Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Things Are Going to Get Worse - full transcript

Proctor works to protect his client as Ghost faces harassment; the team discusses its strategy for taking down St. Patrick; Tommy struggles to let go of his old duties; Tasha talks to the children about what is going on.

Previously on Power...

James St. Patrick,

you are under arrest
for the murder

of Special Agent Gregory Knox.

Julio is the distro now.

He'll keep you in weight.

Ghost put me in charge
of this shit.

And Tommy left me in charge
of everything.

- I don't feel safe.
- I got you.

I'm giving you as much money
as I can.

Just stay away from the kid.

Tony Teresi...
One count manslaughter,

one count second-degree murder.

John, what are you doing here?

Just got a new assignment.

I'll be sitting first chair
in the St. Patrick case.

After today, we'll be working
out of my offices.

- Your Honor...
- Bail is denied, Mr. Proctor.

Cop killer.

We got a resister!

So he's not coming home?


Not right now.

I'm sorry.

That means he did it.

Boy, I don't want to hear
those damn words

come out of your mouth
ever again.

Your father would never
kill anyone.

And you know better.

The police arrest innocent
black men all the time.

Yeah, 'Riq, don't be dumb.

- You're the dumb one.
- I'm not the dumb one!

Stop it, please.

Now, look,

I know this is gonna be hard,

but we're gonna have to go on
with our lives,

like everything is normal.

I don't want you discussing your
father's arrest with anyone.

I mean, someone could try
to twist your words

and use them to hurt your dad
and our family.

If anyone asks,

we don't call him "Ghost."

It's just a nickname
that he got when he was a kid.

How did he get the name
"Ghost" anyways?

Yeah, Mom?
How did he?

It doesn't mean anything.

It's the hood.

Everybody has nicknames
in the hood.

What if something happens
to Daddy when he's in prison?

Nothing is gonna happen
to your father, okay?

Your dad is gonna be fine.

We are all gonna be fine.

I promise.

What's up, 'Keisha?

You told me I was safe, Tommy.

Fuck you talkin' about?

I was at the penthouse with
Tasha when the Feds raided it.

And I met Angela.

The bitch wants blood.

The fuck is going on with Ghost,

Thought he was supposed to
be out by now.

All I know is,
he didn't get bail.

I want out.

Want both yours and Tasha's
names off the shop's paperwork.

It's too late for that.

You're not going anywhere.

The Feds are gonna be going
through their finances and shit.

Ghost's name ain't on
the shop paperwork.

If something pops off
with Tasha's accounts,

it's gonna give the Feds
a fuckin' hard on.

You don't get it.

I got a kid to think about.

You'd understand, Tommy,
if you had one.


no matter what happens,
I got your back.

Just like we all did
in the neighborhood,

and just like I did with Milan.

Did you fight back?


It was two against one
and I was handcuffed.


It's like I said before,

everyone in here thinks
you're James St. Patrick.

No matter how much
people mess with you,

you're gonna have to
suppress Ghost.

Shivin' a motherfucker is not
gonna help you beat this case.

I got everything in here
on lock, all right?

What are you doing
to get me out?

My hands are tied until I find
out what the prosecution's

narrative's gonna be.

They got your fingerprints
and your DNA

under Greg's fingernails.

Don't know what other
evidence they got.

Evidence is bullshit.

Angela is fucking furious

because I dumped her, period.

She's framing me, man.

You need to tell them
about our relationship.

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

Introducing a love triangle
between James St. Patrick,

Angela Valdes and Greg Knox
is a slam dunk.

Think about it;
it gives us the cleanest motive.

Juries love a motive.

I agree with Saxe.

James St. Patrick killed Greg
in a jealous rage

and the jury will understand.

Who gives a fuck
if Valdes gets disbarred?

It's a small price to pay
for her indiscretions.

Love triangle would have been
a great narrative,

except, all of you assholes knew

Valdes was sleeping
with both of them.

If that became public knowledge,

all of you would potentially be
called up as witnesses

for the defense,
royally fucking your credibility

and the department's.

