Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Episode #6.15 - full transcript

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Previously on Power...

When we met, who'd you think
I was gonna be?

The biggest goddamn drug dealer
in New York City.

You never thought about more?

We have everything.

I just want it
to stay this way.

You deserve someone who's as
loyal to you as you are to him.

Fuck you want from
me, huh, Tasha?

Want me to stay the same
and never change?

Ever occur to you

I ain't the same street nigga
you married anymore?

Ever since you've opened that
club, you've been different, Ghost.

It's like I don't know
who you are.

I've been trying
to tell you, Tasha.

You ain't been listening.

Where's Dad?

You the man of the house,

Hold it down.

- A'ight.
- I love you.

Nothing's the same with him

Everything's just different.
He's different.

You move out,

you make us meet Angela,

and you move in with her

and you don't even
talk to us about it.

Like, what kind of father
does that?

I gave you everything
I never had growing up.

I don't want
none of this shit.

I want the truth!

- Oh, it don't matter.
- It matters to me!

I know who you are, Ray Ray.

You need to leave
my brother alone.

You deserve to die
for what you did.

Then pull the trigger,

When we go upstairs, you're
gonna take off the rest of your clothes.

Put them in a trash bag.

Then you're gonna get
in the shower.

Don't stop until you wash every
bit of this day down the drain.

I'm gonna turn myself in.

If anybody's going down
for my family, it's me.

So you're going to jail?
Not Ma?

No one in his family is going
to jail if I can help it,

but yes, I'll take the rap.

My teacher Radnor, he has
way more to lose than us.

Plus, no one would even suspect
that he works for us.

You need to keep Tariq's name
out your mouth.

Tasha, the cops pulled me over.
I didn't say shit.

You signed
the fucking papers, 'Keisha.

What you gonna do,
rat on Tariq?

Bail on your alibi?

Tasha, I'm not going inside.

I'm sorry, 'Keisha.
I can't let you leave.

Tasha, please.
Tasha, what about Cash?

Tasha, please don't do this.

I'm sorry.

Local entrepreneur
James St. Patrick

will soon be announced

as Tate rival Lorette Walsh's
running mate.

If you say yes,
St. Patrick told you

about the relationship between
Terry Silver and his wife,

we can arrest him for murder.

Now that you mention it,
I remember now.

The police want
Tariq St. Patrick

for the murder of a dirty cop
named Raymond Jones.

How do you know this?

I'm the one that told 'em
he did it.

I know Tariq's been dealing
some serious weight.

The only way you know anything

about what Tariq is doing

is 'cause
you gave him the brick.

You get my money,

or I burn
this whole motherfucker

down to the ground.

- Homicide just released this.
- What is it?

LaKeisha Grant's
personal effects.

Thought you might want 'em.

If you don't fucking get
your shit together,

I'm gonna get your business
shut down,

and then I'll take Yas
away from you for good.

Nigga, you better watch
your every move,

'cause I will tell the Feds
you killed Terry Silver,

'cause I know you did.

Get off me!

Some niggas just don't know
when to quit.

Oh, like you?

Tasha, I haven't stopped
thinking about you.

You need my help.

You have no idea
what information we got

from LaKeisha
before she died.

If you don't help us,

we're gonna take a much harder
look at your son, Tariq.

James didn't kill LaKeisha,
but he did kill Terry Silver.

Ma, what happened
to your arm?

Ghost. A'ight?

Did you know about LaKeisha?

I had to protect this family.

And I will kill Ghost
to protect you, 'Riq.

I should be the one protecting you!
And I will.

Listen to this. Stay away from
me, and stay away from her.

Ain't gonna say
that shit again.

You can't talk
to your father that way.

You might have given me life,

but you were never
my fucking father.


Just about to put her down.
Come on in.

Could've called first.

I couldn't wait.


You okay?

Is your ex messing
with you again?

No, no, that is...
it's over for good.

Why do you think
it's over, Tasha?

What happened?

I just think
he's gonna get caught

for at least one of the
illegal things he's done.

Why is he about
to get arrested?

Can we not talk
about my ex, please?

I mean, I don't-I don't want
to have to think about him

or talk about him anymore.

And you know what?
I don't have to.

'Cause the only man
that I wanna think about...

Is you.

You know we got
to be quiet, right?

I'll try.

Okay. Go on, girl.

I'm glad you came over.

Me too.

Where is AA-ron right now?

No AA-ron, huh?

Well, you better be sick, dead,
or mute, AA-ron.


I gotta go.

Hey, where you been?

Okay, well, excuse me.

I mean, you must have forgot who
the parent and the child is here.

You forgot first.
Ma, where were you?

I was worried, all right?
It was the middle of the night.

- I thought Ghost might have...
- I wasn't with Ghost.

I was with a man
that I'm seeing.

His name is Q, Quinton.

You was on a date
with a nigga I ain't even met?

Ma, I need to talk to you
about Ghost.

I don't wanna think
about Ghost, not tonight.

I saw him tonight.

I told him to never
put hands on you again.

I told him if he ever
touches you again...

It won't happen, 'Riq.
I've taken care of Ghost.

Not like that.
In a better way.

Come here.

Sit down.

All right, look,

I told the police that
Ghost killed Terry Silver.

Well, not exactly.

I told them how to find
the evidence that he did.

You know, where the body is.

He's going to jail.

For good this time.

You snitched on Ghost?

Ma, snitches ain't shit.

Boy, let me tell you

Sometimes you gotta
turn somebody in

to get them out your way.

Your father taught me that.

So he's really going to jail?

He's really going to jail.

And you are going to bed.
Good night, bye.

Good night, Ma.

Ma, get up.

Ma, come on, wake up.
get up.

Ma, get up.

