Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - No One Can Stop Me - full transcript

The city is revoking

all permits
to the project site.

From now on,
you'll be running my weight

with each other, together.

Listen to me.

Either one of you
shows up dead,

I will kill the other one.

You know
what we gotta do.

I'll reach out
with a location.

I need you to plant a weapon.

I'll draw Jason to the location.
I'll pull the trigger.

Here's a burner.
Hold on to it till you hear from me.

All right, he's shorter than
me, a little lighter‐skinned.

Hold back the surveillance

of him walking in here,
all right?

The Feds rolled up
on 'Keisha, Tasha.

- ‐ Fuck.
- That's right.

Now she got no reason
to protect us.

She may be the key to keeping
your son out of jail.

How do you even know
where I live?

You need to keep Tariq's name
out your mouth.

Tasha, the cops pulled me over.
I didn't say shit.

You signed the fucking papers,

Tasha, please don't do this.

I'm sorry.

Cash, I changed my mind.

Go wait in the car.

Did you follow me after the QCP
groundbreaking to Terry's garage?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Bullshit, you don't!

Everything I've lost
is because of you.

Tell me that you don't have
my son running product

out of that damn day care
of yours!

He's not moving product
through the day care.

I'm gonna get your business
shut down,

and then I'll take Yas
away from you for good.

I will tell the Feds
you killed Terry Silver.

James didn't kill LaKeisha,

but he did kill Terry Silver.

- ‐ I suspect...
- ‐

If you go to the old

parking structure,

you'll find him.

Ghost is the main source
of your problems.

Mine too.

Plant that
at St. Patrick's place.

It's evidence
that links Ghost

to a murder
that he committed.

Then I'll do my best to cover
your tracks on the Jason kill.

I know what happened
between you and Ma.

Don't you ever put your
fucking hands on her again.

And don't you ever fucking use
that tone with me again.

Son, I said get back here!

Everything you do
is always for you.

It's always about you!
You're so fucking selfish!

You call me selfish?

I'm trying to protect you

from a life of misery, son!

I ain't your fucking son.

You might have given me life,

but you were never
my fucking father.

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15
minutes, they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that I'm
moving with no hesitation ♪

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

Season 06 Episode 10

Title :"No One Can Stop Me"

Sync corrections by srjanapala

Hey, son, it's me.

Listen, Tariq.
We need to talk, okay, man?

I need to see you.

I want you to understand
some things

that I didn't understand
when I was your age

because I had no one around
to share them with me,

so I want to share
some things

that... only your father
can say to you.

I need to see you,

so hit me back, son.



To what do I owe this call,

Turn on your TV.

New York One.

Why? What's up?
What's going on?

Something you need to see.

Rumors are circulating

that after supporting
Councilman Rashad Tate

for most of this
gubernatorial primary season,

local entrepreneur
James St. Patrick

has left the Tate campaign.

In a stunning turn
of events,

sources say
that St. Patrick

will soon be announced as Tate
rival Lorette Walsh's running mate.

‐ If true, this could mean...
‐ Who are his sources, Ramona?

Uh, you might be talking
to them.

candidate in the race

‐ for New York state governor.
‐ Okay.

Walsh is vulnerable

with urban
and minority constituents,

and St. Patrick's presence
on the ticket,

especially after his
exoneration on murder charges

in the death of FBI agent
Gregory Knox,

will erase the doubts
from those communities

about Walsh's commitment
to their interests.

- James, you're not saying much.
- In other news...

It's a lot to take in, Ramona.

This is just the beginning.

Just wait till they make
the formal announcement.

Your whole life's
about to change.

I'm ready.

Well, I'll see you
at breakfast with Lorette.

Oh, hey, Ramona?

‐ Yeah?
‐ Thank you.

I believe in you, James.

How the fuck
did you get in here?

Uh, my ID still works.

Gotta love
the government bureaucracy.

I'm gonna get security,

and they're taking that badge
this time.

No, I'm‐I'm not
fucking going away.

You know, neither is
James St. Patrick

or Tommy Egan.
They're still out there.

You're gonna be out there
with them in just a minute.

Oh, you are so over.

Oh, and so are you,

if you let St. Patrick
and Egan get away.

You know what?
I don't work here anymore, remember?

You can't blame
this shit on me.

It's on you.

Have you, uh,

searched St. Patrick's
hotel room yet?

Why the fuck
would I do that?

I don't know.

LaKeisha Grant is dead.

There's probably evidence
in that hotel room

that St. Patrick was aware
of their new address,

evidence linking him
to her murder, huh?

Are you on medication, Saxe?

Do you need medication?

He's about to run
for lieutenant governor.

He's a murdering drug dealer
who's about to run

for public fucking office.

And you think
he's the first one?

Listen to me, fuck‐face.

St. Patrick did not kill
LaKeisha Grant.

He has an alibi.

He was with Rashad Tate
in his office.

He's on the cameras.

You didn't think
I would check?

So he had
somebody else do it.

St. Patrick is not the great
and powerful Oz, Saxe.

He's just a guy,

and when it comes
to LaKeisha Grant,

he is not a suspect,

and we will not
be checking his place.

Why don't you toddle on home

so he can come over
and tie you up again?

That really happened.

- ‐ Sure, it did.
- Sir?

Touch me, and I punch you
in the dick.

James, supporters,
donors, everyone is saying

that this is the best move
we could have made

to clinch the nomination.

Well, hey, how about that?

Great idea, Ramona.

Yes, dear Ramona.

Thank you, and‐and I have
to thank you,

of course, uh, Lorette,
for, again,

showing your faith in me.
It says a lot.

I won't let you down.

Oh, I know you won't.

In fact, we've done
a bunch

of oppo research.

We investigate
and predict

what our opposition's
gonna say about you

once you join the ticket.

Hmm, and what's out there
on me?

Well, you passed
the background check.

Nothing new there.

Arrested for the murder

of FBI special agent
Gregory Knox.

Completely exonerated.

Some chatter around you
selling drugs in your youth.

Which I never denied.

I have made some mistakes.