But this is the narrative
we can prove.

We put Angela on the stand,
she gives us the case

in one piece of testimony.

We get ahead of the story,
right, Mike?

Sorry I'm late.

Got off on the wrong floor.

Angela, have a seat.

Introducing your relationship

will be handing the jury
a motive, wrapped in a bow.

If you take the stand, the
prosecution will eviscerate you.

The "jealous ex" narrative
will turn this trial

into a soap opera.

The jury would ignore
the evidence,

focus on the sex.

You had a sexual relationship
with the defendant,

James St. Patrick?

You're under oath, Angela.

You're not really considering
putting me on the stand?

I have to consider everything.

You had a sexual relationship
with James St. Patrick,

yes or no?


And where did you meet

to have sex
with Mr. St. Patrick?

At her apartment,

at my nightclub,

at the St. James Hotel.

Did she know you were married

when you started sleeping
with her?

Yes, I knew.

So you had to hide it?

If we check
the credit card records,

will it show that you were
slipping out during work hours...

Having an affair
on taxpayer dollars?

Reminding you,
you're under oath.

Maybe once or twice.

We met whenever we could.

You knew her since high school.

Is it fair to say
you've been in love with her

for almost 20 years?

He was my first love.

So you dumped Knox
for St. Patrick?

After all,
he was your first love.

And after she broke up
with Knox,

he became obsessed
with both of you,

starting following you?

He followed me and Angela.

He never found anything.

I filed a formal complaint,

and Greg was suspended.

And then you moved in
with St. Patrick,

even though he had stolen
government property

from your apartment

to help Tommy Egan
out of prison.

That didn't seem like
a conflict of interest?

You gave up your family,

your apartment,
everything to be with her.

You finally had
your childhood dream.

It was unrealistic, at best.

So you broke up with St. Patrick
and got back together with Knox.

How did you think
the defendant would react?

You snapped.

She was the love of your life,

and you wanted revenge.

Did you know
that James St. Patrick

was capable of murder?

The woman you sacrificed
everything for,

the woman you loved
since you were a teenager,

she got back with
this FBI agent, Knox.

You couldn't live with it,

so you killed him.

No, I would never kill anyone

in law enforcement.

You mean to say you'd never
kill anyone,

right, Mr. St. Patrick?

Why the distinction?

Have you killed anyone before?

Have you ever killed anyone,
Mr. St. Patrick?

If you get on the stand,

you cannot lie, James.

Once you're convicted
of perjury,

you cannot take the stand
in your own defense ever again.

So if you say "no"
to that question,

we're fucked in the courthouse
for the rest of your life.

You can't put me on the stand.

You can't put me on the stand.

Damn right, we can't,

and that goes for you two too.

If you were called up to testify
under penalty of perjury,

you would have to admit
that you knew Angela Valdes

had romantic relationships
with Knox and St. Patrick.

James St. Patrick, a known
associate of Thomas Egan,

the man your office is trying
to prove is Ghost.

And that's the story.

Not Angela and St. Patrick.

The story is St. Patrick
and Egan.

The story
is St. Patrick and Ghost.

Okay, so what do we do?

Unfortunately, we have to wait
for the prosecution's next move.

In the meantime,
you need to make some calls

on the prison's phone system.

Be James St. Patrick.

Let people know
you're gonna be in here awhile.

And I'll work my magic
with the press from the outside.

It's all about perception.

Maybe your connect
might be interested

in hearing what I could do
for his organization.

A'ight, so listen up.

When somebody orders
two bottles of Citrine 2005,

you hit 'em with one bottle

and a Truth matchbox.

What's in it?

You don't need to know.

And neither does Dominique,

Two bottles go on the receipt,

but only one bottle gets pulled
from inventory.

What happens to
the extra bottle?

It just magically disappears

and our receipts match up.

Bet, so shit look legit,

just in case we get audited.

A'ight, get back to work.

You have a collect call

from the Manhattan Correctional

Will you accept the charges?


