Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - King's Gambit - full transcript

Tasha revisits old habits when she begins to recruit soldiers for her new empire. Tariq pulls a ruse on Vincent. Proctor warns Tommy about a snitch. Ghost plans to take care of the snitch ...

Previously onPower...

You feel guilty for what
happened to me, Jamie.

We gotta get rid
of this thing.

No, I need it for insurance.

There's a recording on there

that could put James
and Tommy away for life.

I've already told you guys
everything I know about Joey.

The thing is, I need to get
a bug in his house,

maybe in your daughter's backpack.

I won't let you take
my little girl away from me.

[ suspenseful music ]

- This is it?
- Yo, relax.

I'll have some more pills this week.

[ uneasy music ]

TOMMY: You don't need to do this, 'Riq--

get caught up
in this drug life.

That was the last of it.
I won't do it anymore.

Overestimating yourself
is gonna get you into trouble

that your wits can't fix.

I feel so alone.

You're not alone.
I'm here.

You still got
that inside man on retainer?

What's his name again?

James St. Patrick is bullshit.

He was a corner boy
back in the day,

and nothing's changed.

He just got a whole building
for it now.

You sure I can't provide
something in exchange

for your cooperation?

Actually, I need to start
a new business.

The last one didn't cook.

Shame about her.

Tommy ever tell you
what happened?

Not bad.
Not bad at all, James.

What's Saxe got on you
that makes you want

to risk your whole life
to help him take me down?

He has my daughter.

Give me something I can use

to prosecute St. Patrick

for Angela Valdes' murder.

He mentioned some shit

about getting a witness
to leave town.

Maria Suarez,
I know you agreed

to testify against me.

St. Patrick gave her money?

Why didn't he kill her?

I'm gonna be the man

that you wanted me to be.

The witness against me--
I didn't kill her.

You will.

JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

50 CENT: ♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start in
these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homie, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15
minutes, they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hoes ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her baby I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reson that I'm
moving with no hesitation ♪

JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪♪♪

[ laughs ]
I can see your moves coming.

That's bullshit.

You opened
with the King's Gambit again.

That's my move.

It's a bad move.

Grand masters
don't even use it.

You attack in the middle
like LeBron,

but you don't got the skills
to back it, my son,

and that is why I beat you.

[ sucks teeth ]
I beat you sometimes.

Yeah, you wish.

[ dramatic music ]

Checkmate in three.



[ laughs ]
You never even saw me coming.

While I'm busy
sacrificing my pawns,
you busy protecting yours.

- Playing defense
makes you weak.
- [ cell phone chimes ]

- Whatever.
- [ laughs ]

[ tense music ]

You need to get that?


Guess I'll come back later

for a rematch

and the re-up you promised me.


All right.

Uh, you two have a seat.

First of all, thanks for coming
on short notice.

I wanted to, uh,
tell you both in person

that unfortunately,
I'll be stepping back

from Rashad's campaign.

I understand.

Tate for Governor

thanks you for your service.

Uh, wait, James.

[ sighs ]
Why now?

The heckler
at the press conference

who knew me as a corner boy,

you know,
he reminded me that...

I can't shake my past,
no matter how hard I try,

and I think it's
just starting to sink in.

A wise assessment.

Uh, no, James.

You're wrong.

The DNC sent me
because Tate's polling
started to go up.

The uptick happened
after that press conference
because of your involvement.

Hang on a second.
Let's not get ahead
of ourselves here.

We don't know for a fact
that that's why
the numbers went up,

and, James,
you stepping back

allows you to focus
on the QCP.

Finish it for Raina.

And you will finish it faster

if we spotlight it
in the campaign.

Tate's most dangerous opponent,
Lorette Walsh, is doing

a roundtable this afternoon
with Garrett Clawson.

The Garrett Clawson?
When were you
gonna tell me this?

I'm telling you now.

Garrett wants the candidates
to bring an activist,

someone who embodies
their message.

Do you have anyone
more effective on deck?

- Uh, Ramona--
- TATE: I'll do it on my own.

After all, I am the candidate.

I'm gonna advise against that.

Beyond the optics,

Lorette and Garrett
are friendly.

They'll use James' absence

to their advantage.

Uh, look, James,

would you please reconsider?

I agree with Rashad.

I mean, after all,
he's the candidate.

It's his call.

My dear brother,

I appreciate you.

We all know it's my call.

[ uneasy music ]

James, you can't
change your past--

you are right about that--

but you can dictate
your future.

If you wanna show the world
you're not the man
in the orange jumpsuit,

then you should tell them

St. Patrick
wasn't the shooter?

Not according
to the autopsy report.

The angle of the bullet wound
shows that Angela
was shot from above

and matches the blood pattern
on St. Patrick's shirt.

No gunshot residue
on his clothing either.

So he had help.
He lured Angela there.

Someone else takes the shot.

If St. Patrick
knew the shooter,

why call 911
and not get rid of the body?

It's the perfect cover-up.

Or he's telling the truth.

Yeah, but St. Patrick
murders people,

then covers his tracks.

