Pressa (2007–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Episode #3.5 - full transcript

Help !!!

She was working. We did not start the fire. It wasn’t us.

Already one newcomer has been burned. More will die.

Is he confessing he burned the place ?

Shit. This is the man.


This is a standard pipe bomb.

Rather big. For good luck he was not by the garbage barrel when it exploded.

The say that it isn’t there.

I put it on the place you told me to put it.

This is not there !!!

I have ordered a abortion.

What is with her. Is something wrong ?

Why did you not tell me anything ?

I did not have courage.

How is one expected do relax woken up with news like this.

I am in control of this. And Ísak.

Mom. It is grandfather.

What a about him ?

This happened all so fast.

I don’’t want to speak with you. Leave me alone.

Alda !!!

Break down the door.

Call an ambulance !!!

Alda, Alda.

My Alda.

My dear girl. Mom is with you.

She is making a good recovering.

I have applied for admission for her at Bugl.

Bugl ?

Yes it is a child and adolescent psychiatric ward.

That is the best support she can have.

But what about the child ?


There is nothing about that here.

No. It was….

It was possible not what was first in my mind.

Thank you for rescuing here.

This will be okey.

I just heard about this on the news like everyone else.

Then I just followed the happenings that took place.

Not the explosion.


Then they where also after me. Whom ? I don’t know. Where were you the night of May 13th.

I expect I was just doing this normal.

Attend the livestock and…

And watching the television.

Is it possible you have made a quick trip to town ?


If I take a quick trip to town I do it in the middle of the day.

Where were you the Tuesday 15th of May ?


There are all nights the same with me.

I need to go to the barn and finish.

It is possible that my brother has stopped by.

Can he confirme that ?

For sure.



Shall I have in the commemorative words.

That he had always been some small detailed.

Small detailed ?

He was possibly small detailed but that is probably not the correct word.


Yes he could be uniquely accurate.

I have never considered that as some problem.

I am not saying that.

What do you say about….

He was an accurate man.

Isn’t that a good conclusion.

It has to be told like it is.

We don’t find this. It has disappeared.

Yes, hm.

I don’t know what to say with you my friend.

I am telling you that. Someone has stolen this.

And what do you want me to do about that ?

This not like loosing some library book.

Doe’s this look like a library to you here ?

I will work this out man.

Help me a little. What ?

Hold here a little.

Here ?

This is not complicated either you find the packet ore you pay.

I don’t pay the stuff. I demand money.

Are you telling me bullshhit ? No !!!

Listen. Are you telling me bullshit ? No.

Hi. Hi.

What are you writing. Nothing.

This is something they want me to do.

How do you feel ?

I know this is to easy. But…

But I think it would be good for you to go to the funeral.

You where so good friends you and grandfather.

You need to say goodbye to him.

I don’t want that.

I can not be among people.

I just have to say goodbye with him myself.

With a syndrome.

Well love.

It is up to you.

But you will be a lot missed.

Where are you going ?

I nees to quickly. You open the shop, I will be back later.

I just wanted you to know about this.

You maybe look after her. Yes of course.

She will remain in full attention.

Full attention ? Yes.

They how have shown self destruction are kept under special attention.

Do you think that she will try this again ?

The experience shows there is a big danger that it will happen.

But we will have her under a very good attention.

And tank you for let us know.

And I sympathise you sincerely.

Yes. Thank’s.

You have reach contact with information number of drug department of National Commissioner of Police.

After the acoustic signal you can tell information that you have.

How are thing going ? Doe’s the investigation not have success.

Are you wanting to talk about the job. Are one never meant to talk about the job.

You can as well take the mobile also.



Yes correct.

I would say full priority.



Okey, lets see each other then.

Listen. I need to go.

Be calm. I am not going to ask you where.

See you.


Listen. We like fifteen minutes max to go up to Breiðholt.

Yes it has to something very good. I am drowning here.

Hey, bust direct. Vikor and co.

What ? Hurry up Gestur.

Liste and what ? These are Depluhólar.

