Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - It's Done - full transcript

Ghost teams up with Tommy to clean up the gang-infested location of his business; Tommy's organization begins to destabilize; Tariq turns to some old friends.

Previously on Power...

I'll deliver Julio to you,

and you take him out.

But I have one condition:

you don't make it look
like a Toros Locos kill.

So, Tommy, what you, uh,

what you gonna do
about a distro, man?

One of yours, a Toro,

killed my distributor
in cold blood.

I want our old territory back,

and I want six new
Toros Locos corners.

Look, man, if this
starts a war, Uriel,

we both gonna lose, man.

Rashad Tate.
Councilman in Queens.

And I heard about your interest

in the Minority Trade

Bailey Markham, Joe.

I think he had evidence

that would convict
Egan and St. Patrick.

I think they made him disappear.

She's a fuckin' liar.
Just like Dad, Uncle Tommy.

- Damn it, 'Riq...
- Get out of my room.

Ow, Tariq, stop!

I'm your dad.

And I want to meet you.

This is the view
of the main stairs

right before the tape cuts out.

- Is that...
- Fuckin' Mike Sandoval.


I-I was looking for your dad.

I don't want to represent
your husband anymore, Tasha.

But we need you.

I need you.

Good morning.

We need to talk.

You here alone?

Not anymore.

What's going on, James?

Why'd you feel the need to
come to my apartment this early?

It couldn't wait until later?

When's the last time
you talked to Proctor?

I don't know, uh,

last week maybe?

You wouldn't have heard
of any criminal investigation

involving him, would you?

No, I mean,

they're probably
still digging into him

after he was thrown off
of your case, but

I haven't heard anything
about any real charges.

Do you know something
I should know?


It's just that with my case
still pending, of course,

I want to make sure
he's not involved

in something that could
touch us, that's all.


Well, if you...
Or I...

Were implicated in anything,

I'm quite sure I would've
heard about it by now.

You want me to
make some phone calls?

No, don't worry about it.

All right.

Well, if you don't mind.

I didn't know you had a lady.

I wouldn't call her my lady.

You know how it is these days.

It's a gray area.

Well, if need any help
cleaning up around here,

Tasha can put you in touch
with our housekeeper.

She's great.

Nah, I'm good.


I'll see you.

You still thinking about
going to war with the Jimenez?

They haven't responded back
with an answer on my offer.

Got me watching my phone like I'm
hoping they gonna ask me to prom.

Look, we just met with them.

Yo, are the Serbians
on board with this?

We handle this right,

Jason ain't got to know nothing.

This is some dirt that
we can clean up ourselves.

And what the fuck
are you questioning me for?

If we don't hear
from them by midnight,

you tell everybody to strap up.

Bodies are gonna fuckin' drop.

Well, you know I'm ready.

And the boys will be too.


Three more trucks.

Probably four hours, tops.

All right.

I gotta go,
but I'll hit you later.

Got some shit I gotta do.



What're, uh,
what are you doing here?

Mak brought me in alone.

He said he needed some
final information on Donovan.

Great, they're serious about
looking at Donovan as the mole.


Did you talk to Mak alone too?

Nah, I haven't.


Saxe, you and I
still have an agreement

to work with each other, right?

To bring Greg's real killer
to justice.

Come on, Mike, I want Donovan
to pay for what he did

as much as you do.

I find out anything,

I'll let you know.

Okay, we'll talk soon.




I saw you on television.

You sure that was
the right thing to do?

Terry said that
it was important for me

to look like I'm standing
right by Ghost.

So, I did it for the case.


The lawyer, Silver?

Y'all still talking?


Look, 'Keisha,
I gotta tell you something.


- Hey.
- Hey, sweetheart.

Um, I want to show this to you.


What happened to your arm?

I just... bumped into
someone at school.


What do you think
about me going there?

- What is this, a school?
- Mm-hmm.

Why do you want to change?

Let me see this.

You can see
why she want to change.

Place looks like
a got damn resort.


Auntie 'Keisha,

they have really
rigorous academics.


My guidance counselor says

they let a few kids transfer in

over winter break.

Or in the spring.

But, baby,
I just don't understand

why would you want
to go to a school

away from your family
all of a sudden?

I just do.

Will you think about it?


All right, sure, I will.

Go ahead, get your stuff
ready for school.

