Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Deal with the Devil - full transcript

A successful New York entrepreneur lives a double life as the head of a drug empire that serves only the rich and influential, all while wanting to escape the underworld and keep his family safe.

Previously on Power...

I won't let you take
my little girl away from me.

I can explain.

You're on administrative leave,

effective immediately.

I had Derek do
deep background checks,

and don't think for a moment

he won't deploy every weapon
he has to destroy me.

Tariq St. Patrick,

on your acceptance
to Callister Prep.

It's the end of this drug shit
for this family.

Tariq is on the right track.

I need weight.

Move that. Give me a week.

You'll be back in business
for real, a'ight?

What the fuck is this?

Some, uh, high‐tech jewelry
for your ankle.

Be careful with Tommy, 'Keisha.

Don't get in over your head
like Holly did.

I ain't gonna make
the same mistakes Red made.

- ‐ Shit.
- ‐.


I'm not trying to do

this street shit forever.

I want Cash to grow up
in a safe neighborhood.

Wanted to show you our new home.

- No way.
- Oh, yeah.

You never lie to me
again, and in exchange,

you get an education.

I won't ever lie to you again.

Could you teach me
how to move this?

I'ma teach you the game.

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I got to make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I got to make it ♪

♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15
minutes, they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that I'm
moving with no hesitation ♪

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I got to make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I got to make it ♪

‐ Yo. ‐ How the fuck do
you know where I live?

I followed you, motherfucker.

You need to take this shit
off my ankle, man!

You have anything
on St. Patrick?

‐ No, fuck that!
‐ Well, what about Egan?

I'm willing to make
a trade today.

I'm not here to trade

baseball cards with you, a'ight?

Take this shit
off my fucking ankle now!

No, back the fuck off me.

You know, you're more trouble
than you're worth, Coleman.

I should have let Alicia Jimenez

take you out
when she had the chance.

Man, fuck you, bitch.

Yeah, maybe later.

Where the hell were you,
and why did Tommy

walk into the meeting
with Jason and not you?

Tommy's crew roped me up
after your boy Saxe

put a fucking ankle monitor
on me, man.

I can't meet up with Jason
with this shit

unless you want the Feds
to pull up on Jason.

You need to take out Saxe.

First of all, I'm not killing
law enforcement, okay,

and I'm not killing anybody,

Since you didn't meet up
with Jason, the deal's off.

Yo, we need to meet up.

As long as you're chipped up
like a motherfucking dog,

you stay the fuck away from me
and lose my number.

I'm not playing with you, boy.

We're done.

This motherfucker.

Mom, I've never seen
math this hard.

I know. Me either.

Cash got homework already?

Yeah, the teacher
wants to make sure

he's caught up
with the other kids.

How was your drive in
from the city?

Ah, it was all right.

You know, someone cut me off
and then gave me the finger,

but whatever.

It's worth it to see my girl

in her dream house.

You liking it, right?

Listen, you hear that?

I don't hear nothing.


There's no sirens, no cars.

Yeah, well, this ain't
the city, 'Keisha.

The suburbs is the opposite
of chaos,

which is what you wanted, right?

I do.

I'm just saying it's gonna take
some getting used to,

especially for him.

I know. I know.

Yo, Cash money.

Put your pencil down a second.

Me and your mom
wanna rap with you.

So, Cash, you know
how in the city,

you walked yourself
to school every day?

Out here, I'm gonna pick you up
and drop you off.

Or I will.

But I'm not a little kid.

I know that,

and you don't look
like one either.

Cash, you're a young black man.

The rules are different for you.

In the city, you got kids
that look like you.

Out here, not so much.

I can remember what it was like

when I was the only kid

that looked like me,

and I got into a fight
every goddamn day.

So the‐‐.

But you...
you shouldn't do that,

all right?

What I'm trying to say is this.

If anybody gives you
a hard time,

especially the cops,
you don't do nothing.

You just come and tell me.

Let me handle it.

All right?

Boom! Cash money. That's my guy.

All right, go upstairs.
Finish getting ready. Brush your teeth.

I don't want you late
for your first day of school.

Don't get lost up there.

It really means a lot to me

that Cash has both of us
to count on.

Yeah, me too.

Thank you.

What the hell were you thinking,

going off the reservation
like this?

I know, but I was this close

to nabbing Tommy Egan
for killing Angela

and closing this RICO for good.

Joe Proctor was ready
to hand us everything.

Until he caught a bullet.

So I bent the rules,

and Egan killed Proctor
to keep him quiet.

Both things can be true,

but if we can prove the latter,

I bet Warner will forgive
my indiscretions.

I know being
a card‐carrying member

of the White Boys Legal Club
has perks,

but you made a deal
with the devil:

Telling Jacob Warner
about your witness tampering

after I told you
he can't be trusted.