But the Queens Child Project

will counteract that narrative.

You giving back
to the community

after a misspent youth

is a story that can take us
straight to the bank.


And I'd like to preview

the opening of the QCP

just before
we formally announce

you joining my ticket.

About that...

Uh, about what, James?

The QCP.

Uh, ladies, it seems
as though I've lost the site.

What? How?
We were just saying...

‐ Well... ‐ We need the
QCP up and running,

not just because of the urban
demographic that you bring

but to shore up
the "former drug dealer" angle.

I understand.

If you can't make
that happen, James,

I may have to drop you
from the ticket.

Uh, let's not get ahead
of ourselves, Lorette.

I'm sure that James here
will, uh, just need

a little bit more time
to secure the site.

- ‐ It will happen today.
- It better.

We'd like to make the
announcement this afternoon.

Ramona, call me
when you have an update.

If we can't move forward
with James,

I'll need to consider
my other options.

Rashad Tate is at the top
of that list.

Rashad Tate?

Tell me she's kidding, right?

She wouldn't go back
to Rashad Tate.

A public reconciliation
between candidates?

Rehabilitation for him in exchange
for her getting his urban bona fides.

She could make it work,

and then Tate would do
everything in his power

to discredit me
and ruin your life.

Of course he would.

Is there any other place
you can go,

any other site you can get?

Yes, there is a place.
I never wanted to go back there, Ramona,

but yes, there's a place.

I will do
whatever it takes, okay?

Please, fix this.

On it.

We don't open till 5:00,

but I can, uh...

I can pour you a drink
for the road.

Oh, I don't need a
drink, brother.

Maybe a rain check
on that, though.

You still own the whole place,

apartment upstairs
and everything?

I know you?

We know some people
in common, yeah.

Haven't... haven't
been here in years.

You know‐you know, my mind
ain't quite what it used to be.

But, uh, yeah, yeah,
to answer your question,

I still own
the whole building.

That's the only way
I can keep this place open.

is gentrifying now.

Shit, most of my old tenants,
they dyin' off.

You should sell it.

Nobody offered me
the right price for this.

I see.


what if I helped you with that?

Could that be
the right price?

Oh, boy.

No, no, no.

What, not e‐not enough money?

No, man, I...

I can't let you buy this place
just to close this bar down.


What if I promise you...

that I will turn this place
into... a venue

where kids could, you know,
learn about music, poetry...

hell, even recite their poetry,
perform it right on that stage?

I had a daughter.

Uh, she wanted to be a singer.

Yeah, she would've liked
this place.

She would've loved it.

I want to honor her
right here.

This place is the perfect
place... to do that.

I'm asking you.


Your father'd be proud
of you, Jamie.

Uncle Gabe.

You recognize me.

- Man.
- Come here.

Negro, I knew it was you
as soon as I laid eyes on you.


Where you been?

Why didn't you come back?

I haven't seen you
since the night he died.

I went...

I went to live with Tommy.

Remember him,
Uncle Gabe?

Only white boy
in the neighborhood, Tommy?


I tried to tell your father...

we needed to pay those drug
dealers to leave us alone.

He said that it
would bankrupt us.

Well, shit.
I don't know.

You know, maybe he was right,

but I lie awake at night
thinking about it all the time.

Yeah, but you don't‐you don't have
to, Uncle Gabe. You don't...

I got to know
that you understand

that I tried to tell him
not to talk to the police,

that those kids
were bad news.

He'd like knowing
that you came back

to buy this place.

Man, he'd be
so proud of you, boy.

Mm‐hmm, he would be proud
of me now, Uncle Gabe.

Right, now, listen.

You listen to me.

You make this place great,
you hear me?

Nothing can stop me.

Can I talk to you
for a minute?

If you see Cooper Saxe
in this building,

I want you to shoot him
on sight.

I'll cover for you.

He can't get
into this building.

He was here an hour ago.

I had to have him dragged out,
all because I won't listen

to his obsessive rant about
James St. Patrick and Tommy Egan.

I hate to say it, but Saxe
isn't entirely wrong.

He's got you drinking
his Kool‐Aid too?

No, it's not that.

I spoke with
Tasha St. Patrick, sir.

I went to ask her if her ex
killed LaKeisha Grant.

He has an alibi!

She said he didn't do it,

but she does believe
he killed Terry Silver.

She gave me
a place to look.

We found his body
and his car.

He was in the trunk.

She gave you the location.

That implicates her,
not St. Patrick.

Hear me out.

Inside the footwell
of the driver's side

was dirt from the original site

of the Queens Child Project.

Terry Silver went missing the
day of the QCP groundbreaking,

but he never visited
that site.

Silver was six feet tall,

almost 200 pounds.

You really think Tasha
broke his neck

and stuck him in that trunk?

So you think St. Patrick

went to his groundbreaking

and then killed Terry Silver?

Then drove him to the airport
and dumped the car.

Yes, I do.

Aren't the St. Patricks
technically still married?

Even if you get it admitted,

Tasha's testimony
and the QCP dirt

won't be enough
for a conviction.

I don't want a conviction.

I just want a search warrant.

I want to see the shoes
St. Patrick wore that day.

You don't have enough
for a search warrant.

You find a way to get one,

go knock yourself out.


You're starting
to sound like Saxe,

and that's not a compliment.

Why did you go to the office this morning?
Warner is furious.

He's this close to shutting
the whole thing down,

and if he knows
I'm letting you

- participate...
- He won't, as long as you don't

tell him.

Looks like I'm gonna be
out of a job any minute now.

Is Ramona hiring?

Damn, Tate must be hot.

Can't imagine anyone
more motivated

to help us nail St. Patrick.

Can we speak with you for a
minute, Councilman Tate?

Please, no interviews.
Thank you.

No, we're not press.

We're with a special
FBI‐DOJ task force

James St. Patrick.

Really? Um...

how can I help you?

We need your help
establishing a timeline

for the day
of the QCP groundbreaking.

We need to trace James St.
Patrick's steps after the event.

Oh. I don't know
where he went afterwards.