All right.


go ahead and get your coat.

We're getting ready to leave
in a minute.

Hey, Mister Steve.

Hey, young lady, good morning.

Always good to be
back in the neighborhood.

Of course it is.
Of course it is.

- We ready to start?
- Almost.

Just waiting on one more party.

Oh, I thought
it was just you and I.

Wanted to maximize the optics.

What better way than introducing
you and one of the young kids

you helped save
from the neighborhood?

You're okay with that, right?

- Yeah, yeah, great.
- Andre!


- Mm, thanks for coming down.
- Thanks for having me.

- James.
- Andre.

So, uh, shall we get started?

- Let's do it.
- Let's go.

So Mike came to your house
last night?

He talked to my daughter.

Told her not to tell me
that he came by.

He didn't realize that I had
custody of them over the weekend.

He thought I'd be home alone.

Maybe he just wanted
to talk about the case.


He told Mak that
Donovan was the mole, right?

I think he went over there
to kill you

because dead men
can't exonerate themselves.

Ain't that about a bitch.

Before I came here this morning,

Mike asked if we
were still working together

to prove Donovan is the mole.

I told him yes.

You double-crossing
piece of shit, man...

No, hey, hey,
mistakes were made, maybe.

But if Angela's right,

and he's looking
to kill and frame somebody,

we go to Mak, we better have
enough for an arrest warrant,

or we're all gonna be
on Mike's hit list.

The tape shows him
going up the stairs at Truth.

No angle showing him
with the gun.

No footage of him
planting it in the office.

It's a double, triple at best,
no home run.

Do we have anything else?


I've got something.

St. Patrick gave me this phone.

It came from a Lobos contact,

Hugo Sanchez.


How the fuck
did he get it, Angela?

A couple of days
before Greg died,

I called the last number
dialed from this phone.

It was another burner cell.

Someone inside
the Federal Building picked up.

They didn't say anything,
so I couldn't tell who it was.

It wasn't Greg, because
he was in Babylon at the time

with Agent Medina,
interviewing Kate Egan.

And if you didn't
have that phone, Saxe...

And I didn't.

It was Mike.

He was working
with Hugo Sanchez for Lobos.

He's the mole, he killed Greg,

and planted the phone
to cover his tracks.

You can't prove that.

Maybe Greg hid it
in his own apartment

because he was the mole.

Yeah, right.

He hid it after
he wiped off his own prints.

And then he shot himself
to cover it up.

And then his motherfucking ghost
hid the murder weapon at Truth.

We can't introduce
the phone anyway.

Where'd St. Patrick
get it, Angela?

Did he tell you?

I thought not.

We're saying that a US attorney

worked as a mole
for a Mexican drug cartel,

then murdered an FBI agent,

framed that agent as the mole,

then tried to frame a second man
for the agent's murder.


Okay, great.

And our evidence is
an inconclusive tape

and a burner cell with
a shaky chain of custody?

Also yes.

If we're right, Sandoval's

one of the biggest criminals
in DOJ history,

and we don't have shit
to prove it!

It's not like
he's gonna confess.

So what are we gonna do now?

All right.

Hey, listen, I want to see you
at that next town hall.

Or I'm coming for you.

How you doing?

Remember, keep the faith!

Bless you.
Bless you, sister.

See, we reinvest in a community

by establishing businesses

that are owned by
the people who live here

or businesses that service them.

Now, imagine,

health, education,

fitness, arts, all in one.

The Queens Child Project.

- I like that.
- Yeah.

A building that can become

the new after-school hub
for our youth.

You got my ear
and my full support.

Where can I help?

Well, you know
better than anyone

how difficult business
can be in these neighborhoods.

The problem is,
they're nestled deep in areas

infested by drugs and crime,

crime that only gets
worse and worse by the day.

- Right?
- Yeah.

And now, I have to

figure a way to clean it all up.

The board wants
as little resistance as possible

when rebuilding.

But, James,

this is what it's about.

This is our chance
to make a difference.

And it starts now.

An opportunity to
rebuild this community,

the community I grew up in?

Come on,
I can't be more excited.

I'm ready to get
both these hands dirty.

That's what I want to hear.

Uh, listen, if we don't get
rid of these drug dealers,

no matter what we build...

It won't be the change
that you and I want to see.