He's only kept you around this
long for a moment like this,

when he needs cover.

He's gonna prosecute you

and ride your conviction
all the way to Washington.

So what do we do?

You find a way
to prove you're right.

If you do, you'll save your job
and keep your ass out of jail.

Meanwhile, I'll do some research

on the softest
federal penitentiaries.

I'll see you about getting you into
a white‐collar Fed country club

to serve your eight to ten.

Jesus, that's not
very encouraging, Tameika.

Neither is
your track record, Saxe.

First thing I learned
on this side of the aisle:

Manage the client's

If you don't prove
Tommy Egan killed Proctor,

it won't be a question
of jail or no jail.

It will be where and how long.

And here...

we have our
Callister Prep library.

You'll find more
than 140 characters in there.


Tariq St. Patrick?

You were the prosecutor
on my dad's trial.

AUSA Saxe. Wow, good memory.

Although pity you don't remember

letting Tommy Egan
into your penthouse

the night he killed
Joseph Proctor.

What? I don't know
what you're talking about.

You sure? You're pretty
close with Tommy, right?

I mean, if he needed help,
like a way inside,

you seem like
the perfect person to call.

Yeah, well, maybe
I should call my parents,

since it's illegal as fuck
for you to be questioning me

‐ without them here. ‐ Whoa.

We're just talking.

Should probably get back
to this tour.

Yeah, you probably should.

- ‐ Not this shit again.
- Wow.

Looks like the Jeffersons
have moved on up.

You know what happens
to big, fancy houses

bought with drug money?

They get auctioned for cheap,

and the people inside
go to the big house,

and it's a lot less fancy.

‐ I haven't done anything illegal.
‐ You sure?

When I put Tommy away
for killing Angela Valdes

and Joe Proctor,
I could charge you

as an accomplice
if you knew about 'em

or if you were
in any way involved

in his criminal enterprise.

You got a warrant?

This is your chance
to save yourself.

Maybe you should think
about your future.

And maybe you should think
about the fact

that you're on private property.

Don't let Tommy be the reason
you end up in a cell.

So why would Russia
suddenly stand down

to mark the end of the Cold War?


Uh, Ian.

Uh, Bay of Pigs?

What? No.

Um, Tariq, right?

What do you think?

Uh, mutually assured

We're all motivated
by self‐preservation, right?

- ‐ That's right.
- ‐.

All right, everyone.
I will see you tomorrow.

Can't wait.

Hey, Tariq.
Why don't you hang back?

That was a really good answer
you gave.

It's pretty
fucking boring here, huh?

I get it. The curriculum here
sucks compared to Choate.


Are you holding?

‐ What? ‐ I know that that's why

you got kicked out
of Choate, right?


You know, I spoke
to a friend of mine

who works there about, uh...
about you.

You know, you could make
a lot of money at this school.

I just wanted to get back
to the city.

That's it.


Open your backpack.

Come on. Now.

Thank you.

Looks like you are on the
right track here at Callister.

Kate, what's up?

Kate, what are you doing here?

I'll take the room at the opposite
end of the house from yours.

No offense,

but I know you two are still
in the honeymoon phase.

That'll pass.

Kate, Tommy bought you
your own house,

and you need to go back there.


Today is not the day.

Go home.

You know, the girl before you‐‐
uh, Holly‐‐

she didn't get along
with me either.

Tommy ever tell you what really
happened to trailer trash Barbie?

I don't give a fuck
what happened to them.

Tommy's past relationships
don't mean shit to me.

Our shit is strong, and that's why
I'm here and that bitch is not.

Oh, so...

then I guess
he already told you.

She's probably floating
in a lake somewhere.

She broke my son's trust,
and when she did that,

she was dead to Tommy...

He killed her...

with his bare hands.


She didn't deserve him anyway,

and you can get your shit

and get the fuck out of...

‐ Hey, hey, hey! ‐ My house.

Get out!

Get out!

You didn't say anything
to Saxe, right?

No, of course not.

Told him that he can't
be questioning me

without you or Dad present,
and he just backed off.

Nice move.

Using the law against him.

All right.

I guess you're ready
for your next lesson.

Uh‐uh. No.

That ain't your money.

This is from my girls
from my supplier.

‐ Here, fill this out.
‐ What is this?

Your cut of anything we move
from Dre's brick

is gonna be coming
from the day care.

It's an after‐school job.

‐ A brick like his goes for 18, 20K.
‐ For real?

Sounds like a lot, but you still
got to re‐up with your distro

at the same price,
so that's his.

Not to mention

you're gonna have to break off
your primeras,

and on top of that,

you know you got to give
your soldiers something.

They got to eat too.

So you got to cut the brick
to make a profit.

And you know how to do that?

Does Ghost know you know
how to cut a brick?

Boy, who you think taught me?


No lying, no using,
and no stealing‐‐

from me or anyone else.

