -- plucked pubic hair.

FN3 -- false nail, left hand.

FN4 --


Silly me.

FN4 -- false nail, right hand.

FN5 -- vagina swab for DNA,
semen, and others.

[ Indistinct conversations]

Perfect match.
Will you have a look?


Fancy a cup of coffee?

Canteen's closed.

One single here
and another double.

- And another double.
- Oh, Joyce?

[Telephone ringing ]


Joyce, you're wanted
in the main lab!

And which one of you bastards

put this bloody shoe
in my fridge?

So, Della was naked,
hands tied behind her back,

been dead six to seven weeks.

You'll get photos and the
particulars as soon as possible.

Now, the rope used
to tie her hands

was not the same type
as that used to tie Karen's,

-but the knot is.
- You can talk to me about it.

D.C. Oakhill.


43 Telegraph Hill...

So, Frank, what have you got?

Uh, well,
Marlow visited his employers

two, three times
at Chester Paints,

then the supermarket, cinema.

Hires a lot of videos.

So, was Marlow in London
six or seven weeks ago?

Philip, aren't you
onto his employers?

Uh, uh, yes, yes, he was.
He didn't leave London.

Good, okay,
we've got Marlow in London

for both Karen
and Bella's murders.

Now, have we got anything
on Marlow's car?

No, of course not.

So, what about his neighbors?
You dealt with that?

My lads have interviewed
the neighbors above, below,

and both sides.

He's a well-liked bloke,
uses his local pub regularly.

Again, everybody
seems to like him.

TENNISON: Okay, so,
interview the householders,

properties bordering
on the golf course.

She wasn't killed
where her body was dumped.

She was brought there.

So someone
might have seen something.

Also, we've no weapon
for either victim,

so keep up the search on that.

Now, that's a thin weapon.

It's about 1/8 of an inch wide,
about 7 inches long.

You in with me, Haskons?

Where's my fags?

You nicked my Bensons again?

[ Indistinct conversations]

Karen's family have asked
for the body to be released.

Did you arrange it when you were
at the morgue this morning?

No. Damn.
I forgot, but I'll get on to it.

Gab, gab, gab.

Right. I want you both to take
Sutherland Avenue, okay?

Take us, what,
20 minutes to get out there?

So, what about
the press releases?

Did you hold off any mention
of the wheals to the upper arms?

We kept it to the minimum

until we've got something
concrete to give them.

Your decision to release Marlow
could backfire.

Oh, come on, sir.
You backed me up on that.

Have you had a change of mind?

Do you want to give us a minute?

Uh, no, I'd -- I'd like him
to stay, please, sir.

[ Clears throat]

The consensus seems to be

that this case is too heavy
for you to handle.

- Oh, that's a load of bullshit.
- Let me finish.

Excuse me, sir.

How well did John Shefford
know Della Mornay?

He knew her.

No one ever denied that.
She was an informer.

So, you agree
he knew her well, yes?

What's this got to do
with anything?

Sir, when I took over this case,

I requested Della Mornay's file
from Vice.

I was told that the delay
in sending it

was due to
the computer changeover,

leading me to believe
that John Shefford

had not had access to it,

But I was mistaken.

He did have it,

but nothing in it was recorded
in the case file.

It's a bloody waste of time,

Is it? Della Mornay
was a police informer.

Not mentioned in the case file.

John Shefford
was her arresting officer

when he was attached to Vice.

Not recorded in the case file.

Don't know anything about that.

But I do know that you've got
a personal grudge

against a man that was admired.

He was so bloody eager
to make an arrest,

desperate judging by this,

chasing some stupid
in-house record that even --

Are you talking about
Paxman's record?

It was a joke.
There was no record.

It was John's.

He liked to gee up the lads.

Tell her. I don't know
where she's coming from.

It was a joke.

Sergeant, what I would like
to know is, if you knew Della,

if John Shefford
knew Della well,

why was that body
wrongly identified?

