Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Scorched Earth - full transcript

GHOST: Previously, on

Ghost gave me the name
of the person who killed Joey.

He's got a friend in me
for life.

Yeah, sure.

The moment you let Tommy
in the penthouse to kill me

was the moment
you were no longer my son,

and now you're my enemy.

You already had
your opportunity

to learn all about
my best attribute.

Your loss, boo.

I'm Quinton.
My friends call me Q.

I'm Tasha.

I need you to plant
a weapon.

Draw Jason to the location.
I'll pull the trigger.

James St. Patrick's name
recognition is off the charts.

If he goes to another team,

there's no way you're gonna make
up the votes that go with him.

I'm not worried
about James St. Patrick.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
don't shoot, look.

The Feds got
a tracker on me, Spank.

They got me serving up Ghost.
I'm playing both sides, Tommy.

I‐I know I did some
fucked‐up shit with Coleman,

but at the end of the day,
you'll see

- it was worth it.
- You're fired, Saxe.

Tommy is going down.

The only question is,

which side of the bars
are you gonna be on?

Give me the paper.

Tasha, you know
I'm not a snitch!

You signed the fucking
papers, 'Keisha!

[ Both grunting, straining ]

If I give this ring
to your mother,

that means the three of us
is gonna be family.

‐ You all right with that?
‐ Yeah.

[ Sobbing ] Tasha,
please don't do this!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dark music ]


[ Gasps ]

JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

50 CENT: ♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start in
these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homie I grew up in hell
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15 minutes
they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow,
bag it then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it man, in the meantime
go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm a undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes
and tell her baby I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that I'm
movin' with no hesitation ♪

JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

[♪♪] *POWER*
Season 06 Episode 09

[♪♪] *POWER*
Episode Title: "Scorched Earth"

[ dark, solemn music ]


[ Music intensifies ]


[ Exhales ]

I can't believe
LaKeisha's gone, you know?

Good looks on bringing me
Cash, though. I appreciate you.

No doubt, Kadeem.
It's the least I could do.

He's a good kid.

So what's up? We got no idea
who did this shit or what?

[ Ominous music ]


I ain't sure...

but I promise you
I'ma find out who did this shit

and I'ma make it right.


LaKeisha was a good woman.

Well, you need anything,
you hit me.


Cash gonna see you again
or what?

[ Inhales ]

I got no idea.

A'ight, shit goes down,
you know where I'm at.

I 'preciate that.

Thomas Patrick Egan.

You're a busy man.

This better be quick.
I got shit to do.

Like running drugs,

Murdering your girlfriend?

[ Tense music ]

You see, now, typically
when an innocent man

learns his girlfriend
was murdered,

he has more
of an emotional reaction.

I found her body myself.

But you didn't call it in.

Where were you last night between
the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 p. m.?

Buying an engagement ring
for LaKeisha at the mall.

Her son, Cash, was with me.
Check the cameras.

I will.
Where's Cash now?

He's with his father,
where he belongs.

Don't you fuck
with that kid.

He told you, right?

That we pulled over his mom

and she agreed
to cooperate with us,

to testify against you.


She told me
what you done to her,

but she wasn't gonna
say shit against me.

I had no reason to kill her.

That was my girl...
to the end.

Well, if you didn't
kill LaKeisha,

then who else wanted
to keep her quiet?

I tell you what, genius. You do your
fuckin' job, you'll find your answer.

If you ain't gonna arrest me,
I'ma get on my way.

If you know who killed
LaKeisha, let me handle it.

Don't seek revenge.

You're only gonna wind up
hurting yourself.

Am I free to go?

We'll be watching you.


[ Car door slams ]

[ Engine turning over ]

[ Engine revving ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

We left the space wide open so it
can be adapted to the buyer's needs.

It's perfect.

REALTOR: There's also the
possibility for expansion.

No neighbors
on either side of you.

That's music to my ears.
I'm as private as it goes.

A buyer with vision
like yourself

has a great
turnkey opportunity here,

but you'll have to be

There are a lot
of interested parties.

It's exactly what I need.

I'll get the funds together
right away.

If you're serious,
act quickly.

My office is already
fielding offers.

I'm confident that my offer
will be the strongest.

You'll have it
in the morning.

Feel free
to show yourself out.

I have to run to another
appointment across town.

‐ It's been a pleasure.
‐ Thank you.

Thank you.

[ Heavy music ]


A diamond in the rough?

Well, you know, Ramona.

Someone wise once told me
that you...

sometimes need to look
past the exterior

to envision the potential.

Well, like you, Lorette and I

have the ability
to envision potential,

and we see a lot
in you, James.

I've come here
to discuss your future.

I'm flattered.

But what does my future
have to do with you, Ms. Walsh?

I've learned that in politics,

the single most important
trait for success...

is adaptation.

‐ Adaptation.
‐ The sooner you can see

the need for change, the better one
can execute the necessary adjustments.