If Tommy found out what you did,

he'd have laid you out.

Well, actually,
LaKeisha told him

before Ghost got to her.

Damn, she didn't even
give it a second.

Tommy could've killed you.

We're good now, I swear.

All right, well, how's school?

It's cool, I guess.

Choate was definitely harder.

But my history teacher,
Mr. Radnor,

he found out I sold product,

and he asked me for some like he
was trying to catch me slipping,

but I think
he really wanted some,

not just to use but to sell.

He could make a good primera,

help us move Dre's brick.

What do you think?

See what you can find out
about him.

You could use the advantage,
but be careful, 'Riq,

'cause after today,
everything you do

is being watched.

You asked me to pick up Yas,

but I didn't see her out there.

Mama, you're early.

What was all that, Tasha?


Tariq, why don't you go pick up

your tuition check
from your father?


Bye, Grandma. See you later.

Look, Mama, that's just payments

from the parents
for the kids here.

Don't play me, Tasha.

I know what kind of money
this brings in.

What's it from? Drugs?

You dealing drugs in this place?

No, not here,

and besides, I ain't got
to explain to you, okay?

How I pay my rent ain't none
of your goddamn business

as long as yours gets paid.

God damn it, it is my business,

'cause you're dragging
my grandson into it!

You will lose him,
just like you lost Raina.

I've already lost him, okay?

I am trying to get him back.

Mama, I'm trying to save my son.

The only thing
that will save that boy...

is Jesus,
and that go for your ass too.


The north wing will house
the education center.

On the ground level,
we'll have performing arts,

which is leading from the Raina Estelle St.
Patrick atrium.

I asked the contractor

if we had enough space on the
lot for a basketball court,

and he said yes, so I'm naming

the basketball court after you.

You have my tuition check?

Come on.
Did you hear what I said?

I said I'm trying to make you
a part of your sister's legacy.

I want you to leave the
street shit behind you, man,

like I did, or it's
gonna be too late, Tariq.

Just like you did, huh?

Is that why
government prosecutors

are just rolling up on me
at school?

‐ What are you talking about?
‐ Saxe...

came in and asked me
all types of shit,

but I didn't tell him nothing,
just like you taught me.

You don't got to worry, Ghost.

‐ Ah, Ramona.
‐ James, I'm sorry I'm late.

I just‐‐ Oh, hi.

‐ Is this...
‐ This is my son, Tariq.

Uh, Tariq,
this is Ramona Garrity.

Ramona is a political
strategist extraordinaire.

Well, nice to meet you, Tariq.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, political strategist?

Does that mean you work
for Councilman Tate?

With Tate.

The DNC assigns me
to various campaigns

during the election cycle,
so I work

with a different candidate
every year.

Who knows?
Maybe one day, your dad.

Yeah, don't you need to run background
checks for that type of stuff?

Son, don't you need
to get going, right?

Uh, I need
my tuition check, Dad.

Oh, right, right. Mm.

Tuition check.
Make sure you call me

when you get to your mother's
house safely, all right?

All right.

Nice meeting you.
‐ Nice to meet you too.

Uh, you know, Tariq,
for what it's worth,

I think your father
is capable of doing

whatever he sets his mind to,

just like you.

I'm gonna call the cops.

I thought you were the cops.

Warner asked me
to help him get rid of you.

I can't wait to tell him that
you showed up here to harass me.

- ‐ Who is it, honey?
- Nobody.

You didn't tell me
you‐you had a sister.

I don't. She's my wife.


‐ Who's this? ‐ Un pendejo.

I, uh... I'm a friend
of Blanca's from work,

Cooper Saxe.


Blanca's mentioned you before.

‐ No. ‐ Ooh, "cenar."

I know that word. That's, uh...

I'd love to stay for dinner.

You had five minutes.
Now you have four.

Proctor said Tommy Egan
killed Angela.

When Proctor turned up dead,
I had no way of proving it,

until now.

LaKeisha Grant.

Her name is on a house
in Long Island with Egan.

Not a shell property,
an actual residence.

The house makes Grant
an accomplice,

at the very least, complicit,

and she'll know if Tommy Egan
killed Angela

and if he then killed Proctor
to shut him up.

LaKeisha Grant.

She's a witness
in my Raymond Jones case.

Her statement nailed Kanan Stark

as Raymond Jones' doer,

but look what I found.

You see who picked up
Kanan Stark's ashes?

Erick Stark. His son?

That's what the medical
examiner assumed too,

but Kanan Stark's only son
is deceased,

so I checked
the security footage.

Turns out, Erick Stark...

is Tariq St. Patrick.

Why would Tariq claim the ashes
of the man who held him hostage?


You want my help,

you're gonna have
to work for it, Saxe.