That's his MO.

I'm pretty sure
"because I said so"

doesn't work in court.

Your proof?

Every CI,

every person in this office
who's died

had one person in common:
James St. Patrick.

Two people in common.

There's also you, Saxe.

You think I killed Angela?


But I think it's possible
he didn't.

Stand here.

[ clears throat ]

That's nice, uh...
nice perfume.

What-what is that?

Her entry wound is here.

Her blood sprayed here.

She was facing St. Patrick.

She saw the shooter.
He didn't.

She gets hit, she falls,
he turns around fast enough,

he sees them.

He knows the shooter, Blanca.
He hired them.

Or it's just a matter of time
until he gets his revenge.

Yeah, I switched out the car.

- This the one, T.
- [ Tasha laughs ]

TOMMY: You ever open
the glove compartment
on the other one?

It had a weird smell.

All right, well,
buyer's remorse.

I get it.

Honestly, I'm...
starting to think

this day care
was a mistake too.

I mean, the start-up cost,
the overhead...

and it's gonna take a while
before it brings in a profit.

I need money, like, today.

I got you.

- Word?
- Yeah, I'll just tell 'Keisha
what's going on.

She'll understand.

I was hoping you'd say that,
Tommy, for real.

Plus, we could actually clean
more money at the day care

than we ever did
with the wash and fold.

Whoa, no, I ain't
cleaning money there.

What you mean?
You just said you would help.

Yeah, by giving you money.

Tommy, that's not
a forever solution.

Weren't you just saying
you were looking for a spot?

Yeah, I was,
till I told 'Keisha,

and she offered her shop

'cause she in the game now.

You taught her, Tasha.

Mm-hmm, yeah, I know.

She just don't want me
doing it.

That's why she said yes.

And you better be careful.
If she makes a mistake,
she could take us all down.

Sure she can handle it?

Yeah, she gonna be just fine.

Plus, I need your help
for something else.

You still on the list
to go upstairs
at the penthouse?

Why, Tommy?

Why you think?

No, Tommy.

Trying to get Ghost
at the penthouse

is too risky.

You sure got that day care
up and running fast, Tasha.

Ghost bankrolling you?

Would I have money problems
if he were?

Just trust me, Tommy.

Now's not the time
to kill Ghost.

[ desolate music ]

Nice suit, Coleman.

Now that St. Patrick has you
working in the club again,

I assume you found

the evidence I need
to implicate him

in Valdes' murder, right?

I'm not finding shit
if I gotta see you

like my goddamn
parole officer, man.

I don't have anything yet.

Yeah, that's the wrong answer.

See that?

[ child crying ]

That's some fucked-up
slave owner shit
you're doing right now, man.

Whoa, Andre.

That hurts my feelings.

This has nothing to do
with race.

Give me my fucking daughter.

No problem,
but first,

tell me how St. Patrick
found Maria Suarez.

You don't get Heaven,
maybe ever,

unless you give me something.

All right.

Jason Micic.

Doesn't help you with Angela.

He's Tommy's drug supplier.

I saw him talking to Ghost
the other day at Truth.

Why would those two
be meeting?

I don't fucking know, man.
I'm here talking to you.

[ cell phone chimes ]

Dig deeper.

Sorry, sir.
I was, uh, across town.

Why did Maria Suarez
call me to change her story?

I...don't know.

Overtime requests

from the dozen FBI agents

you had heading
to her apartment
the other night.

They were on their way
to stop James St. Patrick

from murdering our witness,

but you told them
to stand down.

You thought
I wouldn't find out?

You didn't say a word
to me, Saxe,

not a word.

Did he tell you about this?

Definitely not, sir.

What the hell is going on?

Tell her, Saxe.

Tell us both.

Saxe had the bright idea
to set a trap

for James St. Patrick,

to let him know
about Maria Suarez

so he could catch him

attempting to silence her,

except St. Patrick
never showed up.

Isn't that right, Saxe?

No, sir, it's actually not.
[ clears throat ]

St. Patrick did go
to see Maria,

but he offered her money
not to testify instead.

Did she, uh, tell you that?

No. And how do you know that?

I, um...
[ clears throat ]

Have a CI undercover
with St. Patrick,

uh, Andre Coleman,
who was with St. Patrick

when he saw Maria.

You turned Coleman?

Once Angela was dead
and Alicia Jimenez, too,

I thought I could use Coleman
for information.

You told Coleman
where Maria Suarez was hiding?

No, no, sir.
I-I don't know how he got
that information

or if he was even the source.

I don't know how St. Patrick
knew where to go.

Coleman called me and said
St. Patrick was heading
over there,

but he offered her a bribe,
not a bullet.

According to Coleman,
she took it.

So she's blown as a witness,
no matter what story she tells.

But it proves St. Patrick
took her seriously.

It proves her information
is good.

Or was...

before she withheld
the bribe from me

and offered to change
her story.

You can't prove
St. Patrick was there

without her admitting
the bribe.

Or burning Coleman,
and there's no way

to connect Proctor
to this whole mess.

