Power (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Murderers - full transcript

Ghost seeks vengeance due to the ill will of Tommy Egan. Tasha vows to get even with Ghost for the murder of Terry Silver. Tariq and Tommy mourn an old friend. The AUSA's Office is under new leadership.

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Previously on Power...

We went 18 years.

I never stopped
thinking about you.

This, us, is real.

This isn't gonna be
a happily ever after.

Just help me.

I used to be
a good prosecutor.

And I'm trying to be
a good man.

Everything I've done for you,

I've done for us.

I can't get sucked back in,

And we can't keep
making this a thing.

- I should stay away from you.

We should all stay away
from each other.

Or we should stick together.

$2 million clean cash
that I owe you.

It's a good thing
you got me my money, Tommy,

or you'd all be dead right now.

Being inside,

you lose everybody
you ever cared about.

But I ain't ever going back.

Are you being held
against your will?

- No, no, please!

Rest in peace,
you tough bastard.

I knew exactly
how it would go down.

You could've
got yourself killed!

You know I was the only person
that really cared for Kanan.

Sorry for your loss, kid.

Your father has been
talking to the Feds.

I told the Feds
I was gonna drop a dime on you.

And I couldn't do it.

A little too late, Dad.

Teresi was a snitch.

He deserved to die.

Would it change anything
if you knew

who he was snitching on?

Tommy's kept me
at arm's length

about anything important.

I got nothing on him,

but I can give you
St. Patrick on a stake.

Where'd you get 'em,
them pictures of Teresi talking?

Your friend,
black guy in a suit.

He gave you those pictures
so you would kill Teresi.

He wanted you to do it.

When were you gonna tell me
that Terry Silver

was back in town, Tash?

I'ma run off with Terry Silver?

You must be
fucking tripping, Ghost.

Well, you can't
run off with him,

'cause he's working
with the Feds.

What is going on here?

You are going to give us

everything you have
on St. Patrick,

or else you are going down right along with him.

I want 24 hours to consider.

The clock is ticking, Angela.

I strongly advise you
to take a deal

and salvage
what's left of your life.

My career's over, Paz,
no matter what I do.

Then you start over,
without Jamie.

It's not about Jamie.

It's always about Jamie!

They have a witness against you,

and sheis willing to testify.

That's why you asked me here,
to figure out

if I was testifying against you?

- Are you?
- No.

I thought we were supposed
to be honest with each other.

What the hell happened
to Terry Silver, hmm?

I didn't kill him.

I want to believe you.

I love you, Angie.


- Angie, Angie.

- Angie, stay with me.
- Jamie...

Come on, man.
Do something. Do something!

We're doing
everything we can, sir!
Give me some room to work!

No, no, no!

I'm right here.
I'm right here.

- Keep bagging.
- Go on four.

I'm sorry, sir.
This is as far as you go.

- No, I-I have to go inside.
- Are you her husband?

- Not exactly.
- Then you have
to stay out here.

- No, you don't understand.
- I'm sorry, she's going
directly into surgery.

The surgeon will be out to talk
to you when we know more.

Gonna have to ask you
a few questions.

- Tommy. Did you do it?

'Keisha, stop asking questions!

Just grab me some clothes
and get back to your place.

I'll call you later to meet.
Stay by the phone.


Well, I'm glad you all right.


Did you see the shooter?


- You did what?
- I shot her!

That bitch is
down for the count.

Down for the count?
What the fuck, Tommy?

Are you sure she's dead?

Well, I couldn't get
close enough to check her pulse.

I had to get the fuck
out of there!

But I got her
right in the chest.

I'ma need you to give me
an alibi.

If she's still alive,
she could be in a hospital bed

right now,
talking to the fucking cops.

No fucking alibi's
gonna help you!

I can't believe you didn't
make sure she was gone.

I couldn't double-check.
Ghost was right there!

I've seen a lot
of these, Mr. St. Patrick.

And from the blood
on your shirt,

you were pretty close
to Miss Valdes.

I was.

And you didn't see anything?


I had my back turned
to whoever shot her.

Hmm, 'cause you're taller
and wider than Miss Valdes.