Uh, you know, Tariq, I know you're not
waking me up to take you to school.

You know how to take
the train, boy. Please.

Your plan didn't work.

...James St.
Patrick has left the Tate campaign.

What are you talking about?

In a stunning turn of events,

sources say that St. Patrick
will soon be announced

as Tate rival Lorette Walsh's
running mate. If true...

Doesn't look like they're
gonna arrest him, does it?

...ensure Walsh's bid to become
the Democratic candidate

in the race
for New York state governor.

- I don't understand.
- St. Patrick's presence

on the ticket, especially

after his exoneration
on murder charges...

Ma, do you hear this?

They're making Ghost out
to be some type of hero.

They're not about
to arrest him.

They have a body.
They will.

Ma, no, they're not.
We need another plan.

While this would be St.

first foray into politics...

If they do
a background check on him,

if they find out who he really
is, then we all get exposed.

You, me, Tommy.

Everything we've ever done
could come out.

We could all go to jail.

...with the development
of the Queens Child Project.

That project promises to bring
at least 500 new jobs...

Ma, can I go?

Yeah, go ahead.

I need to make a call anyway.

Have a good day.

You too.

...as well as the slaying
of his daughter Raina St. Patrick

as the catalyst
for the project.

I know. I saw it.

Well, did you find anything
at the airport?

Uh, well, I can't
tell you that.

So that's a yes.

You found Terry,

so why the fuck
isn't James in cuffs?

Look, these things take time.
Trust me.

I'm taking every possible step

to make sure St. Patrick
ends up behind bars.

He's gonna get away
with this.

No, he won't.

I promise you that.

Just like
going from corner boys

to running the biggest shop
in New York fucking City

wasn't about being gangsters.
It was all for him.

I can't recognize
either voice.

Who's Ghost?

Never heard of him.


Hey, where'd you get
this tape from, anyway?

What about a guy named Tommy?

You sure you never heard
of him before?

What'd you say, Elisa Marie?
A-a big, scary blond guy?


Nah, I don't know
anyone named Tommy.

"Just like going
from corner boys

"to having the biggest
fucking shop in New York City.

"It wasn't about us
being gangster.

It was just all so we could
figure another way to get out."

Sound familiar?


Uncle Tommy, you know if they play
that tape for the cops, it's over.

Yeah, I know!
I said fuck.

All right look, I gotta go.

But where'd you say this little
Proctor girl is staying again

with his too-smart auntie
of hers?

Right around the corner
from the diner we met at.

Uncle Tommy,

don't hurt Elisa Marie,
all right?

She's a good kid,

and she's been
through a lot already.

That's not
how this works, 'Riq.

You can't tell me there's
information out there against me

and then tell me I gotta
play nice to go get it.

I'ma do what needs to get done.

Yeah, I know.
Just don't hang her off a roof.

That's just for family.


You're bugging, man.
I can't bring you to Ghost.

Well, that's the price,
li'l nigga.

You take me to your daddy,
or no gun.

You don't understand, man.
Me and him are not fucking

with each other right now.
We're done.

How the fuck
is that my problem?

You want your piece?
You take me to the nigga,

or I find some other way in and
tell him you asked me for it.

And I'm sure he's gonna love
knowing you asked me for a gun.

Fuck it, man.
Just give me the gun.

It's clean.

Don't matter.
I need it either way.

Hey, man, don't tell him
I'm coming.

Nigga, do I look
stupid to you?

Listen man, I know
what to say to him, a'ight?

Send him exactly
what he's looking for.

I'm gonna build a
place for kids in your name.

I wish I had more time
with you, Raina.

I love you.

What are you doing here?

I'm here every week.
Why are you here?

I came to visit my daughter,
tell her about my future.

Lieutenant Governor
St. Patrick.

Not yet, Tasha,
but soon, yeah.

Look, I apologize about the other
night, okay? You made me lose my temper.

I won't do it again, but you shouldn't
have run your mouth off to your son.

It's your fault he hates me.

My fault?

Oh, like it was Kanan's fault
before that?

Maybe Tariq hates you

because you hurt
the people you love

to get what you want.

Have you even thought
about what might happen

if you keep up with this
little campaign of yours?

They will look into you.
Then they will look into us.

You're gonna expose all of us:
Tommy, me, everyone.

I passed my background check,

Tommy made his choices,
and you just worried about you.

Keep it all the way 100. Cut the bullshit.
And stop selling drugs.

Oh, okay.
Are you kidding me?

S-suddenly I'm the criminal?

You know what?

No matter how much you try
to be somebody else,

remember this.

I know who you are, Ghost.

I am completely legit now.

You can try all you want to bring me down
to your level. It ain't gonna happen.

You're not gonna get in the way
of my future, and for damn sure,

you're not gonna get
in the way of my son's future.

I'm taking Tariq and Yas
with me to Albany.

You can't take my kids.

You're a drug dealer.
Of course I can.

You should know I'm moving on
with somebody else.

Ramona ain't raising
my kids, Ghost.

Tasha, Ramona would be a great
role model for Yas and Tariq.

Shit, I'll do whatever it takes to
keep them away from your bad influence.

Look, Tasha,
I release you, okay?

I release you
from our marriage completely.

Go ahead, be Tasha Green,
the half-smart chickenhead

who'd still be in the fucking
hood if it wasn't for me.

Oh, Tommy, thank God
you're here.

Are you here alone, T?

Yeah, Tariq is at school
and Mama has Yas.

That's good.


Yo, we need to deal with Ghost.

I mean, have you heard about this
whole lieutenant governor shit?

Ghost has lost
his goddamn mind.

I-I warned him that if he
keeps this shit up,

they're gonna investigate
all of us.

He doesn't even care.