Andre Coleman and Kanan Stark
were associates,

but since you ran Coleman
off the books,

I have no way of finding him,

especially now
that he's gone MIA.

Serial number
for an ankle monitor.

You find it, you find Coleman.

So... we're a team?

I want the bad guys in jail too,

so yes, I'll help you nail
Tommy Egan and Dre.

There you go. There you go.

There you go.

Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez, NYPD.

What the fuck?
I'm done talking to you cops, man.

As long as you got an ankle
monitor strapped to you,

we can find you anywhere.

I want your help.

If I talk, you take
this fucking thing off of me.

Let's see what you got first.

Kanan Stark. You knew him?


Kanan was running a theft ring

with undercover cop
Raymond Jones,

who was murdered.

We believe Kanan
killed Detective Jones.


Nah, Kanan was in D.C.
the night Ray Ray was killed.

We have a witness
saying that he was in town

‐ earlier that day.
‐ Your witness is lying.

Well, if Kanan was out of town,
then who could've done it?

I don't know
who pulled the trigger,

but I know who wanted to.

I gave him the address.


If I do this for you,

you got to do something for me.

On top of taking
this ankle monitor off,


I want him to pay
for what he did

to me and my daughter.

Saxe thinks that he and I
are working together.

I don't give a fuck
what Saxe thinks,

and neither do you.

I got some information you want,

so what's it gonna be?

All right.

I'll help you nail Saxe.

Tariq St. Patrick.

He came looking for Ray Ray

for killing his sister.

I gave him the address.

He doesn't need
that much powder.

I want my personality to shine out
there, not my face.

Thank you, Elise.

Not sure your personality
is your best attribute.

Ah. Ramona,
you already had your opportunity...

Excuse me, sir.
‐ To learn all about my best attribute.

Your loss, Boo.

Ah, Sunny.

Always a delight to see you.

It's good seeing you again,
Councilman Tate.

I'm really looking forward
to tonight's debate.

Always makes great TV when there's
no love lost between the candidates.

Oh, no, no, no.
You got me all wrong.

I respect Lorette.

It's just that I'd make
a better governor.

Ah, okay.
I'll see you out there.

‐ ‐ See you soon.

Okay, Lorette is gonna want
to pull focus

by bringing up
the fund‐raiser robbery

and flipping it
to her advantage.

It's best you deflect.
Stick to the talking points‐‐.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
don't be the dude on live TV

attacking a female candidate;
I know.


Oh, and, uh, one other thing.

How would you feel about James St.
Patrick running on your ticket?

Two black men from Queens

convincing upstate whites
that we represent them too?

No, it'll never work.

Ramona, I asked you to bring me
a list of real names.

And I will.

I was just flying it by you
in case James is eyeing

a political opportunity

New York
is a manufacturing state,

a farming state.

Produce, dairy‐‐

all interests need to be
represented in the capital,

not just downstate interests.
Thank you.

What about the criticism that there
is almost zero diversity in Albany?

What do you intend to do
about that?

I hear you, Sunny,

and we're working
on a strategy of inclusion.

Now let me ask you something.

Why have you never gone
into politics?

Maybe I've met
one too many politicians.

‐ Oh, come on. ‐.

We're not all cut
from the same cloth.

Look, I don't give a fuck
about James right now.

I need to focus on Lorette.

Yes, you do.

Councilman. Ramona.

Good day to you both.

James? What is he doing here?

I'm sure the voting public is asking
themselves the same thing about you.

‐ Excuse me. ‐ You know,
I'm actually up in the polls

since you've left
my campaign, Derek.

No coincidence there.

Look, I thought
it would be a good idea

to have Derek on hand

to help me field
any QCP questions

that might come up, right?

There you go again.

James, when are you
gonna realize

that no one gives a fuck about
your Queens Child Project?

Okay, so we're not
on the same page.

I thought we were
on the same page.

Not on this, 'cause all you do
is think about you.

If that's not the kettle
calling the pot black.

Why don't you tell me how you really
feel, Councilman?

How much juice do you really think
your little community project

will give my campaign statewide?

Here you go.

Do you think those crackers
up in Saratoga Springs

give a flying fuck
about the plight

of some poor broke hood niggas
in the inner city?

They think

that the menopausal queen
of the PTA,

Lorette Walsh,
is gonna save them?

That bitch is clueless.

She can't even use her iPhone

without the help
of her assistant.

- No, no.
- Is that Tate?

‐ What the fuck? Is this... ‐.

Who the fuck turned your mic on?

Come on.


Tariq, why are you home?
Is everything okay?

Yes. My teacher, Radnor‐‐

I know why he's
so thirsty for product.

His mom and stepdad,
they were running

some type of Ponzi scheme.

His stepdad killed himself
before he got arrested,

but the mom, she's serving
30 years right now.

I feel like I remember
hearing about them.

The Volkers.