So if someone was aiming at her,

they would've hit you first.

Look, she'll tell you

as soon as she gets out
of surgery, okay?

She'll tell you she shoved me
out of the way.

Can I please
go back outside now?

Wait a fucking minute.

Who were you there
to kill, Tommy?

I cannot believe this shit.

I told you to hold off
on Angela.

And we sure as hell didn't talk
about you killing Ghost.

I'm not letting you do that
to Tariq and Yas.

Wait, back up a minute here.

Why the fuck I need
your permission for anything?

You're here asking me
for a goddamn alibi.

I would say you need me
quite a bit.

Did you turn around
when you heard the shot?

Like I said,
I didn't see anything.

Ghost tricked me
into killing my father.

And you think

I'ma let some shit like that
just slide?

Then you don't know
who the fuck I am.

I'm sorry about the kids,

They already been through a lot.

And I get it if you gotta
make a move against me.

But this how I'm moving now.

All right, does Ghost know
it was you?

Motherfucker saw me.

You fucked up, Tommy.

What the fuck?

You took a shot at the devil
and you missed.

Do you know anyone who would have wanted to hurt Miss Valdes?


MAN: Did you want to hurt
Miss Valdes?


Can I please go?

Thank you.

Plus, I don't even know
where Terry Silver is.

I don't know if he ran again,
but what I do know

is that if something
happened to him,

if Ghost happened to him--

Well, all the more reason,
if Ghost comes after me,

you should let me handle it.

Tommy, look.

I know Ghost is fucked up, okay?

But I'm not down with either
of you killing each other.

If you want me
to give you an alibi,

you better fix this shit
between you and Ghost.

You're not the only ones
this shit is gonna hurt.

You think they still
make black-and-whites?

Only one way to find out,
Miss Big-Time.

It just feels right.

I know.

Me too.

Paz, when did you get here?

- How is she?
- Murderer!

- How is she?
- Murderer!

You killed my sister!

Angela was pronounced dead ten minutes ago.

She passed away during surgery for a gunshot wound to the

Someone was supposed to be
watching her.

How the hell
did this happen?

She had a tail, right?

She ditched it.

Were you gonna tell
anybody about that?

We thought she was in
for the night.

But she went back out.

And St. Patrick got her there,

with none of your agents there
to stop him.

We don't know
it was St. Patrick.

Tameika, come on.

She's right,
we don't know anything.

So you and your goddamn
assumptions are irrelevant.

We had four
potential defendants.

we had one potential witness:

She knew she was in danger.

Who--who else would she let

get in close enough
for this to happen?

What, Tasha?
I don't think so.

Tommy Egan?
I highly fucking doubt it.

But this motherfucker?

And tell me St. Patrick doesn't
benefit the most from her death.

A death that
you let happen, Jerry.

Fuck you, Saxe.

You all made the decision
to let her

walk out of here
in the first place.

There was enough to arrest!

Jerry is right, Cooper.

We are all to blame.

And if St. Patrick is guilty,

we don't have
any evidence or proof.

I'll get the evidence.

And I'll prove it.

We all put her in jeopardy

when we let her
walk out that door.

It's personal for all of us.


He lost Greg, then Mike,
and now Angela.

It's more personal for him.

This is a dangerous
fucking place to work.

Who are you?

Uh, my name is Cooper Saxe.

I used to work
with your sister.

She mentioned you a few times.

She said you were
a real asshole.

She was right.
I was an asshole to her, but...

I never wanted this to happen.

I'm gonna convict
the man who killed her,
I promise you that.

We need you to authorize
an autopsy.


You don't need
to cut my sister open

to know that
Jamie St. Patrick did this.

He was just here.
Go fucking arrest him.

I-I wish I could,
believe me.

- It's not that easy.

Without an autopsy,
crucial evidence may be lost.

I know you all
turned your backs on her.

And now you're in my face

with these bullshit crocodile tears,

asking for permission
to mutilate my sister's body.


You're right.
It's my fault.

All of us are to blame.

But if you don't consent
to this autopsy

and St. Patrick gets away...

Only person to blame
is gonna be you.