He lit out of there
as soon as we were done.

He was chasing
behind his wife, Tasha.

Wait, um, Tasha was there?

Yeah, she was there
for a photo op,

and when she left,
he followed her.

How‐how would you

characterize his mood
when he followed her?

James was...
intense that morning.

It's pretty clear that
they were not getting along.

He has a fight with his wife
after QCP,

then follows her?
We know who she went to see.

Did you hear any of what
they argued about?


It's not enough if he
didn't hear the conversation.

Did our friend James tell you
that his former attorney,

‐ Terry Silver, was sleeping with his
wife, Tasha? ‐ Saxe!

‐ We need to prove that he knew.
‐ I'm afraid he...

Before you answer that, Councilman Tate,
I need you to understand something.

Terry Silver is dead.

‐ What?
‐ Saxe!

If you say yes,
St. Patrick told you

about the relationship between
Terry Silver and his wife,

we can arrest him for murder.

All of his political aspirations
disappear in a puff of smoke.

‐ Enough!
‐ You say no,

he walks away,

all the way to Albany.


Now that you mention it,
I remember now.

James did tell me
he was very, very upset,

almost in a rage,

about his wife's
new relationship

with his
criminal defense attorney.

Now you can get
your search warrant.

He's lying.
He signed a false affidavit.

You're coercing
witness testimony.

You're suborning perjury!

I give this to a judge,

everything I've worked for
my whole career

goes out the window!

You want to win this case
or what?

And it's all true.

You know, I never wanted
to go back there,

but now, you know,

with... everything on the line
the way it is,

it just seemed
like a perfect solution.

But I need capital,
so are you still in?

I used to sneak
out of my parents' house

to go see jazz
played downtown,

and women there

were like nothing
I'd ever seen:

th‐their‐their beautiful
brown skin and...

‐ Simon, are you in or out?
‐ I'm in,

if we hold to the larger
percentage deal from before

and you admit that I was right
about Rashad Tate all along.

I admit that you were right
about Rashad Tate all along.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Congratulations on turning
your past into your future.

And congratulations
to you, Simon,

'cause you now have
a friend in Albany.

Oh, that has nothing to do
with my decision to help you.

James, James, James,
when will you realize,

I am your only real friend?

Why don't you enlighten me?

What is your definition
of friend?

I have a couple
of development projects

I'd like you to take
a look at after the election.

I'll talk to you soon, friend.

♪ Let me make you ♪

♪ Go down in history, baby ♪

♪ Let me write you ♪

♪ Into history, darling ♪

♪ Let me sing you into ♪

♪ Eternity ♪

♪ So you say you just
wanna be remembered ♪

♪ You just wanna be
remembered ♪

Congratulations, Jamie.

Hey, Angie.

What's she like?


She's not you.

She doesn't have to be.

I haven't told her
about my feelings, but...

Ramona believes in me,
like you did, Angie.

Do you see a future
with her?

I do.

Not the future you and I
would have had, but...

I would've always been
a part of your past.


♪ And if I'm not the one ♪

Now I'll always be
a part of you.

♪ Holding the smoking gun ♪

♪ Whatever we become ♪

♪ I was there before it all ♪

But you're not here, Angie.

♪ When the morning comes ♪

I'm getting everything
I ever wanted in life,

but you're not there
to share it with me.

I knew too much, Jamie.

What does that mean?

I never could've
shared this with you.

Don't tell Ramona everything.

She's not from
the neighborhood.

She won't understand.

Yes, ma'am.

Let her see this side of you,

the pure side,

the good side.

You're legit now.

You're free.

Jason's gone.

Tommy's out of your life.

Now I'll be gone too.

But I don't want
to let you go.

But you can.

You can.

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Remember me
under the sun ♪

♪ Remember me,
remember me ♪

♪ Remember me
under the sun ♪

What's the good news?

You can't wait, can you?

Well, I guess
my professional future

and your political prospects

all rolled up
into one piece of news

has me a little anxious, yes.

‐ Does it, now?
‐ Yes.

I got a site.

Paperwork is done.


‐ Oh. Oh, my God, I'm sorry.
‐ No, it's okay. It's all right.

I don't know where
that came from. I just...

I've been waiting
to do that for so long.

I‐I don't know what to say.

But I do know
what to do.

What's that?

We've got an announcement
to prepare.

I'll go call Lorette.


‐ Bye.
‐ Bye.

This is strictly
a sneak and peek warrant.

Put everything back
exactly where you found it.

He cannot know
that we were here.

- ‐ Not our first rodeo, Sergeant.
- If this goes wrong,

it'll be all our asses.

I'll make sure
it's yours first.

We got something
in the closet.

Dirt on the sole, Sergeant.

Take a sample. Put it back
just where you found it.

Let's hurry up.
Let's make this quick, people.

Can I get a tech
to open this up for me?

I want to introduce you
to a man

who's been part
of the conversation

about the needs of the city,

who has risen
from his childhood

to become an emblem

of the American dream.

You're up.

I give you
my running mate,

James St. Patrick.

♪ I said you're
looking at the chosen one ♪

♪ I was made for this ♪

♪ You know that I was made
for this ♪

♪ I was made for this ♪

♪ You know that I was made
for this ♪

♪ Wasn't great,
now I'm showing them ♪

♪ You're looking
at the chosen one ♪

Thank you all.

Thank you, Lorette.

This is a dream come true
for me.

From my youth in Queens,

where I was taught
to not believe

that I could make
much of anything in my life,

it's been a long road,

and I come to you not a perfect
man, admittedly, but I come to you

as a testament,
truly a testament,

to every American's ability

to conquer his past
or her past

together toward
a greater New York.

That could not have gone
any better.

The press
absolutely loved you.

I am very humbled.

I gotta say, I feel
like I put myself

in the right place
at the right time...

with the right woman.

Great job, James.

Thank you, Ramona.

- Good‐bye.
- ‐

You did good.

So did you.

I'm sorry, baby girl.

I haven't been here
since you been gone.