Oh, I can still turn Proctor.

He's in a custody battle
with his ex, Lindsay,

and I have her.


She died last night
of a drug overdose.

Proctor himself called it in.

You have just fucked this up

every which way possible,
haven't you, Saxe?

Wait, Proctor called in
his ex-wife's overdose?

- Why was he there?
- I'm about to go find out...

before we lose our leverage
against him completely.

Can I, uh, tag along, sir,
just-just to see what he says?

I promise I won't interfere.


It's okay, baby.
Your mommy'll be here soon,
I hope.

- [ door clicks open ]
- EPIPHANY: Oh, my God, sis,

I don't know
why I take the train.

Come here, baby.

Epiphany, we closed
two hours ago.

You know that's $100
in late fees.

Shit, I ain't got that.

And that's my problem how?

[ sighs ]

Sis, I'ma be real with you.

I don't depend on nobody
for nothing, not after my ex.

Niggas wanna act
like they do all the work

when I'm the one hustling
with a thong up my ass,

talking about "he promoting."

Nigga, please.
You work at Kinko's.

Okay, I still can't change
the rules for you.

Listen, I don't know
about your nigga,

but my nigga got me blackballed
from all the good clubs

'cause I put him on blast
for unpaid child support,

and besides, the money
I made last night
I need for rent,

and so if you let me pay you
double tomorrow,

can you let us slide tonight?

[ scoffs ]

A'ight, double tomorrow,

and you better keep
your word to me.

I got one of those
at home too.

Okay, thank you, sis.

I'll be thinking about you
while I'm popping it tonight.

Okay, actually,
please don't do that.

[ inaudible speaking ]

[ sighs ]

Oh, God, she crazy.


[ dramatic music ]

This your spot?

Along with those cameras
up there.

Oh, shit.
I ain't even trying
to mess with you.

My name's Zigg.

It looks like you opened up
a community center

without consulting
the community.

Councilman Tate
gave me this spot.

That cornball motherfucker
ain't the community,

and he ain't keeping
your customers safe.

But I can...
for a band a week.

I'll take my chances
with the cameras.

It's nonnegotiable.

I'll be back tomorrow
to collect.


And if you don't got it...

it'd be a shame to see
this place go up in flames.

I gotta take care
of my baby girl, man,

so please, just get me in

with whatever you got
going on with Jason.

I ain't working
with Jason Micic.

He's looking for a new distro.

His present one isn't cutting it.

You mean Tommy?

Listen, I don't know
if it's Tommy

because I'm not talking
to Tommy no more,

but you and I both know, Dre,

if it is Tommy,
he's fucking it up.


So unfortunately for Jason,
I'm out,

which is exactly
what I told him

when he offered me the job.

[ scoffs ]
Hold up.

Jason, the cold-blooded
Serbian motherfucker,

was cool with you saying no?

Yeah, he was cool with it
if I found him a replacement.

I'll do it.

[ laughs ]

How you gonna do it, Dre, huh?

What the fuck you mean,
how would I do it?

[ sighs ]

You're working
with the Feds, right?

So if Saxe finds out
that you're working with Jason,

we all get arrested.

If Jason finds out
that you're working with Saxe,

he kills us both.

I get it.
I know. I know.

Looks like Saxe
tripped you up again.

Lindsay's last "fuck you"
was keeping me
as executor of her estate.

She was too high
to change it.

Sorry it took so long.

[ sighs ]
Don't mention it.

About what happened
to Lindsay...

Benny, I need to tell you

[ doorbell rings ]

[ slow music playing
on stereo ]

[ uneasy music ]

Ben, it's the Feds!

Go upstairs.
Keep Elisa Marie out of sight.

My secretary
probably told you assholes

I'm on family bereavement.

For your ex-wife.

[ laughs ]
What a guy.

The locals said
that you called in
Lindsay's overdose.

What happened with that?

Yeah, my, uh...
my daughter called me.

It was too late.

Junkies die.

So can you guys please leave?

Our witness
against St. Patrick

called this morning.

I suppose the idea of facing her tormentor

improved her memory.

She recalls more
from her encounter
with your client.

She saw his face.

She'll ID him in court.

How'd you guys
convince her to lie?

[ scoffs ]

Gee, I gotta take a leak.
It's a long drive from Brooklyn.

You-you mind, Warner?

I don't mind if you do it
on the floor.

I mind.
[ scoffs ]

Oh, so you guys
aren't gonna leave
if I try to stop him?

Okay, bathroom's down the hall.

Be quick.

You rent or own here?

I own.

Big place.

[ sighs ]

don't get lost back there!