James, I see a need
for change coming,

and I'm preparing
to make an adjustment...

one that will affect
my involvement

in Tate's
gubernatorial campaign.

I ask again: what does that
have to do with me?

When I asked Ramona
to join my staff,

she made one thing very clear.

Having representation
behind the scenes

will not be enough
to win over the inner cities.

I need someone
standing by my side

who represents
their experiences,

their interests...

most importantly,
someone who inspires them.

You need me to be your black
friend to get you the black vote.

[ laughs lightly ]
I like him.

I want you to be
my lieutenant governor.

Let's make it official.

[ melancholy music ]


[ Cell phone buzzing ]

[ Intense music ]


GHOST: Tommy, did you put a
piece where I need to find it?

You there?

Come on, man.

I'm getting Jason to the
building I told you about.

I wanna make sure you did
your part of the deal.


I put it where you told me.

Okay, good.

And make sure you avoid
any calls with Jason

in case he tries to pull you in a
situation or something, you know?

Look, man, it's all gonna
be over soon.

Yeah, it is.

I put the piece
in the elevator box...

Just like you asked.

It's done.

[ breathes deeply ]

Peace, brother.

Peace, brother.

Why you keep fuckin'
sweatin' me, man?

Do you know who killed
LaKeisha Grant?

No, I don't have
a fucking clue,

but I don't put it
past Tommy doin' it himself.

Nah. Tommy didn't do it.

‐ You think one of his boys did it?
‐ [ scoffs ]

Or maybe someone was
targeting Egan himself?

Look, dude has
a lot of enemies.

It could be anyone
tryin' to get at him.

I think if you take
a closer look at Tommy's crew,

then you'll find the hitter.

If Tommy wanted his girl done,

he wouldn't just ask
anyone to do it.

the motherfuckers under him...

yo, they do whatever he says.

Where can I find
his crew?

Egan's warehouse...
where is it?

[ Sighs ]

I don't know.

[ laughs ]
It's funny.

You know, you were
singin' a different tune

when you wanted this off.

‐ Ha.
‐ Maybe puttin' it back on

will jog your memory.

Maybe you should check
your fuckin' equipment first,

because Tommy's crew
brought me into the warehouse

the other day
in a goddamn trunk.

So just check the last
few locations of the bitch,

and you'll find the spot, man.

Tommy keeps all his weight
there... his boys.

Shit, you could even
probably find him there.

So arrest them motherfuckers

and leave me
and my family alone.

If this information
is right,

Tommy and his crew will be
off the street by tonight.

And we square.

[ Dramatic percussive music ]


This is an opportunity
of a lifetime.

Come on, now, James.
Cut the bullshit.

Tell me what this
is really about.

Look, I'm being
straight up, okay?

The construction
on the Queens Child Project

has met a roadblock,

so I'm taking matters
into my own hands.

By buying your own building
in Queens?

S‐since when do you have
that kind of cash on hand?

I don't. That's why
I'm talking to you.

I'm listening.

Okay, I need a silent partner...
emphasis on silent.

We both put in half the cash,

and we both have our names
on a totally legit business.

Clean money.

You know what?
I'll look into it.

And then I'll consider it.


All right.

Here is the address,

and, Jason, I'm sure
I don't have to tell you

that we gotta move
quickly on that.

There's offers comin' in
left and right as we speak.

I'll meet you there
this afternoon.

Oh, and a warning...
they have security,

so neither one of us
can be strapped.

You don't tell me
how to conduct my business.

Merely a suggestion
so we don't walk out in cuffs.

Hey, man,
do what you wanna do.

Have a drink. It's on me.
Gotta get to my son's school.

You won't be sorry.

[ Uneasy music ]


Ah. There you are.

So... have you heard
anything about

who Lorette might choose
for her running mate?

Not a thing.

Okay, well, uh,
keep your ears to the ground.

I don't wanna be surprised
by anything.

Of course.

Ramona, you should know that I'm
severing ties with St. Patrick.

The motherfucker
has scorched the earth with me.

Did he ever tell you where he
was when he missed our photo op?

He had a family emergency.

And I hear you in turn
pulled the permits for the QCP.

I mean, you don't think
you're gonna get blowback from him?

Listen, since he came along,

it's been one step forward,
two steps back for my entire campaign,

damn near on a daily basis.

I'm sick of the shit.

So what were you

I'm thinking
I might have something

that will back him off...
for good.

What's that?

I'll let you know
when I lock it down.

We're gonna get rid of him
once and for all.

Being in business with him

would've been
a very dangerous thing for us.

I agree.

James St. Patrick is out.

I'm with you.

[ Chuckles ]
My sister.


a quality any man
would want in a woman.

[ Ominous music ]


Okay, so how we looking?

Girl, business
is too poppin'!

‐ And it's all there.
‐ Okay, uh...

