Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Welcome Waggin'/Groom Games - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some
good It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey, pup, paws up

We can change
Muttgomery It's possible

You got Greta,
Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro,
Paxton And there's Puck

-Hey, pup -Paws up!

It's possible

"Welcome Waggin'."

Pax, can we move yet?

Yeah, I have to scratch
an itch on my nose.

Just a little bit longer.

Okay. All done.
Everyone take a look.

I love it.

It looks just like us.

What are all those boxes?

I don't know. They were
there, so I painted them.

Those look like
moving boxes to me.

Is someone moving in next
door? Let's go see who it is.


- Hello.
- Oh. Hello.

Are you our new neighbor?

I suppose I am.

Name's Gus. Gus Growler.

And who might you pups be?

I'm Poppy Doxie.

- Puck.
- Pedro.

- Paxton.
- Pippa.

That's a lot of P's. I'll
try to keep 'em all straight.

Pippi. Patton.

Polly. Paul.

And Paco?

I'll keep working on it.

And don't forget our dad.

His name starts with a "P" too.

Well, hey, there. I'm...

No, no, no. Let me
guess. Perry, Pat, Percy.



Now that I'll remember.

I think.

Well, welcome to Muttgomery,
new neighbor Gus.

Here. For your new house.

Why, thank you. I'll hang this
up after I finish moving in.

I'm so happy to be here, I
haven't stopped smiling all day.

Do you see a smile?

You are going to
love Muttgomery.

Did you know we live there?
And our mom is the mayor?

And I can do this.

Wow. I didn't know any of that.

Of course, I just moved here, so there's
lots about Muttgomery I don't know.

Like where to pick up
all the things I need.

I've got a list
around here somewhere.

Here it is.

That list is as long as...


First, I have to pick up my
packages at the post office.

Then I have to get some kibble
and a new dog bed. And...

You don't have a bed?

What if you get sleepy?

And no kibble? What
if you get hungry?

And what if you get so
hungry, you can't sleep?

All good questions, pups.

And that's just the
start of what I need.

Make that even longer than Dad.

Problem is, I've got my
list and my shopping cart

all ready to be filled up,

but I don't know where
to go to get any of it.

I'm worried I'll never
get all the things I need.

Don't worry, Gus.
We'll help you.

Yeah, you have to have a bed.

And kibble.

And everything on
your long list.

Come on, pups. Paws up!

Let's help our new neighbor.

Let's see. You can
get kibble at...

Kibble Market. You can
meet Mr. Kibble too.

And don't forget
Furry Outfitters.

You can get a super
comfy, cozy dog bed there.

Get your packages at the
Muttgomery Post Office.

That sounds great.
But which way do I go?

Just go down our street
and through the park,

and you can get everything on
your list. And a whole lot more.

You pups sure know Muttgomery.

I'm off to fill my
cart. Thanks, Doxies.

Dad, can we go visit Mom at work
and tell her about our new neighbor?

Sure. We can bring
her lunch, too.

- Come on.
- Yeah.


I can't wait for you
to meet Gus, Mom.

He has this long list of
all the things he needs.

It's longer than Dad.

No. Really?


And he said he was so happy
we told him where to go.

Even though his face
didn't really look like it.

I'm proud of you, pups.

I'm sure Gus's cart is already
filled up with everything he needs.

Or it could still be empty.

Look. It's Gus.

Was Furry Outfitters
this way or this way?

This is the right way. I think.

I'd know that look anywhere.
It's the look of a lost dog.

He never got any of the
things he was looking for.

Come on, pups.

Our new neighbor Gus
still needs our help.


I'm lost.

Gus? Hi.

I'm Mayor Greta, the
pups' mom. Are you lost?

Nice to meet you, Mayor Greta.

I guess I am a little lost.

I keep walking in circles, and I
haven't gotten one thing off my list.

Oh, my. That is long.

Don't worry, Gus. We promised to
help you, and we are not giving up.

Right, pups?


Gus, if telling you
where to go didn't work,

maybe we can show you.

Show me?

Yeah. We can show
you Kibble Market.

And Furry Outfitters.

And all around.

All aboard for the first
ever pup tour of Muttgomery.

Woof woof!

- Yeah!
- Yay!

Enjoy the tour, Gus.

Kibble Market is that big
red, white and blue building

with the picture of Mr. Kibble.

Kibble Market. Thanks, Pippa.

I'm Poppy.

Whoops. Sorry.

That's Furry Outfitters.