[ suspenseful music ]

[ MEMBA's "Bricks" ]

♪ Boy, I got a lot
of problems with you ♪

♪ I am about to get you
a hospital bed ♪

♪ And then I will stitch you,
get you ♪

♪ A tissue,
fix you a cup of coffee ♪

♪ Then hit you,
bitch, you ♪

♪ Better bounce,
I'm 'bout to do jujitsu ♪

♪ Rip you into pieces
of nothing ♪

♪ Pieces of fucking pizza,
teach ya ♪

♪ That I'm taking
the whole pie ♪

♪ I'm an animal,
not your average lion ♪

♪ Tiger, bear, oh, my ♪

♪ Intentions are much worse ♪

♪ With obsession
for bloodthirst, you see ♪

♪ Bang to the sound of this ♪

♪ Do it or just lay
with a pile of bricks ♪

♪ I gotta say hey,
what you gonna say ♪

♪ I can do this every day ♪

♪ I gotta say hey,
what you gonna say ♪

♪ I can do this every day,
so get out my way ♪

♪ Give me the rock,
I got a lot of the guap ♪

♪ I kid you not, a lot
is I talk my way to the top ♪

♪ Oh, wait, okay,
now give me some space ♪

♪ Get out of my way,
I eat up ♪

♪ And now I'm 'bout to erupt ♪

♪ Let's see what I gotta say ♪

♪ Shot to the brain ♪

♪ Caught to the rock
of the name ♪

♪ There ain't no stopping
the pain ♪♪♪


What the hell happened
with Maria Suarez?

Not right now, Proctor, okay?

Right now!

I went to see her.

Thought she deserved
a second chance.

I gave her some money

so she could start a new life.

You tried to pay her off?

Well, it didn't work.

Warner and Saxe told me

that she's changing
her testimony.

She's gonna ID you in court.

So that's her choice.

[ scoffs ] Why?

- Why what?
- Why?

Why let her go, then and now?
I don't get it.

Tommy roped her
into our business.
He didn't have to.

She was innocent then, Joe,
and she still is.

Not anymore.

She took your money.

See, not only
is she testifying,

but she's lying about it
to put you away.

[ uneasy music ]

If you do not kill Maria...
[ scoffs ]

Everything you've done
will go public.


It's you...or Maria.

Who's it gonna be?

You can see yourself out, Joe.


[ cell phone buzzes ]

[ dramatic music ]

I like you, kid,

but I'm going
through a lot of trouble

helping you out,

so a word of advice:

don't fuck me.

I'm a man of my word.

A man of your word indeed.

Good doing business with you.

[ suspenseful music ]

Fuck. Tommy.

Thanks for coming.

You're welcome.

You know, when I asked you
about Alicia Jimenez,

you forgot to tell me
that Ghost was after her too.

I-I didn't tell Ghost you were
grabbing Alicia either.

I could've warned him, told him
you were gonna be there.

I've been 100
with both of you, Tommy,

so come on!


So what do you want?

Feds have a witness
against you:

Maria Suarez.

You and Ghost
had a run-in with her
and her fiancé, Miguel.

- Ghost let her go.
- Yeah, I remember.

She knows her fiancé's dead,

and she wants you and Ghost
to pay for it.

Ghost said he was
gonna handle it,

but he gave her money instead.

Fucking Ghost.

If he would've just let me
put a bullet in her head,

we wouldn't be
in this mess right now.

The fuck's this got
to do with you?

What are you telling me for?

If Maria testifies
against both of you,

I'm next on the prosecution's
dance card.

We are all connected,

and we all have a lot to lose
if Maria's alive.

Damn, Proctor.

When'd you flip
over to our side?

Where could I find her?

I can't believe this.
I mean, do you know
how much money I've spent here?

All of these items, they still
have tags on them, so--

If you need cash, miss,
there's an ATM a block down.

- You don't understand--
- Tasha.

I thought that was you.

[ laughs awkwardly ]
Excuse me.

- Hey, 'Keisha.
- Hey.

Wow, uh,

looks like the shop
is doing really well.

Yeah, better than ever.

You know, once I got rid

of that negative energy,

everything seemed
to kind of fall into place.


What you doing here?

Looks like you need help.

Oh, no, I'm good, girl.

I'm just shopping too.


How's Tommy?
Haven't seen him in a while.

Tommy's good.

He's doing really good.

You know Tommy's mom?

Of course I do.

- What, did you meet Kate?
- [ chuckles ]

Let me guess.
She showed up unannounced.

Yeah, said her house
was getting fumigated,

gave me a hard time
about everything,

talked about
his old girlfriends.


And she made a weird comment
about Holly.

She was probably
high as a kite.

You can't pay attention
to anything that woman says.

What happened to Holly, Tasha?

I know you know something.

[ sighs ]

Look, Holly--

she just got in
over her head, okay?

Be careful with Tommy, 'Keisha.

My advice:

don't get in over your head
like Holly did.

I ain't gonna make
the same mistakes Red made,

point-blank, period.

I got Tommy on lock.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

And I see you haven't changed.

Bye, Tasha.

Guess me and Tommy
won't be seeing you
anytime soon.


[ disquieting music ]

[ cell phone beeps ]

I'm scared, Joey.

Why'd you do it, Joey?

The f--

An illegal wiretap?

Oh, you've gone too far, Saxe.

I'm gonna sue
the fucking shit out of you.