- I'm sorry, I gotta grab this.
- Oh, no.

Yeah, Tate, yeah.

It would've been dope
to have a spot like that

when I was growing up
in the hood, man.

- Yo.
- Listen, Dre.

I don't like surprises.

You can't give me a heads up?

Look, Tate called and said
you'd be cool with it.

Keep the legit image
and all that.

And these D boys,

are those Toros standing on the
same land I traded for Julio?

That's them.

How'd Tommy's meeting
go with them?

Look, man, Tommy had demands
that they couldn't approve,

so it led to him
meeting with the Jimenez.

- Tommy met with the Jimenez?
- Yes, yes.

And it didn't go well.

We was asking for territory

and access to the ports in Cali.

They haven't responded yet,

and Tommy's ready
to strap up right now.

Honestly, I don't think that
Tommy's thinking this through.


So you need to talk
to your mans.

A got damn war right now?

No good for anybody.

Where's Tommy right now?


Yo, Ma!

- Ma!
- Mm.

All right.

Turn that fucking shit off.

Two seconds in,
you're gonna start with me?

Can we try to be normal?

Good morning, son.

The hell with that.

Tell me about my father.

Um... okay.

Um, same as
I've always told you.

He left when you
were too young to remember,

and... he died

a short time after.

Where did you meet him?

Atlantic City.

I was dancing at the Tropicana.

I told you this already.

Why do you want to know about
your father all of a sudden?

Because I spoke to some guy
named Tony Teresi last night.

Motherfucker said he was my dad.

He said he met you in A.C.

and that he likes redheads.

That's why I'm asking you, Ma.

This Teresi,

this... did he have
any reason to fuck with you?

Yeah, maybe.

That is some sick fuckin' joke!

Maybe he knew your father.

Maybe that talked about me.
I don't know.

But he left us.

And he's dead.

And I don't want you
thinking about it anymore, okay?

I don't know what
this Teresi wants you to do,

but if I were you,
I would stay away from him.

Can I listen to Helen now?

Go ahead.

Sup, Ghost?

Yeah, fine.
I'll be right there.

Bye, hon.

I don't know.

- No fucking idea.
- They called, I came.

We'll know in a minute.

Oh, there you go.

All right, so listen up.

Gonna make this quick.

- What up, boy?
- A'ight.

There may be a war coming
with the Jimenez cartel.

With them Spanish niggas, bro?

Yeah, bro, so
everybody needs to strap up.

From niggas on the corner
to everybody in this room.

You call us down here
to tell us that

we're going to war
with the Jimenez?

- Man...
- Are you fuckin' with me?

Sound like a fucking
Tommy problem.

Tommy's a hothead, Dre.
What is he thinking?

I don't know what he's thinking.

A'ight, but it's his call.

We get the order,
we do what we gotta do

and hold our ground.

Hold our ground with who?

I got kids running for me,
not soldiers.

Yeah, and I got people
I gotta answer to.

I can't just tell them
that we're gonna

go to war with the Jimenez
because Tommy said so.

Yeah, he's right, Dre.

Why is this happening?

Doesn't matter
why it's happening.

The connect wants to go to war,
we fucking go to war.

I'll give word if we gotta move.

That's it.

Yo, Dre.

Yo, you sure you want
to do this, man?

Of course not, man.

I just became
the fucking distro.

I didn't think killing Julio
would start a fucking war.

Yeah, well, doesn't seem
like you're alone with that.

What's the next move then?

Look, man, I don't know,

but whatever it is,

we gotta be on the same page

and we gotta be
a step ahead of Tommy somehow.

Yo, Ghost.

I hear you want to
go to war with the Jimenez.

Did you know Tony Teresi
thinks he's my father?

That's why he wanted me to call.

I had my suspicions.
I couldn't confirm it.

What did he want?

To get to know me.

Something about family
being the most important thing.

- I asked Kate.
- What did she say?

She said that
he was full of shit.

But you was inside with him.
What you think?

Is there any way that
this guy is telling the truth?

You both got blue eyes.

I don't know.
Could be.

But, listen, about the Jimenez...

What you want me to do?

Sit around and wait
for the Jimenez

to take their sweet fucking time

and finally decide to either

agree to my terms,

which they should have
done in the room,

strategize how to
wipe us off the fuckin' map?

