Pressa (2007–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Episode #3.3 - full transcript

They at the restaurant tell that her name was Malaja Mahit but we have not found her registardes jet.

Help !! She was working.

We didn’t start the fire, it wasn’t us.

One newcomer has already been burned. More will die.

Wa he confessing he had burned the place.

Do you know if she had any friends here ore..?


I don’t understand this. How did this happen ?

We did not turn on fire. That is totally clear.

He’s turned on fire him self.

There is no connection between him and us jet.

There is no problem to get rid of him. Do you mean to kill him ?

Shut him up.

You are for sure pregnant Alda.

My daughter is here inside, I want to talk to her at once.

Where you saying something or….?

Alda !!

Fourteen years old. I did not know that. Out with the whore.

She told she is sixteen years old.

Take more fingers. You will not get any money from me.

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I need to, fucking talk to you.

Hi. Hi.

He slept rather short today.

He must get sleepy soon

How is the girl ?

Oh, I just do not know.

Hello. What do you want ?

I need to talk to you.

What’s up, aren’t you cool. No.

I am fucking pregnant.

Like I say. Rebekka is a terrible company.

Poor girl. Do you know what she said. They are like the cats. They com when they get hungry.

She is a bit correct.

Her daughter is dating an hand charger and a drug dealer.

I am just very happy for that Alda is taking charge.

Are you not kidding me ?

What ?

The man is not okey. Who ? Ágúst.

He has booked interview with a school psychologist.

Yes but ? Isn’t that just fine ?

Fine ? Yes.

Hello. Are you developmentally disabled.

This is not only my problem. But I am only nineteen years old.

Uhu, I am fourteen.

Ég vissi það ekki. Wait, are you developmentally disabled.

Oho, I can not talk to you. Isak !!


What is happening here ?

Don’t ask me.

What does the genius say ? Take one game ?

Are you responsible for this ?

This was getting damaged in the garage off my friend. This is no storage here, look.

People is in general liking this, look.

Ha, and it has been proofed at many companies that there is nothing wrong with playing a little at work.

I want this out before the end of the day.

You heard what the man said. Out before the end of the day.


You have to set up these shelfs tonight.

I am going to school tonight.

Why ? I am at the school at nights.

We have talked about this about the school.

Running the shop takes all our time.

Do what I ask you to do. Set up these shelfs.

I will do then during the night. Tonight I am going to school.

Is there something new in this ?

The police just hang up on us. That is no strange when journalists here do not know how to handle sensitive information.

They hardly hang up on you dear Stína. No Stína knows how to do here homework.

What do you mean ?

This not him.

Why do you say that ? I just know it.

That where Viktor and them that put fire in this place.

Sigurður went to them because Jesus demanded he paid big amount for Malaja. Sigurður told me this himself.

Nota bene. These are information that we can not use.

He refused to let this be repeated from him.

Then we just get this out from the Philippines.

Stefán, good luck getting them to say something.

What do you mean ? They are worse than the police.

This just one yellow wall of silence.

Yellow ? Yes I think Stefán is correct. I think this is something else.

Yes just send there one mole hole ore something. Yes pretend to be Philippine.

Hah, no we do not work like that here we do not pretend ourselves to be anyone other than we are.

Stefán. I want you to go and talk to them.

There is possible something there. Okey lets go for working.

Can you speak one word possible.

Listen here. This mole hole idea. Were you serious about it or ?

Ya, this has been done with a good success.

Remember the developmental disabilities condominium ?

Oho, this employee who exposed all kinds of violence and disgust.

Oho, doesn’t the social welfare institution to show up at the scene after such a tragedy.


There is for sure a big shock when one member of the family lets him self disappear.

Like happened with Alda here.

Therefore I consider it very positive we are sitting here all together.

The disappeared also. And discuss issues. Ha.

Someone that wants to start.

Yes …. Yes I just see it very strange that the man that set this meeting is exactly the man that does not give himself no time for attending Alda.

Wait Lára. She is now more or less….

The last years live with me and Halldór.

Halldór ?

You are divorced Lára. No we are not divorced.

We do just not live together at the moment. Yes circumstances can be different.

How do you feel about that.

Hmm, I don’t know

She is very close to to Halldór. Because he is available. Yes, you just came here to make me dirty.

You take full care oft that you yourself.

This comes from the hardest direction from a man who never intends to get out of puberty.

We have of course all failed Alda.

Wait in what team are you ? Shall we not calm down some small. Do you know you have all my sympathy needing to live with this man.

Is it not normal that the girl is in total disaster ?

Do you want to shut up ?

Then it is said that I am troubled. You are just ridiculous.

Sorry dear Alda.

You are correct. We are ridiculous.

Good morning.