- [ laughs ] Wait.
- [ cell phone beeps ]

I won't let you take
my little girl away from me.


Take me to court
so your daughter can hear you

let her mother die
after she called you for help?

You have no proof
I did anything.

Either way, Child Services
will take Elisa Marie,

and she'll know what you did.

You think
she'll ever forgive you?


you help me,

and I delete this recording.

All evidence...gone forever.

And you let me skate

Yep. You just gotta
answer one question.

Who killed Angela, Joe?

[ whispering ] Benny.


I'm-I'm fucked.

Okay, I fucked up, Benny.

I'm-I'm completely
and utterly fucked.

Hey, calm down, all right?
Use more fucking words.

I did it.

You hired someone?
Why didn't you come to me?

No, no, no, no,
not like that.

I set her up.

I told her I met someone.

I let her think
that she failed the bar exam.

I knew she'd use.

I thought she'd go quick.
She didn't.

She asked me for help,
and I let her die.

You're a good judge
of character.

Hey, I know a guy
in Long Island.

He can make us
some fake IDs.

We take Elisa Marie
someplace very nice

and we wait
till this whole thing
blows over.

It's too late for that.

The Fed, Saxe--

I don't know how,
but he put a bug on me

o-or on Lindsay.

That motherfucker bugged us.

Now he has a recording

of me letting Lindsay
fucking die.

And he didn't arrest you?

He wants me to tell him
who killed AUSA Valdes.

He thinks it was James--Ghost.

It wasn't.

Tommy Egan pulled the trigger.

Okay, the laptop

with the recording.

Uh, the homeland guy,
fucking Barnum.

Markham. Bailey Markham.

Right, your insurance policy.

I got rid of the laptop.

Why the fuck would you do that?

Because I had to.

It was the only thing
that connected me

to Bailey Markham's murder.

How else would I have it?

Plus, there was a recording
on there

that implicates James,

and even though he's innocent,

Saxe wants him anyway.

Well, better him
than you being a snitch.

If I don't tell Saxe
what he wants to know...

Elisa Marie's gonna find out
what I did.

Benny, she can't.

All right, maybe I get rid
of Ghost and Tommy.

The Feds don't need you
if they're gone, right?

And they send you away
for life?

No. I'll handle it.

And I won't rat.

I promise you.

Another insurance policy.

Hey, it's been with me
since I been inside.

[ sighs ]

The trigger don't stick.


I'm not signing that.

[ scoffs ] But this is
what flipping looks like.

I am not
a criminal informant,

and I don't want any paper
that says that I am.

You get an indictment.
I testify.

That's it.

Works for me.
Now spill it.

Who killed Angela Valdes?

You know this makes me
a fucking rat, right?
Lower than low.

[ scoffs ]

You killed the mother
of your child.

I feel like this is a step up.

Oh, you're fucked up.
You're enjoying this, huh?


- [ scoffs ]
- Talk, Proctor.

Look, it's St. Patrick
or your daughter.

[ desolate music ]

Tommy Egan killed Angela.

Told me himself.

Tommy was the shooter
and colluded with St. Patrick.

You're not listening.

James is 100% innocent.

I need you to testify
against James.

If you think you can
help your client
weasel out of this--

That's the truth.

Tommy did it, and that's
what I'll say on the stand,

because I'm not
gonna perjure myself

to fit whatever
you think happened.

[ bangs table ]

Then I can't use you.

PROCTOR: That's your call,

but our deal stands.


If you and your daughter
want WITSEC,

I can jerry-rig you
into another case.

With your track record?

No, I'll take my chances
on my own.

Probably pretty smart.

Tariq St. Patrick.

You should be in class.

We've been looking
all over for you, son.

M-Ma? Dean Orson,
what's the problem?

What's going on?

Dean Orson says
you're in some kind of trouble.

What's he talking
about, Tariq?

We received
an anonymous tip

that you've been using
the old A/V room.

What, is that
against the rules?

We found this.

[ dramatic music ]

The pharmacist told us
that a student
had been buying a lot of--

Baby aspirin.
That's all it is.
It's baby aspirin.

The kids you're selling to
on campus,

in violation
of our code of conduct,

do they think
they're buying baby aspirin?

No, sir.

ORSON: Right.

Dean Orson,

is there something
that maybe you can do?

Tariq's been through a lot.

Please, can you give him
a second chance?

Ms. Green,
Choate was his second chance.

He's expelled,

effective immediately.

While we finish
our investigation,

we will release him
into your custody.

Take only what you need.

We'll ship the rest.

[ door clicks shut ]

- Ma, I w--
- I don't want to hear it.

Get your stuff.

And what happened
to your face?

Now, Tariq.

Come on, let's go.

[ elevator dings ]

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up, Joe?

James, I don't know
if you, uh,

remember my daughter,
Elisa Marie.

Of course I remember
Elisa Marie. Hi.

Honey, you know what?
Why don't you go

check out the view?
It's really cool.

- Okay.
- All right?

So what's up?

I need a favor, buddy.

An ex-client of mine,

Igor Ungar--

rotten guy,
sex trafficker, just...