They bloody look alike.
Her face was beaten to a pulp.

Now, why don't you
leave it alone?

The man is dead!

So, uh...

explain this...


I found this in your desk,

along with the original file
from Vice.

What the hell is going on?

That's Della Mornay's
personal diary.

Not tagged, not listed.

Pages torn out,
pages obviously missing.

You wouldn't happen to know what
was on those pages, would you?

Oh, yeah, I can explain that.
[Clears throat]

I gave it to John,
and I presume...

I found it in his desk
when I was clearing it out.

John must have
torn the pages out.

Jesus Christ.

Do you know what this means?

You're accusing an officer
of doctoring evidence.

Yes, I do know
what it means, sir.

And I assure you if I discover
any further irregularities --

KERNAN: Any so-called
irregularities, Inspector,

you bring straight to me.

I will decide if I will
take this matter further.

I'll let you know
what I'm gonna do.

Until I have verification

that both women were murdered
by the same man,

I'd like to keep the discovery
of Mornay's body under wraps.

Marlow still your main suspect?

Yes, and I'd like to keep him
under pressure.

'Round-the-clock surveillance.

I know it's costly,
but if he's killed twice...

And, uh, I'd like to handle
the press releases from now on.

Check with you first, of course.

[ Door opens, closes]

You bloody idiot.

She's wiping the floor
with the lot of you.

You were lucky this time.

She let you off, not me.

Have you got those pages, Bill?


It's just -- just the days
John went to see her.

It's nothing to do
with the case.

He was fond of her.

He was very fond of her.

[ Door closes]

[ Indistinct conversation ]

Just tailing our man
returning from the factory.

He spent about an hour there.

He should be entering the flat
any moment now.

- Over.
-[ Static hisses]

Okay, we have him.

Dropped his newspaper.

Most action we've seen all day.

Okay, he's getting
his keys out now.

Oh, dear, oh, dear.
He can't get in.

Moyra, can you let me in?

HASKONS: Old woman next door
poking her nose in.

Moyra Henson at the door now.
[ Chuckles]

This is it.

Watch her have a go
at the nosy old cow next door.

He's been out.
Now he's back, all right?

Nosy old bitch.

I've got a feeling
she's spotted us.

She's just shown us her tits.

[ Laughs]

I don't suppose
you got a shot of them,

did you, you dozy bugger?

Cops have been in again.

This time they took
the rest of your shoes.

I said they'd better
bring them back.

Otherwise you'd be selling your
paint in your stocking feet.

[ Lighter clicks]

No, I won't.

I gave my notice in
before they could give it to me.


You'd think we were spies,
the way they're carrying on.

Oh, and put the chain
on the door at night.

They had all our keys.

They could have made a set.
I don't trust one of them.

[ Sighs]
It's getting me down.

It's like we were prisoners.

I'm sorry.

Don't turn against me, please.

I love you, Moyra.

I walked right through
the main factory floor.

Not one of them
would look at me.

Young Ron Wilks --
Remember him?

I gave that lad
his main contacts.

Turned his back on me.
None of them would look at me.

The law was there,
asking questions.

They're everywhere.

I don't know how much more
of this can take.

I have to take it, too, George.

And with you not earning,
what are we gonna do?

I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.

So help me God, I didn't do it!

-[ Telephone ringing ]
-[ Gasps ]

I'll get it.

It's those kids next door.


Hello, Doris.

Hang on.

It's your mom.

It's a pay phone.

Come on, love.
You've got to talk to her.

[ Sniffles ]

Hello, Mom!

Yeah, I'm fine.

How's your hip?

You are?

She says she's walking
with one stick now.

[ Sniffles ]

Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.

Yeah, they're -- they're talking
to everyone that knows me.

[ Laughs]

Thanks, Mom.

I wish the cops
felt the same way.

Well, you know
what they're like.

I will.

Yeah, everything's fine at work.

I will.

God bless.

You know I do.

