Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - It's All Your Fault - full transcript

Tommy is on a path to avenge LaKeisha's murder. Elisa Marie investigates whats on the USB stick given to her by her father. Tommy must destroy the evidence and he might need Ghost's help to...

Previously on Power...

Where'd you get those earrings?

You stole them
from my damn house.

You buy those earrings
for her?

Yeah, I bought them.
Why, you like them?

I would have got you
a pair too.

[ Grunts ] Tommy,
you're gonna regret this.

No, I won't,

'cause it ain't me
doing this to you.

It's Ghost.

You gotta get rid
of this thing.

There's a recording on there

that could put James and Tommy
away for life.

I got you something.
There's a secret inside.

Tommy, wh‐what are you
doing here?

You gonna be a lawyer
like your old man?

Study hard.

I'm scared, Joey.

I won't let you take
my little girl away from me.

Lindsay, I did it.

She asked me for help,
and I let her die.

‐ PROCTOR: Where are you?
‐ I'm with Tariq.

Go to your Uncle Benny's
right now.

[ Gunfire ]

BENNY: Night my cousin was murdered,
Tariq saved my niece's life.

Fuck this pendejo, man.

[ Gunshot ]

BLANCA: Unless you wanna spend
the rest of your life

in an orange jumpsuit,

you need to give me
something on Tommy Egan.

You should look
into the murder

of a dealer named Poncho.

GHOST: The Feds rolled up on
'Keisha, Tasha.

How do you even know
where I live?

[ Sobbing ]
Tasha, please don't do this.

I'm sorry.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dramatic music ]

I didn't kill LaKeisha.

I ain't gonna rest till you
six feet under, motherfucker.

I don't know what the fuck Ghost told
you, but whatever it was...

Ghost told me you killed Joey.

[ Grunts ]

‐ [ knife squelching ]
‐ [ screams ]


James St. Patrick
will soon be announced

as Tate rival
Lorette Walsh's running mate.

Now here we are,

with me not knowing
whether you're gonna

let me walk out
of this place alive.

I'm still your brother,
but that's the game.

‐ I'm out.
‐ [ gunshot ]

[ Gunfire ]



[ gunshot ]


JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

50 CENT: ♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15
minutes, they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that I'm
moving with no hesitation ♪

JOE: ♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪


[ dramatic music ]

[ Tommy grunts ]

[ Grunting ]


[ panting ]

[ sighs ]

[ Line rings, beeps ]

B. G., fucking call me
when you get this.

I need your help.
Where the fuck are you at?


What you want me
to do with it?

What you think?
Get rid of it.


Appreciate the payment.

[ Car horn honks ]


Tommy, what the hell?

What's the fucking emergency?

You look fine to me,

except for that bullshit outfit
you're wearing.

Hey, Tommy,
you listening to me?

Don't tell me
what happened, then.


But if this is about your work,

isn't there someone else
you can call?

What about Miss Gucci
Moneybag LaKeisha?

Isn't she your Bonnie
to your Clyde now, right?

LaKeisha's dead, Ma.

Ghost killed her.

Oh, no.

Why would he do that?

Revenge, Ma.

For revenge.


Hey, baby.

Come on.

It's gonna be okay.

I'll take you home, yeah?

Get some sleep, yeah?


Elisa Marie!

Time to wake up!


Oh, Elisa Marie,
you're up already.

Are you ready
for some pancakes?

I'm not hungry.

Oh, come on, sweetheart.

You gotta eat
before you go to school.

Aunt Dolores,

where's Uncle Benny?

Listen, Benny brought you here.

I mean, hell, I had to give up
my Rangers tickets

so you could spend the night

'cause he knew
he'd be out late.

He'll be back soon,

and if I don't get you
to school on time,

Benny's gonna have a fit.

Did he text you
in the last hour?


Why are you asking me that?

I know the system...

proof of life every hour
on the hour.

How many hours has it been?

Well, not since last night.

But listen to me.

Your Uncle Benny's a scrappy
son of a bitch, you hear me?

Only a hound from hell
could take him out.

He's gonna be fine, all right?

And so are you.
You're with family now.

You got nothing else
to worry about.


You sure?

Go upstairs.


Sorry to come unannounced.

What do you want, Vincent?

What I want is peace
on Earth,

at least
in our little corner of it.

Then where the fuck is Benny?

I swear to God I don't know
where your brother is.

I didn't even know he was
missing until your people

came knocking,
asking if I knew anything.

You know, funny thing,
just last week,

Benny came to me
and said the two of you

were at each other's throats
in the street.

Well, Benny was misinformed.

He trusts the wrong people

And yet there he was,
dressing you down

in front of all your boys.

You know, I wonder what a jealous
little shit like you would do

if you had a chance
to take a move on the Civellos.

on my mother's honor,

I don't know where
your brother is,

but as a sign of good faith,

with your permission,
of course,

I'd like to post two men
at your door.

For what?

Till we find out
what happened,

you should have protection.

[ chuckles ] How considerate.

Anything for your family.

You know,

now I see why
you're kissing my ass.

You haven't spoken yet with
my Uncle Carlo, have you, huh?


I wonder what
he's gonna do to you

if Benny doesn't turn up soon.


I'm a fucking dead man.

[ Indistinct TV chatter ]

So what stupid thing
did you do now?

Something I can't never
take back.