I mean,
can you believe he told me,

"Tommy's made his choices,"

and then called me
a drug dealer?

Can you believe that shit?

He said he's gonna take Yas
and 'Riq to Albany with him.

That's a big
fucking problem, T.

So what are we gonna do?

About Ghost?

You see, I got
a little problem of my own.

You left something at my house.

- That ain't mine.
- Don't you fucking lie to me.

It's from the same pair
that Holly stole from you.

The Feds found it.
They think it's 'Keisha's,

but we both know it's not.

You know, they still think
that I killed her.

I finally found somebody
who was down for me, my family.

You know, how you used to be?

Tommy, I can explain


Let me go get the...

You take a fucking step, Tasha,

and I swear to God...

There's a paper.

Just look.

Look at the paper
under Yas' fox.

That one.

That one.

Cooperation, LaKeisha.
What the fuck is this?

'Keisha was talking
to the Feds.

She was gonna run away
with Cash to protect him.

'Keisha wasn't gonna
leave me.

What do you think,
I forged those,

just in case you would ask me
about them later?

Look at the papers.
It's her signat...

I tried to talk her out of it,

and I told her that we should
wait for when you come, and...

she went for her gun.

She was scared of you, Tommy.

No, you were scared
for yourself.

Tommy, what the...

'Keisha was done lying for you.

You didn't want her
blowing you up.

I loved her.

I loved her, Tommy,
before you ever did.

She was my best friend.
I swear to God.

I fucking warned you
she wasn't built for this life.

You lied to me.
You let me think it was Ghost

when it was you
this whole time.

What you would have done?

Would she be alive if you knew
she signed those papers?




Okay, okay.

Just take care of Yas
and 'Riq for me.



You took my whole family.

But your kids deserve better...

Even if you don't.

Oh, son,
am I happy to see you.

Hey, man.
Look, about the other day,

I'm sure you said some things
that you didn't mean to say.

I meant everything I said.

Look, I get it, okay?
You're mad at what happened

between me and your mother,
and I get it,

but, son, when you get older,
you'll see.

Relationships between men
and women

are just complicated.

I lost my temper.
I apologize for that.

But your mama said
something to me

that she knew would get that
kind of reaction out of me.

I'm not making an excuse,
but I'm just saying...

You told me to never put
my hands on a woman.

Remember that time I hit Raina?
And you...

Look, Tariq, let's just
go somewhere we can talk.

No, it doesn't matter.

I didn't come here
to talk to you.

He did.

What the fuck are you
doing here, Dre?

What's up, Ghost?

Son, what the fuck
is he doing here, huh?

You bring an enemy here,
our enemy?

He knows everything about me.
He said he would talk.

I had no other choice.

Wait for your little friend
in the hallway, Tariq.

When I'm finished
talking to him,

I'm gonna talk to you again.



I don't know how that
shit got in my fucking car.

Man, the lock's broken,
you fucking dumb... ow!

Get your fucking hands off me!

I'm being framed,

just like my fucking parents,
you cocksucker.

- Hey, kid.
- Oh, hey, Mr. Officer.

Uh, I was just coming back from my
doctor's appointment with my mom...

You can't go in the back
entrance right now.

Police activity.


Okay, no problem.

My bad.
I'll go through the front.


Have you ever seen Mr. Radnor
selling drugs on campus?

Mr. Radnor?

No, never.


Thanks. You can go.

All right, thank you.
Have a nice day.

What the hell
is the emergency?

Because I've had
a really rough day,

so I hope you have
some good news.

Who are you?

My name's Tameika Washington.

I used to be a federal
prosecutor, Ms. Green.

Now I'm a defense attorney,
his defense attorney. Come in.

Wait a minute.
Why do you have a defense attorney?

Are you getting arrested?

It's a possibility.

Not if we find something else

to indict your ex-husband.

We need anything else you have
on him for Terry Silver.

I don't have anything.
I wish I did.

We aren't anywhere
close to enough.

We can't tie him
to the body or the car.

We got Rashad Tate
to say St. Patrick knew

about your affair
with Terry Silver.

That's motive.
We still need means and opportunity.

What a minute, Rashad Tate?

He hates James,
and it goes both ways.

James would never say shit
to him about me and Terry.

It doesn't matter
if he's lying.

- Yes, it does!
- Yes, it does matter!

What if the two of them
are working together

on some kind of plan?

Warner puts Tate
on the stand,

he testifies, St.
Patrick's attorney impugns him on cross,

the whole thing's over.

Looks like the U.S. attorney

is trying to frame him
all over again.

Why is this
day fucking me so hard?

What is wrong with him?

So many things.
Cooper, focus.

Well, we need something
on your ex, and fast.

If not, they're not only
gonna come after me.

They're gonna come
after your son.

Without LaKeisha Grant alive
to confirm his alibi,

Tariq could be on the hook
for the Raymond Jones murder.

Hey, did Ghost kill LaKeisha?

That-that could help us.

Convicting St. Patrick
is the way out of all of it.

We could convince a jury
he did everything,

but we need more evidence.

Is there any way
we can trust Tate?

Without him, we are back
to square one.

I can find out.

Well, don't scare him off
from testifying, okay?

He's all we've got.

If James told you
about me and Terry,

what else did he tell you?

When he left
the QCP groundbreaking,

did he tell you
that he followed me

to try to catch us together?

Did you tell the cops that?

No, he didn't say all that,

just that you were fucking
his defense attorney.

Classy choice, by the way.

Spare me the bullshit judgment,
Rashad, really.

And you know what?
I don't buy that James told you shit.

I mean, what is this, some kind of
deal you struck with him, just in case?

No. Tasha, I'm telling you
the truth, okay?

