Pressa (2007–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

One newcomer has already been burned.

More will die.

Was he confessing that he burned the place ?

What’s up are you relaxed. No I am fucking pregnant

Google abortion.

Hello my name is Fanney. Hello Lára.

Lára Karlsdóttir.

We need some more detailed Information about Alda.

What is with her ? Is something wrong ?

Why did you not tell me anything ?

I didn’t have the courage.

I just find it rather remarkable that the man that set this meeting is exactly the man that doesn’t give himself time to atend of Alda.

And I have stopped the treatment.

Aren’t these wonderful news ?

And he tells there is a gang trying to oppress money from him and others in Fellahverfi.

Is he talking about you and your partners ?

You seem to have reached that conclusion.

Hand cuffs and panic ? No, will you not just be good.

This had been squeezed behind the oven here,

Could this have been Alda ?

That must be the only explanation Lára.


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No, she is in here room. I think she has fallen asleep.

I just don’t know what to do.

There is very little you can to darling.

This Isak will not be part of my family.

But he is the father of the child.

He is a criminal Stína.

I am just so hurt that did not speak with me. I can not understand that,

Would you have told your mom if you had got pregnant fourteen years old ?

I just don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to be angry with her. I just want all to be normal.

Stína !

What ? Are you still at The Post ?

Yes there was a call out. There was a bomb attack at the Philippine market.

Seriously ? The print work where on last moment to stop.

Wait, and did some people be injured ?

He is without conscience, he at there Jesus.

Well darling, will we not meat tomorrow ? Yes we will meat.

Okey. Okey.

I am intend to keep it. Ha ? I am intend to keep it.

Hello. Hello you. What have you got here ?

This is a standard pipe bomb.

Rather big. He was for luck not by the garbage can when it exploded.

Then it would have injured worse. Was it set off with a mobile ? Yes.

Likely an unregistered number bought at some gasoline station.


I am in a kind of a shock look. Bomb attack in Breiðholt.

A man from the Philippines seriously injured.

I read The Post. There is a direct connection with….

this racism group that is publishing videos on the internet.

The society is up side down because off this but….

the police doe’s not tell anything like before.

Wait. I am a good boy with to big ego.

Yes, gentleness is at least not an excessive burden for this boy.

Some people thing this is okey. Only because these are foreigners.

People doe’s not think this is alright. Have you read what people telling on the comment programs ?

Notice ! Publishing their names.

That big part off the nation has opinion on that a bomb explodes.

That is not what I am telling. I am speaking about people.

Does someone have something from the police about this bomb attack ?

We have to get all informations that we can get.

These are not raciest. These are these guy’s.

I know that Viktor Báruson was in a interrogation when the bomb exploded.

Okey !

Pillow talk ? Yes, yes.

There will be lesser from this publishing here because of this explosion.

That doe’s not change it that the interview was interesting.

Although Viktor was in custody when this happened. Then they are more in the gang.

You could among other things checked where these friends of Viktor are located.

But, wait, wait. We have a video since yesterday.

Where a man that is obviously not Viktor Báruson.

Tells he is going to make an explotion, and the same night the bomb explodes.

Why should we generally think about it, that these are Viktor and co.

It where them that put the restaurant on fire and shot at the language school.

That are jus speculations. Who know that this guy doing this is just following them.

No, he was before and told he would make explosion and he did it.

Yes, but now the other media has got the taste so we are loosing the advantage.

Then we just need to find new angles and new connections.

Roll over all the stones and bring the racists to the surface.

Don’t forget that there is one black also in Viktor’s gang.

Yes. After all, this is not about racism and I've been saying that for a long time.

Yes. Open for him.

Can I assist you ?

I was just going to watch. Then arrive on time.

Is not premised to take a leak ore ?

We need something with more cell than that no one can tolerate racism. It is given.

We need to find an approach that the competition does not have.

I talk to you later Isak.

How many time do I need to tell you this man.

I was here when the bomb exploded. I don’t know who did this.

Do I have permission to go home ?


When we have reached the bottom in this case.

Then go for and find these guy’s that are making this Youtube videos. Leave me alone man.

We are looking for a man ore men’s that are behind attacks at immigrant Icelanders.

This has nothing to do with some Youtube videos.

Listen. He was threading it on Youtube that he would make explosion and now he has done it.

And we are not racists.

There is one totally black lump of coal in the group.

Do you know ?

I am bothered of this.

This is Isak here. I am not available. Leave messages.

HI. Hi.

I need to be quick. I need to hurry home.