- The fuck?

'Keisha, shh.

Did you do it?

- Ghost is still breathing.

But I need you
to do something for me.

- What?
- I need you to take this.

- Mm-mm.
- And I need you
to toss it in the river.

I can't have nobody find this.
Can you do this for me?

'Keisha? 'Keisha,
you gonna do this or not?

All right. I'll do it.

Where you going now?

Don't worry.
I'll call you.

- The fuck?

Just do it, 'Keisha.

Did you really think I wasn't
gonna find out what you did?

What I did?


You killed Angela.
She's dead!

- Come here, motherfucker.

You tricked me
into killing Teresi!


He was snitching on you
the whole time, not me!

- Ah, fuck.

Oh, shit!

And you knew
the whole fucking time!

Fuck, man.


Fuck you, motherfucker.

Fuck you, motherfucker.

Yeah, that bullet
was meant for you.

But I'm glad she got it.

Now we both gotta live
with our mistakes.

Dad, Uncle Tommy!
What the fuck?

- Yo, what's going on?

Why aren't you
in fucking school?

- Tariq, what arevyou doing here?
- Why you guys fighting?

I'll explain to you
after you explain to me

why the fuck you not in school
in the car.

- Go!
- I ain't going
nowhere with you.

I came here
to talk to Uncle Tommy.

Hey, you ain't got
to call him that.

He ain't part of the family
no more.

Yeah, too bad that ain't
your decision to make, Ghost.

Get the fuck off me.

You got ten minutes.

I'll take my time.

Tommy, this shit ain't over.

It is for me.

Give me the gun.

Yo, what's going on?

Why you guys fighting?

You're gonna pay for that
with him later.

What you want
to talk to me about?

Listen, I gotta do something,

I need you to do it with me.


We'll do it.

But I got some business
I gotta take care of right now.

So we'll have to talk later.

- How'd he do it?
- Do what?

I told you there was
a female witness

who could identify
James St. Patrick as Ghost.

That witness was not
Angela Valdes.

But St. Patrick thought it was.

Which motivated him
to lure Angela

to their old high school
in Queens and kill her.

Angela Valdes is dead?

Don't fucking play stupid
with me, Proctor.
You set this up.

I don't know what you think
you're trying to do,

but let met save you some time.

Okay, I know
how James felt about Angela.

He would never hurt that woman.

You told St. Patrick
about the female witness.

See, that makes you
an accessory to murder.

Now, wait a second.

Okay, I had nothing to do
with Angela's death.

You shared confidential
information with me

about a federal witness.

Who else did you tell?

What maybe you're the one
to blame for Angela's death.

Eastern District.

What's going on here?

What the hell does it look like?

The DOJ needed a scapegoat,
so they let me go.

Now Jacob Warner
is the new U.S. attorney
for the Eastern District,

and my black ass
is out of a job.

Good luck, Saxe.

Wait, Tameika--


Hey, I'm Cooper Saxe.

I know exactly who you are.

Why weren't you
in your office earlier?

Uh, I-I went to go see
about a potential lead

for the Valdes murder.

How'd it go?

It was a dead end.

"Mom: kind, caring, beautiful."

Mine wasn't.

I'll have security walk you out.

Uh, I believe, sir, that Angela's death
was provoked by a leak.

I know the employee
responsible for the leak.


I told James St. Patrick's
lawyer, Joe Proctor,

that we had a female witness,

one that could identify
his client.

And I totally went to him
with the intention

of getting him to talk.

And shortly after that,

Angela Valdes,
James St. Patrick's mistress,

ends up shot dead.

You understand
you could be disbarred

for what you just admitted?

I know.

And I told Proctor
this morning that

Angela was not
the witness in question.

Are you out of your mind?

I should have the marshals
put you in cuffs.

If that's your decision,
I'll respect it,

but I believed
and I still believe

that Joe Proctor
is our best shot

at a comprehensive witness
against James St. Patrick's
criminal organization.

St. Patrick's attorney--
you want him
to violate privilege.

It's not gonna happen.

Proctor knows where all
the bodies are buried.

He's an accomplice,
if not an outright lieutenant.