Good morning. I am from the social services.

Can I talk to the owner ?

Aaa, yes wait.

There is being asked for Dad.

Good morning. Good morning my name is Þór.

I am from the social services.

Are you Jesus ? No, no.

Can I have a word with him ?

Hmm, yes in other words, I provide trauma care.

Trauma care ?

Hi. Hi hello Jesus.

My name is Þór from the social services.

What can I do for you.

Sorry…The question is rather. What I can do for you. What I can do for all of you.

This just so terrible.

My place burned down.

Someone died.

And my family is in shock.

But I can’t do nothing to change what happened.

You are a psychologist ? Right.

Yes, a social psychologist in trauma care.

We have been terrorised by a gang of boys.

They are the ones that burned our restaurant.

They are threatening to do more.

They did this to me.

But I am not afraid. I know they are guilty.

But I can’t talk to the police.

Why ?

Why can’t you talk to the police ?

I don’t think you can understand.

I am responsible for a lot of people here.

People from the Philippines work here and I need to help this people.

My wife died five years ago.

And I have been alone since with my kids.

And my business is toff.

Toff my friend.

What about this gang of boys you mentioned ?

That are terrorising you ?

Just go to the place and be quick. This people is just screaming for attention.

You took your time.

Hey, I’m I teaching you ore ?

Yes. Yes I thought so.

Never use the same placed twice then you are fucked.

Can’t you turn this off if you are not going to answer this.

I am doing that. Yes okey.

It makes a difference.

Is there some occasion ? Welcome.

Is some one ready to tell me what is going on.

Yes I have stopped the treatment.

What do you say ?

This is just finished.

What do you men there must be something… No I went for treatment and…

And no cell changes were measured.

Ha, aren’t these wonderful news.

Yes of course. I just thought….

Congratulation grandfather. Thanks. The doctor told your father….

Well, my Kalli. Now you have been given another chance.

And what are you going to do with that.

Yes, we at last decided to go for this Thailand travel.


Yes it will be our honeymoon.

Hm, wow.


Thanks, thanks.

This just so….

Much at once. some….. Yes I understand love.

I can not take all this. This is so unexpected….

You are just jealous.

What do you mean ?

You can not take it that there is an other woman in grandfathers life.

Wait, are you suddenly fifty and know all.

It’s not correct I am just glad for their behalf.

Will there be okay with you ?


I want to be able to trust you Alda. Yes.

Nökkvi. Hm.

The front page is done.

Good understand ? What have you got ?

An interwive with Jesus Christ. Hm.

How many times have I told. Big time.

Ha, there is all about the past in Markús time.

Hm. That both is and are gorgeous stuff. Look.

And hear. He has settled here in Iceland. He lost his wife few years ago.

Hm. And then the newest happenings. The burn and all that.

Blessed man. He is all crammed from this gang.

Here, did he tell their names or ?

No. He doesn’t tell their names directly but…

Hu, think about it. It is very simple to fill up whats missing.

Listen. This is the case.

Throw this in layout.

Trauma specialist. Does it exist ?

Trauma psychologist. I just have no idea.

You are unbelievable man. He, he, he

I was just kidding about this look.

Ha. I didn’t expect you would do this.

Come on I am a man of my words. I mean what I say.

We just have to hope that Nökkvi does not find this out.

Why. You will be killed man.

No, no. What about the philippine ?

Jesus. He will possible be crazy, understand ?

He will not anything more about this.

This is so media scare.

Let’s hope that.

Well dear Stína. How is love. Oh, Gestur how interested you are in this.

Well. I am just very happy for your behalf. I just go girl he.

I don’t remember other than we where a little touching each other here in the past.

Just fun you are so open.

For both sexes.

This is just fun in this.

Come. There is needed to pick her up at the kindergarten tomorrow. Yes.

Do you have problem with that ?

No, no.

Okey, but what ?

I mean now your father is well.

Yes but that is possible not totally clear.

No, but there has been reached a certain result in his case.

And I want to ask if there is no result in our case.

Shall we stop this pause or shall we change it to something else ?

I am possible not ready to answer that here and now.


Well okey. Then it will just keep on like this.

Well, if this woman is still waiting for you there in Canada. There is no woman waiting for me and you know that well.

Are you ready to come with me to a marriage counselor ?

Marriage counselor ? Yes.

We do not live together, we are divorced. We are not divorced there has not been applied for any divorce.

We will always need to be in touch because of Kormákur.

Will you do this for me ? Yes I will do that.

Hello. Hello.

Has dad not arrived ?

No he is out in the shop putting shelfs together.

Oh ! Did I not tell that I would do that.

Oh, irretating.

Why ?

Because of the school.

After four years I will be abroad in upper secondary education.

Do you think you afford that ?