Andre, how are things
at the clubs?

Good, James. How are you?

I'm gonna have to be here

a little bit longer
than I anticipated.

I heard. What do you need?

While my lawyer works on
getting this mess sorted out,

I'm gonna need you to step up
and run the clubs in my absence.

- All right?
- Oh, I already am.

With you all over the news,
business has been booming.

I've got DJs booked out
a month ahead

and I've been talking to Karen
every day.

Every day?

Yes, she and her dad
were having second thoughts

about the expansion,

but I talked them off the ledge.

I got everything on lock.

I'll see you soon.

Hey, boss!

Quesalupa's back.

Thanks for the tip, B.G.,

but I could give zero fucks
about the Quesalupa.

Cristobal didn't show up
to pick up his product today.

I'm tight with the guy
who tats up the Toros Locos.

He told me Cristobal met with
the Toros Locos distro,

asked to meet with
their connect.

I've barely been
the connect a minute

and this motherfucker's already
disrespecting me?

Go have a little chat with him.


You're too big of a target.

I'll handle it.

All right,

but when you roll out there,

don't step on your fucking meat.

You do me and our organization

No doubt.

What's up with Ghost?

He's still locked up.

And don't discuss that
with nobody.


I just wish we could
help him somehow.

Yeah, maybe you could get
a conjugal visit.


I owe him, Tommy, that's it.

I know, you two got
a real touching story.

I just wonder what chapter
do you shut the fuck up?

I heard you run them clubs.

You a rich boy.

Bet you think you're better
than everyone.

Thing is,

I'm still hungry.

And that biscuit...

is looking mighty succulent.

You lookin' real pretty
with them baby seal eyes.



get the fuck out of here.


My client,
James St. Patrick,

is an upstanding business
and family man,

wrongfully accused
by an organization

that is clearly corrupt.

The victim,
FBI Agent, Greg Knox,

was investigated and proven
to be a government leak

in a conspiracy to commit murder

against cartel leader
Felipe Lobos.

Mr. Proctor,

do you think St. Patrick
was targeted

because he's African-American?

You know me, Marvin.

I don't play the race card,

but in this case, yes.

James St. Patrick is just
one of many

innocent African-American men

who have fallen victim
to a biased justice system.

I'm compiling
a list of employees

on St. Patrick's
corporate payroll.

Egan can't be the only criminal
St. Patrick keeps in his orbit.

Have you seen this shit?

I guarantee you, the
prosecution is not interested

in protecting James
St. Patrick's civil rights.

They're only interested
in getting a conviction.

I love how
he's calling us racist

to discredit our arrest
of St. Patrick.

No one in here is even white.

I am.

I mean...
And I'd just like to say

not every white person
is racist.

Thanks very much.

Not every one, no.

No offense,
it's just ridiculous.

He's poisoning
our potential juror pool.

We have a black friend.

Maybe we send Donovan out there,

make him our version
of Chris Darden.

No thanks.
Being on camera ain't my thing.

We should ask for a gag order.

There's no way Judge Tapper
will sign off on it.

The guy's a hard ass.

We have to try.
St. Patrick cannot walk.

I'm not losing to that
cocksucker Proctor again.

Remember, act normal,

and be on your best behavior.

All right?

We're gonna visit your father.

He wants to see you,

and it's important to him
that you know he's innocent.

What if I don't want to see him?

It's not up for discussion,

Your father loves
and misses you.

Now listen to me.

We are a family,

and families stick together,

through good times and bad.

And when we go, we're gonna sit
behind the glass

and we have to talk into phones.

But remember,
we're being recorded.

Do not call him "Ghost."

We know, Mom.

All right.

Go ahead, Raina.

- See you later.
- Have a good day.

I'm not gonna tell your father

about your little
drinking incident.

It's obvious
these new friends of yours

are a bad influence.

When your father was young,
like you,

he had some
pretty rough friends.

One of them was named Kanan.

You ever heard of him?

Stay here.