My initial indiscretion
was to push Proctor
to flip on St. Patrick.

And this morning's admission
was designed to provoke
a second attack.

If we can catch them
in the act,

attempting to eliminate
a witness,

we'll get the whole gang--

St. Patrick; his wife, Tasha;

Tommy Egan, anyone else
who works with them.

I want to set a trap.

And why should I
let you do this,

aside from
the pleasure of risking

my own law license
and reputation?

Because Angela did not
agree to turn.

Now, St. Patrick
may not know this,

but we--we have no paperwork
with her signature.

So she was not
a federal witness,

and the death penalty
may not apply to her murder.

Exactly, sir.

But if St. Patrick and Proctor
try for Maria Suarez...

Your real witness.

We can make the argument
that Angela's death

was part of the same

use the kingpin statute
as part of the RICO,

get everyone put to death.

I'll give you a rope
to hang yourself.

But let me tell you something.

I own you now.

So don't walk around here
feeling like you're off the hook.

You fuck this up,

Tameika will be
holding a space for you

in line down at
the unemployment office.

And I will personally
draw up your indictment.

Come up.

Excuse me.
Do you have an appointment?

Um, no.

I'm looking for Terry Silver.

I've been trying to contact him.

It's--it's a bit
of an emergency.

Are you family?

Not exactly.
Have you seen him?

The firm was worried.

They sent me to check his
apartment, and he wasn't there.

No one has heard from him.

Uh, his family filed
a missing persons report

with the NYPD last night.

We know he's been dealing
with some very dangerous people.

Should I let his family know
you're looking for him?

Where can they reach you?

Never mind. Thank you.

What y'all talking about?

The fuck happened
to your eye?

Oh, this?
It ain't nothing.

Family dispute.

Got into a little scuffle
with Ghost.

I chose to be the bigger man
and dead the beef.

Smart man.
Don't let anything or anyone
disturb our business.

No, of course not.

It's all good.
You got nothing to worry about.

Trust me, it's squashed.

So what's stopping you
from killing Alicia Jimenez?


That bitch locked up.

That means nothing to me.

Just...give me a little time
to figure it out.

I mean, that's gonna take
some strategic planning.

In other news,

my days of having issues
with my distro are over.

You found a new crew?

No, no,
I got the old one back.

And these motherfuckers
is hungry.

I need product

so I can keep them fed
and your pockets fat.

This money
you cleaned through Ghost?

Yeah, and like I said,
me and him, we good.

Come back for a pickup
later tonight.

No, Jason.


I'm going to see that crew
right now.

I ain't trying to show up

I'll see you tonight.

I just want to make sure
this check clears.


I'll see you later.

What's the emergency, Ghost?

Your son left school.
He's here in the city.

Okay, you could've called me
to tell me that.

Why am I really here?

Angela's dead, Tasha.

Tommy did it.
He was aiming at me.

Because you tricked him
into killing his father.

He told you that?

Angela told me.

Well, then Angela told you
that Teresi was a snitch

and about to rat us all
out to the Feds.

- He had to die.
- Why did you have
to make Tommy do it?

'Cause he would have
wanted me dead if I did it.

Well, you got the same
fucking problem now, don't you?

Tasha, I said
he was aiming at me!

Do the math.

Don't you get what that means?
What about the kids?

You want 'em to grow up
without a father?

No, I don't,
but you're acting like

he just did this shit
out the blue.

I don't like that he did it,
trust me.

But you know Tommy. I mean,
what the fuck did you expect?

He's loving this shit.
You know that, Tasha.

That I'm living with this,

that the woman I love is gone.

Yeah, I feel really bad
about that.

Tasha, look, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

I know I'm asking
a lot of you, okay?

But just imagine how I feel
for a moment.

He shot her in front of me.

The last thing she says
is my fucking name.

It is always about you, huh?

What about how I feel?

Where the fuck is Terry Silver,
the man that I loved?

You know, he never showed up
to testify.

I got a funny feeling
you know exactly why.

No, I don't.

The fucking truth.

I'm done.
I'm done.

Wait, you gotta help me with--

I ain't got
to help you with shit.