Anyway, I'm testifying
in a case against him,

and he knows where I live,

so I could really use
a safe place to stay

while I wait to testify.

Proctor, come on, man.

I'm not really running
a safe house here.

Lindsay died yesterday.

I didn't know.
I'm sorry.

She overdosed--
with my kid in the apartment.

If I don't testify,
they're gonna take her
away from me.

I can't lose her too.

Can you just please help me
protect my daughter?


You got it.

You can take my office.

Your daughter can take
Raina's room.

Thank you so much.

Elisa Marie,

come on, hon.

Uh, Elisa Marie, um...

second thought,
your-your father

will show you the way
to Raina's room.


- Uh, last room on the right.
- Got it.

- Say thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

[ elevator dings ]

Tasha, I told you
not to come here.

How'd you even get upstairs?

Your son
is still on the list.

Come on, Tariq.
Tell your father
why we're here.

I don't know.
Why are we here, Ma?

Because we're your parents,

and just because
we're separated, 'Riq,

doesn't mean we're not
raising you together.

Tell your father
why you got expelled.


What the fuck did you do
to get expelled?

TASHA: Oh, now he can't speak.

He was selling drugs,

After everything
that we've done to protect you!

Son, how'd you even get drugs?

Kanan gave it to him,

just like the money
he tried to give me.

Kanan also accepted me
for who I am.

Can you believe this shit?

Okay, this stops right here.
Son, listen to me.

Kanan was filling your head
with this idea

that you were like him!

Dad, I'm just like you.

How could you expect me
to be any different?

I sold drugs
because I had to, okay?

I'm not that person anymore.

You're just doing this bullshit
to get back at me.

Your mother and I
are telling you

that you're gonna ruin
your life!

Selling drugs
didn't ruin your life, Ghost.

Look around.

Selling drugs got you
this nice place.

Also got you
this nice little outfit
you got on too.

- Let me tell you something--
- Get the fuck off me!

Go to your room right now.

Let him go, okay?

Just let him go.

Tasha, did you know
that he was dealing?

Of course I didn't know.

It's your fault.

You put him on this path
when you used him to get Kanan.

- You know that.
- I put him on this path?

We made him together.

He is our son.

He's not under
the influence of me

or Kanan or anyone else.

You need to accept it.

This is Tariq.

I'm sorry to interrupt, guys.

I-I forgot my bag.

[ scoffs ]
No problem, Proctor.

I was just leaving...

since I'm not allowed
up here anyway.

What's going on?
Why can't we stay
with Uncle Benny?

- Elisa Marie, please--
- No, Daddy,

you're keeping secrets from me.

I don't want anything
to happen to you like Mommy.

I promise you,

nothing like that
is gonna happen, okay?

The most important thing to me is keeping you safe.

That's why we're here.


I got you something.


- I got you a little something.
- Hey.


Wanna see the coolest part?

[ soft music ]

There's a secret inside.

What's on it?

That is something

Daddy thought
he would need one day,

- like an insurance policy.
- Mm.

That's one of Daddy's secrets.

Can I see it?

No, no, don't touch it.

Don't touch it.

Just...while I'm
protecting you

and keeping you safe,

you keep Daddy's secret
safe, okay?

- Okay, Daddy.
- All right.

All right.

Thanks for not telling 'Keisha
that I went to see you.

She asked me
about Holly, Tommy.

That was fucking Kate.

It don't-don't mean nothing.
It's gonna blow over.

What'd you tell her?


Thank you.

How's Tariq?

He just got expelled
from school.

- For what?
- Selling drugs.

Did you know
he was selling, Tommy?

And on top of that,
I took him to the penthouse,

and Ghost had the nerve
to tell me

I had no right to be there
in his home.

I mean, I can't be there
but Proctor can move in?

- Proctor was there?
- Yeah, with a suitcase.

I made that place our home

for our kids.

I just miss Raina so much.

I miss my old life.


I know that I said
that I didn't need any money,

but I gotta pay someone,

- and I really need to--
- No, Tash.

I can't help you no more.

Tommy, what you mean--

'Keisha was mad heated

when she ran into you.

I need her on my side,

and if I help you,
she ain't gonna be.

Well, you ain't gotta tell her.

Well, I ain't gotta lie
to 'Keisha.

Damn, Tommy.
The pussy that good?

Fine, you and 'Keisha--

if you want to ride off

into the sunset with her,
be my guest,

but just remember, you felt
the same way about Holly.

[ dark music ]

You know what, Tash?

I got some shit I gotta do.

You gotta go.




[ engine turning over ]

[ sighs ]
Zigg, I don't have your money.

That's a problem.

Or it could be
your biggest goddamn solution.

I asked around about you.
I know you move weight.

So instead of paying me,
you calling the cops?

Nah, this a business meeting.

Look, I know you want
your money,

and I can get it to you

if you let me help you.

You, sling product?

Trust me, baby.
You don't know me.


You move this,
then we gonna talk.