Did you hear
that the family money's gone

and he can't even keep up
with the bills?

How did you get this?

Uh, I broke
into Radnor's office.


Kanan taught me.


Look, we have
what he needs, all right?

And he has way more
to lose than us.

Plus, no one would even suspect
that he works for us.

Including him.

If this is gonna work,

we need to insulate ourselves.

I'm not dropping out
of this race.

This isn't coming from me.

You managed to alienate
your core base

and the upstate voters

with one fell swoop last night.

There is no coming back
from that.

Candidates have come back
from much worse.

Not without the DNC support,
they haven't.

Plus, James St. Patrick's name
recognition is off the charts.

If he goes to another team,
you look radioactive,

and there's no way
you're gonna make up

the votes that go with him.

I'm not worried
about James St. Patrick.

If he can find a candidate
that will team up with him,

you best believe I'm not about
to lose my career because of him.

It's not because of him.

It's because of you.

Do you even know
who he really is?

I know what the public knows,

and they like him...
and so do I.


You get him to come in.

Tell him we'll open up
the QCP or something.

And how exactly
is that gonna help?

We'll take a photo together,
release a joint statement

about bridging the urban
and rural divide,

some outreach initiatives
or some shit.

We will smooth this over.

Just get me James
and get me the press.

So... how was school today?

It was fine.

Just fine?

That's it, Cash?
Did you meet anybody new?

Did you learn something?

Not really.

Just the same old stuff.

Can you believe this shit?

Just because it's new
doesn't mean I stole it.

Cash, sit up straight.
Take your hands out your pocket.

Face front!

Look, whatever
the St. Patricks did,

I don't know shit about it.

This isn't about
the St. Patricks.

Can you step out
of the vehicle, please?

Okay, I'm taking off
my seat belt

and I'm getting out the vehicle.

Your son too.

Wait. Why?

What's going on?

Yo, get your hands off my kid.

Mom, what do I do?

She's with Nassau County
Social Services.

He'll be safe.

Okay, Cash, just...

just take your seat belt off
and get out the car.

Just do what they say,
okay, baby?

All right, we're getting out
the car.

We just need to go in
for a little conversation.

You out your goddamn mind

if you think I'm going
anywhere with you.

We can talk right here.

Fine, if that's what you want.

The Feds are closing in
on Tommy Egan,

and we need your cooperation.


We believe you may be laundering.

Tommy Egan's drug money
through your salon.

His LLC is on all your books,

which makes you an accomplice.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're loyal to Tommy,
but is he loyal to you?

You know, that house
you're living in

has both your names on the deed.

Tommy knows we're coming
for him, LaKeisha,

and he's gonna leave you
holding the bag.

Can you afford that mortgage
on your own?

And that's if we let you
keep it.

If we find out that it was
purchased with drug money,

we're gonna take that and
everything else away from you,

including the shop.

You will be broke and alone.

Tommy is going down.

The only question is, which side
of the bars are you gonna be on,

and which side of that window

is your son gonna be on?

Sign this cooperation agreement,

and you can walk away.

I want a lawyer.


We'll hold on to Cash
until you have counsel.

He'll be safe.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait!

Please, I just wanna get
my son back!

If you sign, you and Cash can
get in your car and drive home.

If you don't,
I arrest you right now

and Cash goes into the system,

not to his ex‐con father‐‐

into foster care.

Who knows? Maybe some
nice family will adopt him

and he'll end up
back out here someday.

Give me the paper.

You keep that copy for yourself.

I'll get WITSEC in order
for you and your son.

Thank you for your cooperation.


My God.

Baby, are you okay?

Mom, are you going to jail
like Dad did?

Oh, no, baby.

I made sure of it.

You know I would do anything
to keep you safe, right?

I know.

Cash, listen to me, okay,
and listen to me carefully.

You cannot tell anybody
about what just happened, okay?

‐ Okay, Mom.
‐ Do you understand me?

‐ Yes. ‐ Nobody.

All right?


All right.

He wants you to play nice

in front of a couple reporters.


And why would I do that?

Because Lorette Walsh wants you
to be her lieutenant governor.

Wait. What?

How the hell
did you pull that off?

I didn't. You did.

Well, with maybe
a little help from me.

But we still have to sell
the idea to the DNC,

and I don't want Tate
to be a problem for us.

If we play along,

this might be the last time
we have to deal with him.

‐ But we can't trust him.
‐ Well, we can trust

that he cares about his
reputation above all else.

That's true.

What about you?

Can I trust you, James?

You know, Rashad said that...

I don't know who you really are.

I'll go sit down with Tate

and I'll smooth everything out.

I promise.

- Good job, guys.
- Let's work it back.

You ain't said but two words
this whole ride, man.

- ‐ You sure you're all right?
- Uh‐huh.

That's got to be the team.

Get in there. Have some fun.