Tash, come on, this Tommy thing
ain't going nowhere.

It's not gonna be good
for anyone. You know that, Tash.

- Not this time, Ghost.
- What do you mean?

You made this mess.
You fix it.

Oh, and...by the way.

I want a divorce.

Hey, Mom.

Hey, baby.

How'd you sleep?

Fine, I guess.

You still look tired.

Can I have waffles?

Yes, you can have waffles.

Hey, Mom, where's Tommy?

You guys didn't break up,
did you?

No, we didn't break up, Cash.

You like him, huh?

Yeah, he's cool.

Did you go out last night?

I thought I heard
the door close.

No, I didn't go out
last night.

And what's with
the 20 questions?

Cash? Cash!
Get out my bag, Cash!

Get out my bag!

I just wanted some lunch money.

What'd you say?

You're bugging, Mom.

Cash, don't talk to me
like I'm one of your friends,
all right?

And stay out of my purse!

Okay. Sorry.

Can I have those waffles now?

Angela wasn't a witness.

You said she was gonna
turn against me, Joe.
You said it!

I know I said that, okay?
I just found out I was wrong.

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?

- If that's why you killed her--
- I didn't fucking
kill her, man.

The fuck?

You don't need to lie to me.

Okay, it's the Feds
that you need to be
worried about right now.

You really didn't do it?

Then who did?


Tommy did this to me.

I went to talk to her, right?

I went to meet her after you
said she was gonna flip on me.

She denied it.

He must have followed me--
or her, whatever the fuck ever.

But he was aiming at me.
She shoved me out of the way.

She saved my life.

How many times did you say
she was gonna pick herself
over me, huh?

You were wrong.
Say it, you were fucking wrong.

And I said I'm sorry.
I was wrong.

Saxe just came to see me,

and he was asking
questions about you.

But he also confirmed that
there is another female witness

out there against you.

Once we get through this,

we have got
to contend with that!

Come on, Joe, I can't think
about that right now, man.

You are the prime suspect
in the murder of a federal

And if you won't turn Tommy in,

we better go in for questioning
to clear your name.

I'm not giving Tommy up.

I'm putting Tommy in a body bag,
not a prison cell.

Do you read me, Joe?

- I read you.
- Do you?


Then we better
go in for questioning.

You are better off walking
into the federal building

with your hands in front of you,
not behind your back.

All right.

- Oh!
- Damn!


Hope you shot the motherfucker
that did that shit to your face.

You know they got hotlines
that you can call

if somebody hurting you at home.


You silly motherfuckers

I need primeras,not clowns.

Yo, my nigga, if I was you,
oh, fuck this meeting, man.

I'd sign up for
karate classes and shit.


Y'all better start listening
and stop fucking playing.

Now, I know
I promised y'all product,

but I'm having some issues
with my shipment,

so it's gonna be a little bit
longer than expected.

- Just bear with me.
- PONCHO: Yo, Tommy,
come on, man.

I need a job now, not later!

I got mouths to feed,
you feel me?

I just said bear with me.

I am having dif-fi-cult-ies.

What the fuck did
your stupid ass not understand
about that whole statement?

So we're gonna starve
because your motherfucking ass

got yet another problem, man?

Yo, chill out, Poncho.

No, fuck this pendejo,man!

This is why we left your
punk ass in the first place.

- Poncho, sit the fuck down.
- Whoa!

- Hey, hey!
- Tommy, come on, yo.

You ain't shit without Ghost.


- What?
- Damn, Tommy!

- Shit.
- Oh!


And looks like you got
two choices, Roberto.

Either a big promotion
or a bullet in the brain.

What the fuck, Tommy?

It don't got to be like that.

It's already like that.

You either with me or against me
from here on out.

But you better choose right.

A'ight. You got it.

I'm down with you.


You'll replace Poncho, then.

I don't know what you gonna tell the other Soldados, but...

keep my name out
your motherfucking mouth,

ya heard me?

I'll take care of that.

All right.

Anybody else got
something to say?

'Cause if you want
to leave my organization,
that's cool with me,

but you gonna go out
the same way Poncho did.