New York ain't safe
for me no more.

I can't
hide out here forever.

Ma, I gotta get
the fuck out of town.

[ Scoffs ] Where do you think
you're going, huh?

I'm feeling I., actually.

Who the fuck do you know
in California?

Oh, there's this guy Rodolfo.

My connect made the intro.

He's got a whole network
out there.

Same shit we got there,

just more palm trees
and fake tits.

You're not moving to Cali.

Don't be ridiculous, Tommy.

What, I'm gonna score my coke
out on the street?

Come on.

Work out
what you need to work out,

because your family is here.

I'm here, yeah?


You can't just pick up
and leave everything

and everyone
you've ever known behind.

ERROL LOUIS: ...primary season,
local entrepreneur James St. Patrick

has left the Tate campaign.

In a stunning turn of events,

sources say that St. Patrick
will soon be announced

as Tate rival Lorette Walsh's
running mate.

‐ Motherfucker.
‐ Hey!

Okay, I know you're upset,
but do you remember that night

on the docks when those guys
tried to shake you down?

Tasha was pregnant
with the twins,

and Jamie still came all the
way out there to save your ass.


He has had your back
long before LaKeisha ever did.

He's your brother.
He will always have your back.

When he killed the woman
I was gonna marry?

What do you mean,
gonna marry?

He shut down
my whole operation,

got my entire crew snatched up.

Ma, he literally just sent a
guy to my doorstep to kill me.

Oh, come on.

Ma, Ghost has taken
everything from me, Ma.

This shit can't go unanswered.

All right, first off,

you really think
Jamie's got the time

between running for office
and getting a divorce

to drive all the way out
to your new house

to murder LaKeisha?

Trust me, Ma.
The math's good.

Ghost set it up perfectly
so I could die

and he could forget
he ever knew me.

That is not the Jamie I know.

Then you don't know him
no more!

‐ Come on!
‐ Where are your keys, Ma?

Hey, get the fuck
out of my bag!

I'm done talking, Ma.

Before I do anything else,
I'm gonna kill Ghost.

[ Scoffs ]
Well, you better hurry...

‐ before he hits the campaign trail.
‐ [ door slams ]

TOMMY: Me and Ghost
killed him to start over,

but it was never about that.

Just like going
from corner boys

to running the biggest shop
in New York fucking City

wasn't about being gangsters.

It was all for him,

all so he could figure
another way to get out.

‐ [ grunts ]
‐ [ mic thunks ]

‐ RUIZ: Tommy, what are you doing?
‐ [ clears throat ]

‐ RUIZ: You're gonna regret this.
‐ TOMMY: No, I won't.

That's good.
Where did you get that?

Why did you lie to me
about Uncle Benny?

[ Sighs ]

Being the youngest of four
and the only girl,

when I was your age, my mother told
me that she wished I was a boy.

You know why?

She said I was gonna be
smarter and stronger

and braver than all
my brothers combined,

but as a woman, I was gonna
have to pretend that I wasn't.


Because men need to think

that we're weak
so they can act strong,

so they can keep
the families going.

The problem is,
strength is why

women in families like ours
are the ones who survive.

What do you know, Elisa Marie?

What do you wanna know?

We'll figure this out together.

Dad gave this to me the night
we spent with the St. Patricks,

the night he died.

What was Joe doing with this?

He said it was for insurance.

Do you know why?


But I recognize
the killer's voice.

His name is Tommy.

I saw him once...

big guy, blond hair,
blue eyes.


He came over
to my dad's place.

I don't know why,
but my dad was scared of him.

Me too.


If my dad had proof that
Tommy committed a crime, then...

then maybe Tommy killed him
to keep it from coming out.

So this Tommy guy

went to the St. Patricks'
apartment to find him.

Do you think Mr. St. Patrick
was involved?

Daddy trusted him.

Which means that he went over to tell
Benny what Tommy did to your father.

[ Scoffs ]

You know, we should take this
to Uncle Carlo.

There's no need
involving police

for something
we can deal with in‐house.

Can we just please make sure
it's this Tommy guy first?


TOMMY: Just like going from corner
boys to running the biggest shop

in New York fucking City
wasn't about being gangsters.

It was all for him,

all so he could figure
another way to get out.

‐ [ grunts ]
‐ [ mic thunks ]

Tommy, what are you doing?

‐ RUIZ: You're gonna regret this.
‐ TOMMY: No, I won't.

'Cause it ain't me doing this to you.
It's Ghost.

‐ [ Tommy and Ruiz grunting ]
‐ [ scuffling ]

I'm sorry, but I honestly can't
recognize any of these voices.

Who's Ghost?

I have no idea.

Where'd you get
this recording from?

That's not important.
So what about Tommy?

I mean, Benny was certain that
your father could help find him.

You sure you never met him?

I don't know anyone
named Tommy.

It's okay.

Thanks for meeting up with us.

Wish I could help more.

Hey, you‐you think
maybe I could take

the recording home with me,
play it for my mom?

Maybe she knows
who Ghost and Tommy is.

‐ Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.
‐ Not so fast.

I'm curious.

How did you know
to take Elisa Marie

away from your penthouse
that night?

I didn't.

‐ I was just craving hot cocoa.

Thank God we left
the time that we did.

Still have nightmares
about that.

I'm sure you sleep just fine.


So nobody else was inside
the apartment except Joe?