But I swear to you,
there hasn't been a day,

an hour, a minute

that I haven't thought
about you.

I mean that.

I miss you so much,

and I know I failed you,
I know I let you down,

but all of that changes today,
all of it.

'Cause your daddy
kept his promise, baby.

I did it.
We did it.

I bought
your grandfather's club.

I never took you there, Raina,

but I'm gonna build a place
in your name

for kids to grow up strong
and safe,

you know, so they can have
more time...

More time than you had.


What are you doing here?

I'm here every week.

What are you doing here?

I came to see my daughter.

Came to tell her
about my future.

Ah, yes.

Your future.

Mr. Lieutenant Governor.

Well, it's not official yet,
but soon.

Look, I'm sorry, Tasha,
about the other night, okay?

I lost my temper. It won't happen again.
I shouldn't have done it.

Are you out
of your goddamn mind?

‐ Tasha, I just said I was sorry.
‐ No, no, no.

You are basically begging
people to look into your past,

to figure out
who you really are.

I mean, what the hell do you
think they're gonna find?

Well, Tasha, I passed
all my background checks, okay?

You ain't worried about me.
You worried about you,

so you should stop
selling drugs,

‐ if that's what you're still doing.
‐ Are you fucking kidding me?

You're telling me
to stop selling drugs?

Tasha, I'm completely legit,

Whether you support me or not,

whether you believe that
or not, I know one thing.

Nobody's gonna get in the way
of my future... no one.

Speaking of future,

I've met someone.

I know.

Yes, Ramona.

I'm moving on with her.

Tasha, what I'm saying is,
I release you from our marriage.

You can go be Tasha Green.

You can go live your life,
the life you want to live.

I won't be in it.

I'll be no part of it.

I got a whole new life
ahead of me.

No one can stop me now.

How'd you get
the search warrant?

Witness evidence

that St. Patrick knew
about his wife's affair,

had motive to kill Silver.

What witness?

Rashad Tate.

He has motive to lie.

We're not gonna crack
St. Patrick

by talking to his friends.

I thought I'd give
his enemies a try.

What'd you find?

Soil sample
from St. Patrick's shoes.

It matches samples taken from
the QCP groundbreaking site.

Okay, a move
in the right direction,

but not conclusive.

You can't date
the soil sample.

He could've walked in that dirt
any time after the murder.

I know it's not enough
on its own,

but we found something else.

We found this.

This was
in St. Patrick's credenza.

It's Terry Silver's cell phone.

Are you serious?

It was supposed to be
a sneak and peek, Blanca.

I know, but I couldn't
take the chance

that St. Patrick
would get rid of it.

It's hard physical evidence
connecting him to the Silver murder.

That's gonna be
very hard to explain.

For you.

What do you mean?

You expect me to believe
that James St. Patrick,

who's had the entire New York Eastern
District U. S. Attorney's Office

focused on him for months,

accused of a murder
he did not commit

and publicly exonerated...

that this man committed
a cold‐blooded murder

and kept the evidence?

I'll admit,
it was a huge mistake.

Beyond huge.
It's unfathomable.

If Saxe's theories are right,

then St. Patrick has committed
multiple murders

and run a multimillion‐dollar
narcotics ring

while evading
law enforcement completely.

Not completely.
We're onto him now.

No, we are not.
We are nowhere,

because I don't believe
that this man

was so careless,
arrogant, or stupid

to hold on to this evidence,

and neither will any judge.

The fact is,

it was there.

Yes, but how?

Not how.

This motherfucker
doesn't know when to quit.

Get me Saxe.

Twin red and silver.

Twin red and silver.

- ‐ Yes, sir.
- Wow.

Can't believe you passed
a background check.

And yet I did.

Yeah, I saw
your little broadcast.

Is there a word
stronger than "smug"?

And here I am, thinking
you're actually coming in here

to celebrate my good fortune.

Not when it comes
at my goddamn expense.

But that's not
why I'm here, okay?

I'm here because
I need to warn you...

Oh, so now you want
to give me a warning?

What more bitter bullshit can
you throw my way, Rashad, huh?

Come on, man.

You know this wasn't my dream.

I didn't have
political aspirations.

This was your dream.

But we could've
worked together.


You chose differently.

There are many things that
can be said about me, James.

"Sore loser" ain't one of them.

I know when I'm beat.

Congratulations, James.

Losing is a skill. I'm glad you've
become an expert at it, Rashad.


So... what's your next move?

Well, obviously,
we're gonna throw

a party here tonight
to celebrate my nomination,

which you are very much
welcome to attend.

I mean, you don't want
the DNC

to forget about your name,
now, do you?

- ‐ Thanks for the invitation, good brother.
- ‐

You got it.

I gotta go see my son.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Uh, your son, your son,
your son... James.

‐ Listen, James... ‐ You know
why I outlasted you, Rashad?

You know why I took your dream?

See, some people
know how to win.

They always win.

See, that's me.

No matter what,
nothing can stop me from winning.

And some people can never win.
That's you.

No matter what you put your mind to...
well, it never works out.

I mean, it falls apart
in your little‐ass hands.

You know what?
Maybe politics just ain't your thing.

You ever thought
about that?

Maybe you should actually
go back to being a cop.

You were a great cop, right?

I'll see you tonight,
my good brother.

Hey, son.

I'm glad you hit me back, man.

Let me look at you.

Look, I know you said some things you
didn't mean, and I said some things...

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I don't want to fight
with you anymore.

But I'm not here
to talk to you.

He is.

Why the fuck are you here?

Don't you mean, why am I not
at Rikers Island right now?

Tariq, why is he here?
He's our enemy.

Why would you bring
our enemy here?

He knows everything
about everything I've done.

All right? He said he was gonna
talk, so I had no choice.

Tariq, wait for your little
friend in the hallway.

The fuck you want?

First of all, take that bass
out your voice,

'cause I know you ain't gonna shoot
me with Tariq in the building.

You got 30 seconds.

I know you tried to frame me
for Jason's murder,

but I got out of there
before the cops got to me.

