Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - New Tricks/Outward Hound - full transcript

Nana Doxie and her neighbors help Pedro master a scooter trick. Greta rallies the group for a hike to the snowy peak of Mount Muttgomery.

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Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some good
It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey, pup, paws up

We can change Muttgomery
It's possible

You got Greta, Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro, Paxton
And there's Puck

-Hey, pup
-Paws up!

It's possible

"New Tricks."

Come on, come on!
I can't wait to get to Nana's.

-Wait for me!
-And the rest of me.

Rolling through, pups.

Paw-some spin.

Thank you!

Did you pups see that?

Yeah, she twirled.

-And did a wheelie.

We gotta tell Nana about that.

Tell her?

I'm gonna do that trick for Nana.

Come on, come on, come on.

-Hi, Nana.
-There are my grandpups.

Hi, Nana.

-Heya, Mom.
-Hiya, Pretzel.

Nana! Nana! Watch this!

It's the most paw-some scooter trick ever.

I'm watching, Pedro.

Let's give him a drumroll, pups.

Gotcha, Pedro.

Thanks, Nana.

I'll get it this time.

Another drumroll.

The trick was just like this!


Not like that.

Okay. I know I'll get it this time.

Go, Pedro!

You can do it!

I didn't get it that time.

Sorry, Pedro.

I thought you had it, kiddo.

I just really wanted
to show you that trick, Nana.

What kind of trick is it?

First, you whoosh!

Then you--

And whee!

But I guess it's kinda hard.

It does sound like a paw-some trick.

So come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's help Pedro do his scooter trick.

-Pedro, watch.

When the pup in the park did the trick,
she went up on her back wheels like this.

She did? I'll try it.

I can't do it.

But you were close.


I think she did this with her front paws.

She did? I'll try it.

I gotcha, kiddo.

Or maybe it was her back paws.

And she went like this…

As soon as her wheel was up.

Okay, okay. I'll try that too.

Oh, no! Look out!

Runaway scooter.

Get it! Get it!

If it wasn't for that bush,
your scooter would've crashed right into--

-Another scooter?

Whose scooter is that, Nana?

I don't know.

But this is my friend Zeke's place.
Let's ask him.

Hey, Zeke! You in there?

I thought I heard a Doxie.
I see you brought the whole pack today.

This is my son and my grandpups.

-Hi there.
-Hi. Hello.

-Hello, Zeke.

Is that your scooter?

I'm trying to do this paw-some trick.

But that keeps happening.
Do you think you could help me?

Wish I could.

But I'm more of a scooter painter
than a rider.

I'm painting this one for my grandpup.

I'm never gonna
do this scooter trick without help.

It's okay, Pedro.

-Almost, Pedro.
-Don't worry, Pedro.

-You'll get it.
-You sure will.

We'll just have to keep our…

-Paws up!

Yeah! Thanks, Nana.

Who was that?

There are some dogs here at Sunny Spot
who scooter and skateboard.

They roll on that path back there.


Dad, Nana, can we go?

Follow those wheels!

Dad, can I stay here
and watch Zeke finish these racing flames?

-They're so cool.
-Sure, if it's okay with Zeke.

You kidding? You don't just have to watch.

You can help too.

Grab a brush, pup.

Really? Thank you.

Happy painting, Pax.

Where did he go?

I don't see--

Hello, Doxies.

Hey, it's Rufus.

-We know him.
-Hi, Rufus.

Paw-some move, Rufus.

Rufus! You rascal.
I didn't know you were a skateboarder.

this old dog's got a lot of new tricks.

Do you know how to scooter too?

-I'm trying to learn a new trick.
-Anything with wheels, and I'm your dog.

-What kind of trick is it?
-You speed up,

then this wheel goes up like this.

Then you spin.

At least, you're supposed to.

That's the "hop and twist."

One of the most exciting
scooter tricks there is.

You know it?

Sure do.

But there's a problem.

Your wheels are too small.

You need big, bouncy wheels to do a big,
bouncy trick like the "hop and twist."

Do you have any big, bouncy wheels
I could use?

Afraid not.

But when my board needs work,
I always take it to my friend, Flora.

Oh, yeah. Flora's a wiz at fixing things.

Yes! Come on.

Let's go to Flora's.