And you sure
your people got your back?

You telling me they gonna
go to the mattresses for Julio?

What about Chicago? They gonna
back you up if shit goes south?

There's a way to legitimately
force the Jimenez to deal,

because we got
history with them.

I told 'em I killed Lobos.

They didn't fucking flinch.

Yeah, but how did
you tell them, brother?

Look, alls I'm saying is,
they gotta play ball.

They gotta give you
whatever you want

because you got leverage.

I don't want to start a war

I'm not sure I can win.

But I can't go back there
and negotiate against myself

because then they would just fuck
me like the pussy I would be.

Yo, you so sure about this,
why don't you pitch it?

I can't do that... how I look

sitting down with
a fuckin' drug cartel right now?

I'm thinking that
if a fucking war

backs itself up on you,

you gonna look
a whole lot worse.

I mean, you want shit done
the way you want shit done?

You're gonna have to
get those hands dirty.

I'll come.

Ah, fuck.

No sudden moves.

What the hell, man?
My daughter's school?

I know it's
your daughter's school.

I came by to talk to you a
couple nights ago at your place.

I didn't expect
to see John Mak there.

You didn't think
you should tell me about that?

There's nothing to tell.

Then why was he there?

Bailey Markham, the guy
who had Knox's recording.

They looked into
his phone records.

They saw one of the last
numbers he called was mine.

The cell tower above my place
picked up his phone.

But by itself,
that doesn't prove anything.

This is pretty fucking bad, Joe.

You're telling me?
But that's Tommy's fault.

And it's Tommy's fault
that he let you

get rid of Markham's body
and the recording, too.

You think I fuckin'
held on to 'em?

I think it's a way
to protect yourself.

In case you get busted, sell us

the fuck down the river
to save you.

If I was gonna do that,
I'd have done it already.

I'd be on the golf course
right now in Arizona.

James, there is nothing
for them to find.

No body, no recording,

no murder weapon,
no crime scene.

They are just trying to scare me

to get me to say something,

Which you won't do.

Which I won't.

Look, I don't know how
to be any more clear.

And whether I like it or not,

we are in this shit together.

This whole rolling up
unannounced stuff,

it's more of a Tommy thing.

Man, I don't know who to trust.

Still me.

If Mak reaches out again,

you reach out to me.


Who is it?

Yeah, I'm looking for Sammy.

He around?

- Sammy?
- Yeah.

He'll be back
in a couple of minutes.

He went down
to the store for me.



Ooh, it smells good in here.

What you making?

Osso buco?


Come on in.

Egan, right?

Yeah, that's right.

I must have made an impression.

Hey, you look good. So much better
than the last time I was here.

I don't remember any Egans from
the neighborhood in Brooklyn.

No, I'm from Queens.
Born and raised.

Your parents, they from,
uh, Queens?

Yeah, my mom is.

I'm just asking because
Tony never mentioned you.

Well, our business is new.

That's Tony, right here?

Yeah, look at that.

Teresi was a handsome man
back in the day.

Yes, he was.

Hey, you got any water?

I do.
I've got water.

I also have, uh, whiskey.

Now you're speaking my language.
That's better.

So your mother, what's her name?

My mother?

Why you asking about my mother?

Just curious.


you said you don't know no...


I'm guessing that
you don't know her.

Oh, come on.

I bet she's got one of
those pretty Irish names.




I'm curious.

What's her name?



- Kate Egan.
- Yeah.

You're right.
I don't know a Kate Egan.

Oh, sorry.

Getting a call.

Yeah, I gotta bounce,
but thank you.


Hey, good to see you.

And tell Sammy
to reach out to me.

- Damn.
- I know, that's right.

But careful, kitty got claws.

Ah, Mr. Jimenez.

- Please, call me Diego.
- Diego.

- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.

Tommy, good to see you.

- Tommy.
- Ah.

- Good to see you again.
- My pleasure.

You must be Ghost.

So, we're still considering

your former partner's
business proposal.


Mr. Egan asked for quite a bit

in exchange for
the death of his distributor.

I must say first,

I take Julio's murder
very personally.

That deal was brokered
with the Toros Locos

under you, Diego.

And I know that
you pride yourselves

on being people of your word.


But we're here now.

We are here now.

We did you a favor with Lobos.