Anybody got a problem with that?

We good.

Okay, good.

BG, stay here,
help clean up this mess.

Y'all get your product tonight.

What the fuck?

Niggas die every day, B.
Come on.

Fuck is wrong
with your mans Tommy?

I don't know. That nigga
need a hug or something.

- Come on, now.
- I'm not cleaning this shit up.

Just like you not to help.

I don't know what
this has to do with you.

Even though I know this place
is as total shit show,

I just--I don't understand
why Angela Valdes

is any of your concern.

I was investigating Miss Valdes
for some time, sir.

I thought she was implicated
in a cover-up concerning James
St. Patrick.

Sounds like you were
right on target, Detective.



I think her death
is probably a good indication

that she had some valuable
information, at the least,

and may have been
an outright coconspirator.

But now we'll never know,

unless we find out exactly
who killed her and why.

Create a task force.
Put me on it.

This office can handle it.

Can you?

The information that
got her killed was
leaked from this office.

Are you absolutely sure
you can trust your people
to solve this case?

How did you just find me?

I'm tracking your phone.

- That's fucked up, Ma.
- No, you're fucked up.

And watch your mouth.
I'm your mother.

Look, we're about
to get in this car

and take you back to Choate
right now.

- Nah, I'm out.
- Boy, get over here.

Come here.
Or how 'bout this?

I take you out that school,

and you can sit right at home
with me, your choice.

Ma, just give me
two hours, please.


Come on, one hour.
One hour, please.

I just gotta
do something for myself.

Then I'll do
anything you tell me.

I'm going to Uncle Tommy's.

You can literally
just pick me up

from there in an hour, Ma.

One hour.
At Tommy's.

Don't make me come
looking for your ass again.

All right.

I'm not playing with you, 'Riq.

God damn it.

Joe Proctor...

Yeah, I don't believe we met,
uh, Mr. Warner?

Your reputation
precedes you.

- Okay.
- Ah-ah-ah.

That's just for the grown-ups.

Okay, so you're an asshole.
Got it.

I'd say it was good
to see you again, Joe,

but it just never is.

Look, guys, I came here
voluntarily, okay?

So, uh, something
you want to know?

'Cause if you have
no questions for me,
it's a waste of our time.

Oh, we have questions.

Why were you and Angela at
an abandoned school in Queens?

We went to that school,
but I'm assuming you know that.

But why were you
at that school last night?

Better yet, why did you
call her to meet you there?

Oh, I checked your
phone records--and Angela's.

You don't have any idea
what my client discussed
with AUSA Valdes.

Oh, it can be inferred, Proctor.

You see, we spoke with
her attorney, Charles Hamilton.

She was at home,
talking with him.

And then she got a phone call and left.

And 90 minutes later,

she's dying from a gunshot wound
to the chest.

And the only person to call her
was you.

Now, what we want to know is,
how the hell did the two of you

get from this to this?

I didn't kill her.

Why did you meet?

I didn't kill her.

Why did you meet her?

What possible explanation
could you have for meeting
her out there?

Answer him, James.

We met up
to discuss the fact that

she--she was gonna be arrested,

that she wasn't gonna testify;
she was going to jail.

Now you're lying.

Angela was
going to turn witness.

You just want us to believe
you had no motive to kill her.

We offered her immunity.
She was gonna testify
against you.

She told you that,
and you killed her.

- No.
- Angela was
out of your control.

She wanted to save her own life,
not yours,

so you put a bullet
in her heart!


You lying motherfucker.

She trusted you.

She went to see you one last time.

And because she loved you,
now she's dead.

Do you guys even have any other suspects?

I'm guessing
there's multiple people

with motives to kill Angela
if she became a witness.

- Off the top of my head, like--
- Look, guys, I had no reason
to kill Angela, okay?

I love her. I...

I loved her.

She was loyal to me to the end.

If it wasn't you, who was it?

Look, Mr. Warner.

I promise you,

if I knew, I would tell you,
I swear.

Whoever did that,
that person,

I want 'em to pay
for what they've done.

I don't even know what to say.

Wait, wait.