You gotta go.

Tasha, please don't tell me
you doin' what I think you doin'.

What are you
doing here, Ghost?

Did you forget? We have the
meeting at Tariq's new school.

‐ We're already runnin' late.
‐ Can't you see I'm busy?

I can't.
You go.

So you just gonna put pushing
weight over your own child?

For real, Ghost?

Now you see what it was like
for me all those years.

Look, one of us has gotta go,
and it ain't gonna be me.

I gotta work.

Yeah, okay, you're right.
One of us has to be there for our son.

Nigga, please!

[ Tense music ]


[ Cell phone buzzes ]

Who is this?

Uh, Jason Micic,
it's, uh, Andre Coleman.

Mutual friend that James
was telling you about.

Oh, the asshole
who no‐showed at our meeting.

Well, you got balls.
I'll give you that.

But you lack smarts,
so lose this number.

Uh, look, I just thought
you'd be thinking about

‐ new business right now.
‐ Listen to me, Andre,

spare me the speech you practiced
in the mirror this morning.

You get one shot with me.
You already missed yours.

The operation is doing
just fine, thank you.

Oh, you haven't heard.

Tommy and his crew are about
to get scooped up by the Feds

and you're gonna be down men
and actually money.

Uh‐huh. And how the fuck
would you know that?

I have some friends on the inside.
People talk.

So yeah, it's about
to go down serious,

so you can lose money,

or I can step up and make it
a smooth transition for you.

It's your call, man.


I'll be in touch.

That's what I thought.

I'll be expectin' that call.

Listen, I apologize, uh,
for my ex‐wife not being here.

Oh. Oh, please.

My parents never showed up
to one of these things.

So you guys are... you guys are
killin' it as far as I'm concerned.

One's better than none,


I have to tell you,
uh, Tariq...

he's done extremely well
since he's been here.

He regularly tests better
than his classmates.

He's got a greater grasp
on the reading material

than some of the college‐level
kids I've taught.

‐ He's a quick study.
‐ Oh, that's an understatement.

I mean...
[ inhales deeply ]

Tariq has a gift.

You know, and the fact that he's
able to work a full school day

and have
an after‐school job...

his ability to focus is
downright fucking incredible.

You said
an after‐school job.


At your, uh...

your wife's, um,
day care, right?

We, uh, give credit for
after‐school jobs here, you know?

We‐we take the pay stubs
and mark down the hours.

We block out the socials,
of... of course.

Tariq said he's just basically
a glorified babysitter there,

but hey, I know that kid.

He's probably fixing
the computers,

balancing your wife's
checkbook, you know what I mean?

Ah, well, yeah, Tariq...

he is nothing
if not industrious.

‐ He's gonna be a big shot.
‐ [ laughs ]

‐ Just like his dad.
‐ Mm.

Yes, he is.

TASHA: What the fuck, Ghost?

You broke into my apartment?

Tasha, have you lost
your fucking mind?

‐ Scuse me?
‐ I said you must have

fuckin' lost your mind

if you got my son in your
fuckin' day care moving weight!

Oh. Now he's your son.

Because just a minute ago, you were
shoving a damn gun in the boy's face

like he was one of your
corner boys that came up short!

Tasha, look me
in my motherfucking eye

and tell me that you don't
have my son running product

out of that damn
day care of yours!

He's not moving product
through the day care.

‐ What the fuck? Tasha...
‐ And you know what?

He's my child, so...

it's none of your
goddamn business.

Not if what you do
gets him locked up or shot!

That's the point, Ghost!

I'm making sure he doesn't
get locked up or shot.

‐ Tasha, that's bullshit.
‐ No, no, no.

What's bullshit is us thinking
that we could change Tariq

or somehow turn him
into something he's not.

I've accepted the truth.

‐ You should too.
‐ You know what?

This isn't even about Tariq.
It's about you.

Tasha, if you don't
fucking get your shit together,

I'm gonna get
your business shut down,

and then I'll take Yas
away from you for good.

Are you fucking
threatening me?

Nigga, you better watch
your every move,

'cause I will tell the Feds
you killed Terry Silver,

'cause I know you did.

[ Whispering ]
I'll tell 'em everything.

No, you won't.

Try me, nigga.

Aah! Ghost, get off of me!

‐ GHOST: [ grunting angrily ]
‐ TASHA: Aah!

Ghost, get off me!

Get off!
I'll fucking scream...

[ whimpering ]

Hmm? Hmm?

[ Crying ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ panting ]

If you ever...
put your hands on me again...

‐ Then what?
‐ I will fucking kill you!

We already lost one kid,

Don't you ever
motherfucking forget it.

If Tariq dies,
his blood is on your hands.

Your hands.

Get out my house.

[ Shouting ]
Get the fuck out my house!

[ Door slams ]

[ Sobbing ]

Oh, my God.