Well, then how did
the killer get in?

Did you leave
the door unlocked?

'Cause I know Joe
sure as hell wouldn't have.

Why did you go out
the back door?

Dad didn't want us to go out,
so we went out the back way.

Did you see him
lock the door behind you?

Ma'am, I don't know what
you're trying to imply, but I...

I think that you and Tommy
planned this together.

I think you know
exactly who he is,

and I think that you helped him
kill my cousin.

‐ Aunt D, Tariq is my friend.
‐ No, Tariq is not your friend.


You need to leave,
and this recording stays with us.



Bye, Elisa Marie.


Uncle Tommy,
you got my text.

Wasn't sure
you were gonna come.

Yeah, I wasn't either.
What's the emergency?

Heard a recording
with your voice on it...

something about you
and Ghost killing Lobos.


Where did you hear that?

Proctor's little girl,
Elisa Marie,

she had it on her laptop.

This recording still exists?

Guess so.

Maybe her dad gave it to her.

I mean, I tried to take it from
them, but I was too exposed.

I do know where
they're staying, though...

right around the corner
from where we met up.

I followed them.

God damn it!

Ghost promised me that Proctor
got rid of that that laptop.

‐ Maybe he lied.
‐ Fuck.

I mean, for what it's worth,
Elisa Marie's aunt

didn't believe me
when I said I didn't know you.

I'm just trying
to figure out...

who you think they'll play
that recording for next?

I understand you want to kill
Ghost, Uncle Tommy,

but that recording is still out
there, and that's evidence.


I got something I gotta do now.


But where'd you say this little
Proctor girl's staying, again?

LORETTE: Local entrepreneur and
youth activist James St. Patrick.

‐ [ cheers and applause ]
‐ MAN: Hear, hear.

[ camera shutters clicking ]

[ Ghost sighs ]

Thank you, Lorette,
first and foremost.

What can I say?
I come to you a changed man.

Distinguished members
of the DNC,

ladies and gentlemen,

if this great state
of New York is anything,

it's that of change,
that of growth,

that of development
at its highest level.

We indeed can work together
for the greater New York.


Tommy Egan.


Puerto Ricans in pantsuits.
I can't seem to get rid of you.

Thought I might
run into you here.

I stopped by your apartment
earlier, but you weren't home.

Homicide just released this.

What is it?

LaKeisha Grant's
personal effects.

Thought you might want them.

And you're giving this to me

out of the kindness
of your heart?

Puerto Ricans are mad generous.
You know this.

We still don't have anybody in
custody for LaKeisha's murder.

Maybe you could help us.

I don't know who did it.

Trust me.
You'd know if I did.

I think you're here at Truth
because you think you know.

Problem is, James St. Patrick

has an alibi
for LaKeisha's murder,

but he still
may be responsible.

There's another way, Egan.

We know James St. Patrick
is Ghost,

that he's killed multiple
people to cover his tracks.

Agree to say that to a jury,

and I'll march into Truth
right now and arrest him,

and for your trouble,
we'll give you immunity.

I'm sorry. You must have
mistook me for a fuck shot.

If I knew anything,
which I don't,

I still wouldn't talk to you.

Egan, if you help me
with this,

I'll let you skate on Poncho.

Poncho? Who's Poncho?
That's a stupid name.

[ laughs ]
Nice try.

Former head of the Soldados?

I got a witness says
you killed him.

Same witness ties you
to a warehouse in Brooklyn,

where we just seized a large
amount of drugs and dirty money.


if you got anything on me...

Don't worry, Egan.

I got some custom‐made
handcuffs for you.

I'll make sure I bring them
next time I see you.

Please do.


[ line rings, beeps ]

B. G.

It all makes sense now

why I didn't see you getting
arrested at the warehouse.

Just know that I know,

and I better not
catch you on the street,

you snitch‐ass motherfucker.

[ Somber music ]


[ dramatic musical sting ]


‐ Tommy.
‐ Hey, Tash.

‐ What are you doing here?
‐ You alone?

Yeah, Tariq is at school,
and Yas is with Big Mama.

Why, what's up?

We need to talk.

You know,
you left something at my house.


You sure that's mine?
'Cause I never been to your house.

Come on, Tasha.

It's from the pair that Holly
tried to steal from you.

The Feds gave it to me.

They think it's 'Keisha's.

But we both know better.

Did you do it alone?
That's all I need to know.

Listen, okay?

I had no choice.

I need to show you something...

Just stay where you are.

Don't fucking move.

Okay, just...

look under Yas' fox.

Look at the papers.



So what's this?
What am I looking at?

I heard that 'Keisha
was talking to the Feds,

so that's why
I went over there,

to ask her myself,
and I found those.

‐ She turned informant.
‐ Oh, this is some bullshit.

No, she was under pressure,

and I guess
it got to be too much,

and she was gonna
leave with Cash.

Now you lying, Tasha.
LaKeisha would never leave me.

You sure about that?

Look at the papers.

What do you think? I forged her
signature just in case you would ask me?

It's her signature, Tommy.

Listen to me.

'Keisha told me that she was

signing the papers
to protect Cash.

That's what she told me,
and‐and‐and I tried to reason with her,

but then she grabbed a gun.

I swear to you.
I swear to God it was a mistake.

I didn't mean to kill her.
I di‐I didn't.

No, no, you went over there
to confront her.