We knocked out
your biggest competitor

with no collateral damage done
to your organization whatsoever.

You know that now,

yet you still have not agreed.

We know what this is.

The Jimenez cartel's symbol,
"La Araña" card.

Your organization
has left that on...

Rough estimate here...

Hundreds of dead bodies.

Your reputation precedes you.

Nothing governs like fear.

But what if you were exposed

as a fraud?

What do you mean?

He means what if
they made it known

we didn't kill Lobos, but
we took credit for it anyway.

We all know that what matters
most in this game is juice.

More than weight,
more than money...

Money can't buy respect.

If you didn't kill Lobos,

someone else did.

Someone else should be feared
more than you.

You give us the territory,

access to the ports,

and your little secret
is safe with us.

If you don't, you're exposed.


Killing us

ain't gonna stop the truth
from getting out.

You think we so stupid
we ain't got a plan B?


Put your gun away.

So you would confess
to this murder

just to hurt us?

You would go to jail.

We have safeguards against
that problem, Miss Jimenez.

The people who know
what really happened,

they're invested
in our survival.

Access to the ports, the land.

It's only right after
what happened to Julio.

You have until tomorrow
to give us an answer.

We'll be in touch.

How'd it go?

They'll come around.

Still no answer.

If we don't hear from them
tomorrow, we go to war.

Angela's saying
I planted the gun?

That's impossible.

I never went into the office,

and I most definitely
did not kill Greg.

That's what I said.

I'm sure Mak will
see it that way.

Wait, wait, wait,
she's going to Mak with this?

Yeah, but

I don't think
she has enough for a warrant.

The tape she has

shuts off before
you get upstairs.

And drink up.
Next round's on me.

Can I get a...

Sorry, I-I can't.

Uh, I gotta run.

Thanks for having my back, Coop.

You see this picture?

That's our house in Flushing,

before we moved
to South Jamaica.

And that little baby
right there,

that little baby is me.

So if my father is dead,

who the fuck is Tony Teresi?

And why the fuck is he
holding me outside our house?

If you lie to me
one more fuckin' time, Ma!

Okay, fine.

- Fine, Teresi is your father.
- Oh, my God.

Is that what you wanted to hear?

- Oh, my God.
- I wanted to explain...

Get the fuck away from me!

He came to the house.

He held you for a minute.

I took the picture.

Then he... he left.

He said he'd be back
in a half an hour.

He never came back!

Tommy, don't you get it?

He left you!

He left us

with nothing!

Whatever he wants, it's no good.

You can't trust
Tony Teresi, Tommy,

I should know!


This is a surprise.

Sorry to come by unannounced.

I was hoping you had a minute.

Come in.

Can I get you anything to drink?

No, thank you.
I'm fine.

Just came by to check in.

I feel like you and I
need to talk.


What'd you want to talk about?

You sure you don't any?

I know you want
to talk to Mak about me.

You think I'm the mole,

that I killed Greg.

You talked to Saxe.

I know it was you who
passed along the information

about Lobos's transfer.

And I know who you did it with.

Nice try.

But even if
any of that were true,

you'd have no way
of proving I did any of it.

If you could,
I'd be in cuffs right now.

What's that supposed to be?

That's you,

leaving the Lobos contact
Hugo Sanchez's apartment.

And that right there,
that's Greg.

Here's what I think happened.

After you heard
Sanchez was killed,

you went over to his place
to cover your tracks.

What you didn't know
was that Greg saw you.

I was investigating.

The next morning,
Greg called the Federales.

He was checking out
that Lobos tip

you supposedly got from them.

The tip that would have
taken us across town

from where we
actually arrested him.

That was real information,

Later that day, he called you.

I think you went
over to his place,

and when you were there,
the Federales called him back.

He must have realized
you were the mole,

and you shot him
to protect your secret.

Angela, this is bullshit.

I know you want an answer
for Greg's death, we all do...

When we were
prosecuting St. Patrick,

you handled
Greg's phone records.

But you never
mentioned the calls

to and from the Federales, Mike.

You redacted them
from the records.

There would be no reason to do
that unless they implicated you.

What did Lobos have on you?

Did he threaten you?

Was it your family?
Your daughter?

You have no idea what it's like

to be in a situation
where if you make

one mistake,

the person you love most dies.

He was going to
kill my daughter.