Listen what information are this ? Is this something from Stína ?

This just somebody in town. Speak.

Testing, one, two.

Is this someone that is monitoring the police or what ?

You don’t want to know Gestur. This sure.


We are located here in one of the residential area of the capital city area.

Where for a long time has been suspected that…..

exists big drug dealing.

Hi. Hi this is Rebekka listen…

Have you heard about this what happened to Alda ?

No. What ?

She is at mental institution.

Wait. Why ?

Oh, she swallowed some tablets.

I have been in shock because of this.

Here is action.

Of the police in direct broadcast.

And this is not the first time the police interferes with this house.

Like many remember that….

police did a house search her looking for illegal weapons.

About a week ago. Nökkvi.

Have you seen this ? They did not have progress but the question is if they will have more success now.

Wy did man quit at VNN ?

Are we becoming some reality television station ore ?

What is happening ?

Gestur in direct. He is waiting for some action from the police.

So there is nothing happening. That is what this is.

Yes. I don’t believe this.

This car is been parked here and does not seem to notice us.

There is a question its this is one of them living in the house. He is an medium man in hight.

Dressed in jogging sport clothes.

At the moment the mobile can not be reached. The mobile phone….

At the moment the mobile can not be reached. The mobile phone can not be reached at the moment. Oh, fuck !!!

What’s up ? Nothing.

Yes. There comes the man again.

We just stay low and let audience stay tuned on this.

Ahh, he seems to be relaxed and he seems to be escaping.

What about the police. We don’t know that. We….

There is something happening. The police has arrived and is at the scene.

Thats them. This is something.

Yes but. As you can see the police is getting ready for entering. They are preparing to break an entrance at the house.

There is a big preparedness here outside. What is happening ?

The battery. That is not to be happening. This is supposed to be fully charged battery.

There is something wrong with this shit.

Aha. Yes ! Wow how is this possible. What do you expect man. A limping one leads the blind one

Is what ? What do you mean ?

On the internet now ?

People is arriving.

Yes. There will be many.

I sympathize with you.

Yes. Thank you.

Is Alda not coming ?

No she does not trust her self.

Shall we then sit side by side or ?

Yes. If you want.

Take a seat on the first seats. We are there. Yes.

I sympathize.

My Alda. Your brother is his to visit you.

Ha. Please enter.

I thought I would never see you again.

I am here.

Thank you for premising me to look at here.

Yes. No problem.

How are you ?

Just so.




Where you not paying her attention ?

I don’t believe this. How can this happen ?


Where are you going Lára ? She gone, Alda.

Yes, I come with you. Rather stay here. Don’t act like this. I come with you.

We have to go somewhere.

What do you mean by going somewhere.

Just, abroad ore something.

Will you come with me abroad ?

We can live there and not needing to be here in the bullshit.

Did you put fire at the restaurant ? Alda come on. I need to have this clear. Do I look like a murderer.

Alda seriously.

Hi. Where are you ?

Just went a little. Meet me up there. Yes you know. Up there. Okey.

Fuck !!!

There is something happening. I have to go and meet Viktor.

Why do you always need to do what he tells. It is not always.

Isak you have stop let him in control of your life. Okey.

All the same I need to go there.

This is supposed to be impossible to happen.

He came for a visit her brother. Her brother !!! Yes.

Her brother is one and half years old.

Have you called the police ?

No it is normally… She is in a suicide danger. You told so yourself.

I am going to try to track her mobile.

She does not have her mobile. Þórdís again. Won’t you answer ?

Hello. What are you not coming ?

No we are looking for her. But the clock is ….Yes I know that well.

This is not just something that I can control Þórdís.

Lára. I have found her.

People can not wait long. Wait a bit. What did you say. Here mobile is in Kópavogur.

Wait, she did not have the mobile at the hospital.

She has went home to pick it up. Lára.

I here from you later Þórdís.


What ?

Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me ?


Hey, I don’t want to loose you.

I will just be a moment.

She seems to be stopped.