Yeah, you went over there
to shut her up.


But I told you.
'Keisha wasn't ready for the game.

Yeah, but you lied
to my face.

You let me believe that it was
Ghost that killed her.

You lied to yourself.

Tommy, I mean, come on.

Don't act like
you didn't see those bags.

I mean, you think she
just had those bags there

'cause she wasn't gonna leave?

We just moved in!
We were still unpacking!

'Keisha panicked, Tommy.
I mean, she pulled a gun on me.

I mean,
what would you have done?

No matter what you say,

you still the one
that pulled that trigger.


[ softly ] Tommy.


If it's gotta
go down like this,


at least it's you.


But I never thought it would
end like this, not between us.


Tommy, please.


You just take care
of Yas and 'Riq, okay?



Tommy, please.


[ breathing heavily ]

Oh, God.

Here's a copy
of the recording.

Oh, good.

We should have a backup anyway.
Do you have the original?


Joe was right to trust you.

I want Uncle Carlo
to hear this.

It might just help us
to find Benny.

‐ Can I come with you?
‐ No.

Not to the clubhouse, hon.
I'm sorry.

I just don't wanna be alone.

Don't worry.
Come here.

I wanna show you something.

See those guys out there?

They're gonna be our bodyguards
for a little while

until we find exactly
what happened to Benny and Joe,

and they won't let anything bad
get by them, okay?


That's my brave, strong girl.

Call me if you need something.


‐ TOMMY: Ghost.
‐ Tommy.

'Keisha wasn't you.
I know that now.

Yeah, I fucking told you that.

Yeah, well, you ain't exactly
the trustworthy type, G.

Come on. Look, Tommy,
I never fucking pulled the trigger

on anybody that you love, man...
not fucking Holly, not Teresi.

I mean it. I'm always
fucking saving you, right...

cleaning shit up for you,
protecting you with lies.

So this recording that Proctor
had this whole time,

you're telling me that you lied about
him destroying it to protect me?

What the fuck
are you talking about?

The recording where I tell Ruiz
that we killed Lobos

and give him the stabby‐stab...
that recording.

Proctor said
he got rid of that recording.

[ Chuckles forcefully ]

Look, Proctor
betrayed us both.

Yeah, you surprised?
Ain't no friends in the street.

Remember that?
Kanan taught us that.

Yeah, I also remember having more
than a friend, man. I had a brother.

Look, man, I'm done
with your petty shit, okay?

‐ P‐Petty shit?
‐ Yeah.

You can have it, all right? I'm moving
on to bigger and better than you.

All right.
Fuck you, Ghost.

Okay, fuck me.
Tommy, look, you gotta let me go.

Oh, I'ma let you go,
all right,

as soon as you help me
get back this recording.

It's the least you could do
after sending Benny on my ass.

What about Jason? That's the
second time you let me go in blind.

Yeah, well, you got
my whole crew roped up again.

That wasn't me, Tommy, again.

I don't need you
like you need me, okay?

You need me.
I don't need you, so I'm leaving.

Oh, yeah, you think so?

You get everything that
you want and I get nothing?



Tommy, that's all your fault.
All of that shit is your fault.

That's your shit, not mine.

[ Gunshot ]

‐ What the fuck was that?
‐ You motherfucker.

What the fuck
is going on, Ghost?

‐ What, you set up a ambush?
‐ Risk getting myself shot?

Fuck no.
Who the fuck is chasing you?

‐ The Italians, thanks to you.
‐ [ gunshots ]

‐ There's two of them.
‐ Yeah, I see that. Split up.

Cover me!

[ Gunshots ]


[ gunshots ]

‐ [ gunshot ]
‐ [ grunts ]


‐ [ groaning softly ]
‐ Shit, you ain't Italian.

[ Gunshots ]




‐ [ engine turns over ]
‐ [ tires squealing ]

[ Gunfire ]


[ sighs ]

Here we go.


[ lid clangs ]


Don't you make a fucking move.
Give me the fucking gun.

Give me the gun. Get in the back.
Get in the back now.

Fucking move it.

You're from Vincent's crew,
ain't you?

The fuck
is you doing here?

Get down. Get over here.
You better call your boy.

‐ [ speaking Sicilian ]
‐ In English, greaseball.

Dominic, come here!

TOMMY: Hey, Dom.

You better put
that fucking gun down.

Put it
down, you motherfucker.

You know, I never got to pass
on my regards to Vincent

for grifting me
out of a fuck ton of money.

Will you pass on
a message for me?

[ Gunshots ]



[ breathing heavily ]

Hey, little girl.

No, no, I‐I remember you.

D‐do you remember me?
I ain't gonna hurt you.

I just need the laptop,
and I'll be on my way.

Kid, I ain't got time
for this shit!

Where's the computer?

On your laptop?

There's an illegal
FBI wiretapped recording

on your personal computer?

Who put it there?

Kid, talk to me.
I need to hear this thing!

I ain't got time
for no show‐and‐tell.

Pack your lunch.
You're coming with me.

Let's move!
Come on!


All's you gotta do is tell me
what I wanna know,

and this is over quick.

You understand?

Look, kid.

You was awfully chatty this morning
when you was talking to Tariq,

so this mute act that you playing
with me right now is bullshit.

I'm gonna ask you
a really important question,

and I expect an honest answer.