Son of a bitch.

Did he just admit to
being the mole for Lobos?

Sounds like
a fucking admission to me.

We wait.
I need a real confession.

The last time this
son of a bitch had his back

up against the wall,
he killed a federal agent, Mak!

My friend.
I'm not waiting.

- Damn it.
- Not this time.

I'm going in, Saxe.
You wait here and listen.

You still have time
to make this right.

We can go to Mak together...

I can't let you
take me down, Angela.

I didn't have a choice,
but you did.

I will go to Mak myself
and tell him

everything I have on you.

On me?

What, you don't think in
all my meetings with Lobos

your name didn't come up?

You don't have anything on me.

I'm innocent.


Mike, why do you have a gun?

It's a gun.

Gun. Suspect is armed.
Suspect is armed.

None of us are innocent, Angela.

We all have dirty hands,
especially you.

Whoa, what the fuck?
What happened to the signal?

Uh, I don't know.

Well, get it back on, now!
Come on!

I never wanted it
to come to this.

But you just wouldn't
leave it the fuck alone!

Mike, please,
you don't have to do this.

There's another way out.

Turn around.


Turn around!

I will say
you became belligerent.


I came over here
to confront you, expose you

as a co-conspirator
with James St. Patrick,

and you... you came at me.

We struggled.
You went for my weapon.

I had no choice.

It was self-defense.

How will you sell self-defense
if you shoot me in the back?



Look at me.

You still have a chance
to cover yourself.

Why do you want to help me?

The FBI's gonna
burst in here any second.

You don't have
any other options.

You're not a murderer.
You're a witness.

Go, go, go!

Angela, I need you
to lower your weapon.


Shots were fired.

Tag and bag it.

Get Sandoval outta here.

You all right, Angela?

I'm fine.

We made arrangements
to lock him up

nice and tight at the MCC,
protective custody.

He went for his gun, I...

I only had a second
to protect myself.

Look who it is.

God, it's good to see you.

You haven't changed a bit.

Stay out of
Tommy's fucking life.

Like we agreed.

Come on, I'm an old man.

I want to see my son.

I'm only gonna say this once.

Stay away from Tommy
or I'll tell Connie

about us and about the son
that she doesn't know about.

I may be stuck inside here,

but it has never
been a good idea to threaten me.

You take it how you will.

Stay away from my fucking son!

Take these, and go knock
on that door up there.

Somebody come to the door,

holler at 'em long enough
so that you can peek inside.

You don't see nobody,
you give us a nod, a'ight?

Think you can handle that?


Nigga, you getting ready
for a fashion show?

Fuck you doing?

Man, I live in
a neighborhood like this.

I'm a black kid. If I want them to
open the door, I gotta look the part.

Told you the little nigga
knew what he was doing.

Can I help you?

Yes, I'm with the local school,

and we're selling candy bars
for our swim team.

And I was wondering if
you could make a donation

by purchasing one of
our chocolate bars.

You swim?

Yes, 100 backstroke
and 100 butterfly.

I'm trying to get my times right

so I can swim
at nationals this year.

My son swam when
he was at school too.

Of course he gave it all up
when he went to college, but

I'm sure your mother
is very proud of you.

As long as I'm making her smile,
it's worth it.

Come on in.

I'll check and see how much cash
I have in my purse, okay?

Do you have change for a 20?

'Cause I don't... oh, my God.


Say something, I'll blow
your motherfucking head off.

Leave him alone!

Take us to the fucking safe now!

Take his cell phone.

His little ass say
anything wrong, you kill him.

Ow, no!


You played the hell
out of that shit, yo.

Sorry about the punch,
I had to make it look real,

you know what I'm saying?

Get up.

You stay down here
and keep quiet.

When you see me go upstairs,
you get out of here.

We meet up later.

You're doing good, man.

the safe, fucking right now!

Fuckin' open up the safe!


No, please, please.

Just go,
I'm not gonna say anything.

Hey, yo, nigga, what the fuck?

- Get off her.
- You worry about the loot!


Brains, tell him to stop!

I really wish
you didn't just say that.

Oh, no, no, no, no, please.

I won't say anything...

Yo, where'd he go?


How exactly
did we get here, Mike?

I'll give you
everything you want.

In exchange, I want immunity.

And why would I do that?