[ Receiver clicks]

[ Door closes]

PETER: Doesn't anybody give
any messages in your place?

I booked a court.
I thought you wanted a game.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I forgot.
It's been a tough day.

Oh, it's okay.

Marianne phoned.

She wanted to know if we could
have Joey for half a term.

Oh, yes, of course we can.

What's for dinner?
I'm starving.

Chicken Kiev.

I left a message on your bleeper
for you to phone.


Um, listen, Thursday,
Dad's birthday,

Mom's having a get-together.

Can you come?

- Yeah, that's fine.
- Good.

So, uh, what night
can I invite Tom and Joyce

and that guy King and his wife
over for dinner?

Who's King?

Well, I told you.
Frank King.

He's basically
a property developer.

He's loaded,
so Tom introduced us.

Well, you know, he's looking
for a small building company

to set up some sort
of partnership.

Oh, that's interesting.

I mean, he could be
really important to me.

So, I think we should get him
over, give him the works.

You know, champagne, candles.

[Telephone ringing ]

You could do your avocado thing.

Yeah, that's fine, no problem.


J eff?

Did you swing it?

That's great!

Don't they ever
give you a break?

God, they move fast.

Now -- Yeah, but can they
do a reconstruction?

Good, okay.

Yeah, I'll send the information
over as soon as possible.

I mean, tonight,
if they need it.

[ Exhales]

Yeah, that's really good news.

Thanks a lot, Jeff.

We got any red wine?

Guess what.

I'm gonna be on television.

“Opportunity Knocks"?

[ Scoffs ]

“Crime Night.“

I'm gonna be the first
female D.C.l. on "Crime Night.“

Oh, bugger!

It's Dad's birthday that night.

Well, can't they
change the night?

Of course not!
It's live television!

I meant your father's
birthday party.

[Telephone dialing ]


going to be all right.


Thank you for coming, huh?

You are most welcome to join us
back at the house.

- Thank you, sir.
-[ Engine turns over]

I've got to get back.

And give it 15 minutes, and then
get back to the station.

Right, I'll see you later.

Good luck with the boxing.

Good luck on the box.

[ Indistinct conversations]

[ Engine turns over]

MAN: Gentlemen, may I have
your attention, please?

Will you please make your way
to your tables, gentlemen?

- Dinner is being served.
- Felix, what are you having?

I've got one!
I'll see you at the table!

Right! So, two large G&Ts,
large scotch,

uh, la la Ia, orange juice.

Nothing for you
till after the fight.

Don't worry.
That Lambton's a pushover.

Now, come on.
Get your skates on, love.

It's not what you've heard?

I'm just saying use your loaf,
all right?

We're getting there.
We're getting there.

Gentlemen, I'm afraid
the bar's closing now.

- Dinner is served.
- I'll be over later.

Got to watch that cow
on "Crime Night.“

Tenner on it
she makes a cock-up.

Frank, best of luck.

Right, table 6.
Go over to table 6.

Jonesy, don't forget your drink.

[ Indistinct conversations]

- Where's the corkscrew, Mom?
- It's over there, dear.

- Did you set the video?
- Yes.

Peter, will you check?

Yes, it's, uh -- it's on
the wrong channel, Mr. Tennison.

It's on lTV.
This is BBC.

Tony, come on.

It's started.


Could you switch
the light off, Mom?

It's shining on the screen.

MAN: What can you tell us,
and, more importantly,

what can we do to assist
in the investigation

into the murder
of Karen Howard,

the girl we can see
on our screens now?

TENNISON: Karen Howard's body
was discovered in a bed-sitter

on January the 15th this year.

Now, we know where Karen was
up until 6:45

on the evening
of January the 14th,

but we've yet to discover
her wherea--

What did you do that for?

I don't know what you want
to watch it for.

Because there's somebody
out there

that can prove I'm innocent,
that's why.

My God.

You don't believe me, either,
do you?

Do you?!

- You think I killed her!
- That's not true.