[ Heavy music ]


[ Cell phone beeping ]

I'd like to report a crime.

Uh, can I speak
to your supervisor, please?

Thank you.

Yes, there are drugs
being sold out of a day care

on 58th and Queens Boulevard.

Yes, ma'am,
I witnessed it myself.

Look, that's my neighborhood,

and obviously
there are kids in that place,

and I would hate to see
any of 'em get hurt.

No. I'd rather not
give my name.

Thank you.

[ Cell phone beeps ]

[ Solemn music ]


‐ [ door bell chimes ]
‐ EPIPHANY: Hey, you.

‐ EPIPHANY: Hey, sis.
‐ What's up?

‐ What you doin'?
‐ You know, just tryin'

to get this place together...

Tasha St. Patrick,
we have a warrant to search the premises.

What is going on?

You're searching a children's day care?
For what?

We got an anonymous tip that
there's a large amount of narcotics

being distributed
out of this building.

Are you kidding me?
You know, this isn't right.

I run a legitimate business

that provides a valuable
service to the community,

and you come in here
talking about drugs?

This is harassment.
I'm gonna get my lawyer on the phone.

[ Indistinct
police radio chatter ]

‐ 2‐BIT: [ inaudible speaking ]
‐ Uh‐huh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

‐ Listen to me.
‐ What's going down?

Just get the boys and meet me
over at the warehouse.

Jason's about to need
to drop some more weight on us.

‐ We got some shit to handle.
‐ Yeah?

What about that Ghost

You... why the fuck is you always
askin' about Ghost for, huh?

Ghost ain't gonna be
a problem for us at all.

He done... for good.

[ Dark music building ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Place is clean.

I apologize
for any inconvenience.

Looks like
it was a bad tip.

Looks like I'll have
to file a complaint.

I wouldn't push it,
Mrs. St. Patrick.

You know my goddamn name.

It's Green.

[ Softly ] Have team B
move on the warehouse now.

Got it.

[ Door bell chimes ]

EPIPHANY: Don't say nothin'
and don't touch nothin'.

Tasha, what the fuck
was that?

It's okay.
I was expecting it.

I wasn't! Girl,
it's getting too hot around here.

‐ I'm out.
‐ Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What you mean, you out?

Hold up. You won't have
anything to worry about.

I got it handled.

No. You had today handled,

but you a mile away
from having this shit handled.

I'm out;
my girls at the club out.

I got a baby
to think about,

and you... ha... better
think about your kids too,

'cause you around here
trippin'...you trippin' too.

Are you serious?

Get your ass out the way!

For real, Ghost?

It's on.

Yo, that phone call from Tommy
got me confused, Bit.

Why we doin' shit backward?

He be talkin' out his ass and
shit be comin' out his mouth.

that nigga been trippin' lately,

keepin' us in the dark
and shit.

Yo, how long we gonna
keep ridin' for this fool?

Yo, y'all two niggas chill.

Last thing Tommy needs
right now

is us switching sides
on him.

Fuck you mean, chill?

The last thing we need is to get
popped or catch a bid for his shit.

‐ The mo'fucker's unstable...
‐ [ door crashes open ]

[ Overlapping yelling ]

‐ SPANKY: All right, all right!
‐ Damn!

[ Shouting continues ]

Come on, man. Get off me!

‐ [ handcuffs clicking ]
‐ Fuck you!

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Indistinct
police radio chatter ]

Search 'em.

‐ Shut up!
‐ Aah!

[ Tense music ]


That motherfucker
set us up!

And came back
to watch this shit?

Fuck that bitch‐ass nigga.

This shit ain't over.

Naw. Just startin'.

[ Whispering ]
That motherfucker!


[ Siren wailing ]

A'ight, listen up,

'cause I'm only gonna
say this shit once.

I seen a lot of crews
go down over bullshit...

beefin' over nothin',
dry snitching,

mo'fuckers getting
caught up in they feelings.

Not us. We gonna do
this shit the right way,

so you gonna do what the
fuck I say when I say it.

‐ You hear me?
‐ MEN: Mm‐hmm.

Good, 'cause it gonna be raining
a whole lotta money in this bitch.

We taking uptown by storm,
and then we taking over the whole city.

The product should be
comin' in any minute now.

Just sit tight
until you hear from me.

I'm waitin' for the call
from the connect.

It's about to get lit, man.

A'ight, drink up,

Speaking Serbian...

[ Speaking Serbian ]

No need for it.

Call me when you
have eyes on Tommy.

[ Edgy music ]

Take the gun.


[ Sighs ]

[ Door bell chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Q?

What are you doin' here?

I heard you had
some trouble today.

You all right?

[ Sighs ]


I think I'm gonna lose
my business.

I mean, why would parents
bring their kids back

after the Feds
were all up in here?

It's your ex‐husband,

[ Scoffs ]
Why? W‐what do you know?