Þórdís you just have to. What is happening ?

The funeral was to be five minutes ago.

Yes, you just have to start.

Are you not coming to your fathers funeral ?

Here to the left. Hey, Þórdís I don’t have time to discuss this. Lára Karlsdóttir.

Then you have nothing left except time.

Two men where arrested after a big quantity was found in a home house in Breiðholt today.

The police tells that a tip without a name came today by phone.

How is that ?

They are working on this now.

The police acted quickly.

When did this happen ? What did you do with the stuff.

I put it on the place you told me. Despite it was at home all the time !!!

Did you do this Ísak ? No men.

Hided the stuff. Then called the police to get rid of me.

Viktor I swear it.

Do you think that I would betray you.

You know everyone else but not me.

I am your brother.


Who did this then ? I don’t know man.

This is somewhere here.

We are going in circles here. No wait, turn around.

This is the spot.

Hell of a fuck up.

I saw mom driving by.

What is she doing here !!!

She is premised to be here. Stop controlling all.

What is this ?

You are being tracked.

What are you doing ?

Come we need to go right away !!!

Now we call the police.

And wait for fifteen minutes. No.

Come now !!!

Get the fuck inside you whore.

Come on !!!

It doe’s not make any sense go to Kobbi. We owe him money. We need plan B. He is the only man that can help us.

Do you have your mobile ? Ha. Give me your mobile now.

They must have taken he other direction. And to downtown.

Sus, sus.

The owner though he was renting to some music band the house.

A band ?

He heard loud music. Listen.

Look at this.


What do you think this is ?

Refugee aid to the United Nations.

Just come with all the family. Kobbi I….

You don’t only come with empty hands.

But begging also.

You know I will pay this dept. There is just to much heat on me at the moment.

I need.. me and Ísak my brother need to get our of the country.

Do you know how big deal it is ?

You don’t walk through Leifsstöð on business class man. I know that.

And how much do you think it costs to get passports ?

I can pay. Trust me.

Is it for sure that you can not be traced to here ? No Kobbi not a chance.

There are no mobiles. There is nothing.

Take the four wheeler here inside. It can not be here outside.

Ísak. And how are you going to get money ?

Listen. I can do everything.

You know Euros, Dollars, just…

Name it.

Count it, this is all.

Have you closed ?


Then count from the casher and tide up.

Viktor Báruson, Alda Ágústsdóttir og Ísak Egilsson.

Pictures have been sent to all media.

As has been seen then they are armed and considered dangerous.

Then take care.

Do you think it is correct to put the girl in this context ?

She is in this context. She could be a hostage.

Until other thing show up then she is wanted like them.

He is fallen asleep.

Ohh, my Lára.

What can I do for you ?

I have lost all.

All what I do becomes nothing.

That is not quiet correct.

I have messed all up for this devils newspaper.

I sacrificed the family.


And you.

And dad dead.

There are some interest relations here.

Yes that is both good and bad.

We have what is left of Lára, what the others do not have.

She is not answering the mobile.

Yes but com on. The police found material for a pipe bomb in the garage.

And some guns.

This is the people that put fire in the restaurant.

Shot at the language school.

And exploded the Philippine market.

That is not a question.

Are you telling that Alda, Lára daughter has done this ?

This is just right in front off us.

We can not have a picture of her on the front page. That is like she is involved with murderers.

I mean she is involved with murderers. No.

I is to early to make statements.

No, it is to late.

This is just totally…

It is not. You know.

Hell, the devil's devil !!!

What is this meant to go far.

Either you do something about this at once. Ore I am gone.

I can not put my name to such shit journalist.

This shit man you have pulled up to take care of this website.

Calls himself a journalist but is not anything else but bullshit.

The missing of judgement is totally…..

There has to be done something about this !!!

You just look like a criminal.

Try to relax a bit.

This is totally frozen man. Well.

Next one.

Yes, yes man. This is totally different.

Little brother knows this.

Are you a model ?

I need to go home.

This not a school travel we are going on. Look.