Well, then, for Christ's sake,
watch it.

They've got a phone-in!

What if someone phones in

and they saw the guy that picked
her up, the same guy I saw?

What did you have to go
and pick that girl up for?

You mean why did I
have sex with her?

Because she was there.

Do you think I don't want
to turn the clock back?

Do you think I don't wish
that I'd never laid eyes on her?

Are you telling me
that if I was to say to you

there'd never be another woman
in my life,

that you'd believe it?

I love you.

I don't cheat on you.

I'm not like some guys,
screwing their friends' wives.

What friends?

We don't have any left.

Look, somebody else killed her,
Moyra, not me.

All I'm praying
is that they find who did it

and then they leave us alone.

MAN: The bed-sit
was in the Holborn area.

We can see on the screen
at the moment

the street and the house
where she was discovered.

Could someone have taken Karen
to this place by force?

That is a possibility,

but at this stage
in the investigation,

we can't say for sure.

MAN: The 14th of January -- to
help you recall that night --

the newspapers carried
the story of Tandy,

a fox terrier who'd been trapped
in a manhole

for more than three days.

Now, most of the newspapers
carried a leading story

and photograph
of the recovery of Tandy.

The film you are about to see
shows a reconstruction

of Karen's last known movements
after she left this building,

MacDonald's Advertising,

and said goodbye to
an executive she'd been to see.

It was 6:30.

Wearing clothes like these
and carrying her portfolio,

she walked towards
her blue Mini,

which she'd left parked
in a side street

under the Westway
beyond these bottle banks.

Karen was 24, 5' 8", with long,
blond hair and blue eyes.

She looks like Karen.

...her portfolio into
the passenger seat...

Not as pretty, though.

When she tried to start it,
the battery was flat.

This witness said
he saw Karen lock her car,

leaving her portfolio behind.

He cannot recall
if she had a handbag,

but no handbag has been found,
nor has her jacket.

Will Jane be on again, Daddy?

Listen to the program.

I think she might come on again
after the film.

She'll be interviewed again.

No, I think that's it.

They now ask for witnesses
to call in,

and then -- then it stops.

Would you all shut up?

The witness who saw Karen
try to make a call here

also directed her
towards a phone booth

further along Ladbroke Grove.

PAM: She was a pretty girl,
wasn't she?

That's not the real girl.

That's someone
dressed up as her.

MR. TENNISON: They couldn't
have the real girl, woman,

because she's dead.

When Karen reached it, she
discovered it was a card phone.

Perhaps she didn't have a card.

She certainly
never made the call.

What happened next?

The time is now
approximately 6:45 p.m.

Did you go into this pub
that night?

Did you see Karen Howard
by this phone box

on the corner
of Lancaster Road?

And the wolves howled!

[ Crowd howling ]

And the dogs barked!

[ Crowd barking ]

And the door of the cottage
slowly creaked open.

[ Imitates door creaking ]

And the old lady gestured
pitifully to her granddaughter

to come nearer.

[ High-pitched voice]
"Come closer, my little one.

Oh, what a big girl
you've grown into.

Take off your red cape.

Oh ho ho ho ho!

Oh, what big boobies!“

[Crowd murmuring]

“Take off your wet dress.

Come and warm yourself
by my fire."

[ Normal voice]
And very slowly,

Little Red Riding Hood...

So, listen, I want the keys.

Yeah, well,
I'll give you them after.

- Well, don't forget.
- No, I won't!

Don't forget.


Oi, where's Otley?

He's watching ma'am on TV
in the bar.

Well, get him in here!
Look, our man's on first!

All right?

[ Crowd groaning ]

MAN: And as
Little Red Riding Hood

crept closer to the bed,

the old lady threw up
the bedclothes,

and Red Riding Hood
saw what a long...

- Toot de toot!
- Toot de toot!

And Red Riding Hood said --

[ High-pitched voice]
“Oh, Superintendent Kernan..."