Because if you don't,

I'll say that every single one

of the hundred or so
cases I closed

was done with influence
from Felipe Lobos.

And the scandal alone will rock the
United States Attorney's Office

for the next 20 years.

You'd be buried in appeals
and wrongful conviction suits.

A trail from here to California
with you as the head

of the Mike Sandoval
clean-up committee.

Your whole career,

up in smoke.

Or you can give me what I want,

and be the hero.

I'll see what I can do.

AUSA Valdes.

This is a surprise.

I'm sure you'll be updated, but

an arrest was made in the murder
of Special Agent Gregory Knox.

Mike Sandoval.

Mike Sandoval?

The Head of Criminal?

Jesus, that man stood in court

and accused James of
the same murder he committed?

He's being remanded
to the MCC tonight,

where he'll be held until his
transfer to protective custody.

So James really was innocent?

He really was.

I'll give him the good news.

And Proctor too.

He won't hear any other way.

Sure, of course.

Thanks, Terry.


Uh, what are you doing here?

Didn't mean to startle you,
Mrs. St. Patrick.

The doorman let me up.

"Mrs. St. Patrick"?

I got your message.

What's so urgent?
Everything cool?

Way better than cool.

Last night,
the FBI made an arrest

for the murder
of Agent Greg Knox.

Oh, my God.

What does this mean for James?

That he'll officially
be cleared of all charges.

Are you serious?

I'm happy to say you are no
longer in need of my services.


I'm sure you two
have a lot to celebrate.

Listen, Silver,
before you leave,

I know, you know, we haven't
always seen eye to eye,

but I gotta thank you, man.

So, who'd they arrest?

Mike Sandoval.

I'll be damned.

He's awaiting arraignment
at the MCC, though.

I'm sure Mak and company
will use the allotted 48 hours

to question the hell out of him.

All that time as Lobos's mole,

prosecutor's gold mine.

You know what, Tasha, I'ma go
call Simon Stern immediately.

- Hm.
- Relay the good news to him.

This news is huge
for our project.

Again, thank you, Silver.

He came by my place
the other day.

What does he know?



well, we still
need to be careful.

You left this at my apartment.


I should get going, uh,
there's gonna be some paperwork

that needs to be signed
to make everything official.

Of course.

I'll let James know
you had to go.

Look, Terry,

I know this is complicated,
but I...

Well, why don't we
have dinner this weekend

and talk it over?


Are you sure we can trust him?

We don't have any clue
what Sandoval knows, Tommy.

Gotta know what we're looking at
if he talks, I mean.

No telling what crazy motherfucking
Lobos told him about us.

And we should
proceed on that basis.

Sorry I'm late.

James, I took the precautions
you suggested

to make sure I wasn't followed.

Mind if I make one of those?

- Knock yourself out.
- Thank you.

Well, this is some shit.

You being prosecuted by the man

who pulled
the fucking trigger himself?

If you'da been convicted,
the appeal process

would have been
a fucking field day.

Yeah, well, he wasn't,

so you can talk yourself
out of that legal hard-on

you got thinking about it.

We got a new problem.


Yeah, we sure do.

Look, Sandoval's gonna flip,
and fast.

The question is, what's
he gonna say when he does?

If he knows you're Ghost,
he can testify to that.

If he knows
you two killed Lobos...

Oh, he tells them that,
we're fucked.

And if he knows
the two of you have been

running a criminal organization
this entire time,

he could spell RICO prosecution
for all three of us.

Not if he ain't
alive to testify.

Sandoval's being held
in the MCC.

He is a high-value asset
for the Feds.

It is only a matter of time

before he's put
in protective custody.

So this gotta go down right now.

But how?

We gotta find someone
who we can really trust.

I mean, we not talking about
just some fucking thug here.

We're sitting here
talking about killing

a fucking United States Attorney

in a federal prison.

What about Teresi?

No way, Tommy.
We can't trust Teresi.

Yeah, but we can
trust what he wants.


If I ask him to do it,
he'll do it.

Yeah, but what is he
gonna want in return?

I gotta agree with James.

Why is Teresi an option?

Why would you think
you can trust him?

Ghost, I know it seems risky,

but what are you gonna do, break
back in there and do it yourself?

This gotta happen
and it's gotta happen now.

Are you sure about this?

What other option do we got?