C‐note, what's up?

What, you just nervous
to meet your new teammates?

No. Can I ask you a question?

‐ Is it about sex? ‐ What? No.

Oh, okay, well... shoot.

Mom got pulled over
coming home from school today.

‐ How come? ‐ I don't know.

But a cop made us
come out the car,

and I did everything
you told me to do,

but a woman took me away.

What you mean,
a woman took you away?

I sat in the cop car
while Mom talked to the lady.

I did exactly what you said,

and they let me go back to her,

but Mom was just so scared,

and I just wanted to know,

did I do the right thing?

Yeah, kid.

You did the right thing.

‐ Okay. ‐ All right?

Now go in there
and have some fun.

I want 50 points and five fouls.

- ‐ Get kicked out of that game, will you?
- ‐ All right.

All right, I'll pick you up
after practice.

Fuck you looking at?

Let me help you with this.


So how was your day?

It was fine.

Nothing happened?

It's the suburbs.

Nothing happens.
That's why people move out here.

That's funny,

because when I dropped off Cash
at practice just now,

he told me you got pulled over
this afternoon.

Yeah, that was nothing.

Child Services doesn't make
fucking traffic stops.

You had to give them something

to get Cash back.

Now, what did they want,

and what did you tell them?


I held it.
I didn't say anything.

Bullshit. Don't you fucking
lie to me right now, 'Keisha.

I'm not lying to you, Tommy.

I didn't say shit to 'em,

just like I didn't
say shit to Saxe

when he rode up on me yesterday

or the last time.

You can trust me, Tommy.

Then why wasn't you
gonna tell me about it?

Because I know
you killed Holly...

and I didn't want to give you
a reason not to trust me.

How long you known
about that for?

Since yesterday,

when Kate came by,
trying to scare me off.

But you still here.


I'm still here, Tommy.

You know I changed, 'Keisha.

I ain't that guy no more,

and you are not Holly.

Tommy, why is my name
on the house?


The cops are closing in on you.

What, you gonna run?

You gonna leave me holding
the bag on all this shit?

LaKeisha, this house
is paid off.

It's yours.

In case anything
ever happens to me,

I just wanted to make sure
that you were protected.

You ain't got to worry
about nothing, 'Keisha.

I got you.

I got you, babe.

Hey, Tariq!

Was that from you?



I'll see you in class tomorrow.

Tommy, what's up?

Ghost, you know
that fuckboy Saxe

from the Feds?

We got to move on him now.

No, Tommy,
law enforcement's off‐limits.

You know that.

Actually, maybe you don't.

This motherfucker
is violating, Ghost.

He's gone too fucking far.
You know where he stay at?

I got to meet up
with Tate, okay?

I can't go there,
and neither should you.

Just keep your head down.

Staying out of jail
is the best revenge on Saxe.

Trust me. Later.

Hello, Mr. St. Patrick.

Hello, Sergeant.
I was just headed out.

Ah, this'll be quick.
We may have a break

in the shooting
at your penthouse,

a suspect
in Joseph Proctor's murder.

That's great news.

Don't you want
to know who it is,

especially since your son
was there when it happened?

You know, I keep thinking
Tariq wouldn't have been there

if he hadn't been kicked out
of Choate for selling drugs.

I don't know what you're
trying to do here, Sergeant,

but my son,
he's been through enough, okay?

This is harassment.

You've been harassing
my entire family.

My son was approached illegally.

I have an issue with that, okay,
so I'm gonna file a complaint

against Saxe
and your whole office.

Oh, Saxe is on suspension,

so I can assure you,
that complaint's not gonna go anywhere,

just like his future
at the Justice Department.

No one believes a word
he has to say.

We're done, Sergeant,
and that's not a question.

Have whatever kind of day
you're gonna have.

‐ Rodriguez.
Hi, this is LaKeisha Grant.

I lied.

I don't got shit on Tommy.

I only signed that agreement
to get my kid back.

I'm sorry, Ms. Grant,
but we have you on record.

WITSEC has been expedited,

and the Feds are coming
to pick you up shortly.

No, um... Shit.

Look, my son's
at basketball practice.

Don't send anyone.
We'll come in after I pick him up.

You understand that you lose
all immunity if you don't?

We'll be there.


Glad you changed your mind.

I didn't change it.
Circumstances changed it for me, Tommy.


Saxe ain't a Fed no more,
but he's still a problem.

Rode up on your nephew
at school.

So now the NYPD's
asking questions about Choate.

They know Tariq's been dealing.

This motherfucker Saxe.

Listen, I found a perfect office
building in Queens for Jason.

Scope it out.
Shoot me the address.

‐ ‐ Yeah, I will.

All right, girls. Let's go.


You think you can scare my girl

‐ into snitching on me?
‐ Oh, no, no, no!