But I know you killed him.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Look, you can play
this whatever game, man,

but doesn't matter.

I know shit about you
and your son,

and you got shit on me.

But I need to get
the fuck out of town.

I need money, Ghost.

I got 250 bands.

I need more than that, Ghost.

Dre, that's what I got, okay?

Take it or leave it.

And I gotta go get it, okay?

So you meet me in an hour.

I'll text you an address.

Nah, hold on.

How do I know
I could even trust you?

You don't have
much of a choice, Dre.

You came into my office
asking for money.

That's it. That's it.
That's what you are.

You's a wannabe gangster,

a fucking wannabe.

You had all the potential, Dre,

but at the end of the day,

you ain't got the‐the shit
to make it work.

‐ Man, fuck you!
‐ Yeah, fuck me.

But you need me, Dre,

like you always do.

So I'ma save you,

like the helpless
little bitch you are.

See you in an hour.

I was wondering
when you would call.

Call the cops.

Give 'em the footage
of the kid

heading up to the roof.

Consider it done.

Money's on the way.

LaKeisha wasn't you.

I know that now.

Tommy, you could've believed me
in the first place.

Well, you ain't exactly
the trustworthy type, G.

Tommy, I never pulled the
trigger on anybody you loved.

I mean it, man.
Not Holly, not Teresi.

I just wanted both of them
out of your life

to protect you, bro.
That was my whole mission.

I had to lie, because otherwise,
you wouldn't have believed me.

So this recording that
Proctor had this whole time...

you're telling me that you lied
about him destroying it

because you was protecting me?

What are you talking about?

This fucking recording

where I tell Ruiz
that we killed Lobos

and then I give him
the stabby‐stab.

That recording.

Proctor said he got rid
of that recording, Tommy.

I guess your mans
ain't got your back after all.

He betrayed both of us, Tommy.

There ain't no friends
in the street.

Remember that one?

Yeah, he taught us that.

I remember.

I also remember
having more than a friend.

I had a brother, man.

But now here we are,
with me not knowing

whether you're gonna let me
walk out of this place alive.

I'm still your brother,
but that's the game.

Tommy, you gotta let me go.

I can't do that, Ghost.

I might not have been easy,

but there's too much
between us.

You sent Benny on me.

And you sent Jason after me.

Tommy, that's the second time
you sent me someplace blind, bro.

Yeah, well, you got
my whole crew roped up.

Again, that wasn't me.


You know what, Tommy?

You can't function without me.

I don't need you,
but you need me.

Even if you need
to hate me,

you need me to do it.

I'm leaving you behind.


No, you ain't.

Tommy, I'm leaving you behind.

You can't stop me.

No one can fucking stop me.

I'm out.

So you get everything you want,
huh, and I got nothing?

I got nothing?

I got nothing!

Tommy, you chose
to have nothing, man!

I said, "Get out
the fucking game."


So you sent your people
to come get me?

My fucking peoples
are in jail!

Well, who the fuck
is chasing you?

‐ This ain't about me, Ghost.

How many?
How many?

- ‐ There's two.
- ‐

Split up.

You in?



When you came
to see me this morning,

you were insisting
that we search

St. Patrick's hotel room.

Is this...

what you expected us
to find?

Answer carefully.

If you lie and we prove it,

you are going straight to jail.

He's not gonna
answer that at all.

You have no proof
that he's involved

in anything nefarious
or illegal at all.

How much have you told
your counsel

about what you've been up to,

He has gotten multiple
witnesses killed, Tameika.

He has broken
numerous laws,

not to mention every code
of ethics I can think of.

Cooper, did you know
the phone was there?

Did you plant it?

Come on, that's ridiculous.

No matter what you say,

I wouldn't break the law
to catch a criminal.

Look at the facts.

How exactly
would you imagine I, A,

has Silver's cell phone
in the first place,

and, B, sneaked into the hotel
room without being discovered?

I don't know
how you had the phone.

Sir, I took him with me
when I found Silver's car.

He could've found it there
and pocketed it for later use.

You did what?

He helped me with Tasha.

She wouldn't speak with me
because of our history,

but he persuaded her
to talk.

Jesus fucking Christ!

You realize his presence
perverts the whole thing, right?

He's not law enforcement
right now.

He's no one!

This could blow up
in your face, Blanca.

And yours, Warner.

You want to tell him how you got
Tate's affidavit this morning?

What did you not tell me
about, Rodriguez?

I asked you
about this specifically.

Saxe was present.

It was his idea
to push Tate's statement

in order to get
the search warrant.

Are you out
of your fucking mind?

He was desperate to help me get
the warrant, sir. Now I know why.

Fuck you, Saxe.

You stole that phone
from Silver's car.

You planted it
in the hotel room,

and you sent me to find it.

You fucking played me.

You let him play you.

Blanca, I'm sorry.

‐ Was that an admission?
‐ Shut up, Saxe.

If you go public
with all of this,

if you charge him
with anything,

Rodriguez is blown,

you're blown,

and your whole case
is destroyed.

Might be worth it
to see him go to jail.

At the end of the day, Warner,

who's the better collar,

Saxe or James St. Patrick,

potential future
lieutenant governor?

Ascendant political star

revealed to be a drug‐dealing,
homicidal bastard

by Jacob Warner

and Blanca Rodriguez.

Your careers will be made

if you can make it stick.

You might need that phone.

Come on, Cooper.
Let's go.

Which headline
do you want,

"AUSA Indicted
for Pursuing Justice"

or "Democratic Candidate
Sentenced to Death

Under Kingpin Statute"?

I know which one of those
leads the evening news.

Don't you?

Andre Coleman,

you're under arrest
for the murder of Jason Micic.

Suspect's been apprehended.

Watch your head.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoever you are, you're making
a big fucking mistake.

You're making a bigger mistake,
walking around here alone.

You should know better
than that, Vincent.


on your little announcement.

Wouldn't think
you'd be out here

doing your own dirty work,

Some shit, you gotta
handle on your own.

I should put a bullet
in your head

for what you did to Tariq.

So do it.