[ Laughter, applause]

“ was Sergeant Otley
last year,

and all he did was caution me.“

Oh ho ho!
[ Laughs]

[ Cheers and applause]

[ Normal voice]
Oh, thank you very much!

Thank you very much indeed,

Thank you.

In the blue corner, from
Reading, Detective Sergeant...

Her body was discovered...

Come on, Sarge.
Burkin's in the ring.

Somebody will have videoed this.

Come on.

She thinks she's
Esther bloody Rantzen.

Yes. Yes, it was
a particularly brutal murder.

We need witnesses
to come forward...

And now, gentlemen, you will
have seen the blue buckets

being passed around the table.

No, not for that reason, sir.
You use the one outside.

Now, those blue buckets,

I expect to see them
filled to capacity,

because you know this benefit

is for Detective Chief Inspector
John Shefford and his family.

So, for heaven's sake,
fill the buckets!

We want your money!

Come on, Sa--

Her body was discovered...

OTLEY: How did she swing
that one, the bitch? a place that she'd
never been to before,

so far as we can ascertain.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

KERNAN: Sit down!
Sit down!

Sorry, gov!

Where's Otley?

He's in the bar
watching ma'am on TV.

Come on, Frankie!

We've not found any trace
of Karen Howard's handbag.

Also, we wish to trace a car

which was seen in the area
that night

but has since disappeared.

Shown on the screen now is
the type and color of the car.

It's a brown Rover P6,
3.5-liter automatic.

She get permission to give
Marlow's registration number?

Listen to her.

Who in the hell
does she think she is?

And it's very important
that we trace...

Did anyone
get Marlow's permission?

Did you see Karen that night?

Have you seen the missing car,

a possible vital link
in the killing?

Remember, your calls will be
treated with confidentiality.

But if you did see Karen on the
night of the 14th of January...

Your lad's in the ring
for Shefford.

...637 4000.

Turn that bloody program off.

We simply ask for your help.

Turn it off.

If you have any information

that you can give us --

[ indistinct shouting ]

How'd she get on, gov?

I reckon she cooked her goose!

- No. Really?
- Really.

[ Laughs]

How'd she get on?

Oi, I'll take those.

MAN: Take it away.
Round 3!

[ Bell dings]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Cheers and applause]

...4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

[ Cheers and applause]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

-[ Door closes]
- ♪ Happy birthday, dear Dad ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

I made it.
I made it.



How was I?
Was I okay?

It was very good, love.

Oh, you were lovely, darling.

Are you going to
have something to eat?

- Yeah.
- Have you eaten?

Give my daughter a glass.

It was good.
It was really good.

Hi, Tony. The kids are in bed
and asleep, are they?

- Oh, they're fine there.
- Mm-hmm. Well, cheers, anyway.

It's all right, Officer.
I'm not driving tonight.

[ Chuckles]
Let me see it.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

So, did I look like
I had too much makeup on?

Only I told them
not to put so much on.

My hands were shaking.
I was so nervous.

Darling, it didn't show.

I didn't expect you home
so soon.

I thought you might have to
do the phone-in.

No, it's all right. I got
the lads dealing with that.

PAM: Drink, yes,
and I do the driving.

Is this the tape?

Um, I'll roll it on.

PAM: You're going to do
all the driving from then on.

I can tell you that
here and now.

Mom, who set this tape up?

Well, don't look at me, dear.

Dad, you've recorded
the bloody ice skating.


It's all right.
I've recorded it at home.

No, I wanted to watch it,
for Christ's sake.


[ Beeping 1

That's my bleeper.
Where's my bleeper?

Where's my bleeper?

Jane, just calm down.

I've got to make a phone call.

Maybe you should
blow out the candles.


Yeah, I'm listening.

- I know...
-[ Blowing ]

I've got one here
for Karen Howard.

Sounds like a goody.
She's on line 4.

Can someone take line 4 for me?

I can take it over here, Sandra.