Yes, with the money I have saved.

I am watching this !


I am going to sleep.

Listen The Post is making big de clearance today. Jesus is not affraid. No.

Well, what will it be tomorrow ? Jesus is the best friend of the children.

He is not a friend for known drug dealers, that is clear.

Brave man Jesus, or Jessus. What is he telling people ?

Hm, the world gets worse we knew that. Didn’t we ?

Violent mens and drug dealers

Hi darling

Did you use hair wash ? No I just felt asleep.

Listen. I need to run

Are you sure you do not want to be with grandfather and Þórdís ?

He can possible pick you up.

No, no I just stay at home.

You call if there is something.

Then take a look at this.

What ?

There you can read about this gang you have been with.

Drug dealers and violent mens.

Bye darling.

What ?

Have you seen The Post this morning ?

The Post ?

What do you mean ?

The newspaper The Post. Do you think I am some idiot that is reading newspapers ?

You need to go to the kiosk and buy it. Why ?

Just check it out.

What are you thinking dad ?

We did not speak with anyone. There was you that told them this.

Do you think I would have such an interview. Never. I was fooled,

He told he was a psychologist, but then he was not. What the hell.

They will kill you !

Can’t you see what is written there ? I am not scared.

Good morning. You have reached The Post.

Press one for advertiser department….

These are a completely reprehensible practice.

Every man with full senses know that things like this explode in one’s face.

What do you mean ? What do I mean, what the hell is wrong with you boy !

The purpose sanctifies the medium. What is happening here ?

Just name a one good reason.

I should order you to take your bag here and now. Stefán acted to be someone else.

Because the news is sleeping. That is not half enough.

You ! Into the office now !

Although his name is not told in the newspaper.

Then everyone that have interest knows that the one that is spoke about is Viktor Báruson.

We have to follow this on.

Ha, why are you talking about that with me ?

Because I want you to speak with him and let him answer for himself.

Nökkvi. Lára !!!!

If there is something left of the Lára I knew before.

Then you are the most likely to get something from his head.

Isn’t that because my daughter was dating his brother. That is not worse.

You have met him and he knows how you are.

Do you know Nökkvi I don’t want to talk to this man.

Do you know you want it Lára. I know you that well.

You need to solve some things and it is good you get some confess from him at same time.

For the newspaper tomorrow.

Oh, I do not remember it.

Google abortion.

I thought you knew all about this.

There is a long time since I went. Look.

Did he speak anything about me ?


Choose young age. Then appears some number to call.

Does Isak speak anytime about me ?

Oho, forget him.

Do you pray ?

I should be there in five minutes. Yes, he must be coming.

This is a very expensive place.

Lára. Yes hello.

Can I take some pictures. Yes, yes.

Sit down, sit down.

Don’s be so much assholes.

This is enough.

This one is good. Delete this one. Yes.

Listen, delete it.


Have you finished deleting it. Yes.

Listen, cool use this one.

Can I offer you coffee ?


Yes, now I remember who you are.

Are you taking this interview ? Yes.

There you are.

I hear from you.


I have a lot of fine photographs that I can send to you.

Some from a professional photographer and like that.


Don’t you think your mother is coming ?

Do you want to call her ?

Hm, she must be coming.

Look ?

Doe’s this cost something ?

The interview costs nothing.

But if you decide to for the operation.

Sorry how late I am.

Hello. My name is Fanný.

Hello, Lára.

Lára Karlsdóttir.

No, what I know what was is that if all this immoral in this society would be judged illegal.

The there would not be much left.

Is it.

On the last day, we all face our Creator.

And we need to answer for our actions. No one is innocent.

Then, what is you job ?

I am doing all kinds of special jobs.

But it is to complicated to describe that in details.

But everything legal ?

But who are you the court of the streets.

Dis you see The Post today ?

E, e yes,

Did you see the interview with Jesus ?

Did you write it or ? No.

But he tells that there is a gang trying to extort money from him and others in Fellahverfi.

Is he talking about you and your partners ?

You seem to have the conclusion. You are not answering the question.

I just….

I am not going to answer it look.

He tells this gang put fire in the restaurant. Then he is some confused.

Where there you ? He, he.

Did you shot at the community center ?

Listen, I just…..

I don’t have time for this. Is there nothing to get from you bur some phrases ?

What say’s little Alda good.

All just fine. Yes.

My greetings to her.

Why did you have to let this happen ?

Me !

Don’t you know how the children become ?

I have ordered abortion.

Are you happy with that ?

Yes of course there is nothing else to do.


We can decide to keep it.

You know, mom would help us.

Your mother is not happy about me.

If we had a child. Then she would do it.

You could go to school and… I am not going to school.

Ore work or something.