- You gotta believe...
- Huh, believe?

- Don't-don't.
- I'm not the one you should be worried about, okay?

It's your son.

I have it on good authority
that your son's DNA

is at the crime scene
of a murdered cop.

Raymond Jones?

And they know

that Tariq was trying
to find Jones that night.

How could they know that?

Well, come on, Tasha.
Think about it.



James is planning to burn
your son to the fucking Feds.

No, he wouldn't do that.

James wants to distance
himself from Tariq

to get to Albany,
clean slate.

What looks more noble than a
parent turning in his own child?

Now you can stop him.

Go to the cops,
and you blow him the fuck up

on every other
criminal act he's ever done.

But you gotta do it fast,

because once he's elected,
he's gonna be unstoppable.

He's already unstoppable.

If James turns Tariq in,

there's nothing I could do.

Nothing you can do?


Not even to save your son?

The checklist
from the inspector

starts with the master bedroom.

Tenants tend to neglect

the damage
from that room the most.

Oh, I wonder why.

Also, we found some items
from the restoration,

from all the bullets.

Can you give this
to Mr. St. Patrick?

I'll give James his trash.

Everything okay, Ms. Green?


Thank you so much, Spencer.
Appreciate it.

Raina, what are you doing?

She's rehearsing, Mom.

The auditions
for the lower school play

in a month,
and I wanna be prepared.

I'm talking about your outfit.

Thanks, T.

You know, if you meet
a girl who can cook,

I bet we never
see you again.

No way that'll ever happen.

Daddy, when are you
coming home?

Um, baby girl, there's no plans
on me doing that.

- But why?
- We love you both.

That has not changed.

You're late.

So Tariq got in trouble again.
What'd he do now?

You know what?
Don't try to play me, Ghost.

I know that you know.

But I can't believe that you think
the solution is turning Tariq in

for Ray Ray's murder.

I would never do that
to my son.

But maybe he should confess.

Wait, what are you talking about?
That wasn't your idea?

No, it wasn't.

But maybe that's the best
thing, Tasha, for all of us.

For him to confess,
tell the truth.

You know, face the consequences
of his actions.

You promised that you would take
the rap for Ray Ray's murder.

You promised me
and you promised Tariq.

Tasha, I already went inside
for some shit I didn't do, okay?

I'm not doing it again.
Now, if I say I did it, we all lose.

If I'm in Albany,
we all win, including you.

You know, in case you catch
a case for killing LaKeisha.

I don't know
what you talking about.

Oh, okay,
let me refresh your memory.

I sent you over there,
and LaKeisha ended up dead.

You sent me over there,
but Tommy blames me.

How the fuck could he not?
You pulled the trigger, Tasha!

I didn't tell you to do that!
Now you got a real problem.

Oh, the same problem you got
with Terry Silver?

Tasha, let me ask you

How did it feel, huh?

Your first kill.

Particularly seeing as though
it was your best friend.

I know what I felt like when I tried
to shoot up my best friend, right?

When I shot up the Mustang,
I felt so fucking justified.

Memo: nothing gets rid
of that feeling, so answer me.

How the fuck do you feel?

You're a fucking monster.

Nah, I didn't kill a single
mother with a child to raise.

Speaking of which,
what happens to that child?

What happens to Cash?
You ever thought about that?

What happens to you
if you get caught

or, better yet,
if I let you get caught?

Did you ever love me, Ghost?

Or was that all a lie too?

I loved you.

And a part of me still does.

But you never loved
this version of me

standing in front of you,
now, did you?


The biggest goddamn
drug dealer in New York City.

That's who the fuck you loved.

Well, do you love your son?

What kind of fucking
question is that?

- Pshh!
- Of course I love my son.

Then why don't you love him
the way I do?

Why the fuck won't you do

whatever it takes
to protect him?

I would do anything
for that boy.

That's his problem!

We do everything for him,
and we did everything for him.

You know what? Maybe your son
should do something for himself.

You tell my son
to meet me at my hotel.

I wanna talk to him,

Fuck you, Ghost.

Ma, what do you mean,
he wants me to turn myself in?

He says that when he becomes
lieutenant governor,

he can get you a deal.

But what about Tommy?
Maybe he could help.

You know, maybe he could talk
Ghost out of turning me in.

Tommy can't help.

He's got enough problems
of his own.

Vincent is looking for him.
Vincent reached out to me.

Radnor got arrested
at school today.


Yeah, they found product
in his trunk.

I'm not sure what he told them
about me,

but I really hope I don't get
kicked out of school again.

So you didn't go back
to school?

Actually, I did,

after I took Dre
to go see Ghost.

- Dre?
- Yes, Ma.

Me and Dre, we're good,
all right?

We're good.
He gave me a gun.

- He gave you a gun?
- Yes.

Just in case Ghost tries something
with you again, all right?

Radnor sent me
a text about the cops,

so I went back to Callister.

I had to hide the gun at Truth.

Well, you better
go back there and get it

before your father finds it.

He won't.

I'm just trying to figure out

what I'm supposed to do
about school, Ma. Like...

Just let me handle that.

You focus on going
to talk to Ghost,

because he's got it in his mind

that you confessing
is the only way out.

And you believe that?

Do you really think he'll
help me if I was to confess?


Me either.

You said if I was to get caught,
you would take the weight.

I did say that, but you
shouldn't have gotten caught.


I said you shouldn't
have gotten caught.

Hell, you shouldn't have
been there in the first place.

If you let me and your
Uncle Tommy handle that shit

like you should have,
we wouldn't be in this mess.

So that's the punishment
I get for killing

the motherfucker
that killed Raina?

You're just gonna let me
go to jail?

Sending you to your room
ain't work.

You lied to my face.