You can get dog beds
there and chew toys.

Come to think of it, I could
use a new chew toy myself.

Thanks, Puck.

I'm Pedro.

Right. Right.

There's the Muttgomery
Post Office.

And our maildog, Ms.
Pupperpost. She is fast.

She sure is, Paxton.

- I'm Puck.
- Knew that.

And this is City Hall,
where we started.

Now that was a
tail-wagging tour, pups.

I know just where to go to
get kibble, my packages...

And your super
cozy, comfy dog bed.

All of it.

Thanks to all of you,
I'll never get lost again.

- Bye-bye.
- Good luck, Gus.

- You can do it.
- Go, Gus.

He needs to go to Kibble
Market, Furry Outfitters

- and the post office, right?
- Yep.

But none of them are that way.


Gus, wait up.

Doxies. Going my way?

Wait, which way am I going?

I'm lost again, aren't I?

I bet I couldn't even find
my way home from here.

Actually, this is my house.

But I was looking
for Kibble Market.


You're gonna tell me not to worry
and then put your paws up again.

- Aren't you?
- Maybe.

Get those paws up
one more time, pups.

All right. Yeah.

We still need to help Gus.

Sure wish I could put
my paws up like that.

Wait. Maybe I can.

How's this?

We never thought of
doing it like that.

Great job, Gus.


I know.

Maybe we can draw you a
picture of Muttgomery.

A picture?

Yeah. We can draw pictures of all
the different places you need to go.

And you can take it
with you. Like a map.

-Let's make a map.

I'll get my markers
and some paper.

What a great idea.

That "paws up" thing
really works, huh?

It sure does.

Come on.

Be right back, Gus.
We won't be gone long.

I'm drawing the
streets. In blue.

And don't forget the park.

I'm drawing kibble
for Kibble Market.

And a big, red dog bed
for Furry Outfitters.

And mail for the post office.

Come on. Let's draw more.

Here you go, Gus. It's all done.


You made me a pup
map of Muttgomery.

It's so colorful.

And it shows all the
places you need to go.

I sure moved next door
to the right pups.

Come on. I can't
wait to try it out.


I see a picture of a
bowl of kibble here,

so this must be Kibble Market.

Puck drew that.

Nice job.

Your map worked.
I got my kibble.

Now, let's see.

If this is a dog bed, then
that must be Furry Outfitters.

You got it, Gus.

Come on. What are
you waiting for?

Right behind you.

Got my dog bed.

That's such a comfy bed.

Thanks. Now, let's see.

Which way is the post office?

Wait, I'll check the map.

This little picture of the letter
must mean it's that way. Come on.


Got my packages.

Thanks to this map you made me,
I got everything on my list,

and I didn't get lost once.

Hear that, pups?

You sure made your
bark on Gus today.

- Yay!
- We did it.

- We helped Gus.
- We made our bark.

I don't know how to thank you.

Pedro, Puck, Poppy,
Paxton and Pippa.

You got all our names right.

Gus, you got it.

Told you I'd get
'em sooner or later.

And yours too, Pineapple.

Just kidding. Pretzel.

Here. Maybe this pup map can
help another new dog in the city

as much as it helped me.

Or maybe we can hang
it outside City Hall

so it can help every
new dog in Muttgomery.

Really? Wow.

Come on.


All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or a pup

Just get those paws up!

"Groom Games."

Buzz, buzz, buzz That's
what Gigi's here for

Should I stop Or should
I trim your dad some

More more

More it is This is fun

Just one more buzz
And you are done

What do you think of
your fur cut, Pretzel?

I think I love it.

You've done it again, Gigi.

I sure did.

And now, I wanna do it again.

Raise a paw if
you wanna be next.

Pedro, Pippa.

Pedro, Pippa.



Don't worry. Those furry
ears are up next, Pippa.

Thanks, Gigi.

Buzz me. Buzz me, Gigi.

I know just the style for you.

I love it, Pedro.

Gigi, no way.


Well, I guess a regular old
buzz-buzz will just have to do.


There's Mom and Puck
and Poppy and Paxton.

We're gonna play fetch
with Dill and Delilah

after we're done
getting groomed.

Well, we better hurry up then.

And we're gonna play with this.

It's the red zoomer. The
fastest fetch ball ever.


I'll try to groom you
just as fast. Vroom!


I'll stay still now.

No one will catch this.

I got it. I got it.

I didn't get it.

The ball's over here, Dill.

Oops. Sorry.