Are you going to be a rag for your brother all your life.

Hey, don’t speak bad about my brother.

Is this true what is in the newspaper. Is the man talking about Viktor.

No, he is not speaking about Viktor.

He terrible aggressive with you. He saved me.

Saved you. No he is only destroying for you. He saved me from mom.

What is the case about your mom.

It is not your business.

Get the hell out from here.

Then I go to morrow and have this done.

Yes, fine.


Are you still interested in this boy ?



They are criminals.

They are not only responsible for children they are selling drugs to. They can also be responsible for the girl that burned inside.

Think about that.

I was talking to Viktor.

What ? I was taking an interview with Viktor.

Did he say this ?

Alda he doe’s not need to. I know this.


I need to again to The Post.

Mom. Yes.

Oh, nothing.

Yes what ?

Just, nothing.

Well darling, I see you later.

There are plenty of them.

Marinó. Yes. Come and be here with us.

Look at this. The purification continues.

When the cockroaches have been fried, shoot them and then explode the devils out of the cupboards.

Again the threat there is plenty of ....

This is genius.

There is the man we need to get.

Hm, yes when he is gone the boy coughs money. The boy is no obstacle.

I agree.

Okey lets do it.

Isak come on.

Can I assist you something. Ore ?

Are you ready to come with us down to the police station ?

I was just on my way to Bónus. Look.

We just need to have a small chat with you.


Hey, you just take care of this.

This has to be done tonight.

And I go with them. Okey. Okey.

Handcuffs and fun.

No, won’t you just be good.

Completely stiff. Yes okey.

Don’t give up.

Get out all off you.

Wait ?

Hey !

Had we not discussed this ?

Lára. I don’t know why this gossip is about us. I, this borders on bullying.

I am a good boy.

Hell, you're boring.

Is a chess table inside yours office ?

Lára. Hello.

Do you have time to drop by with us ?

Ee, Yes.

Has something happened ?

Ha, ha, no, no no, I just wanted to speak with you.

Face to face. Okey I will come.

This one the server. Okey I was reading it.

There is not missing the mockery.

I am just having this exactly as he told. Hmm.

Okey throw this to layout. What are you gone ?

No I just need to go for short time.

Is that okey ?

Yes, yes.

Hallo. Here.

Suss. Your dad lied down.

What ? Is he not okey. Yes, yes it was not about him I wanted to talk with you.


This had been squeezed behind the oven here.

What ? Have you asked dad about this ?

No I rather want to prevent him from this. If that is possible.

Could this have been Alda ?

Alda ?

No, she would never. That is the only explanation Lára.

Just tell this on the limit to call you. Ha.

The man is out from this world.

Oh, you know that well.

I don’t know him nothing.

But you know Sigurður Andri Þorsteinsson ?

Huh, no.

The fiancé off the girl that burned inside at a restaurant.

He is in custody here at the police station.

you are old school partners.

Yes, Siggi pussy.

I am not in so much connection with people I was at school with and co.

We know that you threatened the staff at the restaurant.

Yes do you know that. How do you know that ?

Was it this Jesus that told you that ?

There is just a word against a word.

Where, where you the night before Monday ?

From midnight until two o’clock in the night ?

I was at a birthday by my friend.

Can someone certify that. He, he, he…


Quiet a group.

Hello. Is your dad here ?

Dad did you expect people ?

Hello. Welcome, welcome

Are we to late ?

No it’s okey. Lets come here behind.

He will get crazy if this fails.

Fails ?

Do you think this is the first time I do this ?

We want to change money, how much do you charge ?

How many percent ? I take eight percent.

Eight percent.

Can you change this ?

How much is it ?

Seven percent ?

I can change this but I take eight percent the same.

He takes eight percent is that okey ? Yes that is okey.

Okey eight percent.

Is that all ? Just count it.

Alda !

Alda. I am home.

You know that you can not eat anything the next hours and not drink either.

Come, we shall just leave.


And you don’t have any allergies .

No, I don’t know it quiet well.

Wait a minute.


Yes hello, this is Fanney here at the Landspítalnum. (University Hospital )

Uhh, yes hello.

You did not intend to come again ?

Ha, we need some more detailed information about Alda.

What is about her. Is there something wrong ?

No, no I just need to if she has allergies before I can put her to sleep.

Ha !

Now, you call.

Ha ?

You call. Why ?

You have not done a shit. There is your turn now.

Lára ? Yes where is she ?

She is in there.

My darling. Why did you not tell me anything ?

I did not have courage.

Listen, there is still time to think it over.

I think it is best you book a new appointment.

If she is going to do this.

Isn’t it my love. Don’t you want to think this over ? Yes.

He is coming.

Come. Not hesitate. None see’s this. Hurry up.