What are you doing?

Leave my kids alone.

I said back the fuck up!


What the fuck?

You're gonna be hearing
from my lawyer, lady!

So that's how
I'm supposed to behave?



That gun you brought to school,

is it the same one your dad used

to kill that FBI agent?


Are you stupid or something?

Mom told us not to say anything.

She's a liar, just like Dad.

Sup with you, 'Riq?

It's like I don't even
know you anymore.


What's poppin'?

Nothin', man.

I'm just tired of all this shit

going on with my parents.

My dad didn't make bail.

He wants us to come visit.

Does that mean he's guilty?

I told you, I knew your dad
for a long time.

He did that shit.
He guilty as fuck.

I knew it.

But you should still go see him.

He doesn't care about us.

'Cause I got plans for us.

If you continue to be good,
they'll trust you.

You're a smart little nigga.

Play the game, son.

There she is.


It's my bride.

You're just as beautiful as the
day you walked down that aisle.

Yeah, yeah, right, okay, yeah.


this is the last time

I'm gonna be able
to make this trip by myself.

I am just too damn sick.

I just can't make it.

The oncologist said
that he could get me

on that experimental treatment,

but he's gotta see
the cash up front.

All right, listen.

The money didn't come through
this time.

I'm sorry.

I mean, it's fuckin' killing me.

It's okay. It's okay.

You know,

you got enough
to worry about in there.

I just wish I could've
given you a kid.

Will you stop saying
shit like that?

It just fuckin' pisses me off!

That's who could be
taking care of me right now.

Connie, you listen to me.

You've given me everything
that any man could ever want.

I'll get you the money,

I promise ya.


Hey, you work for us, Cristobal.

That means when it's time
to pick up the product,

you gotta show the fuck up.

See, word on the street is,

you asked the Toros Locos
for a meet with their connect.

I used to be a Toro.

Can't trust 'em.

Well, with all the shit going on
with Ghost,

I'm not so sure I can trust
Tommy, either.

Hey, you know what?
Fuck you guys.

My primo, Anibal, "got got"

working for Ghost and Tommy.

Shut the fuck up...
- You shut up, puto.

If we work for you, we might
as well be walking around

with fucking targets
on our backs.

- Nigga, who you callin' "puto"?
- What?


- No.
- Wait.

Look, man, your territory
brings in a grip of cash for us.

We ain't willing
to let that shit go.

Now, to show you what a valued
primera you are to us,

I'm gonna throw in
a couple extra bricks.

We good?


Yeah, we cool.

Come on.

Let's go.

We're here
on the prosecution's request

for a protective order
prohibiting the attorneys

from speaking to the press.

Are you kidding me, John?

Coming from the guy who has the
New York Post on speed dial?

His introduction
of race into the case

is designed to turn prospective
jurors against the prosecution.

In today's political climate,
it's incendiary.

This is a First Amendment
issue here,

and a gag order would interfere
with my ability

to try this case.

Our point exactly.

He wants to try this case
in the press,

not the courtroom, Your Honor.


We both know
that you address the press

when it suits you too.

So I'd say get in the game,

'cause I'm not going to be used
as a pawn

in this ongoing pissing match

between you and Mr. Proctor.

I'm denying your motion.

And I'm late for lunch.

I'll see you later, John.

Nice try.

Okay, our evidence
has to be airtight

if the jury's gonna be biased
against us.

The DNA is great.

We should check out
the fingerprints again.

- I'll do that.
- But it may not be enough.

What else can we do?

Yeah, bro,
I got the system in place, so...

Ain't no thing.

FBI. We have a warrant.

Need to speak with the manager.

- I am the manager.
- We need your security footage.

- I have to shut the system off.
- So do it.

We'll wait.

Yes, sir.

Open the safe, please.

- Check the file.
- Yes, sir.

I'll take the bookcase.

Got something.

I'm innocent.

I'm sorry that our family
has to go through this.

This is so messed up.

When are you coming home?

Soon, baby girl.