I... I don't know
anything about him,

but I know about you,

and you wouldn't get mixed up
in anything that bad.

Q... you don't
know me at all.

You're right, I don't.

But I'd like to.

And I'd like to help you
if you'll let me.

Ah. [ inhales sharply ]

‐ Tasha, who did that to you?
‐ Look, I don't wanna talk about it.

Your ex. Some niggas just
don't know when to quit!

Oh, like you?

Tasha, I haven't stopped
thinking about you.

So you can try
to make me leave again...

but you need me.

You need my help.

Q, I want you.

I really, really do.

[ Soft, emotional music ]

But I don't need you
to take care of my ex.

I can handle him
on my own.


[ Softly ]

[ Sighs ] Come here.

‐ [ door clicks shut ]
‐ JASON: Wow.

Now we're talking.

‐ Nice place, James.
‐ GHOST: Glad you approve, Jason.

Let me show you around.

Well, come on through.

Sir, empty your pockets.

Any metal put into this
bin and step through.

Let's go.
I wanna show you this penthouse.

Your whole life's
about to change.

[ Items clattering ]

[ Thunk ]

[ Items thunking,
keys clattering ]

[ Thunk ]

[ Beep ]

Thank you.

Here you go.

Thank you.

‐ Heard from Tommy?
‐ No.

Actually, not a word.

Seems to be missing
in action.

Well, you know Tommy,

Does his own thing, man.

‐ Ain't that the truth?
‐ [ laughs ]

So your boy Andre
reached out to me

and made a play
to be my distro.

Is that so?

‐ [ button clicks ]
‐ Well, Jase, you know what they say:

sometimes second chances
work themselves out, right?

I'm not so sure.

I told him
I'd be in touch.

No, I think you should
take the meeting, Jason.

The boy's got game,
you know?

Just hear him out.
See what he has to say.

If you don't like what you see,
then fucking get rid of him.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

That's what I would do.

[ Uneasy music ]


I have to admit, James, uh,

I never bought this idea
of you going straight.

I figured you'd come
crawling back

begging to be my distro
after a few weeks.

Told you I was out of the game.
I meant it, Jason.

If you go half on buying
this building with me,

then we can both stop
sleeping with one eye open.

It's hard to pass up
an opportunity

to grab some prime
real estate.

[ cell phone buzzing ]

[ Dark chords ]


[ Grunting ]

[ Both grunting ]

Come on, motherfucker,
get up!

Get up!

[ Intense percussive music ]

[ Grunting ]


[ Gagging ]


[ Grunting angrily ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Roars ]

[ Panting ]

[ Exhales hoarsely ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Grunting ]


All right, he's shorter than
me, a little lighter‐skinned.

When that nigga
comes up that elevator,

you call the cops immediately,
all right?

Here's the cash.

And hold back the surveillance of
him walking in here, all right?

In case we need to reinforce
his guilt to the cops.

Here's a burner.
Hold on to it till you hear from me.

And one more thing.

‐ You never saw my face.
‐ You got it.

Tommy, what the fuck, man?

You set me up
to be killed by Jason?

You killed LaKeisha.

LaKeisha's dead?

Don't play fuckin' dumb
with me.

Look, Tommy,
I swear to God,

I don't know what the fuck
you're talkin' about!

I didn't kill LaKeisha,

and why the fuck
would I kill LaKeisha?

Oh, yeah? Well,
you best keep your head on a swivel,

'cause I ain't gonna rest till
you six feet under, motherfucker!

Look, Tommy, I'm sorry
about LaKeisha, man...

You know what?
I'm done talkin'!

I'm comin' to kill you.

Benny, how the hell'd
you get in here, man?

It's not my first time
on the block.

Look, it's not a good time,
all right?

Tellin' me?
I lost my cousin.

Now shit's about
to get worse.

I don't have time for this shit.
Just tell me...

You fuckin' lied
to my face.

I was sitting
right fucking there,

and you fuckin'
lied to me.

You told me Igor Ungar
killed Joey. He didn't.

I wanna know why
you fed me bullshit.

Listen, Benny, I told you
what your cousin told me.

Joey told me he had to testify
against this Igor guy, right?

That he needed a fucking
safe place to hide out,

to hide he and his daughter
until the trial.

So after he was murdered,
I just did the math, man.

Simple... one plus one
made Igor the triggerman.

Well, he wasn't.
I looked into it.

Igor was out of the country
for a month.

I don't know who did Joey,

but it wasn't him,
so stop fuckin' around with me.

Who killed Joey?

Because if you tell me
you don't know,

I'm gonna fuckin' think
it was you.

[ Tense music ]


Look, I can't prove it,
but I think it was Tommy.

‐ Egan?
‐ Mm.

Why would he
go after Joey?

Because Tommy
was convinced that Joey

was gonna fuckin' snitch him
out, man, to the Feds.

I don't believe that.

Let me make you
a drink, Benny.