Is there another copy
of that recording?

Wait, you know Tariq?

How the fuck you think
I found you?

Kid, that laptop has
the only recording, right?

‐ No.
‐ What you mean, no?

My Aunt Dolores
made a copy of it...


To share with Carlo Civello.

The head of the Civello mob,
that Carlo Civello?

He's my great‐uncle.


Course he is.

Course he is.

‐ [ keys jangle ]
‐ [ engine turns over ]

[ Knocking at door ]

Gee...whoa, Tommy,
what's going on?

Hey, pretty little girl
who I don't know.

‐ Hi?
‐ What the fuck, Tommy?

‐ Listen, I need a big favor.
‐ Okay, how big?

‐ A gram, an eight ball, what?
‐ Jesus, Ma, not in front of the kid.

Oh, like you're some saint.
Fuck you.

Who's the little girl?

Just somebody I need you to watch for
a little while. I need to run out.

Wait, you want me to babysit?

‐ I'm not a baby.
‐ Ain't nobody talking to you.

All I need you to do
is just sit on this girl.

Don't let her go nowhere.
Don't talk to her.

You know, don't do nothing
until I get back, all right?

Always wanted a little girl.

‐ [ door slams ]
‐ She's not here.

‐ She's not...
[ speaking Sicilian ] ‐ Whoa, whoa.

You were supposed to be watching
Elisa Marie! Where are your guys?

[ Inaudible ].
Your place has been hit.

I just found
their bodies out back.

First Joe, then Benny,

now the little girl is missing?


I love my family,

yet attachment
only leads to suffering.

Don't say that you don't care!

I didn't say that.
I do care.

I care very much.

We don't know yet
if the girl's been hurt,

which means there is still time

to clean up
this asshole's mess.

‐ [ cell phone ringing ]
‐ I‐I‐I‐it's a blocked call.

Take the call. Take the call.
Put it on speaker.

TOMMY: Hey, Auntie.
I got something you want.

You got something I want.
Let's make a trade.

First, you put Elisa Marie on.

I'd have thought you would've
known how this worked by now.

I'm the one
making the demands here.

That copy of the recording
you got with my voice on it?

I need it. Bring it to me,
and I'll let Elisa Marie go.

Not until I talk to her.

You're just gonna have to take
my word for it that she's okay.

I'll text you a location for
the exchange once I'm there.

Hey, Uncle Carlo.

How you doing?

I know who that guy is.
That's Tommy Egan.

Excuse me?

The guy who took Elisa Marie?
It's Tommy fucking Egan.

Tony Teresi's kid?


This is all your fault,

And how is that?

It's easy to see
the faults of others,

difficult to see one's own.

You let Teresi and his
bastard son get too close.

This asshole killed Joey.

Probably killed Benny,
and now he's taken Elisa Marie.

So it's on you

to deliver this Tommy Egan
to me...now.


So you don't have a boyfriend?

I'm only 11.

Ah, trust me.

The boys are gonna
be all over you.

I used to have to dump
a bucket of cold water on Tommy

just to keep him
from bringing a baby home.

[ laughs ]

Both he and Jamie...
oof, they were inseparable.

‐ Jamie?
‐ Yeah.

James St. Patrick.

He's like my other son.

Mm, he might be New York's
next lieutenant governor.

Wouldn't that be something?

Does, um, Mr. St. Patrick
have a nickname?

Does anyone
ever call him Ghost?

[ Door clicks open, slams ]
‐ TOMMY: Fuck!

Ma, what the fuck
is going on in here?

‐ I specifically said no talking!
‐ KATE: Yeah, okay.

But you kinda left out the part
about kidnapping her.

‐ [ knocking at door ]
‐ TOMMY: Shit.

Okay, look,
you two get in the back.

Come on, move it,
move it.

[ Knocking continues ]

Hey, make a sound.
I dare you.

He's kidding.

‐ Paz, what you doing here?
‐ Yeah, uh,

when you went
to Angela's funeral,

uh, you said if I ever needed
anything, uh, to reach out.

‐ Yeah, I remember.
‐ Yeah.

Paz, what the fuck
is you doing with that?

I need you to kill Jamie
for me.

I need you to kill the man
who murdered my sister.

‐ You want me to kill Ghost?
‐ Who?

Uh, Jam‐Jamie?
Yeah, Paz, I can't do that.

Bullshit! I know what
you're capable of, Tommy!

You've done it before! You think
people in the hood don't talk? Huh?

You think I don't know about the
things you've done in the past?

‐ Paz, you came to the wrong place.
‐ No, here, take this.

I don't want
your fucking money.

‐ It's time to go.
‐ No, here. No, no, no!

Listen to me! Just do this one thing
for me, and you'll never see me again.

‐ [ grunts ] You gotta go. ‐ I'll never
ask for you... anything from you again.

‐ You gotta go. Bye, Paz.
‐ Please, Tommy, please!

‐ Tommy!
‐ [ banging on door ]

Wow, seems like you're not the
only one trying to kill Jamie.

Ma, shut the fuck up.

Ooh, Elisa Marie, honey,
will you wait for me over there?

What are you gonna do, Tommy?
Kill a little girl?

Well, if I do, it's your fault for
running your fat fucking mouth.

You're the one that put an underage
girl up here against her will.

You gonna put that on me too?

Yeah. Thanks for your help.
We out of here.