Do you have idea where they could have gone ?

It is better for you to help us.

It could shorten the judgement.

Where are they ?

I don’t know.

What do you know about this bomb attack ? No.

Did you try to murder Jesus ?

Wheren’t that the jews ?

And hoe was Viktor inflicted in this.

He was just supposed to scare them.

Get them to realise her.

That was the only thing I wanted.

Not that there would be set on fire ?

I did not plan that.

I killed Malaja.

Did you shoot at the language school. No.

There was shot at my car.

That where for sure them.

Shit people.

I don’t understand how they have patient to hang out there.

What look is this ?


I know exactly what you are thinking.

I can assure you that I have quit at this newspaper


Okey terrific.

Good news.

This work is nothing but filth.

Your words, not mine.

And what will then come instead ?

I don’t know.

I find something to do.

I mean about you and me.

What do you want to do ?

You do not need to say anything.

I am not quiet enough.

I am sorry.

I just don’t think it is possible to live with me.

Then I know that.


It is Nökkvi.

Shall I let him in.


We are speaking about dozen of millions that this man has in Euros and Dollars.

He sent money for people to the Philippines.

We need to find his son there.

An squeeze out from him.

i want also to have Alda together in this.

I don’t leave her alone with these perverts.

Do you mean Kobbi. Yes.

He will not be here. He is getting the passports and all that.

This just in and out.

The girl has nothing to do in it.

There is totally circus out there.

Yes. This exactly what I have been speaking about.

I don’t want to work in this environment Nökkvi.

This no dear Lára. You just have to say something.

Unless you just want the story from they’re perspective.

You mean that The Post assume responsibility to tell the story from mine perspective.

No I am not telling, you know telling. You know you have us by your side.

Specially when the photograph will be shown.

What photograph ?

What ? Did you not know about the photograph of Alda. No !! What photograph are you talking about Nökkvi.

I don’t know if you should see this but….

This here open for everyone on the Facebook of the younger brother.

I you may not misunderstand me.

Nökkvi is a master in my mind.

But although you are ready to come here and propose these changes.

You know. Everyone burns out. That is just a fact.

You know I in line with Gestur and the web Post and….

This could be best for alll.

And I assume that I am ready.

We will go to Venezuela.

Always sun.

It does not cost anything to live there.

This will be brilliant.

You are not going to the Philippine market Ísak ?

Alda. We need to this so we afford this.

You are wanted.

And I am also wanted and I have not done anything but be with you.

Rather go to the police.

I will be put in prison.

Is that ?

Viktor goes to prison.

It is fine.

You have not done anything.

It looks in my eyes that the girl is not against this.

Do you have children ?

That has nothing to do with this.

This seems to me like stupid child having taken a photo of it.

Alda don’t know how to handle guns.

You know this Viktor, isn’t it.

Know him. What do you mean ? You had an interview with him.

I take interviews with a lot of people. Yes with headlines. I am a good boy ?

This was exactly what he said.


The answer is yes.

I have children.

And my experience is that parents are most co operative people in the world.

We will be in touch.

Well new day rising and at last the police seems to be on the track…

in this case that have put the society almost upside down.

But these youngsters have not jet been found.

Could they possible have left the country or….

Is the nation not speculating like this….

Are they not working behind. Ai, this is not political terrorist. No I mean….

Well the gate is open.

I don’t want Ísak to go with to the Philippine market.

It is non of your ass business.

Just fuck off to your mom.


Don’t you want to fuck off to your mom.

I have heard she is so terrific.

Hey !!!

What ?

Rise and shine. We are going. Ha.

This is a really good stuff that the man has.

Where is Alda ?

Listen, she is gone.

She has run off tonight. Gone ? Yes.

Alda !!!

Are you sure about this Viktor ?

What do you mean ?

We are not going to bail now.

If we are going to pay this debt. Go abroad. Then we need to go up there now.

Bur we are wanted. We are not going to get captured man.

The four wheeler is on new licence plates.

This just. In and out.

What ? Let’s just finish this.


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