What are you imprisoned ore something ? No.

I just didn’t want to meat you at home.

Why not ?

Mom is not happy with your mom.

Oh, I don’t know what to do.

What do you mean ?


He has not called or anything.

Common forget him. I can’t do that. He is at the police.

What is he doing at the police ? I don’t know. I am supposed to pick them up when they are finished.

This was the only job I could have.

There was nothing for engineers here after the collapse.

Then Lára came to Canada because she was escaping from a motorcycle gang.

Yes it was connected to my job at The Post.

They threatened me and my daughter Alda was inflicted in that.

Do you know they are not dangerous any more.

No. Not after this Danish was judged.

But where you not afraid coming back to Iceland ?

What could I do. My husband was cheating on me.

Lára. It was before you came abroad.

We had quit living together when this happened.

And I was honest. I told you about it.

Yes ! After I had discovered it Halldór.

The cleaning goes on.

We have fried the cockroaches, shoot them and next we will explode them devils

Out from the cupboards. Stína. Why has the police not found the IP address.

There is enough off them. This is somewhere in Australia.

Clean the cockroaches from Iceland.

Shit ! What is going on ?

Hey, take a look at this ?

Look. Turn them from the neck.

That is a promise.

Okay. Cockroaches should not be able to live in our cold country.

They have do go home and die.

And frie the cockroaches, shoot them and next we explode them devils out from you cupboards.

That is a promise.

That is a promise.

This is the same guy.

Know that I'm in the mood to sue you next time. You're just so poor I don 't bother.

Just power in mine.

This was this Rebekka’s mom there.

Forged my signature and pretended to be me.

What a shit characters.

Some more that you need to pour yourself over.

I'm in the mood to strangle this Isak.

And leave the child without a father.

Funny Stína.

And then Nökkvi asked me to find out where he stays. How in the hell can I find that out.

His girlfriend is living at your home.

She is not his girlfriend.

She should a least know where he hangs out.

You get nothing out of her with irritability and indulgence darling.

Yes exactly. Am I then supposed to speak with my daughter as an journalist.

It works.

Well terrific. Thank you so much man.

Yes. Let’s say that. Okey bye.

Is all good ?

Yes, yes there are possible big news my friend.

Okey tell me.

Come. Lets visit the place.

Hello darling. How are you ?

Okey. Is there something I can do for you ?

No I don’t think so.

You could possible buy oranges when you come home.

Yes I will do that.

Have you spoken with Ísak ?

No. Why shoud I do that.

That is better. Don’t you think that.

Mom. I am not going speak about him with you.


So he has not paid a visit ? No.

Hey, don’t lie to me he has for sure paid a visit.

He is an interrogation at the police mom.

Yes is it.

Listen, okey darling.

I will buy oranges and we meat later.

Okey. Take care. Bye.

I used the journalist speaking with her.

He is interrogation at the police as we thought.

Good you are.

Do you know something about this explosion ?

You need to speak up Ísak. The microphone does not hear when you shake your head.

No !

This is a very serious case.

Do You understand me ?

We the boys where playing X Box.

You can ask them.

Take him to number five. I will come after ten minutes.

Is something working ?

I can’t say that. No.

He is very happy to have a proof of absence.

But at you ?

He just point out the others ore does not answer.

Keep on with him.

And this friend of mine has found the IP number at this guy.

And what. Did he tell you an address ?

No look. We have circa one kilometre radius.

Out on Álftanes from where the video is probably sent.

Wait. Does the IP number show up in some computer that he is blogging from ?

Yes you see I just spotted how he spoke.

This almost the same as it spoken on the videos.

This is pretty far-fetched. And what ?

Is he going to knock on peoples doors and ask if they are placing racisms videos on the net.

Yes it was the idea.

Okey go then.

Seriously ?

This will be alright. This will be alright.

These devils will suffer for this.

He is feeling very bad. He does not stop to moan

I will increase the drip for a short while.

Let’s see if it doesn’t help. Thanks.

Listen. Dear Viggó. I will come with you.

Are you coming with me. Yes.

We just take the camera with us and go life.

Direct broadcast

Yes I have got the gadgets man.

Well ?


You know the camera needs to be connected with the mobile.

This then goes there. That must be, and this here.

Let’s hope.

Hm, hm. Okey.


Well. Okey. Is this just like that ? Yes this is genius.

This just in goody matters.


Hello darling.

Have you eaten.Shall I get food for you

Þórdís gave soup before.


What are you looking at ?

Photographs off your mom.

She was beautiful.

And what ?

How is Alda ?