Uncle Tommy.

Sorry, 'Riq.

Seems like yesterday,
we was just riding
through the streets together.

I know you say you'll
never go back inside,

so now you're free forever.

Hold up.

What are you doing?

What the fuck, Uncle Tommy?
You 'bout to smoke that shit?

Yeah, they did it for Tupac.

I think we ought
to do it for Kanan.

Kanan Kush, put K up in the sky
where he belong.


Got a question for you,
Uncle Tommy.

What you need to know?

Why were you and Ghost

Look, Tariq, I'm gonna keep it
all the way 100 with you.

Ghost pulled some grimy,
low-down, snake shit.

Shit that I can
never forgive him for.

What that backstabbing-ass
nigga do now?

He swindled me
into killing my own father.

Your father?

Tony Teresi.

I just met him.

We was just getting
to know each other.

Ghost told me that
he was snitching on me.

Turns out,
he was snitching on Ghost.

Remember you said
I was just like Ghost?

You were right.

I turned on Kanan
to protect the family.

I still don't even know
if it was the right thing to do.

Yeah, well, you never
should've had to do that.

You know what I'm saying?
It never should've
been in your hands.

Couldn't even be there
for his family

the time we needed him most.

How would you feel if something
really bad happened to him?

To be honest, Uncle Tommy,

I don't know.
I'm not sure.

Well, whatever happens, 'Riq,

I'll always
answer my phone for you.

I know.
Same here, Uncle Tommy.

Thanks again, Uncle Tommy.

Call me.

So what were you doing
with your Uncle Tommy?

You break any laws
I should know about?

No, Ma.

It was nothing illegal.

It's private, and it's done.

I need to tell you
something, 'Riq.

I'm not moving back
into the penthouse.

I'm getting a divorce
from your father.

I wish I could divorce him too.

If he never hooked up
with that bitch Angela,

none of this would've happened.

You might as well know.

Angela's dead.

Well, she ruined our lives.
Aren't you happy?

No, Tariq, I'm not happy.

If she wasn't around,

we wouldn't be going
through this.

If she wasn't around,
you'd be in jail right now.

We all would.

Yeah, she's the reason you
and Dad are gonna get a divorce.

Uh-uh, no, no.

Ghost is the reason
he and I are getting a divorce.

He broke his promise to me.

You need to know,

Angela died because
she was helping us, 'Riq.

If she didn't save you,
she'd probably still be alive.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah, I understand.

Did Uncle Tommy kill Angela?

Don't pick sides between
your father and Tommy, 'Riq.

Trust me, you could get hurt.

That part at the end?

You should be
very proud of yourself.

I am, I guess, Daddy.

I worked hard.

You know why Mommy
isn't here?

Aw, I don't know, honey.

WARNER: Proctor.

May I have a word with you?

In front of my daughter, huh?
This couldn't wait?

Hey there, little lady.

What if

I was to pay you
to go find your friends, hmm?

20 bucks?

What the heck
can I do with that?

What about
my friend Benjamin?

Nice doing business with ya.


I have no idea
who she learned that from.

Do you know
who killed Valdes?

I have no idea who did it.

If I did know,
I would've turned them in
to protect my client.

Valdes knew too much.

How much do you know?

I can't even believe
we're having this conversation.

My office hours
are from 9:00 to 5:00.

Why the fuck are you here?

To remind you of two things.

First, if Saxe told you
about Valdes turning witness,

you told someone else,
he broke the law.

You confirm that happened,
he can get disbarred.

Mm, I confirm that happened,
we'd both get disbarred.

And whoever I told
maybe gets a needle.

And maybe I do too.

I'll give you a walk.


I'm trying to save you,

- Mm.
- Valdes was an AUSA.

If they did it to her,
what do you think
they're gonna do to you?

This is your last chance
to tell me.

Who killed Angela Valdes?

I don't know.

Your funeral.

Maybe literally.

Now that the other woman
is gone for good,

I don't know, Tasha.

I've seen couples
come back together for less.

Are you serious, Mama?

You know what he's done to me.

I also know you don't have
a way to support yourself.

You don't have an apartment.
You don't have a job.