Hey, kid, get your backpack.
We're leaving.

What are you gonna do with her
o‐once you get the recording?

‐ She told you about that?
‐ Whatever. She's innocent.

For God's sake, Tommy,
she's the same age as Cash!

You keep his name
out of your fucking mouth.

Not once did you
show concern for him

while his mother
was still alive.

You don't get to pretend
you care now.

Come on, kid.
Let's go.


Where are you taking me?

You'll find out soon enough.

You gonna try to exchange me
for the recording?

Given what I know
about my Great‐Uncle Carlo,

I'm not so sure how it's gonna
play out for either of us.

Come on. Why can't you just
tell me where we're going?

How about you go back
to not talking, huh?


Oh, this is pretty.
Who's this for?

What are you doing?
Give me that.


I was just saying
it was pretty. My bad.

Who's Cash?

Were you gonna
give that ring to his mom?

[ Soft dramatic music ]


My mom died too.


I remember my dad got her
this beautiful ring...

a yellow gold band
with a crown setting.


Diamond was perfect.


Their marriage, not so much.


I wanted that ring so bad.


She said she would
give it to me

if I ever decided
to get married.

What happened to it?


She sold it to a pawnshop
to get high.

I've seen that movie before.

My Ma's a junkie too.


I know.


My mom kept promising me she would
buy it back when she got her new job.


Then she relapsed.


Only this time,
she didn't wake up.


God, is it terrible that
I miss that ring more than her?


Can I ask you something?

Did you kill my father?


Why would you ask me
a thing like that?

'Cause I wanna know the truth.

In my experience, nothing good
ever came from knowing the truth.

I don't care.
I want to know.

For what?



No matter what Dr. Phil says,

that shit don't exist.

People die
for a lot of reasons...

most of them stupid.

My advice?

Don't waste your time
trying to find meaning in it.

If you're gonna kill me anyway,
you might as well just tell me.

Why you think
I'm gonna kill you?

Dad used to always say,

"No witnesses, no jail time."

I'm a witness, right?

What you think your father
really did for a living?

You know what he really did?

Criminal defense.

He protected people like you.


Well, to do that kind of work,
you gotta get your hands dirty,

and your dad's were filthy.

A lot of people
had a reason to kill him.


Were you one of them?

Because of this recording you
want to get rid of so badly?

Before this morning, I didn't
know that recording still existed,

but now that I do,
it's a problem...

one I intend to solve.



I know who my father was...

who he really was.


I heard him and Uncle Benny
talking about

why my mother died,

how he pushed my mom
into relapse

and did nothing to help her
when she got sick.


He left her to die.


Damn, kid.

He did it to protect me.

All he ever did
was just try to protect me.

Uncle Benny too.

Now he's gone.


Just like everyone else
I've ever loved.

It's like I'm all alone
in this world.


[ cell phone buzzes ]

Fuck is this?

Yo, it's me.

You out the can already?

Nah, I got a burner inside.

Listen, I know who got us
jammed up at the warehouse.

TOMMY: Yeah?
I'd be real curious to know that shit.

I'm starting to think that B. G. might
have turned. I can't find him nowhere.

He ain't in there
with you, is he?

Wasn't B. G. that snitched.
B. G.'s dead, man.

What? B. G.'s dead?
Did you fucking kill him?

No, but I think the same motherfucker
who did gave up the warehouse...

the nigga
with the ankle monitor.

Fucking Dre?

Y'all were supposed
to handle that shit.

Shit went sideways.

Me and Spank went to find
a place to put him.

Came back,
your boy was sitting there

with his fucking brains blown
out, and that rat nigga was gone.

We missed him in here too.
You gotta pay him a visit.

And you're just
telling me this now?

When the fuck was I
'posed to tell you?

You seen me get jammed up.

How I know you still inside?

Maybe you're just trying to pin this
on someone so you could cut a deal.

Fuck out of here. You know I'm a soldier.
Just check the MCC logs.

The nigga you want is out on the
street and he need to get got.

Honestly, I'd love
to help you out,

but I got a surplus of people
I need to dead right now,

and as it turns out,

someone from inside my
operation dropped Poncho on me,

so I can't trust
none of y'all motherfuckers.

See you in 20, homey.


Dre's still alive.

Can't let
that motherfucker live.

‐ Wait, wait, who's Dre?
‐ [ engine turns over ]

ELISA MARIE: Wh‐where are we going?
What about the recording?

I was wrong about my brother.

Now he's in trouble,
and I need to help him out.


‐ [ engine stops ]
‐ Look, kid, you're not alone.

You still got one person
that cares about you.

I don't understand.

Well, then listen real close.
Go to your aunt.

Tell her I never touched
a hair on your head, all right?

Is this about the guy who used
to be your friend, Ghost?

‐ Are you gonna kill him?
‐ No, I'm gonna go save him.

Now, go.

Hurry up!

[ Engine turns over ]


[ tires squealing ]


Elisa Marie.
Oh, God.

[ laughing ]
Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

[ Tender music ]


Tariq, I been hitting you up.
Where you been?

Why you dressed like that?

Party at Truth with your boy.
You got the recording?

Recordings, not yet.

I still gotta have a little conversation
with that bitch‐ass, Andre Coleman.

‐ You seen him?
‐ Yeah, I actually have.

He was at Truth
talking to my dad.