Takes a big man
to scare a woman,

but I bet you scared now.

Took it too far, Saxe.

Shouldn't have come
at our families.

You shouldn't have fucked
with my son. He's a good kid.

He's been through
enough already.

Has he? Something tells me

you're not done putting him
through more shit.

The fuck did you just say to me?

Everyone around you
ends up dead, man‐‐

Angela, Proctor. Who's next?

You are, asshole.

Tommy! Tommy!

You know this fucking guy
killed Angela, right?

The woman you loved?

Ah, fuck!

Ah, wait, wait, wait, wait.


I got a little parting gift
for you, Saxe.

I did that shit‐‐.

Killed Angela, and you ain't
never gonna get me for it,

so adios, motherfucker.

Guys, you don't have to do this.

You saw him kill her,
didn't you?

You could put him away.
All you have to do is testify.

Don't you want him to
fucking pay for what he did?

You saw him kill her, man.

I didn't see shit.

Ah, fuck.

No. What the fuck? No, no!

Please! Please!

Please. Come on, wait, wait!

No! No!

Should've stayed away
from my son, man.

Tariq left the penthouse door
open for Tommy.

Tommy killed Proctor
in your apartment

because he was gonna snitch
on him, not you.

He already knows that.
Can we just do him now?

What else do the Feds know?
What do they have on Tariq?

Tariq's pretending to be
Erick Stark, Kanan's son.

‐ Fuck's that mean?
‐ I didn't come here to play 20 questions.

Who the fuck is Erick Stark?

Tariq picked up Kanan's ashes
from the morgue.

Maybe that's the name
he used to get 'em.

- ‐ No, no, Tommy, Tommy.
- No, don't.

What the fuck?

Saxe ain't law enforcement

but with Proctor
and Angela dead,

he's the last person we got
on the inside.

We own him now.

I don't wanna own him.

He deserves a bullet,

and that's what he's gonna get.


Like Angela got?

You still owe me for that.


And now you owe me for saving
your fucking life, Saxe.

Stay the fuck away
from our families.

You gonna tell anybody
we were here?

‐ No, sir. ‐ "No, sir."

Good answer,

'cause nobody would
believe you if you did.

I need all the information
they have on Tariq.

Do you hear me?

I hear you.

Get it to me ASAP.

What's this?

It's not my birthday
or anything.

I revisited
the Raymond Jones case.

Turns out, the CSIs found
a blood drop at Jones' flop.

No known match.

I did a little
investigative work.

It's a 50% match
for James St. Patrick, male.

His son.

No way to time‐stamp it,

but LaKeisha Grant
is on her way in right now

on Tommy Egan,

and guess who just happened
to be Tariq's alibi

the night Jones was killed.

This is great work, Rodriguez.

If she talks, we can put
this whole thing to bed.

Just one question.

What made you go back
to Jones' flop?

Well, that's the other thing.

I got my lead
from Andre Coleman,

who has a very interesting story

about how Saxe pressured him
for information.

Mr. Coleman,
thanks for your help.

If that's everything,
you can sign the complaint

at the bottom.

That's it?

On behalf
of the U. S. Government,

I can assure you
that Cooper Saxe

won't be bothering you anymore.

That's great.
Um, what about this?

Of course.

You are a free man.

Oh, and, Andre...

make sure you pick up
the phone when I call.

What do you want, Ghost?

Did you know that Tariq
picked up Kanan's ashes?

What are you talking about?
How could he have done that?

With a fake I'D that reads
"Erick Stark," Kanan's son.

And the Feds know.
They're looking into him.

Well, it doesn't prove anything.

The cops already know
they were running together.

But that was before Kanan
supposedly kidnapped Tariq.

I mean, can you explain
why he would do that?

Why would he pick up
Kanan's ashes,

especially after everything
that went down?

Changes the whole narrative.

What if the cops start
looking into Ray Ray again?

It doesn't matter as long
as our alibi stays tight.

About that alibi,

the Feds rolled up
on 'Keisha, Tasha.

They threatened her.

Told her they would take
her son.

‐ Fuck! ‐ That's right.

Now she's got no reason
to protect us.

You got to talk to her.
I already tried.

It might be too late.

She may be the key

to keeping your son out of jail!

She won't listen to me.
She's afraid of me.

- ‐ So you have to try.
- ‐

I got to go.

Wait, Tasha!

This is a step down
from that hotel room, huh?

Can I help you?

I'm looking
into your son's alibi

for the night
of Raymond Jones' murder.

My neighbors
don't need to hear this.

Just come in.


Excuse me.

What do you need?

We found a blood drop
at Jones' flop

that we believe could be
a match to your son.

The case was closed.

If you're planning on reopening
it, I'll just call my lawyer.

You don't have a warrant
for my son's DNA.

We do now have a witness saying

that neither Tariq nor Kanan

were at the penthouse
that night, like you said,

so it's just a matter of time
before we get a warrant.