Dad, can I stay here and watch Rufus
do more paw-some skateboard tricks?

Me too. Me too.

What do you say, Rufus?

I say, check this one out, pups.

So cool!

Come on. Flora's house is this way.

Hi, Flora.

Heya, Doxies.

My grandpup, Pedro here--

I'm trying to do
this paw-some scooter trick,

but Rufus said that I need bigger wheels
to do it.

Did you say bigger wheels?

Look at all those.

I used to be a mechanic.

Fixing and making things
is what I love to do.

Really? I like making things too.

Well, then come on.

I could use some help making
your brother's scooter better than ever.

Really? Yay!



Bigger wheels.

Bigger wheels.



-You got 'em.

All done.

Give 'em a try, Pedro.

Looking good.

These are way bouncier than my old wheels.

They sure are.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

And thank you for your help, Poppy.

Come on.

I can't wait
to show my new wheels to Rufus,

and finally show Nana my new trick.

Look, Rufus.

Now those are some big, bouncy wheels.


Okay. Wanna learn the "hop and twist"?

You bet.


Then get your-- What's that y'all say?

-Come on, pups.
-Paws up!


Let's learn that scooter trick.

Okay, so what do I do?

The best way to learn something new
is to break it down into little steps

that you can master.

Like what?

The first step is to speed up.

Go on. Follow me
and try to get up some speed.

Like this?


Now you're fast enough
for the next step, the hop.

Lift a back paw and bring it down
on the back of the scooter.

Even with big, bouncy wheels,
this is hard.

It's okay. Just try it again.

But just a little less bounce this time.

-You got the hop.

Now for the last step, the twist.

First, try it without rolling. Like this.

-Keep your head up for balance.
-Okay. I'll try.

I did it!

Good! Now put it all together.

Speed up, hop, then twist.

Okay, I think I'm ready.

Nana, Dad, everybody.


Come on, everyone. Let's cheer him on.


Nana! Nana! Are you watching?

I wouldn't miss it, Pedro.

Speed up.

Hop. And twist.

-I did it!

I really did it!

He did it. Go, Pedro!

It's just as paw-some as you said, Pedro.

I'm so proud of you, my roller pup.

You and your friends really made your bark
on Pedro today, Nana.

Yeah. Thanks to you,
I can do the "hop and twist."

It was our pleasure.

-We love helping young pups.
-We sure do.

It's so nice having the chance
to show off our tricks too.

-Like adding big wheels.
-And painting racing flames.

And doing paw-some scooter tricks.

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or a pup

Just get those paws up

"Outward Hound."

Come on, pups.

Keep hiking this way.

Check it out.

The twistiest tree
on the Muttgomery trails.

It's so twisty.

Yeah. It's almost as twisty as Dad.

Who? Me?

Come on. Let's keep going.


Are those snowballs?

Yep. We got them at the top
of Mount Muttgomery.


-Wow, look at that snow.
-Snow. Paw-some!

Happy hiking. Bye!

There really is snow up there.

But it's not even cold out.

Not down here,
but it's cold at the top of the mountain.

So cold it even snows up there sometimes.

Can we go up and play in the snow?

Yeah, we wanna play in the snow.

-Can we? Can we? Can we?

Sounds like quite an adventure.

The kind of adventure
us Doxies love to have.

-All right!

Pedro the Adventurer will lead the way.

Let's go to the snow.

When we get to the snow,
I'm gonna make a snow dino dog.

We can make a giant snow fort.

Yeah! And go sledding on our bellies.

And throw a snowball at Dad.


Wait, what? Throw a snowball at who?

Another hill?

Perfect for Pedro the Adventurer
to lead the way.

Come on.

Slow down, Pedro.

You're going so fast.

How much farther is it?

I'm getting tired.

Me too.

Me three.

This hill is so long.

This is hard.

Let's go back.

Go back?

Don't you wanna play in the snow?

I do. It's just so far away.

Dad, can you carry us up?

I can try. Hop on.

Nice backpacks.

Thanks. They're new.

Faster, Dad. Faster.

I'm trying, but my new backpacks
are a little heavy.

I'm sorry, pups. I think you'll need
to walk from here on your own.

Thanks for trying, Dad.

Let's just stop. It's too far.