Unfortunately, these things
just take time.

Hand the phone to your brother,

I need you to be
the man of the house

until I come home,
all right, 'Riq?

That means taking care
of your two sisters

and being respectful
to your mother.

I got it, Dad.

Don't worry about it.

Thank you

for coming to see me.

You have no idea
how much it means to me.

I want you to know
how much I love you

and that of everything
I've accomplished in life,

the thing that I'm most proud of

is being your father.

We love you too, Dad.


I'll see you soon.

Say "Bye, Daddy."


I thought you had everything
under control.

Why isn't he out?

Ghost'll be out soon.

I... his lawyer
is a fucking mastermind.

He's the one who got me out

when I was scooped up
with Lobos.

I hope you're right.

Look, I don't want to have to
get Chicago involved

in this problem.

Yo, Marcus.

What happened to your eye?

Julio got Cristobal
back on board,

but his homey, Domingo,
was running his mouth.

H-he got one off.

And Julio didn't stop that shit?


Marcus tried to step in,

but Domingo stepped to
his slow ass first.

I mean, shit was
about to pop off,

but Cristobal took care of it.

Told his nigga to step off.

Not Julio.

Did something jump off
with Ghost?

I'm just checkin' in on you.

Can I come in?

- Come in.
- Thank you.

You hungry?

I've got some leftovers.

No, I'm good.

So what's up?

It's just...

I still need your help
with this job.

I know how you feel about me
running money through there,


you got my back, right?

Just like I got yours.

You sure it's safe?

Trust me.

It's all good.

Where's Cash at?
He home?

Cash is at his cousin's house.

We're here, alone.



Big Red ain't around anymore?

I thought you and Holly
was, like, real tight.

Especially since
you kept her around

after she stole
Tasha's earrings.


She gone.

She ain't coming back.




I spoke to Connie.

The doc says she's got a year,

and not the 18 months.


I always figured I'd be
the first one to go,

not her.

I'm sorry, Tony.

I got the info you asked for
on the nightclub owner,

James St. Patrick.

He's in for murdering
an FBI agent.

My kinda guy.

I figured he was somebody
fuckin' important.

That chink prosecutor
dropped my case for his.

His business partner's
a guy named Thomas Egan...

Looks like he's a high level
drug dealer.

He was arrested during a meeting
with Felipe Lobos,

head of the Lobos Cartel,
but the charges were dropped.


Where'd St. Patrick grow up?

He and Egan are both
from Queens.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You ever play
in the snow before?


The snow can be unpredictable.

Never know how many inches
you're gonna get.


Got you a goddamn blizzard
your first time out.

Nah, but on the real, right,

Tasha can't know we smashed.

I can't have anything nice
that she doesn't have,

or she'll take it.

Just like she did with Shawn.

Tasha was fucking Shawn?

- Yeah.
- Fuck outta here.

Did Ghost know?

Yeah, he knew about it, but

he was so caught up with Angela,
he didn't care.

God damn.

Shawn was just Tasha's way
of getting even with Ghost.

She took him from me.

And now she's taken
my business too.

You're, like,

the only good thing that's come
out of this mess for me.

Your business is safe.

I promise you that.

And you right.

T can't know shit
about us neither.

We're gonna present
evidence and testimony

that proves James St. Patrick
killed Agent Knox

to protect his childhood friend
and his business partner,

Thomas Egan,

that Egan and Knox were working
for cartel leader Felipe Lobos,

and they were co-conspirators
in this murder.

After the death of Mr. Lobos,

Agent Knox was under

for leaking classified

And we believe James St. Patrick
silenced Knox

at the order of Thomas Egan.

I'm asking you to indict
James St. Patrick

for the crime of murder
in the first degree

in the death
of Federal Agent Greg Knox.

I just want to extend
a big congratulations

to Donovan for finding
the murder weapon at Truth.

It's the final nail
in St. Patrick's coffin

and Proctor's gonna shit
when he finds out.

Listen, I can't take credit.