Joe told me
about the Unger guy.

But if Joe was gonna testify
against Tommy, come on.

You and I both know

he would have never
told me that.

Your kid, Tariq.


He's the one that
brought Elisa Marie to me.

Yeah, he got her
out of the back.

But the cops questioned him
about that, Benny, okay?

He‐he didn't see anything.


You know, that night I got
between you guys and Vincent,

I got a‐a vibe from Egan.



And I let it go.


[ Sighs ]

Listen, Benny. I'm in the process
of handling Tommy right now,

‐ so don't worry...
‐ All due respect, Ghost,

but fuck your process.

I'm gonna find him,

and he's either gonna
cough up some answers,

or he's gonna
cough up some blood.

Enjoy your drink.

[ Intense percussive music ]


I'm telling you,
Ghost can't kill me because of Jason,

so he's trying to take me down
piece by fuckin' piece.

First he came for LaKeisha,
sent some shitbag

to try to scare her off,
but then she took his ass down

just like I taught her.
But then...

He killed her himself.

Shot her in the head.

[ Huffs ]

LaKeisha is dead?

Yeah, T, she gone.

And I'm sorry.
I know y'all was beefin'...

No‐no matter what,
she was still my sister.

I can't believe this.

Ghost, he dimed out my
warehouse to the fuckin' Feds.

My whole crew
got wrapped up.

He did the same shit to me,
had my spot raided too.

Thank goodness I was ahead of him.
Place was clean.

But do you see? You see?

This motherfucker
crossed the line.

Tryin' to take us out.

This new Ghost...

this new Ghost ain't got
nothing to do with us!

So he gotta go.

And I didn't come here
to ask for your permission.

I came here to tell you.

Out of respect.

Because we were family.

But some things,
you can't never come back from.

‐ You know?
‐ I understand.

We understand.


[ Sighing ]


What happened to your arm?

Ghost, a'ight?

Ghost happened to my arm.
He laid hands on me.

Tommy was right.

Your father has changed.

Did you know
about LaKeisha?

All right, look, 'Riq,
I‐I don't wanna lie to you.

That's all Ghost ever did.

Ghost never told the truth,
and look at us now.

We gotta do better.

We gotta protect each other,
and the only way

we can do that is if we keep it
all the way real with each other

about everything!

So you did it.

You fucking killed LaKeisha
and didn't tell me?

She was gonna flip, okay?

She was gonna flip
on all of us.

You don't know what the fuck
you're talking about, little boy.

[ Tearfully ]
I... ha‐had to do it.

I‐I had to.

I had to protect
this family!

So yeah.

I killed LaKeisha.

And I will kill Ghost
to protect you, 'Riq.

I should be the one
protecting you!

And I will.

I promise you that, Ma,
no matter what.


[ Whispers indistinctly ]

[ Keys clattering ]

You lied to me.


Look, I don't know what the fuck
Ghost told you, but whatever it was...

Ghost told me
you killed Joey.

That's some...

Yo, what the...

[ both grunting ]

[ Yells ]

[ Intense music ]


[ Groaning ]

[ Both groaning ]

‐ [ knife slices ]
‐ [ screams ]

[ Both groaning ]

‐ [ flesh squelching ]
‐ [ moans ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Softly ]
The fuck?

[ Beep ]

[ Dramatic music ]


[ Suspenseful music ]


[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

The fuck?

Fucking Ghost...
this motherfucker!

Shit, shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

What are you doing there?

‐ Hey!
‐ Fuck!

Hey, get back here!

Listen, this shit's
gotta come to an end.

Rashad, it's not the right
time to step to me, okay?

I'm here so we can
finish this once and for all.

Whoa, whoa.
You don't fucking give me orders.

I ain't even gonna
hold you up.

We can put the cards on the
table, right here, right now.

‐ No bullshit.
‐ No bullshit.

I know who you are,

I know you set up
that robbery here at the club

where I found myself
having to kill a man.

Alphonse. Yeah.

And I know that you're
a fuckin' dope dealer

who don't need the kind of heat
that I can put on you.

Is that a threat?

I finally faced the truth
about who you are, James.

[ Whispering ]
Or should I call you Ghost?

Who the fuck is Ghost?

I was in denial for a long
time, but not anymore.

‐ Mm‐hmm.
‐ See, whatever assistance

you brought to my campaign just
ain't been worth the‐the cost.

So you and me are no longer,
you understand?

We're done.

[ Dark music ]

Or what?

Or I go to the press
and tell 'em about your past.

If I were this man
you seem to think I am,

what's to stop me

from killing you
right here, right now?

Because if a man like you
was gonna kill a man like me...

You'd have just done it.

But the truth
of the matter is,

you know I'm too high‐profile
to fuck with.

You ain't gonna
do shit, boy.

[ laughs ]

I don't know
what you heard about me,

and, quite frankly,
I don't give two fucks.