But you and I both know

the kid deserved it.

I need you to do me
a favor, Vincent.

You do me this one solid,
and we're square,

and you gain a powerful
friend in Albany.

I happen to think that
state law enforcement funds

should be focused on terrorism,
not organized crime, you know?

I happen to agree with you.

What's the favor?

You still got connections

with the Bureau of Prisons,


I gotta be able to talk
to one of them.

Can you get a burner
on the inside?

Ah, man.

Paz, what are you doing here?
You okay?

Look, just let me get through
what I came here to say.

I know you didn't kill
my sister.

I heard about
her autopsy results.

You didn't do it.

So now you believe me.

I believe you weren't
the shooter.

You could've hired him, though.

Looking at you now,

somehow I don't believe
that either.

Paz, you've been looking
at me my whole life.

You've known me
since I was a kid.

And you know how much
I loved your sister.

Come on.

I loved your sister
with all my heart.

Outside of my kids, she was the
most important thing in my life.

I'd do anything
to take back what happened.

In fact, right now,
at this very moment,

I would trade my life for hers
without hesitation.

What was she doing for you?

Why would she risk her life
to keep you out of jail?

It was to keep us all
out of jail.

She was trying
to save everyone.

From what?

From who?

If you didn't do it, Jamie,

you have to tell me...

who killed my sister.

Look, I wish I could end
your pain.

I do, Paz.

I know you miss her every day.
So do I.

Jamie, please.


Who killed my sister?

I can't tell you...

Because I don't know
who killed your sister, Paz.

You won't see me again.

‐ Wait.
‐ No.

I won't come back.

Hey, Ramona.

‐ James.
‐ Hey.

Who was that?

Paz Valdes.

That was
Angela Valdes' sister.

You were very gentle
with her.

Yeah, well, you know,
we both lost someone dear to us, so...

neither one of us
will ever be the same.

I don't think I can compete
with a ghost, James.

No, no, you're not.
I'm right here.

I don't want you to compete
with my past either.

My ex‐husband and I...

Our marriage failed
because we both had secrets.

I'm not an open person
by nature,

but I'm willing to try.

Do you think we could have
fewer secrets between us?

I heard Paz

ask about Angela working
to keep you out of jail.

For what?

James, if the Feds
are targeting you again,

Lorette needs to know.

‐ Everything's okay.
‐ I need to know.

No, hey, hey.

I just said, everything's okay.

I promise, okay?

I have to meet up with Tasha,

for the last time.

Trust me.

I'm being open.

You're late.

And you're already up here.

It's not your place anymore.

Look, Tasha,
the checklist says

we should start
with the master bedroom, so...

Let's make it quick.

After you.

All right, well, the carpet
seems to be intact.


The workmen said that
they would put everything

back the way it was
when we moved in.


Well, not everything.

Tasha, what do you
want me to say, okay?

I'm fucking sorry, all right?

I'm sorry for the way
things turned out.

Oh, not as sorry
as you're gonna be.

You know Tariq is
in real trouble with the Feds.

No, I didn't know.
What happened now?

I know that you know,
and I know

that you're planning on turning
Tariq in for Ray Ray's murder.

Whoa, Tash, whoever said that
is fucking lying, okay?

I would never do that. You know me.
I would never do that.

‐ I don't know you.
That's the fucking problem! ‐ No!

Yeah, listen to me, woman.

You know I would never
do that to my son.

But maybe Tariq should confess.


I said maybe Tariq
should confess.

Wait a minute.

So you want our son,

a black kid like Tariq,
not street, not hood,

to go inside voluntarily?

Wait, so no college,
no future, no life?

Hey, I didn't say that.

Nobody's pushing for college
more than me.

You know that.
I want him to go to college.

And I want him to keep his
little black ass out of jail.

Maybe the best way
for that to happen

is for him
to come forward.

Tasha, we get a good lawyer,
the right lawyer.

He gets probation,
I don't know, military camp,

something short‐term.

Hell, he shot
his sister's killer.

Any jury in the world
would fucking understand that.

You want him to go
in front of a jury?

No, Tasha, I want him
to get a good deal,

the best possible deal.

If you say you did it,

he wouldn't need
a fucking deal.

If I say I did it,

then we all lose, 'cause
I'm the fucking head, right?

So then we all
get investigated.

Your little druggie day care?

That shit blows up in smoke,

it gets exposed,
and you go to jail.

I just... I can't.

‐ You can't what?
‐ I can't let you

tell Tariq to confess.

I mean, we can't control
what happens next, Ghost.

Once I'm in Albany,
maybe I can.

Hell, Tasha,
maybe once I'm in Albany,

it's good for you too...

you know, in case
you catch a case...

For killing LaKeisha.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I figured it out, Tash.

I send you out there.

All of a sudden, LaKeisha's dead.
LaKeisha Grant.

I didn't tell you
to do that, did I?

Now you got a major problem,

so you gotta stay
out of my way,

'cause I swear to God, Tasha,


is gonna stop me,

least of all you.


Well, Terry Silver's murder

could stop you.

I wonder what's gonna happen when
the world finds out about that.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, really?

But go ahead, Tash.
You go ahead.

Keep talking that shit.

Meanwhile, your son is in
trouble, and you ain't got a plan.

You were the plan, Ghost.

You can't keep covering
for him.

Me having a fucking plan
or not,

you can't keep covering
for him.

You said it.
You said, "Ghost,

I can't teach a boy
to be a man."

You said that, T.

Meanwhile, this boy
has made a man's decision,

so he should take
a man's consequences.

Tell me that you wouldn't put
Tariq in jail just to hurt me.

Tash, I'ma talk to our son.

Maybe the best thing
for our family

is for our son to take
responsibility for the mess he made

and for us to get him a deal

so he can live out
the rest of his life.

Like you said, T,

we're all running around here,

fucking losing our minds

to save him:

you, me, Tommy, Kanan,

It has not worked.

So let's find another way.

I hope you get
everything you deserve, Ghost.

You know me.

I always do.

I never want to see you again.