Jeez, it took you
long enough, kid.

I thought you forgot about me.

I guess you believe me now, huh?

I need your help.

Well, if it's fatherly advice
you're looking for,

I got tons of it.

Like never play cards with a guy

whose got the same first name
as a city.

Look, you got
a roommate in there.

The guy's not good for me.

You got a name?

Just like that?

No questions?


You're family.

Uriel, I hope for your sake

that something of merit
comes from this meeting.

Yeah, me too.

And you.

I'm sure Tommy or Ghost
don't know you're here.

So what can I do for you?

What if I told you I could deliver
Tommy's entire organization

and I can do it
without starting a war?

I'd probably stand here
and pretend to listen to you,

but I'd be wondering why it is

that you're offering me
this deal.

Because it's the best deal
you'll ever get in your life.

Look, I don't know what
you're getting ready to do,

but I know Tommy going to war
is wrong.

His hold on
his primeras is weak.

They don't trust him.

But they trust me.
They'll follow me.


Is that true?

Where he goes we will follow.


He has the support
of the Toros Locos.

You're here taking a position
against your connect.

Why should we trust you?

Because I want to be the biggest
goddamn drug dealer in New York City.

And I can't do that
working for Tommy.

That's great, but we have

plenty of primeras,
plenty of territory.

Why should we
take additional risks

when we don't have to,

when we can easily
murder you right here

and your friends by sunrise?


I have direct connections
to the Bassett Hotel Crew.

They have over 20 hotels and
nightclubs all across the world.

I can arrange that
your drugs be sold

in each one of those
hotels and nightclubs.

A whole new revenue stream.

If you can do that...

we'd be very much interested.

Thought you would.
I just need some time.

We will give Tommy what he wants
to buy you some time.

But you don't have forever.

We can make a lot of money.

If you fuck this up...

I'll kill you myself.

All right, man, you're all set

to be transferred
into protective custody.

Just give me a second
to grab some antibiotics.

It's done.


Teresi came through, so...

what do we got to do for him?



Dre, talk to me.

Yo, so the Jimenez

reached out to Uriel.

They agreed to it all.

Territory, access to the ports.


No shit?

You damn right they did.

Spread the word, ASAP.

No war.

Ain't no doubt.

You really think
you can pull off

what you said to the Jimenez

and Tommy won't know?


They agreed to everything.

We both get what we want
and no war.

- Look at that.
- Yeah.

I guess we're still
a pretty good team.


Consider that community problem
all taken care of.

We can now push forward
to the next step

and earn
the developmental contract.


Well, that's exciting news.

Here, sir, that's for you.

Ah, thank you, uh...

I do have to ask.

How did you do it?

Well, I knew some people

that were familiar
with that element.

They owed me a favor.

And, of course,
I wanted to make it happen,

so I made it happen.

What a day

for Mr. James St. Patrick

- Mm.
- Fully exonerated

and making a dent
in the community.

Here's to
the Queens Child Project.


Cheers to that.


That you, son?

Hey, I want you to come in here

and meet someone special.

This gentleman right here standing
in front of you with the gray suit

is the legendary
Councilman Rashad Tate.

You're too kind.

this is my boy, Tariq.

Good to meet you, young man.

Nice to meet you too.

You been out playing ball?

Uh, yeah, I was out
hooping with some friends.

I'ma go take a shower
and then start on my homework.

- Okay.
- All right, good night, Dad.

- Good night, sir.
- Good night.

- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah?

Raina's been
talking about this school

in Connecticut named Choate?

Yeah, I-I'm familiar with it.

What, you want to go up there?

I don't know, maybe.

I heard they have some good science
classes and some nice basketball courts.

Well, how about we talk
about it in the morning, okay?

All right.

- Night, Dad.
- Good night, son.

- Good night, sir.
- Good night, Tariq.

Got yourself a superstar
on your hand.

- He's a good boy.
- Yeah, he is.

That boy's everything
I've ever wanted him to be.

You're a lucky man.

Oh, come on now, Rashad.

We make our own luck.

How the fuck does
something like this happen?

Nobody knew he was here.

Nobody but us.

Marshals are interviewing the
inmates who were in the area,

but as of now,
nobody's saying anything.

What a waste.

All his information
dies with him.

That was for Greg.

Small leaf.