But whatever person
is in your fucking ear,

they got it wrong.

I don't make threats.

If I had any intention
of killing you, Rashad,

you would never see it comin'.

You would simply... I don't
know... disappear like a ghost.

Lucky for you,

I ain't the nigga
I used to be.

Get the fuck out
of my place of business.

You got one thing right.

We are done.
Officially fucking done.

You'll read about my next move
in tomorrow's paper.



I'm glad you're here.

I'm ready to start
mapping out our next move.

I don't know
how to say this, Rashad,

but we don't have
a next move.

What's that
supposed to mean?

It means I don't work
for you anymore.



‐ What are you talking about?
‐ I now work

for Lorette Walsh
and her running mate.

[ laughs ]

Lorette Walsh
doesn't have a running mate.

She does now.
Thanks to me.

You might wanna watch the news
tomorrow morning, Rashad.

Or you can hear it
from me first.

Lorette Walsh is planning
to announce James St. Patrick

as her running mate
to be the next

lieutenant governor
of New York.

You lost, boo.

[ Edgy music ]


[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Jazzy music ]


How'd you know
where to find me?

Know a man's habits,
you know the man.

You know, I didn't
expect to see you here,

considering you fucked me a
hundred ways till Tuesday with Dre.

I didn't expect to find you
in a place

that actually plays
good music.

I'm full of surprises.

I have good taste in music,
I make a mean paella,

and everything I did at Eastern
District I did for one reason...

to put the fuckin' bad
guys away... punto final.

I believe you.

You do?

LaKeisha Grant
was murdered last night.

‐ [ sighs ]
‐ Shot twice.

Oh, God.

Tell me you got Egan
for that.

Look, I didn't agree
with your methods,

but I'm starting to understand
why you used them.

I'm here because I know
you will stop at nothing

to take these people down,

and these people
need to be taken down.

I'm close.

We just need to push
a little harder.

Hey, what can I do?
I'm fired, remember?

Help me make sense
of this, okay,

because I don't even think

that Egan actually killed

What? Come on.
He's a fuckin' serial killer.

That's what he does.

Look, he killed Angela.
He killed Proctor.

You were getting to LaKeisha.
He found out about it... boom.

But you didn't see
his face.

[ Scoffs ]

He wasn't angry.

He was heartbroken.

He didn't know
about it at all.

And if he didn't know
about it, there's no motive.

Then we put pressure
on Tasha St. Patrick.

She's the weak link
between Egan and St. Patrick.

We just have to find
a pressure point.

[ laughs ]

[ Knock at door ]

[ Knock at door ]

[ Huffs ]

Another anonymous tip?

We're here
about LaKeisha Grant.



I know.
I‐I'm devastated.

You know, I've hardly slept
since I heard.

Please, come in.

[ Clears throat ]

So any idea who killed her?

Yeah, can we skip past the part
where you dance circles around us

when we all know
the truth?

Just need you
to confirm it.

[ Suspenseful music ]

Did James kill LaKeisha?


Why would he do that?

Because LaKeisha
turned informant on James.

SAXE: And some jobs
you don't farm out

if you want it done
the right way.

No. This is absurd.

Even if you all
manipulated 'Keisha

into making false statements
against James,

where's her proof?

Okay, you have no idea what
information we got from LaKeisha

before she died.


You or your ex‐husband.
Which is it?

[ laughs ]
Jesus Christ!

Time after time,
you've covered for James,

after all he's taken away
from you.

After betrayal
and public humiliation...

you're still loyal to him?

Would he do the same for you?

BLANCA: He's a dangerous man.
We know this.

So do you.

How long before he tries
to kill you, Tasha?

[ Tense music ]


Is that bruise from James?

It is, isn't it?

If you don't help us,

we're gonna take a much harder
look at your son, Tariq,

and where he was the night
Raymond Jones was murdered.

[ clears throat ]

James didn't kill LaKeisha.

But he did kill Terry Silver.

Were you a witness?

‐ Did you see him do it?
‐ No!

‐ Then how can you be sure?
‐ It's just the things

that he was saying.

You know,
he was angry about us.

I believe he did it.
I just don't have proof.

We're gonna need a body to make
this stick against St. Patrick.

Any idea
where he'd stash a body?

[ Scoffs ] I mean,
I can't say for certain.

I honestly don't even
wanna think about it.

But I‐I don't‐I don't know.

No, no, go ahead.


I suspect that...

if you go to the old
decommissioned parking structure

at terminal one of LaGuardia
Airport, level five,

you'll find him.

I mean, there's no traffic,
no security there.

If I was James
and I had a body in a vehicle

to hide on short notice...

I'd go there.


It's unlocked.

Pop the trunk.

[ latch clicks ]


‐ [ dramatic musical sting ]
‐ SAXE: Ugh!