He was asking
about some money.

Think he's trying
to go out of town or some shit.

I heard he got
some murder pinned on him...

some guy named Jason.

Did they scoop him up?
Did he‐did he make bail?

I don't know.
Why? What's up?

I thought Ghost was the one
that murdered LaKeisha,

but I was wrong.

I thought Ghost shut down
my drug store.

You know what?
That wasn't him neither.

I thought he lied to me
about Proctor,

but I'm realizing
that Proctor betrayed us both.

Tariq, I been wrong
about a lot of shit.

Fuck that shit.
He's a fucking liar, Uncle Tommy.

He ruined all of our lives.
Can't you see that?

I know it.
I know it.

You right,

but he didn't
do none of that shit.

All this shit you was talking
about killing Ghost,

and now you just
want to back out?

Man, I knew you couldn't
fucking do this shit.

Dre is the one
who shut down my organization.

What do you think he's gonna do
when he finds out

that Ghost set him up
for Jason's murder?

The same shit you should've done
a long time ago, Uncle Tommy.

You don't know
the whole story with Ghost,

just like I didn't know
the whole story with Teresi.

It wasn't till
after I killed him

that I learned that the truth was a
lot more complicated than I thought.

You understand that?

'Cause now I gotta live
with that shit every day.

What are you saying?

If Dre's trying to leave town
but he got a reason

to make a move on your dad,
he gonna do that shit tonight,

most likely where you
just came from.

What I'm saying is,
come with me, Tariq.

We gonna set up a trap for Dre.

Fuck that.

I ain't helping save Ghost,

and neither should you.


You need to do this with me.

After this, all the snake shit
that I done to you,

you done to Ghost,
Ghost done to me,

it's all gonna be forgiven.

We can be a family again.

If Dre wants to kill Ghost,

I ain't getting
in the middle of that.


[ tires squealing ]

[ Tense music ]



Hope you're not in a rush.

We have some
unfinished business.


[ tires squealing ]



‐ [ gunshots ]
‐ [ grunts ]

[ Grunts ]


[ gunfire ]


[ glass shattering ]


[ grunts ]

[ Trigger clicks ]

[ Breathing heavily, grunts ]


Tommy, please don't shoot.
I got no problem with you.

[ Gunshots ]


[ breathes heavily ]

Drop the weapon and turn
around, you fucking mutt.

[ Gun clatters ]

I'm going slow, Vincent.
I'm going slow.

You don't know when to quit,
do you, huh?


You know
that's your weakness, Tommy?

You're always trusting
the wrong people

like Benny and that
little godson of yours, Tariq.

Tariq ain't got nothing
to do with this.

Oh, no?

How do you think I found you...
[ screams ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Hisses ]

Ah, fuck!

[ Grunts ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Coughs ]

What now, huh?

[ Both grunting ]

Thought you could fuck with
my money and get away with it?

This is for all that foul shit
you done to Tariq!


And this is for my old man.


[ breathing heavily ]


[ gun cocking ]

[ Gunshot ]



[ Breathing shallowly ]



[ Soft dramatic music ]

‐ Ghost.
‐ Hey, Tommy.

‐ Ghost.
‐ Hey, man.

‐ Oh, my God.
‐ Hey.

I just saw Dre outside.
Did he do this?

No, no.

G‐give me your hand.
Come on.

‐ [ Ghost groaning ]
‐ Oh, fuck.

You're gonna be all right, brother.
You're gonna be all right.

You hang in there for me,
all right?

Come on, you've been
through worse than this.

I don't know about this time.

Yeah, this time.
This time.


‐ Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, no.
‐ What?

GHOST: No, no.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.

‐ No, don't do it.
‐ [ hisses ]

No, no.
Let it go.

Let it go, Tommy.


‐ Let it go.
‐ I tried to get here in time.

I tried.

‐ Hey, hey.
‐ [ siren wailing ]

Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.

You gotta go.

No, I ain't
going nowhere.

‐ I ain't going nowhere.
‐ [ chuckles ]

No, no, no.
[ strained ] Bro.

[ Voice breaking ]
No, you stay with me.

‐ You stay with me.
‐ Yeah.

‐ Stay with you.
‐ Stay with me.

‐ Stay with you.
‐ Ghost?

Ghost, don't go.

Ghost? Ghost! Ghost, come on, man!
Don't do this!

[ Somber music ]




[ inhales sharply ]


[ sirens wailing ]



[ strained grunt ]




You heard.

Why'd you kill him?

Ma, I didn't do it.

I didn't believe you,

but now I get it.

You were jealous 'cause
Jamie always got the girls,

all the attention you wanted,
but more than that,

he saw a life beyond Queens,

and you hated him for it.

That's why you want to leave,
to be more like him,

but you will never,

ever be anything without Jamie.

I'm somebody, Ma.

Ma, I always been somebody.

I don't want a goddamn thing
Ghost had.

I'm my own man.

Well, you say
whatever you need to say

to make yourself feel better,

but right now...

right now,
I can't even look at you.

You are not the son I raised!


Ma, I'm your own
flesh and blood,

and you still
choosing him over me?

I loved him too, Ma,
but Ghost is dead.

He's gone,
and he ain't never coming back.

I'm all you got.


Jamie left me some money,

so I don't need you no more.

You can go to hell...
or California.

Same thing.


Guess I got no reason
to stay here after all.