13th of January? Yeah.

[ Indistinct conversations]

Hello, yes?

Hello, uh,
is that Helen Masters?

Hello, Ms. Masters.

Now, you say that you think
you saw Karen Howard

in Ladbroke Grove.
Is that right?

[Siren wailing]

[ Siren stops]

[ Parking brake clicks]

Helen Masters?

We're waiting for your calls.
All the lines are open.

The number is 071-6374000.

It's up to you.
Call us.

We'll see you back here
at 11:45.

[ Theme music playing ]

You were very good.

[ Chuckles]
Just a minute.

Oh, you're not gonna
show it all again, are you?

Well, it's very important.

I mean, anything you do
is important.

Anything anyone else does isn't.
Is that right?

I just want to watch a bit
in the middle.


I have to be on-site
at 6:00 in the morning.


Oh, I'm sorry, love.

I know I must be hell
to live with right now,

but you know I've waited
a long time for this.

Oh, this is the reconstruction.

...after she left
this building,

MacDonald's Advertising...

Can I ask you something? executive
she'd been to see.

It was 6:30.

Do you ever
get emotionally involved?

I mean, the more
you work on a case,

the more you get to know
the people.

I mean, I know she's dead.

No, no, you don't get involved.

What about when you see them
in the morgue?

Do you feel anything at all?


But you do feel.

I mean, like the first time
I went to see her parents,

Karen's parents,

there was this photograph of her
in the living room.

She must have been
about 15 or 16,

smiling, young, fresh, with
her whole life in front of her.

And then you have to go
to her mother and her father

and tell them that that life
is over, it's finished.

Awful expression in their eyes.

In that moment,
I feel, like, a pain.

I feel it, and I hold on to it
because it's up to me

to find the man
that destroyed that life.

I'm gonna get him.

I am gonna keep on at him
till he cracks.

What if it isn't him?

What if it isn't this, uh...


George Arthur Marlow.

[Telephone rings]

Oh, shit!


Is she legit?

[ Exhales]


Oh, yes.



Oh, Peter.

I think I've got him.

A witness called in,
a probation officer.

She said she saw him.

She saw the man
that picked up Karen.

Her description fits Marlow.

So, what now?

I'm gonna put that bastard
in a lineup.

What, now?

You bet.

I want him dragged out of bed.

I want the shit
scared out of him.

Jesus Christ.

What if you're wrong?

I'm not.

And if she picks him out of the
lineup tomorrow, I've got him.

Witness says
he called out Karen's name.

He knew her.

Mind your head.

[ Engine turns over]

[ Engine turns over]

I was coming from
Ladbroke Grove tube station,

14th of January, 6:45 p.m.

I know the exact time
because I checked my watch.

I was going to meet a girl

who was at the halfway house
in Hammersmith, in a café.


Karen, the girl
who was murdered --

You see, the TV film
jogged my memory.

I'd seen her face in photographs
in the newspapers,

but it never made
any real impression.

The girl I was meeting
was blond.

So when I saw Karen standing
at the edge of the pavement,

for a second,
I thought it was Susan.

- Same hair.
- Sorry. How far away was Karen?

Just across the street.

There's a bank
opposite that pub,

and I saw this man standing
by the cash dispenser.

He had dark hair,
a brownish jacket.

- He called to Karen.
- He called out?

You heard him
clearly call out her name?

There was a lot of traffic,

but he definitely
called out her name.

We're all set.

Ms. Masters,
if you'd like to come with me?

Would you all please hold
your numbers in front of you?

Thank you.

Um, can you ask them to show
their left profiles, please?

SLEETH: Can you all turn
to face your right?

MASTERS: Can you ask number 6
to say "Karen"?

Face front again, please.

Number 6, step forward and
clearly call out the name Karen.


You see, I'm not sure.

Number 10?

Number 10, step forward
and call out the name Karen.




Can I take a closer look?


[ Door opens]

Ask him to say “Karen.“


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