Tasha, just make sure to have
my son at my hotel, okay?

Me and him need to have
a man‐to‐man.

♪ Let me make you ♪

♪ Go down in history, baby ♪

♪ Let me write you ♪

♪ Into history, darling ♪

♪ Let me sing you ♪

♪ Into eternity ♪

♪ So you say you just
wanna be remembered ♪

♪ You just wanna
be remembered ♪

♪ Just wanna be remembered ♪

Why are you and Mom
always fighting?

Baby girl.

Come here.


‐ Hey.
‐ Hey, hey.


So good to see you.

What's going on
with you and Mom?

When you left us, Raina...

Well, your mother
just hasn't been the same.

Eh, she'll do anything
to protect your brother,

and I think he needs to change.

I know you all blame Tariq,

but I could've told you
what was going on,

but I didn't.

He should not have asked you
to lie for him.

It was my decision to lie.

Tariq didn't teach me to lie.

You did.

You and Mom taught us to lie.

♪ And if I'm not the one ♪

♪ Holding the smoking gun ♪

♪ Whatever we become ♪

♪ I was there before it all ♪

♪ You can sing me to the sun ♪

Baby girl,

I gotta ask you something.

Should I,

you know, get your brother
to turn himself in?

I had to pay
for my mistake.

Why shouldn't he?

Everyone needs to admit
what they've done.

Lies in our family
need to stop.

The lies killed me, Dad.

♪ Remember,
remember me under the sun ♪

♪ Remember, remember ♪

♪ Remember ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Remember me
under the sun ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Remember me
under the sun ♪

‐ Come on in, son.
‐ What do you want?

I want you to take a seat.


Look, we got a lot
to rap about.

I think we should sit.

Ma told me they found
my blood at Ray Ray's spot.

Your mother's right.

You said if I was
to get caught,

you would take the rap for me.

I did say that,
but circumstances have changed, son.

You're such a fucking liar.

I knew you wouldn't
stand up for me.

Look, it's time for you
to stand up for yourself, okay?

Tariq, I want you to just
admit what you've done,

just come forward
and admit what happened,

and then puts me in a better
situation to take care of you, okay?

We can get you into a military
camp or even probation.

You lied to my fucking face!

And watch your mouth with me.

Besides, you're my father,
and I can't even trust you.

It's the best move
for the family, Tariq.

Once I get in Albany, man,
I can move some things around

and get you into a good situation.
I can take care of you.

Now, why would you
take care of me there

if you can't even
take care of me right here?

I'm standing in front of you!

And I'm taking care of you!

You confess first.


I said, you confess first.

Tell me about everything
you've ever done, Dad.


Every drug deal,
every robbery, every murder.

Start with Breeze.

I didn't want to kill Breeze.

I loved Breeze.

I was your age
when I killed him.

I killed Breeze

because he got in the way
of my future.

What Kanan didn't know,

what Kanan couldn't tell you,

is that I gave Breeze
one more chance.

I asked him to change his mind.
He didn't...

so he forced my hand.

Listen to me, son.

I'm gonna take you to the cops.
I'm gonna get you a great lawyer,

and we as a family
will get through this, okay?

We'll get through it
as a family.

I'll use every single
connection I have

to get you
the best possible deal, man.

I'll get you into the college
of your choice.

You‐you can become
the son,

the‐the man that I know
you can be.

Look, man, I know
you don't get it right now,

but you will in time, son.
I promise you that.

It's the best thing
for the family!


This... this is
the best thing for you.

That's all you ever
cared about,

the best thing for Ghost.

You promised me, man.

You promised me
you'd take the weight.

I should've known
that was a promise

that you could never keep.

Am I trapped in a time loop?

Didn't we just
send this guy home?

Your Honor, I wasn't part of the previous
prosecution of James St. Patrick.

I can't speak to anything
that happened then.

Well, your office tried
to prosecute Mr. St. Patrick

for the murder of an FBI agent.

He didn't do it.

We're sure he did
this one, sir.

You better be,

'cause if I remember correctly,

the actual killer of the FBI
agent was one of the prosecutors,

and he tried to frame
St. Patrick for the murder

to cover his own crimes.

So, if you're gonna go after
St. Patrick again,

every bit of this
better be by the book.

I wanna know that you're
gonna win that case,

not just make
some valiant effort.

That's a pretty high
standard, sir.

Well, it's my standard,
so measure up.

What's your evidence?

The victim in question
is Terry Silver.

Wait, St. Patrick's lawyer?

Why on earth
would he kill that guy?

After the trial,
Silver had an affair

with St. Patrick's wife, Tasha.

St. Patrick found out
about it.

Can you prove he knew?

That's not enough.
It won't withstand cross.

Doesn't need to
for a search warrant.

‐ Next!
- Okay, here's the CSU report

of soil samples

collected from the footwell of
Silver's car when we discovered it.

Matches soil samples
that were found

on shoes
in St. Patrick's closet.

This sample is from the original
Queens Child Project site.

And you have proof that Terry Silver
never went to that site, right?

Uh, can I see it?

Uh, I don't have that
right now, sir,

but there's no evidence...

And how many times did St.
Patrick go to that site,

before or after
Silver's disappearance?

There's no way to tell.


Come on, what else
do you have?

What else did you find
from the search warrant?

Terry Silver's cell phone,

found in St. Patrick's
hotel room earlier today.

Who the fuck sent you that?

Nigga, how the fuck
should I know?

New phone.
Who dis?

You still got my watch?

Nigga, I ain't talking to you.

Your boy ratted us out.

Nah, nah, nah.
That was your boy.

That's your day one.

Fuck that nigga!


I need you to do me a favor.

Do you a favor?

For what?

Money and revenge.

Now we talking.

What you need me to do?

Thank you for your cooperation,

but I'm afraid
we won't be needing

your testimony after all.

What do you mean?

Judge Tapper wouldn't give us
an arrest warrant.

He shut us down.

Does he understand
who Jamie is,

what kind of man
he's letting go free?

In the eyes of the law,

St. Patrick is innocent
until proven guilty.