[ Keys clatter ]

He left you something too,

if you care.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Get out of my sight.

[ Michael Kiwanuka's
"Place I Belong" ]

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I'm moving on ♪


♪ My friends are leaving ♪

♪ My friends are gone ♪


[ choir vocalizing soulfully ]


♪ I'm ♪

♪ In the place ♪

[ cell phone buzzing ]

‐ MICHAEL: ♪ I belong ♪
‐ Yeah?

I know who snitched on you
about Poncho.

He ain't in here no more.
He out there.


Just got sent home.
Fucking Spanky.

He tell you that?

Nah, but he just got released one
day after talking with the Feds.

‐ How that look?
‐ Shady as hell.

Ain't that your boy, though?

‐ That nigga's food.
‐ [ cell rattles ]

How else you explain
the timing?

He ain't got no money
to post bail.

Oh, and by the way,
I took care of that nigga Dre.

My man.

We straight, 2‐Bit.

You keep your head up
in there.


[ tires squealing ]

[ Engine revs ]


[ engine revs, shuts off ]

Fancy meeting you here.


Who told you I was out? 2?

You can't believe anything
that he says.

Let me tell you something.

He sent that dude
to beat up 'Keisha at her spot.

You can't trust him.

Maybe I can't,
but everything

he ever told me was true,
and he ain't out.

‐ You are.
‐ SPANKY: Look, Tommy.

I'ma be straight‐up with you.
I thought you flipped on us.

You was the only one from the
crew who didn't get wrapped up.

You really think I'm gonna shut
down my own business, Spanky?

To save your own ass,
hell yeah.

Shit, I used to say
fuck the police,

but now I'm saying fuck jail.

Shit, they was
throwing life at me,

but you know I ain't going
to get on no stand, though.

I figured as much, Spank.

Just wanted to make sure
before I move on.

I'm starting a new organization
in a new place.

You going somewhere?

Yeah, I'm thinking about it.

‐ Where you going?
‐ You really want to know?

[ Clicks tongue ]
Come on, now.

‐ You know you gotta tell me.
‐ All right.

I'll tell you, but then I gotta kill you.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dark music ]

[ Tires squealing ]


[ car door clicks open ]

[ Door clicks shut ]

There was nothing
on that laptop.

Are you here to kill us?

[ Chuckling ]

[ Soft dramatic music ]

Did you save your friend?


I know you killed my father.

You won't say, but I know.


Look, kid, I get it if you feel
some type of way about me,

but whether I did it or not,
it don't matter.


But if you wanna come
and see me about it someday,

I'll understand.




Here's the last of it.

You had it the whole time?

[ Chuckles ]
Nice work, kid.


I'll see you around.


[ Michael Kiwanuka's
"Place I Belong" ]

♪ Ooh ♪

[ car door clicks open, slams ]

♪ I'm moving on ♪

[ tires squealing ]


And looking over at politics,

following the murder
of lieutenant governor hopeful

and nightclub owner
James St. Patrick,

some wonder if Councilman
Rashad Tate will take his place.

‐ Fuck me. ‐ MAN: Coming
up, we have news on sports.

[ Warren G's "Regulate" ]


WARREN G: ♪ It was a clear black
night, a clear white moon ♪

♪ Warren G was on the streets
trying to consume ♪

♪ Some skirts for the eve
so I can get some phones ♪

♪ Rolling in my ride,
chilling all alone ♪

NATE DOGG: ♪ Just hit the
east side of the LBC ♪

♪ On a mission trying to find
Mr. Warren G ♪

♪ Seen a car full of girls,
ain't no need to tweak ♪

♪ All you skirts know
what's up with 213 ♪

WARREN G: ♪ So I hooks
a left on 21 and Lewis ♪

♪ Some brothers shooting dice,
so I said, "Let's do this" ♪

♪ I jumped out the ride
and said, "What's up?" ♪

♪ Some brothers pulled some
gats, so I said, "I'm stuck" ♪

NATE DOGG: ♪ Since these girls
peeping me I'ma glide and swerve ♪

♪ These hookers lookin' so hard,
they straight hit the curb ♪

♪ Onto bigger, better things
than some horny tricks ♪

♪ I see my homey and
some suckas all in his mix ♪

WARREN G: ♪ I'm getting
jacked, I'm breaking myself ♪

♪ I can't believe
they taking Warren's wealth ♪

♪ They took my rings,
they took my Rolex ♪

♪ I looked at the brother,
said, "Damn, what's next?" ♪

NATE DOGG: ♪ They got my homey
hemmed up and they all around ♪

♪ Can't none of them see him
if they goin' ♪

♪ Straight pound for pound ♪

♪ They wanna come up
real quick ♪

♪ Before they start to clown ♪

♪ I best pull out my strap ♪

♪ And lay them bustas down ♪

♪ They got guns to my head ♪

♪ I think I'm going down ♪

♪ I can't believe it's
happening in my own town ♪

♪ If I had wings, I would fly,
let me contemplate ♪

♪ I glanced in the cut
and I see my homey Nate ♪

NATE DOGG: ♪ Sixteen in the
clip and one in the hole ♪

♪ Nate Dogg is about to make
some bodies turn cold ♪

♪ Now they dropping
and yelling ♪

♪ It's a tad bit late ♪

♪ Nate Dogg and Warren G
had to regulate ♪