The asshole left it underneath
the bar in his office.

- What?
- Hey, you know what they say,

"we don't catch the smart ones."

The gun is great news,

but we still need to prove
that Tommy Egan is Ghost.

And connect him,
at least circumstantially,

to Lobos's murder.

Tommy has an alibi.

His coked-out mom, Kate.

I don't know
if we can break her,

but we can definitely get Tapper
to sign off on a warrant

for a tail.

Catch him in the act
of running his organization.

You think Egan is stupid enough
to be running drugs

while his best friend
is accused of murder?

If I know Tommy,
he can't help himself.

Then we're going to catch him.

Did you bring the re-up
for my wife?

I got a call from Dre.

He said the Feds found
a fucking gun at Truth?

I mean, he didn't really do it.

He says he didn't,

and I believe him,
but the jury won't.

They're saying he did it
because you asked him to,

because you're partners.


So if he goes down, I go down?


And they're gonna be looking for
any reason they can get

to bring you in.

Look, if they can prove
that you're a drug dealer,

it helps their case.

You need to lay low.

Stay out of the game
for a while.

Shit's bad timing, Proctor.

I'm under pressure to...

keep doing what I'm doing.

Yeah, well, Angela knows
everything about you.

She's gonna be lookin'
to bring you in.

This all happened because
he couldn't keep

his fuckin' hands off of her.

I told him to stay away
from that bitch.

I told him too.

Things are gonna get worse.

All right.

I'll keep a low profile.

But if shit does go sideways
and I do get arrested,

I'm gonna kill you.

Get out!

Tommy, man, I'm sorry.

- Shut up!
- Yo.

- Y-yo...
- Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

Get out of here.


I'll give you a head start.

Did I stutter?

Run, mothafucka!




Ready or not, here I come.


Oh... shit!

You okay?

Your fat fuck of a cousin
could've run faster than that.

You better not disrespect
my organization

ever again!


Just get the fuck off me!

No. Ask nicely.

Get the fuck off me...



Get up. I'll show you
how to do this shit.

Push it till you feel it
slide in some more...

It forces the fucking bolt down.

Then bend the card
towards the door frame.

And voila.

Cool, I'ma try that next time.

What's up with your dad?

I don't wanna talk
about that nigga.

You ever hear of somebody
named Kanan?

Yeah, he from the old crew.

But you ain't gotta worry
about him.

Kanan dead.

I wouldn't have left
a fucking gun at Truth...

You know that!

I told you, Angie's framing me!

It doesn't matter
who put it there.

What matters is that
they found it.

They think you killed Greg
to protect Tommy.

I think they're gonna try
and prove that Tommy is Ghost

so they can make this whole
thing a RICO.

Or prosecute both of you guys
under the Kingpin Statute.

What does that mean?

Both laws target organized crime

and have Draconian
sentencing guidelines

against major drug dealers.

You'd both be charged
as drug traffickers...

And I think you know,
I can't win that case.

We're talking about
a mandatory life sentence,

and if they can prove
you killed Lobos

or anyone else in the commission
of your drug crimes,

it gets worse from there.

So they wanna make Tommy
the Kingpin

because they think he's Ghost.

They're gonna offer me a deal
to flip on him.

If I know John,


He loves a snitch.

And I know
that's a tough call for you,

but now that they got
the murder weapon,

the fingerprints, and the DNA,

I'd be a shit lawyer if I told
you this is an easy beat.

If it were me sitting on
the other side of that table,

I would strongly consider

Yeah, but you know what,

It's not you on the other end
of this table.

It's me.

It's me and Tommy.

- Come on, get in here.
- Oh, Tommy.

Whoa, Tommy,
thank God you're okay.

I heard about Jamie on the news.

Is that why you wanted me
to come into the city?

I woulda gotten here sooner,
except the goddamn trains

are a fucking mess.

I'm worried about you.

Well, I'm fine for now,

but t-the heat could be
coming down any minute.

At least that fucking FBI agent
who came to the house is dead.