We can't prove anything.

Maybe you just need more time
to build a case.

It's over.


There isn't anything
you can do?

It's over.

♪ Everything gonna be all right,
babe ♪

♪ Been tappin' you ♪ ♪ Gotcha
dancing on the subway... ♪

♪ Look so fine when you do it
like that ♪

♪ Everything you do ♪

Really excited
about the things that...

Well, you look
beautiful tonight.

‐ There you are.

I mean, beautiful.
Look at you.

Uh, James,
I think we should, um...

keep us secret,

you know, at least
until the campaign ends.

That's not a secret
I'm willing to keep.

Secret's out.

So the secret's out.

I was your one phone call?

Yeah, man. There's people in
here that want me dead, man.

I can't stay here.

Blanca, you know
I didn't do this shit.

I ain't got no fucking reason
to kill Jason!

I know,

but there's
surveillance footage

of you heading
into the building

and sneaking out.

Jason sent a text message
blaming you for his death.

‐ I got set the fuck up!
‐ Can you prove it?

Look, you're in a world
of trouble here,

and I don't know
how to get you out.


Unless what?

I could cut you a deal.
Ten years.

Ten fucking years for a body
that's not mine? Are you crazy?

It's better than life.

Do you want to see
your little girl grow up?

You know I do!

Then I need you
to answer one question for me.

If the answer is yes,

then I'm getting you
out of here today

and James St. Patrick
goes to jail.

No campaign, no politics,
no power.

If the answer is no,
then we're both fucked,

and you're going
to jail for life

for the murder of Jason Micic,

and there's nothing
I can do about that.

What's the question?

Did James St. Patrick tell you
that he killed Terry Silver?


He didn't tell me he did it.

I was there.


It was, um...
it was at his place.

In the parking garage?

In the parking garage.

I saw him
and told him to stop.

But he didn't listen.
He just... he just kept going.

And you're willing
to say that on the stand?

Look, I'm willing
to say that shit

wherever you want me to.

Now, get me the fuck
out of here.

I'm gonna call Judge Tapper
right now.

Look at you.

You got everything you wanted.

Well, with your help, yes.

‐ We all need friends, James.
‐ Come on.

I have plenty of friends.


Oh, you're here.
So glad you came.

Simon, this is my son.

This is my boy,
Tariq St. Patrick.

Tariq, this is
the Simon Stern.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Stern.

Nice to meet you, Tariq.

James, you are a very lucky man
to have such a fine son.

I know.

I think I'll be on my way.

Great party, James.

‐ Thank you.
‐ See you at inauguration.

Yes, you will.

I'll expect to have
excellent seats.


You look great, son.

You really want me
to turn myself in?

I'll be there with you, son.

You trust that.

I'll be right there with you,

every step of the way.

Good night, Dad.

Good night.

Tapper shut
the whole thing down.

He told them
they can't come back

without a literal smoking gun,

which they'll never get,

or a witness statement
from someone

who isn't either
a known enemy of St. Patrick's

or an accomplice,

which doesn't exist.

In other words...

In other words, they're fucked.

You're fucked.

It's over.

Turns out, St. Patrick beat
everyone who tried to get him,

including you.

Tapper signed your
arrest warrant an hour ago.

I spoke to Warner,

and they'll let you surrender
tomorrow morning

at the Federal Building,

where you'll be processed
and go into custody.

Can we fight the case?

If we go to trial,

Warner will be motivated
to get the max.

We should make a deal.

So, uh, I go to jail,

and St. Patrick walks?

You go to jail,
and St. Patrick walks.

I'm sorry, Saxe.

Surprised to see me?

Come on, K.
I can't do this right now, man.

You know, none of this shit
is really real.

None of this changes
who you are.

I don't wish jail on nobody.

But you?
You're a criminal,

a bad guy, just like me, nigga.

Nigga, you made me this way, K.
Come on, man.

This is who I am.

This is what I was
all along.

If I'm born somewhere else,
if I ain't raised by you,

come on, man,
I'm in business school somewhere.

I'm in this race anyway.

I took the long fucking route,
it's true,

but I'm here,
where I deserve to be.

You deserve handcuffs
and a needle, nigga.

Maybe Ghost does,

but I ain't even packing, K.

I keep telling you,

I'm done with that life.

‐ A'ight? I'm moving on.
‐ You see that?

That's why everybody hates you:

your wife, your son,

your little homey Dre,

your best friend Tommy, me.

Can't nobody trust you,

That's you, okay?
You couldn't be trusted.

That's why you had to be taken
off the board.

I can trust myself.

I won.

Nigga, you can't stand it.

I made all of my dreams happen,

and no one or nothing
can stop it.

K, your son... I tried to save him.
Remember that?

You tried to destroy my son.

You're right.
This shit ain't real.

You're dead,
and I got my son back.

James? James.


What a magical night.

It could not
have gone any better.

Everything we wanted.

I know we still have
to, uh, talk.


Should I meet you
back at your hotel?

Now you're talking.

Sounds like
a wonderful idea.

Say about an hour?

I just gotta clean up
a few things

around here, okay,
and I'll be right there.

‐ All right.
‐ Okay.

- BIG K. R. I.
- ♪ Somebody say a prayer for me ♪

♪ If
they kill me on Friday ♪

♪ Bury me on Sunday ♪

♪ Mourn for me Monday ♪

♪ Then you gotta let me go ♪

♪ Go ♪

♪ Then you gotta let me go ♪

♪ 'Cause Saturdays are
for celebration ♪

♪ If they kill me on Tuesday ♪

♪ Bury me on Wednesday ♪

♪ Mourn for me Thursday ♪

♪ Then you gotta let me go ♪

♪ Go ♪

♪ Then you gotta let me go ♪

♪ 'Cause Saturdays are
for celebration ♪

♪ For celebration ♪

♪ They say
it's a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it ♪

♪ This is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby ♪

♪ I gotta make it ♪

♪ It's a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come ♪

♪ From the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it ♪

♪ This is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby ♪

♪ I gotta make it ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ Mm ♪