Dill, can you see okay?

Pretty okay, Mayor Greta.

You're not Mayor Greta.

Dill, how can you see anything
with all this fur in your face?

Paxton's right, Dill.

I think you need to get a
trim at Gigi's Groom Palace

before you can
play. Okay, buddy?

Okay, Dad.

I'm Poppy.

Oops. I mean, Poppy.

Let's go!

Wrong way, Dill.


Maybe we should stay together.

What do you think?

My ears are just
how I like them.

So flippy.

Thank you, Gigi.

Huh? What are you
guys doing here?

I thought we were
gonna play fetch.

Don't worry. We will.

Our fluffy little pup just
needs a little trim first.


I got it.

I'm okay.

Make that a big trim.

Hop on up, pup.

We're gonna play fetch
today with the red zoomer.

I heard. Very exciting stuff.

So let's get you zoomer ready.

There it is.

The red zoomer.

Dill, you have to stop waggling
and stay still for Gigi.

I can't stop. I'm
so excited to play.

But if you're too waggly,
Gigi can't groom you.


That's it. Stay just like that.

Dill, you're waggling again.

I can't wait to
catch the red zoomer.

But, Dill, you won't be able to see
the red zoomer if you don't get a trim.

I know. How can I stop waggling?

Red zoomer. Red zoomer!

- This is a grooming emergency!
- Come on, pups.

Paws up!


Let's help Dill stop waggling,
so he can get groomed.

- I wanna "paws up".
- Yeah.


Hey, Dill. I can
tell you a story.

I never move during story time.

Good idea, Poppy.

Story time? I love story time.

That might stop my waggling.

You think this will work?

Paws crossed.

Okay. Let's try this again.

"Once upon a time, there was
a dog who had magic powers.

Whenever he said

Did he turn into a bunny?

Or a red zoomer?

Uh-oh, Dill.

You're waggling again.

Those waggles sure
are a struggle.

Hey, Dill. Watch me do this.

Where did you learn
to do that, Puck?

Dad taught me.

You know it.

Gigi. Try now.

Just like that, Dill.

Keep watching. Keep watching.

- Keep...
- Whoops.

I got it. I got it.

Dill, wrong way.

I'm okay.

I have to draw
that in my paw pad.

What you drawing, Pax?

Just a picture.
Wanna draw with me?


I always stay really
still when I draw.

Oh, yeah. Try that, Dill.

I'm gonna draw a red zoomer.

No, two red zoomers.

Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

A million.

Dill, that's too
many red zoomers.

The waggles win again.

They sure do.


I gotta stop waggling so I can
get groomed and play, play, play!

Wait a second. Play.

Dill, maybe we can play games
that will help you stay still.

- You mean, "stay still" games?
- Yeah.

Then you can stop
waggling and get groomed.

And we can go play fetch.

I never tried that before.

But I really wanna try it now.

Whoo-hoo. Come on, pups.

Paws up!


Let's make some games
to help Dill stay still.


Groom games. Now that's an idea.

Okay, Dill. How about
a game of balance pup?

How do you play that?

Like this.

Now hold still.

I'm doing it. I'm doing it.

He's doing it. He's doing it.

I'm doin' it too.

It's working.

It is?

Oops. I'm waggling again.

What else can I play?

Dill. Over here.

Let's play "Pippa says".

- I wanna play that.
- Me too.

Hey. Count me in too.

When Pippa tells you to do something,
you only do it if she says…

"Pippa says."

Pippa says hop on one paw.

Now, waggle.

Hey, she didn't
say "Pippa says."

Whoops. Pippa is
good. Too good for me.

Let's try again.

Get ready, Gigi.
Pippa says freeze.

Now bark.

You didn't say "Pippa says".

And Gigi says "gotcha".

All right.

Just have to finish those furry
bangs. And then we can play fetch.

Maybe we should…

Puck, what's wrong?

I can't move. I'm a statue.

Dill. If you act like a statue,
then you'll stay perfectly still.

And then Gigi can…

Do this.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

I'm groomed. Yes!


Dill, catch.

- And I can see.
- Paw-some!

You sure made your bark
on Dill today, Pedro.

Yeah. Your groom games
helped me stop waggling

so I could get groomed.

I made my bark.


Our fluffy little pup
isn't so fluffy anymore.

Come on. Let's go to the park and
play fetch with the red zoomer.

Thanks for the trim, Gigi.

You're welcome.

Now go have some fun in the sun.


All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or a pup

Just get those paws up!