Maybe we can just pretend
this big red rock is a giant snowball.

But I guess that won't be as much fun.

We can't give up.

What about playing in the snow?

I wanna play in the snow too.

But how are we gonna get
all the way up there?

I know it's far, pups.

But if you wanna play in the snow,
get those paws up.


Let's find a way to hike up this trail.

You know, it might be far to hike
all the way to the top of the mountain.

But it's not too far to that stripy tree,
is it?

That stripy tree is not far away at all.

It's not?

Well, then let's see
who can get to it first.

Race ya!

-First one to the tree is top dog!
-Wait for me!

I wanna race.

-I'm gonna get there first.
-I'm gonna be first.


Top dog. I'm top dog.

Nice job, Puck.

But no one can beat me
to those yellow flowers.

Hey, wait for me.

Top dog.

I was so close.

Race me to that giant log.

Top dogs!

Great job, top dogs.


Check out that big red rock down there.

Is that the red rock we were near before?

Yep. When you thought
you couldn't go any further.

We came so far.


The snow's even closer now.

Pedro the Adventurer says,
"Let's keep going to the snow."

Snow, snow, snow

We're gonna build
A dino dog in the snow

Snow, snow, snow
We're gonna build a dino dog in the snow

Yeah. Let's all sing.

Snow, snow, snow
We're gonna build a dino dog in the snow

Snow, snow, snow

We're gonna go belly sledding
In the snow

Snow, snow, snow

We're gonna go belly sledding
In the snow

Snow, snow, snow

We're gonna throw snowballs
In the snow

Snow, snow, snow

We're gonna throw snowballs
In the snow

Are we there yet?

My paws are getting so tired.

My whole body is getting tired.


Don't think about your paws.

Think about the snow, snow, snow.

I can't take another step.

I know. My paws are super tired too, pups.

Mine too.

And even though they're tired,
they wanna keep doing this.

Paws up, pups!


Let's keep trying to find a way
up to the snow.


Follow me where I can see…

Something puffy that looks like me.

Follow me where Puck can see…

A big green dino dog looking at me.

Now, that's what I call a Tree Rex.

Follow me where I can see…

a scooter as big as a tree.

Follow me where I can see…

A twirly pup full of energy.

Follow me where I can see…

something super yucky.

It's just mud, Pippa.
Come on. Let's keep going.

No way. I'm not getting my paws muddy.

I'm staying right here.

But if you stay here,
we can't go play in the snow.

Sorry, Pedro. It's way too yucky.

We can't stop now.

This looks like a job for mud hop.

Mud hop?

Yep. I always play mud hop
when I don't want to get my paws muddy.

Mud hop.

Me too. Mud hop.

-Mud hop.
-Mud hop.

Mud hop.

Mud hop. Mud hop.

Mud hop. Mud hop.

Mud hop.

Mud hop. Mud hop.

Mud hop.

Oh, no.

There's nothing left to mud hop on.

Sure there is.

Mud hop. Mud hop.

Mud hop. Mud hop.

We did it. Come on!

Mom, Dad, look! I can see my breath.

I can see mine too.

Me too.

That happens when it gets colder.

Which means we must be close to the snow.

Pedro the Adventurer says,
"Let's go to the snow."

And Pretzel the Adventurer says,
"We're right behind you."

Getting tired, Pretzel?

Me? No. At least not my front paws.
Back paws?

Maybe just a little.

Come on, Mom and Dad.

Oh, no. Dad's getting tired now.

Come on, pups. We need to help Dad.

Hey, Dad. It's far to hike
all the way up to the snow, right?

But it's not too far to that stripy tree,
is it?

I guess I could probably
make it to that tree.

Race ya!

And that crooked branch.

And that leafy bush. And--

All that snow!

Snow! We did it!

You really made your bark,
Greta the Adventurer.

Without all those fun games, these tired
pups never would've made it to the snow.

Back at ya, Pretzel the Adventurer.

And we can't forget Pedro the Adventurer
leading the way.

And helping me
when I got a little tired myself.

Go, Pedro!

Come on. Let's make a snow dino dog.

I'll make his tail.

I'll make little snowballs for his eyes.


-Hey, wait.

Snowball fight!

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or a pup

Just get those paws up