Just so.

You can tell me the truth.

Look I….

I know she has a boyfriend that is in suspicious matters and…

And she has been stealing tablets from me.

I don’t know what to say dad.

Is she maybe pregnant also ?

Why so you ask about that ?

Þórdís found packings from a pregnant test.

Is she ?

Yes she is.


Well my darling.

I know you are trying your best dear Lára.

But after you started this journalism then has….

Then the home and the family has always had to be a side.

Where are you located now ?

Kormákur is alternating with you and his dad. And Alda ?

Fourteen years old.

And pregnant.

Don’t you think I don’t know this dad ?

I am not blaming you but….

But you have changed.

You let your anger you take on my Þórdís.

We have lived together for four years and you have not said any word nice with here.

Not one.


It’s possible correct.

It's all done with stubbornness and childish attitude.

Even with me seriously sick.

What do you want me to say ?

I am sorry.

Shall we take tea ?


Let’s take tea.

We don’t need to have open today.

The shop has never been closed.

Like that doe’s matter.

The keys.

Keys. What keys ?

The keys from the car.

Give me the keys from the car.

What are you going to do ? Give me the keys from the car.

Must be something exciting.

They back each other up. Where together playing X Box

We can not keep them longer.

I have applied for having them under supervision.

You are free to go. Hm.


Okey. Nothing more ?

We have got all what we need.

Isn’t it. Hi. Hi.

You are already here. Hm.


Listen you should maybe call Alda.

Alda ?

Did you not dump her ? Yes.

Could you stop the abortion ?

Wait ?

Hey, wait, wait. Where you making this fucking little pussy pregnant ?

Are you developmentally disabled.

Viktor. Shut up. What is wrong with you man ?

Ha ! What a devil's mental patient you can be.

Am I a mental patient. Yes. Hm, hm.

Get the hell out.

What do you mean ? Shall I show you how to dump woman’s.

Wait do you know whom you are talking to.

Fucking get our you devils pussy. Fucking get out.

Idiot !

That’s how you do it. Understand ?

Do you understand me ? Yes.

There is of course be two when going life on the platform.


It would be hell good if you would come a little with me to the website.

What is this not fine just now and then ?

There are of course more tricky possibilities on the web.

Yes, yes.

Just don’t want to make some feathers rise dear Gestur.

No. We just work so well together.

I mean just like this travel now.

If this happened to be the guy that is posting this videos. Then we have made the society upside down.

Everybody enter the website. Yes, and then buy The Post.

Yes, that is not a question.

This is just win, win.

Win, win situation.

Devil’s crap is this.

She turns all I say.

Nice picture.

And this not even a fucking front page interview.

But still a good picture.

Haven’t I tried to keep success.

You have to fix this.

What do you mean. You have to take the packet.

Aren’t they watching us. Are they not going to follow me ?




That’s them.


We the boys will go for a drive meanwhile and take little heat of you.

You do this like we talked about. Then there won’t be any problem.

Do you want to take care of this or shall I.

You shall do it.


Is Ágúst at home ? No.

No look. He has moved out.


Did something come up ?

I can tell you. He has moved to some whore on Vesturgata.

Hi dear Alda. Hi.

Listen. Do you know number what ?

Isn’t this some like this ?

Didn’t you say that this was a kilometre radius.

This is the centre according to the numbers.

It is very likely here.

Are you sure about that ?

There is no other option, look.

Shit man.

What do we do if it is there ?

Ha ?

I mean this is a man that has been shooting people and so on.

We just have to keep the camera running.

What defence do you think that makes if he attack us ?

We are life, understand, then he can not do anything.

Yes you mean that.

Well. Okey. I call The Post then and tell them to open the like it site.

Yes call.

Yes. Just now.

Done ?

Well okey. We are life.


Don’t have the camera. No I don’t take it until we have gathered something.

Hm, hm, shut up ! Shut up !

Good morning. Good morning.

We are from The Post we are taking interviews with people here in the neighbourhood.


We are making a series about immigrants and you where pointed out as a….

Ah, special interested in that field.

What ?

Who pointed me out about that ?

These are just a few questions.

Are you going to put this on television or ?

No, no this is only for us to…

To write down afterwards. But, but…..

I mean possible some of this will be on the net but….

The net ?

Are you taking this to the net ?

That depends on…. What opinion do you have about distribution of citizenship ?

It shall just be a little.

Why ?

Do you have something against immigrants.

No, no, not at all.

Not if they just skip it coming here.

Are there some races that are worse that others ?