How many times you lied to
mine, son? Huh?

How many times I clean up
your mess anyway?

You wanna be a man? You wanna be a man?
You clean up your own mess.

- I can't believe this.
- And I can't believe

you got your sister killed,
so we even.

So hey, I guess we both
gotta deal with what is.

It's the least you can do
for the family, 'Riq.

In exchange, I get you a light sentence.
I don't know, probation, even.

How am I supposed
to believe you?

Nigga, how many fucking times
have you lied to me?

I think I'm the one

that deserves the benefit
of the doubt here, don't you?

You got no choice.

We've done everything we can
to protect you.

I told your mother
the same thing.

We pulled out every stop.

Nothing left.
Just confess.

Man, fuck you! Fuck you!
I fucking hate you!

You're trying
to make me angry,

but I ain't got no room left
in me to be angry at you.

Only disappointment... again.

You confess first.

Look, just tell me honestly
one thing you've done,

the whole story,

and I'll confess
to killing Ray Ray.

Start with Breeze.

I loved Breeze.

He was a brother to me.

He was family to me.

But he got in my way, son. Okay?
So I had to get rid of him.

But I gave him one last
chance, though. Okay?

I asked him to change his mind.
He forced my hand.

Look at me, son.

I said fucking look at me.

Get the fuck off me.
Get the fuck...

- Nigga, you look at me!
- Get the fuck off of me.

Get up.
Get up! Get up!

Don't force my hand, son.

If we work together,

I know you can be the man
that I want you to be.

He said he would kill you?

He didn't have to say it, Ma.

He didn't have to say a word.

I saw it in his eyes.

So what about Terry Silver, Ma?

You said you were gonna
make something happen.

I tried.
Angela's sister just left.

Blanca Rodriguez
told her it's over.

He's gonna walk.

So I'm going to jail,
and-and if you try to work

against him,
he'll just hurt you?

No, if I try
to move against him,

he'll turn me in
for LaKeisha.

He said that to my face.

And if I don't go
with his plan,

he'll just turn me in anyway,
or he'll...

I'm gonna stop him.

Ma, how you gonna stop him?

He's got the party
at Truth tonight.

You go and you tell him that
you're gonna confess, right?

You pretend that you're
leaving, but really you stay,

and then you wait till he
turns off all the lights

and goes downstairs.

When he gets in the elevator
to the loading dock,

you text me and let me know.

Okay, so where
you gonna be?

In the car.

I got my key back
to the Escalade.

I'm gonna wait
in the back seat,

and when he gets in
to go home...

You gotta be gone by then.

Okay, I will be.

Baby, I am so sorry.

If you don't want this,
'Riq, you gotta tell me now.

It's not that, Ma.

Ma, I just don't want you
to go to jail.

I won't,

if we stick together,
if we protect each other,

if we promise to be honest
with each other,

and we both need to stick
to the plan.

Can you do that, 'Riq?

Will you protect me
as I'm gonna protect you?

Yes, Ma.

Yes, Ma, I promise,
I'll protect you.

I promise.

Just please promise me you
won't go to jail, Ma, please.

Oh, baby.


I'm not going anywhere.

I promise.

Nah, you said you handled it.

It didn't work, okay?

But I have another plan
to end everything for good.

Listen, I want to finalize
our divorce,

but he keeps avoiding
signing the papers.

He's hosting this big event
at his club tonight

in the Meatpacking District.

I'll just corner him there,
and he can't get out of it.

You should let me
take the papers.

He'll sign them if I make
it clear where I stand.

No, no.

I gotta do this myself.

Listen, Q. All I need you
to do is drive me there.

I can go in by myself.

I'm scared of him, but...

I don't have to be
if you're there with me.

You give me the courage
to go through with it.

Okay, I'll do it.

Let me just call Sky real
quick and tell her good night.

I'll give you some privacy.

I'm gonna go freshen up.

Hey, Sky Sky.
How you doing, baby?

It's Daddy.
You good?

Yeah, what you doing?

What you playing, baby?

Brush your teeth yet?

What, what, Tariq?
You look sharp.

Thanks, Seville.

Son, you showed up.
I didn't think you'd come.

Of course I would.

I want you to meet one of my most
important associates, Simon Stern.

Simon, this is my son, Tariq.

You're a very lucky man
to have such a fine son.

I'll be at the bar.

Son, there are some other
important people

I want you to meet, all right?
Follow me.

Fellas, hey.
I want you to meet my son.

Yeah, yeah.

Tariq, what's the problem, man?

Dad, you absolutely sure
you want me to turn myself in?

Well, one of us has to.
After this party...

I mean, look around.

You don't really think
it's gonna be me.

But it's okay.
Hey, look.

I got you.

I'll be there
every step of the way.

Now, come on.
I want you to meet the mayor.

All right?
Come on.

Man all this shit you
was talking about killing Ghost,

and now you backing out?
I knew you couldn't do.

No, no,
you ain't listening.

Dre's the one
who took down my organization.

What you think he's gonna
do now when he finds out

Ghost set him up
for Jason's murder?

The same thing you should have
done a long fucking time ago.

You don't know
the whole story about Ghost,

just like I didn't know
about Teresi.

It wasn't till after I shot him
I learned the truth

was more complicated
than I thought.

You understand
what I'm saying to you?

Now I gotta live
with that shit.

No, I don't understand.

What exactly are you saying,
Uncle Tommy?

Dre's trying to leave town,

but he's got a reason
to make a move on Ghost,

so he gotta do
that shit tonight,

most likely where
you just come from.

Now, come on, Tariq.
Get in the car.

I need you to help me
set up a trap for Dre.

I ain't helping Ghost,
and neither should you.

Tariq, you need
to do this with me.