Here's hoping that whatever

he had on you and Jamie
died with him.

Ma, don't talk about Ghost.

He's the reason we're all in
this fucking mess.

All 'cause he couldn't stay away
from Angela.


Looks like you got
girl trouble too.

Holly left you?

I told you she would.

No, Ma.
It's the other way around.

I got rid of her.

You finally listened to me.

Well, at least
she had the decency

to return Mom's ring.
Here, I want it.

Why, so you can hock it again?
I don't think so.

Oh, gimme a fucking break.

She wasn't exactly
the world's greatest mother.

Well, I guess that shit
runs in the family.

Watch your mouth.

All right, Ma,
I gotta get out of here.

Keep your head on a swivel,
and if I do get popped,

you know where the money is,
all right?

And here.

Take her.

I can't believe
you're letting me drive it.

I can't believe it either.

Desperate times and shit.

So go on, get out of here.

We gotta hurry up.

And Ma,
if you strip that clutch,

me and you are gonna have
a little talk.

- Oh, fuck you.
- Fuck you.

Yo, I want my motherfuckin'


The gun at Truth
is bothering me.

It's too easy.

I think he left it there
intentionally to beat his case.

You're overthinking it, Angela.

I know he's burned you before,

but the gun at the club
makes sense

to all of us.

I'm sure he was
going to get rid of it,

but got arrested before
he had a chance to do it.

Murder one for St. Patrick.

That's good news.

- Great job.
- Oh, yeah.

We're gonna bury him.

We are. Literally.

DOJ approved the death penalty.

I didn't know
you were seeking it.

Oh, I always file for it.
Never hurts.

That is terrific.

Mike, you and Saxe should join
me in the conference room now.

I would like to join
the strategy meeting, John.

Come on, we talked about this.

You're on the bench.

And now that the stakes
are this high,

it's better for everyone.

I'll keep you in the loop.

And I'll make sure we see
St. Patrick get the shot.


You know, I used to work the
death row detail at Leavenworth.

They say it's painless,

but actually it's not.

See, the drugs paralyze you,

but you conscious.

You feel everything,

hear everything,
smell everything...

Wide awake.

Then you have a heart attack.

Shit all over yourself.

Last one I seen,

took the dude a full 45 minutes

before he stopped twitching.

And that's what's
gonna happen to you.

That's exactly what's
gonna happen to you.

You had my kids here

and you're gonna let
their father die

for something he didn't do?

I don't know
if Proctor told you this,

but Jamie's fingerprints
were at the crime scene,

his DNA was under
Greg's fingernails,

and they found the
murder weapon at Truth.

You tell me he didn't do it.

Ain't no fuckin' way he left
a gun lying around at Truth.


And like I said to you before,

he wouldn't kill an FBI Agent.

He never mentioned
a Greg Knox to me...

Not once.

The night I came into the club?

The first time I saw Jamie?

I had a boyfriend then.

It was Greg.

I swear to God,
if you weren't a goddamn cop...

But I am.

Good night, Tasha.

For what it's worth,

I wish I'd never walked
into Truth that night.

I wish I'd never
seen Jamie again.

Now that we do agree on.

Why the fuck
you talking to Tariq?

He asked me about Kanan.

I swear, I didn't.
I didn't.

Unless you want to be
a dead nigga,

you keep your fuckin' mouth shut

and them payments coming.


Why the fuck
you hanging with Tariq?

I'm paying you to stay
away from him, man.

You were.

You done told so many lies
and made so many enemies

you ain't got no friends.

Now you paying me
to keep you alive.


You have a collect call

from the Manhattan
Correctional Center.

Will you accept the charges?




You sound tired.

I am.

It's good to hear your voice,

How you holding up in there?

Not so good.

If I go down for this,

they're giving me the needle.

Fuck out of here, man.

You ain't going out like that.

You can't.

You scared?

Help me.

What do you need me to do?

I need you to take care
of my family.

I got you.

I'ma handle everything.

You keep your head up in there.


- Later, brother.