[ suspenseful music ]

[ keys jingling,
lock clicking ]

Mr. Warner said
I shouldn't change
my statement.

No, not over the phone.

We should do it in person.

You mind?

I was at home with Miguel

when these men started
banging on the door.

Yeah, before we do
the whole statement,

I'm curious.

What is it you wanna change?

I thought I didn't see
the men who kidnapped me,

but I did.

My blindfold slipped
and I saw them.

I forgot.

Well, that seems
like an important detail.

Why didn't you
tell me that before?

I was scared,
but now I remember.

You sure that's why?

Yeah, Ms. Suarez,
in the courtroom,

you're gonna be
under a microscope.

The defense, the judge,
the jury--

everybody watching you,

asking themselves,
"Is she lying?"

He's the liar.

Ghost told me to pretend like Miguel ran off.

He killed him!

And he'll pay, I promise.

I have another witness,

Ghost and Tommy's lawyer,

Joe Proctor.

- Let him take the heat.
- Fucking Proctor.

No, I need to be the one.

I need to be the one to put
Miguel's killers in jail.

Okay, okay.

You know what?
It's-it's late.

We can do this another time.

You should get some rest.

I'll be in touch.

That's a lot of money, Maria.

No, no, wait, I--

Remember me?
Your blindfold slipped, right?

- I will--
- [ gunshot ]

So...Rashad sent me
as an emissary

to lighten the blow.

- Did he?
- [ laughs ]

Look, the truth is,
he needs you.

He's not gonna say that
to your face, of course.

Of course not,
but he will gladly use my club

for his upcoming fund-raiser,

In fact, he wanted me
to remind you

it's on the agenda.

- Ah! What a guy.
- [ laughs ]

What do you get, Ramona,
if he wins?

I mean, it's clear

that you are not that fond
of the guy--

hell, I'm not either--

but you're willing
to get him to Albany.

What's your agenda?

[ soft piano music ]

Did you know that when
my ex-husband's scandal hit,

the DNC wanted me to resign?

It wasn't your fault.

I'm tainted by association.

People read the story,
assume they know me,

like I thought I knew you.

And you aren't the first.

So does the story
fit the man?

I think the man is better.


[ laughs ]

Look, I'm not gonna let
someone's story about me

define me,

so instead of resigning,

I took the assignment
with Tate.

My second chance is here.

Clean slate.

Well, what if my second chance
is not up to me?

It's always up to you.

Take action.

Put things back
in your control.

Look, James,

I've been in this business
long enough

to recognize a spark
when I see it.

I think you have more
to offer than you know.

But...it's up to you.

Thank you for dinner.

And I'll take everything
you said into consideration.

I gotta run.

There's something I gotta do
I should've done before.

Can we do this again?

Uh, sure.


Excuse me, sir. May I please have the check?

[ cell phone ringing ]

Charlie, what's up?

Joe, man, I need to see you.

People are asking
about Alicia Jimenez.

I don't know what to do.

I-I can't meet you
right now, okay?

It'll blow over, I promise.

Please, I'll come to you.

I'm not at my place right now.

I'm at my friend's in Tribeca.

Just don't worry, Charlie.

Sit tight

and wait for my call.

[ disquieting music ]

Proctor's in Tribeca.

I called like I said.
We good?

I'm good.

My nigga, you a loose end.

[ gunshots ]

[ cell phone buzzes ]

- What's up?
- 2-BIT: Yo, Tommy.

Proctor's in Tribeca.

This nigga say he's staying
with a friend,

but I don't got the address.

I know the address.

[ cell phone buzzing ]

Yo, yo, Uncle T,
I can explain.

Oh, we will talk

about how you lied to me
about having more product

and getting yourself
expelled from school,

but today's not the day.

Are you at home?

Yeah, I'm home.

Who else there?

I'm not sure.

I think my dad went out.


You know that back door
to the penthouse?

Yeah, the service door.

Yeah, go there
and turn the alarm off.

And, Tariq,

get the fuck
out of there now.

Leave the back door unlocked.

Just do what I say.

No fucking around.

Are you trying to hurt my dad?

You told me you'd let me know
before you make a move.

Nah...I ain't gonna hurt
your dad.

[ Elisa Marie crying ]

Oh, uh, I'm sorry.

[ sniffles ]
Was I too loud?

No, you're good.

I just didn't know
anyone was here.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Your dad is letting me
and my dad stay here.

I'm Elisa Marie Proctor.

Oh, okay.

I-I'm Tariq St. Patrick.

I thought your dad said
you were at school.

You stay here?

Nah, I used to.

I know this one spot
around the block

that has, like,
the best ice cream ever.

You wanna go get some?

I don't like ice cream.

You don't like ice cream?

Well, then what about some...
hot chocolate?

Whipped cream, marshmallows,
all that good stuff?

[ tense music ]

- Hey, Epiphany.
- EPIPHANY: You got the money?

Oh, yeah, I got the money.
Thanks for keeping your word.

- EPIPHANY: Oh, you know.
- And good looking out on Zigg.

I got you, sis.