After we do this,

all that snaky shit
that you done,

it's gonna be forgiven.

And we can be a family again.

If Dre's gonna murk Ghost,

I can't get in the way.

- Yeah?
- Yo, Vincent, it's Tariq.

Why are you calling me,
you little punk?

You still looking for Tommy?

Oh, now you're tying
to help me.

Yeah, I know where he is
and where he's headed.

I'm listening.

What's the address?

You said it was in this area.

Oh, you don't need
the address.

Just, uh, pull over
around the corner.


Pull over at the corner.

- I can take you the whole way.
- No, it's fine.

I know a faster way.

Wait for me, okay?

I'll be right here.

Why don't you think this thing
through, little nigga?

What the fuck?

Yeah, it's me. And you about to
let a bitch do your dirty work.

I thought I taught your ass
better than that.

Nah, man,
you don't understand.

You been doing me proud,
though, kid.

Ooh-whee, that was some savage
shit you just did to Tommy.

Them Italians
gonna light his ass up.

Nah, I ain't wanna do that
to him, though.

It's okay.
I ain't gonna tell nobody.

I just didn't want Ma
to get hurt.

What you think Ghost gonna do
when she pull a gun on him?

She pull, he pull, it's over.

It's the same exact shit
with me, though.

But he won't see that
coming from you,

just like I didn't.

My bad about that, K.

You know I wish I could've
did something different.

Hey, live by the street,
die by the street, nigga.

Least I got the chance to take
some of those pigs with me.

- Crazy.
- When I met you, you was a kid.

The move on me, that was your mama's
move, maybe the right one,

but you gotta make
the man's move.

What if she gets caught?

What happens to your
grandmother, your little sister?

Man, she ain't gonna get caught.
She too smart.

There's only one way
to be sure.

And you can sit here
jerking off

like there's a decision to
make, but it's already done.

It was always gonna go
this way.

You know it.
Just gotta step into it.

You don't only owe me, nigga.
You owe yourself.

Come on, come on.

Radnor sent me
a text about the cops,

so I went back to Callister.

I had to hide the gun at Truth.

What are you doing here?

Everything cool?

I was just thinking

about everything
you was saying earlier,

about you being there

every step of the way
of me turning myself in.

- You have my word.
- Your word.

You never told me the truth about
who you really were growing up.

And you lied to me about Shawn
and how he died.

I told you the truth, okay?

It was Kanan who lied to you
about how he killed his son.

No, Jukebox told me.
You never said a word.

You know, Kanan loved me, man.
He would've never hurt me.

Son, are you crazy?

First of all, I'm your father, okay?
I love you.

And Kanan would have
put a bullet in your head

as sure as you're standing
in front of me right now.

No, you're wrong.
He already had the chance to do that.

He knew I betrayed him for the
family and he still let me live.

Look, you're confused, okay?
I get it, son.

Let's talk about it.
We can go on the road.

You c-you can come
on the campaign with me.

We can get you credit
for school,

maybe an internship.

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

'Cause you-you're gonna
turn Ma in for LaKeisha.

You're gonna turn me in
for Ray Ray.

When the fuck
are you gonna pay

for all the bullshit
you've done, huh, Dad?

It's your mama
doing this shit to you.

Your mama's got
in that head of yours.

She sent you in here
to do this shit to me.

No, this has nothing to do
with my mother.

This is me.

Up to now, you still don't even
see me for who I really am.

I'm you, Dad.

I tried to give you
one last chance,

like you said you did
with Breeze.

But you're in the way.

You're in the way of my future,
like you said

he was in the way of yours.

Ain't that what you said?

In the way
of your future, right?

- Put the gun down.
- No.

Tariq, if you do this shit,

you can never go back.

I'll do anything
to go back.

To go back to how it was
before you left us for Angela.

I just can't.

It's too late.

Hey, just give me the gun.

I can't.

I can't go back.

Hey, hey, son.
Hey, hey.

I love you, okay?


Oh, oh, oh, shit.

Tariq, what have you done?

Listen, I had to be the one to do
it, Ma. I had to.

- What have you done?
- I had to be the one to do it.

Give me the gun. Okay?
I-I-I'll say it was me.

No, no, listen.
Dre is on the way here to kill Ghost

any second, all right?
That's his gun.

We can say he did it.

- Okay, come on.
- Wait.

You take the gun out back
and dump it, all right?

I know what to do.

Ma, we take care
of each other, right?

- Right?
- Right.

You're gonna be okay.

L-let him go.

You're gonna be all right.

- Okay, breathe.
- All right.

You've been
through worse.

Yeah, right?

Ghost, don't go.

No, Ghost, don't go!

Don't leave me.



Let him go.

Tasha, what the fuck happened?

- I heard a gunshot.
- I went in there...

I went in there to talk to
him, like I told you,

and he was already dead.

Fuck, man.

Ah, let's go.


What the fuck happened?

Keep it back, please.
Let them do their work.

Excuse me, excuse me.
Um, I'm Tariq St. Patrick.

This is my father's club.
What's going on?

Uh, Tariq, you said?
Let me get a detective.

A detective? Why?
Where's my father?

- Let me get Detective Archer.
- Where's my father?

What's going on?
I need to see my dad!

- Calm down.
- I need to see my dad!

Get off of me!
I need to see my dad.

Please, I need to see
my father now!

I need to see my dad!
I need to see my dad!

Get off!
I need to see my dad!


Your clothes?

They're gone.
I burned them.

Just like you taught me
the first time.

Where's the gun?
What'd you do with it?

It's handled.

Fuck are you doing here?

Well, I got a phone call.
Sudden vacancy in your office.

I'm hearing something about
an indictment coming down.

Sounds bad.

Fuck you, Saxe.