You don't have a plan.

I had a plan, okay?
With Terry.

Where is he?
'Cause I ain't seen
that fool in a minute.

I think he's dead, Mama.

I think Ghost killed him.

What'd you expect?

You shouldn't have been messing
with him in the first place.

You really think Ghost
is gonna let you walk away?

Are you going to the police?
About Terry?


I'm gonna get even
with Ghost myself.

Oh, hell no.
I'm gonna call the cops.

Look, I just want you
to know what happened.

No, I know what happened,

She wasn't gonna
cover for you anymore,

so you made sure
her mouth was shut for good.

You may never believe me, but
I just want you to hear me out.

Why should I hear you out?

Why should I hear anything
you have to say ever again?

Because I loved your sister,

I loved her, Paz.

I would do anything
to protect her.

If you wanted to protect her,

you should've
stayed away from her.

Paz, we couldn't stay away
from each other.

Look, I'm innocent.
I didn't kill Angela.

You done now?

Look--look, Paz,
I want to pay for the funeral.

I know you can't pay for it.

Oh, hell no.
Fuck you, Jamie!

It's not bad enough that
you ruined my sister's life

by telling her
you were gonna marry her,

that you're gonna leave
your wife!

No! You went back to her.

You ruined her reputation.
You ruined her career.

She blew up her life for you
again and again.

She did everything for you,
and now she's dead!

And you can't even
let me bury her in peace?

I'll get in the grave
next to her

before I take a dime
from you.

The next time I see you, Jamie,
you're gonna be in handcuffs.

I promise you,

we're gonna get him.

You better.

Don't worry, Angela.

I'm gonna get
that son of a bitch.

Who exactly
are you gonna get?


what are you doing here?

Warner created a task force
to solve this case.

That makes us partners.

Now, who do you think
pulled the trigger?

You've reached Terry Silver.

Please leave your name
and telephone number.

I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I'm available.

You've reached Terry Silver.

Please leave your name
and telephone number.

I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I'm available.

Tariq, everything okay?

Yeah, I'm back at school.

Ma told me what happened
to Angela.

She did?
What'd she say?

Just that she was killed.

You know who did it?


Well, look.

I didn't like Angela.
You know that.

Yeah, I know that.

But she did
do a lot for me.

And I also know how it felt
when I was the only one

that cared about
what happened to Kanan, so...

I'm sorry you're upset,
for whatever that's worth.

It's worth everything, 'Riq.

I hope whoever did it
pays for it.

They will.
Trust me.

They will.

Good night, my son.

Good night, Dad.

Thought you didn't get along
with your dad.

I don't, but...

I need to play nice,
for now.


Tommy, your check cleared.

- It cleared?
- Yeah, it's good.

You know,
your little stunt with that

forced me to kill
a primeratoday.

Good help's hard to find
and to keep.

But that's why I'm glad we trust
each other, right, Tommy?

Yeah, sure.


So, um, everything cool with Ghost?

Oh, yeah.

Ghost ain't gonna be
no problem, Jason.

Either we gonna work it out,
or we won't.

Either way, it ain't
gonna affect our business.

I see.

He's just gonna
pull the truck around

and follow you
wherever you want to go.

- Angie.
- Jamie...

I don't understand.


Oh, my God.

That weird hug.

You took my keys.

Ghost knew you'd come here

I wanted to see
if he was watching.

I guess he was.

Nah, could be the Soldados.
Payback for Poncho.

You know who it was, Tommy.
He's out there.

Question is,

you gonna run,
or you gonna stand and fight?


Tommy, I was so worried.

Thought you got caught.


So did you kill Ghost?


And I'm beginning
to regret that decision.

So what happened?

What happened?

Angela's dead, LaKeisha.

That's who was on the gun?

Tommy, you said
you would be honest with me.

It was Angela?

Ghost saw me do it.

I'll see you when it's over.

When it's over.

This is war, LaKeisha.


I should send
you and Cash away.

If I could help you,
I'm staying.


I don't know where
this is gonna stop

or how this is gonna end.

I don't care.

I'm staying.

I'm sorry, Angie.