So look, um, I know
you don't know me very well,

but I'm starting
another business,

and I could really use
your help.

I ain't good with kids.

No, no, no,
not another day care.

Something else.

I need extra cash.

- Can I still dance?
- Mm-hmm.

Then I'm in, sis.

I don't know, Benny.
Charlie sounded spooked.

Can you check on him,
make sure he's okay?

Probably wants more money.
I'll check on him.

All right, thanks.
I'll, uh...

I'll call you when Elisa Marie
and I get back into town.

All right. Have a good trip.

Thanks, cuz.

[ sighs ]

[ suspenseful music ]

Tommy, what are you doing here?

You rat piece of shit!

- Whoa!
- [ gunfire ]

[ gunshots ]

[ gunfire, glass shattering ]

[ grunts ]

[ gunfire continues ]

You rat motherfucker!

[ dramatic music ]

You can run, Proctor,
but you can't hide!

Come on out, Proctor.

Elisa Marie.

Elisa Marie!

[ grunting ]

[ cell phone ringing ]


Elisa Marie?

Where are you?

I'm with Tariq.

I know I wasn't supposed
to leave,

but we got hot chocolate.

But you're not here?
You're okay, right?

We're about to walk back.

No, no.
Do not come here.

Listen to me.
Go to your Uncle Benny's
right now.

I don't understand.

You're gonna be safer
there, okay?

Well, are you coming later?

Will I see you there?


- [ door rattles ]
- TOMMY: Pissing me off
now, Joe!

- [ banging on door ]
- [ breathing sharply ]

[ Tommy grunting ]

No, you won't, sweetheart.

I love you so much,
baby, okay?


[ line beeping ]

[ suspenseful music ]

[ gunfire ]

[ gun clicking ]

[ gunfire ]

It was a good run, Proctor.

This ain't fucking over.

It is for you.

[ Nosaj Thing's
"All Points Back to U" ]

[ rain pattering ]

[ knocking ]

♪ Hey, they said
it didn't recede ♪

♪ So it all points back
to you ♪

- ♪ They reckon you had them ♪
- [ Elisa Marie crying ]

♪ All points back to you ♪

♪ Everyone I ask,
it's the same ♪

♪ So there's
only one conclusion ♪

♪ Look at it
from my point of view ♪

♪ Then there's really
no confusion ♪

♪ All ♪

[ car approaching ]

[ tires screeching ]

♪ All points back to you ♪

Tariq, we followed you
from the city.

Now we have a problem.

Now we have
a big fucking problem.

Get in.

♪ I ain't pointing fingers ♪

♪ But it all points
back to you ♪

[ inaudible speaking ]

- ♪ I have nothing to say ♪
- [ police radio chatter ]

♪ It all comes back to you ♪

♪ Okay, have it your way ♪

[ cell phone buzzing ]

CSI said he's been dead
a few hours.

I guess Proctor was staying here, but why?

Beats me.

Talk about wrong place,
wrong time.

- GHOST: I saw
the cops outside.
- MAN: Sir--

Where's my son? Tariq!

Sir, this is
an active crime scene.
You can't be here.

This is my house.
Where's my son? My son is here!

- Sir! Sir!
- Tariq! Where's Tariq?

I-I told Mr. St. Patrick
he couldn't be here.

It appears Joseph Proctor
was here alone.

He's dead.

What the hell happened?

From the looks of it,
it was an all-out assault.

Somebody may have been
trying to kill him,

but this is the second person
in your proximity

to catch a bullet,
Mr. St. Patrick.

Who's trying to kill you?

[ cell phone buzzing ]

Ah, it's my son.

I need to take the call.

- Tariq, son.
- TARIQ: Dad.

You okay?

♪ I ain't pointing fingers ♪

♪ But it all points
back to you ♪♪♪

[ engine rumbling ]

[ metallic creaking ]

[ dramatic music ]

- I should've fucking known!
- Known what?

That it was you
setting me up to come here.

I didn't fucking
set you up, Tommy!

I did.

Your son--your godson--Tariq

screwed the integrity
of my business,

cut my fucking weight.

Oh, shit.

I'm gonna fucking kill
that kid.

No, I'm gonna kill him...

unless you give me $2 million.

Vincent, there's no way
my son moved $2 million
of your fucking weight.


The extra's interest.

I want $2 million.

You both have 24 hours
to make this right.

[ Sam Tinnesz's "When
The Truth Hunts You Down" ]

♪ You can't hide ♪

♪ From who you are ♪

♪ The light peels back
the dark ♪

♪ You can run ♪

♪ But you won't make it far ♪

♪ You can't hide
from who you are ♪

♪ You can't hide
from who you are ♪

♪ You can't run, run, run ♪

♪ From the smoking gun ♪

♪ Caught in the crosshairs ♪

♪ Of the things we've done ♪

♪ There's no hiding place ♪

♪ Not a secret safe ♪

♪ What is lost will be found ♪

♪ What is lost
will be found ♪

♪ When the truth ♪

♪ Hunts you down ♪♪♪