You're late.

I'm sorry, brother.

Ain't no brothers here.

No reporters either.

They left,

along with my opportunity
to save face.

Yeah, I realize I'm late.

Did you and that mutt Derek
set that up at the debate

to do this to me?

You gave Derek all the motivation
he needed through your actions,

and he's no longer working
with the Queens Child Project.

As of ten minutes ago,

there is
no Queens Child Project.

The city is revoking all permits

to the project site.

It's over, James.

You fuck me, I return the favor.

Now get the fuck out of here.

Sir, I was wondering
how things are going

with the St. Patrick case.
I'm glad you called.

Well, you won't be
in just a second.

Have a seat, please.

‐ Listen, before you start,
I have to tell you someth‐‐ ‐ No. No.

I think I've heard
more than enough already.

Andre Coleman has filed
a formal complaint.

Okay, listen, listen.

I‐I know I did some
fucked‐up shit with Coleman,

but at the end of the day,
you'll see it was worth it.

Okay, Tommy Egan killed Valdes.

Those words came
from Tommy's own mouth.

Tommy Egan confessed?


He did, right to my face.

Okay, okay, okay.

He and James St. Patrick
broke into my place.

They pistol‐whipped me,
zip‐tied me to a chair,

suffocated me
with a plastic bag,

put a fucking gun in my mouth.

I thought I was gonna die.

You're fired, Saxe.

Wait, uh, LaKeisha Grant.
Bring her in.

She's about to crumble
like a sand castle.

She's already on her way,

and if she corroborates
your theory,

I'll be happy to apologize,

but you're still fired.

If St. Patrick and Egan are
really who you think they are,

there's no fucking way
you'd still be breathing.

Security will see you out.

You know Mom's gonna be mad
that I ruined my dinner, right?

Nah, don't worry about it.

I think she's gonna be focused
on other things tonight.

'Keisha, I know you're in there.

I see your car in the driveway.

I'm not playing with you!

‐ ‐ Open the goddamn
door, 'Keisha.

How do you even know
where I live?

I went to the shop.
Tanaea said this is

all you've been talking about.

You need to keep Tariq's name
out your mouth.

You been talking to the Feds?

I haven't been talking
to anybody.

I got to go pick up Cash.
Good‐bye, Tasha.

What's going on here?

You going somewhere?



You lied to me.

Tasha, the cops pulled me over.

I didn't say shit,
and I'm not going to.

I would never.

You signed
the fucking papers, 'Keisha!

I signed the papers 'cause
Child Services was there.

They was gonna take Cash!

But look, I got a plan.

Tasha, you know
I'm not a snitch.

What's your plan?
What you gonna do, rat on Tariq, hmm?

Bail on your alibi?

This ain't got shit
to do with Tariq.

This is about Tommy,
which is why I got to go.

If you run,
they're gonna find you.

It's the only way!

I signed those papers
to protect Cash,

and this is how I protect Tommy.

This is how I protect everyone.

Tasha, I'm not going inside,

and I don't wanna end up
like Holly did.

I have held it down for you, T.

I've never betrayed you.

Just let me go get Cash

and you will never see
either of us again,

I promise.

I'm sorry, 'Keisha.
I can't let you leave.

We're gonna have to stay here
until Tommy gets back.

Ooh, this is nice.

- Excuse me.
- Thank you.

Can we look at these right here?


I ain't no good at this. Which one
you think your mother would like?


Probably... this one.

Good choice.


Now, Cash, if I give
this ring to your mother,

that means the three of us
is gonna be family.

You a'ight with that?



What's in your purse, 'Keisha?



Tasha, please.


Tasha, what about Cash?

Tasha! Please don't.

Tasha, please don't do this!

Thank you.

You're welcome. Good luck.

Get over here. Come on.

Tasha, please.

Tasha, please.


‐ I'm sorry. ‐.

Remember what we talked about.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Don't give nothing away,
all right?

Okay, okay.

Wait, the flowers.

‐ Oh, shoot, forgot.
‐ Get the flowers!

♪ Follow me home ♪

♪ How could I ever leave
without you ♪

♪ Follow me home ♪

Cash, hold up. Hold up.

I changed my mind.

I wanna surprise your mother
by myself,

so go wait in the car.

‐ But we were supp‐‐
‐ Just wait there.

I'll come get you, okay?

But don't get out until I do.


♪ Just follow me home ♪

♪ I'll take you back
to where we used to live ♪

♪ But thankfully now ♪

♪ These times
will never go away again ♪

♪ Just watch me go out ♪

♪ It's all for you ♪

♪ And you're free ♪

♪ And you're free ♪

♪ Follow me home ♪

♪ Follow me home ♪

♪ How could I ever live
without you ♪

♪ Follow me home ♪