The nigger is naturally bloody lazy.

I ma not going to hire one to work.

But he is not in control of the central banks.

Have you looked at the web Post. No. What ?

Come and look. This is in directly online.

Would you call yourself a racist.

No I would much rather call me race lover.

Are these idiots or what ? I love the white race in front of all others.

This is terrible quality.. And would you say that they where superior.

Is Ágúst here.

Ágúst. Yes.

Yes. Hello. What are you doing here ?

We need to talk.


Could you not call before ?

We tried but you did not answer.

Wait. How did you know I was here ?


Yes you mean.

And is this necessary exactly now.

Yes this has to be now.

What about abortion ?

She does not want that.

What does it matter what she wants she is just a child.

If she would have been with me then this would never…. If she had been with you ?

Here ?

At some students apartment where you are cheating.

Are you trying to tell me that you are so perfect Lára. Arg..

This my child. I can handle this.


And Ísak.

Wait, wait. ísak who ?

The father.

And who is this boy ? Is he with you in class ? Ore what does he do ?

Where are you going ?

To the toilet.

There can many things be said about HItler. But he had these matters clear.

For example this Palestine problem.

It would have been solution if a man like Hitler would have been hired for the job.

Yes what method would you use about immigrants here in this country ?

Immigrants ?

That kind of children. That is what I choose to call them.

Gestur. Look at this.

There have been shown some videos on the net and The Post has relaiable information that they do originate here.

Yes I have nothing further to say this is enough I am innocent in this case.

Get the fucking out. What the hell is this actually.

Are you responsible for these attacks on the internet.

You don’t know in how deep shit you are. I just take this and delay it.

Breath with your nose we are leaving we are packing.

What about I just pack ?

This is him.

Give this to me here you poor thing there.

Give this to me or wipe this out.

Shit this is the man.

Get out of here. You are not going to show this. This has been shown this is a direct broadcast.

What are you going to do if he kills them there in a direct broadcast.

He is not okey this man.

Direct broadcast !!!

Yes we just wait for them.

Yes, yes, yes…

If the police is here somewhere.

No. They have not arrived jet.

We just keep this rolling. What is he doing ? Look.

Now he is just standing there. You see this.

Jesus Christ. Here he doesn’t use he is coming. Devils….Arg… Arg…Arg….

What shall we do ? He is totally crazy.

Fucking man.

Did you call the police ? Yes.

Listen the police is coming there.

Devil's, damn mess.

Dear Ágúst relax some little.

How is possible to relax when woken up with news like this. There is after midday.

Yes, yes. This is just some private my Elín.

Yes look this can be heard all over the apartment.

Yes, sorry.

It is me that is living here.

Yes okey. Could you just a moment ……

Mom it’s grandfather. What about him ?

Is he….?

This happened all so fast…

No, we gave it as we spoke about. Ha…

Then I just have to talk to my man.

Check if he has fucked this up someway. Okey.

Let’s say that.

Ísak !!!

Ísak !!!!!

What ? They say it isn’t there.

I put in the place you told me to put it. It is not there !!!!!

Let’s go and look for this !!!

What the hell where you thinking ?

Tell news…..

Look Gestur It does not matter what you think about the web Post is connected with ours. Then you are playing with our reputation.

Bjarni has started to speak with a lawyer about this.

Wait. About what ?

Direct broadcast from a private home without permission.

This stuff is so out from all that can be called normal.

Majority agrees with that this is very positive.

Do’s only enforce the newspaper.

I mean does there not come a article about this on the front page of The Post ?

If Stefán writes the intewive then I will make some space for this.

Yes, yes. The pleasure is mine. Yes go.

He could press charges the man you know that.

You too.

I can help you.

Ah, no, no.

I am totally a capable for this.

I know that I have not been very pleasant with you.

I know he loved you.

Here. I put this here you see.

Here ? Yes.

I ma telling you tihs was here but it is not here anymore.

Shut up !!! Look better man.

Here. Take this.


Hi, this is Viktor here.

Yes. There is a small problem.

I know someone has taken it. Hallo. Hi this me.

What do you want ?

I just want to talk to you.

I dont want to talk to you. Leave me in peace.

This is your fuck man.

Hi. Hi.

I sympathize.


Mom, mom. Where is Alda ? Mom, mom

She is inside I’ll go for her.

Hello dear Halldór.

Alda. My Alda. I sympathise. Yes thank you for that..


Alda. My Alda.

Alda open up.

Open up.

What is going on ? Alda.

Alda !!!

Beak down the door.

Call an ambulance.


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