Eh, save it for your new
friends in prison, Jacob.

Hey, how in the hell
did you get my job back?

I've got the hotline
to the attorney general.

And now I've got a friend
in the Eastern District.

When I call, you better pick up
on the first ring.

Well, I'll do you one better.
If I ever meet the right woman,

the look on Jacob Warner's face
just now

was worth
the right of prima nocta.

I'll hold you to that.

Wait, really?

It was a joke, man.

See ya, Coop.


Daddy's home, motherfuckers.


So there is a small gift
for Ms. Estelle Green.

Your rent is to be paid
out of the trust for one year.

That's all?

Well, the bulk of the estate
is divided now into thirds.

- Me, Yasmine, and Tariq.
- Well, as a matter of fact,

Yasmin, Tariq, and Raina.

Raina's share
actually defaults to Tariq,

uh, de facto creating a 2/3-1/3
split in favor of Tariq.

He gets the property,
the shares in the nightclubs,

including, um, Truth,

and the watch collection.

You, um, do not inherit.

- Nothing?
- I-I'm sorry, Ms. Green.

James designed it this way.

Unfortunately, you do not have access to the
life insurance, the stocks, or the bonds.

The entire portfolio

goes to your children.

Ma, don't worry
about it, okay?

I'll take care of you.

Tariq, um, just to note,

you don't inherit right away.

Um, all of your money
is held in trust

until you complete a four-year
degree from a university.

- What?
- With at least a 3.5 GPA.

After that,
the floodgates open,

but until you graduate
under those conditions,

you, um...
let me check that.

Yeah, you don't get a cent.

He's dead and he's still
trying to control my life.

Well, what did you expect?

I did everything
for that man.

I gave him three kids,

I stood by him through prison,
and I get nothing?

What are we gonna do
for money now?

I'll figure it out, Mama,
like I always do.

Ms. Green.

Would you just let us
grieve in peace?

After you answer a few questions

at the federal building first.

Shall we?

Look, James and I
were not getting along,

but he was still
the father of my kids.

They've lost so much.

I honestly don't know
how I feel right now.

Numb, I guess.

You know, my baby sister,

I don't know how much of my dad
or-or Raina she'll remember.

Can you think of anyone who
might want your father dead?

What? A lot of people wanted him
dead, Blanca.

You know that.

But the only person
that could have done this

is Andre Coleman.

He wanted my father dead.

Uncle Tommy told me he was
gonna go try to stop him,

but I guess
he was just too late.

I have a hard time
believing Andre Coleman

would try to kill Ghost.

It's too big a risk.

Andre doesn't let fear
or logic get in front

of what he wants to do.
He's just gonna do it.

Well, that's true.

It'd be convenient for you
if Andre was the killer,

but I don't understand
his motive.

I do understand yours.

- Mine?
- Your husband's campaign for office

would have invited more
scrutiny on you and your family.

I know you wanted us to arrest
James for Terry Silver's murder.

And you should have.

If you had,
James would still be alive.

But even more than that,
I think you wanted us to stop

looking at your son for the
murder of Raymond Jones.

Tariq's blood was in his flop.

Andre Coleman told me
Tariq asked for Jones' address.

He also told me Kanan Stark was in D.C.
when Jones was killed,

not in New York
and not pulling the trigger

on a New York City cop.

Andre had a lot of reasons
to lie on Tariq.

So do you.

That blood
in the flop was fresh.

James would be perfect to blame
for Jones' murder.

You can only do that

if he's not here
to contradict your story.

My story is the truth.

It ain't my fault
if you don't like it.

What I don't like is that you're
up in here wasting my time

when we both know it was either you
or Tariq that pulled the trigger.

So I think
you should arrest Dre

and let me and my mother go.

See, there's just one problem.

You were on the scene, Tariq.
You were right there.

I told you I went to the party,
and I left to meet with my Uncle Tommy.

When I came back,

my dad was already...

- Wow.
- He was already...

That's convenient,

just like blaming Dre
for the murder.

I don't know, Tariq.
See, I don't buy it. I don't buy it.

I think you know more
than you're telling me.

I think you know exactly
who killed your father,

and I think that person
is in this building right now,

maybe down the hall,
maybe in this very room.

You're right, okay?

May I please have some water?

Tariq, as your child advocate,

I can't leave you alone
with the U.S. attorney.

Listen, I'm thirsty,
I'm very thirsty,

and this is not easy
for me to speak on.

So please,
can I have some water?

I'll come and get you

if he wants to make
an official statement.

Anything he says, all off the record.
I'll be right back.

Look, Tariq,
if it was your mom...

I saw you.

- What?
- I saw you at Truth.

When I came back from meeting
with my Uncle Tommy,

I saw you going
through the back of the club

with a gun in your hand.

No, it wasn't me.

No, it was.
I saw you.

Look, I think Dre
killed my dad.

And I don't want to have to say
I saw you

if you're not
the one that did it.

So you didn't do it, right?

Dre did it, right?


It was Coleman all the way.


You're fucked.

I'm fucked?
Tariq is fucked.

I think we need to look at him
really closely for this.

Blanca, Tasha and Tariq
both say Dre did it.

You told me he punched you
in the face outside Truth

right after the gunshot.
It lines up.

He's the shooter,
and if we prove it,

your career is over.

- My career?
- You let Coleman out

when he turned witness
against St. Patrick.

He tricked your marshals
and got away.

If it's true
that he killed St. Patrick,

like I said, you're fucked.


Saxe, you have to help me.

Do I?

Yeah, I need to see
Andre Coleman.

Can you bring him
to an interrogation room?


What happened to your face?

Andre Coleman's dead.
You know anything about that?