‐ Ugh! Oh!
‐ [ coughs, clears throat ]

That is...
definitely Terry Silver.

location and placement of the body

are consistent
with Tasha's theory.

I can't look at that.

[ Sighs ]


Uh... he likes musicals.
Does that help?

[ Sighs ]
Let's keep looking.

If Tasha was right,
then this murder was unplanned,

which means St. Patrick
was in a rush.

So he must have
overlooked something.

[ Whispering ]

Open up the door, man.

[ Knocking ]
Open the fucking door!

‐ Hey... ‐ What the fuck
you doing here, man?

Look, man,

man, I need your help.

Who the fuck
are you hiding from?

Look, Ghost killed Jason Micic.
He set me up to take the fall, man!

Fuck! I got spotted
at the fucking scene!

So you're coming to me
to make it go away?

No, I'm comin' to you
to help you get Ghost.

Look, we both want him
off the streets, right?

Ghost is the main source
of your problems.

Mine too. So let's take this
two‐faced motherfucker out

and be done
with this shit!

Come on, come on,
Saxe, let's do it.

You just turn your back
on this opportunity?

Are you fucking crazy?


Plant that
at St. Patrick's place,

and I'll do my best to cover
your tracks on the Jason kill.

What the fuck
is this, Saxe?

It's evidence.

It links Ghost
to a murder that he committed.

But I need to make sure
that the dots connect, so...

you connect 'em for me.

So you want me
to plant evidence on Ghost.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Look, I wanna make sure that the
12 idiots stuck in that jury box

have no reasonable doubt regarding
the kind of man that Ghost is.

So you do this,
and we're done with that motherfucker.

So you wanna frame him
for murder.

[ sighs ]

Yes, okay?
I wanna frame a guilty man.

the justice system

needs a fucking kick
in the ass.

He's staying
at the James Hotel.

Don't fuck this up.

[ dark music ]


[ Music intensifies ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

What are you doing here,

What's this supposed to mean?

I don't need it anymore.

I ain't coming back
to your place again.

Okay, why don't you
just tell me what's going on.

I know what happened
between you and Ma.

Don't you ever put your
fucking hands on her again.

And don't you ever fucking
use that tone with me again.

I'm not scared of you

I'm not a child, a'ight?

I said watch your tone
with me.

What you gon' do,
slap me up?

Or put a gun to my head?

You did that shit already, Ghost.
Don't you remember?

Yeah, you forced me to do that
shit with the shit you pulled.

This right here, this is your mother
trying to turn you against me.

Man, no, the fuck it isn't.

You don't even realize there
ain't shit that she could say

that would turn me
against you.

Only person that could
do that is you.

You lost me
a long time ago, Ghost.

You did that shit yourself.

Hey, you can't say
that shit to me, 'Riq,

after every fucking thing
I've done for you.

You ain't never
did a thing for me.


I'm out.

We ain't done yet!

Get back here!

Son, I said get back here!

‐ We're not fucking done...
‐ Everything you do is always for you!

It's always about you!
You're so fucking selfish!

You come in my place of work,
a place I built for you,

you call me selfish,

then run out on the street
and sell drugs with your moms?

I know what she got you
doing, son.

That's the best
you can do?

With all the intelligence,

all the advantages
I fuckin' never had...

that's the best you can do,
a fuckin' drug dealer?

It's the best
you could do, right?

That's the best you could do.

If it's okay for you,
why it ain't okay for me, huh?

Listen to me, Tariq.

When I was your age,
I thought it was the right thing to do.

My father tried to get me
to turn my back on the streets.

I didn't listen. I don't want you
to make the same mistake, son.

Okay? I'm trying
to protect you, man.

I'm trying to protect you
from a life of misery, son!

I ain't your fuckin' son.

You are my son,
and I'm your father,

and I'm always
gonna be your father.

Listen to this.

Stay away from me,
and stay away from her.

Ain't gonna say
that shit again.

I ain't gonna say it again.
Watch your fucking tone with me!

Put your hands on Ma
one more time,

and I swear to God
I'll murder you myself.

I promise you that.

You can't talk
to your father that way.

Don't get it twisted.

You might have given me life,

but you were never
my fuckin' father.

Sync corrections by srjanapala

‐ [ pounds wall ]
‐ [ Ghost grunts ]

[ Albin Lee Meldau's
"Bloodshot" ]


♪ Monday morning be coming ♪


♪ As I hang myself out
to dry ♪


♪ Teardrops be fallin' ♪


♪ And you're the reason why ♪


♪ Lyin' in my bed ♪

♪ I need somethin' ♪

♪ Cryin' in my bed ♪

♪ I fear somethin' ♪

♪ Lyin' in my bed ♪

♪ I need somethin' ♪

♪ It's you ♪


♪ How I wonder ♪


♪ Lying next to you,
oh, yeah ♪

♪ I wonder ♪

♪ Is there someone new ♪

♪ Next to you ♪