- Nah.
- Your best friend, Spanky,

was just shot.
He's dead too.

Sounds like a you problem.

He was your witness, right?

Put him back on the street.
Somebody probably did the math.

Francis, your whole crew
is either dead or in the wind.

James St. Patrick is dead too.

Never heard of him.

You were wearing this watch

when you were arrested,
engraved "J.S.P."


We found a burner phone
on St. Patrick's body.

Only a couple numbers saved.

One was a burner we found
on a marshal who works here,

and he's not talking.

The other was
to an inmate, you.

Can I go back to my cell now?

I think St. Patrick got you and
Spanky moved here to kill Dre.

Dre got out, killed St.
Patrick, but we caught him.

We brought him back here,
and you followed through with the plan,

and now Spanky's dead,

but only you and Tommy Egan had
motive and opportunity to kill him.

I think you're connected
to all these murders.

I prove that,

I can give you the needle.

The one I know you didn't do
is St. Patrick.

You help me solve that,
and I could get you out of here.

You know what I like
about cops?

You stupid as fuck.

That bitch-ass nigga Dre
killed Ghost?

Come on.
Fuck outta here.

If you knew anything
about that motherfucker,

you would definitely know
that shit.

Wait. Why?

Tell me why.

Time for me to go back
to my cell.

Get that eye checked out.

Tasha, I am devastated.

I can't believe
I lost James so young.

And Andre Coleman too.
Did you hear about that?

- Andre is dead?
- Murdered in prison.

You think the two events
are related?

I don't know.

But I'm here to talk business.

Now that James is gone,

my son, Tariq, controls all his
assets, including Truth.

You do want Truth back, right?

How much?
I'll pay asking.

There's no amount of money
that can buy Truth,

but you do have
something I want.

My son's education.

Tariq can't get
his full inheritance

unless he graduates college.

You get him into your alma
mater, Stansfield,

and my son's trust
will give you Truth.

You are fascinating.

And I need him
to start tomorrow.

Tasha, I can get Tariq
into Stansfield easily.

The perks of legal bribery,
thanks to years of donations.

I built the fucking library.

But there is one more thing
I need from you.

Come work for me.

Are you crazy?

You need income,
and with diversity so en vogue these days,

my company needs an executive
with your... flavor.


Thank you so much.

Bon appétit.

Hey, Ma. What'd he say?

You're in.

He made some phone calls,
and it was done.

Damn, he got the juice
like that?

He built the library.

So no more Callister?

Yeah, but you still need
to take the GED.

But he asked them
to enroll you without it.

We both start tomorrow.
You go to school. I go to work.

- What, he got you a job?
- Yes.

But we got a bigger problem
that we need to deal with.

Dre is dead.

- What?
- Yes.

And we needed him alive so that
he could take the fall, 'Riq.

Now we gotta find
somebody else to blame.

Trust me, Saxe definitely
believed me about Dre.

How do you know
he believed you?

Look, just-just go to bed.

I'll figure everything out,
all right?

I got us.

Everything is good.

What's your emergency?

Yes, I think I know
who killed James St. Patrick.

Oh, oh, damn.

Oh, okay.

Search warrant.


What the fuck is going on?

Hands where I can see them.

Get on the goddamn floor.

Ma'am, stay right there.

Arms where I can see them.

I know my rights, man.
Show me a goddamn warrant.

We got a tip that you have
an illegal firearm

on the premises,
in violation of your parole.

We got it.

You're under arrest for the
murder of James St. Patrick.

Get up.
Get up!

Officer, that's not my gun.

Tasha, what the hell
is going on?

You have the
right to remain silent.

Anything you say or do can and will
be held against you in a court of law.

Tasha, tell them
I was with you, Tasha.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford...

Tasha, tell them
I was with you.

Tell them I was with you, Tasha!


Tell them I was with you!
Tell them! Tasha!


Your first day of college.
You excited?

Actually, I'm very excited.
I think this is gonna be fun.

Big Mama and Yas will be here soon

to see you off, so you better hurry up.

Oh, see, you better hurry up.
That's probably them.

What do you want now?

I solved
your husband's murder.

I have an arrest warrant.

You arrested someone
last night.

We arrested the wrong person
because you wanted us to, Tasha.

Problem is, Quinton told us
the whole story.


Whatever Quinton told you,
he was lying.

He told us you asked him
to drive you to Truth.

He told us you asked him
to wait in the car,

but he didn't wait
in the car, Tasha.

He went to a diner.
He was buying a Red Bull

when you shot your husband.

He's on all the cameras.

He thought he might need
an alibi, and he was right.

No, no, she didn't do this.
She didn't do it.

I'm sorry, Tariq, but she did.

We're gonna put
your mother under arrest.

- No! No!
- Tasha Green St. Patrick,

you're under arrest for the
murder of James St. Patrick.

No, she didn't do it.

- She didn't do it! She didn't...
- Tariq, go to school!

Mom, tell them you didn't do this.
Tell them what really happened.

- Tariq, Tariq, listen to me. Go to school.
- No! No!

Live your life.



Mom! Mom! Mom!

Hey, yo, come on,
we gotta move this weight.

Kanan's gonna
be looking for us.

Said he's gonna introduce us
to Breeze tonight.

A'ight, I'm ready.
I just...

Hold up, Tommy.

Shit, come on.

I'll be right back.

Yo, Angie.

- What's up, Jamie?
- What's this?

It's a school called Choate,
in Connecticut.


Yeah. What, you never think
about getting out of Queens?

All the time.

Fuck this.

How do you like him?

Tell me more
about this school.

So this is
the mission statement.

They have different programs.

They have
the upper form electives.

They have environmental art.

- French?
- Bonjour!

- Oui, oui.
- Oui, oui.